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Lincoln Evening News Newspaper Archives May 6 1990, Page 1

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Lincoln Evening News (Newspaper) - May 6, 1990, Lincoln, NebraskaIf you want Aii the local news. Lake the evening new. Lincoln evening a a be news. 0.\ly Locke week read and sub scribe Volt i. 15ll.noultsfcbfjtskji to essay eve�ojn6, May 6,1890 number Iso. A. H. Weir amp successors to. A. Brown a co. Co., the workingmen. Further details of Denver a sickening tragedy. 4 at i get it Moines City office 1012 o St tel 73. Yard and office Cor. 16th and y its. Tel. 65. E get or the .41d� r�4p� it urged Puli a of a Rte a a a la Over a it mail array at the \ la Ltd it mias Cut a other cd Mia Al Neva. Hargreaves bros., wholesale a grocers. Fruit and produce commission merchants Comer eighth and o streets. Fled in. Kwh be Cui tractor and builder a to Brick work it specs hot. Ike Tideo 4�7 South 9th. Mree cob c. E. L00.\i1s, Lincoln. Neb., real estate pm Ltd. A a a w w a a a w wow i in Iuey it pm Rev. And of to Kip a sit Billt Hou Foft in the City for Sale or rent. Loir trod of form a a the add fist it Wii to ref. Log Ftp log ii tfx it Ritli Roft Arre my cd a or fit Enid Fea for Trot Crft i a Roux alive inv Eskra Chi it a a Virlous it Fri Imp of direct i. If olde wit a Fller Ilow i Rte Lude Igi a j a a tit be i i etude to Tkv Tiff to j to Fig of Uio West iliac in to re of cd re a a i ct�ul1 r fou Csulik too. Ctr of or Ltd dress cd e. L 03ris, aad Meliset Fri Rath 1ftrg�St Ivett to list of Fly i gift g Ofha via t ,. By amp a of Law the a Fadeff a of Blick . Web to by it Ftp be in the we veld in outa Brule tuft 8or�a, Lara re Salt Roboin of a re a Sor it tetto. Chat pred hits do cd but Tad Ftp Skia eruption if stud pod cure pm a or m i Ulroan it la i Fly Anent i f a it a a to perfect of fac a Iob of Moftey of Fth no a cd. Part cd s5 Coata or her Var he j. H. H Arlar. Ilm Bly commit Rte a Bett a 4 and k but Tunny evil Ning the body r. S. Young 3adl, water Lime hair Cement plaster Etc. Masons supplies. Of cd. 116 Soctt j3tt . Or. Leonhardt split ii list. H2t 0 St a Iufoon. A a Dis eat of the Nerro system. Heart of cd a acid. Si1h� for All eas3 of of ical complications and Corre ti053. Notice of Sale a ads i Mattel mortgage. Of the s4�h of of of Narr be rare it to of cried or t�1� rc.trd. Sex ended end a i Erik a to de-7 a a a dts cd it co. S Boik de Ilc a intend. Frei Date Jobe Frt its Apai to a for 1 a to .75. And jul j a or 1-. Tik re w Scariah Eleto Teand de to hrs h it a aware a a a a a do in a end j Switij Tot re.4 Rotim Dato tor a a huh 1 two ii a Aoe a tiny Ststa hat see i aad to i a a a a he m it Aid .4 George w. 1 a ii Jimh Day of a it i. Iswan Era Tod aad to Varthas to cow it a it Exi trix. A aad Adas or it in it ear tor of of heavy Ltd i coed a Eba tue m ref the Baocai and eos Graz All in he Fhi. Al Rodray toil i d aad or Fiji Lybek it a re or a a v. It Einmo it get it t In to a a a of of d r a or at no .t<51 11 Ira. T tata c to of live a i Eoa aty it Hakk a whip h 60 a Ort apm co a in it r in Fly of Jav it and High be re Wiitan aad Fai Toh keg Rood hit a Ca a Trock. Tai Tot a. A Hii a a to to. A Kite Leterr Dae Iha to Gnu aay of a in. I8a-, to eix. Aitano Frei f or p Ai. Aav ill a i a the. A slice of Terrik itt Dierx of it Ald l at Ero Oom and a <fa7 a a i exed i a the it a Jirl Awonga a record toe cd offt e aia oae other Yipu Ialota Asfar heat eat in a East a Al to Taxe Czeti armed. It we provided whet if for aay Rio a 1heatd at it a a a a a a hold Tael it Eif tace car or on afe Thea raid a of a rare a might a or Nataa of Vanl a Mort ire Oit Hoat edit or Pyror r taiga anti e aad sex Iolite to Eer ii it of , in by and in raided in East i air Fri a Edvik the a aah a wire a or am cd a I u from the pro Cree an ung fron a Kich 1 mile fat Vav the Amaat thee Doe. Wanh ail com Aholt advert Iti Gaad Makins Esh ale. Eaid moral life i i be care at d Aara a 1 Bat my a a it Quot the a need a i toe a a i to United at Law Torr Foize the Dot a taped by said to a gel of a lha3 the Ata oath Day the Yard a Nagee w the end of l7.iss-a to or fore i. Tro i rom kit pm the shh Day f i at a kit. At Tea Unm la i r occupied or Aid bks Rte Igor at no. Mutl a i tart la the a Irr of Tioco a. Neon Toita. The Arder a met will of a p we ii Ito to aah of a id pm one in covered by w bin race aad Heriot whore does or a a a a no a i b., Urece Ary to raid Road of it ski a it my nit Erret from ii Date at t or Eric to Toter of with code and of adder z and making Aid a a e Mearaa in Sarotta. Exec matrix Sod Aoam k a tax a a. R remt r of the to Tate of Eek by sem Wood deed. Of Tienor a. At of More Fyfee. Abuja Lanzt it Wood Aan a Ttye for Mong Agea. Lacoin april St. Lei. Denver it. Col. Mar 6.