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Logansport Morning Press (Newspaper) - January 31, 1926, Logansport, Indiana I Fikso to Voli fair to All. J the Logansport morning press a me Lek associated pres established by the people of Cass county june la 1921 weather today j sunday turning to j j Snow colder Strong w Intis t member a. B. C. L vill i me no. Idi Logansport Indiana sunday. January is 1926. on Price by i of 9� of stir outside of it amp Teay Carrier it Indiana for j week. Price three cents interesting arbitration news notes pm no stops wage Parley ruse wrings confession from mail Carrier solving murder of matrimonial Agency Bride found in Well adventure noes on rocks London in Ainoi a great i inn in Publ Iii tin v if Quot ban up out<0 Cri k Hartwell. I la roue in or i v of ibb to a to a a on id be k a a Klingf Olds taints credulous a a to put inor int j the to Quot Quot sos it i is Brod i a y running Bone of Contention at former Confer enc keeps miners and operators at swords Ede. Meet adjourned with plans up Mill Bop s by a a jump of if i 1 p thing. Ion 11 in exp i i in new. Us 111 Quot la it a Ziou a it Elk t run i Iii have a iia t. F ii t go to c 1 St a 11 i i 4 it a on w w ii ill v ii. Rill a of i Arlo Idi a r ii Tat 4 s to it i i Tov Leo it let the min Etc i a a 1 of. The a w Ait in. In Liq i it a i at a i i a i n bus i Quot a ii f i fica j Mille Pron in i it Quot Quot if ii a in co a pcs i should tvs foe bad. Otic re 111 111o \ fun Ain fir Brod lists Aud to a ii Bav a in re a a 11 j oped. Al in it m Bono a Ini nod to to just id i so of i ii i to i rom i Quot of v i 1 v aim i in it urn ship. Ami. Ii by la i to is a i Lily re carried in by a i Iii. To a. A d i re is by i Ila ski i la i a. Lan. To. A i fit a to. A flu operators a a Liu u my t u t to. I next tuesday Quot it 11 in ii a it Ltd pit ions Stii Ted in a kid a a d t it to o late St i n. On i Atno to the rain-1 ors and the a a r by la oper. Aiu rut j i a Tib Auseth a. Kit i e i Joti amen Snear. Tonight ton was Only gloom. Re on Day i an i. Met res the Beni ii i i my morph of la. A i. I i. I ii a in to in inc i.,-.,0� Mit orders Quot till if att j. Iraq. Of bust is Iii ti1 or bundle d Square mibs of Terr or in in of beast Fri Beni rigid control of alcohol is Andrews aim recovers $8 of $28 lost in his purse reviews taking nine work since up dry reins months ago i b Asal Wash i it tax. To of i 1 lid ii is to i a v a Haver >1 a. Mau l and a Teri Home. Scene of tin crime we Bas i in Elan. The joint a oni orom it. Ion More Tau fix Al and. I Oil Bandi i plans Ami a mrukot on for Ems my til strike received from till Over the country All the have boor. On a cd red worthy it i. Ussop. Have been by fore it on inv. To no it a ton j1. Confere-. Vot a Down re Public constructed and modified Ami my High voted Down again the Gap that separates tin it. Is so i arbitration the miners will Iak Sun a Nomen it the present rat. Of wage for a period �>1 two and a half years up to five. The operators Ai willing to sign an agreement at the present Waue intr up to live years but with til proviso that each i Leho Given the right at least one ii Eon Hun x,.ar to .j1s a. Conference for the i Amu Leo. A unjust ii Lent of wages if econ i just a ills Over Iii in conditions warrant and if j i in Bard sir or. La. Wad the two sides cannot agree on it of in my. Rut,.- throw Meh such a readjustment that the Ion math is in dispute be settled by. La arbitration. A it Alit a la age tile minors arc willing to a on an Modister Sider readjustment of wage rate. Nod o. I But want the workers and the i lovers to Settle the question a icim mired fro1 themselves and not leave it to of i lie pre it arbitration the miners propose Dis net ruins a Mien rejected today provid d for he which j Ltd five Vear agreement at to no old hair pins Broo Beratis 5ab Tali cd a Lins of Sandal and act Linding commission compos a a of former Secretary f stat Charles k. Hughes who a formerly general counsel for the Roe the 111�i o 11-Hundred pounds to no r As Gnu a he Bonanza St infant i Tina Quot Amil i ii i him t indulging in f Nance it of Booth aging Enterprise ads their a Xvi a has Bren slut the Small investor in. To scheme invariably has England s Money. Bange now i Vav on thu r a Reft. Of the Bistre