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Logansport Press Newspaper Archives Jan 31 1926, Page 1

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Logansport Press (Newspaper) - January 31, 1926, Logansport, Indiana J first to you j fair to All member associated press established by the people of Cass county june ii 1921 member a b c j weather today j t until sunday turning to t mud roller Sfrona i volume 5 no 195 Logansport Indiana sunday january 33 1926 by Rall f 59 it09 year of Ity year in Carrier u5c for Price three cents interesting news i fotes from abroad English rum running adventure goes on rocks London in would be get Rich Quick Wall Nifords j Groat i retains credulous j i Miliny Public who put More j than into the now j Tutor prisms of sir Brody Orick uart Woll Tho rum running j car not still Hope to recoup their losses by exchanging Thor a Vort loss Stock for shares in Othi Tor schemes to run the american j prohibition blockade Olayim the willingness of j inexperienced investors to Send Good Money after Bud others to take Tho Money of the Inis Tinl have obtained sir Linrod Oricks mucker lists and Many of Hon or cifors have been roped in on now whisky so link schemes in which ii is planned to use i off the roasts of Trio South oni a titles As Imick i Many people Here firmly believe that the Atlantic coast from new j England to the Lulf of Mexico is Linch with thirsty americans awaiting or Rivil of ruin shins and the liquor Troffkin Brilain is j nol Only Legal but a highly Roi sociable business carried on by i Litany Fin Vilics of social and pop Jii ical prominence Tho Little Folk Low with a few pounds to j sees no reason Why to should not share in this Bonanza i experts on investment Are continually warning the Public is inst indulging in Tho High finance of arbitration Point stops wage Parley Bone of Contention at former Confer ence keeps miners and operators a t swords Edge meet adjourned with plans up ruse wrings confession Horn mail Carrier solving murder of matrimonial Agency Bride found in Well Mill so found Tho such schemes anthrax to miners and operators adjourn i Odiny until next tues Day with i heir negotiations still tied in a knot at was us pulled the two latest plans one presented by Tho my ers and the others by the oper j actors were voted Down because flu weekend adjournment was near tonight i lie re was Only gloom monday february 1 Murks the beginning of Tho sixth month of the Industrial struggle involving i Isuyo mine workers with its attendant paralysis of business in the five Hundred Square Miles of territory in northeastern Penn Sylvania los Kive in us i while the joint Confor onco has in its Possession More than five Hundred plans and suggest ions for ending Tho strike received from All Over the country All that have been considered worthy of discussion have been before Tho conferees voted Clown Rej constructed and modified and voted Clown again j Tho Gap that separates them is by Central press Newcom b Rstow o Jan last scene in his tragic comedy of deception played Larj very Haver is awaiting trial of the charge murder with Lisej electric chair shadowed upon the Wall of his Dingy cell in Tufili Carat Viscounty jail for two months by constant subterfuge Haver a 11yearold j mail Carrier threw suspecting i persons off Tho Trail and pre rented a solution of Tho disappearance of his wife As late As 21 hours authorities on his scheme to delude neigh Bors and relations As to his Witos Fate Tor body was found at Tho Bottom of u 3sfopt Woll on an Aba cloned farm formerly on anted by Havers father there were bums about Tho legs and arms it was Clad Only in a Nightgown i Cli Keil my but i al al not to rigid control of alcohol is Andrews aim recovers of lost in his purse work since taking up dry reins nine months ago Tus Wile As late is before his arrest j Sec rot aver Haver carried Tho Treasury r by associated piss Washington Jan wit Throe quarters of his first year As head of to prohibition enforcement corps behind him Fary Doc in Rod that splendid Progress has been made in enforcement and that the reconstructed Nuu Hine now is in n position to operate effectively Tho Secretary hat to most import nut Liao been accomplished in to blushing a closer supervision of i alcohol to asserted a fifty per wife to death Lynul been Mai in it with i Millie Lului of permits for inde ii Sci run p far heir advice this been still arbitration Tho Smitj investor in invariably has lost dred Tetil Money Chni Irnis now Cany on Hiir traffic Over the District which roman Lon ions shop plus Contor Tho counterpart of the modern ave Jond eighteen Hun years ago hug just Buen discovered Lombard Street the Wall of England Ruah through the Center of ins District whore the Days of Tho Caesars shops of die City flour i Juhl Boot Nui kers displayed Dainty sandals and Modister shovel the latest Modoc in Clashi Robes More