�?there Are no i m w a fat lop ii its in the Butterfield mar tit m. To it Fry. The police a in of the opinion the crime wats committed by my cie Man who Aaili a fat the hou�5e for the Purpur kit f rent Ini a room. Mrs. A Butterfield went up pairs to Ebow him a the room and be. Lindin she want alone. i to outrage her and in the fit which a nailed he struck her a wow on the Temple which death. The a Chian a. Clothe. Were Tom in a her body was ii Adly St Ratch cd. Find due that the woman a was Uei id the wit ten j i covered the Leiy with a bed his Lix id hand it in a a sly la it we in the Loci tied left by the be k Doir which he hiked he went on the crime Wajn 8 of i _ a i Tuit Dif Coverd until Sundar. my woman at one time lived in new York state Aadu r first husband. A or. I dry an. Was Kille in the War. She Hud i a divorced but a and Nara i Botter Fileki living a in omit a. I ate yesterday Ait Moon the police Brouti hts to the station a Man who gave i Naine a Lurlea and Orocu Patio a Kutter. The right Side of the Man face Wal. Very badly a Crar bed. And his forehead a in the same Condi j too. I left Eye was Black a i if from a Pouge or wow awl High right Eye Dis coloured. The it i no chief of defective pm the Lii in in the sweat Box with a very uvula a tory resale. He claims to have Arri Ved in the City of last Wix a bet quid not wll who it was that a stat Rchrd him or when or where it Hap fined be was locked up. The it Taii Heet a Ais face Atmik if they Inigo have Lieen made within the last fairly eight hours and to the Lidice this a Strong indication that they have the right . _ Kemter it Case. I . Mov 8.�?in the Kerum Ler a Beato cd a i pit Cash after several of the Justin had a ked or. Sherman questions. Chief Justice Fuller an a bounced tiie application for a writ of liable to to it i could not pts Perly be Grani a. But that the Lonert would hear an for a writ of error on May the a granting of a want error ill the cite w id have the effect of reopening the expert testimony Token by the elec Zicai Cou Mission. Tiie record j of the would he Jiromi Luxl and the court would prescribe under what of auditions Kermaier it Khall be exe Cut ii. A writ granted. By of taxi. May 6.�?judge Corbett Ganteil a writ of Hareas Corpus on a Jil cation of Clarles. Hatch. for Keiiti Niit a pm a iris g attorney Lindy. Wiriden Durston and Othet in vhf Siertl to pro Der a Kei Umler be it re cot info and Ftp Day at Auburn on saturday next. The Purpe to dispute of the que Sii Ltd i a to whether the Wari. N of the site pm legally execute j a Eimler Conetoe claiming that nobody the Sherrit of Erie of Monty Coull Ese i Ente his . To ski rage Tny Aai a awl of Cir Darell a i at the sit Ataloa Chicago. May 6.�?general meeting of the Sush door my Blind makers were held a several Punk of the City at non. Toe meetings were held for the purpose of scream Thenia the Union now being formed the Mea employe-1 it the machines their sup sort. It w5 decided that they won. In a measure. Px4 their pastie Quot Wilif the Carper no or. And no Union Man of the 9tar�i�r 1 inti it organization Iii handle work turned oot by Mills reaming to Grant the demand for eight by it cars there waa no strike a n. K. Fairbanks Worls i Pec Teil and the strike of the Gas men. A which was to have taken place of sized to. Nit Ria Lixe i the expected strike of the Dock sen on the Western transportation Tom Ebay line and the Anchor line did not take place. Tie Region said to be the amp a they a ire net Ruff amp a gently Orga Niad. And that there Are too Many men ready to take Isdr i laces. A the re no change in the situation of the carpenters take. Negotiations Foi Lei element Frith the new Bosses a a it cd tic n Ore san to be cd Piete. And themen will Nutine work in a Day or Twa i i it m Liui the Taii Lff Bill. for the funeral of senator . The Tariff Bill dmtsi10n. Ladies Wear it w ill begin wednesday