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Logansport Morning Press (Newspaper) - February 10, 1924, Logansport, Indiana Is your Carrier serv a ice satisfactory if not Call 25. The Logansport morning press member associated press established by the people of Cass county june 14, 1921 member a. B. C. Weather Indiana Lair sunday air Mondy not Mach change in temperature. What a doing in politics first candidate sees his name in print six months trouble vol. 3 no. 204. The Logansport morning press sunday february to. 1924. Subscription Price by mail 3.50 a year in Indiana m of a year outside of state by Carier. 50c a month. Price three cents Herrin 5 ill., mayor arrested the first gun fired in the 1924 primary Campaign in Cass county was touched off j thursday morning when Fin Ley Geiger of near Hartford City Blackford county announced his unalterable inter Tion to offer his services to the Republican party As a candid Date for Congress form the eleventh District. J _ it is probable that a Cand Don Douglass receiver for Date trom it ass county will re Arthur Dunn sues for Sharts and motor from defendants Bonfils denies Sinclair bought paper s silence turn the fire within a few Days and this week will see political announcements. Valentine Day will find a prominent Democrat under full sail for state office making two democrats from Cass county who Are seeking state office and not a caring who knows it. The republicans will handshake one another All Over the building tuesday night at the Lincoln Day banquet. Since John b. Smith appointed his famous a committee on guineas the Lincoln Day banquets have been Mon or less of a mystery ostensibly they Are $75,000 damages naming former Fenton company Mead and Buick motor co. What sort of building will replace theatre 300 motorists buy Auto tags Uncle Roy submits his plan to owner of plot by j _ what sort of a building Phoenix besieged with propositions for office rooms and Bachelor apart a _ nor Lonc woe in like wiil Rtse from be ashes of the utilization of the location. But on ments. Janitor and maid service ta0/, c Artri cd in rofl or mrs declares contract Ivas in old Dowling theatre is one of the the basis of first come first served would be included in the rental and Caslon of supreme l Ouri settlement of lability questions uppermost in the minds he has Given Uncle Roy Johnson with such up to Date trimmings and its results brings of Logansport people at this time. Who had a lease on the Ola build or. Johnson things the project j Rydh Itoro Titi it tit an i a in inn am a #4 Lei. Inn til �1 nuo it Ilia Lofft Awin w All i a to a Llyl v renew debate in Denby Case by associated Tress Washington Fob. 9.�?persistent, but unsuccessful efforts of _ i chairman Lenroot to Force from Ray Pip a civic Frederick g. Bonfils publisher of a Viva Xiv Vav it i in the Denver Post an admission that charged in suit Harry f. Sinclair had purchased i the silence of his newspaper in con Nie and popular opinion registers a Dis-1 Long for the use of his cafeteria a would be a sure go. Tinct note of Confidence that some j thirty Day option in which to get As to a Fine modern hotel a a a a. Sort of building will replace the together with him on some sort of Johnson who has the inside track 1924 rate found old theatre in the not far Distant a Likely proposition future. Uncle Roy on the other hand As the wish is father to the has already submitted one such thought and because the location proposition to or Mchale in the is Ideal for such a purpose Public form of the erection of a two Story acclaim is for a Large modern hotel building the lower floor of which on the site. Would be the new Home of John Martin Mchale owner of states his views something like this such a Structure with 130 guest rooms would Cost in the not so unpopular implication in death of Cagle charge ten others including Hugh Willis official of state miners Union also taken by military. The Sale of 1924 License plates neighbourhood of $250,000 to $300. Took on the aspect of a bargain too. Necessitating an annual rental Dav Rush yesterday when local to Sherif f also of from $25,000 to $30,000. And Tor vehicle owners Learned that the such a yearly expenditure is not 1923 rates would again prevail.1 the songs cafeteria while Tho upper compatible with the City a present owing to a decision Friday by the placed in jail Don Douglass receiver for a Section with the Teapot dome Leas thur e. Bunn 1b plaintiff in a suit vere made ,0<ia> at another dra for $76,000 filed yesterday by Matloc session of the Senate Oil com Rabb Mahoney amp Fansler against1 