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Logansport Journal (Newspaper) - November 19, 1890, Logansport, Indiana n only one 3x fafull rnpst to cut for or to Insist on the QENUINE wift red H tin tag made only by THE LOGAN STONE Stock so rerfectly rosdl That Touch Will Set It Itoultiiijc The Logan Stone is near Ienzance in Mounts Bay Cornwall England about eleven miles from Lands End This famous stone rises on i he summit of a bold promontory of unite which ex tends some distance out in the bay It is believed to weigh ninety tons and yet it is so perfectly poised whore it stands tnnt a touch can sot it rocking It rests by its center only on a flat broad rock the lower rock resting on several others that stretch around it on all sides Tho pivot on which the Lo gan etona is so easily moved is a small prolusion on its base on all sides of which tho whole surrounding weight of is by accident of nature so exactly equalized as to keep the enormous mass poised on this little neck In 1824 Lieutenant Goldsmith an oflicor of the royal navy was told of an ancient prophecy that no human power could ever succeed in overturning tho Logan Stone He laid a wager that he could do It in spite of the prophecy He went to the point with a half dozen men and as many levers These levers he had placed under the stone at one side and at the word heave the great stono was thrown from its pinnacle In fall ing the stone was caught in a crevice in the rock The people of Penzance were very indignant at this desecration of their ancient landmark and tho Admir alty commanded the Lieutenant to put the stohQ back The young man did so but it was a very difficult and expensive task It by means of beams ropes and pulleys a large number of workmen were needed and it took them a week to get the work done The Lieutenant had to pay for it all It took him several years for he was poor and without friends andhis health gave way in the last effort so that he bad no sooner made the last payment than he died The poise of the rock is taid to be less perfect since it was moved than InterOcean railway accident had been a torriblo one and one of the men who were carrying the thirtyseventh victim up the embnnkment said with strong feeling tomeliody will have to pay dearly for tiis The mangled passen ger opnnoti Ijis ryrs and glared at tho speaker Tinwmpiiny is not to blame hn fuHblj this is a dis pensation o 1roviduncel Ke vaa the attorney for tho rouu Mt WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD Friend is worth its weight in u more in ten minutes S her other children than she id altogether with her last after having 3 bottles of Mothers Friend It Iesain8 to expectant mothers snys a customer HENDERSON DAIB Carmi m Having used two bottles my sixth child was born with no pain comparatively Mrs Ij o Vaughan Sheridan Lake Wonderfulrelieves much suffering Mrs M M Brewnter Montgomery Ala BOB THE COSSET After a Tender Bringing Up Turned Out an Ingrate Had Some Fun with His Oltl The Court That Revenge i Sometimes Wlrtor Dalton Pays Fiddler ICOPYIUOHT 1SOO I was traveling among the mountains lot East Tennessee and one day about jnoon was casting about for a place where I might get something to cat when like the traveler who discovered the blind preachar my eyo was at tracted by a number horses that were tied near a ruinous old log Chouse Curiosity and a hope that I might bo on the trail of something to eat drew me to the house Upon entering the doorway I found a justice of the peace holding court It was a criminal case and I discovered the prisoner to bo a long lank fellow with a bony face and a complexion that proclaimed the clay eater I fancied that having killed JEST LET ME HAVE A MIXIT someone he was now on trial to de termine whether or not ho should be sent before the grand jury as a sort of sarcastic preliminary to being hanged and had begun to pity his probable wife and presumable children when the judge said This hero court bein sorter tired will now take a recess fur halfcr hour The court has sot hero an chewed new tobacker till the hide is about all took offen the inside of his mouth an I say that if anybody has got any tobacker that is a leetlo milder in its parts pass a chew of it right up to the court The prisoner took out a twist of to bacco and handed it to the judge where upon the jurist remarked This court thanks you Jeems but at the same time reminds you that the law of this great land aint to bo bought for a mess of pottage nor a chaw of tobacker Hows yocrap Teems Sorter walleiin with the crab grass an rasslin with the rag weed I had it all right but this here trouble come on ino When a man is bowed down in the sperot ho aint thinkin of craps lie isa thinkin of tho shame that mout fall on him an take all the color outen his rcpurtation Yes thats a tact Jeems What is all this about I asked turning to a longhaired fellow that sat near where I stood Wall he answered leaning over and turning loose a squirt of