mid a vote will be Beach de i a Otlis the be Pete mean coif tree Ian Al t aaa Paig a Lifis Gomi Newn. Bill were it la 1 coi a Laver Marc Rai Ai Fie in rus cried finally to Adow four ans for Gen i,1 Era a Besix in no on a Ltd enlist by be. Baving Jot rect Liml Aem for and eight Days for consider Aih Ltd and i Ca hmm he bikes. Lie a Lei cos Gre Iqbal Ca Faig Capo Mittiea. W Ashington my a at a joint caucus of the Republican members of the sea ate and Houte. At which Hgt Are a a 4 a. Ride. The following members old the not my Purpo at this ume to speak ,2icnn Colgro Obj camn., in commiti4 for Lisis were of Intel Colorado Townsend. Niico in Alicer to. Decatte ills., my 6. ?t3 Coal i Intro employed at the Dwater Coal mine went pm a strike for an increase of five cents a i Ltd for digging. No serious trouble Aarli rated. The mail of Danville. % Andersook. Grape Creek and Eddyville. Held a Masia reining and decided to strike. They j have do grievance Bat strike in Obedi i Euce to orders receipt a f i of head Iuar i ters Ai Chicago. Tie Spring Valley Milit held a meeting aad decided to Ream at work until the of w. L. Scott who expected before the 15th. Cotton Milli strike. New Bubo n. Y., May 6. strike at the Cotton Mills continues both Side being determined to held out a few weavers want to work a the musing but quit a portly afterwards. Supe Raiend ent Etc nmn says if the weavers do not come at once be will shut Down the whle Mill thus throwing about 6u hands out of employment mostly women. _ strikers at i it enter. Dexter col., 31av 8 a last Friday demand of the machine a Ltd gtd workers and timers f r aide hours with Tea hours having been rei�r4, the Liki men have struck and went juju std by the a a Bench Mem borne of the largest Mills Are affected Bat Hope to keep running with a Short Force. Tic imia miners. I a vex pa., May 6. Irwin trainers at a mass Mec ring Ile crded not to work until their demand c f 65 cents per ton be Gray Ltd a bout eight him red Inai we a present a id the Leo caution Ivas carried la an map airy. Joiners charge i inf to let a in Moia a Ald Naem. Dos Mixis la. May 6. Leader Raak Fis startling charges agr inst the of the City finances by the la sent Ivial of Akie Nuen. To for Iko Rier Mouis it Auml Mare i by. Bath me., May 8. Union of this City number bag 3uu men went on a Cir Ike for a Day of nine Hoart and a a Ler diem increase in Jay of carpenters Wim. Pms Srba May 6. Leanette. Pa., carpenters about two Hundre-1 in number who have been striking Foi Eig it h3urs, have Boca Tiivi demands. A Iasi or of Sambar Ballaera. , away 6.�?seven Nikki Sand Ina on an-1 carpenters struck Here. Nine Theu so strike. I Latil a. May 6.�?nine the Sand working men struck in bit City. Monday i base Ball Lames. The attendance at the games of the 1 players mud Nari Onai in Agurs was players league Brooklyn afr All Ochen Hava failed to equal Law Al int anal Ilea of the eyes Call of the highest Eod Orte Optican Teshui i a a Pacific charge o4 at Leasi of u7 , Whie have been la id oni i a fc-.n�1l.v the a Mol. Thi it i la a a 2,02-1 Titial. under Chat a Mort aae. F exotics ii hereby Ziwa Kat after left by tire of a car Taw Chat a i atom teas in to it i of to it i a Day of in. Leu. Mec Atad by Ottja w. I>-a�b�oc6 aft Georze w. Remt it i o.,to Wjuker. Ake it la aft a a a a scare lae Eaf of Tbs Cam a f fic a a a ii latent of of it mid a a Imai ibes Day o for Brassy 17aad of $li,h5 ,s5 Mai aha. Touk. At a por Reut per aaa aau aad Apo Akka Ibette in now a it e be a of flim4 Afik. We inti imu�?~1 a mar craze a a sled for re toni la Ibe. Of amp Cerf be Rosati clerk of la a it Aeter Croaa to Ibe a Day of april a. O. 1 Lio. At Tow a a or of 4 o clock Mia res p Ai. Kaalt Bari a be it Ca 3ka 2 it the Payo it eat of mud Troi a mud abort Rafors aa4 Defeau har Jig beet mite to re i Asir to the e Adieu Obj Job aia Eft la Ike Aid mod Liz Aoee a�e�t4>�e< Awer try be ? tee Loe Beta eel a a in a rare and Safe Ibe Akore a Knower Bab Cut face a to ate aad mud abort Fng cd have taken pm see in Ioa of the go. Aad a by Fri Acri bad there a. Tbe-Trre be a i i Toree Ionec and Mirttie and leu be property Ibern d embed a he act to Kroe a a it prior Storc Aeed the Ceil a Awak Oedia eat the to b a. Fogt de. Re Annie aad a Perty Foro Ieter Bei it a Artaz to t be above Aswed wort Tupi and la Ribeir ure at x a Hui it a be Cit c f la a. Xe4k-�ka, and Rbt Odt c tap Seedof zest aad Bovy do Piaf aad in Latakia z of. A Cape Raaket Hes Etc., aad a other aad cd Trel a via a Aki to a a i Awni a aad Png Are a Lee at Bertore Mai at get a aug Ber a a egret to the cry of was .