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Lima Argus (Newspaper) - October 7, 1854, Lima, Ohio S i s 1 i the Lima october the know democratic ticket for supreme syiepj2b0 r Boardo War let he for Volney Ohn i John John Basset Simon since the Argus has spoken out against this most abominable we have often been asked what do you know of the a timid foot funds that you go violently oppose them arc your reasons for and what do you expect to effect by it the latter question we will answer we Hope to inform every Man the circuit of the argut of the existence of Nuch an utterly prescriptive and infamous organization All around us and in our midst and also to expose the objects of the so far As we Are informed of that no one May be imposed upon by them and be led to lend it their influence and support in can fire during eternity could not save the of the time has Como when Macri cow Hon you men at a late hour of Tho eve i and i desire to say i am Tirol anti Lioci no such sentiment was uttered nine skulking silly through the byways and by one of these courthouse that Nich any oppose and then the conductors of that Sheet say they know clothing about his while n Tho aame time they oppose Dorsey arid whether the sentiments there expressed harmonize the avowed objects of that did the fall Era his or Tho Sago of Nichols As a member for what does it i or the hero Rcw Orleans Ever Imbur opinions we expect to remain True to ourselves mean we leave our readers to form their own j that pc is always a Mark of suspicion to hear any one vociferously crying atop thief the Gazette of last week came out in Flam ing announcing that the were concocting a plan to Defrand the people of their so far As we know in re m j i Gard to is emphatically electioneering gotten to have no by the editor of that hybrid and some of to cover up l similar and infamous designs they intend perpetrating on the this is no simple supposition on Pur we have facts to Bear us out in Bur f 4 we know that their pet candidate for con Gress said to one of the regular democratic but five Days that he was going to have his the nominees name priv Ted on his to understand he has told 1 who docs it belong to our Aud True to god we shall Endeavor to maintain the spirit of the blood bought privileges of our glorious against any in Novation of tin Torous origin we Hope to uphold so far As our feeble efforts extend and democratic institutions Percsi the goddess of Freedom the uncontrolled Liberty of religious be Lief arid and the present privileges of tie elective As to what we know in regard to the we have placed a portion of our knowledge before the and intend to give another addition in the present which we will premise by saying that what has heretofore been published in the a relative to can be relied upon he being Cor the article annexed we copy entire from the american a know not ii ing paper Thalac cide tally fell into our it Apaka vol and verified All we have said about the order the eight of should have it the right of a great a Glo rious but who should have it in our country l t ols and i belonged to the know i feel it wit a simple act of Justice to myi is thu Timo u Ami to s personal and political to i Siviy that this charge of political know Noth ashamed to ick is infamous at Rowledge and skulked through the the extract is freighted with a matter of serious Tiik and to and Thuv Tell us we do j Twe rendezvous no True american will attn not know their strength in our own dist cup inti Ute of the Kiml Thuv Cre Pitt l i i urn Ting that if we did we would be frightened into j Lester their lives were too pure to be Tor the same to others of the democratic Candi what is Tho object of this a other than to impose on the unsuspecting Democrat Ami make it appear that to la Tho candidate on the regular democratic tick he is willing to Swap off any Man on the Index Undot ticket that lie May a Oruro democratic votes for himself dem of this and look out for othere who Are now agitating the Nebraska question with a View to the restoration of the principles of the Missouri proclaim themselves in favor of establishing a sectional division drawing an odious distinction be tween the people on either hide of the ing to those South of arc competent to fix the Cim Rocter of your own institutions and May do to those North of that line you virtually arc not competent to net for we Lay Down the Rule for what democracy is there about that what righteousness id there in it the leading journals of the whig party now acknowledge virtually that the Bill is in speaking of its repeal the Albany evening Jour Nal honestly reasons on Hie restoration of the Compromise and concludes it had better be left its to restore or guck the would be but to open a Long and doubtful conflict of and with the compromises Restor it Nyks with signify Larico would there not have been ample time for two counterbalancing store states to be organized out of Texas or to come in under the restoration not to enery that treads our by a Long this right of suffrage is outrageously abused in our