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Logansport Canal Telegraph (Newspaper) - October 8, 1836, Logansport, Indiana My a Ilby Lasselle amp Dillon. Vol , Indiana saturday october 8, in amp. No. .9 in Senate of the United states january 19, 1829. Or. Johnson of Kentucky made the following report the committee to whom was referred the several petitions on the subject of mails on the Sabbath or the first Day of the week report that some respite is required from the Ordinary vocations of life is an established principle sanctioned by the usages of All nations whether Christian or Hajran. One Day in seven has also been determined upon As the proportion of time and in conformity with the wishes of the great majority of Chivens of this country the first Day of tie week commonly called sunday has been set apart to that object. The principle has received the Sanction of the National legislature so far As to admit a suspension of All Public business on that Day except in cases of absolute necessity or of great Public Utility. This principle the committee would not wish to disturb. If kept within its legitimate sphere of action no injury can result from its Observance. It should however be kept in mind that the proper object of is to protect All persons in the enjoyment of their religious As Well As civil rights and not to Date Rune for any whet i or they shall esteem one Day above another or esteem All Days alike Violy. We Are aware that a variety of sentiment exists among the Good i Lizins of this nation on tie subject of the a in ath Day and our government is designed for the pro fiction of one As much As for i Nollier. The Jev a who in this country Are As free As Chris Haiti and entitled to the same protect ii from the Law derive their Obi Galion of keep tin a All Day from the fourth c of. Their decalogue and in Connor Reily with to at injunction pay religious to Quige to the Sevanti Day of thi week which i tall s Uril a. I Fie denomination of Christi in Union is justly celebrated for to licit Sivly. And certainly As Good citizens As any Oiler i lass agree wit ii the jews in the moral obligation of the Sal Bali and observe the same Day. There Are Alio Many christians among us who derive not. Their oblige Ilion to of so rec the Sal Maui fro iii the decalogue hut a Gard the jewish Sabbath As abrogated. From the example of the apostles of Christ they chosen the first Day of the week instead of that Day set apart in the decalogue for their religious devotions. These have generally regarded the Observance of the Day As a devotional exercise and would not More readily enforce it upon others than they would enforce secret prayer or devout meditations. Urging the fact that neither their lord nor his disciples though often censured by their accusers for a violation of the Sabbath Ever enjoined its Observance they regard it As a subject on which every person should be fully persuaded in his own mind and not coerce others to act upon his persuasion. Many christians again differ from these professing to derive their obligation to observe the Sabbath from the fourth commandment of the jewish decalogue and bring the example of the apostles who appear to have held their Public meetings for worship on tie first Day of the week As authority for so far changing tie decalogue As to Suhs Litte that Day for the seventh. The jewish government was a theocracy which enforced religious observances and though the Commilles would Hope that no portion of the citizens of our country could willingly introduce a system of religious coercion in our civil institutions the example of other nations should admonish us to watch carefully against the earliest indication. With these different religious views the committee Are of opinion that Congress cannot interfere. It is not the legitimate province of the legislature to determine what religion is True or what false. Our government is a civil and not a religious institution. Our Constitution Recognises in every person the right to choose his own religion and to enjoy it freely to without molestation. Whatever May be the religious sentiments of citizens and however a variant they Are alike entitled to Protection from the government so Long As they do not invade the rights of others. The transportation of the mail on the first Day of the week it is believed does not interfere with the rights of conscience. The petitioners for its discontinuance appear to be actuated from a religious Zeal which May be commendable if confined to its proper sphere but they assume a position better suited to an ecclesiastical than to a civil institution. They appear in Many instances to Lay it Down As an axiom that the practice is a violation of the Law of god. Should ingress in their legislative capacity adopt the sentiment it would establish the principle that the legislature is a proper tribunal to determine what Are the Laws of god. It would involve a legislative decision in a religious controversy and on a Point in which Good