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Lock Haven Evening Express (Newspaper) - February 5, 1890, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania EIGHTH YEAH—NO. 287.LOCK HAVEN, 1*A., WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1890. PRICE—TWO CENTS. evening EXPRESS I SECRETARY TRACY KINSLOW BROTHERS - - - PUBLISHERS CURRENT COMMENT- BETTER Tuf. leat of Columbo* will be nothing wbeo the mercury discover* zvro tbi* win* ter. Putt rut; al has a cabinet crisis. Th* little kingdom * ti! boun need acheat protector. iTdiCJ-o’t appear that the Heed iu the congressional wilderness ha* beeu shaken very much by the wind of democratic oratory. George W. Chili'* owns over a thous, and clocks aud he keeps them going all the while. He is bound to be up to tho times. The contest in the national Hou^e of The Grief Stricken Man Removed to the Executive Mansion. LOOKING ON HI8 BELOVED DEAD Th* Condition or the Secretary Is Improving Bat Hie Grief Cannot be Assonaed-Sym-pathy and Condolence Prom yueen Vie-torla—The Origin of the Kl re-Early in the Field. Wash I NO TON. Feb. 4 —Secretary Tracy appear* to be considerably improved and rapidly recovering from the effects of suffocation. A* the effects of opiate* wear off he begins to realize more keenly the loss of his wife and daughter. The reaction Keprefeutatives will establish a precedent I from opiates administered naturals leaves by which til.buttering in the fututo will bim physically weaker. be a lost art.    I *°D ^'rank r«ftcbed Washington and went to the house of Bancroft Davis and I joined Gen. Catlin, Mrs. Tracy’* brother, sud a few friends who remsined with his father. President Harrison joined them there New York ought to have tte World’s Fair and tho chances still are that she will get it, but if she does it will be tbrougb good luck more than good management. With Wallace capturing the anti-CIeve-1 after the funeral of Mrs. Coppinger (which land Democrats, and Pattison the Cleve-1 be was attending) and arranged for re-land faction, Chauncey Black is forced to moving the Secretary to the executive mangle a realistic imitation of “Nobody’s I sion. Child.” An exchange suggests that Mr. Cleveland would be a good man to make jokes for minstrel shows. It is another illustration of tie lines, “To what base uses do we come at last !” The arrangements for the funeral of Mrs. Tracy and her daughter will be decided upon at the same time. The latest reports from the others who were injared at the fire state that they are getting along very nicely. There are various theories as to the cause of the conflagration. Battled at every other taro many minds naturally Strawberries have arrived, Out oh, such berries. They no more resemble the taste of the home raised fruit, than kissing I turn to incendiarism, and there are plenty a clothing store dummy resembles smack. I of clues to support snob a theory. lug the lips of the pretty store girl. Superintendent of Census Porter says that sex is not to be considered in the selection of enumerators. The trouble will come when a woman canvasser asks her next-door neighbor ber age. Sat* • 14 WAS IT INCENDIARISM. The suddenness with which the fire broke out In all parts of the house and the apparent stupor of some of the inmates seem to demonstrate that incendiarism had followed an attempted if not successful robbery. A large sum of money was found the Germantown Independent: I j0 the back yard—1600—and it is argued ‘Snow is do respecter of persons or locali-1 thml persons in danger of their lives, aa were Secretary and Mrs. Tracy, would never think of throwing the money out of the window. Bridget Sweeney, the laundress, was not in the house wbeu the fire was discovered. She left it a few minutes previously to attend church, and according to her story there was no evidence of fire when she departed. The effects of the awful tragedy are widespread in society. The carrying of the bodies of the two dead ladies to the White House and their burial from there virtually ends the official hospitalities of the season. Were it otherwise the PreBi dent and Mrs. Harrison, in the face of these successive calamities in the cabinet household, could not feel able to go on with any works of a public social char acter. SOCIAL EVENTS OFF. As soon as the death of Mrs. and Miss *11 the This is ties. In the recent storm in the California foothills Angel Camp tad a fall of ten inches, while Hell's Delight