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Lincoln Nebraska State Journal (Newspaper) - March 17, 1940, Lincoln, NebraskaInternational news service associated press United press founded a Mcm i867 no. Am. Newspaper Alliance urgent limitation Ivr t Apia of any l ily in the i Niord stale Frt a 81khio 110,000 population. Lincoln Nebraska sunday March 17, 1910 _ ten cents rescuers deadly reach at least 22 Kii Leil by blast in Coal Shaft rattle gases to 44 miners or 1 prep redskins and Thayer win 10 replace Farley Laud Success As mediator of democratic Row in California. Air raid precautions. 01 Ohio a Meti i Altti it hit badly cd i de Small Hope for Ulieru. It Claire Lille o sunday. Up. At least 22 men were reported Early sunday to have been killed in a devastating Gas explosion which wrecked a portion of the Willow Grove Coal on saturday. Sheriffs Deputy Clark of Belmont county said he was informed 20 bodies had been found. Two men were killed trying to reach 44 men entombed by the blast Rescue workers also were reported to have hefted faint pounding behind a Rock Barrier indicating that possibly some of the trapped men were still alive. The Fate of those still trapped to a chamber known As Quot Twenty two South a three Miles from the Creighton prep s smooth Blue jays won the Nebraska class a championship at the coliseum saturday night defeating Lincoln High 31 to 16. In the final contest of the tournament. The links held prep to a t to 7 tie at halftime but could not keep up the Pace set by the new champions who replace fall City. In the class b finale. Winnebago s Indian team came from behind to defeat Minatare 23 to 22, and walk off with the title for which they were pre tourney favourites. A defense thrown up by Thayer which held Duncan scoreless in the second half was coupled with an opportunist offence to the York county team the class c championship by virtue of a 34 to 17 Victory. Y Washington. Ins. New Deal advocates of a third term for president Roosevelt saturday were revealed As backing an undercover move to replace James a. Farley As democratic National committee chairman with Secretary of the Interior Ickes. The move gained impetus As the result of the Job Secretary Ickes did this week in California in bringing warring factions there to an agreement on a Roosevelt pledged Quot Harmony slate to oppose president Garner for the 44 Delegate to the National convention. Old democrats on Cape Tol Hill Felt out by the third Wermers voiced bitter opposition to the Ickes suggestion. They contended that Ickes once a Republican later a Bull Mooser and now a new dealer has never been a Quot real the third term advocates however. Pointed out that Ickes. Recon a nixed As the new Deal s political a Hatchet Man 1 was the Only logical Cabinet member to replace far against new Deal governor Calls senators record source of a humor and germans building Strong 1 air along West front Sank 66,566 tons. Members of the British service corps in Southampton demonstrate their training during a theoretical Aerial attack by Ger Mau planes. At the left is an a a enemy Raider which crashed and started a a a in a residential area. world Entrance was Uncertain j hours after the explosion. Officials Marion Dill wins title in of the Hanna Coal company had not Given up Hope that some would be taken out alive but members of the Rescue Crew thought it would be a Miracle if any survived. At feast is had been helped out of the by Rescue workers. Many were burned and bruised and most of them suffered from the effects of the Poison gases that filled the funnels after the explosion shortly before noon. 10th annual Junior a Sar Ben exhibit. To become effective next autumn. Ten members of the University of Nebraska faculty All chosen for Ley As democratic National chair named to Julior d�v�s�0n Man. Plenty of . They said that Farley known j to oppose a third term in addition to being a candidate for the democratic presidential nomination him Marion Dill of Beatrice univer self could hardly expect to Eon sity of Nebraska Short course Stu to be chairman in event their experience in advising student was named the grand Cham president Roosevelt accepts the dents have been named to the Pion show Man of the University s third term nomination. Board of Counselor of the new saturday night As 71 agriculture j Ickes they argued is a Liberal \ Junior division which becomes of College men showed their animals \ and now that the pea program i festive next fall. The