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Lima News Newspaper Archives Dec 5 1999, Page 2

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Lima News (Newspaper) - December 5, 1999, Lima, Ohio A2 sunday dec. 5,1999 the Lima newly Myers of the Mars Polar Lander science to at Urcla display a sign Reading quot mph silence of the Lander lis Nasa policy to blame i ars probe a previous investigation Cuti sized the Agency for under staffing a amp a under training its engineers. Its thew Fordahl tag associated press Sadena Calif. A anxiously waiting for a Sec Oila Day Nasa scientists hoped saturday for a signal i the still silent Mars Polar Lander a Craft some so May have been in trouble even before it left the lat Nch pad 11 months ago. Weeks before the $165 million Craft began its descent to shards the red planet questions were being raised al Cut the Mission and whether it Mit be doomed by tit budgets and under staffing. Attempts to detect signals from the spacecraft were Toni continue with a transmission window opening sat Uway night. It has not been heard from since Friday in it began its fiery descent toward Mars. By Mission controllers say they have not exhausted All to simple explanations for the Lack of a signal like a Naf pointed Antenna or a computer reset. The space Cit was in Good shape and on course just before com a amp a cations ended As expected before the descent. We re remaining upbeat quot said Richard Cook the sip Leecraft s project operations manager at Nasa s Jet pm p Dion Laboratory. Quot we have prepared for various so Arios and we re trying Eill the but the embarrassing sept. 23 loss of the Lander s million sibling spacer to the Mars climate or big is not far from the minds of engineers and Sci Kipsts at jul the space Agency s Lead Center for plan Hespe Lorati. Fall to convert data Iroito metrics in a critical Navi Galoh program causing the satellite to Fly far too dose to Mars. It s believed to have burned up in the at mtg phere it was to study. Lyme 43-Page report released nov. 10 did not Stop i the metric mix up however it faulted navigators pc i dog Short cuts and not knowing Enos about a a a der. It also found that too few people worked on top a Ogram and that they were overworked and in do Ned. Ito st gators also reported that questions about the Peter s to refectory raised by navigators were not relay to other groups within the project including the s builders at Lockheed mar tin astronautics Shawnee Manor skilled nursing and rehabilitation Center 2535 it Amanda Road Lima.999-2055 attention Kmart shoppers in the Kmart dec. 5, 1999, weekly and circular on Page 33 features the Nintendo 64 game quot monopoly quot. This item will not be available due to the manufacturer s delay in shipping. We regret any inconvenience this error May have caused our customers. A s i savings in every department bedrooms living rooms dining rooms recliners summer furniture q carpet electronics appliances bedding of a 4064 Euda Road 222-405. A two Days Only this saturday amp sunday 10 am to 7 pm save up to hours to save year no interest fantastic store 25 is of slam it it Heilig Meyers furniture save up to 25% off our everyday Low prices Belghali Crown Prince marries Byra casert the ass dated press a associated press phone Home quot As they wait for the first signals fix Hii the spacecraft. The Polar Lander s Mission also came under unprecedented scrutiny because the Sam ii animations and people who flew the orbiter were behind the latest Mission As Well. Quot this report was sort of a preview of coming attractions for All things that could go wrong with Polar Lander quot said analyst John Pike of the federation of american scientists a week before its arrival. Quot i would Hope that would Force them to think again whether they re trying to do too much with too official denied the report was an indictment of the Agency s mantra of building quot faster better cheaper quot spacecraft to explore the solar system. They pointed to successes like 1997 s Pathfinder and global Surveyor missions. Nasa administrator Dan Gro Din said Friday the Agency would stick with its approach. Quot would you rather go Back and spend $2 billion to $3 billion a spacecraft and Send them up every 10 years and lose one of them quot he said. Quot when we started we said we d push the boundaries and we d lose some but we Haven t lost this one yet the Lander and orbiter that were to have explored climate history and search for water this year Are part of a red planet Campaign that launches an orbiter and Lander every 26 months when the orbits of Mars and Earth Are properly aligned. The policy in fact was implemented after Nasa s $1 billion Mars observer probe vanished near the planet in 1993. Even if both this year s missions to the red planet have failed the total loss is Only fraction of Mars observer. In the Wake of the investigation report More navigators were added to the Lander prot Ai every aspect of the Lander a ion we review a ther con Cem a the cold Staft of Whimster Rocs Felts during descent a was addressed by turning on Heaters before the Lander s Mission began. The unprecedented scrutiny of the project after the orbiter disaster in fact is one of the reasons Mission Contr ouers remain optimistic about hearing from the Lander. Quot there would seem to be greater cause for anxiety than they have publicly conveyed thus far Althou i would not question their observation that there