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Lincoln Sunday Star Newspaper Archives Feb 10 1924, Page 1

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Lincoln Sunday Star, The (Newspaper) - February 10, 1924, Lincoln, Nebraska The Twenty second year Lincoln neb., sunday february 10, 1924. Thirty six pages fire cents lease probe nearing Climax vote monday on Resolution against Denby new evidence of alleged corruption unearthed through testimony of Denver newspaper publisher. International news service Washington feb. Naval Oil leasing scandal la bored today toward a Climax and new sensations. To the mass of revelations already unearthed by the Senate i investigating committee today was added the charge by Fred g. Bonfils Denver publisher that Harry f. Sinclair the Pioneer Oil company the Midwest refining company the Standard Oil company erf Indiana and other Allied concerns worked in har Mony to Transfer Teapot dome to Sinclair interests and Force out other bidders. To this end it was said Sinclair paid Mil Lions of dollars in satisfying rival Clairrie. Not to his Post Thompson out for judgeship grand Island Man withdraws As candidate for demo cratic National committee Man to seek place on High Bench. To seek place on High Bench move Surprise in political circles decision leaves Arthur f. Mullen Clear Field for com Mittee Job and paves Way for Harmony slate in the primaries. Al Tho same time to nulls indie1 Vantly denied that the policy of his newspaper had been influenced by any of the payments made by Sinclair to silence other claims us charged by senator Lenroot Republican of Wisconsin in a heated colloquy with the publisher. Other developments were Senate after n we kept de Bate reached in agreement to vote not later than 5 p. M., monday on the Resolution requesting the resignation of Secretary of the Navy Denby. A poll of the Senate by news. Service indicates its passage. Reached by the Public lands committee that barrels of Oil Are in storage at Tea pot dome ready to be shipped away if possible before Are Martau to prevent further extraction of Oil from the Reserve. Gibbs Mcadod was notified to appear before the committee monday to explain his connection with the Doheny Oil interests. To take up nominations. Public lands committee will consider monday also the Nomina j tons of Silas h. Atlee i Pomerene As special counsel to prosecute who Oil cases. There1 will be of Vosit Lon to the brokers under subpoena notified to be on hand next week for examination As to what High fed nil official profited in.sin-. Clair and pm achy Stock. Jones Republican of Washington introduced a Amend ment to the Robin Gobi Resolution eliminating the demand upon president that Denby be ousted substituting instead that it la the sense of the Senate that the Public interest would be served by the resignation of Secretary Bonfils declared Leo stack weal thy Denver Oil Man told him that Doheny Sinclair the Standard Oil company of Indiana and the Midwest crowd agreed to let Sinclair get Tea pot dome. And because they had no interests California they were will ing to let. Doheny have the naval re nerves out there. They entered into this agreement and the leases were made that Bonfils said thin led to institution of suit by stack to recover on a con tract made with the Midwest group whereby stack agreed to got the Tea pot Domo lease for them. Stack had claims in Teapot Domo. Senator Walsh Democrat of Mon Tana however read documents show ing that the government on two occasions had repudiated his claims upon the naval Reserve. Fight is brewing. H was Learned tonight that the fight brewing in democratic and in urgent ranks Over the appointments of and Pom Reno would be along two main lines i. neither Are sufficiently experienced to handle the Type of be pal proceedings demanded in the government s Oil cases and. Both men in virtually All their professional work have been connected with Bis whether the opposition will be Strong enough to Block confirmation of the p Point rents could be definitely ascertained in the absence of any formal action by the committee. The suggestion qua advanced n re liable quarters that confirmation would be forthcoming do spite known objections if Only for the reason that the senates is particularly anxious that injunction suits to started immediately in View of the report that barrets of Oil no above ground at Teapot Domo ready to be distributed. Speeches upon the Denby ouster Resolution by senators 3 nor to id go re publican of and Walsh. Democrat of Massachusetts blocked it vote 011 that measure today. Short Ridge held Tho floor for four hours in defense of Donby Walsh demand announcement that a. A toss for Nebraska and hitherto a Candi Date for re election to that place would enter the race for supremo judge in the fifth District and leave Arthur p Mullen of Omaha a Clear Field for National committeeman came a a Surprise development in state political circles late saturday afternoon. J or. Thompson s move was maae following a conference Between n tin self Ani governor Bryan at the lat Ter s office two or three Days ago and similar conferences with some of his Omaha friends. It not Only puts the grand Island Man in line for a judicial position with a salary of j7 500 a year attached but it averts an impending factional contest in the democratic state primary which might have been embarrassing to governor Bryan and other candidates. 