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Lincoln Nebraska State Journal Newspaper Archives Feb 10 1924, Page 1

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Lincoln Nebraska State Journal (Newspaper) - February 10, 1924, Lincoln, Nebraska I1 Section one sports autos news markets and Ivan ads Fohn pad 1867lincoln, Nebraska sunday Feliu Aly in i it five cents. Martial Law on at Herrin Coolidge first on ballot i i accorded place of advantage in the Illinois presidential primary. Get Light on National guard troops in control of Illinois riot town. Mayor placed under arrest he Acio Fob 9. President Cool id will h h v e first place on tin 111 i j cols presidential primary ballot on i april 8. Coolidge managers were and j new York police have inkling on Vised today but Secretary of him Louis e Emerson the Coolidge p tit ions for a place on the ballot were i filed yesterday it a revealed an victim of a gang of Crooks slayers of actress. Accused of complicity in killing of a dry worker. Sheriff of county and official of miners l Nion Are also in custody Kun flux klan figures in trouble. Herrin 111., Fob. 9.by the associated press restricted martial Law prevails in this City tonight., having been proclaimed by col. Albert Culbertson in charge of state militiamen sent Here alter disturbances last night Between a wet and dry elements. The militia has taken Over the police Powers of the City and visitors j have been instructed to retrain irom entering the City Over sunday and j monday the court will be permitted to t unction wit ii Ltd i it i authorities in _ Barge colonel Culbertson said he j added that further martial Law would not be proclaimed in the country. Revision to apply restricted martial Law was reached tonight Atter colonel Culbertson bad been in com i indication with adjutant general Klack at Springfield who ordered the dispatch of ten additional companies of National guards to the country. Cd Ion i Culbertson said the situation was not e Atis factory a. Desired. Mayor and sheriff arrested. Al men. Including mayor c. E. Inlet it Narni Hugh Willis Oft Eia a a i in Tate miners Union and one it the a 1 a ii i ant in Lite Herrin mine a acre were placed under military arrest in in Togo us it in connection nit i the death of Constable Caesar i Eagle Vibo a Tun last night Lur my tin ii a Arba Nee growing out of j Iii 114noi raid in Wal la Anison county. The Arr St were made on War int worn out on mini tur shed by s. Glenn Young dry work-11<i one of the bathing figures in Iii re edit dry raids in la county i Elm lid All the men were in til any when cagit1 was killed i Bise under arrest in addition to. Mayor a Bisou and Willis a j amt inn a John Murray j. W. Frown. Alvin Thomas Hearne Byrn and m j Trout Pete Smith James Bitumen and Ola Thomas. Sheriff it one till til also has been placed hider arrest in connection with Cagle a drug How the trouble started in. It Agio a Constable who had j Een t in fug the warrants on which a a Drys a conducted the raids was shot dead John Layman Deputy by Rin who with Sherd George Caiman went to Hie anti klan mat Ting a re Mon St a i with the conferees to disperse Aud go to their Homes in the it slut peace was shot. He was taken to a local Hospital by mayor e Alai i tin and Ola Thomas an into Luau Man Ami the Trio is being Uati i at the hopi i a1 by National Uarda to a. Immediately a crowd gathered Ourn a i be Hospital Ami began firing into the not ii it Ion poisons in tile the Hospital responded to the ire and a Rye hiatus. Battle waged Tor a Short while. Idle first guardsmen arrived rom Ai Bondale at 4 a. In and the i is a then established headgear leis at the City Hall Everial Block rom the Hospital. The guardsmen ire patrolling the Hospital to protect the mayor la Man and i hoist. 1 in. Companies of troops had a iced this afternoon. The crowd which i it a tin Illet. It hit i it ant i k a. Init ii headed by three of the rum policemen of Herrin and whet shouts of a Lynch them and a string pm up were ii Aid sheriff Logan Coni Ini indeed to an automobile and pushed the Trio to Murphysboro to protect them the three me Chiel of police John Ford an i policeman Harold cram and Sun Stephen. Klan Man fired while the trouble height Leonard Sterns l Uit clerk anti son of Sterns was fired on a aug in an automobile it Bour before those in behalf of senator Hiram Johnson. No democratic presidential petitions were tiled yesterday Birt the j candid of Quot have until March 9 to formally outer the race William c. I Mcadoo former Secretary of the i Treasury is a a of Ain contender in i Illinois. Chum