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Lincoln Evening News Newspaper Archives Jun 3 1990, Page 1

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Lincoln Evening News (Newspaper) - June 3, 1990, Lincoln, NebraskaIf you want it i i All the l it Oal news. I 1 a tile even Pinr Xeuy. Lincoln evening news 10c Akk week Riad and 8dbscr1br. A by a vol Camji . , t0e8dat be his a Che 3.1890. Scomber 214, a. H. Veir amp co., a i Init rest i Helmis suc4 a Ltd a to s. A. Kri Wii a co. Silver again under discussion in the Senate. Exc it Mno Cheye Smi. Tii lot no a food old immig Iii a. It Mai a inn unc Fol ii Ift. It Hegood cd of th.l5 9�8on�?Ti Picur Sosei w Cle Temi. The a amp Pital. Will leave a my. Baric is of Michi Coin of wedge adj june 4. Ali need tb5 were to. Be believed Rbar the it wow in Beur it the Fanner but won Dpi re a a or Idun Murr and Kye to him. 4-v Mestl Ballon Kerr it to b City office 1012 o St. Tel vak1� am it Ufah a or la to Ani it y St 73. Tel. 65. By fit a c�aiaaii>mki�i>e7 me Muld. Wimp i attack a a to Pamic let rat Pat rat lr0.latk�a�?<#�?Taa4r . Hargreaves bros., w wholesale grocers. Pruit and produce commission merchants Comer eighth and o streets. business. Ii a 2,z. In it Zist it i a a Tapi Ial Ltd to i a to incl i i i i. Eke w. Kilt no. Wiitra Torami builder id e Rae mde bit h Beer the Hek Thiee drink of ii delivered to act of the my. Put up in Ikirt Bott Elk. One Dorric amp be for try it. La Usu fact i Jred 7 a. I it. Cart Eru the and Telepo 4s�7. I love amp every customers for vacant aug improved Day or Perth. Ple amp a a in. Me a lift of your property if you wet it disposed o. J. H. A oily. No Itow est Clit. La the kind o St. W a Hinton. Juar , Llor a flite a on the nov in a it a Hil the Ivor Bill a a taken up and or. 3�.�rr�h tar h a hid. In i i Troi tit thu a it of in or u Latret a Tad Aljuan a Alix Huff i la xxi a to to aicli�?��.liiii5�?T it Ai y a i tii Vurr Ard Crl iut ii t. But Lofv Lorri of tar new Sirvrt a Dpi Maud be cd i Iii e of 11 the a invt a at in. To Rpp ii r it of their they a a Ltd it. Want it a Thevik Ury tit let it Ltd Rex tit. A a tar to Lee us 3r Pural flt or Al drbu.7>ublic Aud Pivae to us a Wun d the Are re?<rv.-Cut Down i six i. And a Hull or it i millkm7 it from a w held by it a i ii Ptim to Iii Pitt it a it but a fifth ii Libil. Ii rally St Terr Truiti Anythia t-l4r. Terv i for Iii Chr Jim Fri it mix i Vrr and for that Mii Dii of by iut it Tai Rui of stated Mexico to it a any a Tler untre. The ver about d Jar Cima Frau to by the pm a Mem input and the Silver bulk a v or to it Eivor a the diff i it nce in value Ift n Bull Ken and Siai Niar i a Valet. Fat Wath feat to which the in Tate was inner a by the Abtin Rui bed a i Lauri a Dorado and it Grada in be and the a earner of the unit Ltd Tae were u. Lee a a tent i by million and were them re Amer it in it it Law a in the o , a d he in. Ved. The larg a a i in amount. It waa Ihn cd that it Wae n. A �.t�?T, posed u a pay kit a in a -�?~.