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Lincoln Evening News (Newspaper) - March 17, 1990, Lincoln, Nebraska\ in you want All the local news take tie a ening news. Lincoln evening news Only Locke week read and subscribe. Vol Lmh in. Lincoln Nebraska Mondat evening Macg 17,1890. No Ember 147. A. Weir &,co., successors to s. A. Brow amp co. City office 1012 o St. Tel 73. Yak and office Cor. I fish and y its. Tel. 65. Union savings Bank capital. 8200.000 i Abihue of stack elders $404,101 interest paid of do k sets Al the rat of 5 per Cut per and Tom for All full Cal it Lar Nontha. Your savings account solicited. Mona Lomaad of real a a Uto and collateral. Amp. S. Moors pm. S. S. Brown v. Pro a. C. Ii. Iii of Caa Hiar 111 South loth St. Stockholders. Jobs Pitzo seals. A. B. Beolk. Joee r. Clax. Moc Orivs f. M. Hall. Cal Thompson. A. S. Rat Moes. Treovr. Baytr tick. O. M. . L. A Bibb. 1. Yatsa. K. K. Hat Dir. R. S. Mozeb. T. B. C Alt but. W. Dow bbb. W. Bow Hab. Cba8. Habbous. E. Of Mitt. Act Blaird. Job Kph wit Babb. L. A bit. A bbl or. Call and see the wonderful charter Oak wire Gauze oven doors the Best assortment of stoves and ranges in Nebraska. You can have Economy in the Kitchen by using charter Oaks. T. A a prices Are very Low. 1126 0 St., Lincoln. Brass goods sinks bad Aho Sewik a Cpl. Kite and tubular Well material. amp Horton be haul Vismin cents turn Udif 0 iip1,1i Iron and Wood pumps Iron pipe and fittings leather and a Al by Ber Dru b Ber Kose Ibec. Eclipse wind Mill extras removed to 1450 o Street Lincoln neb l. Meyer notary Public and real estate dealt ii cite ib4 fim property agent for the n orig German Lloyd steamship co., hot Mai a Amerie Aii Pokel co. And Baltic Linos. Also Luis Road agent for the different Compa aies East and West. A Cut Kampta Hart Hamburg Statten London Paris Norway Plymouth Bramen Sweden and any Point in Europe. Poet or in and foreign excl Iange i tired of All prominent Points in Europe. Bai All a lbs Laver Sikut tala beat we a a Btu fast Smika and Natl not inti Antiona. I am prepared m a Ato All Luda of Toaloa Ltd trat Raal Haataia Mort Fafata City or farm property from 1 to 5 years at to Liawah tat Arast. I Alae Deal in Mackool Bonda Leonty and City warrants Atsa la Patata county and Cut Aara iad Mialma aad will always pay Tea a aghast Marka plea. Call and Agama or oor Rampond Witk a l. Meyer 108 North tenth Street f. A. Korsmeyer amp co. Culvert and sewer pipe. Plumbing team and hot water heating. Aib tso at el�vczitl3. Street. Gas stoves. Gas fixtures f a. Korsmeyer amp car Load cases. Inter state Commerce commission s latest decision. To Bisk no More. Ost of service cuts a figure but a diff Tereice in favor of car Load Lota that kills co Ipp Tiniou a Elieen Largue anti Small dam Lerpy 4a unlawful Newa from the capital. Wasi Noton. 17 a Itie interstate commission decided the cases brought against Tho trunk lines f. B. Thi irber and others by Thomas l Green and Francis h. Leggett amp cd. Of new York known a the a car Load cases a in favor of the complainants. Cd implant was made of too great differences in rates charged on car Load and Leas thai car Load quantities. The costs excited widespread inter to and More than four thousand persons firms and corporations doing b business in various sections of the country filed memorials with the commission expressing i heir views for or against the Relief sought for by the complainants. The Point decided Are grief in stated As follows classification of freight for transportation purposes is in terms recognized by ii be act to regulate Commerce and is therefore lawful. It is also a valuable convenience both to the shippers and carriers. A classification of freight designating different classes for car Load quantities and for less than car Load quantities for transportation at a lower rate in car loads than in less than car loads is not in contravention of the act to regulate Commerce. The c cum stances and conditions of Trio in respect to the work done by the Carrier and the Revenue earned Are dissimilar and May justify a reasonable difference in rates. The Public interests Are Subserve by car Load Claset cations of property that on account of the volume transported to reach markets or Supply the demands of Trade throughout the country legitimately of usually moves in such