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Logansport Canal Telegraph (Newspaper) - May 14, 1836, Logansport, Indiana - 4 is by s. Lasselle amp j. B. Dillon vol. 2.looan8port, Indiana saturday May 14, 188�. A tale of horror. The following narrative of the massacre of Coli it Ade and his companions was taken Doivan a officer of Tampa tay from the lips of Rawson Clarke one of the three soldiers who tit trived that horrid butchery. It first appeared in the Portland courier. Although it does not differ materially from the published accounts its particularity invests it with a thrilling interest. After describing the Early stages of the March he thus proceeds a Baltimore chronic it War eight o clock. Suddenly i heard a Rifle shot in the direction of the advanced guard and this was immediately followed by a Musket shot from that Quarter. Captain Fra ser had Rode by me a moment before in that direction. I never saw him afterwards. 1 Iliad not time to think of the meaning of these a hots before a Volley As if from a thousand rifles was poured in upon us from the front and nil along our left flank. 1 looked around me and it seemed As if 1 was the Only one left standing in the right Wing. Neither could i until several other follies had been fired at us see an enemy and when i did i could Only see their Hea is and arms peeping out from the Iong grass far and near and from the Pine to is. The ground seemed to me an open a Pine Barren no Hammock near that i could a a a. On our right and a Little to our rear iras a Large Pond of water some distance off. All around us were heavy Pine Trees very open particularly towards the left and abounding with Long Leigh gras. The first fire of the indians was the most destructive seemingly killing later disabling one half of our men. We promptly to lire ourselves behind Trees and opened a Sharp fire of musketry. I for one newer fired without seeing my Man that is his head and shoulders the indians chiefly fired lying or squatting m the grass. Lieut. Bassinger fired five or six rounds of cannister from the Cannon. This appeared to frighten quot the Indian and they retreated Over a Little i fail to oar left one half or three quarters of a mile off after having fired not More than 1 2 or 15 rounds. We immediately to lion began to fell Trees and erect a Little triangular breastworks. A some of up went Forward to gather the cat Ridge boxes from the dead and to assist the wounded. 1 had seen major Dade fall to the ground by the first Volley and his horse dashed into the midst of the enemy. Whilst gathering the cartridges i saw i Jet. Mudge sitting with his Back reclining against a tree his Bead fallen and evidently dying. I spoke to him but he did not answer. The interpreter i Ouis it is said fell by the first fire. We have since Learned that this Fillow slammed dead that his life was afterwards spared thro the intercession of the chief jumper and that being an educated negro he read All the despatches and letters Liat were found about the dead to the victors we had barely raised our breast work knee High when we again saw the indians advancing in great numbers Over the Hill to our left. They came on boldly till within a Long Musket shot where they spread themselves from tree to tree to surround us. We immediately a extended As Light infantry covering ourselves by the Trees and opening a brisk fire from cannot and musketry. The former i Don t think could have done much mischief the indians were so scattered. Capt. Gardner Lieut. Bassinger and or. Gatlin were tiie Only officers left unhurt by the Volley which killed col. Dade. Lieut. Henderson had his left Arm broken but he continued to Load his Musket and to fire it resting on the stump until he was finally shot Down towards the close of the second attack and during the Day he kept up his spirits and checked the men. Lieut. Keys had both his arms broken in the first attack they were bound up and Slung in a handkerchief and he sat for the remainder of the Day until he was killed reclining against the breastworks his head often reposing upon it regardless of every thing that was passing around him. A our men were by degrees All Cut Down. We had maintained a steady fight from 8 until 2 p. M. Or thereabouts and allowing three quarters of an hour interval Between the first and second attack had been pretty busily engaged for More than 5 hours. It. B. Was the Only officer left alive and he severely wounded. He told me As the indians approached to Lay Down and feign himself dead. I looked through the logs and saw the Savages approaching in great numbers. A heavy made Indian of Middle stature painted Down to the Waist corresponding in description to Micanopy seemed to be the chief. He made them a speech frequently pointing to the breastworks. At length they charged upon the work a there was none to offer resistance and they �?8id not seem to suspect the wounded being alive offering no Vindigni but