of Louise Lawson makes disclosures indicating same men killed her that took life of a Dot Quot King. Women Are bound j and House robbed i mexicans brandishing knives j enter hows., bind two mexi i can women and Rifle the place. Brandishing knives with native it i Fly ency two mexicans entered a residence at 430 South first Street about 9 of clock saturday night bound two women to bed mists and forced Besente Sandobal the Only Man in the House to lie on the bed while they rifled the Pine at will. Mrs Francisco Baroda and Ebri Cita Baraga mexicans who were tied to the bed by the robbers Anil also Besente Sandobal. Believe they could identify the thieves altho they do not know their names the men formerly hoarded at the House they claim. Two wrist watches ten dollars in currency and one Heck for a it a comprised the Iliot taken. Two Hundred in postal overlooked savings Proba thy not know the Rob and ten dollars Stamps was because the thieves did the value of the Stamps. No guns were shown by hers. Meager description furnished to police gave Only the information that one mexican a tall and win a Mustache tile other was Short. Both wore Black Cap and overcoats. Difficulty was expel in Neil in ing details from the victims due to their scant knowledge of English. Immigration Bill next on the slate present plans Call for consideration As soon As Mellon tax is out of the Way in the House. Washington eel 9 present a plans Call for the House to consider the Johnson immigration Bill a to i it Dis pies of tax i i at Ion chairman Jon Sou. Of i in immigration i committee. Toda. Tiled a report i on the measure signed by tour teen committee members dissenting View to will be p Tel Ted by till other in lube is pointing out Cia tile present 3 per cent Law based on the Phu census expires june 3<. Next the report declared there was a immediate and urgent neti for enactment of immigration a the committee is advised a lie report continued Quot that the number j the id aliens desiring to enter the fulled i states is very Large it is n a on Able to assume that despite a favor a it rat is. Ai. Tariffs Ami Othre untoward factors. An immigration it a two. It i St Quot Hoo and 2,, too would have entered tin putted states during each of the past two years of the 3 per cent Law had Mil barred the was. A provisions of the Johnson Bill j were summed up in the report As i follows a it a the Baal in Theu in Ion Law of null Bai ouch i at. He a but 1> he i it nit clerk. It an in a Vav a the b upon. A a at its ii pay in Cyclops Sam he was rid mat Ion the grazed his pro i 1117. the principle of numerical Leo. Tattoo a inaugurated in toe it of m. Y 19, 1971. I Iti Quot i the quota by Lorn Tho ii of Lull to til in of use. Reduces till per to Iraq. Finn 3 to 2, plus h to 11 i que Quot i f. 11 a ill club i Iti it it unt v t i it 11 a Tim Poi a pros id for in a a a Mill by a Aini Ion Eft a King i s body Lay to Ienn of. Agie Vav a. , Tor a crowd to i to avenge shot in the and p. Urdu plat i Vav ups i Uver Idren ump f i y it v e of eight a sue of 11 my is have just begun to fight he a began. Xpia.1 dad Mcadoo forces declare they have a plied t it the. 1 ii g t in. Burned their Bridges be Filiti Tine fearing 1 1 1 of five h meeting with i Hind them. Tin members re Chicago fell 9 the Mcadoo after tin meet a forces a have burned their Bridges a me one shout j behind them a William o Connell state manager of the Mcadoo for president Campaign announced in a As Iii meet ill h nub Quot at Lenilts i Ayma a to it hot 1 a Etui. Shortly Utiler Way 1 Quot klansmen a i a Man went let by the the Sherif and Layman several Sho i cried Quot the t to t mob said and Outing Aud to door and the her let he grabbed got hold of arid ass tug at Iii Cit u p to a us Erial Obilt Ere fired get me a Ford Aud ii just outside a us in Enod a m then went Omenn deemed a j Rove to Marion d tit adj Tuni id then took Tho Murphysboro in Diamond broker robbed los in a we ele Rob Oman Ere to 1 sit feb. Els bound n a Din May and is i i 11 Boe. Jet g to tile ilk 9 three three men id Hook. Res i Ped with in Chicks 1 Worth of report of i statement tonight upon his return i rom was i 1.1. It wheel he on Terry a w ii William Gibbs Mcadoo. We done to know How to i�?�11rt a j the statement said we l ave just begun to tight. We defy Tho a sin i 1 -1 1 interests who Are opposing or Mcaden s Calid hot a d Quot Hoar masquerading As guardians o a j virtue to come out Iii the. I open a the statement said. A Uthke la Public into thir Confidence. Open Iii it the doors of their secret j i ins -. And it the Public look ii to i in 11 a n. Coolers we invite i. In ves 1 a lion of this kind and leave tile verdict to the people War finance corporation May have life extended w Ashington feb 9 the ii. Of the War finance corp new York feb. 9.