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Logansport Pharos Tribune Newspaper Archives Dec 19 1999, Page 1

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Logansport Pharos-Tribune (Newspaper) - December 19, 1999, Logansport, Indiana Logansport ind sunday december 19 1999 pharos Tribune photo by Karma mete electric icicles All three of these houses located along High Street were decorated by will Harding who lives in the Middle House icicle lights Are everywhere making them this years hottest Christmas decoration by Kristi sem Bligh pharos Tribune staff writer the icicles of Frozen water hanging from eaves patios and porch lops used to be the ones that caught Little childrens eyes now the idles that catch childrens and adults attentions Are the electric ones thai Dangle from Home to Home along any Given Street Idle lights appeared out of nowhere two years ago when 5 million sets were sold in 1998 sales ballooned eightfold this year con Sumers were expected to snap up 160 million sets accounting for 40 percent of the total Christmas lighting Market and according to Tom Cappoli manager of big Kmart Logansport that exactly what happened last year they became big Here in the Midwest there was an immediate sellout Cappoli said big Kmart also had a Complete sellout this year even with the earlier ordering and increased Quantity of lights i ordered five times As Riany As last and by the first week of december they were he said adding that Consumers seem to appreciate the appearance the lights provide they fit the styles of the new Homes there great for them and there Tony Smith manager of Walgreen a 2301 e Market St said they Are a great sell we have very few left Walgreen tripled its order Over last years according to Smith who said thai the weather might have played a Factor with the increased sales it was warmer longer so people could dec orate More which people did in abundance single coloured Idle lights have not been the Only big Sellers according to Cappoli Multi col ored icicle lights Are new to the Market this year and few Consumers knew about the Deco rations but that did not Stop them from Selling out be sure to become a big hit especially once people begin to notice the multicoloured strands on each others Homes he said Smith said another style of lighting Grid lights sold of this he ant Lopates a Large increase Fass Gap next Christmas Grid lights come in 4by6 or 4by8 sheets and Are we fashioned Consumers simply take them out of the Box and Lay the Grid lights on Hedges and shrubbery people dont arrange lights one by one or worry about draping Here and there the lights Are attached to each other and easily Lay atop the Bush no matter which style of lighting a person chooses one thing is for certain according to Cappoli the last time people were this fascinated with a Christmas decoration was in 1994 when the animated or and mrs Claus dolls came out but if this year is any Indica Tion of what is to come next years icicle and Grid Light sales just might surpass retailers forecasts Kristi Osenbaugh May be contacted at 7225000 or 800 6764125 ext 5117 or via email at courthouse pillars holding up plans bar association wants to raise the bar of design for new courtroom by Dave Enchell pharos Tribune staff writer the woman a Landing the Scales of Justice is not the Only thing blinded in Cass county courtrooms and a local attorney says people who have any Contact with the Judida system can see that George Stephenson asked the Cass county Council Friday to come up with a plan to eliminate design problems that obstruct views of court proceedings in circuit and Superior courts Stephenson said Cass has the worst courtrooms within at least a 10county Region surrounding Cass and members of the bar association would like the problem corroded quoting his Grandfather Paul Spitznogle the Logansport attorney said he was taught if its Worth doing its Worth doing he recommended the county not create its third courtroom on the fourth floor a situation mat could Only add More people to an often crowded area of the building he proposed putting the courtroom on the second floor when the new jail opens and situating the courtroom so that sight lines Are easier for everyone Partid Pating in cases lets not repeat our past mis Stephenson said the fourth floor is already too Cound Vroman Mary Margaret Muehlhausen agreed with Stephen son and said she will not support any courthouse renovation plan until everyone in the building is satisfied the courtrooms Are a she said Treyve always been a Dis county attorney John Hillis said in his 30 years of experience in prac Ting Law locally county officials will be unable to give everyone what they want in a Public building commissioner Rex Harris who was in county government when the courthouse was built in 1979 said he has Learned the same tiling while everybody wants something in a building the county simply cannot provide what everyone wants two pillars in each of the existing court rooms have made it difficult for jurors and members of the gallery to see the judge witnesses and the defendant after the discussion Council men Kent Rose Steve Ranee Dan Kitchel and