straggled beneath a ileece of 6ix inches. The financial journals are very earnestly assuring the country that money is not scarce. Ibis maybe correct aa a statement of fact, but most people are dissatisfied with the distribution of it. That is where the weak point in the assertion lies. The London Timet bas paid Parnell 625, OOO as damages for the libel on which be brought suit against that paper. But this is a very small part of what the Tiviet has lost directly and indirectly aa a result of making itself the organ of forgers, spic aud blackmailers. Charles Emory Smith of the Philadelphia I*ress will be offered the Russian Mission, If he is rich enongh he can afford to go—if not, be    had better give It the go by. |    Tracy were mtde kD0WP| uear,y about    the way it stands: Salary* I    prominent families who bad cards    out    for CIT,500,. House rent, servants and equip- partie(l that wouid occur this week sent age, $30,000.    Incidental expenses, |20,- I private and public messages to withdraw yon like these figures, | thetn Incidental OOO. How do yon like these Charles Emory! They are correct. If you doubt it ask ex-Governor Coriin. The funeral of Mrs. and Miss Tracy will take place from the President’s mansion at ll o’clock Wednesday morning. The services will occur in the East room. Toe South is producing more cotton than when she had millions of slaves at ber command, and, astonishing as it Their remain, will be placed temporarily be to most people «bo have cot kept pace m *»ulu io Itock Cr“k cemetery. Tire with ber progress, from product less complete arrangements for the liberal them one-eighth of the oouotry’a iron nice *iu 001 >» I^cted not,! Lier. years ago, to-day 6be is producing aboat I skurktart tract views the remains. one-fourth of all the iron made in the I Shortly before 3 o’olock the President United States. Cotton, and she prod noes ordered bis carriage to be sent to Judge now Dearly tbree-lourtba of the world’s | Davis’ boose for the purpose of bringing supply, is still ber great staple. M#y It Coat lone to Shine* The Nun ar.*? Banner is now the most metropolitan looking newspaper printed in the hustling city of Williamsport. As it reached us last night we mistook it for the New York >-/n, so transmografied and improved was it in appearance. Considerable space in last night's issue is taken up in describing its new 68,000 Goss Web perfecting press and other insights that go to make up the modern newspaper. A handsome engraved head adorns the first page in which the words “and Banner” are very insignificant, making The WU-I*a rn*j"sr( bun the striking featsre. Secretary Traoy over to the White House as bis guest. A gentleman who had just left Secretary Tracy, said that be wanted to walk over as he felt atroDg enough to do so, but it was thought best for bim to use the carriage. The Secretary was fully dressed in bis ordinary clothes and wore no extra wraps, and he walked down the stairs, across the sidewalk and into the carriage without assistance. His step was firm and steady, and showed no evidence of physical weakness. His great sorrow had left it* impress, however, ou his feature*. Frank B. Tracy, bisson, and Lieutenant Parker, of the United Stales Navy, accompanied him to the White House, but was not called upon to render Brother Steely bu the beet «i.boe of the hjm ,ny Mei,Uu06. lle ,tepped 1)gbu, Express for the future success of the Sun. Ile has inaugurated another revolution in Williamsport daily journalism. Will the others follow? A Cheare For Boys md Git!*. Two beautiful watches will be given away at the Saturday matinee next week by the Kiltie Rhoades company. One to the boy and ODC to the girl making the largest number of words out of the name Kittie Rhoades, utirg the same letters only once in each word. Lists must be handed in at the matinee. TLis excellent company will play all of next week at tho Opera House to popular prices, IO, 20 and 30 osu'ta. Go to work boys and girls and see if you cannot capture one of the prizes. out of the carriage, walked across the ves tibule alone, into the main corridor and took the elevator for the President’s pi i-▼ats apartments. The President and Mrs. Harrison awaited bim there and did the best they could to cheer him up and make him feel at home. Later in the afternoon, in accordance with his request, he was taken into the East room and shown the caskets containing the remains of his wife and daughter. They