tobacco extract that might have singed a cat Jeems Timberly he shot a sheep an I reckon hes in fur it They dont intend to hang him do they No wusn that Theyll hit him about fifty lashes with a hickory an then make him work the country road some day when thars a boss show in the neighborhood At this juncture the judge pounded on the table Come to order now The court is about to put on the solemn gyarrnent of the law of this here free anmighty land an if any man so fur furgits himself as to interrupt the proceeding hell fall under tho with qrin displeasure of yourn truly Now letsgit at this business fur this court iasbljhfir affairs on hand This court must go some time this eVenin an rep rimand a man that pizened his dog Jeems as I said at the outset of this trial I never was move shocked in my HK SRST MF SPKAWMNO ON THE d HOUND life Vur many years we have knowd you to be reasonably honest with gen erally a putty good dab of meat in yo smokehouse an we kaint see why you should hare killed the wider Daltons sheep Yea spoke up the widow who for the first time I noticed was present sitting in a corner an a finer ram never blew his breath on a bunch of pennyrile But here comes Jeems atf shoots him an that too when hes jfot more meat than 1 have an he knows that Ive got throe soninlaws to feed Jedgc said Jeems if you will icistletmehavoarninit I will flincr good deal of light on this subject I dont deny a killin of tho sheenr then Jeems you neenter say no more Youve stated the very that we air tryin to git at an thar aint no use in foblin along here no longer The court lows that it will hafter sentence you Jeems Not without givin mo a hearin I hope I dont sec what good a hearin will do you when you havo made that con fession Wall jest listen to my talk an then mebby youll see I dont want to take up yo time so that you kaint meet the feller that pizencd yo dog but I do in sist on havin a hearin Wall thon go abeai but cut her short Jeems srot up reached back his long hair and thus addressed the as sembly One cold winter night when the snow como down faster than you ever seen chaff eouno outen a wheat fan I heard a uleatin noise an goin to tho door I thought the sound come from the valley not fur from my house I told my wife that I had to go down in tho valley because I heard alambcallin for help and let mo say right licro that I may bo bad in a good many things but no lamb over called to mo in vain I thought of Simon Peter that was told to feed tlio Lords of it ae 1 stood that in tho door with tho snow adrivin past me into tho house My wife said that I bettor not go out in sich a night specially as I want feelin very well but I lowed that I couldnt sieop with tho pitiful cry of that lamb aringin in my ears so I took my lantern an went down into tho val ley The snow was whirlin so fast that I could hardly see whar I was goin but at last comin nearer an nearer to tho bleatin i at last found a little lamb with his head stickin out of a snow drift I took him out his legs wero frozen still as sticks I took him to tho houso an warmed him by the a bot tle of milk an fixed it so he could suck I built up a good fire so he wouldnt get cold durin the night an every time ho would bleat I would git up an fix his bottle The weather staid cold for a long time an once when tho old cow got out of the lot an wandered off an didnt como up in time to give milk for the lamb I searched for her on the mountain side an way down in the val ley It was late when I got back home an long before I reached tho house I heard tho larab ableatln Ho seemed to be powerful glad when I came in with the milk an the thought I read in his eyes was I never will forgit you Wall to make a long story short I brought up that lamb till ho was as fine a sheep as you ever saw an in every look out of his eyes he said that ho never would forgit me Wo called him Bob an ho poared to like the name One day the next fall Nat Sarschet WAITBW FOI HIM that 1 owed live dollars corne over to my house an lowed that ho must have the money I didnt havo it an told him so Just then Bob he como up Ill take this sheepsays Nat an he done it in spite of all my hoggin an promis in that 1 would pay him as soon as I could get tlio money Last spring1 I heard that Nat had sold Hob to tho wid er Dalton So much for tho lirst part an now for the second A day 01two affo I wasffoin through tho tvoods car ryln a baff of corn on my back an all at once kcr bip something took mo an almost knocked mo lifeless As soon as I could pit up I looked round an thar not more than ten loot away stood Bob ashakin of his head Gracious alivo lob said 1 dont you know me He backed a little an jest as I expected to sco the look that said be was never goin to forgit me he shot at mo an gavo mo a biff that sent me sprawlin on the ground I think he hit me three times before I could git up an then ho followed mo to the fence achurnin mo every jump the tickoledl Wy I never saw a ram enjoy himself so in my