la Iii one Hutu red Vietn tinder he level of Tho present Lombard Street District ruins have items Uneal hed which disclose Iuan Talieh of hair pins brooches Combs remains of Sandhi and narrow bottles out of which Beauty preparations were dipped Vith Dainty spoons these relics vere found among Ivatts which indicate that hero were Sally Dolored shops in this location a Coin of the time of the join per or Claudius indicates that Thia prob ably was the shopping Cantor from a Ripesi times of Koinzan sick Tiemens in Jar stain lady actors system of a Laeh Tiu labels to each at her receptions which Are famous for the presence of leading politician s states men and not Sui has been adopted ill improved upon by other London hostesses Tho latest is to tix a Jabe with a coloured ribbon to the Lapel of a Nivans Coal or to he Corsage of a Ladys dress with either a name printed on it or the title of ii Book or work of Art by which the truest is Best known the practice is made Noces Narv by the Large parties Given now Adays and he result is thai any one feels entitled to talk to any one Elso after scrutinizing a Label to introductions arc asked for a lid none Given in the modern London Salon minors will take an agreement at Tho present rate of wages for a period of two and a half years up to five the operators Aro willing to sign an agreement at the present wage rates up to five years Luu with Tho proviso that each Niclo to Given to right at least Lotsee if your to Call a conference for the Roaden sment of wages if economic conditions warrant and it the two a Doh cannot agree on such a readjustment that the matters in dispute to settled by arbitration want Oki the miners Aro willing to con Sider readjustment of wage rates hut want the workers and the employers to Sottilo the question themselves and not Torivo it to arbitration Tho minors preposition rejected today provided for a five year agreement at he old rate and he creation of a fac finding commission composed of former Secretary of state Charles 10 Hughes was for Merly general counsel for the United mine workers of America hic rotary of labor Davis and governor Vinchot of i Ensyl this commission after Juno 1 would investigate and sub Init the facts of the Industry with regard to u wage readjustment to a conciliation Board which would proceed to dispose of Tea matter As promptly an possible Tho conciliation Board was Cre ated by Tho Roosevelt commission of and has continued in every succeeding wage agree 7nont it id composed of three miners and three unto Hon in both Tho operators plan provided for the Low wage Rales for Flo years and that the Board of conciliation shall consider Avage re adjustment once each year Niueli Iii Case no agreement was reached air Hughes would be called upon to name three persons to Settle the matters in dispute third Carload of material at Polaris Plant the third Carload Oil material supplies and equipment from the universe Plant at Chicago is be ing unloaded at the Polaris Mioc Tricot Rotrige Raver manufacturing company Plant Here Tho car arrived yesterday morning and a Force of six men is getting the goods into the building the scene 01 future operations by the pol Aris one or two More carloads will finish the shipments Iron Chicago it fur Aube factory manager and Adolph Ivi Onlin were in Peru for the Pur Chase p i some at Peni Tho equipment from Haynes Plant at Kokomo will arrive hero in a Tow clays applications for work have been received at the Plant by Niou from practically every thur Roubid ing town pint City Somo irom As far As South Bend y w7meeting tuesday night us re cd 975 people registered at Adams township Institute aforethought nto it but to d Rii Hneil in plea of not slides will present annual reports the n y ideas fail to excite Paris i Paris Jan 30 dressmaking world have Fig reports that its now Tho Paris refuses to disturbed by York Broth Delphi girl is struck by car father at scene does not know it is his girl local views depicting Jii a Way Tho annual reports of the Young women Christian association will feature the banquet annual member ship meeting to he i Vilart at the memorial Home at Oclock tuesday evening feb 2 enthusiasm is running High among those interested in the work of the v w 0 a miss boy Jackson will sins and a for Mal ceremonial by the girls to Servos will be Given the seventh Grade girls chorus will sing six Board member Vav will be elected Tho ballots Liao Boon forwarded to All members who Are asked in Rel unto mail he bal lots to the y on monday o Bel two special to the press Delphi Jan 150 Edith Muir Niort 13 daughter of or i and mrs Karl mum Mort was severely Hurt this evening at 7 Oclock when struck by a Ford Coupe or Lvii by Lee Shafer mail Carrier at Washington and Frank Lin streets was Reid bored unconscious a condition in which Sho remained for Hall an hour medical attention was Given at the Ollice of or g c