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Lima News Newspaper Archives Mar 17 1940, Page 1

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Lima News, The (Newspaper) - March 17, 1940, Lima, OhioI a the weather the Lima news full leased wire service the associated press. United press and International news pages today 96 news pages 12 comic pages 77 22 die Lima Ohio sunday March 17, 1940 Price seven cents Roosevelt lists pea Ohio mine blast be Ideal s motherhood placed first by president lasting Tranquillity impossible if it brings oppression talks radio moral basis needful with Small nations free from fear Washington March 16 Roosevelt speak ing a world Wise broadcast set Forth today a list ideals International organization without which he said no peace can be made a lasting basis. Queen Wilhelmina Holland also took part in the Pio Piam which was held in connection with the cd Btian foreign service con vocation in new York. Today we seek a moral basis for Roosevelt said it cannot be a real peace if it fails to recognize brotherhood. It can not be a lasting peace if the fruit it is oppression starvation cruelty human life dominated by armed Camps. It cannot be a sound peace if Small nations must live in fear powerful neighbors. It cannot be a moral peace if Freedom from in Vasion is sold for tribute. It can not be an intelligent peace if it denies free passage to that knowl Edge those ideals which permit men to find common ground. It cannot be a righteous peace if worship god is use Force ruled out the president s statement what he considered some the essential elements a peaceful organization suggested to some observers Here that these might form the basis administration thinking should the Opportunity come for a attempt to Bung about peace. Whether such an Opportunity May develop in the near future is believed to be one the questions to which Sumner Welles under Secretary state is seeking an answer his confidential Mission for the president in Europe. Roosevelt made Clear that he thought an end would come to use Force in International relations. Today we seem once More to be in a temporary Era where organized Force is seeking to Divide men and nations from one an he said. That is Why it is right and proper to Call together the representatives the great religious bodies which seek not to Divide but to unite men and nations in the old message brother Hood and Goodwill. In dark Days the past that Ideal has been saved in the Long run by splendid efforts to main Tain it in the minds and hearts the average citizens in All the president said he greeted those joining in the convocation As a congregation Faith in the certainty that you will help to warships attacked nazis claim jury decrees life term for College youth guilty murder mercy asked new York Marrh Columbia broadcasting system tonight reported picking a a Short wave broadcast from Berlin which asserted that Ger Man warplanes had bombed Brit ish warships and airfields. It i i i i lbs engineers said the Mccormick h found station dub declared that a Gen eral Headquarters communique declared powerful detachments the German air Force proceeded to the Northwest and attacked units the British Al put stationed at to Rai Scapa plow in the evening prisoner is Calm March 16. J a number heavy battleships and cruisers were hit by the i judge passes sentence in bombs and were severely dam aged. In addition a number airports were bombed. In spite powerful resistance put up by British chasers and antiaircraft artillery the German fighting machines were capable signs forecast mine tragedy carrying thru their orders Success fully and returned to their Home base without any losses whats mediately for Rob Bery slaying Hopkins flays census critic sen. Tobey replies by accusing Commerce head mud slinging Washington March 16 a Secretary Commerce Harry Hopkins today accused sen. Tobey a no leading an in formational sit Down strike against the government by urging Citi Zens to refuse to Tell census takers about their personal income. The new England senator prime mover in the Battle the Cen replied that Hopkins was engaged in mudslinging and completely avoiding the real unperturbed by the criticism Tobey declared that he would use every Means available to me As a United states senator to bring this Issue to a Many Citi Zens including democrats Are planning to seek court injunctions against this census he added. Hopkins entered the census squabble As a result a Tele Gram Tobey sent to president Roosevelt yesterday after the chief executive without naming Tobey said a senator was advising people to violate the Law by refusing to answer the income questions. Tobey in the Telegram demanded to know what Law was involved asserting that the census questions were authorized by a Bureau Rul ing and that to Call this ruling a Cleveland March 1g a John l. Mccoin urk 21, University Pittsburgh student who said he courted death in Rob today