-,11 Tistl of l in tim Ebra Koo the Day i Btu a. I aes a be on key at o to k a. Ai of raid Day it jct <��., or Zafe a g m act Oraey tor . Dated bar l 1s90 warning Nitu icy was Lii Deli a a finally bet Terai Al Derum a Hinl Shoi. A to it . Shel ion. By Riv. Hui with Hiibner and m it a Rio. The Grant jury Lueers to play and evil 1 Prout Bly Inve-4igale the ease. H Appy Days for lion elem. New York my 8, will be ii ule n fore a Ridge fizz Gene a to dismiss like for bribery against pm Alderm Iii Zwarst n. It Nudest it a gtd that tie disc re i at Tomey will not oppose the motion Henry i Yles. One of the indicted aldermen to it of the Board of re timed to the Tity. It understood that the indictment again St him will not be pressed. _ a Rolo fwd work. Wat kiting by. Coon. May a Arthur n Ai to Neil a Piisila a Puiia Brooklyn 1/322 Chicago 251�. Total. 3,261. It. 4tk�s Leach. At Rex Ike a Bonon 4 at Nijm�Rlp�.Iki Tula Lac i , Kew Vork,4, at Luik Hio civic Aga a pin Buri. 13. Sati03ai. . At Brooklyn Bro a Lii. S in a York x at i Hilado ii it Fai up amp a a Adelphia. Tikie a 9l Ai Chi Ciao clinic Aito. I . In Oati. I. Asso Clation Al Svarti .e-.sjtacws?. A Brof Klyn h. At Roc Jocmer , 5c . L Jackson coloured of , made his wife hold a Light while be Killil the Doi with an axe. He then took a razor and fatally Cut the Louian the Teal he also Cut off several of her fingers and but for the Airt Vai of Leigh hours. Wino found the brute kicking the of or ibid Cattoi i dring Wonit a would probably have cat Jackion bad saturated the with kerosene and evidently inf used burning the House. Jealousy Sahi to be the cause. Prof. Strassl Ian at 226s. With St. Office at Eli in studio Loco in Jtb. The Hie Heit p.7lished, aeon rarely a Jocund and find my and Eye glasses Alao made to order which will prove a lasting Benefit. Notion of Sale under Chuei Arr go Efti ii to. Of to Day of april 1al goo go w. Tor Taivo co vial Recicor St a and i he my to Harry Jov pm for it t jew Dawla Day Anor data Ohk Litt rat the vam�lrr7ifl Rotim Mizoe cae. A oct h it la. N. J., a in the Tria if mrs Vandergrift few attempting to her 900, the defendant testified that the Croton of she bought her corns. She denied the Maile by or. Hull i a the witness stand. H. 8. A cities. A real Estop . Testified in mrs. Vandt re Rifle a air Sperty was Worth Over the then rested its Case. Of pm Fory onto for the a r. Parable to Ike orator of a Ato Barry Jore k. Ood kit cart tic omit of Atad o a w Sirai Arao Mafte. It or re Rte i Aam o Merw to mid Harry Dor pm a Coacci a Mirage Apo aad motor try Alt to re att e. Goow it cka4l-lr and progeny to v Ofish in Aid oat. W. A Msosa it f a A Ike a or t f Rai 1 a tones Coo at it a. Mut it j a Oft a Ike City of Lutrenia la Acac or a min a , a Kici Profetty i fid a. Mgt Sybor Zara Ltd our ived a Fri by of Troia i sri or a cml Kif and Faraj Okiku Groda Kau i in of Quot Taitoa. Kick oat Zazo a Bara i we b of Agni. , a t mrm a Tower part for o to pc p. A. A cd la tar a Cerf the Roa to re mtg i Vam la Omar my my. Aad Van Dala a j it it a Ltd of Yka Chari i Torr Lofv Ira Pard a Aid of a of. A Hgt a Cocker a cd air Auto a Aam a Lor fora Orait Aiad. It Aram Prond i that for Laird. %. May Cly Jaures Laird proc Rietl Warnta fair the arrest Pfeiffer of the bunk of Ameri to and Charley Mejt. Manager of the wed Philadel Iliia teach of the Bank foe receiving a f35u Depuydt Fra him when they knew the Bank to be in cd vat. The accused will be arraigned if for aay pm atm Tea Aid Ai Fra of a Tom Folt a i �17 a at a i a ii Icara or a Afa in a raid Torr Faroe it first attacked him aug la Naki by tiptoe of Mia of cd a go a a. A to treat up t a t defense. Proo a i Iai a a do Atrz of Tanto Oatio aad Excia in kit afe a a a id or Porty Ravara cd than Mem mme rail toe Al Ltd a kor m so a i fort int. . A. May a John m Bradley. A Gnu or. Was Ahot anti killed by Charleo m. Of bpm. I Janmir a ii Mirr ghost. During a Dis into Over a Small account. Osburn a so Rrt that Bradley he Firetti in St ii Thure were a a witnesses to my Asera. _ Over 6.000 Reva incl to Nib Taissa a