tentative before an overflow Erow a of 500 has been dropped from the Inte appointments announced by or. Other miners had been Able to at the 10th annual Junior a Sar rior department he would have n. A. Bengtson Dean of the dil eave thru emergency exits with Ben at the College Campus. He plenty of to devote to the vision have been approved by out assistance. Many went Home showed a belgian horse to the democratic chairmanship. Further. Chancellor c. S. Boucher and and an accurate count was impose j championship in the Climax event. A they cited that Ickes was the first j will be submitted to the Board of first and Secco place Winner i Cabinet member to Call for a third j regents at their next meeting in the Dames competing for term and that he blasted Federal j or. Earl s. Ful la Rook has been the Champion Namis administrator Paul a Mcnutt out named counsellor for the College beef cattle first Don Roth j As a serious contender for the of business administration or. A Ible. Hurried to Hospital. R l. Ireland jr., of Cleveland president of the mining firm hastened from St. Blairsville to Aid in Rescue work. He said the Rescue Crew equipped with Gas masks and working As rapidly As the dangerous conditions far in the j would permit were digging for those still trapped. The miners straggled out by one and two. They were dazed and the More seriously affected j were hurried to hospitals in mar j tins ferry and Bella. Some had j of be carried out on stretchers. The Willow Grove was j noted for its safety standards and a Ideal working conditions. Mrs. Franklin d. Roosevelt had inspected it in 1935. officials believed that the safety factors had prevented greater loss of . Deputy sheriff Ralph Harrison of Belmont county describing the Rescue of the 91 miners said that a some of them were pretty much a there not much Hope for the of Hayes Center second Philip Grabouski of Beatrice. Dairy cattle first. Jack Paulson of Valley second Melvin Decker of first Dill second Irvin Carman of Edgar. Sheep first. Harold Stevens of Grant second Carl Ervin of Mccook. Swine first Ivan Peterson of Sterling second Milton Buis of Seward. Gets Silver trophy. Democratic presidential Nomina Joseph b. Burt College of pharm Tion. Acy or. R. C. Bedell teachers Farley and president Roosevelt College prof. J. P. Colbert in Fuhlrodt now is Democrat next move Quigley s Fremont neb. T.p�. Frank Fuhlrodt Republican Post master Here since 1917, changed his registration saturday to Democrat. Fuhlrodt announced the action and the City clerk s office confirmed it. The change was the latest Man Euver in a controversy which developed when the Dodge county democratic Central committee recommended that the Veteran Republican be reappointed. National committeeman James c. A Quigley disapproved the recommendation and the committee a a defied him. Friday night the City democratic convention upheld Quigley urging that a a competent and deserving Quot Democrat be appointed. Are known to be almost i retrieve ably split since the chief executive has failed to deny a statement by his biographer Ernest k e project started ering or. C. C. Wiggans agriculture and j. R. Wadsworth arts j and sciences. Or. James m. Reinhardt of the . That he does not want department of sociology has been appointed Counselor for students a gardening courses curing cratic ticket because of his Catho having deficiencies or. C o. A. Lie a Eligoh. I Sway Zee of the department of an open break Between Barley a business organization and Man and president Roosevelt mean gement it Counselor for students s51,desiring to take two year terminal courses or k. O. Broady de Omaha. Tif. Governor Cochran continued his attack on senator Burke s congressional service saturday night asserting Quot the Junior senator had an obsession against anything and everything proposed by the president for the assistance of Farmers and common citizens in a radio talk in behalf of his democratic senatorial candidacy against Burke the governor declared a a the Junior senator s hostility to the administration was a source not Only of amazement but at even he referred to a congressional record account of a Senate debate Over proposed increased appropriation for the farm Security administration from $123.000,000 to $153.000,000. A your Junior senator a Cochran continued a took the floor to oppose the increase in these words a i am not willing by my voice or vote Here to express a Lack of Confidence in the president or in the Bureau of the budget or in the