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Logansport Canal Telegraph (Newspaper) - January 2, 1836, Logansport, Indiana By s. Lasselle amp j. B. Dillon vol. A. / /9 rep saturday Jan. 1886. No. 25.president s message. Fellow citizens of the Senate and House of representative continued we Are happily at peace with All the world. A sincere desire to continue so and a fixed determination to give no just ii use of offence to other nations furnish unfortunately no certain ground of expectation that this relation will be uninterrupted. With this determination to give no offence is ass dated a Resolution equally decided tamely to submit to none. The Armor and the attitude of defence afford the Best Security against those collisions which tie ambition or interest or some other passion of nations not More justifiable is liable to produce. In Many countries it is considered unsafe to put arms into tiie hands of the people and to instruct them in the elements of ithary knowledge. That Feur Cui have no place Herc when it is recollect cd that the people Uro the Sovereign Power. Our government was iii tilled and is Sun it ported by the ballot Box not by the Musket. Whatever changes await it Siili greater cling is must be made a our social institutions before our political system can yield to Ali Sical Force in every inspect tii Refore in which 1 can View tiie a abject 1 am impressed with the importance of a prompt and Elii client organization of the m Liliu the plan of removing the al Origi tial people Wiio yet remain within the settled portions Oft lie United suites to the country West of the Mississippi River approaches its coins Tenma tion. It a ii copied on the most mature consideration of the condition of this race and ought to be persisted in till the object is accomplished and prosecuted wit ii As much vigor As a just regard to their circumstances will permit and As fast As their Consoni can be obtained. All preceding experiments for the improvement of the indians have failed. It seems now to be an established fact trial they cannot live in Contact with a civilized Community and Prosper. Ages of quot Xirui Iless endeavours have at length brought us to a knowledge of this principle of iii ten Omnus indication wit ii them. The past we cannot recall l it tie future we can provide for. Independen in of the treaty stipulations into we iii we have entered with the various tribes j or the Usu ii ii teary Rigits the live ceded to us no one can Doul t llie moral Dut it Oft lie govt Anneni of the United states to protect and if possible to preserve Ltd Peipei Uati the scattered remnants of this race which Are left within our Borders. In the Disei Large of this duty an extensive Region in the West has l een assigned or their permanent residence. It has been divided into districts and allotted among them. Is any have already removed and others Are preparing to go and Witt the exception of two Small bands living in Ohio and , not exceeding tifi een it mired persons and of the Liero Kees All the tribes on the East Side of tiie Mississippi and extending from Lake i Clingan to Florida have entered into engagements which will Lead to their transplantation. The plan for to Weir removal and re establish tent is founded upon the knowledge we have gained of their Cliar Acter and habits and has been dictated by a spirit of enlarged liberally. A territory exceeding in extent that relinquish ii a has been granted to each tribe. Of its Cli mate Fertility and capacity to support an population the representations Are highly favourable. To these districts the indians Are removed at the expense of the untitled slates and with certain supplies of clothing arms ammunition and other indispensable articles 4hey Are also furnished gratuitous with provisions for the period of a year after their arrival at their new limes. In that time from the nature of the country and of the products raised by them they can subsist themselves by agricultural labor if they choose to resort to that Mode of life. 1 f they do not they Are upon the Skirls of the great Prairies where count-4ess herds of Buffalo roam and a Short time us ices to adapt their own habits to tie cd Aiges Avrich a change of the animals destined for their food May require. Ample arrangements have also been made for the support of schools. In some instances Council ii uses and churches Are to be erected dwellings constructed for the chiefs and Mills for common use. Funds have been set apart for the maintenance of the poor. The most necessary mechanical arts have been introduced and blacksmiths gunsmiths wheelwrights millwrights amp a. Are supported among them. Steel and Iron and sometimes Salt Are purchased for them and ploughs and other farming utensils Domestic animals looms spinning who is cards &c., Are presented to Tom. And besides these beneficial Arnn cements annuities Are in All a cases paid amounting in some instances to Jomwe than thirty dollars for each individual of the tribe and in All cases sufficiently great if justly divided and prudently expended to enable them in addition to their own exertions / to live comfortably. And As a stimulus for exertion it is now provided by Law that quot in All cases of the appointment of interpreters or other persons employed for the Benefit of the indians a preference shall be Given to persons of Indian descent if such can be found who Are properly qualified for the discharge of the Shieb Are the arrangements for the physical Comfort and for the moral improvement of the indians. The necessary measures for their political advancement and for their separation from our citizens have not been neglected. The pledge of the United states has been Given by Congress that the country destined for the residence of this people shall be forever a secured and guarantied to a country West of Missiouri and Arkansas has been ii Sigried to them into which the White settlements Are not to be pushed. No political communities can be formed in that extensive Region except those which Are established by the indians themselves or by the United states for them and with their concurrence. A Barrier has thus been raised for their Protection against the encroachments of eur citizens and guarding the indians As far As Possi lle from those evils which have brought Vliem to their present condition. Summary a Tizor Ity has been Given by Law to destroy All ardent spirits found in their country with out waiting tiie doubtful result and slow process Ofa Leggy i seizure. 1 consider the absolute and unconditional interdiction of this article among Toliese people As the first and great step in their me Hora lion. Hall Way measures will answer no purpose. These cannot Succes Lluy contend Gamst the cupidity of llie seller and the overpowering appetite of the buyer. And the destructive Etc cts of the Frallic Are marked in every Page of the history of our Indian Intercourse. Some general legislation seems necessary for the regulation of tie relations which will exist in this new state of things Between the government and people of rhe United states and these transp ined Indian tribes and for the establishment among the latter and wit i their own consent of some principles of intercommunication which their juxtaposition will Call for that moral May be substituted for physical Force the authority Ofa few and simple Laws for the Tomahawk and that an anti May be put to those bloody wars whose prosecution seems to have made part of la Weir social system after the further details of this arrangement Are completed with a very general supervision Over them they ought to be left to the pro Gress of events. These 1 indulge the Hope will secure their Prosperity and Ginipro Mcmeni and a Large portion of the moral debt we owe them will then be paid. The Leport from the Secretary of the Navy showing the condition of that Branch Ollie Public service is recommended to your special attention. It appears from it Liat our naval Force at present in commission with All the activity which can be Given to in is inadequate to the Protection of our rapidly increasing Commerce. This consideration and the More general one which regards this Armol tie National defence As our Best Security against foreign aggressions strongly urge llie continuance of the measures which i promote its gradual enlargement and a speedy increase of a the Force which has been heretofore employed abroad and at Home. You will perceive from the estimates which appear in he report of the Secretary of the Navy that tiie expenditures necessary to this increase of its Brce though of considerable amount Are Small compared with the benefits which they will secure to the country. As a Means of strengthen King this National Arm 1 also recommend to your particular attention the propriety of the suggestion which attracted the consideration of Congress at its last session respecting the enlistment of to s at a suitable age in the service. In this manner a Nursery of skills d and Able bodied seamen can be established which will be of the greatest importance. Next to the capacity to put afloat and Arm the requisite number of ships is the Possession of the Means to Man them sufficiently and nothing seems better calculated to Aid this object than the measure proposed. As an auxiliary to the advantages to be derived from our extensive commercial Marin it would furnish us with a resource ample enough for All the Chi Goncus a Biclie can be anticipated. Considering the state of our resources it cannot be doubted that whatever provision the liberality and Wisdom of Congress May now adopt with a View to the perfect organization of this Brantli of our service will meet the approbation of All classes of our citizens. By the report of the Post ister general it appears that the Revenue of that department during the year ending on the 3 the of june last exceeded its accruing responsibilities $i36,tit 6, and that the surplus of the present fiscal year is estimated at .f47g, 2 37. It further appears that the debt of the department on the 1st Day of july last including the a the Bank debt and most of the other debt will probably be paid in april next leaving thereafter a heavy amount to be applied in extending