-Aje-r. Or in a prof at Aid i Adey and require his her once fur any fut. I it old lit re a , met or i All. F the by it a Nett at an Ltd 1 Day to let Var Ink for i err tie Liev de that by i and my rate by a Quot klan in a a us a knt Airai tin Ltd file might be ntili2�d and yet Taiki Ard by a ii nut ii aed. Or. Cal Rifi Arr u it a que Tilo a a Iii Privi a Irv. In Fetter i i a Public i rai2i a him in w. D. Chiy i a in which be we aa-./ur-. It it of fall be and do Ful in Alhand k a ill a i k i he Halard that c irm dirt to lain was a a jail and that it was n the me Iasi it a Araia to furl la ii a in behalf i the is. Jar of Florida the cd a Fer it nce re print on the military a Idem Bill i prent and Are i if. And their the conf Reiko re i it it a dec army ppr a private in Boffl was in i us i and the canteen is it a Ltd i rce Lin of san the to rec it insider the vote who Helm ordered to a emf Terence a the my a for the Relief a a. H. Waif Laid an the tale. The Bill therefore goes to conference. After the defeat of several to a the rules and pad in i fir ranting Cannon to the Abraham Prist if Tiarle town. Masl., this was a a a a h.et�?���4 to tel Tbs Aea Sion f in Chiee up to this time was remarkable in Rosq sect. I the principal of inject if the Mehltr a quorum be and to. A be to. My time and prevent any measure i of general a name being called up. A a the l.4ge in was the lamp Rirs Foi nutty att is. Every member who do ire a u Mercure o Nde ined Cannon i ran army it in he Dirk t Madr Ltd be and a num Ltd Quot a a dior bomb it Xii a Taon Quot were made. Or. Ai Iderson of or Tucky raied a la ugh we a. In re pm a t a a it quark May i or. Flower of a a Stark. Or sugar id that All the Canitia held or used to. Jodii mrw York to Rock t a i he met to Gru. Grant a ill Efti pissed w ratify an a tor mint rii third info by the Cou,ai5is> a or re of new Yurk find run Lvi Nii in it Gard to the Boundary Ime 1--tween Tho it Thor Rentar Bill was iwo a relieving the Chi cd lion work of Aan for Cisco. Fitim certain Siena Lar to. Incurred in the cd instruction of i1a a Barer u d a bilk or Iii Reu ing to and a77.o the limit a the be a Niblic Liubin at Duluth. Minn., and for fort tex., Doi arg has been fixed Ai the Price for round trip tick Ete with a chc4ce of rout is Over the . Or a a or Retura is. Tickets Are Good for the Home trip until and including june Lii giving ample time to it take a round through some of the i Cal Fields Mineral District or obtain views of the mountains Val Lars and Stranis of Struich Laitem Wyoming. Col e. To amp do will accompany theft arty to Cheyenne at Jyh event one of the most prosperous of All Western cities and where a Public Sale of lots will take place on the Day following the arrival of the sex Curmon. The Price of progeny is is present Low As compared with values i in Citlai of much less Advant amp be amp and an investment will pay liberally As extensive pubic improvements Are now in Progress and will Wimin s be w Moe los be the Means of a handsome Advance. Go with manager Gadd to Cheyenne see the growing g Day buy and t Elum Happy. To m Charles m Voigts Mahen 115 so. Ulalh Street for she beat line of fresh and Rurtz meats to the Day. Salt and Ragar cured hams he it us dirt and Bacon. Dried and packed. Beef Fri the pickled Tongue. All Kindi of Tatge and every thing kept in a Firat Clais. Market if you Calm of Call in or Ltd a a re Onsbie messenger Telephone nats and see How sudden by a free delivery will slag pour order cables Ltd Soiot. Special Sale thur Ilaa. It Ida Ami Aiu