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Lincoln Evening News Newspaper Archives Mar 4 1990, Page 1

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Lincoln Evening News (Newspaper) - March 4, 1990, Lincoln, NebraskaOnly 10c pee week read and subscribe. Lino Ollit evening news. Only Loc pee week a read and subscribe. Volume in. Lincolm Nebraska. Tde8day Tenino March 4, 1890. Numb a 186. The new area news says a perhaps the Best advice that can be Given approach the bothersome influenza is a done to neglect a Colclo in its gym Tomi at Lead the influenza is an aggravated cold and the Only danger attached to it is that by its weakening effect the system it May invite other Ard More distressing a amp ladies. So in the first place avg Gold catch a cold but if you do catch one then stay at Home and take care it to the Abib the we would add a until entirely Well a a the greatest danger is Jud when recovering from the disease and if Chana Berlaine a cough Ile Medy u taken As directed for a severe cold you will not find it Nec Essry to remain at Home but a few Davs. Fifty cents a bottle. Fur Aale by All druggists. A. D. Tulle funeral director 803 8 11th Street. Telephone 470. Calls an swered Day night wanted. A Man and wife with no children to work farm and Board two men. And draws miss. J. M. Co terse Malcolm neb. Prices still further be danced. Why do you High prices for flour when you can buy Golden Belt Kansas Winter wheat patented for 1.30 per sack and i. X. L. Straight Grade Wint wheat for $1.15 per sack All guaranteed. All we ask for the flour is a trial ask your grocer for it and if they done to have it you can get it bums a co., who Sale agents 136 South Yth St., Telephone 635. 7 per cent Money to loan farm City real estate. Will Bay school Bonda and not a a cared by first second Mort Agea. Coit Post Den you cited Jos. J. Kelly Richards by i want column. An Naitil a my a us m per a Csc a a s4v�rt4�#wsat is m Osau. Cams variably. Wanted. To a anted a girl for general Loii rework. Rate family. Intiso c i5th Street pro \vantbd-50,�10>eopl� to Home and examine find pm an. Mcbride a Bell 107 b. Huh is. Hoo imn to rent so tvs a it a by anyone Turing lion in a to m Lial them with a h. M1u�, 117 8t wanted a Good rett Denee lot within City 1 a Lilia. Andreea drawer a c Ity. Wanted a finely improved to acre farm not a a too far from Lincoln. Waltl what it work in Caen m. M. Deloris room ii Kich Arda Block. For rent. Or rent Hoa be in uni realty place City. W. S. Milia 11��7 us also fir rent select office room Len if in a Niree with Watt and ail Neoe Eazary Coom ipod Tlona East aide for element Esnare 19 North tenth Street. Ina Leof Dalm Fol Gerald 111 North Nintha treet. For Sale. Thia a anti Fol addition once ant it goes a Lerma. Levia room Lia Kulchar dcl�7m Low Pri Cee an i i Inch Ancie -80 area Fine Timber Lan i Todd Coo Minnesota Fogt a lot in Lincoln. A it to j. P. Ulen soil k Street Box 860. Ipod 8\l8-w 8. Milt willed Ilyona Lota in Hla f add to unit Raity Placenti my Mihly Pementa and Furnoh Money to hated with. Small Cash payment required. 1127 81. A Iota an Tahle for Ware to Nae f Nett for s8,tw0, and 5 acre Practa at at Bao a. Hagen pick m at. Otra yid 8tolln-Bay Pony with Black Stane had tail bid in left Eye a Liberal Reward will be Given for Pony ret roed to e. D. Kitchie 48� a Street a tray eds Pound the Prem Aea Eft he an Derai Ned. A sorrel cot about one year old owner can Hare it by paying coat and damages. John Ort Fin 1688 North Side avenge. Cola dxalbb8. Hutchins a a tatty no lemme a amp a rail dealers in Coal and Wood. Flea Imo Maraat. Tarda. O at Mac what m x7. S. Iestt7ijlara, West Side p. So Nara. A. W. Nether ext prop. First Clara meals served at regular hours lunch at All hours. Prices Rene Onnela. No. 1� North ninth St. The patronage the in hic is you clod. Or. T. Of con Nob a fees Agar to the Eala Hrahad . Char Law tip Ottea the Ala Sander Hlawek a test and ii we Umo olm Abb. Of Obb Caneara Timaus Emu and Fiat a in. Vakili a mad ask Rasary Nar Eden Musee. Weak command bag monday March 8. Cook a Dillon s famous minstrels so count them so. Fall Braet band orchestra. Tax Reader. Cowboy pianist i Ero Laro. Egv uan a Oggier. Mile. Bader. The celebrated pianist. Friday to Avettia Day. Loe. Admits to ail 18a. My r eight men imprisoned in the South Wilkes Barre Shaft. S f beet to a Gaby at de8 Moines. One Ohio boy brains another with a Stone a a la Derona a anal a Boston Llona Ewite bar Elnra felled the crime and Caa Salty Bee Ord. The supreme court. Recti motion. No Tiro la hereby Given that at tha annual City a Lack Ott to babe the 1st Day april in the ii 1 Laeola. Nehra a the four Wing t prot in it a it to Trona will be Aub mined to the electors said City a a a a i the mayor and Donn cell the City Lincoln a to Rarra a have the Power to borrow Money and pledge the prop try said City Nipoa its Nego i Abw Bonds toan amount not exceeding one hand Rad Thoo tand dollars to be i Edo defray the Cost paving a paving macadamia in the inter dec Tina str hta Ana a Macro opposite Ailey in said City and to Levy a tax Apon the taxable property said City Raff Iclet to Khafid Ferszt and principal said Honda a the Wilke Baree ph., March 4.