the mail facilities of the country. Reserving a considerable sum for the improvement of existing mail routes it is stated that the department will be Able to sustain with perfect convenience an annual charge of a 30� ,0 0 tor the support of new routes to commence As soon As they can be established and put in operation. The measures adopted by the Post master general to bring the Means of the department into action and to etl oct a speedy extinguish ment of its debt As a veil As to produce an Eili client administration of ils affairs will be found detailed at length in his Able and Luminous report. Aided by a Reorg uii nation on the Prin Ciple suggested and such Provis on in the Laws regulating Dies As the Wisdom of Congress May do ise or approve that important department will soon attain a degree of usefulness to the increase of our population and the Extension. Of our settlements. Particular site Nikon is solicited to that portion Oft lie report of the Post i it ister Genus ii which relates to the Carriage of the mails Otlie u. S. Upon rail roads constructed by Pii Vite corporate oils under the authority of tik everal Iju ites. Tiie Reliance Wirich tie eral government can place on triese roads is a Means of carrying in its operations and tie principles on we iii the use of them is to Sci obtained cannot Loo soon be c ii Sideres and settled. Already does the spirit of monopoly begin to exit bit its natural propensities in attempts to extract fron the Public Forse Vicci which in supposes cannot be obtained on other terms the nost extravagant if these claims be persisted in the ques Ion May arise whether a of Ciao jus acting under characters of iii corporation to void the states and. By a Dii act refusal or the demand of an Price exclude tie u. Stales from tie use of Tuc Stab honed Channel of comm i cation but Weed tiie dither Cut sections of the country and whether the United a sales cannot Willious transcending their con Powers secure to the Post Otyce department the use of Liose roads by an Aci of Congress which shall provide with in i sell some equitable Mode of Aljus Linig tiie Anion no of compensation. To obviate if possible tiie necessity of consider iii this question it is suggested whether it be not Enji Edinel to fix a , the amounts Wirich shall be Oil Rcd to rail Road companies tor the conveyance of the mails graduated according to their average weight to be ascertain Ami declared by the i Ost master general. It is j ii al la that a Lili eral proposition of that sort would be accepted. In connection with these provision in rela lion to the i Ost Oitice de i a Piunt 1 a quot st Abo invite your attention to the painful excited ii produced in the South by attempts to ii curate tii Rouglin the mails Aji peals addresses to the passions of the slaves in prints ind in various sorts of publications Cali us Ile i to Sling late them to i Sui i dec Tina and to pro Duce All t be horrors Ofa Servil War. There is doubtless no of our countrymen who can be so far misled to Fei i any Osiier Selim Gress to the subject and especially Surgest the propriety of passing such a Law As will prohibit under severe penalties the circulation in the Southern slates through the mail of incendiary publications intended to instigate the slaves to insurrection. I Felt it to be my duty in the first message which i communicated to Congress to urge a on its Alt lion the propriety of amending that part of the ont Tulion which provides for the election of the president and the. Vice i resident of the United states. The leading object which i had in View was the adoption of some new provisions Whilt a would secure to to in people the Perl romances of this High Duy without any intermediate Agency. In my an Nual communications since i have enforced the Samo views sincere conviction tha the Best interest of tie country would be promoted by heir adoption. If tic subject were in Ordinary one i should have regarded the failure of Congress to act upon its an Indica Ion of that the vhf iii belong to the present system were not to great As t Iose which would result from any Ataii Iahlo Susti Ute thai had been submitted to la Weir . Recollecting however that propositions to a new feature in our fundamental Laws cannot be too patiently examined and ought not to be received with favor until the great body of the people Are by impressed with their necessity and Vahric As a n indy for re al evils 4 Leel Inal in renewing the re 1 Lave heretofore made on this sul it Jet. 1 am not the Bounds of a just def Rem e to the sense of Congress or to the Disi 0�ilion of the people. However much we May differ in the Choice of the measures which should guide the administration of government Tipiere can be but Little doubt in the minds of those who Are really Friendly to the rep Lili can features of our system that one of is most important s rarities consists in the Separ i Cion of the i Ingi Stative and executive Powers at the same time that each is held Ressio Sihle i of the great soil acc of we Ich is acknowledged to be us ireme in the will of the people caressed. My re election and experience satisfy me that the framers of the Constitution Alt Nougie they were anxious to Mark this feature As a settled u1.1 fixed principle in the str Caire of the go a raiment did not adopt All the j re Caulion lat were necessary to secure its practical Observance and that we cannot be said to have married into Complete cd Lect their intent iii until the evils which arise from this Chect an remedied. Co the great extent of our conned racy like rapid increase of ils to Ulalio ii. Lul the diversity of their interests and per Uit it cannot he disguised that the Coilin int than Lylial Findig mount due to contractors for the Quarter then just expired was about .