stepping about care flux quietly stripping off or account re and carrying away our jul they Inq retired in a body in the Dir tion from the Heads of All who showed the least sign of life with their axes and knives and accompanying their bloody work with obscene and taunting decisions and with frequent cries of quot what have you got to sell quot quot Lieut. hearing the negroes butchering the wounded at length rang up and asked them to spare his life. They met him with the blows of their axes and their fiendish laughter. Having been wounded in five different places myself i was pretty Well covered with blood and two scratches that i had received in my head gave to me the appearance of having been shot through the brain for the negroes after catching me up by the heels threw me Down saying quot dan him he s dead enough quot they stripped my of my clothes shoes and hat and left me. After stripping All the dead in this manner they trundled off the Cannon in the direction the indians had gone and went away. I saw them first shoot Down the oxen in their Geer and Burn the Wagon. One of the other soldiers who Esry Ped says they threw the Cannon into the Pond and burned its Carriage also. Shortly after the negroes went away one Wilson of capt. G s. Company crept from under some of the dead bodies amp hardly seemed to be Hurt at All. He asked me to go with him Back to the fort and i was going to follow him when As he jumped Over the breastworks an Indian sprang from behind a tree and shot him Down. 1 then Lily quiet until 9 o clock that night when de Cony the Only living soul beside myself and 1 started upon our journey we knew it was nearest to go to fort King but we did not know the Way and we had seen the enemies Retreat in that direction. As i 1 saw or. G. Lying stripped amongst the dead. The last i saw of him whilst living was kneeling behind the breastworks with two double barrel guns by him and he said quot Well 1 have got four barrels for them quot capt. G. Alter being severely wounded cried out "1 can give you no More orders my lads do your Best quot i last saw a negro spurn his body say ing with an oath a that s one of their g. Was dressed in Soldier s clothes my Comrade and myself got along quite Well until the next Day alien we met an Indian on horseback and with a Rifle coming up the our Only Chance was to separate we did so. Took the right and he the left of the Road. I the Indian pursued him. Shortly afterwards i heard a Rifle shot and a Little after another. I concealed myself among some scrub and Low Palmetto and after awhile saw the Indian pass looking for me. Suddenly however he put spurs to his horse and went off at a Gallop towards the Road. 1 made something of a circuit before i struck the beaten track again. That night i was a Good Deal annoyed by the wolves who had scented my l Lood and came very close to me the next Day the 3i the i reached the fort. Texas. Declaration of Independence. The unanimous declaration of Independence made by the delegates of the people of Texas in general convention made at the town of Washington on the 3d Day of March 1836. When a government has ceased to protect the lives Libert from whom its and property of the people legitimate. Powers Are derived it enc they come. upon their ref sat forty horseback galloped ipad alight their beasts and commenced Wilh Hort shouts and yells the Mitch err. Of the of Laded together kith an ? do re ripping the Midies of the Fead of watches and Wunej and splitting and for the advancements of whose happiness it was instituted and so far from being a guarantee for the enjoyment of those inestimable and unalienable rights becomes an instrument in the hands of evil rulers for their oppression when the Federal Republican Constitution o their country which they have sworn to support no longer has a substantial existence and the whole nature of their government has been forcibly charged without their consent from a restricted federative Republic com posed of Sovereign states to consolidate Central military despotism in which every interest is disregarded but that of the army and the Priesthood both the eternal enemies of civil Liberty the Ever ready minions of Power and the usual instruments of tyrants. When Long after the spirit of the Constitution has departed moderation at length so far lost l y those in Power that even the semblance of Freedom is removed and the Farn it ers themselves of the Constitution discontinues and so far Back from their petition and remonstrances being regarded the agents who Bear them Are thrown into dungeons a and mercenary armies sent Forth to Force a new government upon them at the Point of the Bayonet. When in consequence of such acts of i malfeasance and abdication on the part of the government monarchy prevails and civil society is dissolved into its original element to in such a crisis the first Law of nature the right of self preservation the inherent and inalienable right