it is a matter that we who have the Good of the the Good of Good the Good of the Good of All True and great governmental at should address ourselves with Zeal and this is our contending arid we wont flinch a hair from ii for any Man none but americans should enjoy the right of we maintain this is just to ourselves just to Dutiful to country and to if America id for americans if this nation belongs to us if we As we it is then it it ours in Ichi Clito exercise this great and it is for no men or an in Hin Crous in or More Totlis conclusion love came a Large majority of the opponents to the passage of the Nebraska Ami who now oppose its is it a bargain and Sale the following bit of interesting to Hiis just come to brought out through the columns of the Darke county it is particularly interesting to the democracy of Allen from the fact that it intimately interests them o Wing to the spurious ton in which a Porton of the party have allowed themselves to be it explains to us the whys and wherefores of the vacillating course of Nichols prior to the assembling of the Sidney explains certain unaccountable and mysterious manoeuvres in which his actions have been opens the door of his secrecy and lays Bare to our understand ing the agencies that led to his and his True position id made it remains now for Democrat Ato judge whether he is worthy of that Confidence which it is shown he has so shamefully and which you so honestly and implicitly m Tefton Here front other toe care not who they High or should not he allowed this it belongs to when their children grow Upland breath american fathom american then suffrage maybe not Mey Elt to that is pregnant with fearful import to our for eign and the native born should think careful before embarking in so dangerous to our liberties to the existence of our Model and dangerous to the perpetuation of All free to accomplish their nefarious designs it is Neces sary that there should be an american As they seem pleased to style that would be a new in our Republican existence there never has since the assembling of the first up to the present a Congress of full american born we would ask have they not been an Honor to the declaration of Independence Wass Mcd by j we have Here written from the from the organs of the to have told a part of what know about and it is sufficient for any True Republican to to make him a hostile agent against Tho diabolical wished by such know nothing a writer in the Baltimore from w says during my Short stay in this i have been upon authority satisfies of its one third of the senators oft Lima october 3d to by Ellow citizens i m v v t t h w i i he know Livili the colonel says until Tho Sidney Conj to Tho Montion i Wati the firm and steadfast Friend of resort to Tho most i l t 11 mid i went to that convention for i Tsitir us i l n i n i j the sole of assisting him in procuring papers u Long string of a i t t Jar crw Herd of the a on saturday last an no Rimutis i Hirwas shown to me which i am informed is in general circulation throughout this and Tho other counties of Tho 4th congressional District containing a statement signed by my and also a letter signed by Lester Bliss nol contradicting but evidently intending to carry Tho idea of a contradiction of the statement so signed and published in Tho Lima Argus bar us Nisi Usu Sunui Nuiell Hill hires his Miu i i ii in til in r of its one third of the senators of the Usu Lottor or s0cs stl11 Furtner Ted and about eighty of the to speak reference to the language a a 1 i j c k u Nuci 4 Jav i 11 n n t v m j i lived in the lower Are now Erners of purify of this the above we clip the american a know nothing paper printed in does it not look very much if the vital question of the Freedom or oppression of our fellow mis rapidly approaching its Climax but before the latter question shall become dominant and this fair land riot in tyrannical hand Wil be raised against find Rivers of blood will will not quietly submit they of the blood of their revolutionary sires in them to tolerate and they will resist innovation to the bitter to debate on the Keb Raaka water n when Nichols Bills were circulated ii by county for Bis a Challenge was apr any made use of by Nichols us reported by to makes use of expressions which was never and so far As i know never Muki by Bliss says 1 was informed that Hiram Stotts was circulating u report Over the in the conversation above alluded Nichols used words of hostility to the to would not believe them under i never made such n statement at any nor at any and Bliss not Only misrepresents myself and but As i believe has Given cur Rency to a deliberate now i have Only to say that the statement signed by me is True As that the conversation occurred precisely As reported by and that i am neither mistaken nor under a mistaken apprehension As to Tho character of Nichols remarks in reference to Tho dutch As he was pleased to term them and that the language used by Nichols was just this these dutch dont Amonn tto much a voided to for Dorsey to meet him in de Bate on the principles