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Lima Argus (Newspaper) - April 8, 1854, Lima, Ohio Lima v proportion s Public sentiment Isth Law of the Public sentiment be Hottle april t i m e by Oliai Mijes time to to thin truth hag Tia a that Worth More offend for want of than from any want of if advice we would theres a time we should convey if weve but a word to theres a time in which to say oft unknowingly the touches on a chord 80 to fit a or a cml wrong pains the Pieart almost to Jinny a tear of wounded Many fault of Hul Nati Jas been soothed or turned by a ii Siut voice of Many i beauteous lower though we tend it Eer so much something secret in it which no human Aid can so in Many a Lovely breast some canker grief that if touched is More left into itself is healed from Chambers Edinburgh and 110w i got out 01 perhaps few of our colonies Are so Little known As its very ten years a was Seldom either heard or except in the counting houses and ledgers of Tho comparatively few merchants Traditi to one of us three great divisions and it is belter known amongst us by Nami at As the Home of the Vic say nothing of the impetus Given to its Timber Trade by the Fine collection of its shown in Tho great per haps i May just that Guiana is Tho North Eastern portion of South extending from the Orinoco southward to the h is divided Amoy the and 1rhibh Guiana is the most Northern extending Oti sea Board from the Orinoco to the nil in land in sources of the last mentioned River and the Essequibo an area of perhaps Miles dutch or extends from the River Corinth a to Tho and Between them Inland to their sources the area being not much less than Square French or extends Coastwise Iron Themi Vrony to the which Sepa rates it from its Extension Inland is but he area is supposed to be 000 Square with All these divisions of i have had occasion to become i orc or less though chiefly resident at George the capital of a Carara in of Tho whole there being perhaps As Many Whites in George town As in the whole of Essequibo and Bertico sly business in Guiana was an old it the collecting of skins alike of Birds and reptiles a7id such other spec Hiens of natural history As could be dried and transmitted to to be reanimated in the hands of the professional perhaps i do not estimate my it i say that for some two thirds of the specimens exported from the were the produce of my these of undertaking Only in the dry of in there Are two the Long dry from August to and the Short february and the course of proceeding was this my Indian an arawak named got his Corial and Laid in a according to the time we proposed be ing of Indian for the meat to accompany to depended on my double barrelled gun or As the Case As to Barras course was the reverse of that usually adopted by travel instead of adding to his he Dis carded the decent suit he used to Wear in contented himself with a single strip of cloth bound tightly around his serving to hold a Large my own wardrobe was somewhat of the but each had a bad slut around us Barras to hold provisions when we left the Corial for the Forest and mine to receive such feathered or other game As we might to Able to one part of our equipment must not be forgot Iten a but not thick about eighteen feet knotted at intervals of half a and having at one end a two Pound Iron this was used by Good we came on a Bush hog or other animal and did not wish to scare Che by our it was of still More essential service in another Way to to described it was a Lovely morning in August when Barra and i stepped into the and paddled leisurely up the Noble As to landed at two or three islands on our we had not made above Twenty Miles when e vening Drew in soon after which we pulled a Shore to Anar Rawak Encampment for the the next Day and night were spent in the same Way on the third morning we paddled Miles higher 115 the foot of the Raj sonic1 fifty Miles from the Rivers i above ten feet our bags Addad would where we secured the having Slung scarcely have diminished the certainty of Bro our 1 took the liar a the fowling and we started for the in deed came Down to tha Waters ing Coil or rope by turns As my object to secure we did not care to fire until we should Ace something Worth firing we had been tracking then Azes of the assisted by Barras for about two when we came upon n Small Patch of at the further Side of which stood a Noble Grenhart sect and it Diosi of Large and without a Branch for perhaps fifty the have passed unnoticed had it not been by an unusually Fino group of had i fired at them from the i must have used Shol that would have commercially damaged them if we could get up Tho tree near Small shot would secure them almost a ninja unc oiling the tied to the end opposite to the Ball a Long piece of and then taking the Hall in his hand retreated some Twenty paces front Tiu measuring with his Eye the from the ground to the lowest posing the Ball flew from his fell Over the by a