1 with or. Thompson eliminated As a bidder for his old place on tonal committee the Prospect of a fight Over that Post disappears. Thompson was the Bryan candidate for the committee ship four years ago defeating had the Hitchcock endorsement. That he Lias quit the race everything ,1s in Good shape for a. Harmony slate in the primaries headed by Bryan for rovernor., Mullen for National commit Teeman and whomever the leaders i Johnson coming Here Republican candidate for the presidential nomination will speak at auditorium in Lincoln february 18. To Confer with Nebraska workers Campaign manager says sen Ator May be billed to give banquet speech it Omaha and address at York. Hiram Johnson Calvin Coolidge Lor the Republican presiden nomination will speak in Lin Coin at the auditorium so the after noon of monday february and May give other addresses in Nebrask Lea on that the 19th. His announced saturday eve Ning by Frank a. Harrison his state use Bayonet As weapon and bind three victims while making search. Get Check for Anco in in savings Stamps. Using a Bayonet As a weapon two mexicans entered a House at 430 South first Street about 9 p. Sat Edwin Denby. Feb. Have no intention whatsoever of resign with these words. Edwin Denby Secretary o flatly denied tonight reports that he would tender ills resignation to president Coolidge monday night immediately after passage by the Senate of the Robin son Resolution calling for his dismissal from the Cabinet because of his connection with the leasing of the naval Oil reserves. Denby indicated clearly that he would by his suns despite any action the Senate might take. Continue d on Page -12.3 tax on Olivver air Vienna year Vienna feb. Today were increased ten fold owner of an. Ordinary Olivver must now pay taxes annually. Will come to till icon either sunday j names were unknown pants Sandobal said. A. H. Thompson of grand Island democratic National committeeman for Nebraska who has withdrawn As a candidate Foi be election to place and entered the race for us or on an Early train monday. His preme judge in the fifth District. Further itinerary in if there is to be am. Will tie arranged Wjk off 4t w tit 4b my by manager Harrison after communal c a v Al Iii Al 0 k can Vith the 5enator and possibly at York or some other urday and after binding the. Hands of mrs. Francisco Faraclas and in Rice a brags and forcing Besente Sandobal to he on a bed ransacked the House taking a Check for and a 510 Bill. Two wrist watches Johnson will conclude a Yere taken from the women speaking tour in Illinois the victims Are mexicans with a meeting in Louis next j the two mexicans had saturday and from at the but old troops patrol herein streets militiamen prepared for further out general advised situation More serious. United press Herrin 111., feb. Herrin kept the Pence to night at the Point of the Bayonet. Three companies of state militia brought Here on order of adjutant general Carlos Black patrolled the dimly lighted streets ready for action in Case of further outbreaks Between the Kun flux klan and knights of ithe flaming a rival organization. Dry raids precipitated the present trouble. Mayor c. E. Anderson. Sheriff and nine men whom s. Glenn a Ounla dry charged Are professional gunmen deputized by Gall Gaji were arrested by military authorities they Are charged with the of Constable Are sent to trouble zone is brighter fewer dark Clouds in Busi Ness skies in Nebraska for 1924 than any time for three years past. Of Johnsont time will permit he 1 Mav be billed for t. Banquet speech at Omaha on monday even Iri the 18th, reports indicate conditions better state Secretary shows de building and continued on papa 12. New plan to Settle debt five injured in a bus Accident Gulfport miia., feb. Parana Wara reported injured two Mario ugly a Gulf and ship Island Railroad train a northbound Hattiesburg Buz at Landon late today. The inured e. J. Granth Vatca Villaf Amalia h. Casan a hamburger and Earl Olson. _ tha injured were brought to a a Hospital. Giul sir Clippesby chief. Man cuts. Tresses of four teen year old Norma Milford. Grabs High school girl near Home of her aunt in South Lincoln. United states ing to accept French. West indies As payment of War obligation. rows service . Fob. Paris Dis Patch to the sunday express quotes to French newspaper Excelsior As saying it has information that the United Stales is willing to accept the French indies a payment of Tho French War debt. The French newspaper stated that ions have been to Progress for Somo Limo. It was a i Ondon from Good authority that great Britain la Imit Llang to negotiate a debt Settle upon any such basis. Darting from behind a clump of. By Flea near seventeenth and South streets an. Unknown clipped a braided strand of hair from the head of Norma Klein. 