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Logansport Journal (Newspaper) - February 12, 1903, Logansport, Indiana Jmc the Logansport journal Twenty seventh year Logansport Indiana the lbs Dat morning february 19o3 Tok Kelert Appeal made for interdenominational Observance of the lenten season letter sent Here Logansport protestant Pas tors have been notified of desire of committee Many Are heartily in favor of the new and progressive no action As yet one of the greatest changes which has taken place among the religious denominations of the City of hogans port in years will be made this month and will consist in the Observance of Lent by the members of the Baptist presbyterian methodist and other churches of the City the matter is one which has taken the attention of the leading pastors and Church workers of the Union for months and will prove to be the most Radical change in the regular devotions of the above denominations enacted in years almost All the pastors of the City have received communications from a committee composed of Many of the prominent clergy of the United states together with the Central committee of the twentieth Century gospel Campaign which has at its head Rev fran Cis e Clark president of the Christian Endeavor society asking they bring the matter of Lent observation before their official boards and members of their boards and members of the congregation and decide if they will not make feb 25 Ash wednesday a Day of humiliation and prayer the topic suggested Tor consideration Are As follows return of absolute Faith in the Bible Quick ening sense of the sinfulness of sin a new vision of the atonement of Christ a Campaign of personal work and a mighty outpouring of the spirit of god on the churches heretofore the lenten season has been observed by the roman catholics and the episcopal churches but other denominations have paid no attention to it in their services several of the pastors of the City Are favourably impressed with the plan and the matter will be brought before the congregations of several of the churches for decision it is probable Roost of the churches will adopt the plan and observe Lentas requested by the com Mittee some of the lines of the Appeal from the committee Are As follows we beg to suggest that following the Day of prayer and continuing until april 10 every Christian minister in his own Church on in cooperation with the minister of neighbouring Sis Ter churches undertake the work of personal positive evangelism among the unsaved let evangelistic sermons be preached let special gospel music be Sung let there be discreet and enterprising advertising done through the Public press circulars cards and billboards so that the attention of the entire Church shall be focused upon the supreme work of winning men to Christ Lett gospel work be car ried out into the cottages and shops and Halls of the Community until every soul shall receive the Hearty per Sonal offer of Christas a personal Savior suggest that during apart or tiie whole of this period sunday and weeknight evangelist la services be Fjeld in the individual Church Sand in groups of churches in music Halls opera houses and other Public meeting places where no Church go ing people May be reached by the gos Pel of Christ in order further to emphasize publicly the intense desire of christians to reach and make Welcome the non churchgoing people we would Sug Gest that All Church buildings be open to the Public each Day from morning until the close of services at night during the lenten season o Guatemala is lonesome pan am a feb dispatch from Guatemala says that that govern ment has not declared War but that Honduras and san Salva Fly is soon to me judge stir Fly pm flee judge William r Day Washington feb 12justice Shiras it is announced will resign from the supreme court after the pres ent recess expires he has charge of some cases in which decisions will have to be handed Down judge William r Day who has accepted an appointment to the supreme Bench will take Justice Shiras place yesterday the president told senator Foraker that he would appoint assist ant attorney general j m Richards to the circuit court to succeed judge Day Richards Cameto Washington from Ironton 0 Cass county Man holds the record for highest priced Swine in the i president of Indiana Natu ral Gas company says that Chicago gets no More thirty eight hogs for this Winter ends pumping is the highest bidder at a Sals in Iowa where fancy porkers Are put up for Sale e j Hurst Well known in the Vicin Ity of twelve mile and Fulton where he lives has the distinction of paying More for hogs than any other living Man at present he is in morning Sun it where lie to attend a Sale fairy porkers at this Sale he gained the distinction which will hold for some time Hurst bought thirty eight of the hogs at a Price that it sold at a fair profit for retail Trade would make Consumers think the hog Market was far beyond the reach of even the millionaires Hurst is a breeder of fancy Swine and when he heard of this Sale in Iowa he found the Chance he had been Long ins for of getting the Best there is on the Market he was one of the Host bidders and succeeded in Landing thir Tveight of the fancy Swine even if he did break a worlds record for Price Sheo Sisana How one Man broke a boy of throwing snowballs Detroit feb 12herman polio 14 was killed by Lawrence Devina 18 yesterday afternoon because he threw Snow balls at Devina Devina used an a handle he is now in jail testing United states coins assay meets at the mint in Philadelphia Philadelphia a feb 12the assay commission appointed by presi Dent Roosevelt to test coins in the United states mint Here met wednes Day to examine specimens of the Var ious coins manufactured the coinage at the mint was comparatively Small this year and the commission will probably be through with its work by the Wells will not give pressure to insure enough of the fuel i to Supply patrons in