life Well when I got home I sot down anthought a longtime about the ingratitude of this life an then I thought I would teach that rasoal a losson so I got my gun and went back down in to the woods I hold tho gun behind me an poked about Putty soon I saw Hob an ho1 saw mo about tho same time he como I didnt say a word Ho was so tickeled that lip thought hod stop an laugh a little before biflin me an he stopped an snorled nith delight an jest then I ups with my I never suah a surprised sheep When he saw that I was fixed for him he tried to look lovin but I let him havo it right between the eyes Thats my state ment jodgo an it shows that I want out atter moat but revenge fur I didnt even skin the rascal an now if yen want to whip me an make mo work on the county road all right Jeems said the judge any court that could have the heart to convict you oughter be hung Wider Dalton what have you did with that sheeps meat Ive got it at home Wall you go home an roast a bin quarter of it This court an Oeems air Koin to take dinner with you toroor rer OPUF P ItJoli TCivu for Dllnliterg A clergyman writing in tho Chicago Advance says A friend of mine says that ministers ought always to marry rich women Ho is rather a selfindul gent fellow lie emphasized his remark by adding that any minister is a fool who does not marry wealth I scoffed at him and said You are altogether too material Many womon of wealth will not marry are not fitted for the position that a ministers wife must have You look at it simply as an exchange of a ministers social position for the wealth which a woman would bring Such bartering is not honorable It hurts tho minister thus to sell and to buy Of course I also arid if a good woman is wealthy her wealth constitutes no insurmountable Carrier to a ministers marrying her if ho loves her and she him Even rich people may ho cod and laved and lov ina1 Ienalry of ireutiieijg A New Yorker who has recently spent some time in tho literary circles of London says that Micro must bo at least one hundred biographies of JTr Glad stone alrondy in manuscript awaiting tho ovont of his death at which time they will bo ready For publication in book form 1rsidcs these manuscripts there are to bo found in tho pigeon holes of ul the nowspaper offices sketches oE the aged statesmans life in readiiirss for tlio dispatches announc ing the end of his career that may be received af any tnno It is said that Ml JliwlMtonn has seen some oE those biographies and sketches and ho him self has prepared memoranda for the use of stniio of liis Post Fuolinli flfararw There me nuirtyra and martyrs SOIIIR were wise In the loftiest some are silly In the most Improvlirnt sense Tlio word improvident exactly applies to thu latter class sluce they nealect to provide against threatened danger We commiserate but we cannot respect them Amongthe silliest are martyrs to rheumatism who might have prevented daily and nlglitly cecnnlng tortuie by the early use of Hostetters Stomach filters a blood Uepurenc more efllclent In removing the virus of this com ulalnt from he circulation than any thus far brought to the notice of the general community and the medical pro fession Irpromots greater activity of the kid neys the channel through which foloud Impurities productive ot rheumatism gout und dropsy are principally expelled and It Imparts a degree of vlgorto digestion and assimilation which has a most favorable bearing on the genern I henlth It also remedies MHousness kidney troubles and malaria I2toll We Caution All Against Them The unprecedented success and merit of Elys Cream real cure for catarrh niy fever and cold in the Induced many ad venturers to place catarrh medicines bearing some resemblance In appearance style or name upon the market In order to trade upon reputation of Elys Cream Balm Dont be de ceived Buy only Elys Cream Balm Many in your immediate locality will testify lit highest commendation of it A particle Is applied Into each nostril no pain agreeable to use Price 50 cents toG Marvelous Kndurauee The vast amount of labor performed by Hie heart In keeping all portions of the body supplied with blood Is not generally known It bsats KiOOOO times and forces the blood at the rate of 188 miles a day which is times nnd miles In a life time No wonder there are so many Heart FtillurRB Tbe first syrnp tomes are shortness of breuth when exercising pain In the side or stomach fluttering choking In throat oppression tlieu follow weak hungry or smothering spells swollen ankles etc Dr Franklin Miles New Heart Cure Is the only reli able remedy Sold by B r Keesling 1 If you have a cold cough dry croup cankered throat catarrh dropping cough Dr Kil mers Indian CoughJCure Consump tion Oil will relieve Instantly heals and cures Price 85c 50c and For sale by B F Keesling 4 To Xcrvous Debilitated MCMI If you will send us your address we will uall you our Illustrated pamphelet explaining all about Dr Dyes Celebrated ElectroVoltaic Belt and Ap