t Quot by. It a Bornean Bon Ceil ii i a i i a chopping Titer the on ii i a a it of fim modern Bond Recd been discover1 Dis til third Carload break record of material at Polaris Plant a pm v i Llic re Street r n Tinea litre be j Row hoi Aly fire i Jinn y e i r at ions Quot. I spoons. The a Mon f Quot Bil re i i ii third Carload of Mupo i j. Supplies and equip it from the i Niver a Plant i Picago. Is being unloaded at the Polaris by to Leal Burie Init a manuf act urine company Plant her. The arut Rived yesterday morning and a Force of six men is getting Iii goods into the building the scene of future operations by the Polaris. One or two More carloads will finish tile shipments from Chicago. I. J. St in a he factory manager. And Adolph Monson were in in Erti yesterday to arrange for the Purchase of some a Quot ilium Quot it Peru. The equipment from the harm s j Plant at Kokomo will arrive Here in a few Days. Applications for work have been received at the Plant by men from practically every surrounding town and City. Some from As As South Bend. Y. A meeting tuesday night twelve mile by Central pres Newcomerstown it. By. St the lust scene in his tracts comedy cd deception played liar very Haver is awaiting trial on the charge of murder with the electric chair shadowed upon tilt "a1 of his Dingy cell in to Caracas county jail. F or two months by constant subterfuge. Haver a ii year old mail Carrier threw suspecting persons off the Trail Aud prevented a solution of the disappearance of his Wilt As late As in i hours before Bis arrest authorities aver. Haver carried son his scheme to delude neigh. Bors and relations a to his wife a Fate. It her Bony was found at the Bottom of a a foot Well in an abandon d farm. Formerly tenanted by Haver a father. There were Burns about the legs and Arm. Of was Clad Only in a Nightgown. A i choked a v. If to death but i did not do it w till malice aforethought nor did i premeditated it but did it in self de a ii be Quot lie or Lars. When arraigned in entered a technical plea cd not guilt to the charge of first degree murder. The self defense plea is in Accord with his confession to the three county officers in which in said he had choked his wife after she Iii him Quot Ith a shoe in conference of Tai tied by a til he said after he choked Imp lie Laid her on a Couch and w or out for a walk. He said in walked for two hours before to finally returned Home and another Wildcat was caught in Schultztown yesterday by Oldie found mrs. Haver was dead. Puiul 14. Of 4.19 Cliff drive Tim youngster who dragged a thirty thereupon he carried her Pound one aught in one of his steel traps from a tree to his body to his automobile and j Home several Hundred feet i drove to the abandoned farm where in threw the body into ii in1 Jan. with three quarters of his first year As head of the prohibition enforcement it up behind him assistant get it Dary Andrews of the Treasury declared tonight t a a splendid Progress has been made in enforcement arum that the reconstructed administrative machine now is in a a position to operate the. Assistant Secretary feels that the most important strides have Hoot accomplished in establishing closer supervision of alcohol. He asserted a fifty per cent reduction had been made in the number of permits for Independent denaturing plants since be lit Ember i. Prohibition administrator Foster has submitted figures show Mon inned pm urge by a repentant t ii it f. It on Scie in e troubled hip still ii sirens cd keeping a portion of his boor yesterday returned it s of the $�?T2> stolen from a Larry peed Utah legion Home last thursday . This it a a is tile i Quot Lief of Reed who is in rec Ipi of a a let Ter. Printed on it Heap paper a daring the pocketbook a found on s Venth Street. It was signed to a a a my a apparent a but f iou name. The letter was print d us a. Sup Pessein an Effort Guise the hand writ my thief who is known probably a pros cution i was heeds suppose pics the the person who St to a a mom Quot a Quot the and insert d in Tho pre the morning and immediately took Ops a it aver ii Quot his act and at to. Sam Tim Reserve a legit til theft. Ii is Ai was a second Macle from Beden mum i hers w within the pub nok another Wildcat is caught in the City coast guard critics stir