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Logansport Morning Press Newspaper Archives May 20 1923, Page 1

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Logansport Morning Press (Newspaper) - May 20, 1923, Logansport, Indiana Women do the most buying they prefer the morning paper the Logansport morning press i he May be Down but out never i Star a it a i ten Rohlf ten., mar i Daw Vioa say drs president a of the pm Fishr a icily stores Lur. A Jno snood tis would proceed i Quot ii ids Orl Sil plan to in depose of a Suitum amp to Nam Bor of pc Frlj Wijt y store kits to strap we a finances of of Cwm Pooy and declared be ror�lat5on� had bees completed of the silo of the Denver snit far App Rodma div 1400,000. Murderess is identified by w sex beras80c3latl3d i besi. Vol. 2, no. 288 established by the people of Cass county june 14. I the Logansport morning press sunday May 20, 1923 member a a c. Subscription Price by Mili. 11. 6 e year in Indian. 14. 0 a year outside of state by Carrier be a month. Price three cent foreign intervention advised a a # a a a t a # hold youth for switch tampering Deputy sheriff speeding Wabash train hits open switch East of Here stays on rails Krupp millions fail him Clara pin flips Wai be taken to los Angeles to face charges still says that she is innocent Peru youth arrested by i real police admits he broke lock on switch and sent passenger train travelling fifty Miles an hour into siding Accident my vacuously avoided. Wanted to be be doing something by Amaru Taxil Pill tegik1igj2lpa, Honduras May woman Bein Bald Bere a Clara Hole spa tha California hair rms a a Bas been definitely Bey Demty sheriff Walter a Hunter who Arri is her a for Tom pm air rom so Tiu in Jug year old culprit says he just taken Back to los Angeles where the escaped from jail last december by the shr Alaor Columbia leaving i am la Milf completely t a Wabash Railroad train travelling 50 Miles an hour and carrying broken Down. At today Abe Mads i a Hundred or More passengers escaped a disastrous Accident by a hair s offend to the police officials for help breadth yesterday afternoon. A switch had been tampered with East of to a Cal in a into tet which we a a a a the needing train was thrown onto a siding moving at the prowl a crr respondent had with lira Phillips today she a a the rate of a mile a minute a Ami it held the rails. Said weeping thai Abe was innocent Henry Shonkwiler 18 years old a Peru boy is lodged in jail Here and charged that Alberta Meadows charged with throwing the switch. He confessed to the police that he had been killed by Peggy Caffee. Was responsible fat a tampering and later made a detailed Cut ii fission she declared Ber husband had. A it to red turn bridal he and to Jack Beer Wabash Railroad detective of Peru pig a. A be alerted were respond Quot i just wanted to be doing something. I did t think it might cause bus for her conviction. In Medico a wreck Quot was the Only explanation Given by the lad. He had broken a he declared Quot he met a firmer j it cd on glitch with a Rock a a and throwing the lever so that the Points were set to direct the train of the main line onto the siding left Friend Jeff rare on who is now in the Auriga Pear ter diary and that be compelled her by Force to wan. Titi him Teuton Hor that Hon j Duras had no extradition treaty. Campfires to earn honors had bin dishwasher. Shonkwiller is a poor boy. A father is working at Attica he told the authorities and his Mother with whom he lives at to East second Street Peru Cooks in a restaurant. The youth has Beau employed As dish Washer working with his Mother. Members to collect Flowers 1 he decided he said to visit his Rei father at Attica and told his Mother to i lace of soldiers of his plans. According to his pts Tapa i Story mrs. Shonkwiler thought it or avow alright for him to go. Her parting words were to be careful. Mem Beni of the seven local Camp that Jad told detective Bixler. Free under the chairmanship of Dearing Peru about 1 30 yester mrs. Charlotte Van doom will Day afternoon the boy walked West earn patriotic Honor on the morn in the Wabash tracks. He said he sons of captor and captive to enter Academy namesakes of famous men successful candidates for military school filipino is son of Island Leader i Baron Krupp von Bohlin standing before French military judges in trial room. Lug of decoration Day when they will col i not Flowers from All parts of the City to be used in decorating soldiers grave. Members of Tho i. A. R. And w. In c. Will meet at the following Homes to make bouquets from the Flowers gathered by the campfire girls Ward in mrs. George k. Marshall. 355 Wert Broadway. Ward 2 mrs. W. B. Enyart 617 North Street. By associated press Washington May 19.