�?a girl from the follies tonight disclosed to detectives a link Between the Louise Lawson murder of yesterday and the still unsolved mystery of Dorothy King Keenan s slaying a year ago. Quot lotto Lawson tile Twenty four year old actress musician and playmate of wealthy men. Was strangled to death in her luxurious apartment off Central Park West by twp men who robbed her of valuable jewelry and escaped without leaving a clue. Under almost identical circumstances a a Dot King another recipient of the attentions of wealthy men was chloroformed to death and robbed last year in the costly Home off fifth Avenue she called a the j the Dot King nun tier remained a mystery and thai of Lou Lawson promised to develop into one until Orma a in. Today the follies girl talking under wins grabbed by a pledge that her name be kept j sail ant near secret disclosed that Dot and Lou Street at 7 had been pals. Her Story sit alongside evidence already accumulated indicating that the crimes were almost identical in detail convinced authorities that Dot King and loll Lawson were slain be the same men or by members of the clique of cabaret Habi tues whom both girls had known. Two girls were chums. Tho detectives informant also disclosed that the two slain girls besides being pals were equally close friends with Hilda Ferguson Al chorus girl w to frequently has j figured in the year old investigation of the Dot King murder. Quot Dot and Lam were together a before Dot was murdered a the follies girl was reported to have told detectives. A i always thought Lou knew much More about dots death than the dared Tell and that she could have implicated certain she told of a clique of musical comedy chorus girls including herself. Who had hummed together associating with the same a gentlemen i friends a dancing nightly attendance 1 at chosen Broadway cabarets and i entertaining at parties in each i other s apartments. A Lou Vas Friendly with that crowd. the girl continued. A most of them Are at Balm Beach now. There i were Only three of us left in new York. We met at some prominent hotel almost every afternoon for Tea. J dancing Anil again at some cabaret i at night. Now there Are Only two of victims of Well known Crooks this girl s Story was said by Detec i fives w to have worked on the let of i King Case for a year to corroborate i their evidence that so w As Only one i of the victims of a Well know in terns tonal organization of Crooks i who operate in the White Light zone. I members of the gang dress arum i dance Well. They Are Quick record Jing to the authorities to note and Trail such a clique As that to which j Dot King and Lam Lawson Are re i ported to have belonged appearing i Litten in tin most exclusive places girls exquisitely gowned. Jewelled and Beautiful their companions big and easy spenders eventually these Crooks working i i in pairs or trios single out out Iii i the girls invade her Apai went when she is alone bind Rob and sometimes i kill her. As the follies girl was re i ported to have told detectives Quot the girl Seldom squeals. She a afraid to. 1 of they get her jewelry she tells her 1 i friends she s most it or shocked it a 1 it is now believed that Dot Kings death was a Quot slip up a that her assailants Dently gave her the killing dose of chloroform and that the death of Lou Lawson by str Angula i lion yesterday after she had been i gagged and tied Down was similarly j unintended by those who robbed Lier. I fail to find banker Friend altho police said they knew the whereabouts of Gerhard m. Dahl banker broker. Brooklyn Manhattan transit director and close Friend of the Lawson girl reporters were unable to find him. Before dropping the veil Over Dahl however deter-1 fives disclosed they had found in the murdered girls apartment $12,000 Worth of la. M. T Stock. Her apart meat also yielded up today several j note books and dairies containing the names and addresses of persons i prominent in society Here in san Francisco Chicago Texas miss Lawson a Home state. A she travelled in pretty High com said inspector Coughlin. Re going to summon every one r know n friends for a Little quiz lie declared he would not a Public the names. As the result of the follies girls stories squads of detectives in dam clothes were guests at the principal afternoon and night cabarets in search of two men she described to them tile descriptions of these