Thompson Shaffer was driving slowly at the time and was not held to blame the girl running in front of the car the girl and her father Hod just to turned from Lafa Yelfo where they visited mrs mum Mort conf ipod to the Hospital the Parent daughter were not to gel heat lie time of the Accident but i mum Mort came by just Linglan a 1 Hough after Tho Pirl had been carried greatly vexed by what she terms i away he picked up a shoe which reports published and slipped from her fool and time Totime Esi handed it to n policeman not no Tho latest alleging that j i iting that it was his daughters was suffering from nervous later hews sought an told of Iak Down displays a sense of lip acc Ideal Frior nearly As Well developed j the girls injuries Are not re it curved As serious von Liao decreed hat skirts Uniat to Fonger k Noav York failed in Tho desperate Effort it made during Tho Junr when to wore Handi cup Pool in a thousand ways to usurp Tho position of Paris we so no reason to fear Tho present Sai authority to tho1 Parisienne will Ong remain Tho Quoon of Fash Ion one Paris newspaper character izes the alleged attempt of nov York Modister to assume the dictatorship a in act of Oul Toetu dance Anil the dictionary defines who word As audacity presumption overweening Suzanne the wild her from Shaw is freed for third time negro of murder at Martini Seville y a a s o e i a i o p r e s s Martinsville ind Jun Statos Long i Glit to convict John Thomas 23 Indianapolis negro of the Mur Der of Helen Hager 23 of Indianapolis when a jury la the Cotin to circuit court Ono nortwed him after less than one hours de liberation this was third trial for the crime Shaw was arrestor in novem Ber 1023 shortly after the woman was slain he has been in jail almost continually since then onco a Marion jury sentenced him to death but the supreme court reversed the verdict after a change of venue to Morgan county Shaw was again tried but Tho jury could not reach a verdict for interest in Farmers institutes soared to new a eighths yesterday when the Tinnil three sessions of Adams township Fautu tvs Utt Welve mile Pacl Coa the school building throughout Day total attendance reaching a ton enlivened by timely discussions concerning farming and modes of Rural Community info by to slate speakers the program contained readings songs and Inu Sical numbers i a feature of the Tift croon Sei Ision the annual election of of i cers by the nominating commit tee chosen during Tho morning resulted in he reinstatement of All Elioso who Sirnio sufi for this Yiirs successful Institute Lerol is Marion Joe sol As chairman bends the group Minnie Sulli Van was reject of chairman of Trio ladies auxiliary mud James Tracey was again chosen Secretary of the Institute besides musical numbers by school children of the Vicinity he Day sessions included two and Dre Asoa by j p Prigg of Middle town Inch Iid mrs John w Spindlow of Grabill ind both Purdue speakers the of ruins entertainment was headlined by a talk by Hev j s Corky by of Logana Portia also contained musical selections by the Cass county sunday school orchestra and songs Tif readings by Huchell Hildedrandt mrs Pliley and mrs Sullivan All Resi Den soc Tho township in accordance with the usual custom no Prine awards were made or Leffel stated despite the absence of this feature the Institute to drow Trio largest crowd of the year nor did i Tom it i ii Lreh when or entered a technical Kii Illy to the few Rucj of first Fleg rec a Nardei i Tulia Sel defense plea is in Aci Cord with his confession to the three county officer in which he said he had choked his wife after who hit him with a shoe in conference obtained by ii ruse he said after to choked her lie Laid her on n Couch unt went out for a walk in be walked for i to hours to finally returned Hoduip find found airs Haver was deeds thereupon to carried body to Liin automobile and drove to the abandoned farm whore he threw the body into the Well to denies he attempted to Burn it in a Furnace but has no for the Burns originally Haver main Larned lie had found his wife body hanging in the cellar and had hidden it in the Well feeling he would be blamed for her death after that he maintained she deserted him Hor parents in s i n King Serfi Iofi a asked a n incest tag pendent denaturing plants since september 1 prohibit ton adminis Nilor Fos Ter has submitted figures show on Page g i a Ropon Tant thief conscience but still desirous of Ikeo pins a portion of his Booty i yesterday returned s of Tho Jlse i Stolon from Harry Junul at Itu i legion Home thursday night j i this at least is the belief of j roed who is in receipt of a ump i tir printed on cheap paper de daring Tho pocketbook it is found on seventh Stroei it was signed by a i t Faird a inn me Tho letter was pro Nulud Reed supposes in an Effort to disc spa ipod the lined writing of Tho Ffolk thief who is known and will strides