were covered with beautiful flowers, the tribute of loving friends, and branches of the sage palm were laid acroes the top and along tho sides of each casket. Standing at the head between them both was a large palm tree arranged rn that the delicate leaves drooped gracefully over the dead. Mrs Tracy’s casket was marked by a largo lloral anchor and her daughter’s by a large wreath of white flowers. Camelias, hyacinths, roses, fillies of tho valley and violets wore entwined in smilax and tastefully arranged over both caskets. The secretary was very much affected by tho sight and sobbed aa though bls heart would break. The casket containing Mrs. Ti acy’a body was opened aud be was allowed to look upon ber face for the last time. Tho other body was in no condition for inspection and the casket was not oponed st all. It was a terrible ordeal for the stricken man, but he bore It remarkably well, though there was no concealing the keenness and depth of his grief. THE ORIGIN OK THE FIRE. The building inspector has made an examination of Secretary Tracy’s house and reports that the fire first started od the west side in the front parlor on the main first floor, and its rapid progreaa was no doubt caused by the fire getting behiud the wall panelling. The room was lined its *otire height with panel work on all the walls, leaving small chamber* through which the Bro passed around the entire room and through the floor to the second story. It also passed out into this hall and by currents rapidly up the stairway, cutting off all chances of escape from tho upper floors. The building was heated by low pressure steam and ao indirect system and in tracing the supply to the different localities of coils and coil chambers, there is no evidence that tho fire originated from the heating apparatus or taps any chimney flue, but immediately tinder the point where the fixe started there was situated iu the basement a pump run by a Bauson gas burner, and it is possible that this may have been out of order, allowing the gas to escape to the room above, and vile fire started by an explosion of gas. A MESS AOK FROM HIK qUKKN. This evening Sir Julian Paunceforto received the following message which was immediately sent to Secretary Tracy: “Osborne, Feb. 4, 1890—To 'he British Minuter at Waenington: Tho queen deeply deplores the calamity to Mr. Tracy’s family, and inquires afier bim and the survivors. I Signed]    Pontonby.” To the foregoing, Secretary Tracy re plied a* follows: “Mr. Tracy bogs the British Minister to covey to her majesty bis sincere thanks for ber gracious message of sympathy; and in reply to her kiud inquiry, to say that his surviving daughter aud grandchild are out of danger.” Washington, Feb. 4. Go Without Jewelry. Ladles’ Home Journal. Girls, go without jeweliy forever before you wear a piece that is not real, and ^beu Tom come* to you, Tom, who ie a clerk in a big banking bouse and soon will be getting money on High to be married on, and talks about buying you a diamond ring, refuse it. Ile o*ut get a good one with the money he’s got, and you don’t want any other kind. Take, instead, a plain gold baDd to do service for your betrothal, and let it be used again on your wedding day. Then, later oo, when the firm really recognizes bow valuable Tom ie, he will burble to get you a diamond ring aaa keepor above the gold one, aod you and be can laugh happily together over the idea of your wanting a keeper for the golden baud that bolds you together. Dou’t be envious when you sec somebody with diamonds sparkling about them, but sit down and think, like Uncle Tom, “on yo.tr maroifs.” You’ve youth, health and happiness, and the diamonds may be resting over a breast never free from pain, and decorating a Land oftenest raised to the physician. The Best Time for Girls Ut Merry. From Social Science, Probably the best time for the average civilized would be any ago between 24 and 30. It is not said that no woman should marry earlier or later than either of thesu ages, but youth and health and vigor are Ordinarily at their highest perfection between these two periods. Early marriages are seldom desirable for girls and that for many reasons. The brain is immature, the reason is feeble and the character is unfoimed. The oonsideitiou which would prompt a girl to marry at 17 would, in many oases, have little weight with her at 24. At 17 she is a obild, at 24 a woman. When a girl bas Intelligent parents the seven years between 17 and 24 are the period when the mind and body are most amenable to wise discipline, and best repay the thought aod toil devoted to their development. • • • — •• - Tile Btl!