men also were circulated thru out the department Here and in nearby Large Hiram Johnson is coming scheduled to be in Nebraska in interest of his Campaign february 18 and 19. Hiram Johnson candidate for nomination for the presidency on the Republican ticket in a Telegram to Frank Harrison announced saturday night that he would be in Nebraska on february is and 19 in the interest of his Campaign. He will speak at Lincoln probably in the afternoon at the auditorium or. Harrison said. He will go to Omaha where he May speak that night and it is probable that he will also visit Wahoo and Nebraska City. Frank Harrison came to Nebraska a few weeks ago and has been working in the stat if dance that time in the interest clothe Johnson Campaign. Final among events for the Omaha visit have not been completed and or. Harrison said that it had not been determined where he would speak there but thought a dinner probably would be Given in irs interest. Mrs. Penney a candidate for Republican National committee woman. Democratic women May run for delegates at Large in spite of the slate of the leaders. Killing in Tam a re Yoy of Rumor _ of Cabinet change the Coolidge Headquarters committee announced saturday that mrs. E ii. Penney of Fullerton Bas consented to it 1> a candidate for re publican National committee woman petitions will be circulated thru or the state and due Ann tiled is Snipper cuts hair from girls head the secret m y of committee now dilation Tot the teen delegates t vein Ion of whom stat the Coolidge has petitions in Iii nomination of nine o the National Eon five Are women. If opposing factions in checker company at Chicago stage revolver Duel. Chicago. Eel 9 warring fac Mons i lie checker taxicab Coni Pauy Tor control of which they have aught in the streets and in the 1 our in Quot More than two years today in. D another revolver tight in in Cneal lattices of the company i a1 iin t i killing of one Man and tin Wondim of two others seventeen men were arrested a a noun by the name of a or App killed Audar ur.n�?T. A died Man wounded and a third Man who said 1 a is John Madsen and an in no i it a t victim also was shot Kapp is i Aid to have invaded the office and started the shooting mrs. Asa Candler gets in limelight names of Daugherty and Denby mentioned in connection with it. Both Call on the president but no confirmation of that they will retire. Clair by cussed Clair Bonfils editor Bonfils on the rack 1 Norma Klein Milford loses her locks when men meets or at seventeenth and South saturday night. Coolidge leads in the Republican ii i a Mary election these five women Iii Legates May have the Honor of being the first women delegates to in sent i irom Nebraska to a National political party con Vee in. Mrs. Penney in at the present time 1 a member of the Republican National a advisory committee by appointment and is also a cordial supporter of president Coolidge. The Coolidge fourteen years old committee selected her a a fund Date Atter conferring with stat com the hair by an As-1 Mitt Eemeli and other republicans. J seventeenth Aud South democratic women ignored. Of p. In. Saturday Anil her blonde locks closely sheared off. A Quot 1,1 j a a 01 no 1,11 a Nave pit pared a slut of Delegate the Snipper used what seemed to lie q Why us tool a Jim Ulion at u a Dull pair of shears the girl said Yora Anil women Haw no Lilac in and stood behind her so that she that slate. I to National democratic could not observe him closely. Jim due has a comm Nile i. V. I i Mil Hue Tion of eight instead of til usual miss Klein whose Home is in Mil four Delegate at Large from Ford neb., was returning from the j Braska. Each of the Milt to Baw Burlington Railroad station where j one half vote and Bultot the Zigni 1 she had gone to catch a train. Hav to by women a is Lecon in libation is no 1 my missed the train she started Back Cettei a a by governor to the Home of her aunt at 1- p Bryan. Ii is Only recommendation.1 South Street where she was visit j anyway it a a 14 lied and u a a ing. She was within a Block of the democratic p. In Al committee p. I place when attacked. She was pass vide. Tor til. Election in men calling an Alley when the Ruffian jumped i committee women hic is no in. Of 111 out of the sidewalk and grasped her disturbing plan Iii Nehru. .1 by by the hair. She was unable to Tell doubling git number of at police whether her assailant Wai White or coloured. Police were detailed out to search for him Aud All officers were notified to be on the Lookout. Miss Klein had Beautiful Long blonde hair. The aunt of miss Klem is mrs. Emma