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Logansport Canal Telegraph (Newspaper) - September 17, 1836, Logansport, Indiana By Lasselle a quot a a l i a in vol , Indiana saturday september 17, 1836. No. 7. British politics. From the London Spectator. Collision Between the lords and commons. The tories live to every appearance resolved upon a desperate straggle for the recovery of their inst Dominion in the House of commons and the a government. It can Only be with a View to provoke and maintain a contest with the commons that they have taken up their Poth Esis they ��?�2>���?.�? present position. On any other h their conduct is perfectly Nacco Antab e Are under the guidance of men who with Little to lose themselves place without concern the privileges and possessions of their wealthy and to tired dupes in jeopardy. Sir Robert Peel is Meir tool not their chief. He has no inde ind in no Manly self Reliance As a tilt get but Means Rich yet i iric Tiburc of tor ism and iii Rou Era dexterous red rapist but a Little and a lame statesman he has to choose Ifa tween seeming to Lead the tory faction where lord Lyndhurst directs and a despotism from his nominal command to make Way for a Stanley. It is not therefore surprising that peer has engaged in the plot and has promised to play Over again the game of 1834 and 1835. Quot but does he not tremble for the Issue if he does not Wiser and More Resolute men look for Vard to the approaching contest and its probable consequences with deep anxiety. It is a serious tisk for a lord to Challenge the masses il6\vcver powerful that class and apparently Ziph thetic those masses May be. Who dreamed Jorfi form in the Spring of 1830? and when the period of excitement did arrive who had most chaise for alarm the people or the privileged orders in the hour of Victory the people were merciful for they had not been Dis Jip pointed or deceived Tsien. They supposed that they had secured the Means of Good government and were indisposed to further organic changes. Now however they have Learned that be their majority in the House of commons Large or Small measures of improvement Are still liable to destruction by the irresponsible Peers. Perhaps it May be deemed prudent for the Sake of future peace and order for the prevention of such interruptions to their proper and profitable avocations As Are now threatened to put it out of the Power of. Any body of men to bring the state machine to a stand still by a veto on the measures passed by the House of commons. There Are other Alt motions in Church find state which would probably be urged Forward with rather alarming quickness. Abuses would come Tum bang Down in the Gross instead of being nibbled a Way with tender regard to vested rights. But these say the infatuated tories must be the result of popular Victory and we feel certain of overcoming the masses. If we were beaten at the hustings have we not still the army you have yet the Appeal to physical Force is a fearful extremity. Beware How you provoke the might that slumbers in a peaceful people. Should that take place what would become of your dragoons besides there Are soldiers on the popular Side. But before the physical Force could be brought into action the Middle classes would interfere effectually for the putting Down of politicians. The Prosperity of the great agricultural commercial and manufacturing interests of this country depends upon the quiet Progress of Public affairs let paper credit be shocked and the Bank be assailed for Gold and then essential feebleness and comparative poverty of the tro Biers of our common weal would be manifested. Then it would be seen How unequal was the strife Between the Peers and the people. We Are not talking vaguely of impossible things. How were the tories in the Zenith of their Power struck in 1831 and 33? it is a delusion to imagine the doings of that time As the result of pain frenzy not Likely to occur the aim of the people was then As it now is Nanal. They desired real representation the resolved upon having Reform of Parlia a in iii a the instrument of general improve tent the tories ust i inoculate the country with love corruption and injustice before they can be a afe Abr six months against a return of the frenzy of 1832. They must de a st a the sound hearted and intelligent Middle a classes of England before they can realize their dream of government by physical Force. The foregoing remarks apply to England and Scotland but who has forgotten that in 1829, the Irish catholics vanquished the Duke of Wel a in a supported As he was by decisive majorities in both houses of parliament and with the army at his command then As now ? Well a the horror of a civil War is As potent in England As it was in 1829 and civil War is a Price which the British people will not pay to enable tories to ride rough shod Over Ireland or Peers to lord it Over the whole Empire without responsibility. From