® (Jetting; Ip lier Mu* Ie. From tho New York Evening Worn. The bello of fashion, progress and pro-viousness, bas no piano, but adjoining ber private apartment is a small gymnasium, tilted up with all manner of apparatus, where she exercises befire and after most everything. —-    • ss ♦    -*p*    • A Un*)' Il'Urf, The Lock Huvi-u Nan Company since the advance in iron are crowded with orders. A car load of duiIh is turned out daily, and the men are woiking on long hours. TOLD BT BiPOBW All the Latest Local Events Up to 2:30 P-M. Told in a Concise Manner. LATE8T NEW8 ABOUT THE CUTT Penniylvaoln Memorial Home—Andrew* Convicted-High Temperature nod Wind —The Beech Creak Bobb«ry-A Bl* Land HIM©—Death of Mrs. Cryder-Tli# Weather. Kate M. Scott, Corresponding Secretary of the Department of Pennsylvania W. R. C. has issued a circular letter in which mush information is given regarding the institution recently oponed at Brookville' and known aa the Pennsylvania Memorial Home. Tho institution is intended aa a home for the destitute widows, mothers and wives of soldiers, sailors and marines of this state,also for disabled soldiers with their wivi*. The Women’s Relief Corps of the State in taking charge of the work she says. will relieve every poor board in tho State and lift a part of the burden of taxation, and in so doing they provide a home not only for the disabled veteran bat also for the wife. A large hotel was purchased at Brookville with its furniture complete and the Department of Pennsylvania of the W. R. C. bas taken the responsibility of paying for it. The Lock Haven corps has bad an important part in the transaction, thus far, and propose to do a oonaiderable share of the work of furnishing the needed funds. Tonight and to morrow night the ladies will serve suppers in the vacant room opposite the post office to which every one is invited. The proceeds of the sappers will be devoted to the Memorial Home which tho ladies point to with pride, aa one of the grandest results of the work of their order. Give the ladies a call to night and you will be cordially eloomed. CHAT BV THE WAY. I tom* of Local and General lutenist Gathered by Oar Reporter*. Next morning In hi* easy chair, AU bent WUU    Bat; He Bigben,hoc-moe.ued his ruined balr. •‘Whore URI I get ibis bat?" • - * The editress of a mc'tbly fashion magazine published io Philadelphia says: “Niue times out of ton the girl who habitually keeps her hosiery well darned will make a good wife.” Gentlemen contemplating matrimony would do well, hereafter, to ask for samples. A rnoTOGRAUER can tell a forced smile quicker than awink; and one of them says his hardest work is to keep bis patients” from putting them ou. ii A TRANSACTION in deuce. hearts—playing the It takos a bowled stroke to succeed at tenpins. “TOU say that drinking is one of your husband’s failures?” “Failures? Oh, no. It is one of bis successes.” If society gets down in the mouth aod low spirited it is no wonder, for in addition to the prevailing sickness that ip terferes with every attempt, at gayety, there is the terrible foreboding from a green Christmas the absence of sleighing and the whole schedule of wiuter weather so disrupted as to make it altogether probable that Easter bonnets will be of no avail and the disappointment aod mortification of such a calamity Deeds no amplifying. Therefore social tears arc being shed copiously. ♦•A k 18ft is bats common noun,’' cried Hue, "Ye*, very common,” artlessly cried Loo; Bat, as she caught a merry glance, she hunhed Her silvery voice and beautifully blushed. ••Yet. lf'lls oommon, It Is proper, too!'