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Lewisburg Chronicle (Newspaper) - June 27, 1856, Lewisburg, PennsylvaniaAi air a Labsa Lewisburg chronicle Wev Kaaa vow we by o. X. Worden amp j. R. Cornelius. A a am Speten novt Aso news journal. Lewisburg Union co., pa., Friday june 27, 1856. Year jul whole number �37. At $1,50 per teak always in of the a Akk Juno 10, a a a. Last week i pail a Tracie it but inc sri it in to the City of Brut Berly i Ore. Ai shia smolt it the year i Overr Law Ucb an activity in lie Street. This is Cau. L by the facility Quot of communication Between the City and country As cum Parel with what it was thirty year ago. 1 bin country merchants i Uel the Cuy hut once or twice in a year now they Pur haae go. Six gome half a Donen times a yrs a. Then in i to vein is Lei anal the Naeemi tits were Lair Bigej with it Des trios and the s Reeta with Jray n w. The pared Nenuard nut a or wild hut the Streen Are full of oui Huseini As Well As Ray apparently in Utu confusion bul 1 prefume in reality Eta one knows where he is a ting. Ii ten thong lots that strike my car As i pass i become ass ice every Jay that or rail nut sweep ivs Uia. The Ilea is you Veytsel that the Only Jiff Nuce Wren i platform in Milton in 1344, and the Cincinnati i forum in the Petiti a of which in the language of lion , on saturday he is placed a Tongu a led is that in be a willing to give the Lahore aug Man ten eel malay 1 find no self a not its allows Huu Only in Corn aul Hidary Woolsey the Uil line whigs free soil i Moe to Tell me to Wail till november and i will tied them All get Side up the Friend of sobriety and Good order say it humiliating to be a Man nearly a evenly a it Are old catering lha lag. R Beer Frau Runy by importing i it heartland a a did week before last in augite of i quid fire thereby uding heme to their distress d Wirra and Elm run Drunken u hands and fathers three of Voli in i was told by an Eye lines came Hottie linked Arm in Arm covered with ill worse they aay than Quot id or Wilkins going last Winter Harn Burg the Brad and Froit i the liquor . Saturday to Ruig a papers announced a great acting to organise at lit o clock to to ulcer a Square and that number of slave of burrs would he there to Ratu Guowu the reals of the freemen of Lancaster the ssi i. Re doctrine of equal rights guarantied to Fth m by the in rear Alan of dependent in and the Constitution of >9. About 11,1 to a trip to Center Square but could loud no signs of the Eccl a about 1 o clock i w. It again and Uund a Motley crowd in bled in the Market Ollous Quot with a Rostrum or. Cud at e Eudy Rhoses p. Inq a a cause it thru resembled an Eti a Black on which human chattel ate exhibited than e Light of Center Square would typify and suffered Tho return of a super i. Ial tirade of s no Ebertt Brig Radocia and i Lent of the Northern principles of i lie lit of Man from the quite notorious of 111., i wed by spite he of like character Irneli a i Ruiwu of i�., Tiv. Manning of s t and la. In Oralou by. Kach Arr took the True ground of 11.� present democracy Viz. I the Coriou a loitering to its four Datius. And could by be by the election of , thereby Coati us Vic Wae Andrzey of the Alavuo Cracy i and that tit y had Ueall the Way Ironi Illinois me Cut to a us Nosy Vamana the truth and urge a to j in Ilo whig d Democrat of the South who were a unit to bring about i Desidery Tum if the True Drill of i Weir remarks could seen by the audience i have no doubt they did go a work the Republican party and i Don t know any utter to at could be made of Lund than to buy those four Meu and a them through the Northern slates from till to the a Eliot guv Manning said he was a slave Holder and a j i in be tub Man and be gloried in it and yet he was june to Trust old Burk with the Safe keeping of All his Petty negroes fusion said he no Pom cil from his heart what Mao tog bad said and added hint s Thiru g. Tulc u most heartily despised Black republicanism free Oilin Milioni a know Noinin ism Tector ajesm an 1 every other it. In a ism that they Nigger Drivers and liquor league kid to High ground above All sectional ism and must con a Thia was to a had Cape aii Dum catch at the liqj.,rite i an Raster most heartily he. Red by a liquor seller who refused a License last court for having Kip a disorderly Iju al and a legit mate Cir a it Quetrell the Cun cd ,1 or Kue Hauan slue his Numi action above referred. La is said in private Circle a will a in the. Public print at he is Ltd a Gin Palace at hut Laud supplying it with j Rye from this City and Wii foreign brandies and Wims by pres from i Hulad. The. Is the mail la cd a Nigger Drivers k the free soil Aud Temperance d. Mock i of flu us a Irania support a a candidate for the w bite Liou a. I of know aug to poet but the occasion almost tempted me to Siake a a by on a Couplet Coli Puad to illustrate very i fluent object and Here it a Sim we -s4ato�s st them re a a a a in we or is of. A a. M. A u of. A Jolt. I-�.�. Of Eho Sis by dwelt upon to Olber than that of slavery. 