Quot a a a of Bonfils waa Eupha pc b. F Sharts and the Buick motor a has a barged that a company the suit is one of the a a Quot Quot a Quot m Juhe ,. Questions and declared that the urgent in Point of the amount a a contract which Sinclair entered in wh1rh ha8 been Fil Quot in t Asb i to with the publisher and j. Leo county for years. Stack a Denver Oil Man whereby the suit is another outgrowth he was to pay them food too was ground admits that he is being Story would be devoted to modern needs according to Uncle Roy. To hear a Ira in troop old a four of the Dunn garage and Buick a in settlement of a liability under a a 0 j ency Sharts Buick squabble details i contracts which stack had with score and ten it Eai a ago and of which have been heard in court Standard on subsidiaries whose in the u is Aal i to the Here on at least one previous of. Claims in Teapot dome Sinclair pre a Trail however Cour Caslon. In a suit filed several i piously had purchased for $1,000, follies girl discloses link Between death of miss Lawson Dot King All institutes in Cass but one have been held Indiana supreme court that the amended License fee Law was in. A a rho men including mayor c. E. Ander by associated Tress Herrin us feb. 9.-�?eleven valid. About 300 motorists w had been hesitating for weeks to buy their plates because of the uncertainty in regard to the new. Law establishing or ally increased j a a ask Here Fri a a Quot do Quot Der m Quot rates took advantage of the first i Quot arrest Here tonight in connect son and Hugh Willis official of the state miners Union and one of the defendants in the Herrin mine Tesy demand that each fixed months ago Edward Hayes who too. While the gruelling Cross exp i or floating candidate lie Intro was employed by Dunn made lamination of the publisher by the deed and after this there is charges similar in Many respects Wisconsin senator proceeded the usually the task of waking up to those contained in the latest Date renewed its debate on Tim a 1 Denby resignation Resolution and Days Opportunity to secure their licenses. A majority of the purchasers yesterday however expressed Eon w it m i Sid Erable regret that the increased Jackson township meeting rates were not allowed to stand. Yesterday draws Billst because of the additional funds 41 needed to improve the highways. Attendance they said they waited because they did no to care to take a Chance on Tion with the death of Constable Ceasar Cagle who was shot last night during the disturbances growing out of the liquor raids in Williamson county. The arrests were made on a warrant sworn out on information furnished by s. Glenn Young. It v worker and one of the leading figures in the recent dry raids in the Young said All the men the toastmaster so that he can entertain a motion to adjourn. The democratic candidates having no particular statesmen to extol do it better and usually devote the time to enlarging on their own merits pausing Ever and anon to give their Republican friends complain involving the business dealing of the head of the late Fenton investment company. Hayes asked the receiver for the company asked the receiver for the company of creditors of Dunn and or. Dunn himself. Made Loans to Dunn. Rabb Mahoney amp Fansler in their complaint for or. Douglass allege that when Sharts became finally reached an agreement to shut off All discussion at 5 p. In. Monday and begin voting on All pending amendments and finally on the Resolution itself. Actress tells detectives that Dot and leu had been the 1924 township Farmers in personal loss by the difference Ini Coan a Auto statutes came to a close in Cass the rates according to Chris Liv jul party w5u n Agio was killed under almost identical Circum county yesterday with the except Ingston proprietor of the North i noes authorities now believe both girls slain lion of Bethlehem township which Street service station and grease to i to a. In to Al .401 j Ltd w111 hold its Lone Institute Gebru pit who has charge of the Din a it a ame men believe Dot King s death a Blip up. Ary 28. The program in Jackson Trunnion of licenses in this Vicini township at the new Community to. By associated Presa i building in Galveston was carried Livingston states that the new York feb. 9.