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London And China Telegraph (Newspaper) - August 8, 1890, London, Middlesex 1890j the London and China 677 been More there May be a difference of opinion As to whether the dividend of per share which it is now proposed to pay should properly be seeing that the company has not actually earned it in its legitimate business but As the balance is one without liabilities i daresay you will accept the the accounts to May you will be glad to give Good Promise for the current and the absence of claims for damage by rain Winch was so serious last amounts this season to Little or nothing Taylor the directors recommend a dividend of which i am afraid cannot be in the first place because you have not earned and in the second place because you have no right to pay i object to your transferring to profit and loss account the Only Money you have earned is from the Sale of the West Point and company and against this you have a loss of which has been realised on the Sale of the West Point remains Only for since the accounts came into my hands i have gone very carefully into the and there Are so Many irregularities that i think it will be Safe not to pass the after going into the details of the accounts Taylor continued if your profits this year Are Only it seems to me that some explanation is required of the which in 1887 were in and in this is a question i do not take upon myself to the Only Way i can make myself answer it is that you have been putting sums that ought to have gone into working account into property my Contention is that you Are dealing with profits that will accrue at some future suppose i went to the Hong Hong and Shanghai Bank meet ing and wanted the directors to declare As a dividend the amount of their earnings for the next three i would be asking what you have you Are dealing with Money that has to be my idea is that there ought to be a committee of you know there Are three separate interests to be considered the shipping then the warehousing and the Inte rest of the chinese who take their goods without consulting All those interests you cannot make whar fing a i think that these matters might be better considered in committee than by the Board of and my suggestion is that you should nominate two from the Board of and that the shareholders should Nomi Nate two to make a full investigation of the after consider Able discussion a committee of investigation was appointed to inquire into the working of the on the motion of the seconded by Michaelsen and Poesnecker were re elected on the motion of seconded by Hoppius and Sassoon were elected directors on the motion of seconded by Coxon and Rose were reelected education in Hong Kong in the following Are extracts from the report of Eitel inspector of for last year total number of educational institutions of All known to have been at work in the Colony of Hong Kong during the year amounts to 211 with a grand total of scholars under instruction during the More than three fourths of the whole number of that is to attended schools 106 in number subject to govern ment supervision and either established or aided by the government in some form or the 107 schools with Are private entirely Independent of government supervision and receiving no Aid from Public unless it be that they Are exempt from payment of rates and apart from the police with 477 and the roman Catholic with 72 both of which schools Are exempt from the control of the education the total number of schools subject to direct supervision and annual examination by the inspector of schools in the year to As compared with 50 in and 19 in the total number of scholars enrolled in this same class of schools during the year 1889 amounted to As compared with scholars in the year 1879 and 942 scholars in the year in other there has been an increase of 31 schools and scholars during the ten years from 1869 to and an increase of 54 schools and scholars during the ten years from 1879 to it would that the decennial increase of schools and scholars during the last Twenty years though some what lagging shown a tendency to keep up with the progressive increase of and on the comparing the statistics of individual i find the number of schools under supervision and examination by the inspector of schools Rose from 94 schools in and 97 schools in to 104 schools in whilst the number of scholars under instruction in these same schools Rose from scholars in and scholars in to scholars in there clearly a steady annual increase observable during the last three progressing from an increase of 284 scholars in 1888 to an increase of 849 scholars in the expenses incurred by the government during the year on account of education in amounted including the expenses connected with two government but excluding the Cost of new school buildings to a total of As compared with in the year 1888 or per scholar As compared with per scholar in the Observatory report for the following Are extracts from Doberck report for which wag Laid on the table of the legislative Council on june 23 very important returns Are received monthly from South Cape Formosa most important meteorological station in the far telegraphic information from there would make a great Advance m the but the necessary connections have not yet been established by the