Are several More Days Worth of opportunities to hear from the Lander quot Pite said sait Virday. Quot they do have a whole sort of sequence of things that would allow them to establish Contact quot he said. Quot they re not just whist Hng past the Brussels Belgium a within one storybook season Little known speech therapist Mathilde d Ude Kem became a Princess after a spectacular wedding saturday to Crown Prince Philippe and is now in line to become the kingdom s first belgian bom Queen. In Belgi Iun s biggest Royal Bash in decades the Only thing to outshine the ceremony and Many crowned Heads attending was Mathilde a dressed in an eggshell gown of cry e and silk. She trailed a Century old five Yard train of Brussels lace and was topped in a jewelled Tiara quot Mathilde Mathilde quot shouted thousands of people on the Cobblestone grand place after Philippe and his Bride appeared on the Balcony of the gothic Day Hall. When the Crown Prince spoke his wedding vows cheers drifted through the a windows from the crowd below. Quot the whole of Belgium fell for your charms quot said Brussels mayor unit Francois Xavier de Donnea the Brussels mayor who officiated the evil ceremony which Imper belgian Law had to precede the religious service. Prime minister Guy Verhofstadt said Mathilde 26, Lay at the Root of the quot atmosphere of optimism quot sweeping Belgium after years of bribery and corruption scandals child sex murders and a food scare Over Dicon poisoning. After a two hour religious ceremony that followed the evil service the newlyweds left medieval Saint Michael s Cathedral in the Center of Brussels to the sounds of Johann Sebastian Bach. They were met again by cheering crowds As Sim Shine Broyce a die Doud cover. In All 101 Cannon shots were fired As Philippe and Mathilde were driven Back to the Royal Palace in a ass topped Mercedes Benz limousine for a luncheon attended by him reds of Royalty and others. It was a far cry from the modest Brussels apartment a few Miles Sawaji where Mathilde lived until a few months ago. The nation first saw Mathilde on so t. 10, when the Royal wedding was announced after several years of a secret courtship. The announcement Brout is of reef across the country. Many belgians had imagined Philippe 3q was headed for terminal Bachelor ship or an arranged marriage. Next to Mathilde Philippe has a associate press s Prince Philippe places a ring on his Finger As Princess Mathilde reads the. Vows of marriage saturday i Brussels. I j a it seemed awkward and wooden and saturday s wedding Only confirmed to i this. Though throngs of people screamed for a romantic kiss the Prince never gave his Bride More a Titan a Peck on the Cheek. For her part Mathilde beamed flashing a wide smile that prompted Pim dits and commentators to gush that she would make a perfect Blue Jay from al the end zone for the touchdown giving the Blue jays a 14-7 Lead with 6 20 left in the first Quarter. Quot i saw Kyle hit him and the Ball got Loose quot Klaus said. Quot Rinir or five of us went for it and Matt Schwin Nen and i both got it. It s the first time i be Ever scored and to do it Here in the state championship game feels in the second Quarter the Blue jays used a play they had not no All year. Out of the Shotgun formation the Ball was snapped directly to Weber at halfback. The 5-7,150-Pounder took off like a human Cannonball. Weber shot throw the Hole for 64 Yards to the st. Paul 15. Mixer ran an inside trap for a 15-Yard to on the next play. St. John s now had a 21-7 Lead with 6 37 left before theh of. Quot in Prce we run it but it s scary Beira use Doug Martz Calls Outi the play before it happens quot Weber said. Quot Here i caught it and they All flowed one Way. The Back Side was said Schulte quot we set it up against Marion local a 38-8 Victory last wee but did t run it. No one had seen it All including Norwalk st. Paul which looked befuddled at the play. Quot he s Weber a Small Guy and runs behind a big line. Sometimes he gets lost in there quot Norwalk st. Paul coach John Livengood said. Quot it was a great Call out of the Shotgun and Cau to us off guard. As the game went on i think they wore us st. John s kicked the Lead to 28-10 with 10 19 left in the third on a 43-Yard touchdown no around the i it Side by Weber. He stayed close behind his blockers until he hit the Comer then popped out and was gone. For the third time this year Martz As the team s punter called. A fake punt on his own. And for the third time it worked. Martz ran for 29 Yards on the fake to take the Ball to the st. Paul u. Mccormick hit Morris on the Anlo re gave st. John s a 2e-10 ion with 3 16 left in the third. By then the st. John s defense had totally frustrated st. Paul and if had taken away its running game in the Blue jays often would have is eight players near the line and seemed to know where Pugh was. Going before he got the Ball. Quot we watched his eyes quot Martz said. Quot he would Tell us where he was going with his linebacker Shawn Ardner led st. John s with eight tackles. Klaus had seven. Quot we keyed on him Pugh. We knew he was their Guy quot Ardner said. Pugh said quot they have a very tou defense. Oil linemen tried but they kept stunting different a linebackers and it made it hard for us to st. John s enters next year 10 victories away from the state record of 54 straight held by Versailles. Quot what stands out to me is that. We were undefeated in seventh and. Eighth grades freshman