quantities. Carriers Are not at Liberty to classify property As a basis of transportation rates and impose charges for its Carriage with exclusive regard to their own interests but they must respond to the interest of Liose who May have reason to employ their services and conform their charges to the rules of relative equity and Justice which the act prescribes. Cost of service is an important element in fixing trans a rat Iii charges and entitled to fair consideration but it is not alone controlling nor supplied by carriers and the value of the service to the property carried is an essential Factor to be rec sized in with other considerations. The Public interests Are not to be subordinated to those of carriers and require pro per regard for the value of the service in the apportionment of All charges upon traffic. A difference in rates upon carloads and less than carloads of the same Luer Chandise Between the same Points of Carriage so wide As to be de Tractive to Competition Between Large and Small dealers especially upon articles of general and necessary use and which under existing conditions of Trade Furnoh a Large volume of business to earners is unjust and Violab s the provisions and principles of the act. A difference in rates for a solid Carload of the same kind of freight from one consignor to one consignee and a Carload Quantity from the same Point of shipment to the same destination consisting of like freight or freight of like character from More than one consignor to one consignee a from one consignor to More than one consignee is not justified by the difference in Cost of handling. Under the official classification the articles known in Trade As grocery articles Are so classified As to discriminate unjustly in rates Between carloads and less than carloads upon Many articles and a revision of the classification and rates to Correct unjust difference Aud give these respective modes of shipment More relatively reasonable rates is necessary and is so ordered. The pan american conference. Washington March 17.�?the work of the pan american Congress has so far progressed that adjournment is confidently expected within the next thirty Days. Arrangements Are being perfected for the trip through the South the status of the us ejects referred to the committee is As follows customs Union under discussion by the conf Ere be two re Porte having been presented. The majority report recommending the negotiation of reciprocity treaties Between the several nations wherever practicable it is thought will be adopted. Communication on the Atlantic report. Pending in co egress. Communication on the Pacific Gulf of Mexico and the Carrilean sea customs regulation port dues and Mone tary convention reports prepared and in the hands of the Printer. now being trans lated. Banking and general welfare reports under consideration by the Oom Mittee. Railway communication sanitary regulations patents and trademarks. Weights and measures International Law reports adopted. of food prod nets. Washington March 17.�?interstate Commerce commissioners Shoemaker and Bragg will hold a Public session at the Federr court rooms. New York City on tuesday and wednesday March 18 and 19, Cost fencing at 11 a. In., for the purpose of obtaining evidence in regard to Ratee on Grain transported from the West to the Seaboard. In addition to those persons requested to testify at the hearing the commissioners will be glad to have parties who May be Able to give information relating g to the transportation of food products appear and Aid the investigation by any statements they can make on the subject. Sculptor Hunt insane. New York March 17.�?william Hunt the distinguished sculptor is Insana he has been wandering around the country hut has finally been found by big friends and is now under the care of his relatives in this City. Foj wrecked seamen perish within a stones throw of a Plaht House. Norfolk va., Mirch 17.