citizens May honestly differ ii it a Pinion without disturbing the peace of society or endangering its liberties. If this wifi Sciple is once introduced it will be impossible to define its Bounds. Among All the religious persecutions with which almost every be of modern history is stained no victim Ever suffered but for the violation of what government denominated the Law of god. To fir event a similar train of evils in this country the Constitution has wisely withheld from our government the Power of defining the divine Law. It is a right reserved to each citizen and while he respects the equal rights of others he cannot be held amenable to any human tribunal for his conclusions. Extensive religious combinations to effect a political object Are in the opinion of the committee always dangerous. The first Effort of the kind Calls for the establishment of a principle which in the opinion of the committee would Lay the foundation for dangerous innovations upon the spirit of the Constitution and upon the religious rights of the citizens. If admitted it May be justly apprehended that the future measures of government will be strongly marked if not eventually controlled by the same inti ence. All religious despotism commences by combination and influence and when that influence begins to operate upon the political institutions of a country the civil Power soon bends under it and the catastrophe of other nations furnishes an awful warning of the consequence. Under the present regulations of the Post office department the rights of conscience Are not invaded. Every agent enters voluntarily and it is presumed conscientiously into the discharge of his duties without inter meddling with the conscience of another. Post offices Are so Reg United As that but a Small proportion of the first Day of thew Eek is required to be occupied in official business. In tie of the mail on that Day no one Agentis employed Many hours. Religious persons enter into the business without violating la Weir own consciences or imposing any restraints upon others. A sengers in the mail stages Are free to rest during the first Day of the week or to pursue their journeys at their own pleasure. While the mail is transported on Psi sturday the jew and the Sabb atarian May Abs tau from any Agency in carrying it from Coli Sci Netious scruples. While it is transported on the first Day of the week another class May abstain from the same religious scruples. The obligation of government is the Ameto both of these classes and the committee can discover no principle on which the claims of one should be More respected than those of the other unless it should be admitted that the consciences of the minority Are less sacred than those of the majority. It is the opinion of the committee that the subject should be regarded simply As a question of expediency irrespective of its religious bearing. In this Light it has hitherto been considered. Congress have never legislated upon the subject. It rests As it Ever has done in the Legal discretion of the postmaster Gen eral under the repeated refusals of Congress to discontinue the Sabbath mails. His knowledge and judgment in All the concerns of that department will not be questioned. His intense labors and Assiduity have resulted in the highest improvement of every Branch of his department. It is Practised Only on the great leading mail routes and such others As Are necessary to maintain their Connexions. To prevent this would in the opinion of the committee be productive of immense injury both in its commercial political and in its moral Bear Ings. The various departments of government require frequently in peace always in War the speediest Intercourse with the remotest parts of the country undone important object of the mail establishment is to furnish the greatest and most economical facilities for such Intercourse. The delay of the mails one whole Day in seven would require the employment of special expresses at great expense and sometimes with great uncertainty. The commercial manufacturing and agricultural interests of our country Are so Intini ate by connected As to require a constant and the most expeditious correspondence betwixt All our sea ports and betwixt them and the most Interior settlements. The delay of the mails during the sunday would give occasion to the employment of private expresses to such an amount that probably ten riders would be employed where one mail stage is now running on that Day thus diverting the Revenue of that department into another Channel and sinking the establishment into a state of Usilla Nimitz incompatible with the dignity of the government of which it is a department. Passengers in the mail stages if the mails Are not permitted to proceed on sunday will be expected to spend that Day at a tavern upon the Road generally under circumstances not Friendly to Devotion and at an expense which Many Are but poorly Able to in county r. To obviate these difficulties Many will employ extra carriages for