commanders morale of service under in i n e d by rebukes Yeandle declares i ii taking up defense of a drum Points out hard work men endure a i v it m w Youk. An. Pc ten. To Quot a i it. I i Iii to edit ans a. I drano n to con a if it or n the Nasa or. On. Portsmouth x ii. By fro u a in to naut Hon inn Dor s. S a and e of Ashington. An on. Pok a i Ltd Quot of a those inst of e torn v i h reek to under Nin the morale it f th1 tvs a. A the to. Lull Quot la Quot or ref apr of Tor off a ranging from la shed a a ii re to u cd i Hie. Jibe worst by ulc Nant y Candy. W1h> in Ltd in Cimon Raml of Thoi Quot a guard Aid the p Tarduni n Iino it easier to a the bullets of a Quot tin i us ii Quot Aud tile pm. Of Tim sea than to the taunts and j m of t ii a c a a Panion. Ashore. A a n. Guardsmen go to sea in the 1 71 i ii in ithe Wabash the Well. He denies he att nip to people registered it p.1 10 Lur Quot a a in 11 Furna e a Quot to a Adams township inst till a no explanation for t he a Corci it Tor inter institutes cared to esterday when the St in tanners new Heigh ills annual three la i Iii i u w .j4.jt i United mine workers of Ameli a Quot a or. E Cliv Secretary of labor Davi ind hired shop in this location a governor pin hot of a tvs Al n of the to Udine indie he it Quot a he Cai a i la emperor that this prob note from tit ii hopping times co Hon. M i lain. Bally Astor s system of alluding Jib is to each Guc to at her a a hons which Arr famous for a a a.,. Quot of i Joh and has continued in pres to. A of Pollin g i x a y j ii a. Oil i n r it co i Frt of. Us. Stat men and artist a. I this commission afr Juno i ik1would invest gut. And limit the facts of to Industry with regard of a wage readjustment 1� a Ole Lii at loll a Quot i it would Jno of Recti to to is pose of to e matter As promptly As possible tin conciliation Beard was created by the Boos Volt commis a a Ion slides will present annual reports the adopted Ami improved . V i net s and the a Bowdon hostesses. Succeeding wage Agre Merit. It is composed of three operators. Hugh Iii both the operators plan provided 1 or the Low wage rates for five years Aud that the Board of conciliation consider wage re us j ii1 men once each year and in ase no agreement was Eracli. D. Or. Hughes would he called made be cs.,Ary upon to Nam three persons to of Given now s. Tile the matters in dispute. Aud the result is that. Ain kit is o fix a i ii is h i Tixhon to 11,e Lapel of a or to t he c or i it a s drs with cd her a mime or Intel on it or the title of a Hook or work of Art by Quot he h toe in Hest known. The Prat to by tile larg t Days one feels entitle 1 to talk to any be Al. After s Rutin my a Label no introduction Are ask j for lid none Given in la modern Bondon Salon. N. Y. Ideas fail to excite Paris Pahls. Jan. 0. A the Burn or. S making Quot Oriel refuses to eve its equanimity disturbed Hgt v ports that is new York Breth n have decreed that skirts must cd longer. Of new York failed in Tho it Peru Effort it made during the Quot a when Quot a it Ware Bandi cd ipod in a thousand ways to a urn the position of Paris we set no reason to fear the present offensive. A Vaj done authority. Belke to the Parisienne will org remain the Cju Een of fashion. One Paris newspaper characterizes the alleged attempt of new York Modister to assume the Cli. Tutorship As a an a t of outre Cui dance a and tile dictionary a Fine the word As a cauda Eirv. Pres amp. Tion Suzanne i eng a re i i peat in in cd by what she a r utile a a wind reports published Aby to her from tune to tin a. It Jie Cialli the latest alleging Thop a a. Suffering the Cam nervous a i Yak Dei Quot ii displays a Cli tier Neaily a. Quot Ehu of i icon miffed a a Fage Cut Kin Delphi girl is struck by father at scene does not know it is his girl a special Tco the Delphi Jan. To. A Edith Mummer la daughter of or. Aud mrs. Earl Mummer Quot As severely Hurt this evening at 7 o clock when struck by a Ford Coupe Dri in by be Shafer mail Carrier at Washington and Franklin streets to Quot us rendered unconscious. A condition Iti which she remained for half an hour. Medical attention was Given at the Vilice of dry. Thompson. Shaffer was driving slowly at the time and was not held to blame. The girl running in front of the . I lie girl and Lur father