�?an explosion Gas Orourre in t a South Wilkes Barre Shaft. Eight men were at work inside the Shaft at the time a few minutes later the Tunnel became filed with smoke and Gas which shut off All Means escape. The Tunnel leads into the Walton mine adjoining and efforts were made to the imprisoned men. But the rescuing party was driven Back and compelled to give up the attempt superintendent Phillips and inspector Williams Are their Way to the Stanton air Shaft where they will make every Effort to break through the pillar Coal and Rescue the men alive. The victims Are Michael ferry Thomas Jameson Thomas Mcdonald aged �0 Thomas Mcdonald aged 21 John Mcneal and Call. All Are men family. The mine is owned by tie Lehigh and Wilkes Barre Coal company. _ a train. Roanoke a March 4.�?just As the eastbound passenger train the Norfolk end we Estern Railroad came into Roanoke t be passengers in the Pullman care were startled by a pistol shot coming from the smoking compartment the Porter rushed into the Little room and Liere found a Man lying Between two seats with the blood gushing from a wound in the head. The Yraac died almost immediately. Papers found in the dead Man s pocket disclosed the fact that he was Charles a. Wise and that his Home was in South Greenfield n. He was returning Home from Jacksonville Fla. The suicide Wai about 4-> years age. Burglary foiled. Ridgeway pa., March 4.�?�vn attempt was made to Rob the Elk county Bai k in this Borough. The burglars Cut through the solid Walls the building and were working at the vault w in they gave up the Job. They were undoubtedly frightened away As they left a number their tools lying about the place. When the a Ink was opened for the morning the clerks discover cml about four feet the Wall removed and Buck mortar etc., scattered around. The vault contained $50,0ik which was found . The attempted robbery was by experts and causes a great sen Saigon in this place. A state treasurer in Pended Jefferson car a March 4.�?-stats treasurer Noland was suspended Penis ing an examination his books by gov Cranor Francis . Noland Tays Hii a aunts with the state Are Correct and will let ear the closest investigation. It ii said that the Only cause for the investigation 18 tha Noland has not followed the statutory req Romento in keeping he hot is the violations 4iowever, Art said to be merely technical and can explained. A a dude Hende Noii fatally shot Des Moines Lamarch 4.�?constable Skinner a Des moih.?� searcher Sbol a a dude Henderson a negro Lough. Tbs officer had searched Henderson a for liquor and the latter had resistor. The result was that Henderson was badly Brucd and in a few hours started after the officer meeting him a Public Street both began firing and Oliree Shote entered Ilander soul a body one leasing through his stomach. Tbs negro s wounds will prove fatal fatal rail was Krevh. Massillon o., March 4.�?an Oil tank the third Section a it. Wayne train exploded Early in the morning Ai Lakeville West Here. The train a stopped and a fourth Section following close behind it crashed into it causing i terrible wreck which took fire and burned up. Engineer John Cowes fireman Harvey Galehouse and Brake Man Miller the fourth Section Wen killed and Galehouse s body can not by found. _ a mor Deroan assault. Boston March 4.�?frank b. Keith who Days he resides in work ter entered the House c Apt a Nofiu Hoot and ladder company no. 8, Tolci Street whip intoxicated and demanded soup. On being refused he knocked mrs. Griffin Down and beat and kicked her. Keith was frightened away by some one knocking at the door. He Tju afterwards capture mrs. Grill his Sci edition is alarming. A Bribar Case Dos missed. New York March 4.�?in the court general sessions recorder Smyth die missed the charge bribery against sex Alderman we. H. Miller indicted Foi receiving 120.000 As a bribe in conned lion with the famous Roadway rail Road Case in 1884. District attorney Fellows recommended the disc awl the ground that sufficient evidence could not be secured to convict the accused. _ a let to Dies Alc Holum. Zmija Drophia March 4.