�?the came to where the switch was to names of Frederick Funston a United states at Large a and Emilio Aguinaldo. A philippine islands appear on the list of successful candidates for admission rated a Short distance East of new Waverly and being tired sat Down there to rest. Shonkwiler said he looked at the lock on the switch and taking a Rock struck it a blow which opened it. He then threw the Arm Over and closed the lock. Then he continued to walk Westward he said. Train running i Alo. Wabash passenger train no. I All the Krupp millions and All the Krupp a lawyers failed to keep Baron Krupp von Boghien one of the Iliad of the Mammoth German munition and St Al works from prison when he was arrested and tried on a charge of inciting Essen workmen to riot. The Baron was sentenced to fifteen years id prison and fined i Dun Uri too Marks. Auto dealers look for record year for sales closed cars in demand kills wife who tells on him to obtain support woman found with Throat Cut husband had threatened her murderer tries to kill himself Ludington. Mii a. May 19 a ii you squeal on me to the court see if i Don t kill you. Randolph muss i. Summit township Farmer is alleged to have often said to his wife. Frances she a squealed Quot Friday bringing about his conviction on a charge of non support. And also started divorce proceedings. Within Twenty four hours her body Lay on a Hilltop near her Home whence she fled and died after her husband had slashed her Throat with a razor. I Muesli Cut his own Throat i with a pocket knife but has i a Chance to recover prosecutor Virgil a. Fitch has issued a warrant charging muss ii with first degree murder Muesli is in a local Hospital under guard. Seven children ranging from two to Nineteen years Are Motherless As a result of the tragedy. Condition of Bonar Law ill is held secret return to London from Paris in a exhausted resignation in Prospect bandits and chinese officials unable to reach an agreement a foreign guarantees or intermediaries seem to be necessary american legation Gables officials at Washington diplomats demand that chinese apprehend and punish bandits. Ltd reports say chinese troops Are Selling ammunition to brigands Washington May 19.�?failure of the chinese government to effect the release of the foreigners captured by bandits in Shantung led officials of the american legation ill peking up Cable the state department today that a either foreign guarantees or intermediaries seem to he necessary to produce results. Direct negotiations Between the bandits and chinese officials the dispatch declared apparently Are impossible because of Mutual distrust. On the other hand the dispatches reported that the military governor of Shantung had offered commissions in the regular military forces of that province to the Bandit leaders provided the captives should be released. Whether the offer will be Quot �?11.�� a a a a found satisfactory in not known not Here and further information la anxiously awaited. Demand pull Ahmeti minister Schurman and other lording diplomats have demanded again that the chinese government apprehend and punish the bandits. Officials Here however Are More ear corned Over the plight of the prisoners than Over the question of How the outlaws shall be disciplined. It is their belief that the peking diplomatic corps will exert itself j first and forcibly to bring about re lease and take up the question of punishment later even though the bandits at that time May he incorporated in the chinese army. Troops we hem t pay. Report that troop in three brigades of the chinese army in Shantung has been without pay for eighteen months and Are Selling ammunition to the bandits have led officials Here to fear that a defection of these troops May make a bad situation worse. Government reports show that there Are Between 300,000 and 40,-ooo bandits in Shantung province. Should they be joined by any considerable body of dissatisfied troop of the regular army the result might be to delay the release of the captives. To the military Academy next july. Thu will be i he sons of Raptor and captive in the concluding dramatic scene of the philippine insurrection be mates four years at West Point. Young Funston namesake of the major general Frederick prices on most makes of automobiles have fallen far below what they were year ago. Due Here at 3 15 in the afternoon late Ward 3�?mr. Henry Horst 804 a running late and was coming Funston was appointed by presi Rast Market Street. Down the Grade at 50 Miles an hour Dent Harding according to custom Ward 4 mrs. Charles Grant 84 it a about 20 minutes after he with regard to sons of High army seventh Street mrs. Hattie Farcy threw