14-year-old Milord High school girl about saturday night escaping Down the Alley. The girl was hysterical Fol lowing Tho attempt to her and could give no description of the Man. Norma had taken a music lesson in Lincoln during the afternoon and had missed her train Home at p. A Sho was ten her Way to tha Homo of her aunt mrs. Emma 3. Bautzen Setsor at 1720 South Street. She Sot to the door pushed the Button aha could hardly speak she was to her aunt Eald. She got off of the Street car two blocks North and after stopping in a grocery store Home on to our place. Just As went by the Alley on the West Side of tie Street the Man jumped from out of the Alley and Selling her clipped the Looka. Is badly frightened. Norma terribly frightened and cutting Croaa the Street ran in Here. She had some of the hair she had picked the aunt said showing the severed tresses. The girl was unable to Tell whether the Man was Large or Small or what had been used to Cut the hair. Officers were not notified until about police stated. _ lieutenant of detective Joe Rymer Only humane society officers Are Al and detective n. F. Schnaible made Lowed to do this according to chief an investigation but said they Wera a o Jon Stone and police officers Are unable to secure an adequate de Milco to j forbidden to do so. Cristion of the Man from the girl i Tho dog belonged to Luclus t. Land that no Trace of him had been will friable. 3269 Starr Street according i fount in South Lincoln. To Tho chief and was a family pet. The officers were of the opinion that the Man probably escaped by nning Back up the Alley. The girl is a daughter of or. And mrs. C. Klein of Milford. Or. Klein is proprietor of a hardware store there. Tho parents were notified by Tele phone and drove to Lincoln saturday night before the police were called according to lieutenant Rymer. Chief suspends Jhu Keek motorcycle officer said to have shot and killed pet dog. Motorcycle officer major Gross was suspended for one week atari ing feb. 10, for conduct unbecoming an according to an order la sued saturday night by chief of to Iloo John Stone. Gross is said to have shot and killed a dog Friday afternoon which he thought was attempting to bite Wihlm while Riding his motorcycle. Been their to the occur they Over looked ?210 in postal savings Stamps. One of the holdups Ivas tall and the other Short. The tailor wore a moustache. Both wore Caps and overcoats. Officers had not located them Early sunday Mornone. They entered the House and told me to give up my Sandobal said but i told them i did t have any. Then they swore at me and opened the trunks the wrists of the two women were chafed by the ropes with which they bound and one had Marks on where she had been j neither of the two worn t Tan speak English ing been in the United states Only clout half a year they Are Sisters the robber s were unmasked according to the three victims United press Springfield. 111. Feb. Additional National guard units which were ordered to mobilize this morn ing Are .011 their Way . The order to proceed to William son county was issued late this afternoon by adjutant general Carlos Black after he had been advised that the situation was growing More serious the 132nd infantry of Chicago commended by col. William Swanson. Was ordered to mobilize and Bopre pared to go to Williamson county of Short notice. Companies from Perla Canton Quincy Delevan and Jacksonville attached to the 130th infantry were also ordered to mobilize. A special train carrying two Hunt tired soldiers from Springfield left for Herrin at 5 o clock and was. In scheduled to arrive thereat 11 am. In i adjutant general Black was aboard. The troop train and probably will As sume command upon his arrival at Herrin. Bobbed hair girl Bandit of Brooklyn a new haul surpassed Post War Boom year. Omaha feb. Business Outlook in Nebraska for seen by managers of building savings and i loan associations holds fewer Shad j own than have been for three years past. Reports received by t. J. Fitzmorris Secretary of the state league from men in daily touch with saving and Home buying people indicate improved conditions greater Confidence in the commune senator Johnson will speak in Lin ties heard from. Coin on the afternoon of february out of thirty-1 cities outside of c Ciare business prospects Sev Iree reports from Omaha fourteen de has Nebraska Frank a. Harrison announced saturday night. Other Outlook As Nebraska be speaking engage j nearby Point on afternoon of the five report prospects exceptionally j near Outlook Ujj. A understood that he has Ter than a year a o. One says pros i engagements other Aratee a cute not As Good As in Aneth for the balance of the week hut to Maya Outlook even better than May return to Nebraska for several York feb known hair Girt Bandit again to night holding up a Thomat Rouls ton. It Ore and each plug with. Two men aided in the Holdup the up. In a motor car driven by the girl a Lead Thi Money and drove rapidly away death of girl Caesus Ca Gle Kjan Leader shot and killed last night when to entered a Hall where a meeting was held by Antl wan forces. Martial Law Lri. Is Jupt will to declared As soon As More troops arrive. Five companies Aro i Tho county now and Are in route. Stated tonight to had been sworn in As chief of police after chief John Ford was spirited away from Tho City by galilean s men who said they feared violence. A Pronini Nunt citizen filled a Dep Uty Herl for near death from a Bullet the sheriff of the county charged with the murder. 