�?the Coro nerds jury has found a verdict tha father Ferons death caused by Pul monary apoplexy due to a Etc Ive a narcotics and alcoholic stimulants the bruises the body were All xci20�, to be superficial and had nothing to Dot with the death the unfortunate Man c01b� sly ajl the Coin brim it Lul by Vav a it own a to borrow no the in a erty raid City Apo Luck woo ont not exceed so Twe a ame May be Aiea a Sorond Cou ocl the City Lla met to borrow Money a cd Nef via _ Enty too a had dollars to be Rod to defray the Cost con Etra Eti f a a ext Letoa the a new a a Ytem mid City and to Levy a tax a Pon the taxable prop a tiv Eaid atty 1a dicta to All other tax. A nil Kent to the Interne and principal said Bonds a to became May the p Aron Voung a hair be la the several vre Rdv follow try to word at Pouch Tot Jim. Second a d at in Ign a liver third word la Landing e Block 1888 g Street. For to Ward Lindell hotel build Long Isth and 11 tree to. La the fifth Seatbelt e grocery Between a end d i8tb Street. In ill sixth Ward at Pace a grocery Corker a a and 87th in the seventh Ward at t. A. Brown a lamber eff Leo North l6ch Street. R. B Graham. Mayer. B. C.ta3i Duyn a Ity a Isth. a Law solid. Washington March 4.�?the supreme your the United states rendered a decision in the Case the Louisville new Orleans and Texas Railroad against the state Missi Leippi invt ving the Validity the Mississippi state Law a quit ing ail railroads operating within the state to provide Sej trate com Pari meats care for White and coloured pet pie. This was not a civil action brought by an individual to recover damages for in my compelled to occupy one particular compartment prevented from Riding the Tram and no alleged violation personal right was involved. The supreme court Mississippi when it decided the Case held that the statute applied solely to the Commerce within the state and that the construction the statute by its highest court is accepted As conclusive by the supreme court the United states m the decision. The a to Urt sees no error in the ruling the supremo court Mississippi and its judgment and decision Adverse to the Railroad companies is affirmed. Judge Brewer read the opinion the court to which justices Harlan and Bradley briefly dissented. _ Leais Ianas a consolidated Bonds. The court also rendered a decision in the Case Hans against the state Louisiana Appeal from the circuit court the United states from Liat state. Hans brought suit to recover the amount certain coupons issued under the Louisiana Law 1874, with what Are known As consolidated Bonds the state Louisiana the court in its decision prepared by Justice Bradley decides against Hans and affirms with ots the decision the lower courts. A a space in tax Bonds North Carolina. In an other decision in the Case the state North Carolina against Temple Appeal from a decision the circuit court i f the Easterly District North Carolina in favor Temple who brought suit to compel the a Tate to carry into effect a Law 1869, which provided for raising taxes to Page interest the a special tax Bonds the state the supreme court reversed the decision the circuit court and remanded the cause with instruction to dismiss the complaint. The circuit court decided that the state was indebted to Temple and should the interest the Bonds. A Greo Aero Quot evading the contract labor Law. Washington March 4.�?complaint has been filed at the Treasury department that a a greasers from Mexico Are imported under contract to work the Texas Pacific Railroad in tex. These mexican labourers it is stated Are employed in Large numbers the Texas Pacific rail re a in construction work and avoid a the clinical violation the alien contract labor Law by coming Over under an implied contract which is entered into formally when they arrive. The Treasury department is considering tiie matter _ will insert Keve nac office. Washington March 4.�?internal Revenue commissioner Mason wid Start an inspection tour through the Southern states tiie Atlantic Seaboard. He will visit the collectors in the state a Virginia. North and South Carolina Alabama Mississippi Georgia and Louisiana. His trip will last for about two weeks. Or Mason later m the Spring will visit the auu Wesl the object these tripe is to get better acquainted Ith the personnel the ser vice and the. Methods in Vogue in transacting Public business in his Bureau. A blow to a Railroad company. Washington March 4.