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Logansport Canal Telegraph (Newspaper) - November 26, 1836, Logansport, Indiana in la Iltz �iii4 of pm a i it Kim 4 in or As Tweh re a a Fli it a cd in inertial Law oue Tbs est office let of. Loai sport saturday Ioir. Ivo. 16. Col. Crockett s journal in Texas. The extracts which we find in the new you Atn Crinan form the concluding Pauey of Rac journal recently Palisi had at philae Piaf and purporting to Hare been kept by col. Crockett while in Texas. The following extract forms the concluding pages of the journal. February 23�?Early this morning the ene Iny Camo in sight marching in Reg Ilar order and displaying their Stren sith to the greatest advantage in order to strike us with terror. But that was no go they will find that they have to do with men who will never Lily Dov n their arms As Long is they stand on their leg a. We held a Short Council of War and finding that we should be surrounded and overwhelm a by numbers if we remained in the town we concluded to withdraw to the fortress of Alamo and defend it to the last paying his debts and he fold me that he had i can was stretched on the Earth beside the run the grape shot into four Hole Ball and j first. A third came up to the Cannon my that he had taken an Early stand to but Ive a j companion handed me another gun and i Chance of picking diff stragglers. A Litows fixed him 0? in like manner. A fourth to colonel let s go take our , says he and a fifth seized the match who both met with so we Crethy have been Busy Dur the same Fate and then the whole party gave ing the night and have thrown up two Batter it up Asa had Job and hurried off Lottie Camp ies on the opposite Side of thai River. The Bat j leaving the Cannon ready charged where they Tallion of Matamoras is posted there and the had planted it. I came Down took my nit cavalry occupy the Hills to the cat and on the j ters and went to breakfast. Thim tickling Rovid to Gonzoles. They Are determined to Mold me that the place from which i had been surround us and Cut a it off from reinforce a Firin was one of the suggest stands in the ment or the possibility of escape by a sortie. J whole fort for he never failed picking of two Well there s one thing they cannot prevent or three stragglers before breakfast when Well still go ahead and sell our lives at a j perched lip there. And 1 recollect now hav High Price. J ing so quot in him there Ever since he was wounded february 26. Col Bowie has been taken to lib first tiling in the morning and it last at sick from exposure and Over exertion. He night a and at times thoughtlessly playing at did not leave his bed to Day until 12 o clock his eternal game he is Worth a dozen common men in a Situa a March 2. Liis Day the Del gales meet in tion like ours. The by c Hunter keeps thess general convention at tie town of washing Cir empty. We accordingly filed off in Good whole Garrison in Good heart with his songs j ton to Frame our Dollar action of ind open order. Having some Days before placed All the i and his jests and his daring and determined j Dence. That the sacred instrument May Nev surplus provisions arms and ammunition in a Pipit. Tie is about the quickest on the Trivier be trampled on by the Cli Ildron of those plus prov the fortress a spirit. Lie is about the quickest on the Trig ler be trampled on by s8. We have had a Large National the by it Rifle shot it have in the fort who have freely shed their blood to establish Flag made it is composed of thirteen stripes j have already s2en him bring Down eleven of it. Is the sincere wish of David Crockett. Uni red and White alternately on a Blue ground the enemy and at such a distance that we All versa iii depends nce is an almighty idea far with a Large White Star of five Points in the thought it would be waste of ammunition to too extensive for some brains to comprehend Centre and Between the Points the letters attempt it. His gun is first rate quite equal it in a Beautiful seed Liat germinates rapidly Tex is. As soon As All our Little band about to my b Itsey though she has not quite As and brings Forth a Large and vigorous tree one Hundred and fifty in number had entered Many trinkets about her. This duty a so ill but like the deadly Upas we sometimes find and secured the fortress in the Best possible party sallied out of the fort for Wood and the smallest plants Wither and die in its Shade manner we Sot about raising our flags on Ater and had Asili it skirmish with three us Blooming branches spread far and wide the attic mints on which occasion there w is times their number from the division under