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Lima News Newspaper Archives Aug 22 2015, Page 2

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Lima News (Newspaper) - August 22, 2015, Lima, Ohio In saturday. August 22.2015 the Lima new people amp More be careful what you sign when going to court there is an old saw that goes something like a a woman work is never Well judge John h. Davison found out that it also applied to judges on occasion. Having straightened out the pro endure by which notaries Public were appointed he discovered that All notaries were not adhering to the Law in exercising their authority. In the Early years of world War la. Most Young men and Many Young women were off in Many places defending their country and not Able to defend themselves in court actions at Home. To prevent default judgments being taken against them. Congress enacted a Law known As the soldiers Anil sailors civil Relief act of 1940. This Law is still in effect and Means that if von want a judgment against a person w to does not appear before the court you must tile an affidavit a notarized statement saying that the Perron is not on Active duty in the military sen ice. For instance in a divorce Case. It the defendant failed to appear at the final hearing and had filed no pleadings the court could not Sigil the final order divorcing the parties unless a military affidavit was on tile in the Case. Such was the situation when an attorney showed up for a routine uncontested divorce hearing beton1 the honorable John h. Davison. The hearing proceeded w Ith the usual testimony of marriage. Grounds property Etc. After listening to the evidence the court was presented the Oiler for divorce to sign which would. Of course terminate the marriage. Judge Davison looked Over the tile and every thing seemed to be in order. He then sifted Down through the paperwork in the file and said to the lawyer. A where is your military affidavit it is not in the the lawyer responded by saying. A i have it Here. with that he dipped into his file and produced what appeared to im1 a perfectly Well done military affidavit. Signed by the woman seeking the divorce and the lawyer As the notary Public. All is Well right wrong some sixth sense alerted judge Dav Ison that All was not what it appeared to in1. Military affidavit in hand he turned to the woman witness and said to her. A is your husband in the armed forces Quot to which she replied judge Davison said a and you swear to that Quot she said. A yes. I All is Well right wrong because he then said to her. A and you swore that was the truth when you signed this affidavit Correct Quot a perplexed look came Over her face at that time and she said. A i done to remember doing at that his head came up and he gave the lawyer a frown a glimpse from his steely eyes. And said Quot Tell me just w hat happened when you signed this affix a she said. A Well. I got a letter in the mail from my lawyer to sign this paper Send it Back to him in the envelope and meet him Here for the hearing and that s what i says judge Davison a this part at the Bottom of the affidavit where it says that it was sworn to before him and signed in his presence is a lie i it that right Quot no answer. A Well. Then the notary Public your lawyer is telling two lies if he says you did. Isnit he Quot no answer. The lawyer of course sat there watching and listening to this discourse and of course knew what was coming. Judge Dav Ison then turned to the lawyer put on his it est Stern visage and began to berate him in his very Best style. He accused him of representing to the court that he had done something that he knew was false that is having the witness before him w Hen the affidavit was signed and second claiming that he had administered an oath to the witness when he had not. The facts were so Clear that there really was no arguing about it judge Davison continued berating the lawyer for lying to the court embarrassing his client by the failure to present a proper affidavit causing the court to dismiss the divorce Case and All other manner of dire consequences. Elliis went on tor about 20 minutes in judge Davison Best style. He finally gave the lawyer Back the unsigned Oiler of div orce kept the offending Faux affidavit and stalked out of the courtroom. This was All done while the rest of the waiting uncontested divorce petitioners for the Day looked on. Lawyer and client left the courtroom and i heard her say to him a am i divorced now Quot in a sure she eventually got divorced probably in the other courtroom but not that Day moral of the Story be careful what you sign. Lawrence s. Huffman contributing columnist artist opens derelict a dismal and theme Park today in history on August 22.1485. London a the elusive British Graffiti artist Banksy has unveiled his latest project a a parody of a Seaside theme Park called a dismal and Quot Complete with a derelict Castle a dead Cinderella and a grim reaper in a bumper car. The artist Hest known for his subversive stencilled Street Art. Said it was a a festival of Art. Amusements and entry level a i guess you a say its a theme Park whose big theme is theme Parks should have bigger he said. While Banksy said it was Quot not a swipe at its difficult to ignore the reminders of Disneyland a from the Gray Castle and the skewed sculpture of Ariel the Mermaid in front of it. To the exhibit of Cinderella in her Carriage. Only this Princess hangs out of her crashed Carriage apparently dead As paparazzi look on. The project staged in a rundown site Home to a former outdoor Pool in southwestern England a Weston super Mare is Banksy s biggest show to Date. It includes new works from Banksy Well As Art galleries featuring some 50 International and British artists including Damien Hirst. Musical performances and Arcade games Complete the experience. Among the darkly amusing