�?land Oom mis amp Ioner Groff has denied the application the Atlantic and Pacific company for a Story pm establishing the limits granted and indemnity a Grant july 27, 18s6, opposite the line the Ruad in the Indian territory. The commissioner decides that the title their a lands Are in certain Indian tribes and not cd the United states that there could 1h dog ant and consequently no basis for indemnity. Kew bars. Washington March 4.�?the Nebraska National Bank York capital ,000, was authorized to begin business. The following applications for authority to organize National Banks have been filed with the comp roller the currency a 1 he first National Bank Rice Colo. The first National Bank Yoakum tex the first National Bank Eddy n. M. The first National Bank Stanley. Amp d. _ Pond Purchase. Washington March 4.�?the Treasury department purchased $69,500 44 per cell Bonds at i 064. Gathering at Nim Hallie. Nashville tenn., March 4.�?several Hundred delegates have arrived to attend the meeting Republican league clubs in this City. Gen. Goff it Virginia is the most notable the arrivals so far. Tie convention meets at noon in amusement Hall. President Thurston missed connection at St. Louis but will arrive to Day. _ cold weather in Florida. St. Augustine Flat och. 4.�?the weather is still frosty but is Moderal ing. The Mercury we at 2�o degrees bananas and Early truck gardens Are badly damaged. Orange Trees Are badly nip cd and in some localities the Trees have been killed. There will be a great to next seasons crop As the Trees % a i jul senator Vorhees the Alaska Seal lease. The educational Bill again. Senator Spooner Speaks in opposition and Blair says a word in its Favory a decision he the in a Iid comin Mioner a other capital Fewa Are All in by a . Brained Voith a Stone. Akron a amp Reh 4,-at Guya Hogi Falk a suburb this it qty. Severa school boy quarried. Aid George Terson aged 16, picking up a Stom a truck Stewart Laughlin knocking Oil his brains and i Ilion him. Patterson waa lodged in jail a mine owner a fatal Accident. Gmar Lestock w. Va., March 4.�?will Jam Trudgeon a a ral operator Ounim a Verai mines in the Vicinity Wai caught in one ids Oovi tipples and a i Hadly in used that a died a couple ii hours later. There if danger in impure blood. There in safety in taking How Semisa Parylla the great blood purifier Doe a one Dollar. 100 no need to buy a Micro scope to find he news want Columna. They Are always to be found the fourth Page. Mouse decorations. M. Broughton the House and sign Painter and decorator general is receiving hts Spring styles Wall papers and a Cheringa. The de Aiges Are All the Gilt Edge order and every thing will be sold by the Roll placed upon the Waus at the most economical prices. Be amp a frail crop destroyed. Lancaster pa., March 4.�?at a meeting the Lancaster county agricultural society reports were read showing that the fruit crop in the county was practically destroyed by the late frosts. It was stated that there will be no Early fruit at All. Frost at Mobil. Mobile ala., March 4.�?the front the past three Days did much damage to growing truck Crow in thia lock Ity. Caw me the first crop it is thought is damaged fun ill 25 per cent. All Small yes Klaucs Ore Willod. Eliot for a Lover. Philadelphia March 4.�?enana Thomas coloured shot and seriously wounded her former Lover James Jeffry coloured because he had married a ther woman. She was arrested. Or. Bestow decline. la., much 4�?mr. Bestow who had beep a offered the position private Secretary to a Over Cor Bovee has do Sinad. Was Anoton March 4.�?in the Senate . Voorhees offered a preamble and concurrent Resolution reciting that in the recent lease the fur Seal islands Alaska to the North american commercial company certain provisions the Law were not cd it implied with and directing tie Secretary the Treasury to furnish the Senate a it Splete Copley All bids for the lease with All accompanying papers and correspondence with bids and that the Secretary refrain from the execution delivery the lease until the subject be inquired into by the Senate. The it solution was referred to the finance committee. Or. Mitchell off ered a Resolution which was agreed to directing the a Niti Mittee foreign relations to consider the and visibility raising the turkish Mission to the second dass. And making the salary the american minister to that country $12,000. On motion . Hoar the Bill fixing the salaries United states District judges at $5,<100 was taken up and after some discussion was passed the educational Bill was taken up and . Spooner spoke in opposition to in lie said be had voted once for the Bill and once against it and now he again opposed it. He . Blair upon his Industry courage and