the Windy City president Smith of the Indiana natural Gas and Oil company which has a Telegraph station East of Spencer Park has announced that this year will end the pumping of Gas to Chi Cago by his company and next Winter the Windy City will be without Gas As this company no tips More of such fuel to Chicago than any other com Pany the announcement goes to show the report of state was inspector Iea Cli is Correct and that the Supply of Gas is the Indiana Field has been pumped away to Consumers who pay More than the people of the Gas Belt cities this continual pumping Baa been go ing on for ten or twelve years and the Fields have been drained until there Are scarcely any places in Indiana where Gas Wells show a pressure of More than 40 or 50 pounds the companies harassed every Means to keep the fuel but to no Avail and the com ing sir Amer it is Predi Terl will see the of several of the natural Gas companies in Indiana in Many parts of the Field already the Gas Wells have been turned into Oil Wells to Good advantage and it is probable the others As soon As abandoned will be leased by Oil companies o Sunflower a Choice Topeka feb Morehouse of Morris will introduce a Bill in the Senate designating Kansas As the Sunflower state and provid ing that the Sunflower shall he the official Flower and Floral Emblem of the state a portion of the Long preamble ceding the enacting clause is As Fol lows this Flower has to All Kari sans a historic symbolism which Speaks of Frontier Days winding trails pathless Prairies and is full of the life and glory of the past the Pride of the pres ent and richly emblematic of the majesty of a Golden future and is a Flower which has Given Kansas the worldwide name the Sunflower Ball Bill dead Senate kills measure Lor sunday name t vote to 23 i exciting scene during discus Sion and lobby goes wild Indianapolis feb a scene that was almost riotous the Senate yesterday afternoon killed the House Bill permitting sunday base Ball in All cities in Indiana of Over 17000 population the Senate chamber was crowded senators rushed up and Down Tus aisles crying for or against the Bill senator Obrien chairman of the democratic state committee steadfastly refused to vote although his name was called several times he will probably be charged with con tempt and punished Many representatives were on hand to lobby for the Bill and visitors came Down from the galleries rushed the doorkeeper and shouting pervaded the aisles clutching senators while they endeavoured to persuade them to vote for the Bill senators who had intake Stem them selves or one Side or the other pleaded their cause with their colleagues and an uproar went on through out the state House that could be heard of Pennsylvania Street the rioting began when the motion to postpone Bill was proposed the vote was taken after much Wrang Ling and stood 23 to 24 the motion to pass come up and again the Roar of the senators representatives and lobbyists caused a panic the Roll clerk endeavoured to make himself heard but he could not president Dausman tried to keep order but the Gavel had no effect on those who were interested in the Bill the final vote stood 23 to 24 against immediately after the vote senator Thralls introduced a Bill repealing the present sunday baseball Law and the whole fight will have to be gone Over again j Itsell Tupton m6itizehs whet Lier Federal bonding Corner Stone will be Laid win ceremony or not there will be no ceremony in re Ter in hand i believe that the govern ment would give a ready consent and furnished and placed in position by it without Gard to the laying of a Corner Stone the Corner Stone would be for the new Federal building As far As die United states government is concerned said special Rural route agent Ela before he left Logansport tuesday it rests entirely with the citizens he continued and if the citizens make expense to the people the Public would have Only to furnish the Cere Mony and the things to put in the Corner Stone this proposition has been discussed no provisions for the ceremony of Lay on the streets and it is probable be ing the Corner atone there will be no fore the time for laying the Stone ceremony j comes around the citizens will get if the people wish to take the mat Gether to plan a ceremony of this kind two minutes look is the limit i court saves new York women must not stand in Broadway even if it is a Good place to set whips skirts around new York feb has been judicially determined that a Man May stand two minutes in front of the Flat Iron building Broadway and fifth Avenue in study of the windblown Anatomy of women shoppers who come scudding up Twenty third Street these Fine february Days a longer time than that renders a Man liable to punishment for disorderly conduct a woman presumably May stand there As Dong As she likes the sterner sex being discriminated against in the new adjudication Julius Cresce a Frenchman with an Eye for the Beautiful was discovered by policeman Bennett of the Broad Way squad watching the display of hosiery and lingerie the policeman told him to move on he and was arrested he was arraigned before magistrate Mayo in Jefferson Market the magistrate listened to Bennetts charge with great Gravity this is a matter said the Magis trate is too serious for joking i caution you m Cresce that you must not stand an unreasonable length of time in front of the Flatiron building now two minutes is a reasonable time and you can use your eyes but at the end of that time you must move on the magistrate then discharged him the struggle to get around the Comer of the Flatiron building is an experience that every woman who essays the j trip will not forget in a hurry wind blows from every Point of the Compass at this Corner their skirts wrap around their waists As if soaked in glue it is impossible to disengage them in the Teeth of the Hurricane and the women Are forced to run across the Street followed by laughter of the men who