Joe Reed voted to approve a appropriation from the county cumulative Capi Tal development fund to proceed with the first phase of the court House renovation the appropriation will pay for phase i of the project which will renovate the entire second floor the project also Calls for improvements to the first third and fourth floors Muehlhausen voted against the request Cound president Sarah Jane Crimmins who did not vote said she is not sure Hie Cound has examined the renovation project As closely As other less costly requests Council Man Terry Dixson did not attend the meeting Muehlhausen said the county has relied too heavily on the recommendations of consultants and has not been looking out for its own inter ests Harris said the county commissioners have looked out for the coun Tys interest Harris said the commissioners will listen to suggestions by the bar association because they ultimately want to provide the Best a deities they can Dave Kitchell May be contacted at 7225000 ext 5150 or via email at s taxes age cited As housing problems Handicap rentals downtown Economy and City tax base were among sound off concerns by Dave Hatch eur pharos Tribune staff writer the landlords Tabeth and the City should liveth away Accord ing to some Logansport residents callers responding to a pharos Tribune sound off question on housing supported incentives for property owners to invest in local housing my thought is that with the Stock Market returning 15 per cent or More each year for the last 10 years i think that too Many people Are interested in developing or rehabilitating rental hous ing with All the risk associated with that kind of invest ment maintenance property taxes renters who disappear and said Leslie Burger of Logansport i think there must be incentives for those who want that kind of a Challenge these developers will retire some Day too and i think need some real return on their investment i think property taxes and the Indiana inventory tax has caused Many maintenance projects to business buildings and housing to be put off or cancelled and the visual appearance of Logansport will continue to suffer until there is some tax Relief for former City councilwoman Mercedes Brugh who is the newest member of the Logansport Board of zoning appeals sees a fiscal Side to the a prising problems in the City yes need More and housing with in the City limits and that phrase within the Day limits is important we have plenty of work to do on existing buildings and lots inside of Logansport improving those properties benefits every one the problem is that its cheaper to live outside the City peo ple who do that have the double advantage of getting out of pay ing Logansport taxes while still benefiting from Logan sports eco nomic base meaningful tax Abate ment for work on Logansport residential properties would help the situation take an even narrower focus and look at Logan sports downtown Good Progress is being made on Parks and stores downtown but those efforts wont succeed with out downtown Resi dents maybe the first place to consider for revitalizing residential properties is but Becky Harris of Logansport said she also sees problems that rental development can create yes we probably do need More Low income housing in Logansport since we seem to be actively soliciting Low income residents to move into the area what we need to do though is not promote Low income housing at the expense of the residents who Are already Here you have a lot of homeowners in logans port who have lived Here for a while and have invested in their Homes and have done things to improve their Homes including sinking some Money into she said landlords worship at the altar of the almighty Dollar they dont care what they do to the town As Long As there collecting rent we need to enforce zoning rules that Are already on the caller Linda Baker said one sped fic Type of housing is not easily available i think the landlords in this town and the apartment complexes in this town need to do some planning for some Handi Cap accessible apartments there Are very few and they Are far Between its a very costly problem some landlords dont even want you to build a ramp to get in and out they better Start thinking about the people that really need v see sound off Page a2 the housing is old the landlords Are not keeping their properties up the prices for rent Are astronomical families cannot afford Quality housing we need More housing that people can afford 99 Sonja Long landlord few As do autom signing tax title in Gnu and Raj Strolli it 2000 Csc Jimmy sle 4x4 pm bytes is glut of mtg Wiwi at 274 2000 Gumc Jimmy Sie 4x4 Srp Selling Price rate cosh Dawn Arniaud we Selling pro Rote Cash Down mites Down payments include factory incentives with approved credit 4301 e Market 3 blocks East of the Logansport mail 7536285 18005995990 tonight Cloudy with a Chance of Light rain Temps rising into the 40s monday showers Likely mild with highs in the mid 40s to around 50 t Complete i Page afo to or fld Al 6764125 or 2f9 72500fi office hours8 to 7 Mont fax through i Frafel 8 am to noon saturday 6 to noon Sarafan

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