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Lincoln Nebraska State Journal Newspaper Archives May 20 1923, Page 1

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Lincoln Nebraska State Journal (Newspaper) - May 20, 1923, Lincoln, Nebraska News autos and markets first Section. Mini it i. I it i Quot it. Lincoln n Kura he a a vday May 20, 1023. Five cents. Facing death by brigands f fir a up tvs it still n the hand of Chin Etc outlaw rom marked for Lee cation f of limit of forty right hour for t i Amurri Wnm and two fug hoi in by edict of the in rid 11 chief r a a flan agreement anon wit by Ltd it it Fen release of the forego Niv Hbl to the 8 us How Bandit <.,v or i a in Chung Vul of Shamus sn1 in int a no Quot no it r to Thos i a St it h army no in i Iona for Laa t i Anil a Agre. To it to in rot a a the wit or Bandit fore in by Shantung arts bandits hard to satisfy negotiation of government Ine Fec five be Calm of existence of Mutual distrust u \ Kington mar la failure of the a Lur raft it la i i bin gov a til it let a or of in a a of Tho foreigner Cap v Bandit Iii Shantung to of tit american legation in attorneys thrown out Campbell and Flansburg not in hotel Case Pudge Woodrough decides they have no authority to represent interstate hotel company in Federal court contents of this morning s journal. A of War Ira now Ftp on. I the weather. Of in no in in Nam a t a a a t h rom Mem i my la Sill in take a ii no v Iliad i a a have h la no a a aah to r Ell a d a dug Hill a t i Iii. <1 Anil Salt of a i till i full Iva to if til and Dalh int to Cable Theta m Ltd i Star it in it a a hit that either foreign guaranty or i a a a Media rid in to he new a aary to it oui or Ulle Lurt it negotiations a in it i the a of it a arum i him # off Iii a ill pail la do it ared apparent. Impossible because a Mutual tit Trust. Re do patches How or. Reported tie military governor of Shantung had uttered commit Dot a in the Reg i Milt it i y Force of that pro in e to t a Bandit Pio hied the captive a ,., lid a idea de whether of Omaha net a Nana Tirc of tier n at tort a a hotel rom a hot i i it it mpa May of ram Beu Lincoln. Who hat for the Nebraska and the intestate a subsidiary. As apr i Natl a a it the latter company Wile do in the Ria Byju in in ill it it a Bough in Haf it do Al court saturday afternoon following a review of a Levy me Renahan a ruling a Derlyn knee be r Hoppl to a str under to lot of the pm Ope it i a a a i a defunct Nebraska i lot Al rom Par. To i Quot a Halor t litre in bankruptcy pending an in ,. T o the Rule fillers will pm t at the robbers chief lain makes Good by threat Tao of thann titans and is 4 i ii it 0 i tact furl leg h i inuit to live. I Hgt will be hot a a a warning thai the mat a Melee flies 0 Ltd for i rom Din to sub the i cd i a under Thor Chi Ultima int a a in ii k ii inlay Al Al # i la a Llu g it a 1 no i Vin a a a e and i on a inn Realise but tit Harold arc ready to a a Lites their cts n live and la of All their captives in heir fight or Isle Auie hut in the Chin we a my its in in flaw Pun t h met. Quot Wear Aurey 4uchhni. H tire Saiet need made be ii Diu Mii. Hie of the am to for a do in a for an. Comm a nit a a fat cd in Shanghai Nav Ai Irreg Rue communities of China in i torpor of i May a in elms. D in a re sow Bon a us thai the am a a Taxa Aud b it gnarl in Teeth prom he Calll. C gip eminent to the and w pith f a in o t air led nationals j idus of a ii a descended in this we. Cml t audit or rats in the pan Tuku Billa 11 oui i tie Ell m he. Ait their Harding a method of Consolation. Vav he Hinh ton. A v of pres Den la Trilling Ift re a it my a syrup on Bis admin a to tin. Sum tune Lay Down i new paper and Tuti to a fresh Plim of for con Tat pm Quot 4 a in a let a to senator Harrison. Derium rat. Or gift pal that a Harrlson f be Harding Emu a occasioned by a article written b or or Fiat Kerning the my of la executive s father i re a new orb him to it attend la Confederate n it on i am writing a a Evecuti a raid Hank you flt a k i n to i it thing you have mid concerning him an i visit and courteous afr retire you have made to la preut orc Tapani of White House in your capacity of chief party troth to maker have said Nom thing which have made me la m and turn o a fresh Pip of tobacco for Congo Lamn Ini a and considerate aril Hay antidote la i to con in fort a in to t a t a the n the Arna # oui new a paper do an thi very re net thing that have a a a a a or a i an a a a of we of a or. A a a in a Gawe a a Mytr to for a a Ato Ninf up in Lur. Of tin i my in up psf a a a a a a a of la a to wit a t Al a h pm of a f a a f a a a i. A a i re i Iii. In to ave pm a a Vav i a Marl to b the re of is Iva log at i to a or Marsing i a i a up Atung a i a a a or la hmm Liua i Ani pc it int ii a a n a a a a a a p v new ask a a if a a a of a a no re via a it it by .