Bael Jat returned from Lafayette Quot by to they visited or. Mumm to unfitted to the to dial. The Parent Aid daughter wore not to urn he Ai the til of the Accident hut or. Al lira in Ort Caim by just alter toe girl had been married Way to pick d up a. To Whit ii cd dipped f vol la a a of. Aud hand d it to a to a eau. Not not no that of was a daughters. Baen. A was sought and to Adi of the Amdon the girl v in Quot a vie Are net regarded in Nous. Let ii St re a Cali i do. Eluting by a brim Way the annual reports of the Young women s Christian association Quot ill feature the banquet and annual membership meeting to lie i Al at the memorial Home i Gap o clock tuesday evening. Feb. La enthusiasm is running High among Tho interested in the work of the y. W. It a. Miss it of ,1a son will sing and a formal ceremonial by tile Birls deserve. Will he give. Ii. The seventh Grade Dirks chorus Quot ill sing. Six Hoard members. Will lie elected. Tile ballots have been forwarded to All members who Are asked in return to mail til ballots to Tim it Yon monday. Shaw is freed for third time negro exonerated o f murder at Martinsville it. Assorian of press Martinsville. Iud., Jan. To. The state s Long tight to j convict John Thomas Shaw. 2 j. Indianapolis negro of the murder of Helen Hager Wuel Ohel i lab of Indianapolis ended today when a jury in the Morgan county circuit court exonerated him after less than one hours deliberation. This was his third trial for the crime. Has Burns. Originally Haver maintained lie had found his wife a body hanging in the cellar and had hidden if Iii the Wall feeling he would he blamed for her death. After that he maintained she so Sdons of Adams township farm deserted him. Ors it twelve mile packed the Ter parents in sinking achoo building throughout the i Ings pa., asked an i Vestiga Day. Total attendance a it aching up l in �1 Lier disappearance. They Pio mutely 977 charged that their mail to Lier Dilia,,.�?Tn la Mudis usions la a is a Quot a it i by Ilam. Louie Reitik farming Ami modes it Ostout a Ina Tor John cd. Rural oui Kimii. Lift in a. A Ai Quot set Utilla a Quot 1 slate speakers the program Law a a a a a a a it a a a sinking contained readings songs and of �?�<�"�1&Quot it Sical numbers. Al Lull Anes asserts the Hill wart a feature of the afternoon bes. Ii.,.tourno ii Irav Ltd s Joss it Tsiou at s Joithe annual election of coh a. Me tune of ins arrest. Haver it by the commit was a of. It Ostl Bra chosen luring the morning. Vejl. In Jan what rest. Ii ult ii Iii tin i a a list a 11 ii Ito i la j Vea Leil the Xiv Here bouts of ills Cli those who arranged for i his m not is body pm s Succoso nil ni�?Tifav sitting in his cell at night. Eth i it hair Naii. He heard voices outside the Marion Luff it l. As chairman door. Heads the group i link in ii i a where did you find the Val was re elect cd chairman of body a one asked. Tilt answer a the ladies auxiliary Aud James in voice was not loud enough Tracey was again t Hoen set red Ary for him t c it hear it. Of tie Institute. I a Nav ii Ere did you say you found besides musical numbers by her body Quot the voice asked school children of the Vicinity the again. Dry sessions included two and the questioning voile was Orees by j. P. Pigs of Middle. That of j. A. Ross. An attorney. Town iud., and mrs. John a. Quot to had been investigating mrs. Spindler of it Ira Hill id. Both Haver a disappearance. Purdue speaker. A Titi Haver shouted the evening entertainment was a it s in an old Well on is lath rom a feet away before ii1 knew what lie had second smaller than the Hist was a aught on the Hank of River across the Street from the William paddock Nee at j by Cliff drive. It is believed to both mate to the a a a first. People living in the in High 1 Bor Hood report having seen no a Trace of the animal at any time and it is thought to have lived in a Drain Pip near Whit ii it was caught. The eat was not caught Well and Pumel killed if Ai once i when lie found what he had. In i he Sii Ali boats. By at my y Point of our the boats badly. Sleep or hot me impossible. Night after How unknown lands changed Roosevelt boys the Oil skin their silent v for hours about prey and chilling after Days to port to e pit la is As Clad figure Zig ii under t Lethe v ii for St in w gals