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Lloyds Weekly Newspaper (Newspaper) - January 16, 1870, London, Middlesex Lloyds weekly newspaper edited 3y Blanchard registered Fob transmission London january Price one the Model working Man in what kind of legislator is Likely to be made out of an eminent working Man 7 the pall mall Gazette asks the for the purpose of answering it after its own this eminently genteel that would be we to find it had circulated a copy in sup poses that the working Man selected to re present labour in parliament is everything that his fondest admirers can he shall even be and firm in his the pall mall is Liberal indeed it is granted that the Model English working Man is above that he is not a fool that he is above any kind of base and that he can hold firmly to his but this is not the Case shall be bountifully he shall be received into the August with thievery reverse of any cynical desire to laugh at his from conventional his misplaced is shall not move a wrinkle among the chosen gentlemen of England albeit vagrant is have been laughed at Many a time in the realms of the Pink of but he shall be the Premier shall take him by the Lowe shall be courteous and genial to the elected one of our he shall find israelis face wreathed in smiles at his the conservatives will be All they May kill he shall be smothered by Countesse shall wickedly flirt their fans at him and Over his Shoul the aristocracy will smile at the sons of meaning to say you toe Are your the tories Are the True allies of the that her Ladyship is proud to have the elected son of toil at her on the other hand these sly patricians will say to the who fear most the Advance of labour to Here we must quote the pal malls forcible Way of putting we have opened doors to your wild and behold he allows us to Pat him on the head and though his Teeth have not been drawn he when he is and sidles up to us As prettily As the most thoroughly domesticated the Model working Man however for the imagination of the pall mall writer can take High value these civilities at what they Are he May be True to his he May do in the House that which he promised in his address to his he is yet free from there Are certain gentlemen who have gained a repute tips for being the friends of the working 1 Are a knot of politicians too Apt to substitute for and to mate Bushes of genial do for intelligent theories of let him make common lot and hts is he will avoid the 6 Only to a vol his energies softened by the genial As stated by Gen tilt Job own i Organ and we beg the Ider that they dangers Italy m the Assumption every Section of the eur commons is made up of that the first representative a hdm English working men shall 1 be cast into a Den who for the victim among Bat we the elected representative of labour declines the Arm of Gladstone answers israelis smiles with a face of Stone he declines the invitation of the now let us look at he Isa real airing in this character will he do Good or harm to his cause stump oratory is not yet popular in and the worst of All results would be giving Occa Sion to the enemy to blaspheme and to Here is your pattern working and he 1 turns out to be nothing but an ranting platform to what end does All this tend 1 to prove to the working classes that their Best course is not to return one of their order to represent there is the purr of a cat into the velvet of her in this there another line open to a really Ible and honest he might be Able to preserve his to command the respect of All and to enforce a due consideration of the news of his All that we say that a Man coming in the name of the working with an exacting constituency behind him insisting upon his making a noise at any with every party willing to make a cats Paw of him for their own particular with the Little experience of the class among which he is will be in a position requiring unusual tact and strength of Many working men who possess genuine influence with their Fellows would it far More effectually from without than within the sacred they would there be infinitely less liable to or to and would obtain almost As wide a every party willing to make a cats Paw of the first working Man who shall enter Parlia ment of is every party com posed of gentlemen 1 the pall mall in its nervous anxiety to reach reasons for persuading the working men of sout Lewark to forsake for one of the City lights that Are trying to dazzle the has Over reached the a severer reflecting on the honour of the existing House of com could hardly be members May not laugh should he be seen eating peas with his knife in the dining room but they will one and All do their utmost to foil him in the Mission on which he will enter they will pander to any foibles he May in order to trick if this be the Model working Man need not fear lapses in his Man ners so much As assaults on his the working men of Southwark Are not to be bamboozled with such feeble ingenuity is As Odger is quite Able to take Oare of if the company at West Minster should prove As unscrupulous As the pall mall Gazette has painted far be it from us to say that a working mans representative would run any of the risks pictured by the pall mall Gazette whom we have we have a higher idea of the morale of the gentlemen who sit at but the argument we have and on which we have is As indicating the shifts to which professional politicians Are in order to justify their opposition to the representation of even with All his rhetorical is not Able to establish solid reasons Why labour should be represented in parliament by the employed by the pm his observations on this just uttered