-,4 rain a a i r m i a it a to Ai a a. In la arts Quot in a or an a a it a a a a to i i k r a re it it a h i i a. To a Quot of in a a my in Fivi a Hll a of Vav a to from at in a a Star a a a r a n to my in in a. Fig Law of a a of Quot of a a a p up Iva a a v pc in a a Taw. A to a a Vin f a. A to. Kat a go hat am. I a of a la Mua 1 i a h am Quot a a a a a a a g a g i a it a no r. A a Quot f a a in i a Aava m. Am i a that Mir a it a Ai in a a two a a sa&Quot&Quot-1 los. I. A a a Adlai it a a la. Ii. A to. A Awa l Thor Lar v the r i i a a a f la a a a an a a. A a. Fat. I Volt Quot i. Is a i afro fat t a 4 aia Emu a a Vav mrm in or my c a a aha anal h to a Flat i gtd a twi Sta a rat r ii. A t axn4wf Awai a. Of i. It Lynn Tom a . R Aam it. in aaa i Maxim it is. In or in Wim a in or h a in Ira amur it a Wigotow. My i a w we h a Yawt at. A int m a ii a inn i no Wanna two ,.#mm# Ini a a iia a i a pm . A i anal Marn in in i main met Hnz a re. Arn Aam a or a it a awl Ai a i m i it or a or tit k a a it i att in err Tath Ama. A eel or aaa a of a awl or lil t i i tha am it to Rule at a of Ai mama 4 Ai Atrah tta.1 v#4 la i re Al Al a a # a it-1 we or a i a a1 a i a 4 sat a. A r Fth a of to of a Wlma a it a he a a a i m .at�#4 Saro rtt re Tipoai. Of i Ammi pm f �4 f Lith i it Mu-1 of i hip no hav a in Man of Job Hunters seek Bryan former Nasby w0u1j succeed J. O Brien admit that he knows Hor about Fth than some people min he does a or Lovell Cilly of in it a a i at a la of Taa p if on a. Vigw two Iai 1s or a. Wat w Arn a Tat pm 4 to St Aas a i iritis that r Alan mar Page a. A a for Quot a wot a i among la club a. I Wpm is. Mara a from i Al Aloha rag a. Gge Marta a Ana a a f n Raga Ataw. A up at"1 who i a a a i a n Taal i a a of a Iai a a Ai. He la or is a wow right. I a a Church a rag Law. A Raga of cd in 11 i i i ii. It i. he Raga Tam. A a Itta Mil rat a re. Raga Rieara. 5 ii not. I a i air a a a a Raga Tarot a of g a vial in a it a a Raga i or aah in your Awn i a a a in Aam a la. Re i by a1 Roo Wahly i Ita a k a Gay w P Yaa 01111 Miu tiv Hon a i its a Hank Check for the Moi re it a a is entire 92 too 0�>0 a prop not a i to or mra ago for world War #>,., Relief fund will have a a a men c Mac a 14�?� Strega try by i Blip r y i Al v i and by that tim it Brin ill treated by order Jet the at it Naid. Of intact Gienty j car a in a i i or of Silt la of it rot to a <-0 i the two rat May la he a warts on the atm 11c�ury or the t j a a in invented a i u,.co� i Loci. Warrant credit d to la Roll. It j a Tref i Nti a a or w 111 of a he prompt in Ion of $�?~.�?T,1 0#kiln it i tit end of i birr Plum july i the loan of educational lands Sud fun a win mood hold a meeting a Tel dec id Bow payments shall be made la the of cur of the american legion disbursing com by i Mer whether guar Tori a in the psst or whether the a hair income Hull be turned Over to the committee the Board comprise a a Coles at Hoven Riuz to Sec Tetart Pool tres surer Koto ton. I Ami Cornin i cloner is is no a afto Ruey Hen ral spill us. Wrecked by cheap Money Germany in example of what inflation will do. Savings of lifetimes lost people of modest Means see fruits of frugality swept Dasraj. By Mark Washington right. I by new York Tribune a i he purpose of the present article la to Tell just what happens to a nation and a people who unit of Stirr be thru the Exi it or Lenry that la d or approximately ill Al a on a a la he pure leg la to pledge or woman suffrage Madi by italian Premie Hovik nay 19 try the Anno be found acceptable is not a u. I it it 4 i Petit i a bul in Tail ii Man Mitre i it Cliatt Geml y i ii be Tel Wilt Neth Bandi i lug mild Tell to it Quot i 111 lot Des of rate Pugl Hirn a Al Iii dip Lux g paid f Down ii Ord a i Rench Wam Given lot from to go to. Govern tan Rota Filien it in i actor two i a Morrow w t the Tai to the diploid la Liurma. T hat cd g Cli hit urn o torn a a no d to Cap it Ort. Torlai neg a Pat i iou to including of an minis la Tai it lid la ban to 41 to i a. # i a a a my lab Iha cd by re a a Olio r i it lit la Lei the Ford i m Kow i Tor la d it mud i a i a i 1 a i Ai aul a in it Mou Chi ill to a to and d the hit a of Imlah on a a Dom rays utile a a Hill that a i Mutiny policing Doi in and at with the dict a. Howl Sci net Clug the hitter Tath is that heir Ollie re pol than cd i Ion in Bandi a Al Iii a by orig. Of Contention is he re diploma la. N me lit is held Leal it it of lie pm or i i r will known Here Minuter Schurman Aud other for a in