of Turing a Perch of safety to All alike but even no one More Active than my Young i ind qncp., Sesma. The a Hunter headed among its protecting branches we find the the Beehunter. Lie had been All al no then and beat the enemy Oft after killing Earile the Kite and the owl preying upon the sprig Lily cheerful and Spiritvil. But Notwith-1 to lice. On opening his Bible at night of helpless Dove and Sparrow. Bin Cash its standing the control that he a Gnu Illy main-1 Vav hich i always reads a portion Eiore Ginji Shade myriads Coni regate in Good Fellowship Tai died Over in self it was with diff cushy Itiat to rest he found a Misket Ball in the Middri hut the Lam and the find but frail Secu he kept his Ethu adasm within Bounds. As Oft. Sue Herc colonel sail he How they quot to from the Linn and the jackal though the soon As we commenced raising the Flag he imy treated the i glued present of my dear Iroe of Independence wave Over them burst Forth in a Clear full tone of voice that i Little Kate of Naro cloches it has saved made the blood tiny la in the veins of All who a of. True replied he and i March 3. We have Given Over All Hopes am not the first sinner Liose life has been of Recei Viii assistance from Goliad or Rufu saved l y this Book lie departed for bed Gio. Col. Travis harangued the Garrison and and before relic in he prayed and returned concluded by exhorting them in Case the heard him a quot up wit i your Banner Freedonia tac champions cling to Olliee they la quot Odilow a litre you Lead pm to Dea 111 or Victory up Willii your Banner Freedom tyrants and slaves arc Rushing to tread thee in the Dut tii Cir blood will soon he Gusling and stain our knives with rust but not Oliy Banner. Freedom. Thanks for i providential escape and 1 heard the name of Catharine mingled in his enemy should storm he fort to fight to the last gasp and Render their Victory even More serious to them and us. This was followed by three cheers. March 4. Shells have been falling into the fort like Hail during the Day but without i effect. About disk in the evening we of while stars and stripes Are flying. Our blood Well freely shed no groan will scape the dying seeing thee o or his head a up your Banner this song was followed by three cheers from All wit Linthe fortress and the Drums and trumpets commenced playing. The enemy . I cd into ii exar and took Possession of the town a Houd red Flag flying at their head to indicate that we need not expect Quarter if we should fall into their a Dies. In the afternoon a message was sent from the enemy to Tol. Travis demanding an unconditional and absolute surrender of the Garrison threatening to put every my to the sword in Case of a refusal. The Only answer he received was a Cannon shot so the messenger left us with a Flea in his car and the mexicans commenced firing grenades at us but without doing any mischief. At night col. Travis sent an express to col. Fanning at Goliad about three or tour Days March from this place to let hint know that we were besieged. The old pirate volunteered to go on this expedition and accordingly left the fort after night fall february very Early this morn my the enemy commenced a new Battery on the Banks of the River about three Hundred Anc us Yards from the fort and by afternoon they amused themselves by firing at us from that Quarter. Our Indian scout came in thi evening and with him a reinforcement o thirty men from go no Iles who Are just in the Nick of time to reap a Harvest of glory by there is some Prospect of sweating blood be fore we gather it in. An Accident happened to my fiend trim Berling this afternoon he was intent on his eternal game of Thim Bles in a som what exposed position while the enemy were bombarding us from the new redoubt. A three ounce Ball glanced from the parapet and struck him on the breast inflicting a painful but not dangerous Woun 1 extracted the Ball which was of Lead and recommended him to Drill and carry it for a watch Seal. No r. Pec he with Energy May i be shot six times if do that would be making a handle for an Idle boast. No colonel Lead is getting scarce and i la lend it out at compound interest curse the thimbles quot he muttered and went his Way and 1 saw no More of him that even ing. Prayer february 27. The can Nading began Early this morning and ten bombs were thrown into the fort but fortunately exploded without doing any mischief so far it has been a sort of tempest in a Teapot not unlike a pitched quot a Ved a running towards the fort Pur Battle in the Hall of Congress where the hut a by about a Doz a mexican cavalry. The parties array their Force make fearful