�?the Steamer Ete Fiance Here from Chat. Burgess reports that on passing York spit Light House he saw a Schooner ashore Aii d sunk on the spit near the Northwest buoy. About the same time a yawl boat was seen containing five men leaving the sunken Sci Oliie d pulling for the Light House. Tie wind was blowing with terrific Force and As the boat approx Allied the Light House it was thrown against the Iron piles and swamped and All five men were Throin overboard. The men grasped the Iron rods of the piles in a desperate struggle for life but the sea dashed Over them with such fury that they were soon benumbed and overpowered and fell off and were drowned. A Sciort time afterwards a boat had been from the Light Bouse and a Man was seen to descend a pile and jump into the boat which on getting Loose immediately drifted away the Defiance promptly ran up alongside the Drifting boat and threw the Man a line and he was hauled on Board and proved to be James h. Hurst the second keeper of the Light House. Lie stated that All five of the shipwrecked men were drowned in his presence and he was unable to Render any assistance whatever on account of the violent seas dashing Over everything. It is supp used the Schooner h an Oyster vessel and was trying to run into East River but it is impossible to learn her name or the names of the drowned men. A King Bee thief. The accounts of sex treasurer i letting Way show a Little deficit of �315,612.10. son miss., March 17.�?there now remains Little doubt that both the legislative committee and the commission appointed to investigate the books and accounts of sex treasurer Hemingway will report that there is a balance due of i 5,61 ti.l0. Comm�88.i Oner Patty of Coumbus miss., an expert accountant filed the report of the commission with the governor but its exact contents have not yet been made known to the Public. Lines of f the Chicka my a tel fiem. Washington March 17. A inquiries have reached the War department from various quarters asking i whether there is any appropriation available to pay the expenses of veterans visiting the Battlefield of Chickama a for the purpose of aiding in identifying the lines upon which they fought. There is no fund available for that p up Ose. Upon the passage of the Chickamauga Park Bill which is expected Early in the summer officers will by sent to tie Field to Confer with All veterans who will gather there to a is in establishing the lines. Until then the time and expense of visiting the Field would be entirely wasted since no one can be there to make an official record of the information gathered or to officially Mark Points which might by designated by Trio visiting veterans. A at. Llis Quarck. Bismarck n. D., March 17.�?conde Hamlin the Pioneer press correspondent who a do reckless. Charges of corruption in connection with the lottery measure was seized by representative Mckenzie. Hamlin Atto Iii ted to shoot Mckenzie who wrenched the pistol from his grasp. A number of legislators Olio Wero present attempted to wreak vengeance Upan the correspondent. Mckenzie with the revolver that had been turned against him kept the crowd at Bay a d escorted Hamlin safely to the depot. Neil on a arose. Frederick md., March 17.�?at the Washington methodist episcopal conference Bishop Foster who presided caused a Ripple of excitement when he stated that he had been told some members of the conference were tippers. Conti Misog he said a i would be glad if at the close of this address the men no matter who they Are would Riso up and ask to he dismissed from this conference Aud if not i Hope they will solemnly vow n ver to partake of in to Xian to in the no one arose. Sunday c losing in Philadelphia. Philadelphia March 17.�?there was a general sunday closing movement among the clubs and last night there was. Only o e a Washlo Nable club where liquor was served. The sunday closing movement began at the Union league in them orning and the other clubs followed during the Day. Retires after forty Yeara. Kingston n. Y., March 17. A the Romer and Tremper Steamboat company has purchased from the Cornell Steamboat company the passenger and freight traffic of Tho latter Between Rondout and new York. The Cornell company has carried on this traffic for forty years. A a fall. Manchester n. H., March 17.�?-mrs. Cheney the wife of sex govenor Cheney while in a somnambulist in state fell Over the railing of the stairs to a Landing beneath a distance of Twenty feet and was very seriously injured her condition is considered very critical Utah a governor censured Salt Lake City Utah March 17.