diploma have demand >1 again f i Al t a Chine Quot govt in v approx. I and Pun us the bandh Oil i la. Ii in. However Are Mote iou i Over la plight of the prison a Hun on i i a guest Ion of How la i outlaw it Hall be la Ihm it a that troops in three Bra Adi it the Chin of army in Shan Mii a e he it a without pay Tor eight in Mouths Anil urn Belling a min no i no to Tho Luu Idiu have bul or ileitis ii. N to fear a t1�-fecti>n of Thuve nil make a had it it a ova i Ament to Titi Abow ,. Al Between i a Lii 4&Quot boo in Shantung province. Should Iii a a joined by any cot 1111 raid Baxly o i Ali Clad Ironi of the Reg Uli army the i cult might be to im> hid1 Flint i Lyth it Lea Elt a a la Cap j Ives. Clara Phillips is near a breakdown stoutly maintains her innocence of murder but trying to bribe police officials to Aid in escape. Tangle Merit of that company s affairs. I judge w olt i rough sustained the refer i a a in ruling Lull stayed execution of i la order for Twenty Day Aud rave or Leppley the rigid to Appeal the Case to the circuit court or a pub y stated that the affirmation order would the promptly appealed v a iut be uni Mirouhi held with he refers hat or. Kippley was a nil Tai to n Imbur i ment for the $290,000 he has already a Al i on the properties under the original contract Nide with i Hornier i Civ a w e Barkley since knocked out by the supremo court. But thai this reimbursement should j Cann Tori the proce Eils of that 4ru-tee�?Ts dial tuition of th1 properties j u d Gas my rough Campbeli a ius but k rom pressing the petition for a receiver ship for the j inter Tat co he interstate hotel co. Holds the i Ane on la font j Nolle hotel and is. In turn controlled i by the a 11 k t up Nebraska hotel com Pany. Cani Povell a of Ranaburg acted i an coun Al Tor the old Schaaf faction of tin i to Jan a hotel comi Guy which i controlled la it the Coni min Lea before he i j original re Civ ship. When he org Gnu i a i j v # Tati i p was knocked our by1 the up. Fin court Aud in the Brief j interim a i Ween the courts mandate and the a Honin Keiit of a trustee in bankruptcy. The Schauf la Tiou rep resented by these attorneys made Sale of the Quot fold hell hotel lease to Home Miller Tor 1215,, of which 9 2 5, too was a a1 in ii file Are Hurt in a Auto Accident two University students seriously Hurt and three suffer minor injuries car turned Over on South fourteenth parliament and eat of he w i i. Mild cute not accept i to it. The Wert and William Lambert 16 b ii i v in Young 1515 i Street verely injured and two girl vouch Auff a id minor i Juii. Iii Kent a Ford touring car in the were Riding went into coat la end of Cie paving on fourteenth and turned Oyer a p m saturday or it w a driving received a broken born and was painfully injured the bar Filiti Geroth la sir it re he cd minor Cut arid is. Hider Odquist. 1515 l w Tich ditch Houll la to w to Collar about it k bran Street. Arraign Irish deportees in London police court Lon it a May it i to of third Hli Orie. I Shuan Mcgrath Aud John of Mahon y. Jorr let a on til or Arri Al at Holyhead it Al Ray. Were Arrau of ii May in la How Street it it be a Quot Uri on charge of editions con piracy both were remanded until wednesday without bail Mcgrath la g#n#ia1 Secretary of the Irish self or termination Lengu Anil Mcmahon by is a member of that Omaha night fire in business House five mercantile businesses burned out with a total loss estimated at $125.000�?four peo pie injured. J n nutria of tattle en#4 St the statehouse saturday find with on desire a longing to Fiji an Appolon a offer la was at first its a Wilh the idea of taking the vis of Hup w j u Brilec Fth a a at Al Gretna but found not vacant to it i far As any of knows or. I�urr1# was formerly pm master at i Horn town and one operated a Mill. When Asaud what a knew about shh Auld to knew Mort than too people thought he did. Or. Burrito a maid to hate formed re idea of taking Chare of a fish hatchery owned by Thara Hru the Power of suggestion in a Aid some Omaha people told him they could get him so Job at the Gretna bsh hatchery. But it appeared from by int that the Omaha men who Are giving out jobs under governor Bryan later changed their mind about the particular Job or. I Harrt la to have they told him they Woald get him something Cise and a ram to Lincoln to so Alk iut it. The argument in a favor is that a former a Ostraat a or a former Miller could do As who with Llu by fort a Saloon a a R of Omaha who j Many year Aga a la the Gretna j0�?T during a two year Lull in or o Brien tenure of office. The t Tenaha Man was appointed try go a nor who thought. Any on who could rat bog or cat i to might