* Cried Sal, a twinkle In ber eyes of blue. “It can't be both:" said Mabel, much perplexed: And so they argued out the question vexed. Toone thing each, at taal made up her mind A kiss was something hard to be declined. The Philadelphia Record says: A postal card sent around the world makes the circuit in about 70 days, without any noise or pretension. Andrews Convicted. The trial of Albert Andrews at Bellefonte for the murder of Clara Price, ended last oigbt with a verdict by the jury of murder In the first degree. The jury retired to their room at 4:30 p. rn ., aud only occupied ooe hoar and forty minutes in deliberation. Andrews was immediately taken back to jail and sentence ba* cot yet been imposed. The news that a verdict bad been rendered was received lo this city about seven o’clock last night. This morning it was rumored on tho street* that Andrew* bad confessed hi* crime. Inquiry by tolophone to Bellefonte this morning elicited tbe information that Andrews had made a partial confession, but nothing reliable could be learned. High Temperature and VV I od. This morning at 7 o’clock tho thermometer registered 7(T above zero, which was an unusually high temperature for a morning In what is known as midwinter. Heavy winds prevailed, and tbe tin roofing of ‘be Water street Catholic parochial school building wa* torn loose. Swinging signs creaked in the wind, window shutter* banged to and fro, and dead limbs of trees were dying in every direction. A TOUNG lady's loiter will reach destination even if it i* miss-directed. No coasting accidents this winter. its There hasn’t been such a winter as this since last summer. A fin may lose it* head, but it never get* stuck on itself. The rejected suiter probably considered his girl nut ty but nice. When a man is under a cloud tbe silver linings is generally on the other side. To the man who wears ready-made clothes life is a mis-fltful dream. The “ooraio” valentines are as vlillan-ons looking as ever. Show your good sense by not getting angry if you should happen to be tbe recipient of one or more sach chromos. With full dress the double-breasted white vest is in great demand. The material may be plain or watered si:k or white pique. A dainty kl hr, a mile bug, To the parson then skeUaUdle: For food aod raiment then to tug. Thou o’er tbe Styx to paddle. The patter, patter, patter of tbe rain on the window-pane may make an inspiring subject for tho poet; but when it is pat;eriog down on an 68 silk hat tho man underneath has not time for rhymes. The Beeth Creek Robber J. It is now stated that suspicions looking persons were seen at Beech Creek last Wednesday, and it I* supposed they are the persons who robbed tbe safe in Mr. lies*’ store that night. The money taken, especially tbe bank bills It is thought will have a strong smell of smoke and may be recognized in that way. The amount of money taken was over 4200. The undertaker’s boxing. favorite exercise is A Biff {.and Slide. About six o'clock last night a land slide oca tired near Wetbam, and a great body of earth, rock* and trees came down upon tho P. & E. railroad track. There was but little delay of trains a* a large force of workmen were -.mmediately set to work clearing tho dsbris from the tracks. Furniture dealers always have plenty of spring goods on hand. Some of the massive bracelets that the girls are wearing now contain a bit of cotton highly charged with perfume, and a delicate odor is emitted through a row of boles on the inside of tho armlet. Humanity is ready enough to load a hand, but it ss usually empty. The mau who married a cburcU-choir singer says they met by ohants. Whisky will take out every kiud of fruit stain. A child’s dress will look entirely ruined by tbe dark berry stains on it, but if whisky is poured on tho discolored place* before sendiug it into the wash it will corno out as good a* new. TWO HEW WOOL FAILURES Big Woolen Finns iii Philadelphia Make Assignments. THE LIABILITIES OVER $700,000 Death of Mr*. Cry Her. Mrs. Rhue Cry der, widow of the late Isaac Cryder, died last night at 8 o’clock, at the residence of ber father-in law, P. B. Cryder, West Main street. The funeral will take place Friday afternoon at one o’clock. Funeral services will be held at tbe house. The Weather. The warm wave to-day is preceding a storm of considerable strength which has developed in the northwest, and Is advancing eastward, accompanied by a “cold wave.” For Thursday partly cloudy to fair and colder weather is likely to prevail. A large pane of glass In one of the doors of Raff Brothers’ store wa* broken this morning by the wind “slamming” tbe door.  -• • % *    — The Williamsport Gascite and Bulletin this morning ba* a descriptive notice of! Ricker’s steam boiler. If Peter Jackson want* to say anything on the “race war” question bo can now ho heard. Moat of tile barn* carried away by tho flood from the farm* along tho liver bavo j been rebuilt.    