the switch that he heard the officers who seek to follow their 1206 Cumming Street. Whistle of the train the boy stated fathers into the service. The Tyg and 5 or. Philip Davis hos having a Clear Block to logans of the filipinos first against the to. Market Street. Port out of Peru Engineer Symor Aguinaldo Leader of the uprising the campfire girls will receive Gan who with conductor Hulbert of the filipinos first against the instructions from their guard Lam j a in charge of the train had no Spanish and afterwards against thought in his mind of a switch be americans received his factories Are nearly swamped a to where to take the Flower. Merger of Haynes and Minton firms is very probable with a Dional orders being received every Day for automobiles local dealers Are anticipating the largest year in the history of the motor car Industry. Reports from appoint sales in Alk sections of the United go Ireland company so there was no danger from either has of those two a but the sudden deviation of a authorized Spital of straight course for a train moving m a a a fast rate of Speed in 99 cases in to ,1 w in Loo. According to Railroad men a a a j will Causa the rails to give or the by a Atolia Ted Prees train to be turned on its Side. It is cijry1slaxd. May dire#-1 considered a Miracle Wabash 1 or of the Winton company Auto a j was not turned into a shape Mobile Mana lecturers. Will meet i a mane of twisted steel in a few monday to consider merger with with heavy loss of life. The h Brees automobile com partly of new invest Legatee. 1\ Okeene. Indiana. Tho . A a. To. Ppr orm Bra a a a a he ing against him. Just when he saw ment under the Law which permits the signal on the Standard was one filipino to be sent to West against him could not be Learned Point a Ltd year to be trained for last night but the of Ginger re service As an officer of the Philip ported that he struck an open Pine scouts switch going 59 Miles an hour. Outstanding incident. There were no derails on the Sid the outstanding incident of Gering and no train was waiting there Era Funston Brilliant military career which began when he led the 20th Kansas volunteers infantry and its colonel to the Philippines in 1s9b. Was his capture of Aguinaldo. It broke the Back of native resistance to american Rule and paved the Way for peaceful development of the islands. In the Guise of a prisoner held with a handful of White comrades by a Force of Friendly natives who posed As members of the Aguinaldo army the Kansan penetrated to the Mountain Headquarters of r Rem err of Hie latter company. The brakes and the train was Aguinaldo and effected a dramatic to in err or if ratified will in brought to a Stop several Hundred capture and escaped to the Amer ind the Dorris automobile com Quot feet Down the siding without dam Many of St. Gyrate. To. A a backed out. Of the Sid the Winton company a on aa-1 tug an investigation made and a horned capital of 11.300,000_ continued on Page 3> a lines with his prisoner. Balmy air brings Many thousands of shoppers out Straw lids appear Good services Are promised tonight states ind ate thai the american Public will buy More cars during 1923 than in another like period. Logansport distributors for the most part Are Selling cars As fast As they can be delivered from the factory and a few Are unable to fill orders due to the shortage of automobiles. Thir Etc thousand might Hundred and ten motor cars were sold in Indiana during april setting a new record for any one month since the Start of the automobile Industry. From 1909 to 1918 the num he r of machines in the United states increased Lino per rent. The rapid strides made in the production of motor cars is attributed to several things first the Prosperity of the country second. The practical development of the automobile third lower costs of production fourth the coming of Good roads and fifth the tendency of the american people developed in the Pas few years for the ufos of the outdoors. A cording to Logansport motor dealers the Trade had been exceptionally Good during the Spring. The increase May be due in part to the payment plan which have been inaugurated by Many factories. Want cloned f a a remarkable trend towards City valued at $12,802,350.00 eel township assessor submits c Complete report # the total assessment of the City of Logansport exclusive of a ments of Banks. Railroads Telephone and Telegraph utilities which Are assessed by the state Board of tax commissioners is $21,802.350 according to w. O. Fiedler assessor i of eel township Cass county. The assessment of eel township outside of the City of Logansport is $900.goo.