farm Security administration and therefore i shall stand by their remark Drew laughter. A senator Schwellenbac o f Washington took the floor to inquire of our Junior senator As follows a May i inquire whether those of us Here May take new Hope and new heart from the assertion by the senator from Nebraska that he has Confidence in the president of the United states that he is going to full Faith and credit to any recommendation the president May make a Quot the congressional record quotes our Junior senator in reply As follows a there Are Clouds which have Silver linings i will say to the senator the congressional record also shows that the Junior senator s reply was greeted j with laughter from his Senate colleagues. A during these recent years of drouth the farm Security administration has been the Savior of Ujj thousands of Nebraska farm men and women and Small businessmen living in the hits views on farm Aid. Lieut. Capt. Schubart who is credited with sinking 41.966 tons of shipping during his first wartime cruise As German submarine skipper and who reported sinking 24,600 tons on i recently completed second cruise he commanded the a boat which torpedoed British aircraft Carrier courageous. world artillery on both Sites of w All booming nazi sink 2 British naval trawler with 6 Liott. . Keeps watch by the associated press. French Aerial scout reported German were building up their air flt to strength at airports in the rear of the West Wall saturday As artillery on both of the Western front boomed in the Region of the Saar. At sea German mines claimed two British naval trawlers the Peridot and the Maida and several merchantmen the commander and crewmen of the Maida were believed lost the Crew of the Peridot was saved. In. The air the British announced their bombers had flown Over German occupied Poland for the second since the War began and Over Helgoland bight. In Berlin the germans said their planes had shot Down a French captive balloon East of Breisath Baden province Germany. Finns rebuild. Finland tackled the disheartening task of rehabilitation and the building of new defences behind her restricted Borders. A finnish Frontier commission will Fly to Moscow monday to Complete details of the Little Republic s new frontiers forced Back by the treaty ending the russian of mesh i War. Another protest against the violation of the american neutrality zone was dispatched to London by j the 21 american republics. It grew out of the scuttling of the 13.771 ton German freighter a j Kama off Brazil last month when or itch mpg gel which sent she a intercepted by a British Bush vessel a Man we nth up Viaer while attempting to run ass still in puerto 1 the British blockade. Rico Waters. Both third term and anti third j term circles. Intimation meats use of tools to be taught. A new state educational san Juan. Puerto Rico. Tif. The 4,862-ton British Steamer Southgate w hich to o weeks ago flashed a mysterious distress Sig Point Long out that Burke s a Phi Nal is Mill in a ter near puerto Loa Ophy of government As it of Rico under constant surveillance feet the welfare of Nebraska is by the u. S. Neutrality patrol a not a the governor said he Val sources asserted saturday. I also disagreed with his opponent s the theory is held in these Quad the United states touring fact finder Sumner Welles concluded his talks with european statesmen in rom with a Long and cordial conversations with Premier Mussolini and italian foreign minister. Count Ciano. After an audience with Pope Pisa Xii monday Welles will sail for the United states. 19 ship reported lost. Adolf Hitler s favorite month for the Champion who received a Silver trophy won Over the second j ported to largest Field in the history of the that third w. Show. Ribbons went to the Tost White House inspired the talk that1 Einer o e Popai Mwau. Brokaw of the University place winners cams went to t e governor Herbert Lehman would j in of Nebraska agricultural Extension Champion showmen in each class. Receive new York s big complicate on counsellor for unclassified a. A a a students Des intimation was re apartment of school administration 5 pm Wam known As the a Nebraska j butter and Ole Margarine. Refer zone is Supply o have reached Farley adult dal Stu dental and dry farm and Home living project Quot has ring to burkes opposition of a ships. This has d Wermers close to the q Werner of the department a announced by director a proposal to limit the amount of a disclosure Roger Cunningham of Gurley