at can Only have a Ful effect upon the the representation of order addressed a meeting of his supporters at the Bear new on wednesday even Odger referred to a remark made by Bright at Birmingham that in which he regard to working men i Hope that As we get farther from the time when working men were excluded Fiorin the there will be less on this head and working men will find it is not important that they should be represented Bimen of their own and that was what he Odger had always thought of John Bright with regard to no True of free Trade ought to be opposed to the most searching and thorough investigation of the he could not see Why Bright should Call working men fools because they ask for an invest if he were elected he should first turn his attention to a question which of injected certain polite sections of people who were holders of and if he found but one of these he Call the attention of House of commons to the House of commons refused an inquiry then he would Appeal to a Public meeting of All the radicals of after advocating the Odger spoke strongly in favour of a compulsory and a sectarian system of National he had no Faith in a cheese paring Economy which showed on one Page a clipping off of a poor mans or a and on another Page a Large pension to nobody knows in Odger said the doors of the House of commons were now to be thrown open to a working Man but no thanks were due to the so called liberals who bad the word liberalism on their lips but arrogance in their with a vote of Confidence in the conservative in consequence of his recent meetings having been disturbed by men who came in a simply for purposes of and personal violence having been offered to him after he left a meeting at Newington on writes is compelled very reluctantly to decide that for the future admission to Bis meetings shall be by which will be Given to All electors without distinction of poli tical National emigration a meeting of this league was held at mansion House on Fri sir Denison in order to put the association into working communication was read from the Duke of accepting office of president of the league Onich emotion of that the name of the should be changed from the emigration league1 to the National and it immediate Steps to collect funds to carry on its work throughout the and that each of the Vicer Ridenta and members of the Council be requested to use his influence with his personal friends in inducing them to Sii scribe to the it was also a Public meeting inthe and that a deputation from the league wait upon the bight Gladstone As Soontas arrangements foreign the legislative body reassembled on monday after the Christmas under the presi Dency of minister of addressing the new Cabinet considers it their first duty to place them selves in immediate communication with it is not necessary to make a Long you know our and we shall discuss loyally with you All questions that May arise As soon As they Are brought for at present we believe it suffices for us to declare that in Power we remain what we were before we attained the ministry will pursue the task it has and will work with Perse Verance until the programme we have drawn up has been for this we have need of the Confidence of the with great mag has granted we the Confidence of the which we ask of All to the majority the ministry will be grateful for Iti and to the opposition for its when other men shall have gained Over a majority in the the ministry will hasten to Bane Over to them the Burden of Public Lei there be no More More re we must constitute a National govern adapting itself to the March of Progress such manner that French democracy May wit Ness the realisation of Progress without and Liberty without revolution loud in tuesdays sitting of the legislative Ras pail Intro diced a Hill to abolish the oath of the same Deputy a committee should be the accounts of the City and to inquire into the amount of Baron Hauss arms private Gambetta asked the government for explanations relative to the Send ing of two to the minister of in maintained that the Mili tary ought not to be present a Publio two lieutenants bad been degraded for collecting subscriptions for political and two others had been sent to Africa for having seditious writings in their governments firmly determined to maintain discipline in the if other soldiers continue to disobey the regu lations the government will continue to do its after a few words Titan Gambetta Emile Olivier it is impossible for the govern ment to allow itself to he designated As reactionary when it is conceding Complete constitutional of which order and Security Are the sole the government does not accuse the deputies of the left of desiring to incite disturbances it has too much respect for them for that such a question could not arise Between tha government and the the ministry wishes Liberty honestly and but it can not permit Liberty to Lead to Gambetta thereupon declared that the government would never obtain the support of the his Side of the House did not Geek a Day would come when the majority the with out appealing to would succeed in establishing a Olivier pointed out the contradictory nature of i Gambetta and said that the accepting did not mean to permit its origin to be tues Day gait Ting the tragedy of a Auteuil was and will be found fully in another in tuesdays sitting discussion on the interpellation the ecumenical coun of which soul oct had Given took Ronland delivered a in which he a child spot coated by a be dog Richard John aged five said it was in were dispose know if the government id against the possible encroachments of the the civil count the