pliances and their charming effects upon the ner vous debilitated system and how they will quickly restore you to vigor and manhood Pamphlet free If you are thus afflicted we will send you a belt and appliances on trail VOLTAIC BELT Co febTdwly Marshall Mich A Spring Medicine The druggist claims that people call dully for the new cure for constipation and sick headache discovered by Dr Silas Lane while In the Bock Mountains It Is said to be Oregon grape root a great remedy la the far west for those complaints combined with simple herbs and Is made for use byponrlng on boiling water to draw out the strength It sells at 50 cents a package and Is called Lanes Family Medicine Sample free leod Ask Vour Friends About It Your distressing cough can be cured We know It because Kemps Balsam wltbln the past lew years has curedso many coughs and colds In this community Its remarkable sale has been won entirely by Its genuine merit Ask some friend who has used It what he thinks of Kemps Balsam There Is no medicine so pure none so effective Large bottles 60c and at all druggists 2eod Kor Over Fifty Veais An Old and WellTried Wlnslow8 Soothing Syrup has been used for over Tlftj Years by Millions of Mothers for their Children While Teething with Perfect Success It Soothes tne Child Sottens the OurasAllays all FalnCures Diarrhoea Sold by druggists In every part of the world Be sure and ask for Mrs Wlnslows Soothing Syrup and take no other kind Twentylive cents a bottle Ulphtlicrlii lam Hvlnc In a neighborhood surrounded with Diphthrela and was at tacked with Ulcerated Sore Throat I at once commenced to use Darbys Prophylactic Fluid diluted about one halt as a gargle when great clots of hard membrane and mucous came from my throat and the attacu passed off I am satisfied ol Its efficacy as a pre ventive and cure for Diphtheria W P WOODWARD Franktord Pa Ho8 BncfclenH Arnica Salve The Best Salve In the world for Cuts Bruises Sores Ulcers Salt Bheum Fever Sores Tetter Chapped Hands Chilblains Corns and all Skin Eruptions and positively cures Piles or no pay required It Is guaranteed to give perfect sat isfaction or money refunded Price 2o cents per box FOB SALE BY B F Keesling ly The farmers In their swumps were sure Could flnd the roots and plants that cure M by their knowledge they only knew For just the disease each one grew Take courage now and SwampRoot try rtor kidney liver and bladder ctmplalntsl AS on this remedy you can rely For sale by B F Keesling dwtf Bub the GIBIS Well with SOZODONT when they become spongy or de tached from the necks of the teeth Let them Weed freely and BO recover their tone and health This SOZODONT is the best remedial agent for diseased gums and teeth Try and learn toll THE REV GEO H THAYER of Bour bon Inu says Both myself and wife owe our lives to Shilohs Consump tive Cure Sold by B F Kees 6 CAtARRh is a constitutional and not a lobal disease and therefore It cannot be cured by local applications It requires a constitutional remedy llko Hoods Sarsaparllla which working through the blood eradicates the impurity which causes and promotes the disease and effects a permanent cure Thousands of people testify to the success of Hoods Sarsaparllla as a remedy for catarrh when other preparations liad failed Hoods Sarsaparilla also builds up tha whole system and makes you feel renewed in iralti and strength N 15 If you ilcclde to try Hoods Sarsa parllla do nut be induced to buy any other I used Hoods Sarsaparilla for cobm and received great relief and benefit from it The catarrh was very disagreeable caajtoi constant dlsch rge from my nose ringfr noises in my ears and pains In the bwkof my head The fleet to clear my bead In tt morning by hawking and spitting was ful Hoods Sarsaparllla gave me pelfej h mediately while In time I was cnuns cured I thtek Hoods Sarsaparilla Ij Worth its weight in gold Mug G B QIBB ioS Eighth Street Washington D c Hoods Sarsaparilla has helped me for catarrh and impure blood than anythin else I ever uaed A BALL Syraeius N t Preparodonly by r UOODv CO Apothecaries Lowell Mass Doses One Dollar Is Sarsaparilla Sold by druggists Prsjom by U I HOOD A CO IOO Doses One Dollar DECENT DISCOVERIES The Way to Preserve rUe and the JS Menus of Suspending It The discovery that swarms benefi cent bacteria called phagocytes inhabit tho blood vessels and destroy tho invad ing bacteria of disease except when tbo latter appear in overwhelming numbers bids fair to revolutionize tho practice medicine Already an eminent physi cian has declared that in the future the aim of the medical man will bo to strengthen tho muscles constitution and appetite of the phagocytes so that they will be able to kill and eat a greater number of bacteria than now satisfies their wants and ho maintains that by kind and judicious treatment the efficiency of the phlagecytes can be greatly increased But has he not for gotten the lesson so often taught by the domestic cat It is her business to kill and eat