see trapped Page 4-a, col. 2. Heralded the Entrance of the first class into the ring. Lyle Roberts of Tecumseh president of Block and bridle student organization sponsoring the show was master of ceremonies. K. C. Fonts. Seward county agricultural agent and a noted livestock authority. Was judge. Awards were made on and ties to each of the next six Centary vote on the first ballot at place winners. The convention in event or. Roose the ringing of an alarm clock vet has not announced by then. At exactly 7 30 signalled the opening of the show As trumpeter primary function. The weather. Nebraska mostly Cloudy sunday and monday becoming colder sunday and sunday night. Iowa mostly Cloudy sunday and monday possibly occasional Light rain South Central and Southeast and rain or Snow Northeast portion. Sunday and in extreme East monday becoming colder extreme West sunday afternoon and Wisconsin real test. This strategy was adopted. Farley friends contended by the third tenders to oust a big Jim Quot from any influence in new Yorkus delegation of 94. They said it was in with the third termer so drive against president Garner in the Wisconsin. Illinois Oregon and California primaries. E the project will emphasize in a a Ltd a j m m�,., j creased Security and self Reliance the primary function of the thru production of More goods for Board is to serve As senior and j Home consumption. It will be a vipers for new students says or. Companion of the older pasture Bengtson a and to act in advisor forage livestock program which capacity to the Dean. The new has already won the Active sup program does not involve any port of Farmers and civic groups _ change in Entrance requirements. Over the state. All students who Are fully Quali j a the farm and Home living pro candidate for Short term in fied to enter the College of their act is definitely not a move toward Choice will do so under the guid Bare subsistence farming or away Ance of the Counselor of that col j from production of crops and lege and will be enrolled both in livestock for Sale a director Bro views j ters that the Southgate roving decisive action passed the Halfway on comparative food values of inside the american neutrality j Mark saturday w Ith but minor ing British War j signs of activity in sea warfare been bolstered by j Nineteen ships were reported that she was lost during the 28th week of the sighted two Days ago in Mona passage Between puerto Rico and the dominican Republic see Cochran. Page 2 a col. 6. European conflict but of them went Down earlier in the War. Sixteen sinking were reported in the the Southgate Drew worldwide j previous week compared with the attention when at Sunset on March i Peak of 34 ships sunk during a 1 she sent out an ass radio signal i seven Day period four months ago. Often interpreted in wartime As a i no sinking by a boats were distress Call due to a submarine j reported last week. Paris naval the next Day she was sighted by j officials said this was due to the u. S. Naval planes apparently unharmed and the signal was never explained. Return of the undersea raiders to their German bases. A new submarine flotilla has been dispatched ,. 1 president Garnet uts Kizik to i a and the Junior division. I Kaw pointed out. Quot it is Pernik March and the amount of drum up a a Olear vote Saint those show die enc a Voll be i move to .uppl.m.nt, fitting done before the show. The Roosevelt third term drive 1 plus the vote in new Hampshire primary last tuesday meanwhile has caused Many democrats Here to question whether election of or. Roosevelt next november is Pat Mcguire the a Campus cop. Who was elected St. Patrick a Day night and East and Centra portions King Friday evening at the a i a an i monday Sar Ben Ball in a Surprise election. Sunday night a d it Ion a it he annealed or it nips turn next Nevei Zuei a South Dakota Cloudy and colder caused a sensation Asne appealed d he can me im4im, monday Narf tiv i Audi before the crowd in Plain clothes. Pos mme. A ton Rue lie an Nan 1�?z the Fust special feature the nominate of it he wants it. The evening the harnessing contest Milf Republican vote in new saw a new Champion named to Ham prime about 4 to 1 Langei succeed h. J. Gramlish. Formerly than the democratic vote caused some third Wermers to Furrow she was seen in Mona passage 1 the French said by flying boats of the neutrality j alarmed by the loss of 22 ships patrol operating from san Juan j since the War began Netherlands the Supply boat theory offer the