was sentenced to life in the penury diary. A jury nine women and men who Doli Herried Hoins Eon Vertod Moc Trinick first degree Mirdo a in the Holdup slaying Theodore Nichols special policeman. Tho jurors recommendation Merey saved Mcformick from the electric chair and made life imprisonment mandatory. Judge Samuel e Kramer imposed sen tence immediately. Mccormick remained Calm upon hearing the verdict and sentence. Mccormick admitted he killed Nichols Jan. S As the latter interrupted an attempt cd robbery Western Union Telegraph com Pany ? main office in downtown Cleveland. Responding to a secret alarm Nichols wounded who returned the fire with his fancy target pistol. The youth was captured in an allow where he had collapsed. Par kits Tell Mccormick s parents testified they deserted before Christ Mas following bitter arguments. In their 14-Ioom Pittsburgh to constant danger that menaces them Willow Grove miners entered this tipple it Noff probably without Thot for Hogns displayed there cautioning Don t take a. Chance it May he your last. Tonight 44 men remained trapped in the m from which 113 tied had been rescued after an explosion. Associated presi faint tapping Are heard from entombed victims after 113 Are rescued two men perish in heroic attempt to save men near St. Blairsville Rush in without Gas masks most pm workmen brought from pit suffer from Black result devastating explosion Western world protests anew 21 american nations accuse Britain violating neutrality again wives and friends trapped miners wait forgetful supper Washington. March 2t american nations unanimously protested to Groat Britain Nav against tin sinking a 0 01 Man for Eiehl a in Brazil Ian writ ois and 01100 More an continued Page four continued Page four ghost tickles feet so couple Calls police Wichita kas., March Long As the ghost ninth St confined himself to tapping messages the William Lucas family did t mind. But when it started lifting up the bed sheets at night Anc tickling their feet they called in the police. The Young couple told detective Ronald Van Welden that around last Christmas time they noticed queer rapping sounds in their Home ninth St. Soon they Learned that it could answer questions is our boy asleep they would ask glancing at their peace fully dreaming two year old. If to answer with two rap rap. sensing the mysterious some thing s presence if you Are answer with four tap tap tap Tan. After the foot tickling started they moved. For a week they had Freedom in their Home. Then the began. Officer Van Welden confesses lie s atm Ped for the present. Tournament Cage scores finals class a new Philadelphia 30, Canton Mckoley 22. Class b new Carlisle 43, Canfield 26. Semi finals class a new Philadelphia 37, Dayton 31. Canton Mckinley 46, Massillon 14. Class b new Carlisle 40, Smithfield 22. Canfield 50, Glenford 45. Home. Testimony was introduced pealed to belligerents to Koep the to show this so unsettled his a Way from the american Neu mind that he embarked a Tia Lity 70110. Robbery career in the Hope he would be killed. He related he wanted to die but did not have the outage for suicide. His parents said differences Over his declining University grades and infrequent Church at Tendance upset . They pleaded for an insanity finding. The parents . And 3u Woods Mccormick waited Ai constantly in the courtroom Din ing the jury s deliberations. But when the verdict was ready they walked out fearful. My boy is no criminal. They ought not to put in said the lather a retired real estate dealer. Mrs. Signe Nichols widow the slain guard also was in at Tendance constantly during the trial. In the front Row seats she bit her nails As the verdict was read. Mccormick also confessed he held up Western Ilion Ollices in East Liverpool and fair Mont w. A. The protest made Public today by the state department resulted from scuttling the German freighter Walkama off Tho brazilian coast Fob 12 after it had been intercepted by British warships the protest was submitted to the British government by presi Dent Angusto Boyd Panama. It reiterated the desires american nations that the War be kept away from hip Waters which the declaration Panama contemplated preserving for the Pacific use intercontinental com the state department s announcement said following the procedure consultation provided by Owen Ca Liiv St. Blairsville. O., March if a faces tense with anguish Many streaked with tears wives and friends 44 All thoughts personal comforts. It was shortly after 11 a. M. When deadly Gas feared by All Meik exploded Imp riling men trapped in the Willow prove mine waited quietly outside the mine in trance tonight for men in the Throe mile Long Shaft. Amhi Lancos and doctors from Shaft. Towns sped line and bad. Slipper time came and passed for these Ohio mountaineers but disaster striking swiftly in the form an explosion deep m Tho heart the mine had banished nun Miles Mound the curious scanning the Long Tunnel and