�? the Utah legislature adjourned after p Sissing a memorial to Congress Cenius ing the governor for vetoing the election Bills designed to supersede the congressional enactments and asked Congress to enact the vetoed measures. Typhoid pneumonia a a to calms. Salem mrss., 17. A Edward. A. Perkins a member of the common Council and tie Teller of the Beverly National Bank died sunday morning of typhoid pneumonia. His wife died Torday evening of the same disease and their two children Are quite sick with it. Cold weather in the South. Charleston a c., March 17.�?the Mercury was Down to 24 Deg. Here sunday morning. It is feared that great damage a been done to the truck crop. It is Tho first hard freeze Here this Winter. Tho first tra la. St. A Gustine March 17.�?the first rain on Tho Georgia Southern and Flo Fida Rao Road which has. J ust been completed to Palatka arrived Here sunday morning. I \ bad state of affairs in a peso Sylvania Asylum. Nebraska murderer lynched. Colorado of ulcers and escaped prisoners meet and the latter Are slain a ten Nesee Lynn Liinar a coloured boys work a other criminal matters. Philadelphia March 17.�?harry w. King prefect of the Pennsylvania institution for the instruction of the Blind was arrested charged with sodomy on a by of out by Thomaa w. Bar Low a member of the state Hoard of shanties. The arrest is the outcome of of an investigation begun on tuesday up last by the Board of managers of the in Slit lion of Char gel made against the management by one of the instructors. The investigation has created intense interest by reason of the character of testimony offered by a number of Blind boys who Are inmates of the institution. King w As taken from Beil at the Home of his father at Rutledge Deleware county and brought to the Central station Here where he was Given a hearing. John w. Ganes aged 17 years a Blind Pupil told the Story of a series of crimes extending Over a period of three a cars or More. Ganes was the Only witness produced and at the conclusion of the testimony King after declining to Cross question him was locket up in default of $2,000 bail. King denies emphatically the terrible charge and i expresses the belief that it is the result of a conspiracy. He denounces the charges of misappropriation of funds cruel treatment of the inmates and supplying them with insufficient and poor food As being absolutely false. During the interview the Pri so Ner broke Down and wept bitterly. He Hopes to be Able to Clear himself. He will probably be indicia 1 by the grand jury at once and his trial will take place in a Day or two. King has been connected with the institution for nine years. A Dos Prato Battle. Denver ck>lo., March 17.�?john Bic Cann Charles Harr is and Tom Gallagher the latter charged with murder escaped from Tho Rio Grande county jail last thursday and were killed sunday morning while resisting arrest at Del Norte. Saturday they were located ill the ii mountains and a posse at once started for their Camp Aud surrounded it during the night. At Daybreak Deputy Sheri of Renner in ii Otic of the posse commanded the prisoners to throw up their hands. Mccann seized a Winchester Rifle o a o d lived at. ,.a officers. Tie firing then became general and lasted nearly half an hour during Ivsich time a ver one inn Dresti shots were exchanged. All Thiee of the escaped prisoners were shot Down and either instantly killed or in Ortalli wounded. None of the sheriffs men were seriously injured. A no Hraska Blui Derer str no no Bro . Keb., March 7�?about 2 30 o clock saturday afternoon Amos Stanton a Bac Zielor living one mile South of this City shot and killed w. W. Lewis in his place of business Here Levi was Reading a newspaper when Stanton entered with a revolver and began firing. Two balls struck Lewis killing him Iii Sta try. Stanton was a re sted Ain i taken to . The news of the murder spread rapidly and within thirty minutes after it occurred a body of ten a ked men marched Down the Street through a crowd of 400 people to the jail. They burst open the door and Sec died Stanton and with a rope around his neck dragged him to a livery stable near by where they hanged him to a Rafter. The Coroner arrived in a Short to Iii and Cut Tulve Jody Down. La wis leaves a wife and five children. A kept urn a of Ciufia. Yankton s. D., March 17.