<>0, making a total a ses ment for City and eel township of $22,702,350.00. I the value of the lands and lots of the City is Given As $16,280,670 and that of the personal property go to his Downing Street resident \ is $5,521,680. The land and lot but instead was taken to a prune valuation outside the City limits is House where he will receive treat Piai to at $6>l.$5o. Aud the per men under sir Thomas h Arder Sonal property in the same District noted specialist. Ai $238,1 50 the assessed value of the press in evidently re i inc additional improvements in the or. Bonar Laws desire a a a ornery is $1 25.75. And that outside Piete a Lien Ltd be maintained to the City is $4,600. The nature of his malady until he 1 he township officer reports himself authorizes a statement. That tha a Ann his deputies made h newspaper Sav practically nothing total of 7.ioo assessment. 7.251 of Ahou his illness. But a do Rialls London May 19 to rear Selt re it v in being mainline regarding prime minister Bonar Law s condition which is canting ins friends grave concern. The Premier duo recently loft on a voyage of or j month for i health looked tired and worn out v Hen he reached London this afternoon from Paris Val com pol led to rest because of his it Abat ised condition when he reached the private Bouse where he is staying. Sir Thomas Border that no cd specialist. Was called up on the premieres arrival and remained with him a Long time. It was remarked hat the it a a s6 fatigued when or alighted from his train that to fair b to re Spond to cheers of the crowd Goth fed to receive in a looks bad London May 19.�? prime minister Bonar Law. Who has been on a voyage for his health arrived in London this afternoon from in ii. He looked tired and ill and failed to respond to the cheers of til crowd at the ration. He did not record rain in Texas property loss is heavy greatest downpour at Beaumont Ever recorded in u. S. 13.54 inches of rain in 3 hours i by associated pre Beaumont Texas May 19.�? the greatest concent rated rainfall Ever recorded in the United states was recorded Here yesterday. John Bender in charge of the United states weather Bureau i station Here. Asserted that the Guage showed 13,54 inches precipitation in thre hours All hut one half Inch failing in two hours. Between $500,000 and $750,000 property damage is estimated in a i Check up today. Henry Franks was seriously burned. Fie slipped through a Pool of burning Oil when lightning struck two Oil storage tanks of 55,000 barrels capacity each. The tanks belong to the Magnolia Petroleum company. One was burned with a loss of $60.ooo, girls of Tim southwestern Telephone company went to work in their bathing suits but 3,000 telephones had gone out of commission and they All plunged Home under the relentless Shower motorboats for Jitney. The townsfolk turned out generally in bathing suits. Motorboats took the place of Jitney in Low parts of the City. Street car lines went out Early in the morning and final Check county authorities Pine no wheel turned for the remainder the death list at 7 5. T. M. Hum of the Day. Havoc of the storm included $i00,000 loss to the City through bucking of Wood Block pavements. The lower streets were flooded and the water backed up into t business District. Police discontinued All traffic downtown All business doors were closed and Pearl Street the main thoroughfare resembled a Wood Yard struck by a Tornado. To spend summer at Samaria Mich. Funerals held for i ast victims of schoolhouse fire authorities place death list at 175 after final Check by associated pre Hamden. 8. C. May 19 a funeral of the last of the victim of the Cleveland Choo Zhuo a fir were held today at Beulah and Antioch churches near Here and after a Phriep on of the injured crumbed during the Day and it a announced that seventy four per. Sons were killed outright. Error in the work of identification had previously made the number of killed Bevent three. Proclaimed that warm weather is thermometer records temperature of nearly local Clothier reported v a ing business in Straw i a so after Shower yester Day morning. Salish Church and an invitation is m crowds thronging the and Busine houses Many i by in Joyride and a Sprink Day. The demand fog the variety of headgear Bas but creasing yearly Ami the Sal year Are Nape Ted to be i arg in Hiiva other season a Braw that Cia a red i 10 a t cd while incur trains were men t h a Down town sire a Tow Are it rep. Med Wii late a the of Hope of american is the subject of Rev w. C. Holmes Sermon this evening at the first universalist Church. Stereo Ticon views of the City of Washington will be Shon including the views closed cars has developed in the of the new memorial universalist past two years local dealers say. Church built there this evening a the present time