�?a girl from the follies tonight disclosed to out according to schedule. Except 2,000 and More Casa county own those tinder arrest in addition to mayor Anderson and Willis Are Jim Davis John Murray j. W. Brown Alvin Thomas Nezzle Byrn and m. J. Trout Pete Smith James Johnson and Ora Thomas. Sheriff George Galligan also has been placed under arrest in Conner Tion with Cagle a death. Of Cabinet changes were relived but Knock on the Knuckles. Al i or connected with the Dunn business they were without any verification. Ney b. Jenkines got away it was through Loans made or. J attorney general Daugherty whose to a flying Start at the first Dunn during a Dull period name frequently a been drawn in Mut Lial admiration meeting of on january 20, 1023, he took to the Oil discussion on the Senate the Democrat in candidates and Over tile management of the of floor returned fro Florida and voiced his sentiments about1 fars of Ole company to serve while immediately conferred with Presl Teapot dome unfortunately or i urn underwent an operation j Dent Coolidge. The next Day s dispatches tied at that Tim Oil i8 8et fort the Mcadoo and fall together and it assets and Good will of the company placed in the hands of Sharts b. C. 8 gun was spiked n amounted to $83,130 seems the big boys forget to be prior to june 1923. Sharts partisan when tile Oil begins to a conceived and fraudulently design flow. Cd to acquire and take for himself the business of Arthur e. Dunn one of the outstanding and abandon the Dun garage a it events of the Campaign this is charged in the complaint. In year will be the completion furtherance of this Effort Sharts and publication of the Fob is alleged to have a allowed taxes tical history of ass county t0 delinquent Dunn property As in adoption of the measure in one relatives a link Between the Louise Lawson murder of yesterday and lug that William countryman pre prs who have already paid in the form or another was forecast. 8tili unsolved mystery of Dorothy King Keenan a a year ago Lou in place of John Yund who excess License fee will undoubtedly at Lawson the 24 year old actress musician and playmate of wealthy men j a Unab to be to be reimbursed just As soon As the. Imus an Ous h t. J strangled to death in her luxurious apartment off a Antral Park officers elected for the Secretary of state is instructed the Capitol rumours of i Pendi a strangled to death in her luxurious apartment off Central Lark Woomin it Star Are edit l Wilson to Thea a Cor oct manner West by two men who robbed her of valuable Jewerly and escaped with a president Charles Wilson Secre to do this either a court out leaving a clue. Tar and David Deloff treasurer decision or special legislation is cd �?oj11?1 Law ?wt&118 in Lader almost identical circumstances Dot 1 King a notifier recept but 1210 at cml necessary to determine the exact of the attentions of wealthy men was chloroformed to death and robbed attendance a the morning method and As soon As this is done last year in the costly Home off fifth Avenue Abe called a the nest.3 ses Ion 6t�. And in the after be rebates will be sent directly to a Joe Dot King murder remain a mystery and that of Lou Law �0n,�?T in a t those entitj<1 1 to Thom by the Secre ,. A. The basement or the cd b. Church to re of son promised to develop in one until today the follies girl talking under j by the Eadies Aid of that Church. That the fina1 a cup for a pledge that her name be kept secret disclosed that Dot and Loa Hadj w. O. Mills and mrs. John w. Dolny in buying Tho 1924 License been pals. Spindler were the principal speak plate has b<1#>n removed it is like a work which attorneys r. C. T1i,. J tto it o a ii 1 become a competitor also a Caus Millis and John b. Smith have ing ropre8eiltatives of Mortge been assembling and writing Hud. Is to be notified that the in for years. Or. Millis upon leaving the White House or. Daughtry said the Oil lease investigation had entered largely into the discussion with the executive. He denied that he had been requested by the president to return from Florida had declined to ten Der his resignation and a refused to talk about details of the Oil in a quirk. Secretary Denby who had a conference with the president after on the the Cabinet meeting yesterday was while seeking to rlo8etpd for a Long time today with martial Law prevails Herrin 111., feb. 9.