raise Riih to i within a it or or two the Omaha Man had Given i away almost la my i r a i re of fish friends who gout Hlili wr.,1 fish a about Beaver cite re fit of severely visited r Ansar nor put j lift policyholders another Clatt that suffers Sullivan says it ii a lesson americans should study. Sullivan. May if copy women representing nearly All Conn Trie in f a world today marched from the in place of Glo inter National Wotiska a Urf Rafi Alliance to Tho office of Vernier Mussolini. Teao ution adopt,-.j the Congo a of the a1 Banc or handed the Premier by or t a it t Hapman Fatt honorary pre procession which was in purpose j toll ii in i of Rise Eipert no of Germany and the Taik not Only will it it of inter Cai a a Narra in of what has actually happened i Germany. It will also have aum vain a an Ai ample in the Light of occasional hints i hints which the writer cannot help feeling Are sinister of what some Persona would to willing to bring us tyr in Homan history produced a about at Horn in America. To fat Tho great inn Russion Signor Mussolini a a welcomed the suffragists warmly and so i he was prepared to keep his Pledgu Ai Hgt slyly this y ear and a talk la by r ext year Tho italian govern Nietup would 5# enfranchise tent o women by cat Goric wreckage Marks paths of storms ruined when Arnott r to Vertnor or o Brien Back in r 1 arg Placa Hunter Caill h Lovell of it Aua no a to ii actin a second tit j9.t we a to a a Why to has not it b l the Job a running that a torte # but a i la i Only to Raj fit this place. P fiend of j j 0�4f f have not craned 0 Hack him form pm Itlo i or it of the a-.,. ,.a. A Tiiu Utju to Becenti. I tut Bryan is taken no sen.,. Aid to that Jai a i i Milt. A under a pit Viola and mini to no a a ii by 0i the old banking cd by so i last tall a Iii critic saturday morning Church blown probe foundation other building damaged. Rant i a slightly bruised and la lev i id ii l Jed Sumner and v # Tau Yourg 1j15 i. Sir. Badly a re a Alai to e la puny secret re a a. Of i he Dopa to in i of nil h pm Hee its who was Stenograph Oil ii when la a a Era is party comm said to have held it with the demo a in a two or three former the commoner Arm jobs Loob i Mati says i a he Cpl it i i Are doomed from feared Atuobi the Bandit 4.�> paid Tor tug it reported to to out Iii Vav a soil Stilt till brigand for and 11�?� i u be Are Rele i.�?od a i i rib i. A pile i pealed a in i n nil Gila Bien withdrawn to it Utah foreign most tale i i oops y have a to Moil i its Traier ulving of Tia Al in said to to for Trca tic a from Chi that they had ure the safety a in a espouse the c til to d up Pink 0 la outlaw ultimatum b ought by government Iii diplomatic corp it Admi by i d i a. J b. I left a it As the Portugue ninja tar Tab i a government dons lot tile Tell one i a held in i 1 a it Luau i he Lions Wen it i ufos Iusi the w to it Luisa Lei Reg us. Chi Hiwa lug Auld let stopped ult enough to the there to get quickly of Latcu it Ulk terms note of it. Adeti mods k a Quot a t Lim govt by ego Tarn prisons of a Ilia it w am s a it tug in eking Mill tim i Esti i ii i a 111 a i tit lit Era my Schul a. Loch tins it and Gad Pali to Pek hut Man 9 Long officials them in would Bosa Viss tile key demand. Sch Lilly drug re it i i of in Alba . A 19 ills la Quot Assoc a cd i a the woman being held Here As i Phil Lii it the California Hammer to Surv. A Bee to definitely identified by t it pud so if r w Alt i j i j util Al. W in Quot lived Lier rum los a . She ii to Kim to bal k to los Angeles Quot a lie Escarm ,1 rom jail last i it a a it by Lite a to Akuei Colombia Leav. Vui apala May 2,0 Iii Pil it Otier was completely Brok ii 11�w All Day today my made of fit in go police Oft u Tats to help by to it a i let ill a i v i a Vav it la i he a Sih i. Pie Quot ii put Leti ii Lay in Mai Quot a Pirig that sin a inno deut and a a at Vleita Meadow bad in in Kilb d by Peggy Caifee so th-.,i. I her husband had tinned stale a evidence la Quot and Peggy she a Herl wer i Espo Tisil Foi Lier v oui in Ilion. Ill \1vico so ii. I lied so met a i Tot Mer i fiend jes s a Ai son who is now in i i Quot h Gula la peril Etti Iaian i a compelled her by Force to lea1 a a the him telling her that Hona had in ext i ii j Ilion i Fen to creditors push Saunders tile leg Otago and lag today it # to noun a i thai my you , minis to of of minium actions. V to headed til �"1. Tai govern it doll i Al of a t i xxx h w a jihad s Anil oiled ids conf Ron. With the outlaws w hell lie i1 1 d the a a i do Usu that All troop be wig Adtawn from pies Dent of Piggy wiggly defendant in suit to enforce payment of $30,000 i Miggs Teu May Isi mar j i a Saunders president