Ink. free Tea lava tit Eft Rocato Wogast skip Tara Imbi to it aloft from of a a a a a a a pm a Quot a a if a m t �71 do. Irith a Fomai. At every Wand to town double Lagie and a exc Etc a and Eide right at Home by q. R. Wolf. Tal Only 08. All Tho a who have been paying s5 to 850 for a a nit of Clothee Thoom Call at Pottor Macnee to by Cut a i a or tav to. To Vrana i Mark ill o in a a toon Caga and key to Viora Draco ipod. A Maya 10.1 u a Reec and Van to Abaca Rary to Fri a it a Ai of fit a it k Laminae the Kree line of Dotha which co a Edix pm set a a of Etui in a Aid my no into Imti for Only fill. Nice Buei nees or Drees Mick a a it a a a �i4j a aoo�4 Indra a ghz and took of Aock Auto. Said Torr Cage fral Naa Era and a raft. Fiat of a t or Para Eeck Ulz a Bora Laau Raohl a Tow to Tea for a a dem in a fwd by my a Raaz Vajra Olid to ivv�4�ilt to of the said akm Zafra sir Tom of a in boy i keep redhed a if by Doit or. 1 Krai Dowl a a to Ehy frae that my to fkr of my in set Aalto Torr to Oty tor pied by Aii eur Tzy a it with a Tori of. Tat a a Liy of Girasol a Tortola. Iko a Der Grid who Rali m the Bowen myer fit itt off. New Fox ass May 6. Bowen myer fight off. Jer claims that he has been sick and desired to pc Stone the event for two weeks. Bowen who h?.s been in training fir Eit weeks aad now in prime Gondi Isoo would not consent to up to cements. There being co forfeit up myer has declared the it off. far he concerned. Put a Bullet trough he head. Pierre. A. May 6.�?charles Smith. Proprietor of the it diag cafe a this City Sukri Deil at Mem by shocking him Relf the heal with a revolver. He was one of the oldest settler in Therre. Doug Estic troubles Are so ssi Gued the cause. He a Foni Erly Frum vat Ray by try a Torer of per Njo to Iii. Haft Situe pa., May 6.�?Henry by Boyer was inducted into the a Ficie of state treasurer and ssume.l formal charge of theofice. Every Teui in the was ooch United for and did col occupy snore than fifteen minutes. Sad Tea death of Lix Gotera or Hokema. , 3liy 6, sex lieutenant love Mot Andrew Shuman died sad Delv in a Down town hotel. He a for Many years Ven Tine managing editor of Iol to Piug Cumal aad was highly a esp a a de. Sofar Caton May 8.�?in the Senate in of the Jora nal was read or. Blic kit Nax Ltee and in a voice Iremus Kus w la Emiti on Sam Mil president my colleague dead. It either of Hiliu or cd the great service a which he has rendered a ohis cock try. In the in Fhle a of the sorrow the love which i bore him would Blind with its tears. The drapery of his it a Fum it Ca a fining to Joe of the sorrow which a a or Vader every Lieari in this chains a or. A cheat Commonwealth with b wed Bead to Day put it on the or eds of in tim Iii. At an appropriate time and in the Early fume i wiil a a the Senate to Quot chord to Lis friends an a poor Unity to their tribute to High Iii Mery. I will Tow the Senate to to Tider the Reto Lytic it which i Send to the clerk disk. Of a tic cd tii lace i ets the Baa by Ord Wii Chi Ai in arc w of Plede Atuk of the to. James a. Beck Laie jct Tutor Micsa the state of Ken it Raj. Kei Elvod that a committee if Sevea Rauator the appointed by the Preti deat pro tempore to take Vracr for the funeral of or. A Cvrk anal that Ile enact ill a Toad the Tome. Bet olved. That a afar Are Mark of respect. Utor talked by the Tea ate for t w Menk by that Kis pita Aias to re.moi-te4 from to Obhi atom to Keni acky in Clarke of a it a re cart Ai Aniis aad attend cd by a to it Mii Mitilee my Kwh tto Aii have fail Power to carry Ihie Reaboi upon Mio Effert re a to a that the Skir Taxy comma Kate these proceedings to the or Pri Tea a tired Ami invite the Hoase of repro aia Tives m attend the aad to Apici amp to a like Hoe lived. That invitations to extended to the president of lha a itts of states and Mem tors of Lii it Rabi Tot. The chief j Zuelke Ami the Beth Caiato Jayc tip Era of the cd a cart and the diplomatic corps to Attfeild the Faner amp i a Senate Char i tor. Resolved. a further Mark of respect that the Senate do for Adjo Ctm. The Resa lations were adapted unanimously ind the follow in g senators Weie Appi med the Oom Mirilee to of Couperin Teutul the funeral Meas . , horrii., voice Kenna dues Evart and Mondors _ Hon get. In his prayer in Houe. Or. Mil bum the blvd chaplain eloquently Wiki Ficeli irly alluded to the