of the Nebraska know Nas i am to Many of my Fullow Citi rens in Allen to von for Liuva hic the sole of assisting him in procuring papers u string that now this is i important if Totth heard Xio Huls make use of which to of which Uro Suttlar pc appears now to Rogall with so much How could to support him for thu to must than Havu Beun dishonestly conceal ing Tho fact from the but Chut is not says i saw no unfairness in Tho con Tho colonels track Hasteon Mthr Rve Tim their iut Ollir Init too crooked to sustain such a head the following when the friends of Nichols withdrew from Tho Totta was Amon and when Tho motion was put to Nomi Nate Nichols As Tho Peoples ant Nebras a i was standing near and know that to voted and that he swung his hat and cheered As heartily As any one in afterwards in company with and while were getting up our team for starting Stotts said he was sorry Tho thing has of but any one could Sec they wore bound instead of labourers of Pora i ii Hull Law of Rnelva to find that Eppro hewed danger fro and Tho Catholic m think to was in time1 Livo referral and very forcibly feeding our own i film Yiyi Tho t goods of a if Over Tho Liberty of it will to by to also Snia Nick is a Good i Bofty Ovi Chunco that it a was to Hutcher and if lie had wont into the convention to would or tvs hft4 and a Clover Little fellow i always liked him first Rataj and i unbound to support i fully concur in Tho above statement of i further say that i Hoard u0 Mich Stotts Muke declarations at Wapato penned Trio above on our Road Homo from Tho i was at Tho convention and saw Stotts never was Man love of a nmn was a Tiki is from u out Holic paper americans should know portico pitting in the doings of Tho crowd that so full Tho nominated and am positive that United autos ii he cheered just As loud is any in the there boat n of h1 l Tho ridiculous Fara Funada of which Tho a Vcra i do we not reverence that instrument of our liberties formation do we regard it any the less because it was so by Mcd and to o we Icil topics of the in tinny loth has ill was rec Ioctl from your hands Tho kind to 1 am led to believe that your to arc up Pended to the notes in his to Corres treatment 1 urn led to Belicov that your go Nurious Confidence reposed in me at other has not been i submit to you self and Pond with of Nichols on the it willbe j this question of veracity Between mys observed in tic notes which of the two gentlemen j who has travelled out of a m 4l a 4 be t k full Culuris to but it a urn it in sue men of und in any Othor would avoral ver we Llover colonels in truth is Usu num oof is an unenviable my Cacholi it is nud Trio Albu in ils own Ujj were the most anxious for the and which one them was willing to forego other Ara Ligate that he might accommodate his Tim and place of meeting to the other As neat As May unit no charge of unfairness could be attributed to we Annex the correspondence in having been informed that Nichols is desirous of discussing with him the important political topics now before Tho will be pleased to Mot a Sid Ney on monday or at any other place us am Day thereafter that May consistently deny their countrymen the privileges within its sacred in the signing of their names to they placed themselves in open and defiant opposition to the oppressive Power of irresponsible and were stigmatized and denounced As rebels yet this order would proscribe our foreign citizens and fully americanize and what for to Hei desired a peal All naturalization us quintly i am surprised that the been amt and join Van Avert county to assail to of that of which him says he knows nothing having no fears that i shall Sutler in the comparison with one who Stoops to the Low Slang of court House in opposing men who have not Only never injured but have assisted in con Ferring upon him Tho most substantial of former profs Sioris of love for our German citizens i have nothing to but believe if his recent changes and mutations Are any Index of his consistency As a demo and his integrity As a Tho Chango his feelings have undergone in reference to our gives me no but on the other hand a a not Only plausible but Tobo looked Sidney convention i was the firm and Standfast Friend of i Well j to that convention for the Only and sole Pur Jose of him in procuring that Nomi 1 was led to this course not Ojill after he recurs to Tho Yunu of in til0 event of Cal Homie to 1 doubt not it will to with any cow Ciuco would u a an Gnu thing Ciso than emotion of unc Scro of to attain Natul by Surv i i1 euro la Jjlia attempted by extraordinary Are thu politic to Iid Niit 4 v j j d j p j i f a Means to ruin Tho Man who he pretends to Tho have always regarded with feelings Only rely incompatible wit i Iii present a Avo is Tho Clumsy est t v gentlemen yours of this has just been i have never said to and one that eel a imposed in a Lefiad Tho following his nomination made by a we More than two months since which nomination was so that in the event of going before Tho and acting with then Bell was to take place As the fusion this Tong Mont was known to