j. Lautzenheiser and her fat Liv is w. C Keiu of Milford wife of Atlanta millionaire manufacturer arrested in an apart with two men companions Denver newspaper owner subjected to a stirring examination bearing upon his own integrity. Lawyers on guard against radicals president saner of american association says tendency dangerous a duty of Good citizens. Globe ariz., feb. 9. The poll Leal need of today is for men of education and character who will at tend elections caucuses and conventions As citizens and not simply As disturbing plans Iii doubling tile uni be 1 Large halt to be Onieu my each to have Oue half vote in the democratic convention. I us. Ommen Damion 1 curried oui sum democratic i Kiel look for a lot of trouble managing the delegation it being admittedly much Moi Uit licit to manage women delegates it.,11 men delegates. This attitude of the Bede aroused some democratic women .c.,i i they threaten to file nominating titans for Lour women i Large. There is nothing to i women from filing As Del Gat a Large 01 Plain a a a it. Y a from i iritts. Under rulings of St Cri bar of state Bool the statutory number j of Delegate.-, cuts no . Ii Pai mowing the Quot republicans to nominate 1 seven Del rates at Laige altho inc state Law provides for Only four. He i is allowing both republicans and democrats to nominate More than one National committee member altho the Sih e Law provides for Only Lone National committee member. Or. J Pool finds that no one will la it at eat at die tary is a Tanta a. Feb 9 mrs Ana i Candler. R., a. J Stoddard and 1, a. It 1 Ling were arrested by Tho police today while seated in an apart Field House around a table on which til Quot police tid stood a quart bottle w l u la contained a Small Quantity of liquor. They were taken to the Ponce ration and a b ased on Bonds of i signed by Stoddard for i Yearance in court tuesday Moru the arrests w it re made by chief police l beavers and police a j. Holcombe the chief Aid t Bat mrs Cand or when arrest a lid they a r. Having Quot a Little laity in the apartment which be lunged to a lady 1 tend of hers. She did not give the 1 in of the apartment owner the chief declared. The chief took tie three to a polio station arid after Bond was arranged accompanied them Back to ii ii utto Nobil or Candler Sau ii Noble a said was waiting for Lier at the Corner of peach tree and Juniper streets. I apartment House in which the a ? i. I a re made is situated police and at is j unit. I or it. The names it a tile police blotter Wie entered As a w. Keeling. A j Stoddard and or a a g candies thirty tour. I Candler was formerly mrs. Mary Little Ravin sin and or candies were married june 30, last in die Chape of em01 y University. Her a husband is a millionaire capitalist a and soft drink manufacturer of tills 0 Ity last we k lie won a suit which i on Zinia de Bouch i of new or. An and to nev., brought against him for $ ,00. for alleged j bleach of Promise to marry. Or Stoddard i pad of Stoddard so leaning and dyeing establishment of tin City. He h president of the a 1 Horal cleaners and dyers Assoria j Hon. Or Keeling is in the Brick bils Ilii is. Anderson is out for Good Dusseldorf feb. 9.�?Harry f. Sinclair who arrived in Cologne from Brussels yesterday had a Long interview today with Hugo Tinnea. Or. Sinclair will sail for new York on february 12. _ harmed by rulings and to politician. E. L. Saner of Dallas Are in Amora with provisions mad. Tex. President of the american bar by National committees Aud conv. I. Association told members of the Lions. It ii i w the Republica Arizona state bar association in an to Cloose Neveil Uel chutes Atje a a address Here tonight on a the Law lit is argued ii j yet Aud the Crata May Elk caucuses Arni primaries Are of Large. More importance than the elections a i will ii Quot on Ilia w in ii it is i or saner said a Maud the conferences j Sentell to me a said sect than tin caucuses. Speaking now of a lawyers As a class More or less in g Ossea in the duties of their pro Ion it cannot be expected of chairman e p. Brown with 1 Washington feb. Persistent but unsuccessful efforts of chairman Lenroot to Force from Frederick g. Bonfils publisher of the Denver Post an admission that Harry f. Sinclair had purchased the silence of his newspaper in connection with the Teapot dome lease were made today at another dramatic session of the Senate Oil commit Lee. Or. Bonfils was emphatic in his denials charged that his enemies in Denver had inspired the question Anil declared that the contract which Sinclair entered into with the publisher and j. Leo stack a Denver