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Logansport Canal Telegraph (Newspaper) - February 20, 1836, Logansport, Indiana Quot iffy s. Lasselle amp j b. Dillon Mana saturday feb. To 1886. Tou trl the mysterious visitor. A ies Aon to All those incredulous people who disbelieve in ghostly visitations. �1 have a thous Iod spirits in one breast to answer Twenty thousand such As sh\k8pea.rb. Madam de shoulders the celebrated French poetess was at one time on a visit at the chateau of the count and countess de Lineville. Upon her arrival she was requested to make her Choice of All the bedrooms in the mansion one Only excepted which no one was permitted to enter As a report had been circulated that it was haunted apartment and from the strange noises that had Deen frequently heard ill it it was generally believed to be the Case by the inhabitants of the Chattou. Madame des Soulieres was no sooner made acquainted with this circumstances Tolian to the Surprise and terror of her friends she declared her intention of occupying this dreaded room in preference to any other. The count looking aghast As she disclosed this determination and in a tremulous voice ent nisted her not to be so rash Sinfie however Brave curiosity Milit at prese it m ice Lier it was prob Ible that she would p in too Dealy for its gratification. The countess observing that All her husband said failed of Intini Duling tie Hiigli spirited Madame Meshou Leix a her Persua Siou Sto divert incr Fri Oil from the Enterprise from which the bravest Man might Sli rink appalled. All the argue cents that could be or Jcj were Linsui Lucient to shake the determined purpose of the adventurer Lier courage was Superior to these representations of the Dati Gers to which Sloe was going to expose herself a cause she was convinced that Thoy must owe their colouring to superstition acting upon weak minds she entertained no Faith in the Fleshy Arm of a departed spirit and from an immaterial one her life was Safe. Her Noble Lio it and hostess pleaded pitied blamed but at length yielded to her wish of taking Possession of the haunted Chamler. Madame de shoulders found it grand and spacious the windows dark from the thickness of the Walls the Chim Nies antique and of cavernous depth. As soon As Ladante was undressed she stepped into bed ordered a Large Candle to be placed in a bracket which stood in a stand near it and Enjo ning her Femme de Chambre to shit the door securely dismissed her. Having provided Here if wit a a Book according to custom she Chanly read her usual time and then sunk to repose. She was soon roused by a noise at the door it opened and the sound of footsteps succeeded. Madame de shoulders immediate by decided that this must be the supposed i 0stand therefore addressed it with the a insurance that if it hoped to Frig Liten her from her purpose of detecting the imposter Wirich had excited such foolish alarm through oat the Castle it would find itself disappointed in the attempt for she was Resolute y Bent upon Pone rating and exposing it at All Haz Ards. No answer was returned tie threat was reiterated but All to no purpose. At length the intruder came a Contact with a Large screen which it overturned so near the believed by their Friend within Wing her cur i Ains and paying them the compliment of the a Normang with a triumphant look. She then related All that had passed with an impressive solemnity and having roused intense curiosity to know the catastrophe she said you shall no longer continue Rosity Monsieur in an illusion. Which Long indulgence has endeared to you. There pointing to Gros Blanc is the nocturnal visitor whom you have so Long taken for the ghost of your Mother quot for such tie count had it included it to be from his Mother having been the last person who died at the chateau. A i will now quot continued the heroic lady quot Complete my task and emancipate your Nind from the tackles of Superti Ibn by proving to you that All which has so Long disturbed the peace of your family has Arien from natural Madame arise and made her friends Exandine the lock of the door the Wood of which was so decayed As to Render the Locking of it useless against a very moderate degree of strength. This facility of Entrance had been evidently tie cause of Gros Blanc who liked not sleeping out of doors making Choice of this room. The rest is easily accounted for. The rest is easily accounted for Gros Blanc smelt and wih de to possess himself of the Candle in attempting a Liili he committed All the blunders and caused All the noises which had disturbed the silence of the night and he would Havet Miketi Possession of tiie Anoil e not Given the lady an of seizing iii ears. Thus Are Lije most iii do events Ina pitied into omens of fearful and supernatural Agency while the conduct of Madame de shoulders affords one example among Many others of the superiority which presence of mind courage possess Over superstition and credulity. Origin of i lants. 