Demon Bee Hunter immediately knew him to be the stations on both sides then fire away with p j pirate who had Jjones to Goliad and rail loud sounding speeches which contain about a a to the two Hunter he sallied out of the As much meaning As a howitzer charged with i ort to the Relief of the old Man who was a Blank Cartridge. Provisions Are becoming quot quot a pressed. I followed close after. Before scarce and the enemy Are endeavouring to Cut i it cached the spot tie mexicans wore close oif our water. If they attempt to Stop our quot pm quot the heels of the old Man who stopper grog in that Minner let them look out for turned Short upon his pursuer Dis we Liall become too Wrath for our shirts to j charged his Rifle and one of the enemy Fel Lold us. We Are not prepared to submit Tolo quot horse. The Chase was renewed but my excess of that nature and they la find it i i ing that he would be overtaken and Cut out. This discovery has created consider j pieces he How turned again and to tie ble excitement in the fort. I amazement of the enemy i came the assail february q8. Last night our Hunters quot or quot quot quot i bed his gun and they brought in some Corn and hogs and a Brush sparrows. By this time we reached with a scout front the enemy beyond gun shot of the fort. They put the scout to flight and of in without injury. They bring accounts that the settled Are flying in All quarters in dismay leaving their possessions to the mercy of the ruthless inv Ider who is literally engaged in a War ofe termination More brutal Titan he untutored Lavage of the desert could he guilty of Slaughter is neither sex age nor the spot and in the ardor of the morn no followed some distance before we saw that our Retreat to the fort was Cut off by Anothy detachment of cavalry. Nothing was to be done hut to fight our Way through. We were All of the same mind. Go ahead cried i. And they All Sli outed go ahead. Colonel we dashed among them and a bloody conflict ensued. They were Yahoni 20 in number and they stood their ground. After myi in America we Are ashamed of cd Ono my. It ii this feeling a High would forbid among us such a practice is that referred to and not Only this but a great Many More and Beltjr Pic ticks. In England Economy stands out prominently it presides Over the arrangements of a family it i openly professed and fears no reproach. A Man is not ashamed to say of a certain indulgence he cannot afford it. A gentleman says to you quot i drive a Pony chaise this year i have put Down my horse Gigi because i cannot pay the tax a Man whose income and expenses and style of living far exc cd Elmosi any thing to be found among us still says of something quite beyond him which his wealth liver neighbor does we Are not Rich enough for one of the most distinguished men in England said to me when speaking of wines at his table a the wine i should prefer is Claret but 1 cannot afford it and so i drink my own i have heard to it Many families carry this principle so far that Uliey determine exactly How Many dinners they can give in a year and to How Many guests. This frankness Oti the subject of Economy among us is a thing unheard of. Not thai we Are More wealthy but nil contrive be Swise. The Competition of Domestic life Amonis us is too keen to admit of any such confessions of internal weakness. We practice c conomy by stealth. Nor is this the worst of if for one consequence of ibis habit of feeling is that we practice too Little. When a stranger looks upon the strife of business in our villages and cities he imagines that Hir sees a very covetous Leopie but a nearer observation would Shew line that much of the s eager absorbing and almost slavish occupation is necessary to sustain the heavy drains of unto necessary expenditure. This extravagance at Home chains Many a Man to the counter and counting room. And this extravagance is of his own choosing because he knows of no other Way of distinguishing himself but by the style of Ould he hut conceive that he might better elevate himself in society by having a Well read Library by improving his mind and conversation by cultivating some Graceful but comparatively cheap accomplishment he might live a Wiser Man and die Richer. Who would hesitate Tocho Osc Between such a family and one whose House was filled with gorgeous furniture where the wife and daughters Are dressed in the gayest of the fashion and the husband and the father banishes himself the live Long Day and half the night from the pleasant mansion to toil and Drudge in the Dusty warehouse lie sleeps in grand House he lives in a have been Burnt Down farms Laid waste