sudden death of i it ii amur . He of the dead a senator a Uma Large in , Solo Oid by work Ripe in experience. Dauntless iia dec Ramasre kindly by nature and habit whose a vat riot in was unsullied a i i intern to end Honor above suspicion. The dedication of whote Days and nights and Powers of mind and Biddy to the Comimo wealth were a Lute. Of motion of or. Mckinley of Ohio the Senate Amcy no Ament i to the customs administration Bill a re non concurred in and a Coni Ernice ordered. Mea Ris. Mckinley Burrows and Carlisle were api Intel conf Reeis. Tit rules wife a need and the Fol towing Bills were a. For the Sale of a pc Nion of the Navy Yard and naval Hor uii lauds in b a Rook Lyn to to a City of Erok Lyn for Market purposes. Senate Bill to a Stahll two additional land a offices in the stare of w Ashington Senate Bill auth i Piug the Arkansas pass Harbor c id any to in prove a Ansas .-, and a till for the removal of the unit d states court House building at Baltimore my. The ii Gnu e p. Greed to the conference report pm the okla i. A Tow site Bill. The Fote Al having teen re Civ a i from the Senate announcing the death of senator and inviting the b Tuse to be pro ent at the funeral her vies. Or. Breckinridge offered a Reelou Tion acc Epting the Vita Don and four Doyz for Cromly it both. Bracali aft m to atm Mammy tit. W Ash Egton May a caucus of e7publi.an member of the hot it it was agreed to pos Xione consider ail u of the River and Harbor Bill until the Tariff of have 3u� t Offei cd a i if Fine Niue of i amp idea a ilk it pm a m4 bin has been of. Several pro wraps. I i k it Baa 1?, end it Roiderer Siik Wool bawls Euit Roiderer Orit som it Enid big the time to be Ai fire i Howu for Verdi no Wear knit silk shawls bit acol Suaalii Fairey a mud for Deste Ami voting m a a i ii tired a ool so Ila. Embroil ted Obj a tiik a bawls i ilk Fri mgr ail put crw. It a in it lab la6 Dar card 1 Al ele. Mylik told Etc. These Gocsei Ara from the mar let. _ rated French Wash goods Tom in Unee Mem. Tto Freret a Koel film a i est a . We a ill puce oor Antii a Toek but so ficus trill a on a i our a oui Lien v Morrow it be a it Lei fully Low Price of �4c a fwd. Days of general debate. This i Clad lid colors and fancies cd allies. We Al of Are Sobov ipg the nicest line of Domalio cd allies at 25a Csc and 57 i 2c. A they Are a spleen wild lot and now the t me to make a be dec in before Ibe assortment a broken. . Ladies i Blacke one Al 25c, these goods equal to any sue Bose m he City. Ladies kid gloves 75c. This week we will sell 5 Hook Foster kid ki.i� k i 75c a i. Air in colors Olin. Floun lungs. Large line of hem stitched Flou icings aad killings Al to Zemely Law picked. Delaware to Ruaix Hig Gina. Niini a Rowell. Indiana cute Oslo. Iowa gear. Kentucky will on. Louh Iuna Cut Leman. Maryland Mccomas. Mao�arhu�4en��?w Alker. Mic a Igaac St it Al and. New Haimov Liiro Feu air Buir new Jersey Buchanan. New York Erimena. Penn it i Vunia Bingheim Tenut be it Eek honk v i Guj Ian Bowd of a. Weist Virginia Atkinson. W �5con? Sawyer. W yogini a Carey. Idaho Ducu. The other appointments win be Mode at another caucus. L m. Rat Hond pm Marr. Lewis or Gort tire p�jwx�3rr. A h. Irintha Mcd a ats. D.,0. ?l0, of tiv. Cd Mana an trip. A Hix Tox May 6. torpedo beat Cushing arrived Here from new pc re having made the run in 28 Houri in a heavy sea. Working Only one boiler. The crushing averaged fifteen knots and sometimes made seventeen knot an hour. The Little vessel Tilv 135 feet in a length of of the Erif tim Isacs a general banking business. Loans made on Long Ever put afloat and her it eed of this a Tnp m View of the fact of Uluig Bat one or 3kicrt o Zine. Boiler a unprecedented. 2=x0a.i so Pocsi . The Exchange , a Jaekob rec Lualzo by a bad Milf Eor. I Atli a a let n st�., Leacola Noli. New a amp and. Washing to a May 8, Carlin-1 Ville National Liani at Carlinville Lue was authorized to begin but Ines amp with a capital of $5 i.0 it a a the following applications it r authority to our Maize National Banks have been filed the ii National Bank of Aberdeen. At Aberdeen. Wash the first a Trio Ian Bank of new Birmingham at new Birmingham tex. Dii actors if of Saxx a it. A m. I Lathorn i a win or most xxv tax m l la run tit. 8. H. Bowa Aji t. W. Lowest w. B 9� Betts St we Mazer a coir Oua Tox. A Wie aug Ricaut Gay cow Popaj with i Ilij mini Oak Capitol. Philae Zlia ulv May 5.