probably fou Proso Calion 11 was heeds supposition that the person who Uio Noy saw the and inserted in the press i Iho following morning am im1 mediately took stops to cover up his act and at the same time Rosimo a legit mini ate Jiro fit the Lief it is said was the second made from legion Momi Bors wit bin Tho Joist Wolc coast guard critics stir commanders morale of service under m i n e d by rebukes Yeandle declares i n taking up defense of rum chasers Points out hard work men endure another Wildcat is in the City another of ii9 Poti n d on e c Augh t in yesterday by Cliff drive lie youngster who dragged a whirly in one of his steel traps from a tree to his Severn 1 Hundred feet away before to knew what he and Seco Iid smaller than the first was caught on the Bank of a halt River across the Kloet from the William and Bloch residence at 233 Cliff drive h is believe first the Tho unknown lands changed Roosevelt boys Ved to people Jam to the Inato to he living in the Niji Jih he ii no any time Avo Llvine which it fumed actress Dies suddenly Barbara Lamarr passes away after breakdown st51kk Oil press Chicago Jan 80 nine men were arrested today and Twentyfive barrels were seized in a raid by prohibition Oil pc infer brewery men escaped after a Lookout had fired a shot of warning Liy press Altadena Cal Jan Barbara Lamarr motion picture actress died at hellion to Here Liia afternoon miss Lamars death resulted from complications following a nervous breakdown several months ago her father w w Watson said her death came unexpectedly and until yester Day she seemed rapidly improving miss Lamars breakdown was in july Lille she was completing Throo pictures in new Yorac Sho returned to Hollywood to Malto the fourth arid it was while she was engaged in this last october that she suffered Tho second collapse miss Lamars condition became critical about 3 Oclock this afternoon died an hour later that Ali or mail o Lief was being diverted by Lav str potato lice inspector John w Iii lies caught Haver by a Trupi lotto r postmarked sinking apr lug that contained a marked Bill a Finea asserts Tho Bill waa found in Havers Possession at Tho time of his arrest Haver was facing the postal charge while in jail when a Ruwe revealed the where Boula of ills wife body sitting in mis cell at night he Hoard voices outside the door where did you find the body one asked Tho answer ing voice was not loud enough for him to hear it did you say you found her body the voice asked again the questioning voice was that of j Ross an attorney who had been investigating mrs Havers disappearance ill Tell Haver shouted its in an old Well on my Fath ers farm this was the first intimation gained by authorities that the missing woman was dead Haver and his wife were mar ried Early in i920 they and no children they had met through n matrimonial Bigoney Bennef Ferial at Peru monday she Shaw Jtj Jed press Losangeles Jan 30 Harold Shawford Tveight Secre tar of Tho motion picture direct association was killed in youth died in ret or m Atory of Scarlet fever verification of the death of Lawrence Bennett 22 it Pendle Tou reformatory was received Here yesterday by relatives youth was n victim to Scarlet fever kidney trouble and heart disease the Mother living in Indianapolis has claimed Iho body the he held at 10 Oclock monday morning from the Hammond Johnson undertaking Parlours it pen and burial wll take place at pern boyhood report having Ince of the animal at is thought to in t Drain pipe near was caught the oat was not caught Well and Pumel killed it at once alien lie found what he had al found it when making round s of his imps Friday Ning like Iho al Rel in icon skinned and Tho polls be sold York l Tho today it Atlantic City of eight to confinement for a Nosir n the not Val Poirou ill Porib Mouth it al brought from Lio Tonini of in aider s h Coandle of Wash Ingiosi an oud Oken criticism of insidious Forres which seek to undermine the morale of Tho mtg if the Eirthi men Werr san Turnr Ftp or offo Jis Rimi Ying from won i lieutenant Kenndle who second in coi Manil of i Runard said he Imi Dithmen i i easier 10 face the bullets of 51 he my runner and Ibe porch of Lii cd than to hour 1 to i taunts and jibes of their Eft i j Anions Shore j the guardsmen go to Tsoa in Ismail boat Kjeu tenant Sci bulb Orlie pointed out the boats Pilch Ibi ully sleep or hot meals his impossible night after night i he Oil skin Clad Figuroa hoop i heir Ellent Vigil under he stars for hours hey lie plunging about Proy for stinging Spray and chilling winds tier of thik they return o port to to greeted with such pit lifts in Hoo so gobs Ami rum Navy men it atoned Tho picki1 boat House at Sandy Hook complain that their lire ii Multop on to Iho Koreh it Ulanek n 1 otlum1 from Huso Island have Linen the Asthore the wives heir Ian tic i even coast Kun has on Salen will i ii Eruol much interest in radio week number