minister for foreign 1 a addressed on the 8th de the French ambassador at Swetof which the following is a i you that the pre sent ministers of the emr in read a instant to the m adhere to the line of conduct Wimch has been traced Tutor Yon Jujj count darn added not bound either to government is or to prevent events it inf jjaovc14w v tsuris 11 resp Job the and will be respected by her de Brenier proposed an order of the Day in Harmony with and this proposal meeting with no the tuesday Hardwicke held an inquest at the Senate pawed the Eon Downham touching the death of finding in the and the assurances of the order of the orders that pig a lad living at said that the deceased was her Only and the father was a did not suckle her but on Friday morning she gave it its bottle As it Lay in its Bassi and called the servant to Rock the shortly hearing the baby she went to it and found the girl fast the teat of the bottle being in the Childs she again a Miu Iron shall continue into France under the rules Hud Down temporary moulded cast shall Only he admitted with the same privileges if intended for the Manu facture of cast Iron Iron As Well As other metals Are in such Only to be sent to foundries specially authorised Fot thin kind of repeated a warning she had frequently Given the f the further Ord finl that importers Iron girl of the danger of going to sleep and leaving the made by charcoal bottle in the Childs and in answer to her Coke Kronwith the Eama Quiry As to whether she should take the baby into temporary admission bed distinctly forbid ther to do at seven Oclock the same morning she heard the servant mov ing and going into the room found baby in bed with and she took it from off her and the feeding bottle along with the baby was quite As she subsequently said the cause of death was from an obstruction to the servant stated that she took the child into bed thinking it was and did not know she had fallen jury returned a verdict of death by accidental in accordance with the medical Stab cd to monday evening an in quest was held by Humphreys at the Leigh Hoy respecting the death of Martha or Martha aged 79 who was alleged to have died from want of Elizabeth Johnson said that All the deceased and her husband bad to live upon was week and a which she received from the Parish out of the Money they received they had to pay the rent of the room in which they witness some times gave her a workhouse said that the deceased Hall expired from disease of the accelerated by want of food and proper the jury returned a verdict of death from disease of the Rocele Only at the instance of arts and Date orders that after the whether pure into France Down for order has been newspapers whatsoever a report is put reexport articles of credits for these opened to importers insulting committee on Ither decree of sundays e of four months Cotton shall no longer be the regulations Laid a ministerial purely restoring to All it of Sale in the Public signed by minister of proposing to Grant permission to Ledru Rollin to this report is approved by the Tai run sitting of the Cortes marshal Prim explained Jere late ministerial an declared that the election of a Monarch would rated by distressing suicide by a Blind wednesday Hill held an inquest at sitting in mine on the body of a aged who committed suicide on who lived with her husband at Lloyds had been totally Blind for the last 12 he had also suffered greatly from pains in the ind had in consequence been very on tuesday morning his bedroom was found to be and a search was at once when the Crown the of the the minister of the interim of the Anilsa Ianth Senor detailed the programme the conservative party had initiated the adding that the govern ment would maintain Orde Sand raise the credit of the in the minister appealed to the and expressed a Hope that a spirit of Concord would prevail among Senor Castelar brought in a which b3 will support next proposing the excl or the and it is believed when it comes on for Sion from the Spanish the collateral branches of 4 that the Bill will he Rejeth the por Khedive on i surrender the ironclads t been ordered by delay in complying merely Arisen from the verment to ascertain the and and to the this Side red perfectly Satin fast a letter from the his willingness to loaders which had explains that the of the porte has of the egyptian go of the Breech loaders be Mode of payment by l is stated to be con to the Sultan and the grand that ministerial unfortunate Man was found in the closet with his i changes Are imminent in Iida sequence of the above a Twat n Iii i Throat and quite a razor lying beside medical assistance was called but it was Una Vail returned a verdict of suicide whole in a state of temporary pm Bable Sale of the meeting of the metropolitan Board of works on the works and general purposes committee it up a report with reference to Hamp that the committee have received infer final settlement matters of Faith held their first sitting on Tizzani has appointed president the committee on regular of of the Council belonging have drawn up and signed a maintain ing the opportune Ness the Dogma of the personal Infalt Luiu present lord in willing to negotiate i intention would to Eto Force this Dogma his interest in the and Reco upon the coun oif and Mon the Pone him referred Back to the it is doubtful i 100 qut of can be induced to authority to negotiate with the lord Etoh report the result to the the sign Ibe it Agger tailed that was agreed i the f opa not to be raised in the Council unless it is certain to obtain relative unanimity of support from the assembled i is that the petition will