1 have sometimes Heird the question asked since Many of our most valuable plants and vegetables Are indigenous amongst a it whence Weie Uliey derived 1 have devoted an Idle Lour to this question and place them at your disposal thinking it might to Sibly be interesting at least to some of your readers of the Farmer. The potato is a native of South America and is still found wild in Chili i Eru amp Monte video. In its native state the Root is Small and bitter. Theli st mention of it was by an european writer in 1588, it is now spread Over the world. Wheat and Ilye originated in tartary. It is believed that wheat has Hawo. Brought by the moors into Spain and introduced into the West indies and Brazil by the spaniards and portuguese. For a Long time sugar was known in England Only As a Medicine now the consumption amounts in that country to four Hundred millions of pounds annually. Of the Flowers the tube res Carne from Java and Ceylon the Lily from Syria the Pink and Carnation from Italy the jessamine from the East and West indies and the Tulip from Cappadocia. This list might be extended but i have no More room at present. Gennesse Famer. Entangled in the curtains rings they re bed that getting which played loosely on the turned a sound so Sharp to atone under the influence of Lear would have taken it for the shrill scream of an unquiet spirit but Madame was perfectly a dismayed As she afterwards dec ared. 3n the contrary she continued to in i err Gate the nocturnal visitor whom she suspected to be one of the domestics but it still maintained an unbroken silence though nothing could be less quiet than its movements for now it ran against the stand on which stood the heavy Candle and candlestick which fell with a thundering noise. At length tired of All these exertions it came and rested a self at the foot of the bed. Madame Lesii outliers still retaining her self posse Sion immediately exclaimed a a now i shall ascertain what Tiniou Art quot at the same time she extended both her hands towards the place against which she Felt that the intruder was resting. They came in Contact with two ears soft As velvet which she firmly grasped determined to retain her hold until the morning Sli Ould lend its Light to discover to whom or to what they belonged. Day at length released her from the awkward and painful position in which she remained for Many Lour and discovered Lier prisoner to be Gros Blanc a Large dog belonging to the chateau and As worthy if Faith and honesty deserve the titles any of its inhabitants. Far from resenting the bondage in which Madame de shout hers had so Long kept him he licked her hands while she enjoyed a Hearty laugh at this ludicrous end of an adventure for the encounter of which she bad braced every nerve. In the meantime the count and countess wholly Given up to their fears had found it impossible to close their eyes during the night tli6 trial to which their Friend had exposed herself grew More terrible to their imagination the More they dwelt upon it till they at length p a shaded themselves that death would be the inevitable consequence. With these forebodings they proceeded m soon As it was Light to the ant tent of Madame de shoulders scarcely had they courage to enter tif or to speak when they had done so. Find this state of petrify option they were the Mona s hearld of Friday last contains the particulars of a very ext Ordinary event which Tias occurred in the Isle of Man. A Man and his wife arrived Early in the year 1833, on the Island from Scotland accompanied by the woman s daughter by a former husband. The child it is slated was entitled by her fathers will to the sum of 1000/., and her lir other who remained with his Tiit Lier s relation to that of Man was in narrow circumstances and it is supposed had fixed iii eyes on the child s portion. But How to gain his object was tie Puzzle. At the latter end of the year 1833, it it Little girl Avo had been her Mother s Darling sickened and after afew weeks illness to All appearance died. The body it was Hippo cd. Was buried in the Eli urch Yard of Kirk Bride the usual ceremony iia ving been performed by the Rev. Or. New son the Man As matter of course communicated the tidings of the death of the , accompanied w Ith the Clergyman s Cert Kate of tier funeral to the guardians in Scotland who were consequently bound to pay him in his wife s behalf look. Settled upon the child a t be will of the father. Whether he received the whole of the Money or not is Uncertain it is said however that received 100/., and Lefi the Island a it summer for Ireland. Suspicion seems to have existed As to the Fate of the child and the neighbors who assisted at the funeral requested the Clergyman to give them permission to open the grave. Accordingly on sunday week the Rev. Or. Nelson quot and others proceeded to the grave had it opened and r moving the lid of the Coflin found what a log of Wood which purported to form ii body and two pieces of Sticks to represent legs the Eligy was regularly Alti de in grave clothes had a Cap on the had a line Cambrick frill round the