ability in Liis advocacy the by a. He denied that the Republican a to was pledged to the support the Oill. He i uld not admit that the Federal hand could take jurisdiction the school system a state and take it into exclusive charge. Speaking . Blair s allusion to the press being in a conspiracy in favor in Oranee he said that to e newspaper press a would have no interest against the general interest the people. It could not have an interest against Universal Knowle it age. If it had any special interest the subject it was in the direction that every Man woman and Chim should be taught not div to read but to read the new simpers. That the Piess had not used More extensively . Blair Sable analytical and exhaustive speeches was due be thought to the fact that the people the country were not to Day As they had been year ago. Intensely Iuteri seed a Fri voting the Bill in the West and the South there had been a great change in Public opinion and in the attitude newspapers that had formerly favored the Bill. Or. Spooner spoke in terms Praise the provisions for common school education m the Southern states and said that the people in Tho be stat had not Only let keep doing Well in the education White children but had Leen doing Well in the education coloured Chi Ildren he commented upon the fact that this Bill did not contain a provision which the former Bills bad contained req uhring the school books in use to have the approval the Secretary the Interior. He suppose 1 that its absence now was to be construed As a coi cession to the South m order to obtain Aptos for the Bill. that that amendment had been thrown in by the most Rei stept Republican opponent the m Orrei to tantalize Konci assail the sensitiveness the South. Or. Spooner said be thought education the instalment plan w s dangerous and that the effect the Bill would be to stimulate unduly schools m the South and that when the eight Teal s ende if they Ever did end the Souther settee would object fit air sing by taxation the sums that would then be necessary to keep up the schools. Tifaut with pet Leas with individual 1<. Self help was ii Best help. The believed that the tendency the Day was too pitch to r Fate realism in Bye Fernent and that the policy the if entered upon would never end. Things a xxx Sideres the step was a dangerous one unless it were a necessary pm and he denied that it was a Neoe iary step. Or. Blair obtained the floor to reply to some . Spoer s argument and the Senate after a pc executive session tor the consideration executive business at 5 55 adjourn. Frowe. Or. Of Donnell Michigan presented a petition the seventh Day adventists. Having 2>3,0 6 signatures protesting against the Ena truent any Law in regard to sabbat Observance. Or. Banks Mesa Chusett secured the suspension Thirles and the passage a joint resold authorizing the appoint meet third medical examiners in the pension to eau. Or. Houk Tennissee called up the Arkansas untested election Case Featherstone is. Cat. Or out Waite Ohio in Favorin the contested exhibited what is kno As the do Hie a a a Tion ballot Box 9rluh the Republican say was used in this i Kansas strict. And enabled the a Tinct judges . Outhwaite said to to by aside the vote any Republican . Outhwaite said there was not article evidence in the Case to show to such a Box we used at the election. Pending further Del the House adjourned. Otloe. Most Complete line Fine be hides in the City also harness Robee and blankets at k. R. Guthrie a a 1540 0 Street war3ioth>tik8. After a col Hartl fish m to tie lectors ii at be Orleans. Washington march4�?the Senate in secret session devoted Early an hour to the consideration % Nora Inatio Henry c. Wamoth to cd elector customs at new Lei . Dolph who reported the Nom Rion favourably from the committee Merce made a speech in defense Ofcar. Warmoth and said that the <5omtteo had not found i he charges Nidd inst h m by Louisiana Republican swell founded. Or Eustis led Llie Opp ion to the confirmation. Resting his a principally the record made by Warmoth when he was governor Wisiana when . Eustis cd varied a materially increased the Public Detwil Hout reason. The Nom mation we firmed Finay. By a vote 89 to 1 Long list other nominations we taken fire and confirmed. I a t. Kick a a i up it Herer. Sos soot Llull when Orfi Ettic Jour groceries Call for a sack a Ash Ockja i Aiho Patent flour. Or. Shoemaker 116 a Loffi. Tel 686 we aim to lunch House. Sat try All Omeron Bye mad Sar doctor. Or. W. L Dayton a 1301 Liason no let it 0 Strent eleventh Street to no Oid a Whiten gently qualtere in Iuta Block a 1228 Street where Huso ally