b received by the Pope Only As an act of seven fathers spoke in the congregation on monday the Points for discussion in reference to ecclesiastic a discipline were communicated to the Lloyds weekly news Sonday this mornings Tho duh Beut ebs the austrian saturday the upper House adopted today the address o the majority in reply to the speech from the throne this address expresses Fidelity to the Constitution and urges electoral with the View of Intro during the system of direct elections to the lower the minister of Baron died a noon it is Semi officially stated that the court of Berlin has been apprised of the approaching visit of the Archduke Charles Louis to the prussian an has intimated its satisfaction at the announcement the Date of his Imperial highness How is not yet the legislative saturday night in today sitting of the legislative after the adoption of the of the previous an Hoik member Laid on the table a Bill relative to the Legal advertisements published Only in certain papers and Boutlier a proposal granting to Mutual Ai societies the right of appointing their own presidents the discussion of the new standing orders was then the bourse has been rentes closed a or lower than saturday the unionist party held a meeting Ai which it was resolved to bring Forward Senor bios Rosas As candidate for the presidency of the in today sitting of the Senor Becerra read a Telegram from announcing that the insurgents had again been Defeated by the government arrival of the saturday the mail arrived Here from new York today with 60 having landed and 100 sacks of she proceeded immediately for the Rio de december according to advices from Paraguay of the 18th it was believed that Lopez was still at in the Sierra i affairs in per French Atlantic january Washington correspondents of new York journals state that the president will shortly Send to the Senate secret message communicating a treaty negotiates Between president Baez and United states commissioner Perry for the annexation of san Domingo to the United states As a according to United states undertake to pay the debts of san do receiving Public lands at a joint appraisement for All payments exceeding one and half million the it is subject to ratification by the United states Senate and by a majority of the voters in san january Resolution was introduced today in the Senate and to the committee on foreign instructing the Secretary of state to inquire into the expediency o proposing the Transfer of british1 Columbia to the United states As a condition of a treaty for the settlement of the differences Between America Anc great the preamble states that the inhabitants of British Columbia desire such a Patwary the accommodation of the Dominion government has decided upon erecting a Large building contiguous to the grand trunk and great Western As part of the general arrangements to promote immigration during the coming piracy on the coast of Hong december ship Crafton has been abandoned in a sinking condition near having been attacked by who murdered All the europeans on Board except the Captain and six whom they took the portuguese War vessel Comose has inflicted severe retribution upon those concerned in this piratical and Lias Burnt All the villages adjacent to the Australia and new december victorian Parlia ment will probably not be prorogued this there is every Prospect of an abundant labour is scarce and wages Trade however is Dull december opposition have forced the government to dissolve the latest advices received from new zealand Are shipwrecks and loss of the most disastrous casualty which Etc urge during the late gales was the loss of the Large sing belonging to the firm of Somes now the merchants shipping in the King Lear was an american built ship of tons she Eft Cardiff for Hong Kong last week with a cargo of tons of she appears to have foundered on the 7th instant in Georges Channel near the Smalls about 18 Miles off the Pembroke of her Crew of 39 hands Only four Are supposed to have been chief officer and three were picked up by the Teamer Chester the were of sunday about Hal past seven to vessels came into collision off Light on the Irish near and both immediately the name of one of the hips is at present As All on Board went own with her and the other Crew were More their vessel proved to be the Vir in Del Carmen of outward bound from liver Pool for with a general the Crew aved themselves by getting on Board the the Henry and Harriet of and rom South Shields for London foundered on about 15 Miles of the even in took to the which shortly after Cap ised but managed to get upon the boats where the fishing smack of saw and at once rendered every As the master and one were and the remaining five were saved by the and landed at the sailors at great on sunday the Royal mail Steamer which arrived from he West coast of Africa on reported the total loss of the ship on monday even the Lebarre arrived at and landed the Hief mate and eight sole survivors of this which foundered on saturday while on her Voy age from Liverpool to the Captain and dreadful murder of a late on wednesday night a murder was discovered to have been perpetrated in a court at the Backol the victim being Elizabeth a woman Between 40 and 50 years of and her murderer her own Joseph Coffea Mill the pair it married so recently As last at near and have been living in a Small consisting of two the prisoner doing no it is getting the Means of subsistence from their wedded Baa been anything but and last week the wretched couple quarrelled even More than the prisoner being heard to threaten his on tuesday the wife of a puddle living in