dexterous Jerk at the same in the rope was coiled some four or five he had hit the distance so the rope dangled Down to within a couple of feet or so of the the string was there fore not and was thy object in affixing it being to have a Means of readily re covering the Hope the Underwood As was sometimes Eric it overshot the Mark or became entangled in the resting my Rifle i prepared to As taking with me the string and my game with attic ammunition contained in Barra now hold of the knotted and kept it As steadily to the ground As while i clenched it hand Over and was soon on the limb to which it had been by Means of the string i now Drew up my and proceeded along the limb to the Fork of the main in a minute or two Barra had joined with the provision bag still a rotund there being too Many monkeys a he fur him to think of risking it be we As quietly As that was very quiet for to were both Al most in a state of towards the top of the and soon had the pleasure of seeing the Lilit dancing through the Topmost and our convey of toucans still preen ing their feathers their Brilliant breasts glitter ing in the suit Barb now took off his Waist went immediately beneath he some fifteen feet below and made ready to Sprail the cloth so As to catch the game with the least possible Tho moment i had a being i Inch by advanced the Mizzle to within per haps Twenty feet of the and let Fly with both the shot was one of my five first rate Birds fell into Barraus three Only getting As Tho provision bag was so we Thot we could not now do better than lunch in our Leafy and so spent perhaps half an hour so luxurious a Bower can scarcely be imagined in any but a tropical surpassing Richness of the Forest scenery was seen to great advantage from our lofty Perch and had there been a few songsters to relieve the nothing would have been were in the thickest Shade for an hour or to say nothing of my gun having driven them beyond which required More Caie than the because it is always easier to climb than to but because i was burdened with my had to guard them from came in sight of the limb to which our rope was Well might we Star dismayed looking one of the howling monkeys Muncus Artinis was cooly seated on the with the Ball in his to having unwound the rope in or Der More leisurely to inspect Tho As i afterwards seemed greatly to astonish As he passed it from one hand to the balancing it As he did on the impulse of the a Short burst from to at the unprecedented shame for a Hunter i should Havo had More pres ence of but after nothing could have averted what followed the dropping the leaped in an to a neighbouring Trecz and never did any sound so Smith upon my As the sound of that Ball bounding upon even Barras unconcern in Ordinary Forest dangers was and he stood behind me and almost to in did not joke pair of treed it was some minutes before we fully realized our the lowest limb of some fifty feet from the and without and Means of reaching it but the string which had drawn up my and which was almost As great a weight As it would it was therefore quite useless so far As we were on no Way of escape suggested Ken As the trunk was almost too smooth for a we were fairly at our wit we took a narrower Survey of the tree thens did not seem to be anything to Cougar or Jaguar Marks were nor was there much probability of snakes be ing found in As none but the very largest could Compass such a and they Gene rally prefer a Tret overlooking a Stream their Pray being thus attracted within an easy distance for the fatal should any thing approach we had both arms and As to we were Well o ii Ough off even for some Barra having brought the bag along with say nothing of my Deerly bought toucans but water we had nor was there the smallest probability of a drop our Chance of being observed by any passing indians was Small in in a Forest the nearest Footpath through which was a mile Distant and As to attracting attention by that seemed equally Hope As we were known to be out on and the report of our arms be thought nothing time had passed during these and it became unpleasantly certain that the at must be spent on the As evening Drew made a sparing and prepared for such rest As we might be a Barras knife was of Good ser vice in cutting some of Tho smaller which to so disposed in a Fork a Little above the main As to Render us tolerable secure from falling if either of us should a hardly expected darkness now came on darkness that might almost be even in the Day these forests Are pleasantly As they shield one from the rays of the blazing looking towards the Patch of the outlines of our tree could after we had become used to the dim be faintly traced but towards the Forest All was solid while coming darkness seemed More As if it were something tangible being poured in the Foscat from filling up the spaces a Clewein the the smaller interstices Between their More like this than a simple deprivation of it was terribly Scon