neck. What came of the Little Gil l remains to be discovered. The Herald hints , that it shall a More import int Kirifi Uench on the civilization j he Able to com tunicate the secret in its next of the world than any other Plant whatever. Reflections on marriage. Did Yonng people Only seriously consider the important change which marriage must necessarily produce in their situation Tiow much More cautious would it make them in their Choice of a companion for life what a Vail the graces of the finest figure the most captivating address or even the assemblage of All that is enchanting if the heart be depraved or the conduct imprudent the gayest associate of the convivial hour May prove the dullest and most unfit companion for the Domestic Circle and he who is never satisfied but in a crowd or when engaged in a continual round of pleasure is very unlikely to make a tender and prudent husband. Should sickness or distress draw near depend upon it he would Fly their approach. If Beauty alone excited his passion it would cease to exist when you Are deprived of those attractions upon which it was founded. If Fortune should be his inducement that will likewise soon lose its value in his sordid mind and the very person you will find who brought him the wealth for which he sighed will be the grand obstacle to its enjoyment. Too often is this unpleasant picture to be seen in Many Discon tended Liun Ilies which a Little serious reflection might have prevented from being so in Ibert Unateny realized. Never be prevailed upon to yield your affections to any one however he May Shine in the Gay circles of the world if you Are convinced that he has no relish for the enjoyment of retire d life. The Man who likes every House better than his own will scarcely take the trouble of mat it ing Home agreeable to others when it is disgusting to himself. In fact it will be the Only place in which he will give Way to or indulge in discontent and ill humor. Such people Are for Ever strangers to the dear delights of the social slate and All the real comforts of a Well regulated family. He Tiit is at Lioniel wherever he be is never at Home and he feels himself a stranger or visitor amid his closes connections. And of course May be considered As entitled to the first place in value. The Only countr where the oat is found wild is abyss an and thence May be considered As a native. Maize or Indian Corn is a native of Mexico and was unknown in Europe until after the discoveries of Columbus. Tie bread fruit tree is a native of the South sea islands particularly Ota Hette. In 1790, Captain Bligh succeeded in Devering three Hundred and fifty Trees in a flourishing state in the Brit Ash possessions in the West indies from whence they have spread to the Osiier islands. Tea is found native no where except China and Japan from Wlinich countries the world is supplied. About 30,-000,000 of pounds Are used annually in great Britian and about 8,000,000 of pounds in tie United states. The coca nut As a native of most equinoctial countries and is one of the most valuable of Trees As food clothing and shelter Are a corded by it cot fee is a native of Arabia Felix but is now spread into both the East and West indies the use of cot fee is a comparative modern practice it being wholly unknown to the greeks and romans. Many were the anathema pronounced against it on its Intro diction into England the following passage is copied from an old Sermon they cannot wait until the smoke of the infernal regions Sui i funds them but encompassed themselves with smoke of their own Accord that of tobacco and drink a Poison which god made Black that it May Bear the Devil s own the Best co foe is brought from mocha in Arabia whence a bout 14,000,000 of pounds Are exported. St. Domingo furnished from 30, to 70,000,000 of pounds yearly. All the variety of Apple Are derived from the crab Apple which is found native in most parts of the world. The peach is derived from Persia where it still grows in a native state Small bitter and with poisonous qualities. Tobacco is a native of Mexico and South America and lately one species has been found in new Holland. Tobacco was first introduced into England from North Carolina in 1588, by sir Walter Raleigh. The Quantity exported from to the United states is about two millions of pounds annually and the total value of our exports of Liis Artile is five millions. Asparagus was brought from asian cabbage and in truce irom Rolland Lorse radish from China Rice from Ethiopia and the East indies onions and garlic Are natives of various places both in Asia acid Africa. The sugar Cane is a native of China and the Art of making sugar from it has been Practised there from the remotest Antiquity. The sugar came did not Resch Arabia until the thirteenth Century acid was utterly unknown to Hee Gyp Titus jew ii a re Ekis and romans. It was a chief of the hostile Semins les the st. Augustine Herald of the 13th inst. Ives the following account of Powell the chief of the hostile Semins les and the principal instigator