Lav of a Fla Stone sidewalk. W. G. Tull bile agent in on cola for the fam it us Baldera a fags be in now prepared to Eintract for sidewalks tells Well oor Ern it Eph and stored Ltd ring Etc. I am making Stone Silt walks a spec daily and my pric Are guaranteed the lower As Wei As the Best work Manship. If in need a anything in my line give me a Cal office a a Street with cup in shirt fac Wiy. W. G Tull manager in by. H. Valb we the 14tb s ree grocer has pm red 11 Xuy 14th Streel aad White. 12 dozen White at 25c. Worth 45c. 12 dozen White at 50c. Worth 65c. 6 dozen White at 75c. Worth 90c. 6 dozen White at $1. Worth $1.25. 9 dozen Black at $1.25. Worth $1.60. Ladie and ii Ildren s mull hat it in White. Black and Gregaru Fruia to a a a ill Pietr Lin. .4 White a ?. Black tam a a Shaft Erk. Lelant Black and cie Iii silk a a in great variety. A fun Dit Plaj May be seen in our East window. Call and look into ugh Iii six k. Patent leg i la to on. Auchtung Tura Tereiza. Fur the meeting of the Tum Verein at Topeka Kas. To be held june ii to 10th inclusive the Union Pacific has me a rate of be and me third fare fur round trip from of a a inti within Miles of Topeka Ticke k to be sold june 7 and a return limit june 11. E. B. Su��05, agent v p. A system in town Meh. Mid Ems Titus a ils to i a a mud to they had tur nah ii or. Be in amp i. P. H c4v>per and get go Oil order Ltd to Eph be Quot iss. To Idene 4- 7 s i. W re a Quot a a eco slip. Thanh a lint in a x h pigment Uty and a a 2t-a.tr�? Market Trice a of a a re a Otey War ant it . A a a the new bakery a is a r is 4i. Illo -1 x trial a order r rive us a Call special orders lib it Artelt Lon. W 4k 4# Wjk a a w a a. A 4k a Wjk 4m a. A. Sam Lela i cigars Sfer a Zzz a hittite to dm<9k�- of the non i Ito tem Hean and Blo i refer ice Boa we a i he Al. T. L Nori a. A Quot Alt jl4v�?�r. Mono oxi Anc we it Al a a of of. B40.k. Or Ray i. I uric t bit. Pc u a e. I so o am Lucom. Peter . Coil Retler and Ellder. -t4>l ii a Enck we t a a r4-Idciiec 920 0 so. Iii Folk a a. R. S. Young Sand water Lime hair Cement. Plaster Etc masons supplies. Mcm 115 a Ctm 1.5th or. By the Bill we. Do us to i. Flirl Unfer Rcv to i Irr to t in of let that or i�l2itmr Drziak h wild in it Uit of a gird. .1. to in tract re fat Ltd in Tatco it a Urr rtt or where Jar it Hibit Iun Rigi la Tion or. T in Dmn it Kat t a Early in Tutt i Iii Init Init. Anteen for Heutler s stoic was Fri Onn the run see eave rate a amp ref. I be a rated Ding i. G \ West Cju oils. 200 la Una very Ift place he la Lvii. F of at Law to Price and Lincoln carpet company. Tip Tolna tire Max r. 2�?Tc a c a 4k m0 All Liat Al int Nurl it titles to Ltd recent most Complete varied in the wet. I bought Ibi a when they were cheap and can Ai to to give big Bargmon. Fth Tidence built on monthly payments. Call aad me James Doar no. 1?11 o �4. Or 2 and Potter in the army and to both a a to Ortr had or St Ltd until Rte i itts t v for in jal�s�l-., written a by chaplain and a a her. Chii mins that the was in the Inte a 4 a d i it find and m morality or. . Taat the Provit him i Enli to to men in favor Ltd in Theis. I it Natur hair thou first Chr cant at tem Wium Makr it a ii uboiiut4. In a Little while. A naut plumb a Aid tie i Light was. A tire. To Flat a and the p to trader of a for Iliad a the cur a erf the or. A to Felt it a kan�a5 Iii late 1 ii a go a know that thru i h re to a line up sni Phil Anthipy in tar a rec and or will Nave a hard time in per a mgr the to a us and Ujj men and All us a the a Lantry no lok Toju tin canteen by item so. Amp Tep that they Irr if my Ltd imbed on by Turl los i traders. Tiie to i tra i a b a Buir Bear. He in gut up in the imagination of the i Natur for Iri kai.sa.