�?j. W. Garland Rector of the episcopal Church at Vermilion. Is Alle ged to have misappropriated $14,000 subscribed to erect a Church. He came to Vermillion a year ago raised Money to build a Church but used the funds to maintain a school for children from new York foundling Homes and built the Church on credit and on his reputation for being wealthy. A Day or two ago liens were filed upon the Church building aggregating $14,000. Twenty nine Credi tors called upon Bish or Hare who informed them that he could do nothing fur them As he was in Nowise responsible for Garla Ndu a Dob to. Head visa them to wipe out old scores and he would see that in the future the institution would be conducted o u a Cash basis. Several civil actions have already been commenced a t e iine.a8e e Lyn Ulit Nask tvs Ille tonn., March 17.�?at Gadsden this state Henry Williams coloured was taken from jail by a mob and shot to death for an attempted assault on miss Tieder an aged White lady living near Liat place on feb. 2.8 last. Williams entered her House at night and after beating her nearly to death was frightened away from some Ca use. Is Ece that time he has been at Large t it was a tured at Springfield tenn., and the officers Reache a Gadsden with him Sun a night. _ a coloured boy a crime. Pm Adelhia Marci 17.�?a coloured boy named Theodore Bryan of Ridley Park has been arrested for firing a pistol on wednesday night at a car attached to a Baltimore and Ohio train containing officials of the Cincinnati Hamilto n and Dayto o Railroad. O of of whom narrowly is aped the Bullet. The offence was committe ii at a lonely spot on the , half a Milf from any House and some shrewd detective work was required to discover the culprit a re v0re ii l a troupes. Martinsburg in March 17.�?the Rev. Emmet Curie who shot John Young at Seymour ky., of which crime he was acquitted on the 12tfc inst., is held at Martinsburg on a charge of ars in. He has been Pas tor of the methodist episcopal Church As Gosport lud., for the last four years Cape May n. J., March 17.�?the Schooner Nellie Payne from Lewis Cove me., with i be for Philadelphia a Auk while at Anchor near Brandywine Shoals. The Crew landed at Cape May. How to cure la Grippe. From the Dee Moisea Mill and time. Or. George Teai Paiit of this City in conversation with a representative of the mail and times one evening this week said a yes 1 took this prevailing influenza. I gave up work and went to bed. I had. A d dreadful co ugh and we very sick but am All right we ventured to ask what remedy had proven successful in his e. A to cough remedy. I used a whole bottle it brought me out All right i feel first rate now. We my never without chamberlains medicines in our this testimony is Only one of Many might be Given to show the value of these preparations. Those who Are afflicted with this malady would do Well to use chamberlains cough remedy. If used As directed it will be found effectual. Fifty cent bottles for Sale by All druggists. A dirt any Quantity for the hauling. Southeast Corner l and 9th St h. T. Mcnett Ubol Futerer 808 South nth. Or. N. Carstensen the Well known and very Poi ular Lincoln grocer has moved from the Montgomery Block South eleventh Street to new and conveniently arranged quarters in Butler Block no. 1228 o Street where his usually excellent Stock of family supplies can be found in greatest abundance and at prices Low As the to West wanted. Carpenters masons painters bricklayers and mechanics in All branches of Trade who desire to build houses in l noon to Call and learn something to their advantage. Rooms 12 and 13, Richards Block. Wanted. A Good Painter who will take a lot in Exchange for work. I will furnish a loan if party desires to build. G. A. Bush rooms 1 2 and 13, Richards Block. Notice. Most Complete line of Fine vehicle s in the City also harness Robes and blankets at e. R. Guthrie a no. 1540 o Street. Cosgrove amp co., rooms 9 and 10, Montgomery Block. Eleventh and a make Loans on All kinds of securities and buy commercial paper. Telephone 490. Spectacles at Blair a jewelry store 1230 o 8l 7 per cent Money to loan on farm or City real estate. Will a so buy school Bonds and notes secured first or second mortgages. Of errs Poydence Soll clod Jos. Kelly Richards 6114 Lincolia we sealers drugs paints and notions. It. Clackl drug co. A Cor. St and p b Tratta. Wholesale druggists. Job tera of Points Oila window Glass Kic. Pm. Leighton m North itch str Al. Wholesale stationers. And Drugg lbt a san dried. Wines and liquors. 