after night thus nocturnal sounds began to Greet our of not new to us but in our present Situa Tion they seemed vested with double signify a Jaguar came moderately near to the opposite we of the Savana on tiie fur some Holdeer in the open upon the the most striking feature was the silence that when invaded by these it made us at almost a fraid to break it by a As if we should in some sort be committing sacrilege in the a Gressing upon a rights How strange that this dead silence and and the ceaseless Roar and Bright nets of of acct the mind in the Suhm Way h was so at least with mans Power of adaption to circumstances is a benign if our misfortune had come upon us in the close instead of in the mid dle of the probability is that we should not have slept a hut i Vang Dro Ollert Over it for some it was i past in spite of the though Calm and of scanty Protection from we both began to and at last foil i awoke once or twice after but Barra slept on As i Hough he was swinging in his Hammock St about an hour before i could somehow feel was apart from the warning cries of nocturnal Birds and born my thoroughly and of the first Streak of Light Cut into Tho Forest gleam like a he was More than not having changed Liis position for some but soon roused throwing a Woi Diering glance around our a frugal dip into the bag was Fol Lowed by renewed consultation As to How we should get we at length i forced that by the Aid of Barras the and our we should try to make some kind of a by which to release ourselves from our Leafy the Prospect Wii snot an inviting Greenheart being one of the Jica Viest and hardest Woods of the Colon and Barras ing the onh knife Only one of us Coli lube employed at unless a that one could tie what the other this plan was again at length to commenced making a intended to reach the Down which we could slide with out further damage than perhaps some slight it was agreed to join the prices of which our pole must necessarily be composed by a Peg and socket the latter foreshadowing an uncomfortable amount of difficulty and enforced we had not Long continued to chop off a pretty High As the first length of our when the three As 1 verily believe they which had the Day before again settled on the top most speedily the noise they flew and we saw them no from morning to with the exception of a Short visit to the we Worff de after had not been Able to Complete More than eighteen feet at most in three the two an swered been made sufficiently tight to require some Force in screwing the Peg we suffered much from the want of Waas the labor caused us freely to perspire and to Felt some faintness of heart creeping Over us As we Laid Down to rest for the deep awoke in the morning a to re cuban hence a toil that now seemed the branches that answered our purpose be came scarce our knife was blunted by the hard and suddenly weat the same moment read Only despair in my companions and i turned away my eyes for they made a discovery which made my heart leu for on the further Side of the next tree to us in by Wlinich the Monkey had was a huge Large even where they twist among the and bind the Trees like Stout ships it reached within a bout ten feet of the depending some Twenty feet from a limb which our weight Wod put in no sort of if we could Only reach and Why should we not reach by bridging the space Between the two Trees by Means of our pole it was already Long the idea was no sooner conceived than we set to work it having decided on the most eligible Point whence to make the a careful hoist sent the further end of the Polo neatly into a Fork of Tho further Tho joints bore Tho Jerk almost without a and Barra was Over in a running Catlike along tha at a height of perhaps seventy feet from the a much heavier there was the More reason Why i should Cross in the same As quickly As possible but i confess i was afraid and on Barros Assurance that it would Bear i crossed and1 without mishap thanks to the exceeding Tough Ness of the we had hardly congratulated ourselves on our Success so when its Multa Neoushy occurred to us both that Trio were in our late and very Blank we insisted immediately returning and lowering them at Cuce to the ground by a in the i descended the limb whence the Liana and saw at once that oui troubles were at an Barra soon joined and first Slid it would not break with he even if it did with on reaching the he told me to follow which t did As soon As he oscillation caused by his dds out had Ceas taking up Pur guns and which the following lines from Tho Creek journal arc a capital Buric Fetic of Tho Tipper like utilitarian rhymes of the Day a plea for by be gentle to the new Inid for eggs Are Brittle things they cannot Fly until there and have n pair of if once you break the tender the wrong you cant the Yolk and White will All run out Aud make a dreadful tis but n Little Whilo at Beer v tit Athens have Power to 1omorrow eggs May addled although quite fresh 0 let Tho