the micethatinfesthermasters house but if she is treated with injudi cious kindness and fed with good food she disdains to sully her paw with mice and spends time sleeping on the hearth rug If our phagocytes are treated too well may they not prove as unprincipled as cats and allow our systems to be over run with all sorts of bacteria Herr Juenemanns asphyxia to ry shells which can render a whole army uncon scious for three or four hours may not prove to be available for purposes of war but as a means of accomplishing political revolutions with neatness and dispatch they will prove invaluable The Nihilist will no longer be com pelled to risk his precious life in hand ling dynamite neither will he find it necessary to blow monarchs into frag ments and thereby draw upon himself the disapprobation of punctilious peo ple The Boulangist will never again commit the mistake of trusting to the vote of the people and the Irishman will cease to waste powder upon landlords Revolution will be carried out by the Dimple and humane process of asphyxi ating the authorities who after being unconscious for threo hours will on re covery find tho Government in the hands of the revolutionists The Juene mann shells canhardly fail to become immensely popular in South Amer ica for with their aid revolutions can take place almost daily at a trifling expense and without the slightest dis order When revolutions are accom plished in this quiot and peaceful way it will no longer be possible to talk about tho anarchy and barbarism of the South American States Indeed a South American revolution will be or derly and peaceable in comparison with an ordinary election in the United Edition N Y Herald Uurning Strawberry Beds Cultivators do not agree as to the pro priety of burning tho old and dead leaves of strawberry plantations when it is intended for them to bear another crop One successful strawberry raiser states that tho plants grow up again sooner and with vigor aflsr the burning He thinks it causes tho soil to mellow up anil hold moisture bet ter where it has been trodden by pick ers and weed seeds and insects are de stroyed llalfrotied straw was used as a mulch and all this rubbish was hand Bomely cleared off No immediate cul tivation was required But other culti vators object to the practice believing that the fire checks the future growth and that the benefit derived from the ashes is not equal to that obtained from the decaying vegetable matter There is no doubt that the success of burning depends much on the condition of the crop a moist soil being less affected than a light and dry one with the roots near the surface and a continued burn Ing proving more injurious than a tem porary sweep of the fire by a wind The amount or dry rubbish would hare an important influence It would bo well to try it on a portion of the patch and omit it on another try TJHJE AFFLICTED WnypayblgfeestoquactairtaittitK medical treatment can be bad for pared from the prescription of Drlsi emory Irom early Indiscretions or other Minni FiRFn MFN aireW IfllUULL ftDCU mtU thehreantru ney and Bladder troubles etc will find onr Metta skr notcuretheabeveallmenUs urn who haa given special attention t diseases for many years prescribes Senn nal Pastilles which act directly upon SB diseased organs and restore vigor belter than Stomach Medicinesu cli an gedUjtbeRastricjnice and change of dietorinterrupUoninbnstoes UTERINE EUTROPHIC Call or write for Catalogue a Consulting others Address THE PERU CHEMICAL CO 189 WISCONSIN STREET MUWAUREI WIS A Chicago druggist retailed B F Keesling and Cullen Osoie Agents in Logansport JUDICIOUS AND PR3SSTHr iv jtvtys successful Jlcioit spapor ojsssit LORD THOMAS IDTEUTISISG 10 Strsl CHICAGO BIG FOUR HARVEST EXCURSIONS TO T11K West ana Northwest SOUTH Southwest and Southeast THE Cleveland Cincinnati Chicago L RV WILL ROUND TRIP EXCURSION TICKETS T all Dromlnent points In tlie West sad Konli wess South Southwest andSouOiii AT HALF RATES TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 9th TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 23d TUESDAY OCTOBER All tickets good returning thirty tafs tton date of sale This Is a glorious opportunity Joe Seekers to visit the territory named would invite correspondence on the sabjw For full Information call on or address D B MARTIN General Passenger Agent has been established in London IOO YEARS both a COMPLEXION and as a SHAVING SOAP has obtained INTERNATIONA AWARDS and is now sold in every city of the world It is the purest cleanest finest 2 he moit economical and therefore popular of all soaps for GENERAL TOILET PURPOSES and for use in the NURSEWV it is recom mended by thousands of intelligent throughout the iivilized world because while serving as a cleanser and detergent its emolKcnt properties and to which infants so liaMe tijAKB SsOAP can now be had of nearly all Druggidb in the United states BUT BE SURE THAT YOU GETTHE GENUINE as ihertort wfythless imitation ;