congregate just to see the sights new Orleans feb 12the audobon theatre which for Over a Cen Tury has stood on Madison Street in this City was destroyed by fire last night the evening performance had not begun when the fire broke out Hutu Misew w1s red Ansgar College was burned to the ground late yesterday afternoon two Hundred students lost their personal effects the buildings were fully insured the los Sis germ Fly Reudi flies its of agreement find Bowen quickly refuses to Grant Kaiser a port its up to Wilhelm grown fringe his divorce Washington feb note which reached minister Bowen last night utterly ignore the previous agreement Between that government and minister Bowen and demands a Cash payment of or a lease of one of the principal ports for a length of time before the protocol is signed in answer to it Bowen told count von Sternbergh would not yield up any of the ports under any Circum stance but if the German government willing it should be known among the governments of the world that it had gone Back on us agreement signed by its authorized agents he was willing it should be known should be made otherwise the note is satisfactory it provides for the re turn of All vessels in Good condition to the Venezuela government Dresden feb Crown Prince of Saxony was yesterday granted a divorce from the former Crown j Princess Louise after several doctors had furnished expert testimony in the Case the decree reads the ties of the marriage of the parties Are dissolved on account of the relations of the respondent with m Giron a teacher of elks to give banquet after the initiation of three members tonight the Ellis will have a banquet at their Hall and a Good time is prom ised a augments have been made for one of the old time banquets and the members Are enthusiastic Over the prospects Fot Bibl languages the blame attaches to the respondent who is ordered to pay the costs of the proceedings Geneva feb Farel of Zurich a mental expert examined the Crown Princess of Saxony and found nothing the matter with her unless the Princess is allowed to see her Chil Dren she will recall m Giron and Breakall her Home ties Bur Inamine Duluth Minn feb Obrien and John Matthews were burned and ten other miners injured in a fire in no 6 mine of the United states steel company at Eveleth yesterday 50 lose lives Lemberg Austria feb ferry boat while crossing the vis Loka River yesterday was sunk and fifty peo ple drowned prick 8 cents Telim Ulm Pofitu Esadeed girl says mrs Kate Taylou killed her husband and Cut off his head body cutin to pieces then put away and t burned in Kitchen stove during two Days Logansport people interested in murder trial now on in the circuit court at Monticello several Logansport people Are interested in the murder trial on in the White circuit court at Monticello in which mrs Kate Taylor is charged by a grand jury indictment with kill ing her husband Lafayette Taylor at their Home at Centerville Jan 27 the 14yearold daughter of mrs Taylor was on the witness stand yesterday and told a horrible Story of her Moth ers crime the girl is the woman step aug or by a former husband she testified hat her Stepfather came Home drunk and that she retired while he and her Mother were quarrelling a Short time after she Beard a shot and running into the Kitchen saw Taylor lying on the floor and saw her Mother shoot him again mrs Taylor then secured an a the daughter says and Cut off his Bead and right Arm both of which she placed in the stove the remainder of the body was Cut in four pieces and put in a sack in the pantry and during two succeeding Days parts of the body were burned until it was All consumed the cloth ing was burned and other evidences of the murder cleared away during the time the body was being burned the usual meals were cooked by mrs Taylor during the recital of the Story mrs Taylor showed no signs of nervous Ness she will be examined today robbers started the fire one Man dead and the postmaster will die at Bremen Ohio Lancaster 0 feb Mccurdy store at Bremen near Here was burned wednesday loss Harvey Grove was caught in the Post office and perished postmaster Shelmer was fatally and Jessie Row Lee was seriously burned the fire was evidently of incendiary origin to hide robbery brought Man to his Knees retired merchant saw a prowler about Hia Home Bluffton feb tto Oser a retired merchant shot a Man who was prowling about the House yester Day morning at 6 Oclock Reeser saw the Man peering in at a window and fired four times the first shot took effect and brought the prowler to his Knees the other shots went wild Reeser says he recognized the prowler As an old enemy from Nottingham township and will go gunning Lor him again go fuss colors Refl non St Lff Long narrow Pennant floats from top of High school building this morning again the colors of one of the nigh school classes float defiantly from the Flag staff on the top of the High school building the Penant a Long narrow Triangle can be plainly distinguished but the colors could not be Dis earned last night owing to the dark the Flag was put there during the night Tut just when or by whom the police do not know fix Washington feb after executive session which lasted Taro hours the Senate yesterday ratified alaskan Boundry treaty j and Tacky Southern comm talk of chief sentry Roosevelt Texas feb an organization of Dallas women is promote Marc an entertainment called the Colum Bian reception to raise a fund Tor tie free kindergarten recently letters were sent to american women among them the wife of president Roosevelt and the widow of Jefferson Davis Aea i citing gifts that could be sold for the fund mrs Daviss gift a costly and ele Gantly worked Monogram hand Kef chief was accepted at a meet sir mrs Roosevelt gift a Plain Cotton handkerchief was received it a Otuwa indignation the gift was As cheap and Tacky after much to cuss on a motion to return the ova

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