of the people to Appeal to first principles and take their polio tical affairs into their own hand in extreme cases enjoins it As a right towards thems4ve6rand a sacred Obi Gatipon to their posterity to Abol ish sikh govern Dot no it and create Othier in its Steart cacti rated to Rescue thed tron i impending Daft hrs and to secary tji Pir future welfare and a piness. Nuoi Osjas we Unis for the to the tub Ltd opinion to Mankind. X statement of a part of quot our Era la i la itt Tojo Imper a justification of the hazardous but unavoidable step now taken of severing our political connection with the mexican people and assuming an Independent Altitude among the nations of the Earth. The mexican government by its colonization Laws invited and induced the Anglo american population of Texas to colonize the wilderness under the pledged Faith of a written Constitution that they should continue to enjoy that constitutional Liberty and Republican government to which they had been habituated in the land of their birth the United state of America. In this expectation they have been cruelly disappointed a As the mexican nation has acquiesced in the late changes made in the government by general Antonio Lopez de nta Anna overturned the Constitution of this country now offers us the cruel alternative either to abandon our own Homes acquired by so Many privations or submit to the most intolerable of All tyranny the combined despotism of the sword and the Priesthood. It has sacrificed our welfare Lor the state of Coahuila by which our interest have been continually depressed though a jealous and partial course of legislation carried on at a far Distant seat of government by a hostile majority in an unknown Tongue and this too notwithstanding we have petitioned in the humblest terms for the establishment of a Seper the state government and have in accordance with the provisions of the National Constitution presented to the general Congress a Republican Constitution which was without just cause contemptuously rejected it incarcerated in a Dungeon fora Long time one of the citizens for no other cause but a zealous Endeavor to the acceptance of our Constitution and the establishment of state government. It Lias failed and refused to secure on a firm basis the right of trial by jury that palladium of civil Liberty and Only Safe ii grantee for life Liberty and property of the citizen. It has lii led to establish any Public system of education although possessed of Means almost boundless the Public Domain and although it is an axiom in political science that unless a people Are educated and enlightened it is Idle to except the continuance of civil quot Liberty othe capacity for self government it has suffered the military commandant stationed amongst us to exercise arbitrary acts of oppression and tyranny thus trampling upon the most sacred rights of the citizen and rendering the military Superior to the civil Power. It has dissolved by Force of arms the state Congress of Coahuila and Texas and obliged our representatives to Fly for their lives from the seat of government thus depriving us of the fundamental political right of representation. It has demanded the surrender of a number of our fellow citizens and ordered military detachments to secure and carry them into Interior for trial in contempt of the civil authority and in Defiance of the Laws of the Constitution. It has made piratical attacks upon our Commerce by commissioning foreign desperadoes and authorizing is of our citizens to far Distant ports for confiscation. It denies us the right of Woi shiping the almighty according to the dictates of our conscience by the support of a National religion calculated to promote the temporal interest of its human functionaries rather than the Gary of the True and living god. It has demanded us to deliver up our arms which Are essential to our defence the rightful property of Freeman and formidable Only to tyrannical government. It has invaded our country both by sea and land with intent to Lay waste our territory and drive us from our Homes and has now a Large mercenary army advancing to carry on against us a War of extermination. It has through its emissaries incited the merciless , with the Tomahawk and scalping knife to massacre the inhabitants of our defenceless front Iris. It has been during the whole time of our connexion with it the contemptible sport and victim of successive military resolutions and has continually exhibited every characteristic of a weak corrupt and tyrannical government. These and other grievances were patiently borne by the people of Texas until they reached that Point at which forbearance ceases to be a virtue. We then took up arms in defence of the National Constitution. We appealed to our mexican brethen for assistance. Our Appeal has been made in vain though months have elapsed Hosy pathetic response has yet been heard from the Interior. We Are therefore forced to