Oil Man whereby he was to pay them $1,000, 000 was in settlement of a liability under contracts which stack had w Ith Standard Oil subsidiaries whose claims in Teapot dome Sinclair previously had purchased for $1,000,000. While the gruelling Cross examination of the publisher by the Wisconsin senator proceeded fhe Senate renewed its debate on the Denby renin nation Resolution and finally reached an agreement to Bhut off All discus Aion at 5 p. In. Monday and begin voting on All pending amendments Arni finally on the Resolution itself. Adoption of the measure in one form or another was forecast. Simultaneously with these events at the capital rumours of impending Cabinet changes were revived but they were without any verification. Attorney general daughter. Whose name frequently has been drawn into tin Oil discussions on the Senate floor returned from Florida and irn no Diatel conferred with freshen Coolidge. Upon leaving the White House or. Doughtery said the Oil j lease investigation had entered 1 largely into the discussion with the i executive. He denied that he had been requested by the president to i return from Florida denied lie had special executive committee of tendered his resignation and refused i _ 1 to talk of Tho Oil inquiry. Ana Saloon league to take Secretary Denby win had a con up new y irk work. I Terence with Tho president after the Gloversville. N. A a a feb. 9.�? \ penal executive committee will Secretary we direct the activities of the anti the Denver Post were Dos at the meetings with sin p a nerf. A. Said tin questions Xie Pori j were a most extraordinary and charged that they emulated from his enemies in Colorado. Chairman Lenroot wanted to know if it was t a that the attacks on Tho Sinclair lease which had been made in the Denver Post had not ceased after the negotiation of the contract with Sinclair. No replied the witness. Then leaning across the table to said i hey did not cease they have not ceased they will never a Hosp questions to Bonfils. Referring to a publication in the Denver Post on april it1922, senator Lenroot asked Bennis if he did not then believe that the lease a. A proposition that represented a a i believed it represented a lot of Money to a lot of people Call it graft if you was the reply. A a of thought it a Rotten commercial transaction yet so Long As von got your fees out of it $1,000,000, you were willing to stand upon this Rotten Deal and Quot i did is not your contract based upon this lease did you not become a party to this Rotten contract which Sinclair made with fall a Quot i did not think by that time chairman Lenroot was on his feet. Leaning across the table toward the witness and shaking a contract which lie held in his hand the chairman asked Quot is it not a fact that your contract with or. Sinclair was not based upon any Legal rights of or. Stack a Quot that is not Quot but that this whole Deal was for the purpose of purchasing your Amienee in your new a that is false absolutely Bonfils released a wit need. After the examination of or. Bonfils had been concluded he was Given leave to proceed to Chai Lea ton s. La to Board the naval transport Henderson for a cruise to Panama to witness the naval Maneu vers there at the invitation of Secretary Denby Senate debate Lution today will Rule that i eight i Lugat a Tai to at state foul. Coolidge committee denies. It i Iii i be. That they have Linn to follow politics but they can at least do inc thing in the Way o of Viou in in duties and the main Point that whatever you do do it a go Larj and keep the pressure or saner warned his fellow mein hers of the bar that the growth of a Radical already enacted into Law in some states threaten to undermine the government As Stab a by a the Constitution. W e As lawyers Ami supporters of the Constitution who mid a should be on our guard and warn people 01 the atoned dangers a negroes to place of safety. J Ackson. Miss feb 9 on instructions from governor Whitfield five negroes in jail at Raymond in connection with the killing o i no Ide Manlius for Merle of Chica it Smith station wednesday Niche w. A brought to Jackson la int Nln it Ami placed in jail. The action was taken As a precautionary immune to insure their safety mrs was stabbed to death. The f of id in state committee sent tins let Quot i to the Leitoi of la Omaha news a dear sir i hav read in Omaha news of february 7, the Low aug Quot a Norris opponents Are mostly in the Didra Camp Anil much it the opposition to the senator is coming hum the in a Quai u 1ai Lincoln a this statement by you is wholly without foundation. The be Bra