-. The real Isibue i shia no dear Are Letray a nor incur Tibig up the unit4=.j .<1 a a re of liquor a the Saddier. Fut that do i t re a the E�&Gtnfer-�?�-l�.-4r Reffert a i./�?yeas.,-m, nay. To the nays Bein Zatur Blair <\4qidtt. Dixon get mgr. Hair. A it Anders. Tell and to rpm a. Or. Elmun i a 5ered a Resolution in to acting the committee on fit Sheriea. To make an Early invest a atom in t the and Niini Tradii. N of the affair of the United Attar do c.minis5 Ner pc a fid the Epie scially in Rei ird to the Dang in the Force and Jinni Mari in of the emf Joy and i red . Or other a none Admi it Tranos. He a Nan in to it Fri tit t it have the re out too a to Idereen or. Pm irks big that or Mcdonald the t a roil i net. Earn ply us the inv re Rati m Lac count a f rent i7e�-5tt�j�er again my. Or. Plus no Sci Jector a and the res la tin went us a. The it or Bill was w5 again in up and or. Harris addres re the and a a review and c us in Ira of Toto of lr74, de m nerring �3v-"�?o be spared the Var in. Kiz in r or n and a ail tui Aibe of Tild fur the free cd Utnage of Ilver and if be failed in a a a raring that i or should it it the or Are to ajar ii Niada a to it that he might be aide to a re Are. If he a. Furcer i deride be tweet the Bili a the Fina eoe i cd a Minnee Ami the Legi Satien of i Ifor liar cd Knave of at a cd kith be fac old to it to for the commit to it a s Hall or. Harris went in to Lieak of the two. Pc iced tic ult furnish Relief to a farm Ray Wareh it il9e i system for the dry t4t erf Omain crops and the Iasu Inar of Treasury nuts of a i 5 per cent of the Market value and by a Keding Money to Farmer on Thor real state at the rate it of 2 per cent a year i in Rio be i. Even if Nch measure were c<3mt3tuti Juial and he was convinced a More to Ward Chil t a a Ira Vrle a re Pat rata. Wahington. June 8.�?the Hgt a i l Summitt a us a cite in. Through or. Sim of Connecticut rezoned to tit Hotl it a substitute bin or gently agreed upon by the Committer in Tead of a Bill to Amend the a silent Laws. Line so Tion of the Buler tute tall provide that an �2ni>rovement a it am invent thu that has 1�?n de need for to. Year in any Mutual had a a be Juja rented. And in to Orrence to this the up Rutsay Tbs Purjue of this Sec tim i u. Bar an application fur a Patent no a an in lira Mem after thai in Prtt Vemont has t Leen Desa ribbed i a Mure than Twe Star in Park it a paint a it printed a it a blk Atin. Under the i tii a Star Ute two year a Public us it fan Imp vement in thi to Nurry in a Bai u an apr Katson bar Patent there m thi or it aug Evn it of rii to do Law a proved it autary in a exr Atka the principle underlying thi it of Eri tinier Law i-Rviniri-5 lha to year dts cup Tion of an Imp trick Iii in a Patent printed Ira Licari u Hall also lie made to liar an application of j�at4-nt