�?restrict tonight Haring been proclaimed by col. Albert Culbertson in charge of state militiamen sent hero after disturbances last night Between a a wet and a a dry elements. Th1 militia has taken Over the police Powers of the City and visitors have been instructed to re her Story set alongside evidence already accumulated indicating erg. Seven members of the Cass Jav that the leniency How ii by local of rain from a torn the of for that the Crimea were almost identical in detail convinced authorities gouty chamber of 1 Commerce were officials heretofore in this respect an monday. The court that Dot King and Lou Lawson were slain b the same men or bypreset1 and distributed Cand sent will cease but auth critics state that be permuted to function with out by the Bridge City Candy com a reasonable length of time will thu a plus in �,o1 length of Road May be limited is now Durance policies on the Dunn pro secret adv w a who has been is Harding Highway May Friend for Manv a a a drs. There were 1 ber8 3 clique of Caban t jail hug Naz i Nuiver cd Uuie by a Jpn those who i Iva it i Habi tues whom both girls had nurse was �?zls0 present Ikno a Tho follies trial also Des Lurse Quot As 8,80 present bought their plates. Known. Hie follies girl also a. Robe Domestic science class and a doped that the two slain girls be manual training departments of sides being pals. Were equally close Lincoln and Galveston were award friends with Hilda Ferguson a edit it Asb prizes in the following Eon chorus girl who frequently has Fig feg 8 ured in the year old investigation of the Dot King murder. Indications that the Senate situation was discussed but there was Reading proof Sheet s on the Pony would to cancelled causing Quot hanged Bis announced we to last chapter which is enl suit to be brought against or. Ton t0 Roma in or the Job despite a famous poll Book holders Dunn on to and or. Smith announces he in numerator do no go. W has secured or. George Taber these misdeeds of Sharts to write the preface which will Are 8ald to have damaged Dunn to lie completed before the Fri Aries. Not go West of Chicago sewing night gowns 1st. Catherine Dris a Dot and Lou were together a Meyer 2nd. Janet Emerick 3rd. Lot before Dot was murdered a the Rosalyn Wood. I tonies girl was reported to have towels. Psf. Janet Emerick 2nd. Coroner told detectives. A i Alwa it thought Kathleen Garrison 3rd. Catherine wont Lou knew much More �1kl Dot s Codell. Culbertson said. He added that full martial Law would not to proclaimed in the county. Decision to apply restricted martial Law was reached tonight after col. Culbertson had been in communication with Adt. Gen. Black at Springfield who ordered the despatch of ten additional companies of National guard to the coun jul to v 1 Culbertson said the Situa indicates of c Tion was not As satisfactory As de reach verdict Frfd Ourn in la. T. Wreck the pending Resolution that he resign. The work of the Logansport com death than she dared to i do and aprons 1st. Lucille Shope 2nd. Mittee which investigated the hard that she could have implicated cer Lavina Richards 3rd. Doris ing Highway project in behalf of All Tain lib Ope. The extent of $10,000 while Deser pm Tion of the Branch Buick Agency at Royal Center is said to have caused further damages to the sex at Tomey Thomas Bradfield tent of $5,000. Will direct Field operations for ii is said that Shasta and the the democrats in Cass county Buick company at Indianapolis unless ill health prevents. Toms health has not been of the Best for the past few months and in a Campaign he works without ceasing. However his indisposition will Likely pass and he will probably be into the Campaign up to his Nab lbs. Candler Causa sensation the cities along a Tate Road no. 7 she of a cd a of Musi Al were highly commended for their c0lnedy girls Success at the joint meeting of including up t who had climbed together Assoc Pere Wabash and Logansport la a with gentlemen which was held at Peru Friday eve 0ha�?zjabni undergarments. 1st. Princess herself Finney 2nd. Evalyn Jackson 3rd. Catherine Dri simmer. Pav Ting continued on Page 9 Bill Harts wife attacks agreement by at Atlanta the Arres Candler Candler drink Matthe first Effort will be to have the Road incorporated in the Harding Highway but in any Case the and White layer cake. Bell 2nd. Lucille 1st. Wanda Shope 3rd. By associated press los Angeles feb. 9.�?mrs. I a e Winifred Westover Hart wife of neck in thirty Days from now. Wium s Hart film a Tor front a the republicans have not selected a chairman and mar be whom she is separated but not Cli Vor cd today filed suit in the by Perior court attacking her agree. _. Friends dancing meet la attendance Ning. As a result of the meeting an no j i chosen Broadway cabarets and Aero Cuton was formed for the Pur entert aiding at Artle in part oth &Quot"�?