of and actor in the recent massacres perpetrated in that afflicted Region. Quot the character of this chief is but Little known and not Sullick gently appreciated lit is represented to be a Savage of great tact Energy of character and bold daring. The skill with which he has for a Long Tizie Man aged to frustrate the measures of our government for the removal of the indians beyond the missis Sippi entices him to be considered is Superior to Black him a. Charley Omatha a chief of the Friendly party interposed difficulties to the execution of his plans and he at once shot him. He bore an inveterate hatred to Gen. Thompson and yet he concealed his antipathies so skilful As to deceive the agent and to induce him to consider Powell As personally Friendly. Gen. Thompson fell by the hands of Powell. This Warrior chief was present three Days after at the Battle of the withal Moochy. It is proper to observe that he ought not to be called Powell that is Only a nickname. His Indian name is quot Sowri quot and by Tiit he should be distinguished. It is apprehended thar he will give the government much trouble if they do not act w Ith that decision and Energy that become the Power and Force of the country. The devastation and ruin that he has already caused will not fall Short of a million of a fierce War is carried on with France for one year about Long enough to lose Twenty millions of our property and involve us in thirty millions of expenditure will the people of the u. States then consent to explain or apologise never. Suppose War is carried on for two years at double the Cost to us will France at the end of that time sue for peace and pay us the indemnity never. Let prudent men then think Over this matter and preserve us from w in by adopting discreet doing nothing to Widen the n. Y. Star. Both hands full. Uncle Sam will be As Busy As a Bee in a Short time and make the flail Fly like Allna tur the Seminole indians must be thrashed and so must the mexicans and that before Long too. The frenchmen Are to be cooled Down or. Van Buren to be made president a by Hook or by Crooks or. White and his Crew Are to be rowed up Salt River and a very thing to be put in Nice order for my successor before the old general retires to the Hermitage and Only a year to do it in. Well there will bes me demand for newspapers for another year at . Sources of health. The preservation of heal tii mainly depends on Early rising Temperance in eating and drinking end cleanliness. These important advantages Are distributed Between the Rich and the poor in a tolerably fair proportion which May account for the apparent Seq ability in the length of life Between two states so seemingly opposite in respect of those advantages which might be thought to Conduce to the enjoyment of health and Long life. The poor have Early rising which is of the very first consequence. From this the Rich often exclude themselves because they have no obligation to compel them and because they go to bed too late. The Humble and scanty diet of the poor which they so much deplore is yet of advantage to their health though it is True As they work hard they could often Bear More substantial diet than they can generally procure. But the opposite state of the Rich is much More prejudicial to health. Their luxurious living Aad i comparative want of exercise vitiate tiie blood and Humours and lays the foundations of various complaints. From not being Able to afford suppers the poor enjoy sound rest the want of which is so much com gained of by the Rich. But the poor injure themselves materially by the use of intoxicating drinks of too inferior Quality to justify their use. The Rich use wines and other ich drinks Loo frequently and they eat More than is necessary or proper and that generally of things so artificially prepared that the simple or nutritious qualities Are to a great degree lost. The penalty. The Boston Gazette of wednesday says quot in the supreme judicial court yesterday morning Stephen Russell and Simeon l. Crockett convicted of the crime of arson were brought to the bar to receive their sentence. On the usual questions being asked whether they had any thing to say Why sentence should not be passed against them they made no reply. Chief Justice Shaw then addressed them in some very appropriate remakes on the nature of their cringe and a feeling exhortation to the discharge of the duty which remains to them and proceeded to pronounce sentence of death to be executed at such time As the executive shall appoint the King of great Britain. Or. Brooks of Portland now Nirelli in Europe gives an amusing Adreani of his disappoint Kuit in the i a Shoal appearance of his majesty William the fourth and the consequence of his rept Talican fun toes in expressing it. He says quot i soon put myself As near the a Roval presence As Ever the vulgar Herd Oil such occasions Are permitted to Comdr Here he says one Here there there s the Queen this Side that a and wives cos Herd up their husbands shoulders to get a Peep at the King and