Jav acid varsity quot Martz said. Quot we be never been looking to saturday s Champion ship Gaff so it s easy to see Why. Tom usher can be reached by phone at 993-2089 or email at employment from al in the production of steam locomotives in the Early 20th Century. Some 1,100 people worked there in 1912, about double that of a decade before. The Loco works As it was popularly called would hit Peak employment in 1944, when it Emp byed 4080 people the employment history states though other sources have placed the High employment at 4,300, also in 1944. Other manufacturers of goods that moved people from one place to another also acted As msgr employers a Sheller Globe corp., which opened in 1923 As Superior coach corp. Ford motor co s Lima engine Plant 1957 the general dynamics army tank Plant 1978 As Chrysler Lima tank Plant and air foil the tron 1952 As sex cello corp. Quot am or shift from the manufacture of Public transportation to private and defense related transportation equipment occurred quot the manufacturing study states. Quot this is illustrated in the decline and eventual closing of the Lima locomotive works and the Sharp Rise of employment of both the Rord motor company and general the transportation Industry and six others accounted for 90 percent of the manufacturing employees during the 50 years of the manufacturing employment study the publication states. Though most Are not nearly the size of their predecessors Many transportation re lated Plante exist in the Lima area today. Honda of american manufacturing has Large plants in Anna and East Liberty. Ford employs almost 2,000 people at the Lima engine Plant Down from the Plant s 4,500 workers in 1980. Many Plante with several Hundred employees or less Are scattered throughout the Lima area making All forms of automotive components. Quot today the manufacture of transportation equipment dominates Allen county s Economy quot according to a county profile produced by the Ohio department of development office of strategic research. Electronics Industrial and commercial machinery fabricated Metal products petrochemicals food and related products and primary my tal industries also accounted for Laige numbers of employees. Westinghouse became a major employer in Lima hitting a Peak of the Lima news vol 115, no. 339 usps313-260 published every morning by Freedom communications inc., 3515 Elida Road phone 419 223-1010. Periodical postage paid at Lima Ohio. Postmaster Send address changes to the Lima news to. Box 690, Lima Ohio 45802-0690. Member audit Bureau of circulations. Home de very subscription rates Dail amp weekender sunday Fri sat Sun monthly Carrier $12.00 $9.00 direct my to our office 3 months $36.00 $27.00 6 or rants $72.00 $54.00 year $136.80 $108.00 weekender rate also includes papers on the following holidays new Vba a Day memorial Day Independence Day labor Day thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Single copy Price 50 cents daily $1.50 sunday. Mail de very $182.16 per year in Allen augaite Hardin Putnam and Van Wert counties. Mail rates elsewhere available on request delivery service please Contact your can ier who is an Independent contractor or phone our subscription services a rement at993-2000 or out of Tom at 1-800-686-9914 before 10 . Monday through Friday and before 11 . Saturday and sunday. Other numbers switchboard 223-1010 adv Ernsing director. 993-2051 classiredads.993-2002 displffitads.993-2001 subs Wynon services. 993-2000 news.993-2060 editor.993-2077 editorial moe.993-2078 ufestyie.993-2059 obnimries.993-2060 photo.993-2057 sports.993-2086 pubusher.993-2074 5,525 people in 1944. Sundstrand acquired like facility and made electromagnetic devices for the aerospace and military there. Lima s dependence on government jobs would Cost it in the Early 1990s, when it lost 8000 jobs because of the closings of air foil the tron and Sundstrand plus a massive Cut of employees at general dynamics. Today the area s Reliance on manufacturing has not gone away completely but services and trades have each surpassed manufacturing in terms of numbers of people in the Field according to the department of development. The county profile using 1995 numbers showed 14,868 people working in services another 13,969 in trades and 12,210 in manufacturing. The trend away from manufacturing is evident in the county s 10 largest employers. Two of the top three Are to spitts and a grocery store management Chain is among the leaders. Lima became a City because of what Mother nature put Here a the Black swamp s Supply of hardwoods and Oil. The latter has played a key role in employing people Titis Century. Ronald Lederman or. Can be reached by Polione at 993-2095 or email at stocking from al Barb has called a local Church about getting a Christmas tree but so far has not had any Luck. Her dining room where a tree would go remains empty. The empty stocking fund benefits three cooperating agencies the salvation army Bradfield Community Center and Cheryl Allen Southside Community Center. Money can be donated by writing to the Lima news. It is deposited in an account at the Huntington Bank which handles transactions free of charge. It is then distributed evenly to the three agencies. Donations of non perishable food items and personal Hygiene products jul be accepted at the Lima news office it 3515 Elida Road for distribution to the agencies. »1� Elf

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