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Logansport Canal Telegraph (Newspaper) - April 16, 1836, Logansport, Indiana By s. Lasselle amp j. B. Dillon vol. A. Logansport Indiana saturday april 1�, 1886. To. 40. Natural history of mls Soullin earthquake. We make the following extract from an interesting letter recently written by or. Linn one of the u. S. Senators from Missouri to the Hon. John Davis chairman of a committee of the Senate on the subject of removing obstructions in the st. Francis White and big Black Rivers which taking their Rise in Missouri run nearly parallel with the Mississippi for some hundreds of Miles and finally unite far Down in the Arkansas with the quot father of the letter contains much valuable geological information concerning this extensive and almost unexplored Region and discovers an intimate acquaintance with the subject which would authorize a much More full and elaborate essay by the than a Brief letter. The annexed extract embraces the Best account we remember to have seen of the earthquake of 1811, and its transforming effect upon the surface of the country. It would appear a the statements of or. Linn that on the re Midval of the rafts in these Rivers which May be accomplished at an inconsiderable expense an immense tract of valuable Public land in a benign climate would be redeemed from waste and the whole Region be rendered healthful and productive. The remarks quot from the town of Cape Girardeau to Helena below the Mouth of the st. Francis a distance of several Hundred Miles and from the Banks of the Mississippi to the High grounds in Missouri and Arkansas will average sixty or seventy Miles. The greater part of this area with the exception of a narrow Belt stretching along the Border of the Mississippi is covered by an immense morass inundated by the overflowing of the father of Waters or submerged by the Rushing torrents from tie neighbouring Hills the principal of which is the st. Francis. These streams having their origin in elevated regions when flushed by heavy Rains or dissolving snows fall into this great Basin with tremendous Force and either from obstructions which actually exist like the rafts on the red River or Froni not having sufficient descent to carry of tithe rapidly accumulating Waters spread Over the country giving it the appearance of a vast Lake Over which magnificent forests of Cypress and other Gigantic Trees wave their branches in gloomy Solitude. In the midst of this wilderness islands of Rock and elevated portions of land appear of various dimensions like oases in a desert and denominated by the French Cote sans Dessein or Hills without How came those lost Hills in this position the most reasonable answer that suggests itself to that question in Iny opinion is that the far greater portion of this gloomy Region annually covered by a tei find at All seasons by a heavy growth of Imbt to thick Cane brakes closely interwoven by Man v plants of the convolvulus order was once High ground but during some convulsion of nature sunk to its present general level leaving spots unaffected to Tower in grandeur Over the surrounding scene of desolation. At the same time tire st. Francis forced from its hed or ancient Channel was compelled to seek its devious Way to the Mississippi thro lakes lagoons and Slimy quagmires. Nor is the opinion altogether unsupported by facts or based on Mere conjecture. Quot the memorable earthquake of december 1811, after shaking the Valley of the Mississippi to its Centre vibrated along the courses of the Rivers and valleys Jand passing the primitive Mountain barriers died along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. In the Region now under consideration during the continuance of so appalling a phenomenon which commenced by Distant rumbling sounds succeeded by discharges As if a thousand pieces of artillery were suddenly exploded the Earth rocked to and fro vast chasms opened from whence issued columns of , Sand and Coal accompanied by hissing sounds caused perhaps by the escape of pent up steam whilst Ever and anon flashes of electricity gleamed through the troubled Clouds of night rendering the darkness doubly horrible. The current of the Mississippi pending this elementary strife was driven Back upon its source with the greatest velocity for several hours in consequence of an Elevation of its bed. But this Noble River was not thus to be staid in its course. Its accumulated Waters came booming on and o to Topping the Barrier thus raised carried every thing before them with Resistless Power. Boats then floating on its surface shot Down the Declivity like an Arrow from amid roaring Billows and the wildest commotion. A few Days action of its powerful current suf laced to Wear away every Vestage of the Barrier thus strangely interposed and his Waters moved on in their wonted channels to the Ocean. The Day that succeeded this night of terror brought no Solace in its Dawn. Shock followed Shock a dense Black vapor overshadowed the land through which no struggling Sunbeam found its Way to cheer the responding heart of Man who in a Lent communion was compelled to acknowledge Bis weakness and dependence on the eve Era rating god. The appearances that pre rented themselves after the subsidence of the principal commotion were such As strongly. Lipport an opinion heretofore advanced. Hills bad disappeared and lakes were found in their a a Tead 9dd numerous lakes became elevated ground Over the surface of which