excellent a Tock family supplies a be found in greatest abundance and a pro Ltd a Low m the lowest Oun Eron Lundi hous 1036 Street Tux sporting world. Tie nation so Leogana meet last the brotherhood s More. Cleveland. O., March 4�?the City is full base Ball men and every one is in loudly waiting to see what will be Dodo by the Lengua the schedule committee held a meeting in the Weddell House but what we done was nut divulged. It is hinted however that a Len club schedule was adopted. A brotherhood schedule we Laid before the committee by president Nick Young who received it from Secretary Brunell 3� the players league but no attention was paid to it. The league schedule will be made up just the same As if the brotherhood had no existence. It is pretty Well settled that there will be no reduction in the number clubs a a it a posing the league circuit this season. President Brush the Indianapolis club arrived Here end when asked a United press reporter if he had any intention Selling out his team he said a i have not. I shall stay in the Leagy. E this season if and them do. It May be that the brotherhood could be fought harder with eight than ten clubs but i Don t feel like sacrificing my interests Dow for somebody else. I have a Good club one that will stand Well up in this race and 1 done to intend to give it up. This is the season above All others that Indianapolis ought to be in the league we have no opposition our people Are enthusiastic and the indications Are i hat a a w ill have the Best season Ever known a this is generally taken As brushes final answer. It w As rumoured that Detroit would make another Effort to break into the league at this meeting but thus far do one representing that City has put in an appear Ance. It is said by the delegates present that there is no Chance whatever for Detroit to obtain a fran Thise. A if another Eastern club could be secured said a Delegate a we might take Detroit in and have a twelve club league. But Baltimore is the Only emt pm cite that would be Large enough for us and they Are in the Atlantic league to Kilrain Senton cd. Purvis miss., March 4.�?jake Kilrain appeared in court for sentence. After dwelling briefly the Laws Mississippi against prize fighting and speaking in severe terms the inva ion the state by the prisoner and his friends last july for an unlawful purpose the judge sentenced Kilrain to two months in the Purvis jail and to a Fine $200. John l Sullivan Scase w Bich is Appeal from sentence one year will probably be decided next monday. _ a two Board knockout. Washington March 4.�?jack Collins the Champion middleweight Delaware and Mike Reedy this City fought for a purse Ikek near mount Vernon a the null was Brief. In the second round Reedy punished Collins 60 badly that he failed to come to time and Reedy was Given the fight time 7 mlnutest23 seconds. Admin a Jon a Quarter. Pitts Ueo. March 4.�?w. A put Tai. 3f the Pittsburg players league club stated that the players league was not going to allow the National league to make any stronger bid for Public patronage than it to tins end it has been about definitely decided to place the Price admission at 5 cents instead 50 cents As previously determined . Ball players bound Spall. Nov York March 4.�?John Ward and his team base Ball players departed the Steamer Chattahoochee for Savannah the Philadelphia brotherhood team accompanied them. The Brook in league team also left at clock the Steamer Clyde for Jacksonville Fla a tar St up Binm March 4.--the Chicago and Philadelphia league teams played an exhibition game Here result no 13 to 14 voices fur re for h. K petition bearing seventy Ali Sasand signature asking for ballot Reform. A Ebany n. Y., March 4.�?in them Wembly a petition signed by about Sev qty thousand citizens for ballot Reform was presented. It weighed about one Hundred pounds and was brought in by fourteen men. Or. Hherman objected to ils being presented until after the regular business according to Rule. Speaker Husted said it should be brought in and . Sheehan we literally pushed Iown the aisle by the bearers the petition. He protested vigorously and there we quite a scene. Later the petition we formally presented and referred to the judiciary committee. Non Union men strike. Pittsburg March 4�?the switch text employed in the Pittsburg and Charters Yard the Pittsburg sad. Lake Erie Railroad about fifty in number have Juit work. Thoy demand an increase from 51.9< to $2.10 for Day and $2.80 for night work to attempt was made to move freight trains and considerable life Mculty is experienced in getting Paea Nger trains out time. The