the Alexandria Gazette. Scenes in new Orleans. Doctor Alexander Leger charged with the Erime of bigamy and who had fled to Havana returned to new Orleans a few Days previous to the 30tti nit he was on that Day arrested by order of judge Watts president of the criminal Coortz on the affidavit of Louisa Beauvais the lady he married in France. He appeared before the cup Raj and several witnesses deposed against Juhr. He was held to bail in the sum of five thousand dollars and being unable to find it he was remanded to prison. On his Way there he was fired upon by a Young Man the Only son of the unfortunate lady whom the doctor had deceived in new Orleans and received a pistol Ball in the forehead. The wound is pronounced mortal. The Young Man was arrested. He is said to have been Cool and composed and made no Effort to escape. The sheriff of new Orleans received from the District court an order to seize the Steamboat United states. He confided this mandate to his Deputy who immediately repaired on Board with an officer who was to take Possession of her. The Captain of the United states was absent but the individual who had charge of her in the interim after making use of the most , a a a Guage signified to the Deputy that he must leave the boat and threatened the Deputy s officer with personal violence. Things having come to such a pitch they both left her and proceeded to the principal where ten of the City guard were procured who accompanied the sheriff to the boat but before her they were opposed by a mob of at least one Hundred men who put the Law at Defiance and prevented its execution. This scandalous scene As is usual on such occasions Prev together a Large assemblage of the curious. In vain did the sheriff urge upon the mob the necessity of respect and obedience to the Law. He was Only answered with scorn. Seeing no Chance of succeeding peaceably he was induced to retire his instructions not going so far As to compel him to engage in a fight on the levee in which himself and his Little Force would perhaps have been overpowered by numbers and which might have endangered the lives of women and children other imprudent spectators As Well As the combatants themselves. We understand from the courier from which the above particulars Are taken that after a night s reflection and consultation the mob had consented that the process of the Law might be served these Are startling proceedings and yet they Are of every Day occurrence and Are confined to no particular Section of the country. A Dandy in the backw03ds. Scene in a hotel in Tennessee Dandy drawing off Liis boots picking his Teeth and smoking a Segars landlord i want to go to bed latin lord certainly whenever you please aristocratic Pride among All the varied forms and phrases in which Pride exhibits itself to Public View there is none More disgusting and ridiculous than that aristocratic and candied form which it assumes in the persons of those who seem to consider it an indignity to be seen Labouring with their hands or performing any of the Dru Geries of life. They think i above the dignity of a quot gentleman quot in which character they would like to be considered to soil their fingers with mean employments which most men engage in to earn with honesty their daily bread. These men of starch and ruffles and Bergamot would look upon it As an everlasting disgrace to be surprised by their confidential acquaintance in the act of rolling a wheelbarrow through the streets in the transaction of necessary business a As the immortal Franklin did through the streets of Philadelphia or in carrying provisions from the Market or in tilling the land. This foolish Pride is often a heavy tax levied upon the purse of its possessor for often do we see such a person in order to keep up appearances expending his Money and subjecting himself almost to starvation. Such candied fops Are the Mere insects of society As perfectly useless As the gilded Butterfly which hovers about the Flowers in the Sunshine of summer but is swept away by the cold blast of autumn. Heat without fire or fuel. A Young German educated Engineer is now exhibiting at peal s museum in new York a most extra Ordinary invention called Wenn s solar stove and cooking apparatus which says the inventor shall be heated without steam fire flame smoke Gas or Oil without chemical preparation and by an everlasting and infallible combination and separation of elements and the expense of heating it comparatively nothing. The Gazette this morning vouches for the statement and on saturday partook of a Well cooked Beefsteak and bread baked with a heat produced exactly according to the above Promise. The apparatus consists of a tin Box something in the shape of a plate warmer with drawers Chambers boilers &c., and the slacking of 2d. Worth of Lime in this Small Box cooking the dishes upon which the company mentioned in the Gazette supped on saturday besides boiling