�?tue stockholders of the United gras Imperf Dement company held their annual meeting at which preliminary Steps were Lake toward guaranteeing the organization of the americ jul a. Invest Anent a Panr this Aew eni Erpil a to be capitalized a at ��50.cofi,quo, of which one half u to \ sult ribbed in this country and a die other half to be offered to a gosh capitalists. soon the organization effected 30 per cent will be paid in and the 5,- thus rii de will be a filed of follows 8� 6u0.00i to outright for the absorption of the present United Gay i improvement company and 85.000,0 x to go to the new concern Imu mediate working capital the $10, .000 to buy the Plant covers $5.o00.i�r>0 capital and surplus. Me old Board was re elected Mendota col Rado 1 Ohio so k a City c o l we did Amo Best atm cite 1045 o Street. Telephone 440 a broker a my dts apr new Yore. May 6.�?broker Wash int on Otic Nam. Who disappear rank a Annc danced. Bel coins to a wealthy and and widely known family. Kis in Otho i Casmer of the Pic Hank que in-1 Ian himself. Was understood to be Worth a million <k4 and a year age it and his Frier May his to rfcs a Mim not have amounted to Over 1100,000. His family questing the for Amer to a Pant a a would to ill have help him out of and Mirta to Sinif Vnti tto or my r�e a c a mercantile co. Now located at 206 South 11th St. Whoj8ale and retail dealers in i i to a to 1 a Moi into Welcl j orking Biris ooga Nga cloth shirts flannel shirt Cashmere shirt sick swing. A full line of Lncoln knitting Mills co. Too do Al Spee Al prices to the Trade and consumer. Call and see our aloes an Prises before making year Pyrc Kaaea. Agents for Lincoln reitling Mills co., Lincoln Suspender co Rockford socks and Carters slickers. Robinson mercantile cd. Or Errear h n i a mixtec to at Wuth the Penate committee at the fun a i. I will not. Said or. Breckinrid detain the Hogue i capt with the announcement of the Duih of my Pride corpor and Friend it in a a anal for Row much More than a Puhlik sorrow to Many of a. Morv Epati scially probably to me who had been his Friend Rince i was a lad of ten years of be co Niec cd with financial difficulty had be applied to them. I disappearance cause ranch Surprise. Tutere were 12,800 diaries bought in under the Rule for his act int aad it it Balv twice thax amount of his contract Are said out. Water Faw Ioe Spok amp be fall Spok was it a Mav 6. him by even-pc.ihe-Tiewdicliaa�m of the Snow in most in next to it to men. Except a Kod and Reu Mioc a Cau a rapid use in Coeur d Aisne a hip. It was in this Hub a he his i it tributary first Nuti Oual reputation a reputation Many families have been compelled b,7sel a the loftiest qualities of a True Jyi be out of their Bouses on the Low manhood. His life was one of the most in this aty there not a drop of romantic irs american Phi Utica. That a in the Mains a no protect Iofi Enterprise bottling works. Quot a. C. Clemens. Proprietor. And of Lemon soda Ginger ale Champagne cider Sarapa Padiila Birch Beer Strawberry and Cream soda Mineral Waters All kinds t f Carbonate drinks and choicest and purest syr aps of All flavors. No 2117 o Street. A a St ftps pc. Of Bou Troix Jar it woo whoa a of it r Hor a a a a Trajn totem Mort of a a. Komoux of thou to. If Twa a Nixa Kolf up into i Tot tha thing for a Ulm. Old of p. E. Cooper and Ica. Tel Ephom 588. Get Zooi Lolia cock Oriu gov re Ball. New Yozo. May 6.�?cl�1 Jian a. Cock Rill of toe world Fumi hed bad in the of judge Hilton indictment Fig fins that paper for libel a iceberg two Milr i torn Phil Delphiia. May 6. a tau in miss uii from Lyndon. Reports parsing Many Zebergs. One of which was two Lucieo i no and ninety feet High. New Yoek May 8. A we. Waldorf Assoc has Given #5,000 to the Chor Talde fund of the new Yoak press dub. War deela2�di, not in China hut at the Corner Iff Foar Teeth and o Streeto where the Furnas ours Erie Are located. We Wlsh it distinctly mide Stord that we have two car bad of fruit tree and tji nibs and we will sell at prices to suit. Our Trees Are All Well handled and with Good care sure to live. Cume and one of. Row a a evergreens thru a grm pea Apple and plums and Cherry Trees asparagus pie Plant Etc. Pour.tch Boyf in Dnn cd come to the Blue Gioi a cil Uulrey a hould okie to