i naval officials gave ship own ners a new North sea route to England and advised vessels to remain in harbours until they had investigated report of new danger zones. The week s tonnage loss stood sunday monday partly Cloudy. Kansas increasing cloudiness West and North fair Southeast sunday colder West and North sunday afternoon monday fair and colder. Outlook for the week. Weather Outlook for March 13 to 23 for the Northern great Plains head of the animal husbandry department. Prof. C. M. Anderson won the Crown in a Hila rious Battle. Show prize dogs. E. Wedgwood. Fred Sehnert Congress did not offer regulatory Bill. Charles a. Dafoe democratic on a apparent explanation of her rather a candidate for the Short term for mysterious movements since Cash in first District congressman an March 1, when her distress Call referred to the Counselor assigned i come thru production of More Swers a charge May by re pub a a her position As 160 Niles to that duty and will be Regis foodstuff and revival of some of i Ucan National committeeman Northeast of puerto Rico. Tried Only in the our half forgotten Pioneer Lyle Jackson and recently pub when the Southgate was seen j at 52,846 plus sending the total principal function of or. Rein the project was set up by fit i listed. The article credited Ken in Mona passage approximately 1 for the War to Date to at least Hardt and his group will be to Ting together plans by farm men be h Wherry state chairman As 300 Miles Southeast of there she 1,599.942 tone. At least 473 ships help students make up their de and women and county Extension a joining in the statement but the is headed Northeast again. Have been sunk and 3,375 persons Licien cies. As soon As these re agents in All parts of Nebraska charge came from Jackson. Naval informants said orders killed or drowned quire ments Are completed students in any particular Section of the Wherry said after its publication from Washington Are to track her i May be immediately registered. State it will emphasize Only those that he had not seen the state into port so that the u. S. Govern a pop by Pimp til 7 1�?T ment prepared by or. Jackson ment May have some explanation Ifil nuni Ulm do Iii in u of Why she sent her distress signal and then became silent. Develop 2 year courses. Items of major interest. Generally fair weather except for Charles Johnston Ami Henry Mil precipitation near Middle of week Ler Lincoln members of the mis temperature mostly above Mal. Sci Ken kit a. 12 30 a m sat 31 1 30 pm. 57 1 30 t m 31 2 30 60 2 30 a m 31 3 30 pm. .63 j 30 am. 24� 4 30 .62 4 30 a m-29 5 30 ,. .62 6 30 .29 it 30 .59 it 3� a m ___________29 7 30 .51 1 3� am _________31 a 30 ,. .49 8 30 am 34 9 30 pm. .47 9 30 am. 3r 10 30 pm. .48 10 30 a m 42 11 .30 . 46 11.30 a m46 12 30 am. 46 12 30 pm 51 it Sheet temperature a year Aso. 32 demonstrated Hunting with three ruling in their favor. English Springer spaniels and one Hastings neb. It Jyh. The City american Rattan Spaniel the pay of the Sald saturday it one of the newer aspects of the As an initial step general Gar before its publication ove.�, program is the development of i Dening meetings Are being held Dafoe s denial is substantiated their brows. But the real test be two year terminal courses. Guid currently and a number of Garden by the records of the legislature tween Garner and or. Roosevelt is Ance in this Field will be super irrigation demonstrations Are be As it relates to trucking Bill no. Expected in Wisconsin a primaries Vised by or. Swayzee. Committees established. Most counties will i7g, which was introduced a april 2. Reports received Here ate Are preparing terminal courses i it con act to a comparing the senator Slepicka of Wilber. The that the texan will win More than some of which will be available y10 a,1,t Quality of new drouth record shows that Dafoe voted half of the 24 delegates. A next fall. Resistant plants. Against that Bill. His statement or. Broady will be in charge of _lf1? a a a Quot Sara a follows a i notice with amazement an article published in the evening for them. Adults Are now Regis i my 7 7zzt so it it Roumal on March 15�?T 194 1 Market egg losses due to Fertility and purportedly to have been a a Quot a s write in a a it is n f vi8 i j graduate classes. Complete programs of adult education with def or. Broady will be in charge of in Uio Piuac Tel 0tiv Lich Dii advising adults. At present there a Epan ant adjustment of Hastings to stay Neutral r r 3 Souri Valley Hunt club brought four of their prize winning dogs into the Arena for the second Spe a. Quot a a a a Cial event of the evening. They milk producers think braid a. Wil1 have 8 pack it As Weh As the issued jointly by National com vision was decorated with shocks of Corn to Sim late a Field. Con worm remain Neutral in a. Milk dispute Here but would enforce invite objectives will be developed. It will be the function of or. Werner to advise unclassified students who Are doubtful of their a a eth a a det no that on 1�?