of Piggy i. By1 or a a. Inc storm Tenter of a ii or i a i Balli which lies been waged with rapid tire developments for a month As a sequel to j i Yiv wiggly s Hest in a v in mall hire. I. Today Felt i Piore from two sides the filing of n nit to fore payment of a not of unable to give Pola Emaio several weeks ago. Having been in Abl to ii liver Pon it sum of the Ion j a. J Tenelle to Millet the attorneys filed a petition Tor a it Elver for i lie interstate a Loviei i company alleging or. Hoppley was a trespasser and Chan lag that the company Asi to were being the Lilied under his manage-1 meat a i that by reason of the be Bra a hotel company owner of the interstate i Unk Isong bankrupt Iii Isle Staie Roin Pany being a Suh idl Ai a. W As bankrupt also and i Bai a declaration of Grin bankruptcy could automatic ally annual the i on the1 font Nelie Ihus destroying the most a liable a it it the Nebraska hotel com party at the opening of the hearing on the receivership petition attorneys for trustee Baylor immediately re sifted the right and authority of Campbell a fian Burg to petition for a receiver or to represent tire inter-1 ital hoi i company in any capacity. Tin Truie n counsel contended that inasmuch As la interstate Stock w As controlled by the Nehru a hotel company and the n. Braska hotel company was bankrupt Liat the inter Tate hotel company constituted Ani asset of Tho bankrupt. Therefore they argued. My application Foi a receiver for la interstate hotel Coni Pany my t necessarily be mad try the trustee in bankruptcy. Bruise d and battered mini i w tax Iii uncool i sous St i a Iii Sunda a Ordung to i t c a lie noid a was m Levi Dong her Condi Gott in put dangerous. I hey a re taken to .01 Knizat a the a to spatial by a i untie Toper and Matthew ambulance i was badly a Kuolt tit d. I be party were returning from s fraternity picnic Ai Crete it the t is of the Accident. There were six in lie party but Only Nve j sufficiently to require la serve i if an Ai Buia i i p Fisher Ltd a ii a a i a d uninjured a cording i i of a of i girls they had noticed hat the steering gear seemed Aery Loos a Tor the aes ment happened Mirn tie a i to stated that they wet tint a driving last mud Bank averts disaster motor boat with a party of five narrowly escapes going Over Niagara Falls. Magaha Falls May Only a pal i y of ill Mia ni-4>. May 19 four per us two firemen and two civilians i Bolding were slightly injured and file bus be a establishments were completely destroyed by fir Lier late tonight which started at the fashion depart t ment store on sixteenth Street be tween Gouglas amt Ihrig streets. The i total loss was estimated by the proprietors at approximately 1125.000. J Vav. Moore who was Rooming i above la fashion store was locked Jln a bathroom for several minutes after tire fire started but was Stile to i i a rape when firemen it Anre to ids res cd his injuries consisted of a Small j gush Over his forehead Tbs other i three were injured by falling timbers tile follow tug establishments wet a totally destroyed the fashion store i t in rat bakery Newark shoe shop Anheir studio and the guaranty j Lemut Tunc clothing company All concerns Wen to from the housed under the Salt roof prompt action by local fir fighters or vented what appeared to be the destruction of an entire business Blin k All i hater Goei s were has ten oui of tin Empress theater ant i Chumar agriculture voting woman for j h �,1 of the pro the is also Quot a action later a committee. To pity is of said to be Lima non #. One a i g employed in. -.-iv. Vita in a in. Tit and i ,. A Perma nent position. C minor by y a i Quot n 111 j ,1,11114 with Osa it soc ret Ary Trio the legis Matuie in in App Ropi to to. Of 12 >90 a a for two Yar j Vao Finicy eau 1 by the Quot a a a judg a ii. Broady has not be a blk request for stat fund of Vuk City neb. Mud 19 \ of at a ii i damage w.,i my i ii Day eve tug by a sever wind in rain �?�.,m in the heaver no Sappa Valley i he min Tull amounted to depart i or in tire a Ltd four inches Beaver 1 in cant our of us Banks flooded Low i.,. T i made racing i rents out or mulches \ ii a Ith of t Lio firs s at Ank Nairobi escaped drowning while re a i m. A Lendley he is a aug id and his tar Hickey info i Sun cd by the a he i Amia Down Stream Ain Church w let Iown a . Farm building a r. It a were blown Down Lark barn of A ii i 1 he farm Horn of Thomas in twelve rms Southwest from its foundation Mal lest roared. In the storms a Lew a were broken by Hail on Slid West of buildings. In by one and one fourth inches a if 9 own rotund the j a Tor a Spring from it of Julep and the w reek. Stoa in it % i i the born lion will