a vessel of water n. Y. Daily advertiser. Something is brewing at Washiington. When the Public is to have the advantage of the labors we know not hut we have a Rumor that some of the Van Buren men Are in trouble about certain threats Glade by the president relative to the surplus Revenue Viz that it should never go t6the states that one difficulty or another should keep it Back and that those difficulties should be multiplied just in proportion to the demands of the states. We Are not acquainted with particulars but it is said that the exposition will bring dismay into the ranks of the administration. Our correspondent Speaks with certainty of the result. A a. S. Gaz. Aug. 18 sir but i want a room to myself sir i do not know How that will be reply landlord my House is full and i shall be pm pulled to put you in a room with some of al ese gentlemen i can t go it sir said the Dandy strut ing up and Down never slept in a room wit body in my life sir and never will must a room sir the landlord now laughed Outi it jew amp i airs of the coxcomb and then said very Good hum redly Well Well i will go and talk to my wife and see what we can do my dear said the landlord As he entered the upper room Here s a Man who says lie must have a room to himself what that greedy Little Man in corsets the same set him up with a room exclaimed the land lady. He is a trifling fellow said the landlord but if we can accommodate the poor Little Man we had better do so the lady professed her readiness to discharge the rites of hospitality but declared that they was not a vacant apartment in the House give him my room aunt said the Landlady s pretty Niece. I will sleep with the children or any where you please. The Young lady was a visitor and a great favorite and the elder lady was altogether opposed to putting her into any discomfort particularly on account of such a rude Man. But the Niece carried her Point and arrangements were made accordingly. In a few minutes the exquisite was conducted by the landlord to a very handsomely furnished apartment in the Back part of the House. Every thing Here was of the Best and neatest kind. A suit of curtains Hung round the bed the counterpane was White As Snow and the bed Linen was fresh and fragrant. The Dandy walked round the room examining every thing with the air of a Man fancied his life in danger from some contagious disease or venomous reptile. He then threw open the bed clothes and after inspecting them exclaimed i can t sleep in that bed Why not sir inquired the astonished landlord. It is not clean i can t sleep in it replied the Dandy strutting up and Down with the a musing air of self importance i would it sleep there for a thousand dollars take care what you say said the landlord you Are not aware that i keep the Best House in All this country and that my wife is famed for the cleanliness of her House and Beds can t help it replied the Dandy very deliberately surveying himself in a Mirror very sorry sir awkward business to be sure but to be Plain with you 1 won t sleep in a dirty bed to please any Man you wont will you no sir i will not then i will make you said the landlord and seizing the astonished Dandy by the Back of the neck and led him to the bed and forced his face Down upon it look at it continued the enraged tennessean examine it a smell it do you Call that bed dirty you Puppy ? then going to the door he called to a sei vant to bring a horse whip and informed the terrified Dandy that unless he undressed and went to bed instantly he should order his negro to horse whip him. In vain the mortified youngster promised to do All that was required of him the landlord would Trust nothing to his word but remained until his guest was disrobed corsets and All and snugly nestled under the Snow White counterpane. It was nearly breakfast time when the Crest fallen stranger made his appearance in the morning. To his Surprise his Steed who had evidently fared As Well As himself stood ready saddled at the door. Pray sir said he to his Host in a Humble tone and in a manner which showed him at a loss to begin the conversation Pray sir at what hour do you eat breakfast we eat breakfast at eight was the reply but the question is one in which you have Little interest for you must seek a breakfast elsewhere surely my dear sir quot you would not treat a gentleman with such indignity March said the landlord. My Bill search of a certain David Smith who had been recognised to the Montgomery court on a charge of having passed counterfeit Money and who had recognizance. The sheriff had authority for his removal from this state and with his company found Smith at a shooting match and attempted to take him but were resisted by Smith and some ten or twelve armed associates most of whom were suspected of being connected with an extensive gang of counterfeiters resident in that neighbourhood. During the fray several shots were fired on both sides with intent