�. A the do , Fly so a la pre or enc re commend Auono from worked veterans in front of i each a Sun Felor it vol Van major Snow disappears rapidly in years warmest Day. Springs magic touched Nebraska saturday sending temperatures soaring into the 70�?Ts and bringing Light weight apparel out of Winter hibernation. Remaining Snow melted rapidly As the highest temperatures of the year were recorded p. M. Readings included North Platte 71 and Overton 70 hut Nightfall brought considerably lower temperatures. Reports at 8 p. A included rid Omaha. Lip. U. S. District court Ney 49, big Springs 50, North fake crash jurors still deliberating no indication verdict is in sight in trial of 37 defendants. I Owma a year a it to . S 35 a. , 6 3 a i temperature 3 degree. Lowest tempera the crowd. Trophies won at fort Worth highest a Tex. Last week by the Junior Stock judging team of the univer Tik degrees mean tempera�,.re. 4� a be. We a a resented formally to r v r a a uus a a fives which is 9 degrees above Normal. A a a of association said they believe the ruling favors them since there Are six to bum 4. Relative hum edit 6. A to no nearby sources meeting the re Censed producers or areas where reclassification of students will be producing conditions Are equivalent to those in the Hastings area. Members of the Adams county non Stock cooperative producers Campaign to prevent undesirable a Mittleman Lyle Jackson and state milk flavors. I chairman Wherry of the re pub other features of the project incan party in which it is stated will be Canning and storage of j that As a member of the 1937 leg. Meats production of Home meat Isla Ture i was co introduced of the 3urors in the Accident insurance j Platte 58, grand Island 53. Over supplies control of Garden pests truck regulatory Bill and that in conspiracy Case gave no Indica a ton 59. Lincoln 51, Omaha 53. Making rope and sharpening saws speaking on the floor in support 4 in my night that a verdict soap making and grinding tools \ thereof i stated that i would wan a it i a tar lev c Hopr demonstrations Tours local Dis to drive All trucks including farm l rfceivi.n8 the Case at 5 it we Elj y o i 1 submitted to or. Bengtson who suasion meetings and recognition trucks off the highways in be Friday the jury deliberated will make the final decision a a a programs will All have a place. Bra aka. This statement is also Section a main new Market. A 30 m dry bulb 2s met bulb 2s, Reu the group and their coach prof. humidity Zug 12 30 dry bulb up ale Antler. The senior Ludg edit us h 30. J a .i.e. a the dry bulb amp a. Wet bulb 54. Relative nig team members who competed a ii regents and new producers a a if Fah 8t Chicago and Kansas j1ufct qua Ify under a series of Vesi erday it. Degree Day present Cea 4 Ltd Meie Pae Sentell Block and tests Over a. Two week period be we 5.314. Normed degree Days 5,in. Height bridle medals. The Junior team fore their products Are acceptable. A Spaatz Nior aet 24 hours none. Preo Ipi won trophies for High team in the association is asking a tation since Jan. 1, 3.60. Normal since Jan. Virginia City was huge and pcs Virginia city7 four hours before retiring to a a a Tel of ale and the records of the hotel unifier deliberations j Section b sport want ads. Legislative session of 1937, which were resumed at 9 a m. Saturday Section cd society clubs records Are open to the Public an it continued thru the Day. Section d will show that i voted against a majority of the 37 defendants j this measure and of course was j on anal lingered in the court Cor j comics editorials feature Heaters radio. Three sections. Riders 1, 2 23 tem k1sewh h t p Albany 3ft. 21a Memphis Atlanta 70 37a Milwaukee Boston 35 27 Bismarck new York 33 25 .20 Dea Monea Pitta burp 35 22 .15 Duluth Wash ton 50 29 has City Dallas 74 45 . P Elpaso 75 34 Oil. City Galven Tod 63 49sioux City jacks Vitle 74 42 St. Lot a Miami 71 51 Denver n Orleans 69 47 ,.helena s Antonio 72 12phoenix out Capo 4,3 2ft ,. S l City Cincinnati 51 36. L Anele Cleveland 35 24 no Portland o Detroit 36 25 04 san die to g raps a 351. 