a tie Sou Leav Blat Chari ii state treasurer son a ask d new. In the publication in i Lith a a it 1 he up ii. A Colp a about tile to 111 Lane s were being Usu a a followed by Many Bankers asking Iii. Tt�4 a posit state funds in lion lie Tiauj,- a j Lioubin a to Glt it by in receipts of hit of Al la a remit a a ally 111 Mit it i a11 a is from a allure to their inst Ltd is All git of rain fill. It 11 i ii neb May 19 on Inch of. In gds a Liniev Friday till j.,t the ave no electric Fen in til.,is la dub ii Ilab Nitu mini a. Ham at the Emil Debrie tart of town an the Structure a. A a to la ground the fir a q j j i ply discover and All hoi. A an a it Hgt a livestock or removed he Tot it. A James reached re lower Pun of the building. Which was threatened will a cordon was thrown about Iii burning build lug. Prey rating additional injuries. Be t an a t to keep the Tat i of i self a poor , i ,.i�?oiil re As # Public Neffic r a. La to scrape a i to c 1 duds to reduce that Jav nto of <n1 rat t pm a a Kiaie Gen eral lurid. It he do. Tut get a Good Supply of fund ii Jav june he demand the Scalp of chief Justice Ftp socialists it new York Call for impeachment of Taft russian communists denounced a fakers and rafters concern for the Premier attorneys make reply. Campbell /. Flansburg replied Wigi a lengthy Oil argument outlining their connection with tin defunct companies and contending their right denial j a recely it at the. Con to maintained concerning the condition of Boner Law London. May 19 my re to crated press i great secrecy is Bing maintained re aiding Premier Monner a Hwy a cupid Tiou which is causing ills friends grave concern. The Premier Olio rec title 111 on an anti it i inc a voyage of on Mouth for his a Algi. Out when he reached London i his afternoon from Par is and was compelled to rest be cause of his exhausted condition when he reached til private Houe where he slaying. Sir t Homas horde the noted specialist was Call d upon the Premier s arrival and remained with Shantung province Aud i hat the Bandit j3u,000 and demands by new Orleans for said to aggregate upward of k too men by constituted the it Rovin Ial Ai my this Inion agon brought the statement Bat the diplomatic corps would make new and stronger representations to Tho Chin Quot gov to Ament my so tin situation stands Hiir fourteen a lavs have dialled along dire the Gam raid near Sinh fourteen men and on worn mexican Senora wit of and a in 111 Bauk for additional col j lateral to protect principal Loans without wavering from hts declaration it hat to Vitili was master of the Situa Ilion. The suit against Saunders was a filed by Sidney Vav Sellers of new or j leans on a note obtained from the interstate Trust and banking company of new Orleans j saved a a announced tonight that How. Ruin a a a a. Would proceed with his original plan Ait a Little mexican Senora Wile of to dispose of a sufficient number of Manuel a. Vertu on of the prisoners j Piggy wiggly store units to strength who refuse8 to Leav Lier husbands on the finances of the company and kid Ai waiting they. Hop for to declared negotiations virtually had Lumb a Complete Tor the Sal of the j Tenelle botel to mom Miller and i leu Ains i t Ive la let foday by 1 Denver unit for approximately $400. I have Tak n an Active Par t in other vib american la Gabiou Irav incr a amp j 000. Phases of the Case mud Bank and Luck saved five front Chicago from being aired Over no Sagaia Falls in a motor boat this evening. J the Motel boat the Sunbeam. Was great secrecy being i formerly a my Chaser and w As bought in new \ Ork reunify refitted and brought up the Barge canal to Tonawanda opium Coig Murphy of i Chicago was in command. This evening the Captain decided to j Arak another Lap to Buffalo and spend la night there. The motor boat was i taken into the River and rho Pilot being unfamiliar with the Channel pr6 needed North along the Canadian i looked tired and worn Shote in the direction of the Falls. Chippewa workmen on the Hydro Piatt piers waved a warning to the Crew but they interpreted the signal As a Friendly Hail Ami continued their course. Just below the intake for the Queenstown powerhouse Channel Broad mud Bank stretches several i Bim a Lorg time. Delusion of their argument judge Hundred Teet out into the River. I at sir Thomas hordes residence it j Woodrough sustained the motion of la motor boat stuck her Sharp ll8 Larned that absolute it and tic the trustee counsel and disqualified dote into this mud and held fast a i Dom from political Strain have been Campbell a Flansburg to act for or a cart half mile from the Cataract ordered and that during the next few represent the