and five minutes a Santa Anna appears determined to verify his detachment was seen issuing from the fort to and Civ cart this Blooming Paradise the mexicans scampered off owling wilderness. For just one fair of comrades dead upon threat into a Howlin _ crack at that Rascal even at a Hundred Yards not escape uns Cath distance i would bargain to break my Betsey re a the pirate and the Bee Hunter and never pull trigger again. My name s wounded and i received a not Crockett if i would t get enough the old Man to appease my stomach for the remainder of a to of or _. I the fori. Vve my Young Friend to his Quick work. We were yesterday an Eye witness to a specimen of despatch which had it not fallen under our own inspection we should have been sceptical in believing. It was the operation at the fair of the american Institute of reducing wheat in the Straw to baked bread in ten minutes. The process was As follows twelve bundles of Straw we placed in a machine in the Garden which come out thrashed in a minute and a half the winnowing was tii Clad in a minute the grinding and bolting occurred a minute and a half the dough was kneaded and the cake formed in two minutes. The whole contents of twelve bundles were placed in a Kitchen Range and ome our to roughly in four minutes making in the whole ten Minucci. The cakes were Istria tue around and they Only wanted the us of a cooler and a few pounds of Gibson Utle to have been swallowed in another minute without the Aid of a . Gazette. A and important news from Wirra the if tans and st Icide or col. Charleston courier of the a Isth �lt., puts us in Possession of the following interesting and important intelligence from Florida. V of. Lane who is represented to have committed suicide is the son of Amos Ianc member of Congress from Indiana. Cin Nali. Whig. A an officer of the Tennessee brigade engaged in the new military operations in Florida and now in this City for the purpose of purchasing clothing for the brigade has politely furnished us with the following outlines of late transactions on the wit Lacoochee on the 8th inst. The Tennessee brigade consisting of 1250 volunteers commanded by Gen. Armstrong two pieces of artillery and two or three Hundred regulars All under the command of gov. Gall left fort Drane for the i Hla Coo Chee on their Way to that River surprised and killed thirteen indians and look twelve women and children prisoners. The third Day after their departure the army arrived in the immediate quot Vicinity of the River and attempted to Cross at two Points at both of Wirich they were attacked by the indians. The attack on the main body of the army was made by 75 to 100 indians from across the River which was supposed to he about 100 Yards wide at that Point having been swollen by recent the spies and advanced guard of the army kept up a firing about ten minutes without any loss on their part a they then retired from the Hammock al out 150 Yards wide and two or three feet under water and one Ball Allion of i he Tennessee brigade dismounted and went to explore the River major Gordon commanding and one Man were wounded a ring kept up about Hal fan hour Between the battalion and indians across the Riv Ira the indians ceased their firing and War whoops our battalion was drawn off and encamped on the Prairie adjacent the River the other detachment was unfortunate had three killed among them the Indian guide three badly wounded they fought for about an hour and report that they killed several of the enemy the Whites were without provisions and by command of governor Call were ordered to the Mouth of the River for provisions and reinforcements and when they arrived there found no provisions and had to return to Block Creek their present Encampment. They intend it d prosecuting the Campaign again As soon As provisions run he thrown in depot at fort Drane or supplies can he obtained at some Point of the . Lieut. Co. Lane commanding the of 750creek warriors Aniced it Tampa Bay fought his Way to the living had two skirmishes with the �-3 uni Inglef and Burnt their Vil Lac in was or tiered to fort Drane i y gov. Call a tid two Mica s Nufler his there al out the 2gth ii it committed Ide by pulling the Hilt of his sword ii the ground and run nine the Point throw ii a i i Cornet of the Eye into the brain no assign eds Licul. Cal. Brown will succeed ,." a Hurt fire. The Engineer with fifth in other persons immediately jumped into the largest boat and made for the nearest land quot to Leeward which they reached in safety in Shmit four hopi a capt Reed promptly look Possession of the Only remaining boat and took i position