strikers tre All non Union men. President new Sll is in Europe. The local officials Laim that they have no discretion m the matter and cannot concede the Ile to hands. _ i a election. Des Mojzes March 4�?the election Here resulted in a Victory for mayor car Penter arid the entire democratic ticket a Telegram Artim fort Dodge la says the entire democratic ticket was elect there the first time in the history the City. Ottumwa la., the Home capt Hutchinson the opponent governor Boies in the late state elem lion also went democratic and reports Generso a throughout the state show Large a to Ratic gains. Is Oil Boston March 4�?qyg� Francis brain left Boston Al Midnight for his trip around the world which he expects to Complete in sixty a lays. New York will be Hia in to stopping Platte. From there to i ill go direct to tac Xima and thence across the pack pc Ocean to China. German socialists riot. Berlin March 4�?a Progre Sist meeting at Koenigsburg we broken no by socialists and a serious affray resided. Many the rioters it re Arre Tost buy Imparl Al flour fro ii your Iro Cir. It a ilm Kudo total spectacle at blah re a jewelry store 1330 i. There is no danger pneumonia following an attack la Grippe when Chamberlain s cough remedy in taken m directed for a severe cold and care is used to avoid exposure. Fifty cent bottles for Sale by All druggists. The in Al a Chicago Gas stores end ranges. F. A amp agents. Try the news want column a enl a half cent per word. Cheapest lad inti in the a ttys boarding Boose re a arts a. A yes Newfoundland ii a very foggy unhealthy sort a place a said the travelling a Ai Esaman. A and its people Are nearly always troubled with coughs and Coklay a it is Babiy this account that the codfish there Una so Tieh cod liver Oil a remarked the new Boarder. A possibly a repeated the Travler a that this is counteracted by their habit attending balls which is a great cause consumption among meanwhile the Otho boarders tried to Ketchup rather to the Point the oct versa Ioil Philadelfi to frees. Saharan plea Ontra. Mias Cau Stiquel dear me How awkward you Are . Bingley 1 Bingley endeavouring to disengage himself a i Reed miss Caus Tique you should am Gram late me a and Why please a because it is the first time in my life that lever caught a train without run aug for it a time. A rather cutting Rejo Tider. Some years ago a rather amusing incident took place in one the most splendid the new York hotels which is too Good not to be related. A swell Young gentleman was a Boarder in the House and preferring not to eat at the table d Bote had his Dumois served in his own private parlor with All tha elegance for which the establishment was noted. Being somewhat annoyed with the airs the servant who wait Oil upon him a negro very sooty complexion he requested Bim one Day at dinner to retire. The negro bowed and took Bis stand directly behind the gentleman a chair. Supposing him gone it we with some impatience that a few minutes later the gentleman saw him step Forward to remove the soup. A fellow a said he a leave the room. 1 wish to to a excuse me Sar a said Cuffee drawing himself up stiffly a but i am responsible for de York Mercury. Bade by the Foreman. In a Pullman car. Blum Mere it seems to me that this car is scarcely up to the Pullman Standard. Pin sure in be Ridden in Moie comic Retablo railway coaches than this to us Mere done to you know the reason i there s the apology pm the door. Blimmer�?1 Don t understand. Trimmer does no to it say built by the Pullman company. Pullman his town topics. A diet Hammer and oils. A Young Ostrich came to its Mother Gioan ing with Paio and with its wings tightly crossed upon its stomach. A what have you been eating a the Mother asked with solicitude. A nothing but a keg nails a was the reply a what a exclaimed the Mother a a whole cd nails at your age Why you will kill yourself that Way. Go quickly my child and Swallow a Hammer a a san Francisco cd pro nuclei to did t ite Cognize Tite poem. New editor to old schoolmate a it hurts me old fellow to wound your feelings but Reilly we Are so overstocked with poetry that ii a a Geleas yours. We can Only accept what shows unmistakable Genius schoolmates Well just read that poem and Tell me what you think it. It May prove better than you imagine. New editor having read the poem a it is As i feared the poem shows no Promise whatever. Pardon me but it is simply absurd. Old schoolmate with a Broad Grin a that a just what 1 thought its a copy some verses you wrote in my autograph album while we were at school weekly. Foties. To contractors and builders. We Are now prepared to