of this they return in greeted Quot ii la us a a booze gobs and Aud i pitch is a re night k c p Stair plunging inc Spray of aliment Quot As headlined by a talk by Rev. J. Corkey of Logansport. It also contained musical selections by the Cass county sunday school orchestra and songs and readings by Radical Hildebrandt. Mrs. Riley and mrs. Sullivan All reside tits of tie township. an old s. Jerks this was tile first intimation gained by authorities that the missing woman was dead. Haver and his wife were married Early in or an. They had no children. They had met through a matrimonial Agency. In accordance with the usual custom no prize awards were made. Or. Leffel stated. Despite the absence of this feature the Institute Drew Tim largest crowd of the year. Famed actress Dies suddenly Barbara Lamarr passes away after breakdown Bennett burial at Peru monday youth died in reformatory of Scarlet fever found it when making rounds of his traps Friday Nill. Like Tim first if been skinned and the pelts be sold. Much interest in radio week Iber of fans a it hearing Mexico a rum Navy men. A it guard Sun to of the pm Al t boat Bandy Hook complain Quot in cd their la tit in ohs on s lib i. Stationed House it that the slut frequently insulted on Quot a to to scores at at Highlands. X j. Other guards n from base y a ii land. Have been cd a Fly a suit cd ashore. A at a a London conn., a Toast guard Sailor was murdered in cold blood his shiver Lias never been apprehended. Not alone tile coast guard considers the Wai against rum Row won. Rut it also t1 s that its Job is Poi to. In it and officers express fear that unless More Public support. Number of fans report i is forthcoming. Many j onanism it will continue j that they Are enforcing Ilion All by themselves. The International radio Broad. Hasting has caused wide interest Iii do reception by local fans j Many reports of Long distance programs were reported to the press late last night. Charles Cottier \ it St Mildred of unto feel prohibit verification of Lawrence Bennett ton reformatory. The death of. At Vindle was received Here yesterday by relatives. The youth was a victim to Scarlet fever kidney trouble and heart j disease. The Mother living in has claimed the looking More like wild men than scientists Theodore Fop and Kermit Roosevelt Are slowly i making their Way homeward from the a top of the world a in the Himalayas of Akia with specimens of rare animals obtained on their perilous expedition. To Hotos received by a Friend in Chicago shows How wilds have changed their appearance. Is reel. Had both Czi. Mexico City. And Havana flue on his Ozark last night. Mrs. Daisy Thomas o2g thirteenth Street Haq Milf. Wales Twa tuesday night and last night had both Mexico i Tyr and Havana. Lear and loud. Laster Hopkins. 121 East Linden and Henrich Van Dora pleasant Hill Street again got these two stat ions. Airs. Flynn. 121 West Linden. Got Mexico City on a three tube Lieut Rod y be. Set. She reports. Maniac shoots As police raid kills two wounds three during riot Chicago youth found guilty jury returns murder verdict Case i t Ltd Jan. By a shoot Piferi press Altadena ca1., Jan. j Indianapolis. Barbara Lamarr. Motion picture j body. Actress died at her Home Here the funeral will he held at to this afternoon. Ion clock monday morning from the miss Lamarrt a death resulted Hammond amp Johnson undertaking. From complications following a i Parlours at Peru and burial will j nervous breakdown several take place at Peru. Last tryouts for contest months ago her father. A. W. Watson said. Her death came Shaw was arrested in novem. Unexpectedly and until Vester Ber. 192c, shortly after the to Day she seemed rapidly improve than was slain. Ile has been Iii ins. Jail almost continually since mis Lamarrt a breakdown was then. Once a Marion county i in july Whit i jury a sentenced him to death j ing three a but the supreme court reversed sh1 returned to Hollywood to Charleston finals monday feb. 8 on it by associated t Springfield to a at least two por Ous Are d�a1 and several injured As a result of bullets fired by a mania who refused to surrender to officers. According to a report from police headquarter.