its a Lovison Check by r. L. Ireland 1 company president showed Tinl in shifts j 157 men were in the huge mine when the Accident occurred. Most continued Paffe four famed lawyer crusader Dies Palm Springs calif., March untermyer 82, new York corporation lawyer and crusader for rights died at his Winter Hon today. Unte Renyer had Boon ill for Sev eral weeks. Death came in mid Many branches for the miners. As soon As one Crew p 20 would tire it would he replaced by another equipped with masks and tanks men volunteered for res Cue work. them gained safely Thiu the Nir Shaft located fit the Enil the tin mile Long horizontal mine. the Way we saw men scat All Tornton the men Woro trod All Over the Mik John brought tint Stiel Chers who had walked out unaided were Treater in emergency medical head quarters. Their faces Black and sooty continued i age four bomb goes off in new York s Union station afternoon. Palm Springs for years had been his Winter residence. With the coming cold weather in the i Kew York March ins East he would come Here to time bomb concealed in a it m my . Immier ii a Winum j l v l n be put if. Set in the so n and not Black leather suit Caw exploded _ _ _ _ _ _ i.-.h-. it. Children die in Home fire Bride f week is thankful Bellaire 0., March Peter Taylor s Bride a week was at his Hospital bedside tonight As he received treatment for Black Damp Gas fumes inhaled after the Willow Creek mine explosion. Wire tapping inquiry May Bare sensational political espionage by Jack Bali Washington March 16 a a projected Congwei clonal investigation wire tap Ping interested senators hinted today May unfold a sensational Story political espionage reach ing into a half dozen More states. Proponents predicted the Hen ate would audit and control Corn ate audit and control Corn wednesday n Resolution by sen. Green d-r1 to provide for an inquiry by the Inte Nutt Commerce committee. It was disclosed that tentative plans have been made to summon numerous state and Federal officials As Well As officers and employees some private Detec Tive agencies. They would be questioned about what some senators described As an apparent network political espionage in several state capitols. States mentioned by commit hirer Springs ark., March Young Mother and seven her ten burned to death Early today when their farm Home was destroyed by fire. Otis Allen father the fam ily and his brother in Law j. R. Treas 48, were seriously burned in their efforts to control the flames and were removed to hospitals. Three older sons the aliens escaped injury. The Home was near Shirley Van Buren co a Remote Moun Vamious Section North Central Arkansas. Trapped and lost in the fire were mrs. Rallie Allen theilig year old Mother and seven children including a son Ernest who awoke to find the House in flames and jumped thru a window to safety then returned to warn the others. The flames were believed to have started with the explosion an Oil lamp which had been left Burn ing thru the night. Eight felons get w lashes Wilmington del., March 16 Snow flakes moist ening their Hare backs eight convicted criminals stood at the shipping pout today and received Delaware s ancient penalty for he hah not been As Active with a Dull Roar in York s grand rent my terminal this recent years As formerly altho afternoon while thousands per periodically he came out with a wore in the station. Denunciation German treatment jews and a prediction that hit Ler s policies would bring economic ruin. To protested As president the non sectarian anti nazi league against German participation in the new York world s fair. He Long had campaigned for labor and the underdog wherever found but wealthy indulged his tastes for Dapper dress. He Sel Dom was seen without an Orchid m his Lapel. Untermyer Legal in Etimos Van into millions Dol Lars had a varied interest in the we id about . He found equal pleasure in raising rare Flowers in the hot House his was Echos continued Page four town marshal has a Friend he sees game Tho last created a scene Lonsac excitement hut there was no panic among commuters Rush my thru the station. More than 100 police quickly arrived at the terminal and held the crowd away from the where the Bajraj up Concession containing the bomb had been checked. After intensive investigation police tonight described the infernal machine As n bomb the Type used by labor racketeers to terrorize business men during labor difficulties. A Namoski. Noffs. Hurry Stanley declined it looks Georgc Strain that the length time the men lived de Pended the amount an Avail Able in Tho area where they Weie trapped. Strain slate director Indus trial relations in charge Ohio mine Lescue Crews. Mine attaches later expressed belief in Woroski had noticed some the men who had been Tempo Noily ovoid come by Gas Anil wore a Thoro Check tonight showed All Mon accounted for except Hose in the explosion area. Troio was no Chance for the entombed men to escape