furnish coarse Fine Sand in any Quantity. You will save Money by calling addressing r. T. Campbell 1144 Rose St the Enterprise Barber shop in Burr Block is one the Best in the pity. Fine Bath rooms in connection with the a amp a ladies and children will receive Especial attention. Bam Westerfield proprietor Cosgrove a a a rooms 9 and 10, Montgomery Block. Eleventh and a make Loans All kinds securities and buy eos Mercial paper. Telephone 49ql go to Charles a Voigt s Market 116 so. Ninth Street for the beet Tine Freeh and cured meals in the Day. Balt and sugar med hams shoulders and Bacon dried and smoked beef fresh and pickled Tongue All kinds sausage and everything kept in a first Claas Market if you cannot Call in Peen Send a responsible mess eng Telephone a 92 and see How suddenly a free delivery will bring yogis order. Charles a Vior. Notice. All persons having claims against the estate the late j. N. Townley will Send same to the undersigned at once. J. A. Huddles German Nat Bank. It h. Tow let 1740 c 8t administrators. Or. Marten room 1105 Street will and after March 1st, occupy nos. 16 and 17, third floor in Richard s Block Iff Otice to to amp a raptors. Sealed proposals will be received at the office Ltd the chairman the Board Public works until 12 clock a March 10th, a for the furnishing material and labor for the Conan action an eight Inch sanitary fewer in the Alley Between t and u streets from ninth to eleventh streets also a six Inch Sani Tair sewer in the Alley Between p and streets from its present terminus East eighteenth Street to a Point near twentieth Street Complete with Man holes flush tanks and lamp holes in accordance to plans and specifications file in the office City Engineer. Specifications can be seen and Bia oks can be obtained applicant la aft Engineer a office. By order tha City you Refl. Engineers estimate both jobs $900, ausum hum ret it chairman Board Pahlm works. G. A. Gard so Yogi Iker Lincoln sayings Bali and Safe depot co. Capital $250,000. Liability stockholders $500,000. A dts re it paid do a it Ita at tha rata 8 cant Annam for Alt fall Calo Dor amt a. To Rani in burglar p roof and Iro proof Vanlue at Oan Cuil Roo lot is and a word. Moat to Loam Roal Rostata oni con to Rai. Tour saving to a Conat solicited. Henrt e Lewis a. P. A 8tuaat, Jho. H. Mcclat r Welsh president vies presid suit trs Murer. Tallar. I. M. Raymond Lewis Gregory a. H. Burnham d. G. Wing. . Vies pb91�bv. Cd a a a a. A it. Cai a stockssioo.oco., the american Exchange Bank american Exchange Bonk building Cor. Lith and n ste., Lincoln nth transacts a general banking business. Loans made Long Sciort Lixie. Directors i. M. Rate orb Lewis in sent 8. H. Bar Mam t. A Lovist we Mcc mkt a. J. Saw Toh m. L. East adar. Kulicks bakery poets Wii ii proprietor. Wholesale and retail dealer in bread pies and cakes having the largest and Moet Complete baking establishment in the West Wylli a full Force competent Bakers we Are prepared to guarantee Perfetti no. 912 p Street. Telephone 198 Lalu Gest House ii tie in text Fox to Fate str and second hand goods Al prices w hich Carnot be discounted. Quot a Quot a. H. Plain Gaii removed from North 10th to 1304 0 St., Owen Block. Nothing in the description household furnishings from cellar to Garrett not discovered in . Flanigan Stock can be found elsewhere and the searcher will become discouraged in making an attempt furniture for every room parlor bedroom dining Cwm and Kitchen sets. Heating and Cook stoves for Wood Bard soft Coal. China crockery and Glass Ware. Tin Japan and Sheet Iron goods. Lamps chandeliers and extra for a very conceivable purpose. Carpets All Wool Brussels Ammi ters and All the rest Oil cloths Long Short and wide. Table cutlery and under the head sex Tow every hop desired required a if you dont see what you want my for it at Flanigan 1404 St Arena Ghio fruit co., wholesale dealers in foreign Domestic Fri it acid nuts. Bananas and other tropical products a specially. No. 829 St., commercial Block. Telephone 376. A. Boldreghini manager Lincoln neb. Call and see the Sweinc wagons that d. W. Camp amp son Malk stg. Guaranteed the Best to be found in the City. Absolutely no rattle. Patented oct 15th, 1889, get prices before having your buggy repaired for Spring. Cor. O and 16th St amp openings saturday March 1st for Dunlap a celebrated hats. 1137 Street. A pull line new furnishing Gooda inspection solicited. Fifty per cent off ceo Ashby amp Millspaw ugh. Or. W. Br02stg amp co., real estate dealers Pierre. South Dakota. Xxx macs a it a Estza is sjs.2tjc,
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