leading All we prominent whig of this place travelled several Days for the of giving out the signs and counter y of those who were parties to were present at the demo the convention in Sidney they were there i 1 1 at would scarcely be credited that a Large and respectable portion of our citizens be disfranchised by tie Accident of they Tot saw Light under another govern ment but Sueh is the Mma trom is Faite or on of this assertion is no Idle phantasm is account of my previous Friendship for Tho Man but Tor the reason i Lielie Vod has nomination would party to which i have inc Toworu and of which i him a r f i i was a member of that convention and saw informed of any such despite on my but in that transpired in to Nichols discussion Tho above article of certificates not Bei n companies with signature to take the lib Cunic to our Lloro Aro a few we but wholly perverted from la their authors against thy uis ulious to ii erty of Tea it Gnu did to by Guni Agliani who requested its accompany to constantly it m ing publication with stotts1 circular baneful docs of a Republican i we took Tho Liberty of showing it to Stotts that lie might a Plain himself if to saw i f f u to the emt Oiw Lima audis As the present is the last number of your paper thai can Issue before the i take u us a is Gupta att of Justice to that 1 be permitted through a reply to the Artiel submitted to you for to which a it shched hide Nour and that those have of Csc v deemed it necessary to Volunteer certificates in Rof b for proof we will go to the last week w published their ignoble platform which stands Der the editorial head of the know nothing in o41 appointments county Only tasty that any one 3 i i so at May i wer Antii Crenco to a matter entirely disc Josue of fact Between to Joey can certainly know for of breaking me Down in w in dedicate n fear that my statement is credited 1 confess i feel no alarm at being brought in in nah tit i f i k t it ounce cited with Tho Mcl of which the purpose Ould seem to yet uxta1 position to men of their and fool no fear ius to l f a n Wera not ignore of the that from this Date until thu Elui any a Vitus looming organs bins uate Uusi thu Clec the first clause of which of All Natu have which use up every r j i m i c 1 i saw no in that i know that went into convention Flud Tiit lie withdrew Bis name from that i the ultimate credit our statements in As an honorable Raun and tried i Cali reconcile the stupa tents i Bui Posod he would abide the Issue of that facf8 a the one of the Tui Isitt of thine gentlemen its cd of their Wuy been extended to the other or however Liis my the event fit Fried and have been by an unheard of violation of party and a re ski less sacrifice of democratic he has make i Hope Vuu May find Annm Tams a Fly of shielding Gourji Clow from or it May Law i wish Ocean of Firo but Cen this and the of neither of the above to religion of in Surl them Hail any Reform ecu whale Var to who come Hitler with Tho ing naturalized Citi Kotiw of thu in ill s one i Tusk for Tho dual Rution Neil arson Hini Kitle is thus Given in l he the King has the populate of of a trill for m in Tot Post obstructing the Laws fur of refusing to jus of liars be migration a for to realization and in the paper from which the i and permit me above article is we find the following to say that a Hill i havea ours is the american age nge in which i for i jello 111 Lluc pure american doctrines Are to be illustrated Adver Orv carried out in life and and this on m i t3 of our who crowd As that it meet his of the american Union and have so 18 barely possible that these local v1i to National to do this to meet our duty and our we a unfit have m american pm Montri Butch to our greatness As u i having seen All is it steins i n tie v saw made that Brigton had maintained it with Well Tel you what they they ukr Kuutti to Ica sow Btl after Tho our War of Franco was by the most Turr Ihu and Moody that is recorded in the hit Orluf Gress can we have it 1851 yours of this m a j we cart w f ditto is received the Bill announcing the Ani or Jve flunk Kotjan a not in a month j to Dis political topics now should refuse to go with him refuse tray my party is it strange i i to Nichols w reference to Tjie teed 1 have Natany said his Rhen i first mention was brought about inmost ble through tli1 once of the Kook it ties of the during that r n f p it n delegated by the atheists of not but m or let All districts where con own work to be with ceaseless Energy de Bear it if c f two to induce Nichols to withdraw from the and 6 for nomination say almost i in Cas Nichols should not with Nichols did and the whoa did nominate him As or rather candidate for atthe ele disclaims that the whig party Are heading know nothing and for proof quotes Logan the Logan county paper is the Only whig Sheet we know of that opposes the order the remainder of including the measures to be Laws to be enacted Only through n we depends upon Amurri opes of our cause in its s depends upon us Al Elton the Public jerseys time is at and will be till after the his own