$1,004,381, exceeding the available Means about.$-23,700 and that on the 1st inst., about a j 7, 77 of this debt had been paid .109,91 out of postage accruing before july and .$187,080 out of postage accruing since. In these payments Are included .�07,000 of the old due to Banks. After making these payments the department had �73,000 in Bank on the is inst. The pleasing Assurance is Given that the department is entirely free from embarrassment and that by collecting of outstanding balances and using the current surplus the remaining portion of Nant regret at conduct so destruct ivc to the Harmony and peace of the country and so repugnant to the principles of our National com pact and to the dictates of humanity and religion. Our happiness and ii essentially d Pend us ii peace Titian our Borvd a and peace dip Kiili Iijima tic maintain ance in Good Laititi of lii Osc s of the up ii iii ii tile lii non is fouled. It is fortunate for the country that the goo sense the generous i eel iii and the deep rooted Allach enl of the people of the non slave to the Union and to their Fol Low citizens of the same blood in the South have Given so Strong and impressive a tone to tiie sentiments entertained against the proceedings of the misguided persons who have engaged in these unconstitutional and wicket i Lemi to and especially against the emissaries Tom Loreign parts who have dared to interfere in this matter As to authorize the Liujie that these attempts will no longer be persisted in but if these expressions of the Public will Shal not to effect so desirable a result not a doubt can be entertained that the non slave holding slates so far from count enhancing the slightest interference with the Constitution al rights of the South will be prompt to Cher Cise to Weir authority in suppressing so far As in them us whatever is calculated to produce this evil. In leaving the care of other branches of this interesting subject to the state authorities to whom they properly belong it is nevertheless proper tor Congress to take such measures iii prevent the Post. Slice depart Merit Wiric was designed to i Steran an Cable Intercourse and correspondence Between All the member of the conic Cracy from being used As an in slur Incipit of an opposite character. Tiie general government to which the great Trust in confided of preserving inviolate the created among the states by the Cousin tuition is especially bound to avoid in i s own action any thing that May disturb them. 1 would therefore Call the Especial attention of con organi your attention is also invited to the defects which exist in the judicial system of the United states. As at present organized the states of the Union derive unequal advantages from the Federal judiciary which have been soot ten pointed out that i deem it unnecessary to repeat them Here. It is hoped that the present ingress will extend to All the states that Equality ill resp octto the benefits of the Laws of the Union which can Only be secured by the uniformity and efficiency of the judicial system. With these observations on the topics of ii neral interest which Are deemed worthy of your consideration i leave them to your care trusting a that the legislative measures they Call for will be met As the wants and the Best interests of our beloved country demand. Andrew Jackson. Washington 7th december i 35. Affair with new York courier of saturday has the following Paia graph a most important from Are enabled to say on the authority of one of our most respectable commercial houses that a letter from London dated october 28tii, received yesterday by the Josephine states that a demand had been made by our Char ii Dwilis Wircs on the French government for the payment of the instalments due the unit d slates As settled by the indemnity a aty. That a Lonski conference was in con Sewik Nee held Between the president of the Domicil the Duke de Broglie and the minister of i snare m. Lumann and that on the a uth a refusal was communicated to our ii arc and a Fiill and explicit explanation of the president s message capital punishment. Tho legislature of Maine has substituted imprisonment for life in the place of capital Puii ashment. The committee who reported on the subject came to the following conclusions. Quot isl. Capital a mis ments Are not enjoined upon us in a scripture so As to impose an obligation or their continuance. "2d. The spirit of tiie gospel most clearly forbids the infliction of any punishment having ils foundation in the spirit of revenge. 