the Ricou for the Raschi thai a larg a it tort f pub Licary l a a rally Irivin a an Mpr i a ment by to of Dex rip Tiu in a Patent or ii Riutta Hublit Atin than by an Ordinary re a rear Publica Evju Winch 11-r ii Law Tvr Leal and unknown Utu the particular ice Amity in which it a circulate. An it Uhr actin or Ridic for taxing Patei Iti. An it i in a Gard to it the rep nay thi Amend mint i f it in 3-d i cd the a a that if. At tit and of five year after the Grant it of a Jia tent it 17 of Uch i tie Valtie t. A the own to that he car u pay a tax try fun there in. The a Hall Eiju re. Find that if. At the end of ten year the a text �7 of us h Hal vhf like a not f warrant a Tsi of i 5. It Hall then expire. The a Urx of a we la it unde Vel i i an it in Patent. To the end Tiit the Hall it by. K the Way of sub Tequ. Iii Wijt Virfil c -r.7 for first class repairing cleaning and at 136 Xor a element for a women s hair is her crowning glory. To preserve it use Roger a vegetable the Best Totic la the sch old for the Hilr. For Sale at h. P. A Herwins drug store 1124 o so Kip pay this is what you ought to have. I fact you must have it m enjoy life. Thou a. Is Are searching for it daily mourning because Ihfe find it not thous i upon Tho Soncs of Dol Jirs tre sprit annually by our people in the Lee that to it my Tula this Boon a r yet it May be h id by All we Guirantes a it Ireri if used according o and the us per cited in. Wiebust do or. Dye pop is and install a a -1 fur a up re. We rec Ormend i Catric a. To is f r do put Paia aad Al Dis Eusea of in or. Or hand kudu a sold at cd a us if 1.0�o or bottle by a. H. Earley drug Gill Call on Henry k Dat Worth of f screen do Ora car Load just Recei f de. To Colau Avera of floor. If you have formed an opinion that Nebraska ficus is i enough you i a hound give the Brand manufactured by g c White a trial. There is 2.s to 5k� cents per cwt. Saved. And an Artic it equal to the best2ered in this or any other Market in the corp net at i.h5 per sack Victor $1 �o0, and Anta claw f l.-v�, Champion. 1 i i. Make a trial and be convinced. Forsake by All get a a c. A White. Area Ghio fruit co. Valt it Aix ml4.1x a fore and Domestic fruits 2 , aad other tru Pieja Fiu act s Jie Claitt. New o by Broca the. Tai a. Bg�ldkeghix1. Man or. Len it Ioji. Eden Musee. W ask Maui in. I. Min a kit be , a woman Euget Perior Hiiop Pir Mac m Jake 5- air arum i i or rift Bur of exc a Emu to l in it Funke opera House Cut whom d Marxt Solfi lessees and pm la it to. I a v m �at�0vii. Lew cd Echt s h Bonham. A q wino Piotis Stio i air an Jii Aai Cassise c-2i.2prrjlx s z Csc . The american Exchange Bank. A Eric a Lerua feat k est be eco St ii a at d n by , transact a general banking bu4nr==. Loan made on Long or spirit Morsio. P no m a to Osu. Law a Gat Cav b h a Awe Kii. T w . W a a a mkt a. A a a a t m Lar Mariat railed a Tille bit crud or a tuw.5 tables. Tues Dav. Lane a a a Tinl acid of Triune Caryl if pm get Ert it Liao Oln neb. To Ririe thai a 4aj. A Day except so Rosy. L it. J err a Xach a. to let Emjem. A a Tco a 3. A x Bejoc. Sol can. O and Iasi . Of rut Laud me Faree Comeay a Pali of.acks Enterprise bottling Avoris. W. C. Clemens. Proprietor. And Max fact Akk of Lemon soda. Ginger ale. Champagne cider. Artas Parilla. Birch Beer. Strawberry and Cream soda. Mineral Waters. All kinds of Carbonate drinks and choicest and purest syrups of All flavors. No 2117 o Street. Am Chi Cabas Puc Iea Octh Sud Eua Tuma i. Irissa. M a tsp sol Osaka Cut Capo pm a 4 3? p. B i in in the i i Blit debt. T Cha Haruna Xor my Udica ers r a a a Ikover w. I anfia a atrial. By More pcs Mourdia. Had 1-.