an saw the Fri his and George his wife son by a former sitting by the sociable and Lee son retired to rest with her husband at about nine and soon fell but Between one and two Oclock in the morning she was awoke by the noise of something falling in the upstairs room of the prisoners House and Sha heard Millers to Littleboy six or seven years of who was sleeping in the and cry then there was a More subdued and after that All was the next Day the House was left closely shut and there was no sign anyone being until the when a dim Light was seen in the another Neighbour of the Pri having suspicion that something was about Hal past nine Oclock informed stable Lakin of the in company with polic Constable went to the and there discovered Miller had been Mur and took her husband into at the time be went into the House the grandchild was sleeping of a Heap of clothes in the Corner of the room where the Corpse the Little fellow states that he and his Grandfather took Tea on wednesday night in the bedroom by the Side of the dead on the Shell in the room was a heavy which had Evi Dently been recently and a table knife which had recently been on thursday the prisoner was brought up at the charged with killing and slaying his Lakin said about 26 minutes to 10 Oclock in wednesday i went to the House of the prisoner in a court at the Back of the House was and the shutters i rapped at the door several and i heard some one who is there before i could make any reply the prisoner unlocked of unbolted the and opening ran into my he repeated twice i am Youj and i then asked what for what do Yon mean he dered my and pointing to a Cut across Hia from which blood was he sea what she has done she Cut my Throat while i wat n and struck me pointing to a wound in his forehead with the he said i could go upstairs she was up and leaving him in Onarga of another i went there i found a woman lying in the and quite prisoner was lying beside her when you she was in with the bedclothes upon her in the usual her head was a mass of i then brought the prisoner to the leaving Mother officer in charge1 of the on the Way to the station he if you haunt fetched me i meant going away tonight and jumping Down a fhe on being asked if be had any questions out to the witness i have nothing to say its True what i told prisoner was then the outrage at on thursday John gunner in the 7th Bat Tery depot brigade Royal was charged on at the Woolwich with attempt ing to murder Henry Jones and Henry John gunners in the Royal the two injured men were confined with the prisoner and other sol Diers in the Garrison when Harris Tore off the Iron covering from the water tank and made a Mur Derous attack on his fellow prisoners whilst they Wera whilst under remand in Sla Idstone he kept constantly tearing up his and otherwise behaved As an uncontrollable on leaving the gaol on thursday he was dressed in a new but on arriving at Woolwich the were taken and he was placed in the police when he immediately Tore up his and he appeared in the Dock i Only shirt and town one of the injured wrong by from Herbert said on the night of the 4th of i was confined in the guard room of the Royal artillery i was put in a Well which was quite and i could not see my Fello Pri i went to and before Daylight Lext morning was awoke by a violent blow on he As if from a piece of i raised myself and there is someone in the cell mitting and rushed to the door and Coin fenced kicking whilst at the door 1 heard two prisoners wrestling when a Light was brought n by the sergeant and Corporal on i immediately removed to the Herbert i received two severe one on the head and one on and i am still suffering from the i had not known the prisoner a gunner in the Lith brigade Loyal said i was a prisoner in the guard Oom on the night in question when the prisoner was brought after he entered i talked with Lim for two or three when he spoke rationally my seemed All he told me he had been put n the cell because he had been scheming to get out f going to and that they had locked him up o make sure of his going next when some troops Tore the prisoners ceased talking and went o sleep about 12 about six next morning was awoke by the last witness shrieking out after having been i heard the prisoner Sarto i will kill he prisoner then made an attack on striking in with the piece of Iron Jones shrieked and i am the wrong and prisoner answered where is he i will kill the prisoner then tracked two other one of them protecting his Tad from the blows by covering it with his fellow prisoners i if you come near me i ill give you one Back very and Harris then asked at me with the piece of i jumped on be Side and evaded the blow from the and then used with prisoner and struggled him till As stance one of the Herbert Hospital said the other injured Man Jones remained n a very dangerous and if he Ever re covered it would be several weeks before he would be Able to attend the prisoner was remanded remainder of the went Down in the affecting the whole system of to bad Union outrages Are re ported from several houses having been attacked and the con tents in one instance the assailants attacked the wrong and did not discover their mistake until they had broken up everything within their suicide of a nun committed suicide a few Days since at Valence by throwing herself from the window of the Convent of the act is attributed to a deranged mind brought on by intense religious the government licensing the list std Victualler guardian states that a govern ment Bill has been by which most important and serious alterations Are

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