chinese meantime i receive messages from which although irregular and liable to interruption Are of some returns from South Cape would not Only furnish negative evidence in Case of typhoons in the China but would enable the isobars to be projected More it is to be remarked that observations made in Formosa and in Luzon Are generally of comparatively inferior value owing to win deflection caused by the High Mountain chains that form the backbones of those this is More especially the Case in Northern and Tele Grams from there would be Only misleading but the returns from South Cape Are usually not at All affected by the for the exact determination of the situation of the Centre of a typhoon raging m the China sea the latter should be by degrees surrounded by Tele graphic reporting 0vying to the necessity of having meteorological observations made hourly from 7 till 10 inclusive and work connected with weather storm warnings and tidal which have been by degrees added by me with the approval of the governor to the work ordered by the Secretary of and none of which latter May be the staff is so hard worked that i ventured last summer to Call his excellency attention to the necessity for appointing another european As chief his assistance would also be available during bad weather connected with typhoons when As a Rule the native assistants As might be expected from and he would assist in collecting information about typhoons such an appointment would enable his excellency to Grant leaves of absence to which the officials Are this is at present impossible with out stopping some of the As substitutes cannot be found to act for half of the Small salaries John chinaman at Hong the 91st and regimental news for May contains an amusing sketch of the chinese in the with some criticisms not Over flattering to John the writer says eighteen months acquaintance with John chinaman it maybe of some interest to receive our impressions concerning his surroundings Hia curious and his general few of us will be found to deny his marked superiority Over other asiatics in mental acuteness and business for a proof of which we have Only to remark that at the present moment of the ten most wealthy firms in Hong Kong probably seven Are whereas Twenty years ago nearly All the wealth was in european he is Thrifty and careful As a industrious where his own interests Are is perhaps the most and is certainly the Moat peaceable citizen to be found throughout the As a setoff to this he is an inveterate Gambler though we Are inclined to think this is not the Case with chinese peasants but that it is most general in Large towns and among the water Popula the chinese army is a ragged and disorderly crowd of tartars and the former As the dominant race receiving twice the pay of the we believe that they have become so enervated by opium smoking As hardly to Merit consideration As an effective fighting and this May account for the proverbial readiness of the chinese government to buy off a troublesome their As we have recently had the Opportunity of possesses Many Fine ships and but we much doubt if their men would prove As reliable As their material should the foreign officers be women in China occupy a most subordinate and Are valued solely As the propagators of the male their religion is partly Buddhist and but neither sect is prevented from swindling the foreign devils by religious to go into their numerous such As the building of towers for the devils to Roost on outside the City and Many others equally would take up a great Deal More space than is at our John chinaman is spreading himself Over the Globe with irresistible Force at an alarming and we Trust the Day is far Distant when he will find a footing in we regret to learn that Ernest senior partner of Deacon and died at that place on the 1st after a Brief Deacon had almost recovered from a Sharp attack of dysentery when he was taken with severe under which he he will be much missed in the Small Community of As he the head of a big and a leading Resi Dent of the place for a great number of his largehearted is and geniality of disposition made him Many and his Fame f r hospitality must have been spread by grateful visitors to nearly every Corner of the deacons remains were brought Down in tha River Steamer and buried in the Happy Valley a correspondent telegraphs to the Hong Kong Canton deplores the untimely loss of Ernest a Noble specimen of the British an English gentleman Par a truly honest and upright and who was incapable of an unworthy thought or deacons sudden death when hardly past the prime of life has aroused much sympathy among the Many who knew him in Hong he was an old resident in the far having come out some Twenty years ago to join his elder who had founded the great of which he was until yesterday the he was a prominent Man both m Hong and having been for some time chairman of the Munici pal Council at the first named he Only returned a month or two ago from a trip Homeland his which was due to Brighta was to a great extent although he had been severely attacked with dysentery for the last ten philippine and write sugar we do not hear of any and As the weather has become broken the dealers Are not by any Means eager quotations the stiff about 87 per on per Piecul

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