exhibits a sculpture of a woman attacked by a Cloud of seagulls a killer whale leaping out of a a photo a Banksy piece depicting an orca whale jumping out of a toilet is displayed at Banksy s biggest show to Date entitled a Dis Mariand a a during a press viewing in Western super Mare Somerset England on toilet bowl and a Pond where visitors can steer Model boats crammed w Ith migrants. Jenner could lace charges in crash los Angeles a Caitlyn Jenner could face a vehicular manslaughter charge after sheriffs investigators found she was driving unsafely when she caused a Chain reaction crash that killed a woman in february officials said. Investigators determined Jenner was driving at a Speed a unsafe for the prevailing Road conditions a los Angeles county sheriffs department spokeswoman Nicole Nishida said thursday. Jenner was hauling an off Road vehicle on a trailer behind her Cadillac Escalade on feb. 7 when she steered to avoid cars slowing for a traffic Light in front of her on the Pacific coast Highway in Malibu. Jenner was unable to Stop in time and her Sla rear ended two cars pushing a lexus into oncoming traffic and also hitting a Toyota Prius. The lexus Driver 69-year-old rim Howe was killed w Hen her car was Quot truck head on by a Hummer. Blanco named ambassador new Vork a Richard Blanco has Immi named the first education ambassador for the Academy of american poets. The Academy announced Friday that Blancos duties for the honorary position will include promoting the organization s a programs and resources to the educational the poets Academy was founded in 1934 and has a Mission to Foster a an appreciation for contemporary poetry and supporting american the 47-year-old Blanco delivered and composed the inaugural poem for president Barack Obama a second term Iii office. Blanco was the first latino first immigrant and first openly Gay inaugural poet. Key s puts Home on Market for she Englewood. N j. A Ohi rials say Alicia keys has put her 32-room Northern new Jersey Home and an adjacent property on the Market with an asking Price of $14.9 million. The record reports the Singer bought the Englewood Home two years ago from Eddie Murphy for $10.4 million. The neighbouring property also once owned by the comedian was purchased for $1.7 million earlier this year. The listing agent for the properties says keys and her husband hip hop artist Sui beat plan to build a larger Home with enough space to House their contemporary Art collection. Birthdays broadcast journalist Morton Dean. 80 baseball Hall of Farrier Carl Yastrzemski. 76 actress Valerie Harper 76 pro football Hall of Fame coach Bill parcels. 74 actress Cindy Williams. 68. Actress Regina Taylor. Cd Rock Singer Roland Orzabal tears for fears. 54 Singer Tori Amos. 52 rapper go a the Genius 49 actor Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje 48 actor to Burrell 48 celebrity chef Giada Del auf Entwis. 45 rap reggae Singer been to Man. 42 Singer Howie Dorough backstreet boys42 comedian actress Kristen Wug. 42 Muliar my Richard 111 was killed in the Battle of Bosworth Field effectively ending the War of the roses. In 1787. Inventor John pitch demonstrated his Steamboat on the Delaware River to delegates from the constitutional convention in Philadelphia in 1846, ten Stephen w Kearny proclaimed All of new me a territory of the United states in 1851 the Schooner America outraged More than a dozen British vessels off the English coast to win a trophy that came to be known As the America s cup in 1914, Austria Hungary declared War against Belgium. In 1922. H evolution i. Michael Collins was shot to death apparently by Irish Republican army members opposed to the Anglo Irish treaty that Collins had in 1932. The British broadcast no corp conducted its first experimental television broadcast using a 30-line mechanical system in 1956. F resident Dwight d Eisenh Are and vice president Richard Nixon Weie nominated for second terms in office by the Republican National convention in san Francisco in 1962, French president Charles de Gaulle survived an attempt on his life in suburban Paris in 1968, Pope Paul i arrived in Bogota. Colombia. For the Start of the Fust papal visit to South America in 1972, president Richard Nixon was nominated for i second ter in of office by the Republican National convention in Miami Beach in 1985 when fire broke out aboard a British air tour s charter Jet on a runway it Manchester Airport in England in 1989 Black panthers co founder Huey p Newton was shot to death in Oakland. California gunman Tyrone Robinson was later sentenced to 32 years to life in prison correction topic voting of poll i Rooks Date run aug. 21. 2015 Page a it was reported that voters will in Able to vote via touchscreen on the new e Roll books coming to the Allen county Board of elections. Voters will actually still use Majier ballots with the e my i i Miks Only used to Chavkin voters. Coming sunday Contact us the Lima news Civitts Media Ilc Cusps 313-26 Telephone 419-2234010 Puishes daily Suos caption rate is 1213 36 per year Isner St in few 2 0463 Itari Edaj it editor Jim a Umei 667 242 0391 Tom circulation director John Quanta Rice 567 242 0452 Quaintance Itma fews com adverbs % 419-993 2040 Classie de ads 419 993 2222 newsroom 419 222 news 6397 to Fodiman com obituaries 419 222 news 6397 ot>ts4 Tirane a com subscription services 419 993 2000 3515 Elida Road. Lima of 45807 periodical postage paid at Lima. Of postmaster Send address changes to the Lima hews 3515 Eda Road Lima of 458071538 the next generation leaders within area municipal governments see their careers winding Down As they begin to think about retirement but who s left to run the government afterwards sundays the Lima news looks into How governments Are preparing for their eventual departures your Lima news your Way

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