interstate hotel com motor boat was Rush Ai on trots i Days or. Bonar Law will he unable i Pany. Chippewa and the Crew of the Sun judge m Woodrough sustained the beam taken ashore a line was Al trustee s Contention that any Apnoea j inched to the Sunbeam to prevent her Bon for a receiver must be made by Drifting away the Trust and added that such a i a i Clemenceau declines a seat in French Senate Paris May 19�?former Premier com Anceau has just refused a Sena worship which would have been his for the asking. Representatives of the different parties offered to make him their common Choice As successor to the late senator Leroux in the Quot Tiger a Birthplace the Region of Vendee where he still retains a a a j Side Horn Clemenceau refused say i lug he was determined not to reenter new for the Taft t stat. Proceeding could not be construed by the Douglas hotel company owners of the Fontanelle building us an act of bankrupt y and made the. Basis or a suit to break the lease a in his opinion no court would suffer such advantage to be taken of the. Situation. Campbell x i tans Burg As represent it Ives of the. Interstate got com it any negotiated the ale of the Bon May have to Regir. To warrants for Laik of funds i us a i confident he can stave of that Day and thereby a. Governor i5 y,1. Prophecy one tit i w never in. Ill. A mime Hanks decline to have Ai fund8 to heir u a Bant b. Caus sin i i u Ai subject to withdrawal at any tim one it it to k a Wes Deputy a stat to a on r under a ,.i Mer admin ? \ f gun was sit 1a. Ii to a�?Tub-r s office holding Down the by a gtd unable to Cadi stat. Warrants when they wit presented. Hold of warrants i on the treasurer were roil of it would s be paid when the Star got around to ii which Wuy a usually a month or More. At present the t r a a of is meeting All demands with and there la i nearly $2,000,000 in depository Bank. Soldier re if fund. Tire investment of 2�?~.ih,900 of the i state Soldier fund i1 City of a i ii Ion Bonds Irmi a to Al of $1,357i it i 50 now inv. Ste i out of a total of i $2jh 0,000 authorized by til legislature of 1921. J ii. Full a managed i by the stat Board of educational a lands Ami funds trustee. The investment produces a lion $50,000 a a a a it which is disbursed Tor Relief by a a organization of the american legion. In addition til a lust legislature a Propri a i $25, Tor the Relief fund. It also i operated $10,000 Lur the Relief in. Sinh american War veterans. The american legion commit in passs upon claims for Relief and re to annually to the. A bite la exp nor us h it Lias authorized. The Date Board has been paying portions of a income to the american legion committee m quarterly instalments. Rile $1.0.00 granted two years ago by la it. Legislature an a separate food for Relief of Spanish american soldiers w in All placed in a Hank account Aud to meet ids Cabinet members. It Lias now become known that Prim minister Bonar Law has been fighting illness or since he assume. Office and it is not thought possible in can continue in office much longer no step by French lines to observe the dry Law Paris May 19by the associated press j he French lilies have taken no decision whatever in regard to Observance of the touted ital supreme court ruling preventing transportation of liquor within american territorial Waters it was stated today j la drawn upon the stat Board by o Gal bu/., pro deut of the pa.--1 upon chum approved by he company. J Spanish american veran3 Assoc la Vokk May to \ 1 mar d impeachment of a ilium la chief Justice of the touted of accepting in alleged ainu i v i Fiondo from the , Cor iou and a Alia k on the Lenin list a Brand of by nun Corn in i ii tis Alexander Allan editor of the jewish daily Forward matured the opening of the National Coolen lion of the soda list Pat \ today or i declared Trotzky a a a big windbag a but he a Iivo i a was sincere and that a nine n i v Al a. 1 it in i a part to it ills moral inia Padev int Resolution aimed a thief jus tic Lait Quot a adopted unanimous a Bui none of the delegatesxpte�#d 1 i Quot on t ii Subjec Iii. Commit on resolutions was instructed to obtain cooperation of Gale by. I Oil he Dol la a Bod i a ill i ,. Demand Lur or. R., in j i Lehment nation wide in its scope j i Caban declared Iii russian i i columnist were nor Ihan two i a Hii ilm Rakers an Ltd Grabein a Arni it Quot a Lime for the american socialists to top Tempo izing with the pm Sui nov i deplored tin relatively a Hall attendance at til convention j saying it did not augur Wli for the k Ain of Lite Pally in the touted i a Starer. More Poison pen letters added to the Long list new York my 19 four More Poison Lien la re