the melancholy conclusion that the mexican people have acquiesced in the a trip action of a military government that they Are unt to free and incapable of Adf govt nine nor the a Necess Ity of self pro surf Avion ref now Deeff yes our eternal Piteau we there forc the delegates with Powers of tiie people of Lye a 19 so mention assembled Appici Aluig to a a Aid world for is of ii a a oddity a al do hereby resolve and decl connexion with the mexican nation has forever ended and that the people of Texas do now constitute a free soverign and Independent Republic and Are fully invested with All the rights and attributes which properly belong to Independent nations signers names Richard Ellis president. Municipality of austins a. B. Stewart t. Barret. Brazoria Edwin Wall James Collingsworth j. S. Borum Asa Brigham Bexar Francisco Rouis Antonio Navarro j. B. Badger. Co Loradah a. D. Lacy William Menifee. Gonzalez a. Fisher m. Caldwell. Goliad William Mottley. Harrisburg Lorenze de Zavala. Jaspers. H. Everett Geo. W. Smith. Jackson Elijah Stepp. Jefferson Claiborn West William b. Scates m. Menard a. B. Hardin. Mina a. A Benton e. J. Gazlay r. M. Coleman. Matagorda b. Haridman. Milam a. C. Robertson Geo. C. T Hildress. Nacogdoches Robert Potter Thomas j. Rusk. Pecan Point Robert Hamilton Colin m. King Albert h. Latimore. Refugio James Power Samuel Houston David Thomas Edward Conrad. San Augustin be. O. Wegand Martin farm s. M. Blount Sabine James Gaines William Clarke Jun Shelby Sydney c. Pennington William c Craw lord. San Patricios John Turner b. B Goodrich Jesse Grimjes j. G. Swisher a w Barnett. The Mother of Napoleon. Letters from Europe Render it certain tha the Mother of Napoleon is dead. She was eighty five years old and has resided for the last Twenty years at Rome where her brother. Cardinal Fesch yet lives and some other members of the Bonaparte family. Madame Mother As she was commonly and aptly cal cd was fondly attached to the once Queen 01 Westphalia latterly entitled Duchess Mon fort daughter of the King of Wurtemburg and wife of Jerome Bonaparte by whc8 death lately the Mother of the Bonaparte has tio doubt been much affected and it is probable that the demise of the daughter in Law thus bereaved of one of her most cherished Connexions. Few if any More remarkable and exemplary woman have lived than the Mother of Napoleon. It has been stated by respectable historians that she was taken in Travail while at Church and that he was bom on the carpet without assistance. There is reason to doubt this Story but the life of movement exposure and hardship she led during the troubles of Corsica while he was still in her Boson prepared and inured him in embryo for the career of and conture of warfare and of Chance to which he was destined. Madame Laetitia left a widow when yet Young by the death of her husband Charles Bonaparte gave being not Only to the greatest Man of modern Europe but to four sons and four daughters All distinguished by their talents their personal attractions and their astonishing Elevation. The emperor scarcely towered More in the Field of Battle than his Sisters in the drawing room. The Mother who lived to see nearly All these eight children Kings and Queens never was betrayed by Prosperity into Pride or by adversity into humiliation. Always unassuming and amiable at the height of Fortune she was constantly mindful of its uncertainty while in the utmost distress of her family she maintained the Noble Fortune loftiness and dignity of the head of such a race. In her latter years of retirement and pious resignation she suffered with unshaken firmness though with deep emotion the untimely deaths 01 her grandson the Only child of Napoleon and of another the eldest son of Louis Bonaparte married to the younger daughter of Joseph two of the most promising Young men of their age both taken off like the son of Eugene Beauharnois married to the Queen of Portugal so unaccountably As to excite suspicions that these offspring of a new hot formidable House fell victims to the darkened desperate purpose of legitimacy to suppress a dynasty rising from the sovereignty of the people. The remaining scions of this Stock Are the surviving and Only son of Louis Bonaparte and Hortensia Beauharnois intimately connected with the Royal family of Bavaria and two sons of Jerome Bonaparte and the Princess of Wurtemburg Allied to most of the crowned Heads of Europe and standing in near succession by what is considered the divine right of Kings to the thrown of great Britain the Mother of the Immerm Napoleon As Lafayette called him was the object of his warmest attachment and never failing Devotion. She might have been loaded with titles and riches if covetous of them but the simple appellation of Madame Mother was her Only title and although legitimate malice has continually magnified her wealth she will be found to have died As she lived in moderate circumstances. Young and handsome