vast heaps of Sand were scattered in every direction whilst in Many places the Earth for Miles was sunk below the general level of the surrounding country without being covered with water leaving an impression in miniature of a catastrophe much More important in its effects which had perhaps preceded it .Ges before. Quot one of the lakes formed on this occasion is sixty or seventy Miles in length and from three to Twenty in breadth. It is in some places very shallow in others from fifty to one Hundred feet deep which is More than the depth of the Mississippi River in that Quarter. In sailing Over its surface in the Light Canoe the voyager is struck with astonishment at behold in he giant Trees of the Forest standing Par tic a exposed amid a waste of Waters Branc less find the wonder is still further increased on casting the Eye through the dark glue profound to observe Cane Breaks covering its Bottom Over which a Mammoth species of Testudo is occasionally seen dragging its slow length along whilst countless myriads of fish Are sporting through the aquatic . But if god in his Wrath has passed Over this devoted land if he touched the mountains and they disappeared in the abyss. His Beneficent influence is still Felt in its soft climate the unexampled Fertility of its soil the deep verdure of its forests and the choicest offerings of Flora. Statistical View of Mexico. The United states of Mexico formed their Constitution in 1834, on the plan of our Federal Union. The deviations were few and inconsiderable. Nineteen states and four territories formed the confederation. A president was to be elected. A Senate of two members from each state and a Deputy for each 80,000 population formed the Congress. According to that Constitution every Man at is years of age becomes a voter no other qualifications were required. Indians and mestizos negroes and Mulat toes were equally free citizens and voters. The population of Mexico is at present about eight millions. This population is divided As follows indians 4,000,000. Mestizos that is descendants of indians and spaniards 2,000,000. Creoles Spanish descent. Born in Mexico 1,200,000. Zambos Indian and negro descent Anc mulattoes 600,000. Negroes 100,000. Cach pins or native a of Spain 10,000. Estrange Oros or strangers americans English French italian amp a. 15,000. By this relative population we perceive that indians and mestizos form the great bulk o the nation and with equal privileges Are sure to Rule at a future time. They Are however at present regarded with extreme contempt and Are by the White opprobrious by denominated irrational. The number of indians remains nearly the same As when first discovered by the spaniards three centuries ago and their manners and religion have been Little affected by their White intruders. The land in Mexico is generally much Supe rior to that of the United states. Almost al the productions of other climes grow there in Rich Luxuriance. The produce of Maize is wonderful. An acre has been known to yield two Hundred bushels and some stems Are Twenty feet Higl with five or six Large ears. Wheat grows Well Only on the table land but there it commonly yields Twenty five for one. In the irrigated lands of Mexico it has yielded fifty to one while in Europe Only ten or twelve to one is considered the average productions and the Best land in Kentuck yields Only Twenty two to one. To produce 1,000,000 pounds of sugar Only 150 labourers Are required while 300 Are requisite in Cuba and Lousiana. The production of Coffee is still easier in Mexico Twenty men can attend two Hundred thousand Trees which on an average produce five Hundred thousand pounds. Cotton also of a Quality far Superior to ours can be produced in Many parts of Mexico in greater quantities by one third than can be obtained from the Best lands in Louisiana. The Silver mines of Mexico Are perhaps inexhaustible 3,000,000,000 of Silver have been drawn from them during three Hundred years past averaging ten millions per annul. The first English mining company was established in 1823 there Are now ten englisis 7 North american 2 German 1. The business however has been unprofitable. The great source of wealth in Mexico is her eminently productive soil. All the productions of Southern Europe abound there in the highest state of Luxuriance and perfection. Horses cattle sheep amp a. Of the finest Quality can be raised at a very trifling expense the climate being renor arable genial to their natures. The expense of Winter feeding is avoided there being no Winter there horses of the Best Quality can be obtained for fifteen or Twenty dollars per head. The 1,000,000,000 acres of Good land to be sold to colonists on six years credit at a be cents per re. Any poor my without a cent in his pocket can Purchase his thousands of acres of the very Best land in the world and from the production of that land if he is industrious at the end of is ears find his payments All made and himself independently Rich. Selected. From the n. Y. Star. Indians. The following census of the indians in this country is one of Peculiar interest at this time. Lard As the necessity is no alternative but in the present War with the Semins les to make such an impression As will forever afterwards compel the Indian tribes to respect the treaties which they make with ibis country. It is a Charity to them and i iii prevent their utter destruction to have them removed beyond the Mississippi on land which will be their own