today were added to til 17 which a alleged to a w a e a Many Home in High society careful a analogy la will merely to necessary to imagine a Al Lias happened to Tho Mark in Germany a happening to the Dollar in America. Value of the Mark. It for Girt War tie rain of the German Mark a roughly Twenty of i v e Centi i slay to la Worth to in to you an ail it anything you with fur on leniency in or one Hundredth of a cent. To a degree an infinte�1mal and �ompaiagv.lv Barrier Dogie Soma tiling line this has happened to our Dollar for tire Dollar wide to was Worth a Hundred Centi in Lei i Worth today in a hiring in purr Basing Power about no cents to til degree that this has happened in America la has not i to a matter of Dell it rate currency inflation hut chiefly a matter of credit inflation a thing that Pecoro in i tui i the i lung of it is to pay for Iwar Alai w i largely unavoidable. It to i e Iii Oil a a an Finly in am Roca who would i # ,.a depreciation of Iii. to go further who thinks i a a nation re. Print narrative of what Dapre a i i Loi a to til Ople of or in a it ill i a Ligi Stening and Amer to a is nut w holy immune from the linty of a a tug flared from end opt i v la View i of w hat items peril. Ally to la alluring in deflation. To a among ii at i Al a few of the kind of people w to blink inflation la a go thing Vav to it a. Nip Long to Inak or nov it irn. What would Rohu do la Asun i a sent a prod in lion a la would lie p.,-, to mail abort our future a May i said Liat among to dangers of Iii Campaign i of ii it year ii this Billy dial Sorn let Ody May Ai is with a Char Money Panacea indeed a phrase liar on of our pro to nth Al aspirants i drop orc Mon is ago tip i already pointed in Liat direction. Germans who hav lot. Let i Tak the people Cia i by class. In convenience take first the la its tim had Mon y in by ravings Hanks. I inn of re German people who their Money hint put it in the to lug Hank s. And to other Gaiman a of saving Hanks Are precisely like those or our own a Oplt w fio do or Nam Hurt of thing tills Cia i of people is re a Salt of Ever nation tim workers who make it a practices to spend a Little la than they Carn who Vry saturday night Tak some part of their pay and put it in i Rit is a Ai a Protection against sickness an old age or for tit education of their children. This class of people in Germany has been robbed of everything they had. Tire word a robbed implies Golem. There was no violence in the process hut the and was by Sam. The Marks w id h we in a won ii Cen w Lien they put them in saving Hanks Are today Worth practically nothing before the War and even during la War be Calm deflation it lid i it begin until hear a Clos Oil War a Good hardworking German Workman could pile up his a Mark by Mark and i Quot for Quot Ai i Ltd the Lime when lie should a # Iii the savings Bank let us say 20,00b Marks Ami the interest trom that rum would keep him adequate in during his old age i Olav that 2#, Mal would hardly buy Bim a single meal. Life politic worthless. I a i it by c lass of people wild carry life i surant. Ibis class Iii a i Many is precisely like the it am class at bom m n with n rare Tor the future a d for then families year by year they paid their premiums in the full consider a that when they should come to do Grey would leave Hind bum enough to a their v. Ives and children bom immediate Ward they him a confident or rom guilty of th l of insurance a Sui the Quot Moi \ would i there to take care of their families us they wire of death itself but now they Bud that s a paying 25 cent pieces to la ii malice companies All their lives their families will it Back pieces of paper Worth less than a Hundredth of a cent you can mag or the re to Quot of outrage Are dazed bewilderment with which these peo pie contemplate their present position. Next the owners of Bonds and mortgages of on sort or another. These it of i ame Cia s As the patrons of savings Banka Only a Little higher Iii the Busine a scale. These Are the is w to put by each week i latest Guissi a re Laid i a Cir j and Ach month and each year a per id a in i attorney Bantor by Nathan i lion of a a Arni Gand when the Iii of counsel for Thor. Maxwell had enough nought a bored of a cd i or con prow i accused of having mailed or of the German government later him Iez is involving by Nam of or of some corporation or a mortgage mrs Llan a. Ryan and other women on a farm. Maxwell thru his Conn # i Lias Monthe people like the others or tended Ilia he himself a a victim utterly ruin. They have the Bonds of the Poison pin writer which assure them that the City of

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