to kill but although several escaped very narrowly none were killed. One of Smith s party had a Finger shot off another his Scalp scored a quot doge others shyly spa a guns Ere then clubbed and some of the Skiff s party severely beaten. Smith and his party retreated to a quot Hurricane Brake quot or Thicket of Woods a few Miles Distant where Uliey fortified themselves and pos cd sentries but the neighbourhood collected filly or sixty men who in the course of two or three Day j succeeded in taking eight of Smith s party seven of whom Are lodged in the Randolphi jail to await their trial. Smith is still at pal. Sept.3. From the new York Gazette. The . You owe me nothing i should think myself degraded by receiving your Money in another moment the self important mortal who the evening before had Ridden thro the town with such a consciousness of his own dignity was galloping away degraded vexed and humbled. War at Home. We understand that a desperate engagement took place the latter part of last week in Randolph county Indiana near the North line of this county. The particulars so far As related to us Are these the sheriff of Montgomery county Ohio with posse of men came in the tragedy which happened last Spring in new Orleans is probably fresh in the minds of our readers but the particulars attendant on it which we give below have never been published probably for the substantial reason that the lives of the editors of that City had they published them might have been the forfeit. Pie Whitaker family noted desperadoes reside at a considerable distance from new Orleans on the Mississippi and Are the terror of that part of the country. Young Whitaker the convict and suicide is said to have been obnoxious to the censure of his Brothers on account of timidity although he had committed at least one murder previous to that of which he had been convicted. The latter was perpetrated in a bar room on the person of the keeper because he did not wait on him Quick enough. Whitaker Drew his knife and stabbed him to the heart. He was arrested tried convicted and sentenced to death. The family consisting of the father Mother two Brothers and a sister repaired at new Orleans with the determination of effecting his Rescue or putting him to death wit i their own hands. Our informant states that the elder brother told him that he had paid the keeper for the prison �6000 to be instrumental in his liberation. It is True that he sawed off the bars of his prison and was in the act of running off when he was retaken and carried Back to jail where he Vas More closely confined than before. The Day of execution drawing near and Little Chance being left that he would gain his Freedom his family determined that the Gibbet should lose its victim. They therefore furnished him with laudanum which was either not taken by him or failed in its intended effect. He was afterwards visited by one of the family who put into his hands a knife of Peculiar construction a pattern of which we have seen such As Are carried by the assassins of that portion of the country with an injunction to use it on himself and the whole family have been seen on their Knees at prayers invoking god that he might not die a Coward. A Short time previous to the Day on which he was ordered to be hanged he made two attempts on his left breast with the instrument Given him but his courage of a filed. He was goaded on to the fatal deed by his brother and he plunged it Between his ribs seven inches in depth perforating his heart. This knife covered with his blood is now held by his family As a trophy of Honor. The body was delivered up to the family taken Home and buried with military honors. To show the utter recklessness of this horrible Crew they have sworn that the governor who refused to Pardon him the jailor who confined and the judge who sentenced him shall die by their hands and even the sister declares that if these deeds arc delayed she will train her Little boys up for the purpose of putting them to death Elliis fiendish woman had armed herself for the purpose of assassinating her brother on the Way to execution had he failed himself to perform the deed. But the whole of the Story is not told. The family immediately on hearing the death of the Young Man employed a gentleman of this City to take a cast of his face in Cement and procure a bust to be made from it. The East was taken while the body was yet warm and a Young Man who accompanied him executed the bust which was considered an admirable likeness for which they agreed to pay him a Hundred and Tea dollars. After repeated applications for the Money which was not paid the family having returned Home he left the City repaired to their residence and demanded the amount promised him. The elder brother bade him be off or they would kill him and Drew his knife but his purpose was prevented by the interposition of his Mother. The Young Man mounted his horse and was