~t8 pose of boosting state Road no. 7.er.s apartmenf8p Quot a a a Quot i Merdith Campbell Lou w As Friendly with that manual training vantages of the Highway will be a v Quot Quot re up 1book cases i l John honk 2nd.kept before the people by the is most of pm a Quot a am Bah Harley Wilson it social Lon. J now. There were Only three of us 3 a Quot j. Left Iii new York. We met at some a. I represent Alves were named prominent hotel almost every Xuy. Quot Rny a Jar afro Ach of the the Stoiu Tiea of Vernoon for to a dancing and again a in do Curie a who reposed uart dec Miami and Wabash it some cabaret a nigh Quot a on k which Poce Contin of mile opinion of those interested that Thorp a Arp la tw0 Ofa a liquor. The. A. We. Latent Harding Highway will be,"th.s go re is Stortv a said by Dehorn an Aparri. To Hoffee in a pouted Obr Toad to but it is worked on the. Eta Tad that Harding big Law. Kin Case for a year too to the once station by Chis a \ \ Way directors May not attempt to , for few Days for associated prs a Anderson tnd., feb. 9.�?an inquest on the collision of two passenger trains on the Union traction line near Alfont a w Elk ago today was resumed hut j. A. Plate of cookies 1st. Wanda to Bell 2nd. Mary Davis sri. Goldie Helber a of nor of Madison Conn two letters Are returned to this City Wissot Lutje freest feb. 9.�? Gog tonight Orr firs. Mary let. R. Ung wife of Asa g. Millionaire soft i Turer with w. J. St Oddardi and g w. Keo ing of this City. As they were sitting Arcus a table Tod Fly John Kitchen. White Corn list. Frank Kitchen 2nd. Clarence Ronk. Compelled to draft one. This ment with Hart whereby he is for the reason that the office to abolished a Trust fund for her main of county chairman As the District leaders have conducted tenancy with the provision that she was not to appear in the films in us til a divorce is obtained or Hart at has come to be a snare and Dies k delusion. John b. Smith a a to has ser de the Republican party since the fall Tecumseh fad his famous rally near Here xviii probably gracefully elude til efforts to ensnare him into service As chairman again. Faithful service got John nothing rewards being distributed by the congressman without deference to party service and this will be Felt again and again in the Campaign this fall. Of nil is. A in. A i tu., to t1/ a 10 to berate their evidence thatis of pol ame i., Bea Waad extend the Highway beyond Chicago a Only inf. A victims of a at ills time because of a Tea organization of Crooks a Xuy. a a my Effort % of a. D. Stone May induce police Captain a Nfn to personally rests. They were Relec d on Bond of $100 each for up Peara cd before the re Corder next tuesday inmate escapes Earl Matthews 20, inmate of Lon Cliff escaped from that institution last night. Matthews was sent Here from Hammond he is to. Indicated he will not. Reach a verdict for probably several Days. A a late today it a. Of choir general fond Coran Dorenus prob manager and cd s. Keever trans �?~wi., exr a Ivri rotation superintendent of the univ wondering Why Union traction lines testified. The present was lost Public was excluded and the Cor a Oner a withheld the testimony. He two letters bailed from this Edwin Dris said he wiil p0 to Muncie a monday i City Christmas week and each con Wilson 3rd to information he ob-1 taming a 1.00 Bill have been retained. He said about Rollin Flinn turned to the local Post office from and c. O. Sawyer. Both of Muncie the dead letter office la washing Crew in charge of the East bound ton with instructions to make a train in the crash. Flinn and saw final attempt to find the senders yer Are held under Bond on Chare one letter mailed from logans is of manslaughter. P0rt december 31, indicates that the grandparents living in Utthi a it Ell it t nem \ Ork City. Were attempting to Send their by associated i Ress it. St. Louis. Feb 9. New York eran<4fi0r at South Bend $1.00 As five feet Tau has Light curly hair was selected As the place of the a Christmas present. The lads Nam. _ of hot a a. _ he members of the for is a and wa8 dr�,r3pd in a Brown 8uit 1024 socialists National convention Jack rare or Jack Coati the. Directors who Are 4>asy men of a. Arp or Era Brown inc Choai Brown Cap by the National committee meeting loing grandparents Are still to police Are Here today. The convention wiil 1�?~tlng. , Why the he legion Bonus drive carried to pulpits by Logansport ministers eventually these Crooks work ing in parts or trios. Sir Gie. Out one most an Republican can of the 5r1s> invade her apart men i late for Lynh it wllet1 is a1onp bind Rob 3 a aia aies for Joos comp Kin her As to be Here girl reports to have to it dmet1 _ tires today a the girl Seldom to. American legions tiday favourable mentions la tomorrow morning will be the squeals. Shes afraid to. If the Lunary will i hid a hum drive to put the facts about and made of adjusted compensation. All la t Opportunity to get tickets for get her Jewelv she tells her friends fatal Quot 2. Quot of Quot a of their inv to fee a�t6oritfe to Bote nod a / u Rio Jet by ims Titae. -. Trail such a Clobe a finite wmctffo"11�?