it a distance to the Windward. The Grant learn passengers Good swimmers committed themselves to the water and were taken up by capt. Reed. The Cable was slipped and sail Mideon the boat a Tveith the Hope of Rehring the Shore but the flames apr Cid so i rapidly from aft to Forward that her main Mast was consumed in a few minutes and her tiler ropes being Burnt away she drifted broadside to the wind directly out to sea. A signal of distress had Hen made and it was fortunately discovered by the Revenue Cutter stationed at Castine then about four or five Miles to Windward my she promptly bore up to her Relief. Capt. Reed put on Board of her the persons in his boat and then immediately commenced taking off those remaining on Board the Royal tar. At this thine she was a mass of flames nearly from Stem to Stern a Small space Forward which had not taken fire with the Bowsprit Bob stay amp a was crowd cd with the survivor. Those on the Quarter deck were driven overboard by the flames and such is survived were hanging to tic Davit tackles chains and ropes attached to tie rudder. Many were suspended by ropes so cured on deck but As the fire reached them were precipitated into Lair sea and drowned. The Cutter unfortunately had no boat of us Floc sent Bizri to Render any assistance in taking off the sup errs and having Gunpowder on Board Lieut. Dyer in command did not deem it prudent to approach very near the wreck so that the work of Rescue was unavoidably very tedious. Capt. Reed How ver firmly and Reck icily persevered with his boat though it was with some diff Cully that he could obtain an efficient boat s Crew to approach the wreck fearing the elephant would go overboard and destroy the boat. The last boat left the wreck a Little before Sunset with one solitary frantic female the last on Board whose sister and child had both perished before her eyes. The loss of lives is Esti Inaten at from 26 to 32, there being some so ill children on Lionard which had not been inserted on capt. Reed s passenger list the precise num her cannot be assert inc. The prompt and praiseworthy decision of Captain Reed in securing the boat was the Only Means by which the life of an individual could Lave been saved. The Clephane Eamil and Loi ses jumped overboard and All the animals in the cages were Burn. None of the passengers or Crew s baggage was saved. Manv of the trunks amp a were thrown overboard in the Hope they might be picked up. The Cutter landed the survivors about 8 p. M., at the Isle of Hunt where they received the most Hospital be treatment from the in Hab Tants. We learn there was a Large amount of specie on Board the Royal tar. My life. The scouts report that a settler by the name of Johnson flying with Bis wife and three Little Cli Ildren when they reached Colorado left his family on Shore and waded into the River to see whether it Woi ild be Safe to Ford it with his Wagon. When about the Middle of the River he was seized by an Alligator and Afier astr Giggle a dragged unferth it water and perished. The helpless woman and her babes were discovered gazing in a ony on the spot by other fugitives who happily. Who the fort. Bed dressed his wound Sand 1 watched beside him. He Lay without complaint or manifesting pain until about Midnight when he spoke and i asked him if he wanted any thing. A not Liing he replied but Drew a sigh that seemed to rend his heart As he added a poor Kate of Nacogdoches his eyes were filled w Ith tears As he continued her words were prophetic. Colonel and the he Sung in a Low voice that resembled the Sweet notes Sony on the spot of owner Lugi uves no Nap ily passed that Way and relieved them. 1 Hose a a rho fight the Battles experience but a Small of quot fhe Saddle All Blidy to Sec Art of the privations suffering and anguish la ame Cam the Steed but Hame never 1. A i to Cam he. Spoke no More and in a few minutes i oor Kate who will Tell this to p. That follow in the train of ruthless War. The can Nading continued at intervals throughout 1 the Day and were kept up to their h after died work. The enemy somewhat embodied thee draws higher to the fort. So much the bet-1 March 5. Pop pop pop bom bom ter. There was a move in general Sesma s let of throughout the Day. No Lime for me division towards evening. J Mon dums now. Go ahead Liberty Anc february 25. The firing commenced Carl this morning but the mexicans arc poor eng necks for we Haven t lost a single Man Kille and our out works have sustained no injury our sharpshooters have brought Down a considerable number of stragglers at a Long shot 1 got up before the Peep of Day hearing an occasional