839 0 strut. Jdavid Wise a co. Jobbers Fine whiskies. Exc Ludiye state agents for . Blat a a ill Winkee bottled. Wiener and a a Profato Stock a Beer. Kentucky Winkles in Bond a specially German w0ltemad1. Wholesale liquors. Jonta for Anheuser Busch brew ing co., St. Harness and saddlery. Harpham bros.,. Success Ora to Anstin a Harpain. Wholesale saddlery hardware. Dealer Only and to a cd is o St Quot books and stationery. A t. Leming a co., hoc o and 118 North 11th its. Wholesale books and stationery. Photographers and Artista material. Drawing instrument a Wall paper and window Shade i Lincoln news co. M andl23n.tthst. Wholesale stationers. And Blank Book . Monuments. Gimbal Brol manufactures of Fine Granite and Marble monuments. Vanlata coping e to. Ii m St. Lincoln. Knit goods. Dobinson mercantile co., jobbers and manna Cotrera of Woolen and knitted goods. Ime agents for the Lincoln knitting Mill co a a Cotton a Horta flannel a Horta Ashmere and Rijk Tea a Horta. Orders so mated from the Trade. Lincoln neb., Mcbride Corker 12th and p. Mulla 14th and to cigar8. Or. Wolf a 128 no. 10th St. Proper Excelsior Cigar factory. Special bran a made to order.  n.,. Ii i jewelry. T co. I o St. Wholesale and retail jewellers. Watches. Jewelry diamonds and Ewe Iera mater ill. Lincoln Sara is Bank and Safe Deposit co. Capital $250,000. Liability of stockholders $500,000. Inter it pm on de Roslta at the rate of 5 per cent per annul for All full Calendar months. Safte to rent in Boular proof and Are proof Yalu at annual rental of and upward. Monty to loan on real estate and collateral your a Szlaga a co unt solicited. Henrt a. Lewis president a. P. A Stuart Juko. Mcclat r wham vice president it Murer. To my of. 1. M. Raymond. Lewis Gregory a. O. By in Siam . Vice i Rusi Knirr. Casu Iee. G. Wing asst. Cashis . Stoic. ,. The american Exchange Bank american Exchange Bank building or. Ullh and n sts., Lincoln neb. Transacts a general banking business. Loans made on Long or Sciort tar re. Directors i. M. Raymomd Lewis or Kooby s. U. Buu Bax t. W. Lowit w. U Mcc re a by a. Sawyn pm l. Baste Bay. Eden Musee Musee blk Cor. 10th n. . Edward m. Lawler manager our anniversary week. Commencing monday March 17. We opened the Eden Munsee March 19, w9, and it a proved a a Nice in every Way. We Cater to the respectable element Only Aud we Are liberally patronized by them. Good shows Small prices and respectability Lyl it the cause of our s u a celeb. On Eek Are greater Tuan Ever. Andrew Seth Goa the Mill re Aclei. The wonder of the we Gorki the human thought Aagaat. Muiter Iouin miraculous. Ills reputation g Oey before h pm. On tuesday and thursday or. Seymour will make the driving tests. Five gentlemen will be to act a a committee Narti Lewill be selected by the h >4 111. Without asking aay question drive to the place -3st9 will he Laade on tuesday and thursday mornings a. Cordially invite everyone to witness it free of any charge. Ladies Are respectfully these tests. Xa.j5.St w Eek or p u 1 Eller. A a Zunas the a Quot owing to quite a number of our lady visitors who were unable to consult Zuni during the past week we Nave re engaged her for one week More. We earnestly request the ladies to attend the afternoon receptions of Zuna and avoid the crowd and Long Waits at night 2 great stage shows 2 Mons. Lee in Black Art Emerson amp West the rival Brewers. Hennings amp Lee. The twisters. Kennedy amp Baths Era a musical artists Excelsior Quartetti. Hines amp h Allens specially company. 21,�?T90, will be ladies souvenir Day and saturday All the Little girls May have their fortunes to m free of charge. Loc admits to ail 10c. Chairs 6 and 10c. We Cater for respectable people Only. Watch for the big attraction monday March 24, 1890. Call and see the Spring wagons that d. W. Camp amp son Alre guaranteed the Best to be found in the City. Absolutely no rattle. Patented oct 15th, 1889. Get our prices before having your buggy repaired for Spring. Cor. O and 16 tests. Fifty per cent off on clo Alks Ashby amp Millspaugh. Or. W. Bro Sra amp co., real estate dealers Pierre. South Dakota. A 3sr largest and most stylish line of Spring goods West of Chicago at Hibi o i a you titties to Mankind a Lncoln Nebraska
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