and to provide for their support until they Are Able to support themselves. In no state or territory on the sea Board can they remain with any safety to themselves or the country. Census of Indian tribes reported in 1836. Number of indians emigrated. Winnebagos 700 chippewas Otta was amp 1200 .441 15,000 380 3600 265 6000 588 827 1250 200 222 162 132 251 211 Ottaw Ottamies from Indiana choctaws Quapaw creeks Apalachicola cherokees Kickapoo delawares shawnees Otto was weas Piank Shaws Peoria and Kanka Skias senecas senecas and shawnees criminal neglect. On bringing up the persons confined in the cells at the upper police for examination and judgment before judge Palmer the turnkey produced three prisoners being tie sum total of All the inmates in his Dungeon. One of the marshalls present expressed an opinion that there was another prisoner in the cell which the keeper with some Little tember denied and As he kept the keys and the War rents of committal it was impossible that such could be the fact. The magistrate having his misgivings demanded the keys of the cells and went himself to the examination and shortly returned with a Pale emaciated but respectable looking Man who could give no further account of himself than that he awoke on monday morning three Days ago and found himself in the sell but could not Tell for what he was imprisoned nor How he got there. The keeper was profoundly ignorant How he came there and As there was no complaint against him he was discharged. Had such an instance of neglect occurred in Turkey the Cadi would hive locked up the keeper without food just As Long As he allowed an innocent Man to be under his lock and key without knowing it. But Turkey is called a barbarous . Y. Star. Total 31,348 number of indians to remove. New York indians Ottawa of Ohio Wyandot Ottaw Ottamies of Indiana miamis it chippewas. Ottawa amp Ottawa Teamies winnebagos men monies cherokees creeks chickasaws Semins les Apalachicola 4176 230 575 3000 1100 6400 4500 4200 18,000 21,000 5600 3000 400 just As it should be. The individuals whose property in Baltimore was destroyed by a Lawless and disgraceful mob last August have applied to the state legislature for Case was managed in that body by counsel on behalf of both parties. A Bill making indemnity to All who May hereafter have their property destroyed by a mob has passed both branches and what is better still it proposes to make cities and towns in which a mob occurs responsible for the amount. This is exactly right. If such Laws were in Universal operation there would be no More mobs. The people would Rise in mass and put Down a mob with a vengeance when they know they would be tax a to pay for All the mischief that it might do let Gaz. Total 72,131 number of indians South of Lake Superior. Peninsula of Michigan 5674 North Western coast of Lake Superior 274 Northern curve of Green Bifid 210 sources oui Cousin amp. Menomonie Rivers 342 North West coast of Lake Huron 302 st. Mary s River 436 Southern Shore of Lake Superior 1000 total 9,238 total 9,238 number of indians of the indigenous tribes within striking distance of the Frontier. Sioux 27,500 Yoways 1200 sacs 4800 foxes 1600 sacs of Missouri 500 ?.ges 5126 Kansas 1471 Omayas 1400 toes and Missourie 1600 Pawnee 10,000 comanches 7000 Kia ways 1400 Mandan 15,000 Quapaw 450 Minataree 15,000 Assin Abolins 8000 crees 3000 Gros Ven ties 3000 crows 4500 caddies 2000 Ponca 800 Aric Karas 3000 cheyennes 2000 blackfeet 30,000 total 150,341 a thrice to Frenchman whose wife was about to present him with the fond Appella tive of Farror returned to await the Happy moment a a a with some friends to drink a Long Ufa and a no one to the first bom. The Pancy a to girl scattered its inviting fumes most prodigal Jtj around the company and anxiety was marked on every face when in ran Betty Lightfoot quot of Joy sir i give you Joy vat is he Betty vat is be a Fine boy sir health to the Young Marquis t exclaimed one and bumpers went round. Betty you must drink von life to Tobej tto Marquis. Betty raised the Glass to ber lib a i Ben in rushed the nurse Joy of Yasir i give you Joy vat vat is de matter a Fine girl sir Betty said the Frenchman looking Stem at for you say no True of said the nurse a boy first and a girl afterwards. Vat two von boy von Hillel two sir , and helping ber self to a Glass was swinging it off when in popped another. Sacre exclaimed the Frenchman Vot More of i vat de Diablo a von boy von girls von Larcon tree time yes sir. Mon Dieu hauled the poor Frenchman Fie Gar it will never do. In dirt go Home and Piil a Stop to this. Luck. One Man sucks an Orange and is choked by a Pip another swallows a Penknife and lives one runs a Thorn into his hand and no skill can save him another has the Shaft of a gig passed completely through his body and recovers one is overturned on a smooth common and Breaks his neck another is tossed out of a gig Over Brighton Clair and survives one walks out a Windy Day and meets his death by a brickbats another is blown up in the air like lord Hutton in Guernsey Castle and comes Down uninjured. The escape of this Noble Man was indeed a Miracle. An explosion Gunpowder which killed his Mother his wife some of his children and Many other persons and blew up the whole fabric of the Castle landed him and his bed on a Wall overhanging a tremendous precipice. Perceiving the mighty disorder he was going to step out of his bed to know what the matter was which if he had done he would have