discharge of quot file just Over the place where 1 was sleeping and 1 was somewhat amazed to see Thim Berling mounted alone on the battlement no one being on duty it the time but the sentinels. What Are you doing there says 1. A paying my debts a interest and All a a and How do you make out a ays 1. I be nearly got through la says Hei it Titipa moment Coton and i la close the account he clapped his Rifle to his a Houlder and blazed away then jumped Down from his Perch and said that account s settled them chaps will let me play out my game in quiet the next Tiosh i looked Over i mid saw of air mexicans dying quot ead to Plaisi Lack Cedilia what lie ii wit by february 29. Before Day break we s in general Sesma his Camp with a Large body of cavalry and infantry and move off in the direction of . We think he must have received news of col. Fanning s coming to our Relief. We Are All in High spirits at the Independence for Ever Here ends Crocket s manuscript Economy in expenditure. The following remarks of or. Dewey Neer Prospect of being Able to give the rascals Alto be often reflected upon by those inhabit fair shake on the Plain. This business of be Tants of our towns and cities who Are Strain i quot a sent up makes a Man wolfish. J had a ing every nerve and sacrificing All that make Little a port this morning before breakfast Lile desirable for the Sake of Lioney to lavish the enemy had planted a piece of ordnance i on the Pili Lul vanity of display. These re wit iii inn shot of the fort during the night elections occur to the traveller on his passage and the first thing in the morning they com from Paris to London. Fenced a brisk cannonade Point Blank observed that a considerable number o against the spot where 1 was snaring i turned i passengers carried a comfortable picnic Box or out pretty smart and mounted the Rampari. I Asket with them and spread their wii table the Gim was charged Ai Ain a fellow stepped with some doubtless this provision proceeded Forth to touch her off but before he co ild a from a fastidious taste that feared some Poi ply the match Lethian have it and he keeled Yonous Dart would be found in the a ortion Over a second stepped woj and snatched fare of a Steamboat. But with Many j pre the match from the hand of the dying Man i sume it arose from a habit which presents but Thim Berling who Hadfy to iwo a me hand marked difference Between the people of eng cd tee ii Rifle find amp Ebett i Mutt the Mezi i land and America. 1 mean tie habit of econ Large plate of . There has been cast lately at the plate Glass manufactory at st. Go Hin France a plate of the extraordinary size of fifteen feet by twelve t was made for the chateau Des Thuril series. The discovery of the casting of plate Jalass is due to abm. The cart in 1688, who establish dec a factory As above which is now the largest in the world. The British plate Glass is said to e More liable to undulations owing probably to the mass not being continued in a sufficient state of fusion during the Progress of the operation of casting. Why is not the american spirit of Enterprise directed to this species o manufactory since it is so expensive and Dan serous to import Zarije specimens of this article and since we Hava at band All the materials o the Best Quality Grain in the United states. The following is taken from a late number of the Fredericksburg Arena much curiosity has been exhibited to know the average Antral amount of Gra iii produced in the United states. There is no data which enables us to arrive at an Acu Rafe result by the following table it is said presents As close an approximation As the circumstances of the cause will permit India Corn 100,000,000 wheat 50,000,000 Rve 20,000,000 of 20,000,000 Barley i,2�0,000 it is expected the legislature of the new territory of Wisconsin will authorize the construction Ofa rail Road from mil Walkie or Green Bay Lake Michigan to some eligible Point on the upper Mississippi in the Vicinity of the Lead mines distance 150 Miles. A great part of the Twenty millions of pounds of Lead even now obtained form these mines will then come direct to the Erie canal. The English papers Sav Niagara Means Thunder water quot in the Indian language. From the Glt he. Col. Lane. Together with others Florida news received thro the Charleston newspaper is that the death of col. I Anc. A private letter was received in this City yesterday stating that he suicide. This intelligence in Wirich it is Lio cd there was some mistake is now rendered certain. Col. Lane had been advanced by general Jessu to the Cornn tand of thi Friendly creeks and a Hundred regulars. With