9. Glenn young1, Dapper prohibition Czar of county proclaimed act Ingia a enforcement of the. Town made notorious by Herrin Mino riots ,6f june 1322, . The troops As tha Only Hope for peace. George sheriff of Harrison county wits arrested h7 Young and1. His held la jail a Young s first heu tenant Carlo was at tacked by a mob last night severely beaten and then a Julid by fire. According to Young was of the mob recovery doubtful. Police can find no clue. To Slayer of pretty Louise Lawson movie whose jewels were stolen. Lived in luxury of millionaire Angel five injured h pm curved at afro ii of Layman s a. Last and one the. Cities included in the reports More speeches before april 8, the Date of the primaries. Are Lincoln Nebraska City Beatrice. His appearance i Lincoln will be Tecumseh i so Ward Hastings David utilized for a political demonstration City grand Island North Platte col j to arouse enthusiasm among Umbus Fremont. Norfolk. Harting porters All Over the state. During ton Ord Aurora and Wahoo. Uhls visit Here a conference of Hia with Only two exceptions the re 1 Nebraska lieutenants will probably i ports Are uniformly optimistic confident. Among the co operative associations of Omaha the Outlook is equally cheerful and satisfactory the business development of be i Braska associations during 1923 sur passed Tho Post War Boom year of 1920. Reports from forty leading As i sedation complied by Tho league j Secretary show assets totalling j a gain of or 15 per cent in twelve months. If the associations not reporting have maintained Tho average percentage gain j the assets of All associations in Tho Andice held to consider Campaign plan tactics manager Harrison said continued on Page 12. Cal year total around on 1 june 8 next compared with 889 last june. The associations reporting made 2986 Loans for new buildings mostly Homes during 1923, compared with i 263 new building Loans in 1922. Lieutenant of Detec Tives Iri charge of night squad. Del octave Oje Rymer was saturday night promoted to the rank of leu of Money is reported As tenant of detectives by chief of up la customary in midwinter. Car and truck collide at intersection of thirteenth and Washington. New York officials plan to question wealthy friends of parallel to i death of Dot International news service new topic 9. Was the . Machine overturns and occur pants thrown j seriously Hurt. Five persons received were in. Jared saturday night when a touring car driven by Bill Bauer collided with the truck in which they were Riding Over turning the truck and throwing the Cocu Panu out. The truck Artif by Charles Hansen hoc Burr according to Tho report received by the police. The Accident occurred about at the Corner of thirteenth and Wash los ton Streeto. According to state Sherlet Tom Carroll the injured Persona were mrs. Minnie Charles Hansen s Mother 715 Avail Lington her two Ruth and Frelda and her Mother mrs. B. Schultz and miss of Iose la Weon Lovely Blue eyed. Blonde Moth of Broadway by two men who gained admission to her it by representing Tiem o be bootleggers. U of Lena Schultz of Walton. Or. Car Roll lives within a Block of where it the Accident took place and helped o it 411 to a year he has been on the night plainclothes squad. A Victory for nework eight 1. A. Much a mystery d t ammo changed. Two none warfare in was precipitated by who took enforcement of the prohibition declared sheriff go Tillman was failing in Nis hundreds of klansmen on raids throughput the county. Tho Kjan according to. Goa Lifan and his looted and property. Three companies of troops Are new. Quartered in Tho City. Hall and the. Elus club. Several Are of their War to add to the states Force s. Puna tues Young charged in a statement Tii i evening that Cagle n 9-year-old son to Tell Ilia waa fat Mason pc and Wawn arrived downtown he was shot Down a statement described Battle at the Hospital. I after .1 a riled in Herrin of Lbw if the ing the assassination of Cagle As girl Deputy sheriff some deputized k Park Zena and myself to the Herrin charged with Cagie s Mur a continued on Page 12. Forbes scored in new report wretched incompetence waste and dishonesty charged in findings of committee which investigates veterans Bureau. United press Washington. Feb. Action of wretched incompetence waste and dishonesty in the vet Erans Bureau during Tho administration of former director Charles k. Forbes was made in a second report i