been Ivreco Merabi lost but in the instant of his moving a Flash of lighting came and showed him the Preci pice whereupon he Lay still till people came and took him Down the recapitulation shows the number of indians that will be Between the Frontier and the Rocky mountains after the emigration is completed. Recapitulation. Number of indians emigrated 31,348 quot to remove 72,181 quot of the indigenous tribes 150,311 a Good joke. Some gentlemen in the neighbourhood Latta s or Black Creek we forget which were lately Coo Hunting when to and behold their dogs instead of finding a Coon Point a their masters to an immense Load of newspapers and letters in a Hole under the Bridge on making enquiry about the matter it was discovered that the boy who carried the Mai Between Vincennes and Spencer in order to relieve his horse was in the habit of cutting Hole in the Bottom of the mail bag and depo siting beneath the aforesaid Bridge so much of its contents As he deemed necessary to lighten the Burden of his horse these fortunate sportsmen discovering among the letters one addressed to a neighbor delivered it to him postage free there being no Deputy to receive the amount due the Post office department As notwithstanding this development the same individual continues to carry the Mai Between these Points we presume the subterranean office will be continued. If so we Hope or. Kendall will appoint some tro Glody t Deputy to attend to its business and to secure the revenues accruing Wabash quot courier. Ii u total 253,870 remarkable new York commercial says a Sample of Oats was exhibited on charge which was part of a cargo of five thousand bushels recently imported from London considerable quantities of other descriptions Grain Are Linoir ion their Way to this country from item the House of representatives of Kentucky after a hard struggle have nominated Gen. Harrison for president by a vote of 5 quot to 41. \ that body has passed a Resolution unania mox isly a prorating the course of the National administration in relation to our Afi Yiirs wit France. A Bill has passed both branches of the a legislature increasing the salary of the governor from $2000 to 2500 and the pay of the number of the legislature from two to three dollars per Day. The Boston advocate notice the Persona att ick upon the speaker by the opposition header of r and justly remarks spirited Bride. A couple were going to be married and had proceeded As far As the Church door the gentleman then stopped the intended Bride and thus unexpectedly addressed her my dear Eliza during out courtship i have told of most of my mind but have not told you the whole when we Are married i shall insist upon three what Are they quot asked the lady. Quot in the first place quot said the bridegroom �1 shall sleep alone eat alone ind find fault when there is no occasion can you submit to these conditions quot of yes sir very easily quot was the reply or if you sleep alone i shall not if you eat alone i shall eat first and As to your finding Ault without occasion that i think May be prevented for i will take care you shall never want occasions. The conditions being thus adjusted they proceeded to the alter and the ceremony was soon Over. Surplus Revenue Texas. There is a Broad surmise that a plan is on foot to Purchase Texas and that the surplus Revenue is to be thus applied in Stead of dividing it among the states. Texas must me one or two slaves states. The bite is offered to the South and the South will Swallow it. Verbaum sat. Should the Deposit Banks be suddenly called upon to disgorge what must be the condition of the country ? Corn which is housed without being through by dried or which is stored in a Damp place acquires a Musty smell and taste which Render it unfit for the customary uses but As this alteration effect Only the outer covering and not the substance of the Kernel it May be easily removed by throwing upon the Grain double its weight of boiling water carefully stirring the mass till the water become cold. The spoiled kernels which swim upon the top must then be removed the water poured off and the Grain spread to dry. M. Pre Schire preferred employing for this Pur pose boiling water rendered slightly alkaline and afterwards washing the Grain in pure water. Local attachments. Whatever strengthens our local attachments is favourable both to individual and National character. Our Home a our birth place a our native land a think for a while what the Virtues Are which arise out of the feelings connected with these words and thou Hast any intellectual eyes thou Wilt then perceive the connection Between typography and patriotism. Show me a Man who cares no More for one place than another and i will show you in that Samie person one who loves nothing but himself. Beware of those who Are homeless by Choice you have no bold on a human being whose affections Are without a tap Root. A fair Young aspirant for literary and fashionable distinction who had in vain Laid the foundation for what he bad hoped would Luxuriate into a pair of whiskers asked a Village Belle what she thought of them to which she replied with much Naivette. They Are like our Western country a extensively Laid out but thinly settled we learn says the Baltimore Patriot from Washington that or. Kendall the postmaster general continues confined to his bed with a severe and dangerous illness from which it is feared he will not soon if chef i recover

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