when her widowhood began calumny has never even in ted to question her irreproachable pc a esd cation and Tvelia re of hex modern is into rested Ness to of till. F a i promising consistency and i diag Anim ii in their reverses crowned her Lile and were its enl Crown a Serene death doting each a life full 6f Yein acid Donie Tife Virtu to indicates the Pitak which fwd us pronounce on the Mother of Napoleon. The Yankee out pin amp the georgian constitutionalism a daily psf per printed at Augusta Georgia states tits he subscription to the Stock of a Cert Aili Cor oration six persons continued to subscribe for about a Thoits and shades although by la Only Twenty shares could be subscribed by it individual. Their plan of operations was thai i each individual subscribed his Twenty share a then by conjunction of their names As finn of two and three partners each and to al Osing the names a sufficient number of tim they formed or a big a firms and subscribed in the names of these terms to four Hundred Bott it Sand dollars Worth of Stock. The Coom Sik sinners for distributing the Stock Obj cute taking the subscriptions but the gentle Menill listed and being lawyers took out a Precept from court to compel the commissioners to accede to their demands. The judge before whom the Case was examined decided that notwithstanding a regular Copartnership of each firm was proved and the articles exhibited to him there was an evident evasion of the Law in the Case and the six India Dudt could Only take the Twenty shares each As stated in the act of incorporation. This is equal to the Best Story Ever rely ted of a Yankee although its birth place Georgia. A strange circumstance lately occurred at Breslau m Prussia. Some weeks ago a nun belonging to the ursuline Convent in the cite died As it was supposed and was As usual placed in the Church. While the Sisters were employed in singing the usual vigils for her she suddenly Rose from her coffin for proceeded with tottering Steps towards the a if and there falling on her Knees began to Pray in a. Loud voice. The nuns dread Billy alarmed. Ran to Wake the abbess who at first would not believe what they told her but at last Persuad e d to go to the Church where she saw. The a Naif who was Prang Rise from her place before the alter an returned to her coffin where Lale Lay Down and closed her eyes. A a a ties immediately sent for a physician but when he arrived the nun was de Oehma paper. Steam boat sunk. The Memphis Gazette of the 14fh fnit�8ftiti quot it was stated Here yesterday morning a gentleman from across the River that of. Ackson one of the engineers of the Public. Road on the opposite Side of the River slow thai Stern of a steam boat sticking out of the water which had just sunk her passengers were a ashore just above the Point which is iii sight of this place. We presume it is the wieck of the Baltic. She left our warfnbout4oc�z�ek�p p. M. Tuesday last. The Michigan followed directly after which we suppose took her a sengers. Her cargo must have been Revenue of Massachusetts the greater portion of the Revenue of Massachusetts is derived from a tax on Banks. The Revenue or the current year is four Hundred and eight to thousand dollars of which three Hundred and five thousand is from the Bank tax. The auction tax yields five thousand dollars. The expenses for the current year Are five hut quot dred and thirty eight thousand dollars. Unwise angry Man who sett his own House of it fire in order that he Inay Burn that of his neighbor. The envious Man a who cannot enjoy life because others do the robbery who for the Corfis iteration of a few dollars gives the world Liberty to hang him. The hypochondriac a whose highest pleasure consists in rendering himself miserable. The jealous Many who poisons his own banquet and then eats of it. The misery who starves himself to death in order that his heirs May feast. The slanderers who Tell Tain for the Sake of giving his enemy an Opportunity to prove him a liar. New specie of wheat a a new specie of wheat has been discovered in France which promises to be an invaluable acquisition to to agricultural Iri terest. It is said to Ripen in 70 Days from the sowing and to give three crops in the year As it grows equally Well in All sea. Sons. We Hope some of our seeds i ii Urilt Avail themselves of it by an Early in. Stillwell has introduced i tion in the common Council of new i declaring the opinion of that body a t Commonwealth of Texas is a free Sovy and Independent state and in her Inte Russhie with nations should be considered As Sumbi quot the Washerwoman in Nova Scotia Nar the Coal mines dig a Small Bole in the ground at the Side of the River through this the Gas is sues in such quantities As to boil the Whf Rin their Ketiku. An Tunisia a Down East quot at a it Ltd Maine real a severe Bruise int to face from a parasol Oom he Haidl Ndelo accosted a. A ,

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