= a is p Jukl a. M. A t a m r i p. A. 12 i. P. A a 1 p. M �ll4=.a m. 11 4t a. 2i. T 4tls p. Amp. Crisp m. I it Ltd Pra. By h Gra tau , a Tara. Nuci a late r. G. Knowles a we. I. Rufsell a he. Amik it of r of Quot Etc Siide it kit Jack. Lack a Iowa and . I in a a 15 p. M. It i it area ke4 Ott i Mai a half i it Ltd Lark May Wahi a a ton. June 8.�?thr monthly of Ublia debt so mint i surd Tram the trea amp Ury How a dec Tea a Teca Meea in the debt to ,c7,i ing tit pail m nth Orf May and for thei ivern ninth of the a torrent fiscal year 7.767,722. The to tal debt left Cah in to Quot Tara Ury. In june 3, was net Cah or urn a la in the Trail a Ury in the in Insl a ���6.�� it a. 7i#l, a rain. A month . 1 atari fobs. M in macs pm a. A a and a so Erk t Osieja a. Spaay brr hand feature Gra Dij a Novrit re i axe to to fur wonder of the Ili Twait Arr prices �?s5c, 50c. 7-5c and l i4�v-s. A Ritva a Auguil and South. Kui Ord. Lectia and n re taxi City it to a 1 35 pm. A. A a i Jwa m a 1 16 p. M. I t 1 to p. A. It 36 p. A. Fey i 15 a a 11 a a. Cml a Olaf. Ixa Acca a a x. I leave. Arms bsxnsc., a cracks. Obj a Kraciuk and aut is i a a. A a a p. A. It 1 15 p. A. Til a k by a Cicmil Bank Der it ��it-07 hold 227 -1 of Iraj Denim ent fund-., or id Xii half a. A Miu Ioc 1.- than a month Al the Ishu a a of Jwj t Blanc. La. Abc it Bro tat flow. »1.15 a . A a pm a Quot a Durinik the aet month and a a. Gnu unt a i it .u44,v>4. And the Sileci fund a re i give erf try or Dollar Lull ice a bar inc team de a liner or it re than fl.ti0t�?~.l4��. And now amount to f &Quot.21 f.7 o. The fund of Mia Camii of Elitc of. To coca Oaks 9i . And Sor. Liik. And o we it lne Dav. Lane 4. The milk to . Aff amps mud a Luik Mccabe amp Young s operatic minstrels Robinson mercantile co. Now located at 206 South 11th St. Quot wholesale and re fail dealer in 4-4 i t by i vow a a a in jul v i a w m % w we .4k .11 1 lib w w a working Hirte on tinge both shirts a Iaz inel shirt Cashmere shirt Siik shirt. A fall line of Lincoln knitting Mills co. Goode at special prices to the Trade and consumer. Call and see on Siorek an prices before making your purchases. Agents for Lincoln knitting Mills co., Lincoln Suspender co., socks and Carters Slicker. Robinson mercantile co. Chi Wooda si5sb,Laah Iii amp Ewe if. .i2fn Tab tui. W.11l a Atraill. Levy. Arr 1 Dea is amp Hou Boisr a Bui wcs1u.k it Iasi nut la per Standard Silver dollars keeps daily in Crea Tibig. And the Treasury hold. 54< -��ir2 of thi cd in government re of dial a urine the atm the from All f�4uiiwa� a 4fcggr-Grai&Ltt 15.44 185. And receipt for tee eleven months erf the current fiscal a year end May 41. Aggregated put i>86.s�?