their conveyance and become the bearers of correspondence As More expeditious than the mail. The stage proprietors will themselves often furnish the travellers with those Means of conveyance so that the effect will ultimately be Only to Stop the mail while the Veli icle which conveys it will continue and its passengers become the special messengers for conveying a considerable proportion of what would otherwise constitute the contents of the mail. Nor can the committee discover where the system could consistently end. If the Observance of a Holyday becomes incorporated in our institutions shall we not forbid the movement of an army prohibit an assault in time of War and Lay an injunction upon our Nava officers to lie in the wind while upon the Ocean on that Day consistency would seem to require it. Nor is it certain that we should Stop Here. If the principle is once established that religion or religious observances shall be interwoven with our legislative acts we must pursue it to its ultimatum. We shall if consistent provide for the erection of edifices for the worship of the creator and for the support of Christian ministers if we believe such measures will promote the interests of christianity. It is the settled conviction of the committee that the Only method of avoiding these consequences with their attendant train of evils is to adhere strictly to tiie spirit of the Constitution Avrich regards the general government in no other Light than the it of a civil institution wholly destitute of religious authority. What Ouier nations Call religious toleration we Call religious rights. They arc not exercised in virtue of governmental indulgence but As lights of which government cannot deprive Iny j ortion of citizens Hou Ever Small. Despotic Power May invade those rights but Justice still confirms them. Let the National legislature once perform an act which involves the decision of a religious controversy audit will have passed its legitimate Bounds i he i a cadent will then be established and the foundation Laid for that usurpation of the divine prerogative in this country which has been the de soliciting Scourge to the fairest portions of the old world. Our Constitution Recognises no other Power than Olvat of persuasion for enforcing religious observances. Let the professors of christianity recommend their religion by deeds of Benevolence by Christian meekness by lives of Temperance and holiness. Let them Combine their cifors to instruct the ignorant to relieve the widow and the orphan to promulgate to the world the gospel of their Saviour recommending its pre Cei gets by their habitual example government colonel Aaron purr is dead. He died yesterday afternoon at Staten Island aged 81 years. For some time past the disease which preyed upon his body As Well As mind foretold his departure. Care excitement Nicl Anchovy a remembrance of his former reputation l lasted in the budding by an unholy ambition All have done their work As Well As old age in hastening his exit. A thousand recollections crowded upon us As we review the life of this remarkable Man. Indeed in every thing it is full of instruction and in we Are glad therefore that his biography will soon be published and particularly so that it will come from the pen of one who has had the Best Opportunity to fit himself for the undertaking. His life we Are told will soon appear prepared by Matthew i. Davis who knew the deceased Well and who Lias had every Opportunity to examine his to Lui Jinous correspondence and private papers. His remains will be taken hence by the Steamboat Swan on Friday at 6 o clock a. M. And interred in to quot be burial place of his ancestors at Princeton n. J. At 3i o clock p. M. Of that York express. Will find its legitimate object in protecting them. It can Sot oppose them and they will not need its Aid. Their moral influence will then do infinitely More to Advance the True interests of religion than quot any measures which they May Call on Congress to enact. The petitioners do not complain of any infringement upon their own rights. They enjoy All that christians ought to ask at the hand of any government Protection from All molestation in the exercise of their religious sentiments. Resolved that the committee be discharged from the further consideration of the subject. From Florida. Charleston aug. 29. The Schooner George and Mary Captain Willey arrived at this port on sunday afternoon direct from Florida. We Are indebted to Captain Willey for the following information he obtained by him from he express rider who arrived at Black Creek 22d instant. A detachment of Lomen under con Mand of major Pierce having information that the indians were in. Their Vicinity went in Pursuit of them on arriving at general Linch s Plantation they found 300 indians with about 100 horses hobbled and 300 head of cattle. The indians were iai mediately attacked and repulsed alter a Battle of one hour the White having one killed Oving to his horse taking fright and