returning to n. Orleans but was intercepted next evening on the Road by two of the Whitakers painted and disguised. They first insulted him by asking him who he was. Whence he came amp. But he knowing their object Drew a pistol and shot one of them dead on the spot. He fled soon after abandoned his horse and took to the Woods where he secreted himself during the Day and trav Elled by night. An hour after his arrival at new Orleans he had been pursued by the remaining Whitaker and another person who enquired for him at his lodgings. His landlord kindly informed him of the fact Anc placed him on Board a ship bound to Mobile at which placed he arrived in safety. Two oceans quot within Fot Arteen hours sail the Atlantic and the Pacific Are Likely to be United by Yankee Enterprise. The Congress of new Grenada has granted to or. Charles Biddle and others the exclusive privilege for 51. Year under the name of transportation company of the Atlantic Pacific oceans to navigate the River Cha Gross with steam. A Fiir ther exclusive privilege for the same period is Grantell to or. Biddle of the transportation for goods and passengers by the rail Way and macadamia de Road from the head of navigation of the chagres to the City of Panama reserving to the Public a transportation for horses and mules. Extensive cession of land Are made to or. Biddle in the same degree in which colonies of natives and foreigners May be settled and be exempted from certain contribution for 20 years. One of the last provisions of the decree ordains that if two steamboats at least Are not kept in operation and that the communications Are not kept constantly in such a state excepting accidents As to admit of the transportation Between the Atlantic and Pacific being erected in fourteen hours the exclusive privilege is to be forfeited. American heroism. The a Gem Eine Seitang a Gazette published in Vienna gives an account of the upsetting of a pleasure boat into the River there by which the Princess Adelaid Sophia was precipitated in the water and would have drowned if it had not been for the heroic exertions of a or. Bell a Young american gentlemen son of or. Bell of Charleston s. C. Who happened to be near in another plea6ui<c-boat, immediately plunged in without knowing the Quality of the lady and rescued her from a watery grave. Lie was next Day invited to the Imperial Palace where he was presented by the Lovely Sophia herself with a breast pin studded Voith diamonds valued at Twenty thousand dollars. Our correspondent to whom we Are indebted for the paper states that quot it is impossible to conceive How High the Valion Jalmeri Canische stands in this the austrian court is Cert Only the proudest in Europe yet the Arch Duke has lately been heard to say that an american gentleman is fully on a Par with an austrian i should not therefore be surprised if something further grew out of this matter particularly As Young Bell is remarkably handsome and . Y. Daily adv. The Rod. This vigorous instrument of administration is a most Universal and Mellicient Sanction of common moral Law. It is resorted to As an executive instrument without any exception of character or consequence in every country of Eastern Asia from Japan to Bengal i chiding the whole of Citina and More than half the Haman race. There tiie Rod a under its various applications Bamboo Cane Cudgel of Birch a is actively at work from morning till night and afterwards from night till morning. The grand patriarch cans his first minister the prime minister canes his Secretary of state the Secretary of state admonishes lords of the Treasury by be Labouring their backs these enforce their orders to the ii Sti lord of tie admiralty by applying what is equal to a cat of nine tails. Generals Cane Field officers and of course the common soldiers of the celestial army Are caned and Libi Tum by every body. Then husbands canc their wives and wives Cane their children. In Short the chinese and their Neil Bors May be truly described As Well flogged nations. From the Pittsburg Gazette. Battle of Tippecanoe. In looking Over a table of the number of the presidential electors and the times of choosing in the different states some circumstance struck our attention. The first is that thirteen states precisely the original number of states choose their elector s on the 7th of november the anniversary of the Battle of Tippecanoe. The second circumstance is that on that Day one Hundred and Birty nine electors will be chosen being precisely one More than a majority of the whole number. A on that Day also seven of the old Birteen states choose their electors being precisely a majority of the original Stales. Seven also of the free states being precisely a majority of the free states choose their electors on that Day. Ring esteemed Friend common lamp Oil applied to the part ted will cure the ring worm. Says Milec

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