3d. Government Lias no moral right to take life unless it be very Clear that the Public safety imperiously d mands it. Atli. The Public safely in this state docs not demand the taking of life in tin e of peace and hence we have no moral Rig lit to do a Cinfy l y iii ii Oik Brantli of the i Egi Lati c to Foi in itself ill o an Ekic toral College Cali lol become one of Ordinary occurrence m Atli oat producing incalculable i i Lief. What Vas intended As the Medicine of the Coli Slit Ion in extreme cases cannot be Fici be nil ised with out changing it Diar Acler and. Sooner or later pro in ing disorder. Livery i Lection by the House of Calives is calculated to Lessen the Force of thai curly Wirich is derived rom the distinct and a Parade character of the legislative and exec ivc functions and while it exposes each to Teni lations Adverse to their As or a port of dealing society in a Lown Down East quot one evening undertook to discuss the a Ueston whether intemperance or slavery is productive of the most evil in the United states quot a worthy Deacon contended against the Birmer proposed to show itself cts on its victims quot in quot Stop Stoja quot cried the chairman quot that s out of the United states. Ai Isof the Constitution and Laws its temp nay will be to unite both in resisting the will of to Ieuv Ople and Tylius give a direction to the Vij a government anti Republican and dangerous. La history tells us trial a free peo i should be watchful of delegated Power and should Juver acquiesce in a practice which will diminish their control Over it. This of ligation so Universal in its Applina Ion to All Princi Jiles of a Republic is peculiarly so in ours where thi formation of parties founded on sectional interests is so much fostered by the extent of our ler Tilory. These interests represented by candidates for the presidency Are constantly prone in the Zeal of party and selfish objects to generate influences unmindful of the general Good and forgetful of the restraints which the Groat body of the people would enforce if they were in no contingency to lose the Rig it of expressing their will. The experience of our country from the formation of the government to the present Day demonstrates that the people cannot too soon adopt some stronger safeguard for their right to elect the Higi Iest of tigers known to the Constitution thanks contained in the sacred instrument As it now stands. It is my duty to Call the particular attention of Congress to the present Conditi Oft of the District of Columbia. From whatever cause the great depression has Arisen which now exists in the pecuniary concerns of the citizens of this District it is Jiro per that its situation s Lould Bruml Erslon a ind such Relief or Rome i is provided As Are consistent with the Powers of Congress. 1 Earnes by recommend the Exten Tiou of every political Rigat to the citizens of tie distr ii t which their True interests require and which not conflict with the provisions of the Constitution it is i lived that tie Laws Abr the Goverio Kontof the District require re visa and amendment and that much Good May be done by modifying the penal code so As to give uniformity to its provisions. Coli act a Vas at All times less Respecta itle than Marrianie and among some nations it was attend etl with great inconveniences. The romans would not administer an oath or receive As a witness any person but what was married. The heathens detested the wrestlers gladiators musicians and dancers on account of their being single. It was on the fathers of families that Caesar bestowed All his favors. Augustus inflicted punishments on those that were unmarried. Lycurgus humbled and otherwise punished Sini Ile men. A few Days ago an englishman inboard of one Ollic Hudson River steam boats swallowed a dose of rats Bain Cut his Throat shot himself and alien jumped overboard. We do not learn that he hollered himself any further Louisville journal. Drilling holes in Bow and steel Drill kept moist with spirit rapidly drills a smooth Hole through a thick Tumbler with a broken triangular file in a very Short time. The Drill is not blunted More than it would be in piercing Iron of the same thickness As the lass. Twenty five steam boats have been or will be built by the close of the year at Cincinnati since the first of january last several of them of the larger class and principally intended for the Cotton and sugar . Price current. The receipts for sales of Public lands have amounted to the unprecedented sum of $6,-000,000, being $2,500,000 beyond the Treasury Testim ite at the commencement of the year which was supposed to be very Liberal. Wisconsin . George w. Jones has been elected Delegate to Congress from the counties composing this territory. A company called the Texas Vohu Terr Grays Sai cd Isom new Orleans for Brazoria on the 21st ult. It consists of iii rank and file. A merchant in Lee Burg advertises quot i Adios Flats and fidgets for Sale. What the Deuce Are they a

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