a Coolidge for president committee was organized solely in he interest league it appointment of Ila in la and to i Mary a a a it was Day by Rev. We president it i the nation of or Ai tuesday at 1 gut s Board of Beer said. Following or. Lion or. Spicer i been kept secret Mer superintend i fenced at new i growing out of leagues of Quot i was explain i was accept Diu Tely and 1 is definitely new i or i successor to we w to resigned feb j announced her to j darn c. Spicer vice league the Resig a Iderson was accept i meeting or the directors or. Spa Andersons Resigna i Aid the fact Hoti until after tile Tor int had been Seu York for forgery his conduct of the Iii and accounts. It that the resignation to Lake effect imme nit i Anderson now oui a w a mite affairs of the a Edge. I or India United any oth ploy such Cai leading amhara i has t set wit r on in president bijection 1 1 Candida it a. Govern it oui lire tin Tiki Quot i 1 into i porn i this loth feel Misi and aul to fatal shooting on train Man supposed to be insane kills a conductor and wounds two others san Behn Audino Cal. I Dot 9 belief that w. La Barnett fifty three year old of Cal Well. Idaho who Tais Mon v shot and killed conductor Frank Morton and wound i of two others on a Union Pacific a meager train Ouwo our it you e stat lid cers hav at Thiot a Barstow a ii tonight \. Phy i him aft Patty i of in zing. I Mak Are you rolling the Stone of sisyphus a mort01 a ii Braker Chris Cai a Genger ii Jill l Burnett Tigon la do from o get a sisyphus was supposed by the Ancientcondemned to Roll a luge Stone up a a ways rolled Back before reaching the top la ment permanent. Ires men hav Gall erg. Ator sine Miry ii w it be Oil rate the i d Hiigli including o saw two sex Lawson s apart known to i rogues Lead quart person exam in police by lies. A by Quot Lei to the to the is a finance corporation be extended Ain moan inc 1 a adopted today by la sen a Quotuser existing Law. Is opera you would terminate March i 1921 i tie tied life. Ass Quot a i a tic i life. She to i i i us it #.�. F a a ulu of Al Reuia to it or not his paper aul also the -t&Quot<1 herein. Pal a Oil of up Clamp i dip Yutis no via a at run a some of us Are rolling the St one of Are gathering no to we Glam Hun unities in the journal want and sect or. Ads that interest us we intend to but do it be it nature took my the seat t Hurt 1 it or a Antic. Bartlett shot anti wound ail Harry Barrington and son of Shelby Monta they were not seriously is Labouring under the de i robbed s i 11 follow lug a Salt Lake City. A i tried a from them by moving each to another Quot he said v Money out and Laid it i said take it hut i Cabinet meeting yesterday was j closeted for a Long time today with i Secretary weeks who Bas been Ilia i Friend for Many years. There were indications that the Senate situation was discussed by there was no Al Deuce that or. Denby had changed ins announced deter urination to re main on the Job despite the pending Resolution asking that lie resign. Mcadoo to be heard monday. By completing to e examination of or. Bonfils today the Oil committee cleared the Wray to heal William g. Mcadoo on monday with reference to Bis professional services with the Doheny Oil companies. Or. Mcadoo who la a candidate for the democratic presidential nomination will appear at his own request. Announcement was made today to 11ti committee by senator Walsh Democrat Montana that George Creel chairman of the committee on Public information during the War lad sent him a request ii Telegraph Lur a hearing. It was agreed however. That a number of other witnesses now in Washington would be examined first. Or. Creel s request i grows out of testimony by e. L. Doheny that in had advanced $5,000 i to Creel w to was to undertake to prevent the leasing of the Oil res. Veg to republicans after Hie demo Zatle administration ended. Resuming ills testimony which is begun yesterday or Bonfils i alg ii in response to questions y senator Walsh that the was a conspiracy Between Doheny Sinclair and Quot the Standard Oil Allied com pants to let Sinclair have the Tea i pot dome As tar As they were concerned a they having no antagonistic in i forests in Bonfils said Quot they had no objection to Lett i i Doheny have the naval Reserve a and they went into the Agre i along Thor lines Aud the Lea to Given a million in of. The witnesses added that. Ii Quot confirmed that the my Wei on the Denby re sows comparatively j Brief. Senator Shortridge. Re pull an California opposing the measure Anil senator a ii Der Nociar Massachusetts support g it. Dining Hie Day senator