the Bead of the Mecit to Liliant bar West of the int unt Aias. I Bou d be elected four consecutive the a est once Clay so uld be translated to tire and receive three Coult Cutie elect on almost without eur position. And feh Ould die with the love Confidence and esteem of his entire stale that during to e a Ity eight of his Manly Lite no one Ever found a saw in i Atai Lees integrity m his 1 Fly a Urage m his pure tender Frieu it Ishup a i i Section. In the a a cry it Ity shown to both Prielu and the buy. Attest that this love Ken Chr gave Bini was 3-- Fred that the i uii Denoe a be reposed i him was widely Given and a Pix of a it the grief that Tome of of feel it a Catusi cd grief. The Resoluti pcs were adopted and after the speaker named the Cuni Mittee the a be adjourned. A4j�orna-.eel of Lonnie a a. ?. May 8.�?at the re pub ikan caucus the Questin in of the Addoum Maent of c�3ngress a talked Over and the omens of opinion was that an and jct Umi Maat scald be taken about the Middith of july. Sea info fire the High water having washed away the Mains which Are Laid at the Bottom of the River. A Large Force of extra policemen on duty. Thei times to Iii notified property of tiers add filled by Henry i Virzint them to employ watchmen to guard their part Perty. National Ito a a Bli it Aji Comox Ithoc. We it a May 8. meet my of the executive committee of the National Repal lican Tom Mitilee at Washington has sea a a or posed until the 12th inst. A a a a. By red in Zieme a. A aah a Fox May 5.�?111� Treasury department purchased 65.ij 4 per cent bunds at f 1.22. And cell Bonds at #1.03. í�7t->1 i per gab bout open a fair. New Yore may8.�?cardiagl Gibbons Ope Neil the fair in Aid of the cast Garden Mission of our lady of Tref Rosary with a Brief Addi Ess at the to birth fifth Street armory. There was Lenee. Many Dis Ting ulsted prelate. The Cardinal wore the Robe and rape of his i a office. He add this recited the Ben Eiith Coo feed opon Yong girl Timu Gront by the Rosary Mission and was receive with great a cd base. Re Star >o�r2 a a. By Eto it May a at a a it Iii of the j Baptist by Sisters a cumin Nicatie a was received from the Council called to Ctm adder the relations w. W. >wn.� aad the Square Church Siv Callei to the denomination but the chair Maji deemed it no proper form to in it Zseni to the Meer log an it i bugs ted that it be referred to a Tofu Mitilee of three. It was Sci voted and Rev dry. Apsey a Luns and Fannie were Oju fined the com Minitee. _ Aioli a cite Staios a in to sat re car la. May 6, the 1st of 3iay the saloons Here 21 closed Parshan to on order from mayor Palmer. Toey ail opened Upa Guinand Are Smuin guide open. The proper decors say that if arrested and fined they Fri sell a original packages Only and they expect to be Able to carry of their by Ines in it Otic of the do or Public sentiment. Be t a a i or a diner. 1c o e3 get. T t i Iii 3sa58 room Sinai lab and so w in fifa. Weitl am it Wsul hat amp Ial. Fax Crew a Portain. For tale. Lot of 10 acres rarely inhaled and veil improved Corner 37ta and d j Strete adj aids Moik a adv 40 acre text Imudia and tract and cd Gay two Kocka from Street j Sample free Cara. Price f wooo. Half Cash by Laack one two and thrive years Al 7 per cent. James Koak 844 fourteenth 91. Lodies Call a 122 South 13th St for or. Mcgill anti Kiona Sto Marli pow do a and the famous Orange Blo am. Lustre Tiona Galyea Demist amp Horton a Eul Waisim in tub Fop of Irist or a try the a bit want it Fuma. Only a half cent per word. Cheapest and Best advert in Nti la the Day. A North prefer ring. If your hair la foiling out a dry and harsh Gie Rogers vegetal Sale preparation a few Applew Kras will make a Good Imp Ruvenest. Two putties will re move the Taupe a a gtd a amp Ctm per Mynest c ure. F w Tae at h. P. Tiger Wius a drug Toie 11840 9k. Sewer pipe. Deal a he too. Carry a Stock All Fizet cheap for Cash. From 3 to 24 inc Imle. Iron and Wood pumps Iron pipe and fittings Lealier and so b botox sett Rlyn cd bb�?�3 i Somm Eto. H me made Birch Beer the health test drink of Oil delivered to any part of the i City. Put up in q tart bottle Zoei a urea locate for a j0l try it. Maou factored by a. Soft. Conser 10th Wood teis phots 487, eclipse wind Mill extras. Removed to 1450 o Street Lincoln neb z
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