� car _ n a a a Dot kirfg1 and dem Kew twp Are re to pct Dhu a pouted have a arrear us Lori Lull i. 1nir Tim a a desire glaces the girls gowned. T pm flt in Kin in an<1 a a Tiff the?Rsqom-1 i us i u Mullen i Paw 8pendfr< be mar it. Petition for dam made Only to hold priority Rig amp to Guthrie learns i i unit women in the lists on busted compensation before the peo froth tickets. Last fall the re begins today a1i Orer the publicans taught the demo country some method or methods a Fatic boys a new trick in this will be taken advantage of to Tell respect nominating three to the people Why the sex service men men and putting two of them should get the Bonus across for county offices. The although no program women will be doubly needed has in Arr Ned by in the wrestle for votes for the l>�8t no 60�?T t0 Carr it commission Stirling that the pm to pastors made that Promise to the the Republican annual love feast she a lost it or a Hockedy legion members of the committee which will be held at memorial death a a slip up state Home Hall tuesday. Lincoln s it is now believed that Dot the measure backed by the be birthday it is announced by m. C. Kings death was a a slip urn a. That a a Chafer for the dam Glen gives veterans their Choice of Beebe chairman of the ticket com her assailants accidentally Zave a Cash settlement a paid up in Mittee. Thf1 ticket sates have be my a the Kiltie dose of chloroform nver about six Miles below Loans Dorment policy in government in very Good and a last minute Rush and that the death of Lou Lawson won boy did not get the present and they May yet see that. He does by calling at the in Monsport Post office the $1 of Bill in the second Lefter m in never be delivered to the intended recipient word is marked on the envelope. That Timothy Wolsh. To whom the Lefter was addressed at Dayton. Is dead. The letter was mailed from i Ogan port december 23, and is signed Sac wid he Here tomorrow k the mayor said that if the plan show upon investigation by competent engineers that the cite of a Durance or a Chance to round out is expected to bring the Advance by strangulation yesterday after �1 int it his education the government a1 reservations above any pro Lious so had been gagged and t de 1 e i a i0w a Bim $1.75 per Day for com Mark. Down. Was similarly unintended by 0 r0"n n a Tion. Based on length of ser word has been received from those who robbed her. Many of the candidates for state of although police said they knew nine in it Tir it with p�n�>ria.1 Rofper past we veterans and oth o Zens in flee of their intention to attend the the whereabouts of Gerhard m. Dine Issue with Especial Reter enl Sunc their support in behalf rerouted in the Bonus Bill Are urged meeting a re Citee to xxx leapers Blind Tig of the Bonus with the a suit that to wire the mentors or represent Aioli mayor ram sign in chs county will of a a a , fwing a buy on the Law and of the City during the May a Guthrie yesterday received affect flood conditions in logans letter Fri Yitho Federal Power port. I a i. T ii 3 Pill i 2s District governor Arthur Sapp a we a pay his personal visit to the at Edar on the a d0gangport will not be injured from rotary club at their weekly water backing up in flood times or luncheon in the elks Caf Tomor ice gorging he did not see any Rea Row fourth Orono representative son Why there should be any oppo Willis Dye. Of Kokomo will scallion to the Enterprise. On the company him. Other band he Baid. If the City is boy scout demonstrations will the letter from the Federal com no injured in any manner he Felt hold the attention of the club Dur Mission says that inti Iii plans that such an Enterprise should be ing the forum session. The notel for the dam Are filed and a pet encouraged staring that naturally rating committee has reported the the port. Was i nary pct Tion. Which in effect prevents anyone from filing ahead of him for the same water rights. Continued on Page two from every pulpit in Logansport tire. Lew Shank. Indian Dahl banker. Broker. Brooklyn Tion filed to construct the a aut any farm land which is damaged members from whom nine directors is the Only re pub Manhattan transit Dir Tor and or government engineers cannot would be paid for by the Corpora for the coming year will be chosen continued on Page 9 i on Page it determine whether the w Ork Wili i Don building the dam. February i s

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