I When a man really needs hanging the people generally say lie needs sympathy. Geologists sty the cradle of tho deep ha* nothing to do with makiug of the bcd rock. Hkkk lies Hie boily of Moses Draper (Tread softly ye who PAB*), Who llvinl till sixty without a paper. And I lieu blew out the gun. When tho world’s supply of oysters is exhausted a calamity will fall upon the people. The young lady who a mouth ago do-fiantly said, “I have not bail the grip and don’t intend to have it,” has changed her mind, aud ha* since boun a severe sufferer, and nota few of those who insisted that the grip was merely a had cold or existed in tho imagination, have hcou taught differently by practical ami rather unpleasant experience. Valentines, both comic and fancy, bavo appeared in tho store windows. Over One Thouftttml Employe* WHI be Oui of Work—The One Failure (he Direct Cantle of tbe Ocher— Credit That Gas Been Shaky Since October—Serious Fire at Marchwood. P IHE ADELPHI A, Fob. 4.—Joseph P. Murphy, one of the largest wooleu aud cotton goods manufacturers iu this city, made a general assignment for tbe benefit of bis creditors to-day, to Hugh J. Hamill aod John J. McDonald. Tho asset* arc estimated at from 6000,000to 6030,000,and tho liabilities are closo upon the samo. Soon after tho Murphy failure was announced the firm of LL ilamili ii Company, dealers in yarns, Germantown, made an assignment to David Scauuel. Murphy is heavily indebted to Ilamili ii ..Company for material, and the assignment of that firm is duo to Murphy’* failure. Hamill A: Company's assets are given at abont 607,000, and tbe liabilities will reach nearly 6100,000. Over 1,000 hands arc employed by tho Murphys, a majority of them being women. It is not known yet whether tbe mill will shut down or Dot. As early as last October Murphy’s credit wa* known to be somewhat impaired. A manufacturer on Market street is said to be heavily involved in the Murphy failure. A representative of this gentleman admitted to-night that Murphy owed hi* employer money, but declined to make any statement as to the amount. WORK OF CONGRESS. The House Ke-umes the Consideration of Other Matters. Washington, Feb. 4.—The Speaker this afteruoou laid before the House various Senate bills for reference, among them one to relievo the Treasurer of tho United States from the amouut uow charged to him and deposited with the several States. After considerable discussion this bill was referred to tbe Committee on Ways and Means on an amendment by Mr. Flood, of New York, which was defeated, that it ho referred to tbe Judiciary Committee. For the first time iii several days the Republicans voted with the Democrats on the votes which were necessary to form a juornm. When the Democrats did not vote tbe Speaker continued his policy of couotiDgt a quorum present but not voting. Tho Senate this afternoon ratified tbe Samoan Treaty with but twelve dissenting votes. FATAL GAS FA FLOM ON. \ ll im km an CHIM'* .» Suh-<l Lamp Into ft 1'aHiMJC I’ll. Pittsburg, Fob. 4.—At 10:30 to-night tho police were notified that an explosion had occurred at tbe Duquesne steel works, aud that eight or ten injured men wore coming in ou the Pittsburg, Virginia and Charleston railroad at 10:40 p. rn , to he taken to the hospital. Tbe hospitals were similarity notified, and their ambulances were Bent to tho station to receive tho victims. Tho ouly passenger takon from the train was John Burke, one of the injured men. From him it was learned that an explosion of natural gas had occflrrcd at the steel works at Duquesne. Frank BuUod, night superintendent, wa* probably fatally burned, as also a laborer who caused the explosion by carrying an exposed light into tho casting pit. Burke was seriously burucd but will recover. — • • • •    —- — He Wa* tt Defaulter. Middletown, N. Y., Feb. 4.-—Teller George A. Denniston, Jr., of the National bauk of Orange county, at Goshen, who committed suicide yesterday, proves to have been a defaulter to tbe amount of about 620,000. President Murry being satisfied that a deficit existed, went to Denuistou’s bedside yesterday morning aud told him that he must oitber confess or be handed over to tho sheriff. Denniston begged that no action be taken until two o’clock. A few minutes before that hour he sent a bullet into bis brain, dying instantly. It is supposed tbe stolen money, which was takeu in small sums, was lost in speculation. The bank has a surplus of 6100,000. Death of an Aged 1**1 Den. Jacob Sands, an old and much respected citizen of Pine Creek township, died this morning of dropsy, aged 71 years. The deceased was tic father of Mrs. J. L. Thiele, this city. Tho funeral will take place to-morrow, leaving tho house at 12 o'clock to proceed to tbe Reformed church at Chatham’s Run, where tho services will bo held and interment made. Rev. G. W. Gerhard will conduct tho funeral service. Death In it Cinnoline Tank. Altoona, Feb. 4.