-. A patrolman is believed to he of of the victims. A riot Call received at rile j Central police station shortly alter 6 of clock sent All available policemen to a residence where Clinton Hollingsworth. 21, had barricaded himself after shoot members of his family. A it. I i Tell of a a a Chi ago. Jan. Job a seven teen year old boy was convicted of murder today on the test Moi Quot of two other boys. Ten and two be yearn old and his pm Wishni it was fixed by the jury at fourteen ears imprisonment the a cat had asked the death penalty of the youth and the jury deliberated thirteen hours before do a Al in not to inflict til supremo pen ult v. Betel Pietro a til in Xvi a cd youth Fly into a rag when lie verdict was rendered and Cream till a you dirty rats tried to attack numbers of the jury. Two vessels Are wrecked further toll added Atlantic storm to of \ a l try in it West Palm Beach Fin. Jan. Jwj. Two vessels were Wreckd near Palm Beach by the Gale that swept the a Lang a bile she was Coin Plet j j i lures in new Day in i a Washington the verdict. Atter a change of venue to Morgan county Shaw Quot As again trim but the jury could nut reach a verdict. Seize Beer a by a Seal cd Cress Chicago. Jan. 30. A nine men were arrested today and Twenty five barrels were seized in a raid by prohibition Asen on a the Pfeiffer brewery. Five men is aped Atar a Lookout had tired a shot of warning Aud several sawed off shotguns Vee 4 fou Diu the brewery. Make the fourth and i Quot a As while she was engaged in this last october that she suffered tile second collapse. Miss Lamarrt a condition became critical about 3 of clock this afternoon died an hour later. Shaw killed. Ii of it . Or is los Angeles Jan. 20. A Harold Shaw forty eight Secretary of the motion picture directors association was killed m in automobile Accident Here today. A a a by associated press president Coolidge delivered his Semi annual budget address. Secretary Hoover outlined a system of National water ways judge Wallace met a Amant i i she planned his remarks about Theodore Roosevelt improvements in hawaiian harbours were recommended by the department. A Secretary Jardines agricultural Relief stand was assailed in the House. A fight against repeal of the inheritance arid gift. Taxer opened j in the amate i the Field of Charleston test ants for the $50, $35 and $15 a prizes offered at the Luna theater j will no doubt the final week i Friday night according to radio i messages picked up this aft a noon by the Palm Beach radio my members of his family. Company. A scores of citizens gathered efforts were being mad to con around the House and in the gun Rescue part of a Crew left adrift Battle which ensued i patrolman. In lifeboats twelve and Joe Nargund a East of her. The which Al Franklin a. Labourer were killed other members of the family arc believed to be dead in Tho House this week the first on monday three ambulance Driver who veiling immediately following the attempted to a mor the dead bodies Quot Volt shot and be Nouv Miles South be crowded Thi in Tho race. Two elimination contests will Kate staged performance of the Ila Quot a Kins a i company and the second to it out thursday evening. The finals will be monday to veni feb. S. Instead of Friday evening. Of a 5. Account of the Logansport an Derson basketball game. Today will be the last Opportunity for those desiring to end. To Register. Ail Ron tenants must Register at Tho theater hot office rot later than this evening ii or Cdr to outer th1 monday night try out wounded by Aioli Iuga a North Packingham weds. By of. New York Jan. To. A a a colonel George t. Buckingham. Chicago lawyer and prominent socially and ads Carnel Allen wore married this afternoon a the Black presbyterian Church. Fifth Avenue the ceremony was performed by the Rev. Or William pea Iron Merrill. Tho steamship Raineri. J. Picked up tic Captain and tire of the Crew of the Tifton of Boston u four mated Schooner Quot Bleb trued Over in the Gale the Mas do of the America a. Norwegian Ess. I. Wire Essed. Star Marri los. I v a a 1 in a s fax Matko Cal Jan. A Quot. Mrs. Jennie Crocker Whitman divorced wife of Malcolm Whit Marx former Tennis Star and Robert b. Henderson president of the a rift Portland Cement company. San Francisco were married Here a today at the Home of the Bride s. A parents

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