touch Bovey Light that takes them from Tho Keg there is no hand Whoso cunning skill can mend a broken Trout the examiner wild is solvent if by that to All to on thir eve of a general it is not Idle curiosity to inquire How Many solvent states there Are at in the the Tho Revenue of which Are in excess of their expenditures for our we can Only disavow four countries the uni Ted and Are really in that Safe condition for called England last a surplus seemed twice As heavy As when we last carried of three millions and a Quarter Sterol i the them we made the Best of our Way to or i i u i i i and never found water so delightful a med have nearly beit Barra was none the worse for Bis arboreal debt w Means of their Andare buy i contracted a ing another slice of Brazil has now lasted for a week or ten and which1 Rei annually Rasado some a year Riore greeted chiefly be Misc of its shortening the than it pc intr tit to Low ohis Cus Toms and Denmark had a Small bul y seasons by the term octets we several time visited the Iree in our rambles through the and on Tho j in lick in last gone Tho Way very last occasion the space Between the Turcea of All Coin How Ever in the defensive Avitua was still bridged by our rants she has been obliged to what the state of Prussia or Swiss finances May we a Britt profess to probably the con it my be there Lina bound to Render it the More the remains of the National intelligencer contains some in federation May have some to but Bat Prussia has a Thaler to spend Iff highly in gathered from the cur tis of the last Days of j insolvency is the general solvency the alluding to a subject which has agitated the m1 lately made a minds of the american Public for More Thryn report to the emperor of that in the half a Century the subject of the final Dispo 3ear France would at last live a sur position of the remains of this great piu3but of was on the a stump writer remarks that he never gave even a hint ton a War expenditure will effect of his views or wishes run this Bali eve tally dispel any such even if that his ashes Llcy were correctly at All events it As the property of Tho and entombed is notorious that Franco Lias in any 6ne with National after his the it Srof this had a sons in its Treasury High authorities of Tho nation begged his Notor defraying All demands and that Mains for Public interment at j since 1840 alone the French deficits have sex they were graded by Liis venerable on needed the frightful sum of thirty six millions condition that her own remains should be already too to hear of Tho Franth termed by the Side of her Hus found in the a government borrowing eight millions Sterling tonal Tor tile purpose of carrying out and another two Mil this president Monroe ordered two i0118 from tie Bank of crypts or vaults to to formed in the basement j As to the last six years Only Lirtie Story of the Centre of to receive Titi accumulated deficits on its devoted head a Hestime hero they Umen anted to this on her death j As published by its Admire vomit such Washington called her grand son and her sex the perversity or venality of German dec Tutor to her Iid said Washington to have my remains placed in a Leaden coffin that they May be removed with Tab a of the general at the command of the govern and yet the right of a state is urged to these honoured ashes the writer says it is High time the subject of the remains and the remains thew selves were at suming that government should Purchase hit Verbun and determine that the ashes of Tho that even Austria has admiring scribes to deficit 1847 1648 840 1850 1851 1852 six years of austrian by licit a deficit of annually in with re Ventre of barely a chief should there find a lasting we foot Jug Tho that can be said of aus would respectfully suggest that a sepulchre to finnic my to look in addition at its a erected on the site of the a magnificent having an extensive Bow Noti Mav be prosperous of the surrounding country and of the to immense army it u obliged Noble Potomac that washes its base the Mas much better than sire Structure to to formed of White its Revenue does not can 5n blocks each of a ton is and it in not two dome of surmounted by an Eagle in j As compelled borrow to Cut into such As up looked in each others could when tied round the he May have founding a Bronze and for inscription two words will speak volumes toll time the key of the re sceptic Cle to be always in custody off the president of the United states the time this and if Well if done the Tomb of Washington would cease to be a reproach among nations Tho Pilgri Rrt from Distant As he journeys through the mighty Empire with his heart filled with venera Tion for the Farre and the Ettory of att Erica illustrious when St faves at the National that easts its Broad Shaddow Oer the Potomac will become awed by the solemn grandeur often the american generations yet to will with filial the time honoured receptacle that contains the ashes of the