the closed cars program promises to be of the Best Are Elling nearly on the same lev of the eerie or religious and Patri ,4 As the open models and some Otic program Given at the a after dealers Are predicting that in a few years prac Scally All automobiles manufactured will be of the closed body style just a Short period Back sedans and coupes were Only Fogt a the Rich but now the closed 19�?.the cars sell Only a Little above the by to the open variety. Sport models Are proving the sensation of this years line of Moor cars. Practically every manufacturer is building nifty sport it relations. The prevailing color for operate the the a per a jobs is wine or a a asked room Cran i Price town m Isnari re the Crest majority of a Are which were within the 149 outside of the City port further show that there were 3.654 in the City assessed for tax and 8b outside the limits totalling 3.784 taxes Harp been collected on 52 4 dogs by the township assessor the report show that a total of 5 01 of these dogs were owned by people of the City Ai d 2 3 v rodents of the township our Side the corporation lines the report icing submitted by the township assessor shows that a total of $124,000 Worth of taxable property have been placed on the tax duplicates for the it ear of 1922, the taxes on this amount be pronounced City. Aud they voice he a Ion admiration the re for the Premier s Strone sense of Public duty which under the painful circumstances Aiono could h Ive fortified him to it Arry on his difficult a ask. It now has Home known thai the Premier has been fighting his complain a ver since he assumed office and it is no Hought possible Pecan continue much longer. One report says that he is re turning to London today or. Bonar Law has a n the mod t influence in the internal rivalries of his Par a and it would appear that whoever his successor May be these rivalries will become not k. W to returned ago from a visit r. Mrs Pearl e. A. Michigan will leave today to a of of the summer with or sorter or Klinck is a pensioned employee of he Pennsylvania Railroad. Charlo j. Al about Throe week with his Daught sorter at Samar touring party visits in City Charles Miller of Huntington travelling by machine to a to anew a a i company with three youths of the same City Bas been visiting sine wednesday with a f ii to. John Anderson 1018 twin Firth Street in the cite. The four will leave Tod a i on the Pecoud sap of the trip they drove out Huntington last sunday at noon others in the party Are w. C gel. In go a Burkett Dean and Abraham r Orbin. Flat to curb parking proves value a twists try it on Market Street Rush extended the Public to attend Ester Traw Brungs Kight to co it ing $4,216. That a total of 5,87 6 households. Washington. May Federal government Broi supreme court today ii cure Possession of the Barge line leased to Ca of St Louis who t ? be n aside right to it a a re f. Caille War in heed government has suffered a i Fie City of Logansport contains heavy loss in prestige in the re East a of the Irish Deportee and he Liberal and labor newspapers Are ailing loudly for the resignation of Home Secretary Bridgeman and the other ministers concerned. Chautauqua will be Here july 23. Ai l Cir Mani. Ii i i la in the City streets cars were not other streets will be a minute s time on account marked As soon As Possi automobile jams motor Hie Law effective to Morrow. E can a too a to a ii a my i a ban a oath Tou a by a a a trued it tvs i f h the ii i Quot age the Chautauqua season will open in Logansport. Monday july 23. According to word received by mrs Shelly Walters from the erd path Chautauqua Bureau. The routing has been completed and a be Bureau Promise on the program a off presented i Logansport. Brothers arrested new York May 19.�? Ager of the department of rustic today arrested Gordon Ingalls and his brother George e a nails. Officials of the Oil to eld4 corporation of doll Ai Tex removal to Texa t. A Jar a. N a toot barging the thu no by Coal is o defraud investor. Iso ing Lect sports system we monday we according u Fla to Urb Park it h w ii go into of 1 be a Boon to tray o be ratio a a made on Market Street last night where to sire a been marked off for the new plan although the streets we re crowded and in nuns u Large number of Njo or cars were have had serious difficult in keeping on schedule due to traffic congestion in Market Street in the past. Under the direction of stye commission i Clary workmen try marking the streets As fast As possible. The Cir vers of cig a night parked in accordance with the new plan and police a re elated Over he Success of it. The Mew parking Ord Ilia Nee go into effect tomorrow

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