� a. Ibe re eipt7 far the present month will Pru Babiy a Quot Ach and thu swell the g eminent Recei pts a f�3 the curent fiscal year very clip Quot to 1411� in mum it tir.u4u,v��?T- it no than set vary Windum c7timate made Early last fall a in the other hand tvs a Rien Bitare during thy Elev a month iat a or rated 124.10. Or about 4,0 More than for the oor i responding eleven month. Of the pm St Fistal year. Pension Fia ments so far thi tsar have am it int cd to 41-8,177 77 or Ftp la i i it Rio mane tin during the to Are a Iii Ding eleven month of the year. 0.�na.ee at in Quot mint during May a Grested in value -.���. It Ltd $74.9fli in add and i2.ik>i."xi in Siti Ridard is i ver dollars and the Girmain a t in min Ltd s Coin. I a Immi m no a. Cd Jex. By log of Oak exp met. A Teim m Jib. Cej excl Lxii Myrte a up Jet a. No be a a �?�1# a a n. 1 15 so. A h a amp 4 s0p. M. 4 59 p. M-tt5�.ae a 15 a 3_ .\rtist7. So pit Oruie thu a amp Loath m Law a. A. A x v. X x of Cier oboe St Rasit depot Tad toss o is. Aii Lutire new Tad Ciri Miu fir a Iron and Wood pumps Iron pipe and fittings leather and a a a Bex Sel ,2xg�?z 1-a by Oer Home Etc. Arr Ira 1 prices 50c, 75c and 100. I a 1311x in sos Ojo o nil plat cd Drax. Loei dts hot san sex a scr Hills Tad whoa if \ i my a Tslia mar Bsp-1 ids clan Tai is., Chi Cleo Tad West fron fret Aoi ohse chaat Spenor sad a jmj a a Liras. Whoa. Jurue Eanous a Liia Eori y srdop.�, cuff Las Park. Eclipse wind Mill extras. Removed to 1450 o Street Lincoln neb Tox x. Cads is add chief a pcs Iwosa 1 rata iwo. Was Bing n. June 8, St aate in executives Nti in Hack it a ended the Fri blowing no Simeti Ito gel Wall Aoe of miasv4x3rr�j5i�ul general at Mel Boule. United it Tot of us a a. J. Dougherty of Hin Oil at Callao by wind Man of Ida but at inga3 a re b. G. Dan a i fils of Ditri t of Cut in India at Hull in i gland a b Ket vol of Tennessee. At i Martinique i elect irs of internal Rev i tie let a Hughe District of new i Meiko. E. Mih. Dirt of m Mana. A Tox much relic. Regi to a erf the land of fice at Central City. A a the a d. Means. Reo Eaver erf Public my a Neva at Marquette Mich a Jgeorge c. Vinty marshal Fca the Western i Trot erf wive Man pctmarriatb�.japh Vos i Orange Sty a. Isaac Brandt Dei Moine a. A. Fob is City . 9l psa., Buluth sad the Nonh Wocet we a ser Folk. On bad Ahw sex a frm9sasfl tim pq�33l set Faour Folk. Pierre. He i announcements us Glia axe ice Psi Irold. A dust Obaob St Dap Tiki Eornuff of Lite Izui Mac is. Air Lvi. Omsha oos Ncik. Discs. 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W Ork of repairs to All Mill machinery expo Tod or foundry and machine works Cor. N and ninth streets. Lincoln Nebraska. # l up a "13 s5p a. A a jux a a s p. A p. A. V b up. A. A Root dec of a rope a a fee Der of iat Quot x it it x the mgt. Sunday. Jiae i 4 p m a b. E i Worth the Kay we Sod a to Guret Woi Ltd Liv Tab Suddre a m of svy a of but -prohibilic4 a 4ni.e a Zed Quot i a to mob to her logic me amp a i sad Sumor. Of set her fic Tiaa. The a a sad Milit is bad in Axex Saoe. Tom a Isle m3 p w. Ahsop Sai p. Is a Harp. Kit amp not St 4 sad p. A boated Trikha Vith Adair a to Park 35c. Adai is by irate Ifica Esh Percx has recited his new Spring Stock All the latest n07elt1ss open Fop. Inspection. 305 South 11th St. Lincoln. Nebraska tailor made suits foe boys Aid Childe in Ewing clothing co., 1115-17 0 Street. Flannel shirts for tourists. Lawn Tennis and hats now on Sale
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