of fans report hearing Mexico at coast Kii i in cold i never b the International radio Bronell casting Lina caused int Trust in do reception by local fans Many reports of Jong distance Juo i Grams were Rotor cd to thu Fri Tab lust Iii lit la Cartes Coiner i a psf i trud Street had both Czyk clip i and Havana Fine on his Ozarka i Flat d2c Allf and c1iv London Conn a re Bailor wan murdered blood this Pluyer Haw in i not alone thy coast Cunard the War against nun Row won hut i it also Feilin hat us Job is per manent and o divers express of for that in lbs More Public support is Fortico Liik Many guardsmen win continue that hey irn enforcing lion All by themselves of the to Feol pro Hihl Chicago youth found guilty looking More Ijac wild men than scientists Theodore top a n d k j pm i t r Oose be 11 a r e s 1 o w 1 making their Way homeward from Tho lop of the world in the Himalayas of Airia with Kje cime Tih of rare animals obtained on their perilous expedition photos received Friend in Chicago shows How wilds Havo changed their appearance night mrs Daisy Thomas thirteenth Street Hai car Wiles Nova Trio Sony night hut night had both Mexico and Havana Clear and Luud Utsler Hopkins j21 Kast Jijin Iii and Henrich Van pleasant Hill Street again got these two Sint Lons Mim Flynn j21 West Linden Gol City on a free who Mienl Hodyno net she Rej jowls maniac shoots As police raid two wounds Throe during riot i jury returns murder verdict Case in rih Caco inn to a fico in boy was of murder today on the of two other boys ten and twelve years old and Bis punishment was fixed by the jury at fourteen years imprisonment the slate had i he Deal i penalty for Tho youth urn the jury deliver fed thirteen hours before Dahl ing not to inflict Tho Penally Ieter he youth flew into a Hiko when verde cd wis rendered Roro of Iii you dirty rain Fried u members of the jury at two vessels Are wrecked the Day in Washington by associated president Coolidge delivered his semiannual budget address Secretary Hooyer ont Laneri a system of National water ways judge Wallace Mccain ant explained his remarks Abo Otheo Dore Roosevelt improvements a hawaiian har Bors were recommend tied by the report i a Jia e on Tol Atlantic added storm it Ilie shortly i Charleston p in a 1 s monday feb 8 on Tho Field of Charleston con Tostain for the and prizes offered at Tho Luna then Tor will no Douht Evv crowded his week in the race two elimination contents will tiv staged this week Tho first of monday evening immediately now if the performance of company and the Seco if thursday evening the Ivil to held monday evening feb k instead of Friday evening feb 5 account of the Jlonus Parfan Der Fiou bids netball game to Jan so least two persons inc Clemul and several injured us a result of bullets tired by a Maui hic who refused to sur Rottjer to of further flyers according to a from police train Ian is Bolhov Cal to of Tho victims a riot Call received Central police station after 6 Oclock sent All available policemen to a residence where Clinton Holinga world 21 had barricaded himself after shoot ing members of his family scores of citizens gathered around Tho House and in Iho Gnu Battle which ensued patrolman al Franklin and Jon targum a a labourer wore killed other members of the family Aro believed to be dead in the House three ambulance Drivers who to remora dead Bod ibb wore shot and seriously tryout wounded by it n is St i a Hillis fit Assini Atud Irewe j Riv Jimj York Jan sax mat co Cal Jan to a just Paim a Jach Fla Jan Vessol wrecked near Palm i Tach by Tho Gale that swept the Atlantic Friday night according to radio messages picked up thin Ufler noon by the Palm reach radio company efforts wore being made to it hero part of a Rcw left adrift in lifeboats twelve Miles Nouth of hero Tho Eulum slip America picked up Captain and three of he Crew of the Tilon Joeton n four mashed which turned Over in ii Gav the Ler of the America a i vessel new and j tors several Sho Loiuis were Jon Aulo Nobilo Accident Sierp found in Iho Bowory tiny War department j today will be the last oppor Secretary Jar Clines agricultural i Unity for those desiring to in Relief stand was nssailed1 in the i Ter of Register All Corine statics House t must Register nil thetheater1 hoi a fight against repeal of the in1 office not later than Siw evening Onel George t bucking foam Chi mrs Jennie Crocker Whitman ill Congo lawyer and Proni Ninf social forced wife of Malcolm Whitman j lips Tanco and i in the Senate gift taxes in order to enter the monday tryout by and miss came Allen wore j former Eanls Star Ami Robert b married his afternoon it f to j Hendlerson of the in Brack presbyterian Church Rufic Portland of Mon ii Venu the ceremony was per Kan Francisco Morrical night j formed Hybo Rev or William today at the Home of tic j Pearson Merrill parents Here

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