—While filling a largo gasoline tank at Gallitzin this forenoon, Miles Aldelsbergcr was overcome by the fumes. Frank Gillen went to his assistance with a lighted .lamp, when a terrible explosion followed. Joseph Bangle, owner of the tank, was fatally burned, and Al-delsberger, Gillen and two otbormen were seriously burned. FLOOD AND DISASTER. High Water on the Purine Cob?*! -Ten Laborer!* Killed. San Francis' o, Feb. 4—Owing to heavy rains and washouts west of Dalles, Oregon, and also in the Williamette Valley, there has been no telegraphic communication with points on Puget Sound since yesterday morning. A telegram received in this oily from Dalles s'atcs that a construct ion train with gang of laborers, which left there to work on tho track, went through a bridge RS feet high ou Sunday. The engino passed over safely, but the tender fell on the caboose and killed ten meu aud injured sixteen. The Tux Comm I** ion. ll a unis in UG, Feb. 4.—Tins afternoon tho commission constituted to revise the tax laws of tho State bad a meeting in tho Auditor General'* Department. The interests of labor were represented by Secretary Martin of the Amalgamated Association of Iron aud Steel Workers. After a general interchange of views, remarkable only for their diversity, the cotn-mirtsiou adjourned uulil to-morrow morning. ’ Continued by the Senate. Washington, Fab. 4.—The Senate' bas confirmed the following nominations: Solicitor General, William II. Taft; Supervisors of tho ccusus, Pennsylvania: Robert B. Beath, First District; John II. Landis, Second; John H. White, Third; John H. Miller, Fourth; Peter D. Bricker, SiAita: David G. Alter, Seventh; George W. Hood, Eighth. Philadelphia*!* Town Meeting. Philadelphia, Feb. 4.—An immecso town meeting was held at the Academy of Music to-night, at which resolution* were unanimously adopted calling on the Councils to pass without further delay bill* granting the Reading Railroad company the privilege of extending it* line* to Market streot, and the Belt Line Railroad company bill. Iii the llAudfiofittectlver. IIarkisuuiu;, Feb. 4.—In the c»*e of tbe Commonwealth against the Keystone Mutual Fraternal Accident Association, a decree has been made closing the company's business on tte ground of insolvency. John A. Codding was appointed receiver. Serlon* Fire at Marchwood. Wii.kksrakkk, Feb. 4.—A block of ten two story houses, at Marsh woo-!, were destroyed by fire at an early hour this morning. They were owned by the Moosic Mountain Coal Company, aud occupied by their employes. A Polander named Michael Switz, who was asleep Id bcd at the time, was burned to death. Tho loss on the building* is 6b,(HJO, with no insurance. 72. Grip Kitll* Mn A*j«mI Kultur. York, Fob. 4.—Oliver Struck, aged cue of the oldest newspaper men in the State, and publisher of tho fJernorratie Pre**, of this city, died last night from the effect of La Grippe. Ho had beeu-in tho newspaper business over OO years.  • • • • - Large Sfovf* Work* Burned. Mottuis ron Nt Feb. I.—Abraham Cox A Company’s stove winks, at Lansdale, were destroyed by fire* this morning. Loss 673,000; insurance 670,000. —  — — Tbe river is rising slowly to day Loin tho effects of yesterday’s rain. Early in the Fletd. Montrose, Pa., 4 —The Republican conventions for tho loth Congressional and 2<»th Senatorial districts were held today. M. ll. Wright, of Susquehanna, was nominated for Congress, and Orrin Lins, of Great Bond, for State Senator. The engine anil boiler for the hosiery factory have arrived. Tho February term of court commences nu Monday 24th inst. - Tramps are numerous in the city. personal penciling?. Mrs. Kate Klapp, is visiting friends ii Williamsport. Rev. M. P. CTossthWaite, of DuBois town, is in tho city to day. Miss Maggie Ruling is visiting wit! Dr. Luraley and family, Williamsport. J. II. Holt, the well known lumberman was a guest at tho FaKon House yester day. Dr. Ii. ll. Watson and wife were amonj tho passengers arriving i n Erie mail tbi morning. Mrs. II. T. Jar ret t and Mrs. Frau I Smith are guests of conductor Will' Taylor and wife, Williamsport. ;

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