i interviewers fail. By the i afew York. Feb. To that spent nine months in interview Captain Robert Goelet j Yob Ligating the Bureau i against whom dispatches say divorce accompanying the committee re proceedings were begun in Paris to was a separate report made by j Day by his wife the former Princess funeral John f. O Ryan committee to Goa i Fernanda Slabo Uchansky. Failed a fails to reach verdict after j deliberating More i than 48 hours. Henry Ford is youngster for a single night South Sudbury mass. Feb. Henry Ford the richest Man in the world became a youngster Aplan to night. The most mls Chevious sport in a party that danced the dances of an other Day at Tho House warming in Longfellow s Wayside inn. Hundreds stood along the Road and craned their necks for a a la miso of Ford called Asho whirled and dipped and the figures in old fashioned dances to the strains of an old fashioned fiddlers Bow. Defendant s second trial on forgery convicted. After deliberating More than forty eight hours without reaching a ver dict the jury men in the Cense of John re Schneider. Charged with forgery were discharged with them Clarence w. Cook who was informed of Tho death of his 10 old son while Philadelphia. Feb. The jury was out. Aro underway tonight for speedy trial this was spoon Cal for Twenty seven Fien indicted by to was once before Ron acted Federal grand jury Friday As con Spur of Tho run Roje and was Prant ii a new plan speedy trial. Maxima. P. I. Feb. Vicente Roma. Demo Meta representative of Cebu appointed by governor general and later unscathed by House of representatives. In today s special election Defeated his coalition St opponent by 600 majority. Kama s election is considered a signal Victory for general Wood and night when h was Learned i was out of the City. To i counsel. In which Forbes iras that he bounced in Strong terms a a buc Caneer Wisconsin faces a new blockade leaders. I american Oil vessel sinks Lisbon. Feb. American Steamer with n cargo of tracks which were actors in a million Dollar mall order bootlegging plot to flood the nation with synthetic booze it was Learned at in Ltd states attorney s of Flocs. Trial on grounds of newly evidence. Jury men stated that the ballot stood six to six throughout the deliberations. Ank today after being driven upon blizzard of monday and to rocks of Lisbon bar. The entire were again threatened by the of. Crew was res Curn. After i breakdown of her engines the ship drifted helplessly and driven by wind on Rocki. United frees Milwaukee. Tvis., feb. Consin tonight another Toeup As the result of a heavy Snow which has been falling in Northern and Cen trial Wisconsin during Tho Day and i which continued tonight. Manitowoc Stevens Point and Ber Lin All reported heavy snowfall Dur ing the Day. At Milwaukee Snow fell at intervals during the Day while to get the fall was steady and heavy. Streets roadways and Railroad blocked by the tuesday _ _ he Snow and there was every indication that Many cities of the state would be snowbound by morning if the fall continues. The disheartening the com Mittee s report , is that Many o the men who bad charge of the Bureau Duran of that period flouted the sacred Trust that had been imposed in them and their treatment of disabled soldiers and sailors was harsh unfair and often said we were officers of Law. A Volley at shots from a the door was Tat ans wer. Were several valleys. It a Tery to me Why none of us was injured. We backed off and tire we on us from upstairs. We shots from fear of injun Irish refrained from answer no further shots and placed a guard around Hospital which to maintained until the arrival of Tho statement admitted it warn Young who swore out Tho warrant charging her Lei Malligan with murder of Cagle. For his Money seeks divorce for within a few months after she married him. Hilda Bose Dahl Jones loft her with her he clothes and valuable papers with the statement that she married him for his Money and intended to get according to a divorce petition tiled in District court saturday by the husband Clarence i. Tones. Jones also calms that his wife Tola him she was not married hut that a few Days after their marriage she brought two Little to Sondahl Chil Dren to the Home and told him that she had been married twice before. 5 hey were married at Council fat. May s. 1323. The petition new move to extend credit into National service Washington Fob. Sen ate late this afternoon adopted Resolution extending the Powers of the War finance corporation for nine months from february 29, the Date on which the Agency otherwise would have gone out of existence i adoption of this measure is the first step in the Coolidge adm Ulstro. Ton s plan Lor relieving stringent credit situation in Tho Northwest. The tit Mthr Outlook for the befit Milnor Mont or Miami or probe blk in the weather Outlook for the Monitor any i Monfeli by so n in armr mostly bloody 8nn Iii or a i Harht not much Mon Dij Powler ruin sir or monday not much Elianic in

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