4 04 s for Ciero Green bus 3ft is Seattle lad a spoil 4 30 Spokane Canadian. A Arr 4 34 62 the pay dment a 42 31 Toronto men Treta 35 20, we Innise cup. Haring won it last year also general manager of the show was Wayne Smiley of Milford. Gus Hokanson of Genoa was co manager and de Rousek of Bur Well was ringmaster. Tit 4fi 5ft 4ft ,56 46 1� 3ft 23 30a sheep and hog judging. Nebraska Price 0f $1.91 per hundredweight i i now has a second leg on the hog for milk. One of three distributors Here is paying the Price while the other two Are receiving no milk from association member officers claim. The Board announcement rescinded. An earlier statement that milk from unlicensed sources could be brought in temporarily. Only 812 volunteers. Ian Don. It ins Only 812 volunteers reached Finland from England during the entire War with Russia the finnish delegation revealed saturday night. Of these 434 were British while Hungary supplied the astonishingly Large number of 320. One t american was listed. H 1 73 4s 37 19 59 28 53 26 3ft 13 is 30 it 91 Neville to Scottsbluff Sis North Platte. It amp. A a eth 83 47a Neville candidate for the demo i to 12 cratic nomination for governor 5ft 47. Announced saturday he will in-02 Vade Scottsbluff Home town of his Oft opponent. Terry Carpenter Mon a Day to an address. He also plans visits to Bridge Fri port All in e. Crawford and ,. Kush Iii next week. By Barney Oldfield. Virginia City 80 years and six months ago a Guy by the name of Comstock with a nondescript Burro and a pick axe wandered into the fastnesses of this Spur of the Rocky mountains and discovered a whopper Ore vein from which there were reverberations around the world. Saturday the Warner brother. Hollywood movie making sensationalist pulled Back the curtain on the Story of the famous Comstock lode the billion dollars it produced and its effect on the world history of the . The picture a Virginia City is named after this Little the of a forbidding Mountain a one Street Sodom. Never since the Day when a scalding Stream of water poured into the lower lace of Diggins drowned untold millions in productive Ore and sounded the death of this hell roaring Community has the town undergone the stamping of feet which thundered thru it to celebrate the world Premier of this movie which stars Errol Flynn and Miriam Hopkins and was attended on the opening by dozens of celebrities. Not easy any More. It All impressed one thing upon the visiting 30.000 people i town which was carved out of be Virginia City Page 2-a, col. J not an introduced of it and if i a made any speeches on the floor. They most certainly were in Harj Mony with my vote and against the measure. This is a matter of j Public record and i am astounded Short illness fatal to Resi to think that a statement on this i a f h a o year matter would be issued without Aem Are i o x ears. Taking the trouble to investigate1 mrs. Emma Jane Torrey 74, of and look up the record. 1036 a died late saturday after j a i am asking or. Wherry and noon following a Short illness she i or. Jackson for whom i have Al had been a resident of Lincoln 18 ways had the kindest personal re years. Gard. To make a Public retraction surviving Are six daughters i a of this statement and i feel most mrs. Rose Chapman and mrs. Certain that unless the statement Ruby Moon of Lincoln. Mrs. Wini was made maliciously they will Fred Mccardy of steel City. Mrs. A have no hesitancy in publicly re Amy Conkel of Livermore. Calif. I trading the statement. Miss Edith Torrey. Of Chi ago and a was a Public servant i expert miss Delia Torrey of Portland to face my Public record in any Campaign that i desire to make but i do not intend to let this statement so false and untrue special writers. John Bentley. Page mrs. Emma Torrey Dies Ely Culbertson Page Barney Oldfield Mark Sullivan. Kathleen Norris Mary Gordon. Features. Churche. Page crossword Puzzle Page editorial Page Gallup poll. Page Mere mention a a. Page novel. Page of Black. Page radio programs Page Heaters Page Ore three sons Vernon of Lin weather for the week Page Coin and Wayne and Mark of Quot Helen and Warre Page Reno. Nev. A brother. Charles Wil the arts. Page Lima. Of Long Beach Calif. Three fraternal Page k grandchildren. Wedding anniversaries Page 3 b 2-b 5-d 5-a Page 7-d Page 5-d Page 10-c Page 5-d 8-a 5-d 4 d 6-a 4-a 6-d 1 d 80 7-d 6 a 7-c 8 c 7-a 2d

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