running in the midst of the indians and sixteen wounded. The indians Lois was ten left dead on the Field their wounded they carried off the indians retreated into a Hammock As usual they immediately rallied and pursued tie Whites to within Tsvor Miles of Micanopy when they abandoned the Pursuit. The express rider states the Lieut. Herbert had again distinguished lii self and that major p. Was making preparation to attack them on the following Day. Randolph. Eccentric and passionate abroad was uniformly kind and generous at Home. His slaves loved him with the strongest affection. The return of Massa Randolph quot from Congress was greeted with the utmost demonstration of Joy. A slave trader once called on Randolph and not making known his purposes he was invited to Dine with him. At dinner the trader glanced upon the servant in attendance iii juicing the Price of Randolph informing Liim at the same Kiaie that he was engaged in the slave Triode. It happened that the slave in question was Cne of Randolph s favorite servants. The enraged virginian sprung from his table and Shook his Skeleton Finger furiously at the quot soul quot leave my House sir leave instantly Sirl am i to be insulted at my own table quot the wretched slave trader saw that he had no time to lose. He flied from the House and mounted his horse. Randolph called hastily for one of his own horses and seizing his pistols set Offin full Chase after him. The dealer in human fish looked Back and saw the Skeleton figure of Roanoke like death on the Pale horse close behind him. Quot off of my grounds you Rascal quot screamed Randolph in his thrill est tones leveling his pistol full at the head of his afr get d guest the fellow plunge it i his spurs into his horse and Rode for his life Over Fence and Bush Hill and hollow until he had left behind him the territory of the lord of Roanoke. Good advice. Never put Salt in your soup before Yon have tasted it. I have known gentlemen very much enraged by doing so. Never Burn your fingers if you can help it. People Burn their fingers every Day when they might have escaped if they had by Ien careful. Let no gentleman quarrel with a woman if you Are troubled Witk her Retreat. If Atje abuse you be silent. If she tear your cloths oif give her your coat. If she Box your ears Bow. If she tears your eyes out feel your Way to the door but Fly. Don t put your feet on the the members of Congress do so but you Are not a member of Congress. If you form one of a Large mixed company and a diffident stranger enter the Rooni and take his seat among you say something to him for heaven s Sake even though it be Only a Fine evening do not let him set Bolt upright suffering All the apprehension and a Gonies of bashfulness without any ask him How he has been Tell him you know his friends and so and so any thing will do to break the icy stiffness into which very decent Fellows Are sometimes Frozen in their debut before a new Circle. From the Nashville Republican sept. 8. Texas. We have been permitted to examine a letter from one of the volunteers to Texas Captain we. H. Chandler formerly of this place dated at quot Camp Colletto August 5th," ten Miles West of Victoria from a hich it appears that the mexicans Are not vigorously prosecuting the War at present. The texan army consists of 1500 men in Good health and spirits under the command of t. J. Rusk. Gen. Houston had not arrived in Camp his leg preventing him from travelling but was looked for with great anxiety. Quot the Camp talk is that we Are to proceed in a few Days to Mata moras which lies beyond the Rio Grande and outside of the texan territory. The Olyett is to Burn the town which consists of 15,000 inhabitants and then Retreat driving every thing before us which can possibly sustain the enemy in a March of three or four Hundred Miles and fall Back upon the Guadaloupe or some other Stream and there wait the approach of the enemy who if they come at a i will be whipped. Houston it is thought will oppose this movement in which Case we will March to Galveston or Velasco or Copan and prepare for an Early fall Campaign. St. Annii and suite Are at Columbia on the brasses strongly guarded and it is understood will shortly be ordered to the origin of several fashions. Fashions have frequently originated in endeavours of the inventors to hide some deformity hoops for instance to conceal an ill shaped hip ruffles a scar on the neck perhaps Large sleeves history does not mention and conjecture might not be accepted. Pat d ies were invented in the reign of Edward the Voltl by a lady who in this manner covered a writ on her deck. Charies the a Lith of France introduced Long Coats to hide a pair of crooked legs. Peaked shoes full two feet ion were invented by the Duke of Anjou to conceal a deformed foot. Francis 1st was obliged from a wound in his head to Wear Short hair and hence the fashion. Isabella of Bavaria Una proud of her Beauty and introduced the custom of leaving the neck and shoulders uncovered Clarles