except via the air shall the in 1 1 acc. The Lesueue Crews saved the 113 by leaching Thorn thru the main out Lance after Gas fumes had Boon cleared somewhat and thru the air Shaft. . R. A. Niple St. Clairs Ville who was with one the Rescue arc Psi declared that work reaching the trapped men was hampered constantly by falling slate. Thoie i a Torrible picture continued Page four Welles winds up talks with foreign diplomats to meet Pope monday Romh March Oak talk wash., March id nor Welles concluded his talks with town Marshall Loyt j Europe s today during a Cissner was a lonely and unhappy Man for a time today. Virtually every one his fellow townsmen had to Seattle to see Oak ills High play second entry into Italy s highest councils which coincided with a foreign office visit by German ambassador and awaited monday s Farewell audience with Pope Pius Everett for the basketball to discuss the prospects title fit he Hart to police the town As Well is continuing War. President Roosevelt s f net finder Iii i i ii l n i i Imit i be members Rikhy figure lashes Well Laid then sheriff a n. Taylor had Long talks with King Vittorio in the inn Ira included Rhode the group was the largest Ever Island new York Colorado continued four to receive the punishment in the Yard the 40-year-old new Castle co workhouse. Nearby Mont Osand sent a patrol ear to guard the it exerted Vil Lage and Marshall Cissner Wai off for tonight i by tame. In Manuelo Premier Mussolini and foreign minister count Ciano bringing to n close a tour Europe c Chancell eries to Lound them out the War Outlook which took to Berlin Paris and Lon Don Between two stops Here. A common Niue said the talks with count Ciano and ii Duce were Long and Welles plans to Sec the pontiff monday however made Diplo Mats think the entire european situation would then be reviewed. It was presumed that Welles would see it Iii Cardinal Maglione papal Secretary state after his audience with the Pope. The american was silent his continued Page four blast Gomes with whoosh first to walk from Depths mine tells doors torn from hinges it o., March Opatrny 24, first to walk from Tho Willow r v mine s blast shattered dept Lih today observed with a i imy Grin i was Lucky Bur my huddle weren t. They could t live thru the Opatrny. Czech born Miner paid to. Was Only feet from the spol where he Mast occurred Ilino Miles from Tho mine in Tianco. She in to with a big Opatrny recounted. The was t loud hut the Force doors off their hinges and smashed supporting Glide i like matches. I working a motor near Tho Junction 22 South and the main haulage Way. The blast crashed Down the Tunnel and it locked to off the motor Flat Hie ground. My eyes and Mouth were full dust. I was working with six to related. After the blast huddled together and stayed where we were in a few minutes Charley Naylor assistant superintendent came along and led us to the tipple Mouth. At the tipple i got a bite to oat and went Back with the first Rescue squad. We could t near 22 South where the blast came from because the Gas to bad but we picked up 23 Back in there and brought them up. This was my first mine blast. Was scared and i Don t feel id Good right now but i m tn4 that s All my boy and wife Art in Ter Estert in i mine inspected by first lady is blast scene Pittsburgh March Eleanor Roosevelt wife the president was deeply knocked tonight when she Learned that Model mine she inspected four years ago near St. Clairs Villa a was the scene a traffic exploit Oil informed the disaster u lha waited at Pittsburgh s municipal Airport for a transport plane turning her to Washington from a Western lecture tour she cured Star. If to 11 i St. Claws Illk 0., Mii Irh sunday at ions 22 men were reported Early today to have been killed in a devastating Gas explosion which wrecked a portion the Willow jrou1 Coal mine . Sheriffs Deputy Oarl Clark Belmont co said ii was informed 20 bodies had been found. Two men were killed trying to Roach ii entombed men. Rescue workers also were reported to have heard faint pounding behind a Rock Barrier indicating that possibly some the trapped men were still alive. They redoubled lorts to break thru Tho Barrier. The Dond were reported to have been victims dreaded Black Damp Gas. I have no idea but thai some them will be found declared r l. Ireland president the Hanna Coal co., the mine owners. A devastating explosion entombed the 44 behind a Rock Barrier yesterday and Cut them off from fresh Nir two men were killed trying to Rescue them. Rescue Crews 113 Othor miners most whom were affected by the death dealing Block followed a Day Blunt. Relatives keeping a Vigil at the Entrance illuminated by bonfires and emergency lamps became convinced As hours passed that they were keeping a while Rock ii crows battered at the Rock thought it would Lake All night to break were made to Force fresh air i to the men Down a 00-foot

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