appointments in differ 3k2 is come naturalized but to and Organ Ink Bijj Job Giehls it vow Washington and enough of those toy will do Celivo nobody or common Lor his the that the desire manifested by above referred to May be Hiram led him fatal tit to Loup Success us win be discovered an Appeal to every desires a meeting called for the Espeche Congress District in the United plus if he is requested sets Turr j o work with ceaseless Fop Tim May not cause Tife other of Arti against attacks by shill Shally or from exposure and rebuke by open the Gazette to create a false impression and mis m in also says its principles Are advocated by democratic a notch on Shea m the ctr get used Mav be but by veg s0en it no where else than i the we do not vouch for it if it is it the Only democratic paper Tew of that fevers uie order in the least the remainder oppose them firmly Aad consistently wherever they have Organ there Are Black sheep in and cams May not be an a now nothing Lection of native born candidates to co Cress one plunk in their platform establishes the method i 2if of conducting the election where they requisite numerical and also the by which they seek to secure the ment of Mitra our first Neie to designated that you May the friends of Dowiot desire to place the attitude ascribed to them we i that plink in substance that All my How it and just what it read it carefully yours to the about after Nichols returned from i had a conversation with him i connected with the democratic in proof 7f which i herewith append Thoa tenement of air John As firm and reliable a Democrat As any meanness oct Lxi i understand that judge Fin narc the remark i tji r Luiu Sivu Al Lulu Sis in wll not now t a port in by Coupe Lye is willing to sacrifice Tho that he be retd by nothing these dutch ridiculous a manner willing to san he the whole a he jul regard to it As As pm and to me is a dont amount to much any this remark afterwards casually parties to have them or Republican or s u Case the Success of the culled u know nothing f is in this District they claim that they have Mem to control the by the sub of fusion that they he not question but that they cat received a can of fresh by the kind remember Nonea mrk Max of finer and luscious oysters we never or had the pleasure of which will please receive our he written statement signed by general Bliss i Tokoi my i it b a know n to and i hero Trike u11 Holland said to to that ounce the statement As a Lio from the they had chartered a team to Harry Twenty per ing to Tho up to Shroff to sons to the Sidney forthe express off their guard against that i purpose of Kichor put of and to lesson Tho then mentioned the names sit Ion of its Nichols used the words attributed to him i of the others of that which were he got up for election yceciselya3herermrtedfandtoaddthatinvrec Michael Loath or Man Wuwer Waldorf Hiram Jjohn John Deil it the rest names this was said to in connection some two weeks a saw Ikirt is engaged in the Oyster Trade at and will Send by express any orders in Curry and had to f v very much our citizens Are interested in it a Law promptness in executing orders and the Universal goodness raid brisk Ness of his ship ments have shown him a Mun in whom business to the editor Anous Stith Stotts will you publish the following letter from the has Small when he attempts to Dodge the Bliss Laws contradict in Plain the charge made by in Plain terms with them Confidence can be own l Sec his card in another at part i Florist by the on that ate Between messes Pace Aud Gambell t i i in looking Over the columns of the Lima 23d iiast1 observed a communication of Ribasi Channin or with saying in a Stotts and these Duch dont amount to an r a Little Over a week i was informed that Botts was circulating a report Over the in the conversation above Allu ded Tot Nichols used words of Hostil arrived Here in reference to my action in Sidney i placed in a position that i must re 1 1 d h own Deal of the meters shared am m there is nothing very v upon my the the d of Tith Lom pms who stood by me i was present b that fusion and will refer the Reader i i to i f and to All of whom i freely talked in reference to of Icli ols and Trio news expected at Varna on Tho it return f 3ted Varna on too was reported Liat the Banc n to when waa i the the report a the 1 thought he had signal defeat of he Avold not be f a democratic i Leif Cit Ray Otvas a he act of bad Faith towards is Dpi Menril Ili resign the action at i and that Austria has officially me and his other Powers of the czars refusal i Rev Afi Clinch the the following i and Buu Bias and Wade Ita a Public a new 4 v n f to 4 supporters in and a reckless sacrifice of democratic Priori Stotts with Austria armed the French republicans i i later news Flora China states to but ened attack on Canton was still i went Oil of convention As it was about to for and went Over to thorns hotel where a Motley crowd were i in i King i took my Eug Jand and on j my i 4d who stood Between or arc try pc i i

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