eth by severe obits banished tight breeches and in the reign o Elizabeth enormous Large breeches came in fashion. The beaus of that Day stuffed their by dec lies with rags feathers Wool and other Light stuff till they resembled huge Bales o Cotton. A quot of come up wit i them the ladies in vented Large hooped petticoats. It was said that two lovers could not come within seven feet of each other at one time Square toes run to such a Width that a proclamation was issued that no person should Wear shoes More than six inches at the toes. Martin Luther. This extraordinary Man has left a Beautiful thought Tipon the married state quot it is almost As impossible quot he said quot to dispense with female society As it is to live without eating and drinking. The image of his marriage is found in All Crew Tures not Only in the animals of the Earth the air and the water but also in Trees my stones. Every one knows that there Are Trees such As the Apple and the Pear tree which arc like husband and wife and which Prosper better when planted together. Among stones the same thing May be remarked est Leci ally in precious stones the Coral the Emerald and heaven is husband to the Earth. He Vivi fies her by this heat of the sup by the rain and the wind and causes her to Bear All sorts of plants and me see a female possessing the Beauty of a Meek a and modest dept it Ghent of an Eye that bespeaks no guile let me see Ler a kind benevolent disposition a heart that can sympathize with distress and 1 never ask quot or Beauty that dwells quot in Ruby lips quot or quot flowing tresses quot or quot snowy hands quot and the forty other Etc tres upon which poets have heaped encomium for Ages past. Those fade Whent touched by the hand of time but these Ever enduring qualities of be it shall out live the reign of time and grow brighter and fresher As the Ages of eternity Roll away. Ireland. A correspondent of the writes quot county Cork i4th Cuin stance occurred a few Orange Mai june a a Cir Days ago o what would in other times amp under a different regime be judicious enough but it really presents a frightful state of the country at present. Or. And mrs. Poole the latter the daughter of j. D. Freeman Esq. Of Castle Cor a newly married pair returned to Cabin Ane the seat ofor. Poole on the 7th inst. The ten Antry who assembled in thousands Drew the Carriage from Middleton to Cabin Ane and Bon fires were lighted on the neighbouring Hills the o con elites mistook the fires for a political movement and every Hill from Middle ton to rat Cormac and As far As Capp Oquin county Waterford was in a Bize. Never was a marriage in any rank of life so extensively celebrate quot quot meet woman and Wedlock. The longer a woman remains single the More apprehensive she will be of entering into the state of Wedlock. At seventeen or eighteen a girl will plunge if to it often without fear or wit and at Twenty she will begin to think at Twenty four weigh and discriminate at Twenty eight will be afraid of venturing at iii Ray will turn about and look Down the Hill she ascended and sometimes repent that she attained that Summit. Freijc. During the course of the oration deliver cd by or. Everett commemorative of the Battle of Bunker Hill on tie 17th inst the orator exhibited the Ball which killed the Pariot warble no wrapped in a piece of paper stained with his blood. It was taken from his body the Day after the Battle by or. Savage an officer of the customs from whom it was obtained by or. Montague of Dedham. But. Jour. The Hon. Henry Clay lately had a marvelous escape from death. He was Riding on horseback in one of his Fields surveying his cattle when a furious Bull maddened from some cause or other rushed towards him and plunging his horns with tremendous Force into the horse on which or. Clay was seated killed the poor animal on the spot. The Distin quot a wished rider was thrown to the distance of several feet from his horse and though somewhat Hurt by the fall escaped without material injury. A quot a Young gentleman from Kilkenny ing a handsome milkmaid near the Parade accosted her thus what will you take for yourself and milk my Scarf the girl instantly replied yourself and a Gold ring a officer of the army writing from Columbus ga., under the Date of August 23, says quot the Creek War is nearly Over. The indians Are All supposed to be in but about 100, who wander about in Small parties. I think they will All be on their Way to Arkansas Between this and the 10th of sept. 7,000 a amp on the 25th instant and 10,000 More Between that and the 1st of it is rumoured that the president has appointed the Hon. J. R. Poinsett of s. C., the commissioner to cd aniline into and report on the political condition of Texas premm Ary to the sending of a diplomatic agent to it it that con try. The amount of Gold coined at the United state a mint at Philadelphia during Lait August was $631,400, of which i was in Quarter Eagle. A a a a

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