Jones Republican Washington offered a subs tute Resolution which read Quot resolved that in View of the disclosures made and the facts ascertained by the Cuin Mitish on Public land and surveys of the Senate in connection with the Oil investigation now in Progress it in tile sense of the Senate that the Public interests would to served by Tho resignation of Edwin Denby Secretary of the the agreement to vote monday on Hie Denby Resolution came after democratic Leader Robinson bad Lavieu to get unanimous consent for a vote tonight. In agreeing to the monday vote senator Lafo Ilette Republican Wisconsin said he wanted to Call attention that almost invariably in the past when such agreements were made the presiding officer Quot handpicked Quot the senators who were to have the remaining time for discussion. Expressing the Hope that such a practice would not be followed this Tim. Senator Follette said the Senate Rule of recognition by the presiding officer of the senator first asking for it should by rigidly adhered to. Is Init of i rians r kill g or there meat were Ati ghee at to years Wae has a w it place. Ind a but we done to answer w done to get around and so the next Day we arc right b we started Well Nevet reach the top to rank Quot the Grad Quot we be got t upon them and let them of the i Cize the id toll u if w unit ant. Hand we must quickly read the want ads carefully an we and journal want Ai w a f he Sal always different in Bervie la rapport deny a rupture at Doorn former k user and the Princess said to be getting along pretty Well. Doorn , feb. 9 Repin a a. Ii ii has occurred or mini. i Lite former Kin a or a d the Princess Lier ii. Wae no foundation is or d to t Quot Hest information i fore i. A of a Long time past How. V a a the Quot. Is gossiping of a at and it is remarked mat Tho Coupie Eldon go out to id it i ported that the it \ do Plav an unbearable the sine Over the taking Chaison know we als in the enforce i his was Ness reply had and companies Musl Lailes of lard Oil company of in a a axed $1,000, in Oil from air company which took Teapot dome lease. Over the examination Lenroot demanded to y stack had come to Bon first place to help him to i contracts and what Bon supposed to do. The Ltd dial lie had Long known stack and that he was to Advance the Money for a i a a a sex lenses and a lawyer. Questioning Hie wine about two conferences sin Lair a a or temper. La by the $1,000, too contract was signed. Chairman Lenroot a keel if it flit occur,.�<i to Hun tha if the Sinclair lease was straight Quot Clair would not have a a with him at All. A no a responded the witness a Lien the chairman wanted to know whether the attacks on sin Denby Hajji defender senator Shortridge of a amp Laform says not a bit of evidence against hint. Washington feb. 9 demo Arntie senators redoubled their attacks on Secretary Denby today a the Senate renewed discussion of the Resolution requesting the president to ask for the Navy Secretary s res ignation because of his connection with Tho naval Oil i i 3 go senator Short Ridge Republican California argued that Tho Renato lad no authority to on the Resolution. W hich he de i As an a a Ira judicial proceeding answering an top Loci question j from senator Harrison Democrat Mississippi senator Shortridge tie dared be did not believe the leases were signed Quot in Defiance of Law a a i do not remind 1 a scintilla of evidence offered Here Quot senator Shortridge a Ald a for a a Ingle Rumor even which attribute a clime to Edwin Denby and while j do riot wish to indulge to personalities i Quot la Quot tribe tha in a w i sleeping i soft bed win Denby wan in bus country a a for a tie Denby Resolution a Oit eted today by senator Jones Republican Washington. It would it urinate tile request that do president remove the naval Are a. Ary but would express the sense of til be ate tha a Public interests would be served by the resignation of Secretary the weather. No it rms a \1nty Cloudy Hind of mud i a i it of a ii ruin 01 mow i a Hun Lay bit i not much Hung in i Fin can in. Oil ii a Tikot i Cru t Cloudy sunday and met nil Mariner in a portion sunday. Kit Iii oilily Cloudy unit and Man Day in Mill ruin by sunday night of Moi Idu not much Chang in Pandur. Luna Lair sunday Anil Munday riot uni i a n Quot in trip Tiratur. Hashi a. Ion. Vet. I Mea her out. Ifill m k la a a lining monday i Luins i Cuil ii and Flower i our valleys flu udon probable of. Re Tupuai a no a a our North Anil rain of a now Over Olith por Ion. Request Aileron. Iou to temperature

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