Queen. I came near getting into trouble. In my earnestness to see the show and after straining my eyes to Peep and getting u full View of ally then forgetting myself and among whom i was in my Disappio ointment at seeing so heavy a Man i exclaim cd to Niy companion quot what that stupid looking Chap there the King quot quot the King his majesty a Chap quot reiterated a Man by my mde full of Wrath As he took Down his Cap from the air and overflowing with Royal y said quot who the Devil Are you quot quot the Devil himself quot i replied with As much Good nature As i could put upon my countenance and thus by my impudence was probably saved from a Public quarrel. Here was a lesson for me. Always respect the prejudices of the people among whom you Are and never Shock them. It is stated As an extraordinary and unprecedented fact that in the late English papers that there has been no execution in i Ondon for two years and a half. It is ascribed to the King s extreme reluctance to sign death warrants. Whatever it is owing to London has certainly been very fortunate. None of our Large cities though Ogeth they not half equal the population of Lyndon Haq boast the like exemption re mailable pm crib an a. Upon the trial by court Seymour and the officers of h. B. Magesty s frigate challenger for loss of that ship mar the port of Conception on the coast of Chili the extraordinary fact quot was Given in evidence that the Lale earthquakes on the const have trans formed what was previously a current of two Miles an hour to the northward into a current of ii c Jirik Seln hour to the South awards and that the soundings along the whole coast have been materially changed. My. famous tobacconist died in new York a Short time since leaving a Fortune of More than three millions of dollars. A pretty Large void. This is the largest property that any individual has Ever been possessed of at his death in the City of new York. By the will the property was left to thirteen nephews and nieces and to Weir descendants. Theours of errors have reversed the Chancellor s Dot vision in relation to this will by which the whole is destroyed. The property now goes to the heirs at Law who Are his Brothers and Sisters. The commercial Speaks of or. L. As a an Humble in pretend ing Man of kind feelings and benevolent heart who commenced business poor my destitute. Pathetic appeals a Don t strike do be a Clever Man once said a utile ragged Dity looking Urchin who was detected by Farmer h. Stealing apples quot do be a Clever Man once for you know you never was quot absence of mind. The ii st lord Littleton was absent in company and when he fell into the River by an upset of a boat at hagley., it was said of him that he had quot sunk twice before he that he could bread the staff of life. Stopping at a place for breakfast in Savoy says Rae Wilson in his travels in Italy and France a curious specimen of the fashion of the country presented itself. We were startled by seeing a tall fellow enter the room with a bundle of rods on his shoulder which he Flung Down upon the table. We stared at him for an explanation of this seemingly in courteous conduct not exactly knowing whether it was himself or we who were to make us of them nor was it without some trouble that we made out what we Hac taken for Sticks was bread rolled out very a and Long before it is baked. The length of each piece was about four feet. We were amused at discovering that bread is thus literally made the a staff of life so taking up our Staves in pne hand and Wiir cups la the other we Conte de or repast in merry Rii Ood and aft we tho it in Roost singular fashion. Laziness of have Nej a seen a Turk work if there was possibility of his being Idle. I have never seen one stand if by any possibility he could be seated. A Blacksmith sits or is legged at his Anvil and feats himself when he Stiles a horse. A Carpenter seats himself when he saws bores holes drives Nail planes dubs with his Small adze or chops with his Hatchet if it be possible to do so without from Constatinou pie. Leap year and its new year s eve a Ball was Given in a Small Village in Vermont which was attended by the Gallant and fair in the whole township. At the hour of twelve the beaux were struck aghast by an undreamed of insurrection. The indies by a unanimous movement look Possession of the floor and insisted on their right to manage the Ball pinning the poor gent s to the Wall and selecting such for partners As suited their tastes. The Ball and the night round on until near Daylight when in came the landlord with the Bill. Here was a Wilmary the ladies could not 6a/fl�i� or this of gentlemen danced Back to and pc Rcd Thev had nothing to do with tho matter lint a imply quot one lady Forward twice quot quot one Gen tie a an do the Samo quot led Login arranged Ian it Honor the to All Buffalo whig. The average receipts of the first six nights of Alt Russell s at the Camp str to theatre new Orleans am quoted $113850 per ought. M

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