father of his Conn try the enduring mellowed by tote Imri Ptim freshly preserved in Reverdy ing Bronze Job ii of us chef erected by the piety of the in tire american May in the words of the such honors Igliori tit her find peaceful sleeps the mighty hector1 Friendship doubles Allour pleasures and divides All our million Sterling to off outstanding is the even worse her expenditures is said to reach Zooi to meet which her Revenue is Only for Sardinia bos to thank Austria the a Flaey has always been insolvent Pio Nono More than his ghostly his holiness keeps Bis Ballance Sheet at snug As he Ciao in his nevertheless be cannot conceal a deficit of half a million of get hit sri out of the bands of the jews and the Rumor runs in Paris that the profits of its Bagonis and brothels were largely invested in it in that Ewe View Baa More Confidence than in roman been rating Floney and Naples Broaeen funding a Russia has commenced War by borrowing Church on whose behalf it has disturbed the world and As Riege already proved Czar is is Fott Ottn pain if conceded Kussian where an the All that ii Coli Frontan fac theto countries to from to carry Oil our if they Cottle not Jay thir Way in How can they Avo heir in War Cocker is it Jim Verso fellow Ami to Jocko it must Conio thu Cali i of the so poach Iloilo t the Samu military is Luibli shimits kept up in to Iii of Pouch nud Ltd Only countries whore this Haa not by ii Liefl Case Are Anttn blessed Iov Erna unto n full an 1 Licau Agen Erulkar will Fiul with i their purse the i cult is found it How to i mks x Citan in inti Aro very Mic i in Uso at thei i Aro very Good in mrs especially in Olla that Aro not protected Tiuch from thu Frost Ai Hoy Sci ii bin get ifcmo1 prevent Thor opa Raling unless the want air in Tho Well Lla Ulf Tho Chain Piru and then it Hiu Jabcon thought necessary to Luko up the whole pump in order to Anund Anil a Plitch Fri film told in Tho Olhorn Day a method win Chile Hnidj adopted in Nuch i urn with perfect Tho clip in with ill you is nil undo est Onu going Vur a Pul Ley at the do we outside Ilia pump in to Tiu water Iii Tho Well then Over a Puloy under the water Utton lower end of Tho pump to Iunce if tire Toto cd talk to is difficult acting one end Over the lower Ley and no to Kkt of Luis Side unless you take up the pump to do Tuko a Strong string of sufficient length to Racli from the Bottom of Tho lower Pulley to the surface of Tho water in the Well tic a Cork to one end of it and tie Tho Olhorn Ond to Tho then winding Tho string Roniel tha put it Ini the Zuj let the cttafn1 Fol Low it at it gets Down under Tho the Cork will me to Tho top of to water in the from which it May to tip lilo Chain will to Huu Lud up with Lului string and Trio two ones Triay then be Togo Lior ill the usual Maine Llomas of Whon n Hundred Ait Twenty years married a Ali Dow for second wife who lived with him twelve and who stated during a Uever betrayed any Vigus of Igor tin King of England having Hoard of in a had Kirn to London in his Hundred and if Tyse cond to was treated in so Foyal n manner at and his Mode of a who totally that to died soon in aged Oie Hundred und fifty two and nine proven by his body was Exa lined by who found his internal organs in Tho most Porfiri nor was Tho least nor Netom of found in his Virv ijv1 As is Tho Case in All old smallest cause of death had not in i body Lind lid died triefly of Lio bail been too Well has no Mother Tel jul volume of sorrowful truth is comprised in Linin single to dual go a Down Tho rough paths of Atid inured1 to Caro and sorrow in their forms before we ctn Tonko Homo to our own and a tear but when it saaid of a girl just passing from childhood toward the life of How sad is the Story up in Blidt Cne Short Sentance who now administer the nodded counsel shall Check Tho wayward shall Bear with the errors and failings of Dai Fliter Deal gently with Tho let not ii Phi her sorrow to overfilled by thu Harsi Ness of Ymir of your in the heedless of her is Ahi forgetful of duty in Alie Monts Remer Bor of by her Goy and joyous do Cir oho nil she puss wit i ii languid Ste Anil when you would Fain flush ing and overflowing glad new of youth chill her is borrow comes Down upon her wait like can you gain her you win her it fac Como then to Tom Mother less with Tho Boon of your by the memory of your own alroaih1 perhaps passed away by posit Why that you own chill May Jet be so far As you to relieve the Fonow san repair the of that fair frail i written Mic tie abot fins to Nick w stated the French Ambanta Dor on seeing the presidents Colin Nfn tend tide Igat of Warrior Aid the 6absn obtained an interview with Ifo facts Tarj state Tema tiding in Epifan afife it what termed an part of our tie mat Trch on Wight been Tod from the think my March promptly any exp Fen with the Gove ziment at or any authority gave tha Spain demanded Altido of right or

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