this body it seems he gallantly made his Way to tie Banks of the from Tampa Bay Toro operate with Call who approached the River from the opposite he reached the River he found that govern Ercall had Retro Garden to fort Drane to which Pace he had orders to follow. He sur ceded i extricating himself from his difficult position and about two hours after his Junction with Gen. Call at fort Draine terminated his life by falling upon his sword. The paper received gives no Light As to the cause of this distressing occurrence not even a conjecture is Oife Ivd. Col. Lanti was a Young Man of High attain ments and Promise was indefatigable in his pursuits and full of mental and personal Energy. He had the entire Confidence of his commander general Jessup who entrusted him with the delicate and Hilt Fly responsible separate command which he led into Florida. This dreadful termination of his career is still a heavier blow to his unhappy father the Hon. Amos Lane who had received intelligence of the death of an accomplished daughter just before the close of the last session of Congress loss of steam boat and life. Top life s news room Boston oct. 29, 9 o clock p. loss of the British steam boat Royal Tah. Captain Thomas Howes of the steam boat Bangor has politely furnished us with the Fol lowing particulars of the loss of the above vessel obtained from one of the passengers the Steamer Royal tar Thomas Reed master of and from st. Johns n. U. For port land left on Friday 2ist inst. With about 90 to 100 passengers including Crew. On deck were an elephant two camels several horses and a number of Ca de animals comprising a travelling caravan. On tuesday 25th, when crossing Penobscot Bay and within about two Miles of the Entrance of Fox Island thoroughfare it was found that the water was out of the boiler and As the wind was blowing a very heavy Gale from n w. At the time the boat was anchored for the purpose of filling the boilers and in about to in new Jersey. Notices have been Given in the new Jersey papirs that applications will he made to the legislature of that state at its next session for acts of incorporation for the following Manu picturing purposes. For i company to manufacture flax with a capital of �100,000. For a company to manufacture sugar from the Boet with a capital i 5l j,000 to be located in Bergen and Essex with banking and Trust Powers. For a company to manufacture silk and Cotton to be located in Essex with a capital of �200,000. For a company to manufacture Cotton and other substances to he Cash d tiie Globe Mill and located at Patterson with a capital of �75,0ij0, and Liberty to inc lease it to �150,000. For a company to raise Mulberry Trees and manufacture silk with a capital of of Jolo dollars and Liberty to in Orcas a it to �?�ij0,000 dollars to be located at or a company for general manuf alluring Pur Joss to be located at Burlington. For a company to raise beets and manufacture sugar therefrom with a capital of 100,000 dollars ind Liberty to increase it to 200 0li0 dollars to pc located at Burlington. Tho pay of Gen. Evens who commit ads the British legion in Spain is 40,000 reals per month and 12 rations daily equal to four Spanish Field marshals or captains generals. Or. Balling a chemist at Prague has invented a Mode of making Beer out of t is of the Colour of wine and very palatable. No less than 11,000 men arc employed of the London and Birmingham rail head. Or. Ocker Hill at his manufactory in eng and is making 27 steam engines for the beet Root manufacture ind 30 steam carriages All for Russia. The Bank of England directors on the 1st. Of sep cml or resolved to raise the rate of interest on Bills and notes discounted to five per cent. The Manchester musical festival commenced on the 12l.h. There were nearly 400 musical performers present the number of auditors on the i4th, morning and evening at the Church were 2500 to 3000, and the theatre was crowded to overflowing. The receipts of the 14th were �13,000. An Armyo Spanish flies almost As forcible the locusts Lave visited a portion of Belgium from the Southern parts of France and done great mischief to the crops. The new Steamer Unicorn in the line Between Liverpool and Glasgow is greatly extolled. She has two engines each 130 horse Power. There Are Many decided improvements in the Interior arrangements and 60 Beds with sofa berths. Total Cost 27,0001. News has reached Holland of the loss of he dutch indiaman Judal Karen on the 8th of january 25 Miles from the Island of Mangean of 300 Persona of a 63 were saved on a Laft. To

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