1 be Akera were cheered with some fee de iut Nifer Tationa but it a evidently an up Hill Buser a. Aud 1 think the speaker ii it Lor the last use requested that la they could not cheer by better they should not cheer any until he a through. I a p Ard to he Coue eded that it was a very Small affair for ratification meeting in old Lancaster. The part the Community did not appear to be there. When the speaker a gloried in being slave Holder and Uther gentlemen i thought if la of. I nil look w it old go to tub Carolina Aud before a audience of Jov. Maui us a Ople say that he was a Anil slavery Man and a get Naan Northern principles without a mgl tying Quot in the fact i inform would to a cat of tar and Feather instead Quot of the Plau of of the multitude. And yet in the face of Thi fact re Digger Driver would have the Bouett people of 1 enus a Lieve that All they want in fair play under the const it ution e privilege of going into the territory pure aned by the a uni blood and Trcay ure tar North and South with their Lack chattels on the same footing with the Northern Man it i Birwe and hog Only that their Black cattle shall on n level with the White Northern labourer and Ibe Sou Bern Nigger Driver lord it Over both White and Black As they 0 now in the slave holding Stales. The True Issue is How before the people of the Union an sue which i Welty year ago i did not Export to live to see. F the Frieda of christianity and m Raliey Ami the enemies f All oppressors from the car of Russia Down to the next try Lyral in South see Eye to Eye under the Vrr ruling Frovin Coce Quot of All will be Safe. If Cotton Rin Ripe prevail then the save Deraey will be triumphant a Letwen Thi and november w must deride which we will nerve the dictate of rational fus Dmn or the Behest of the slave aristocracy. T r. Granting the a Xit iou of the up Ukura in saturday that the a Union i it in dauger a which is a Mot preposterous bugbear the in due May bed it to be that the Nigg to driving party wants to the by giving the slave crazy the a up Mien and the Republican parly wanta to come at the min Quot Point by ret Novig Tho new Able cached Ibe Extension of slavery. If the principle and Munt Operand of the Previn democratic party radiate in like character from it Center Here to the Eisenm Fernee of the Union i feel in �<�?�>1 Embrer that ibo a Mann sense of the people will Ric in it my a Quot to and put it foot on the foul Viper. And if i am no much i taken Buck and Berry As they Are familiarly called will base a harder Job to draw a Flat Rob in the old Keystone state Baa my father s Yoke of Oien of hat name had to draw logs to a neighbouring Law Mill. A the slave party by baptized the free state party with the Cognomen of a Black Quot i would suggest you return the compliment by patting up a Ribeir Flag a Nigger driving candidate the presidency a Buck and j. F. L. Tny or rect a among the thousands of old Lioe Demoe a Ata who renounce the Cati didst and platform Tuano factored at Cincinnati we notice from Maine Hannibal Hamlin a meet Vav the u. S. Senate and Lott Merrill. Chairman of Ivy state com in new York we. C. Bro it. The p to Kizior of be n. Welch jr., hut dam. Fate Trei Arifi a edit it a of the Batt stud the null ludic 1�?~ in i Fate is the Republican platform. In National convention Philadelphia june in 10 1, judge Wil Wiit of i a., from the com Milter of Twenty four preamble and resolutions which after Ditcu Siuyu and Amend Cut were Ungui Mussly adopted a follow this convention of delegates assembled in pursuance of a Call id Drost a to the people of the i med stale without regard to part Milf Ecuer or , who Are sed in the repeal of the Missouri Compromise to the policy 1 of the present Admi i trat Iun to the extrusion of slavery into free territory to favor of the admission of Kansas Asa free stale of the Alioti of the Federal gov Croscut to the principles of Washington and pc Flery of and f it a the purpose of presenting candid act for Tho Chi ices of president and vice i re Pleni do i /.�?, that the main Tran a of the principles promulgated in the declaration of Independence and embodied in the 1 verral Art cd Rutial la Ibe preserve tips of Nur institutions Aud that the Federal Constitution the right of the Stael and the Union of the states Mast and shall be preserved. 2. A�?T.�jr./, that Wii i our Republican fathers we hold it to tie s self evident truth that All Meu Are endowed with the inalienable right to life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happi nest and that the primary . I and ulterior design of our Federal government were in secure these right to All persons within its excl Ive jurisdiction that a our Republican fathers when they had abolished slavery in All our National territory ordain Obj that no person shall be deprived of life Liberty or property without duo process of Law it become our duly to maintain Tai provision of the Constitution against All attempts to violate it for the pur�., of Rita Blosl. Us slavery in the l oiled Statica by positive Legi lation prohibiting it existence or Extension therein thai wed by the authority of Congress of a territorial legislature of any individual or Assoni Alton of individuals to give Legal existence to slavery in any territory of Tho United Stales while the present Constitution shall be maintained. To avwjer./, thai the Constitution confers upon Congress Sovereign Power Over the territories of the l pulled Fiatch for their government and that in the exr Rise of this Power it is both the right and the duty of Congress to prohibit in the territories twin relic of barbarism p Lyga my and slavery. 4. Av�o/er7, that while the Constitution of the United states was ordained and established by the people a in order to form a More perfect Union establish Domestic Tranquility provide for the common defence promote Tho general welfare and secure the Blessing of Liberty Quot and contains ample provision for the Protection of the life Liberty and property of every citizen the Dearest rights taken or pm a it 1te eti1 Rau a alg and v violently their territory a been invaded by armed Force spurious and pretended legislative judicial and executive is have been set Over them by whose usurped authority sustained by the military Power of the government tyrannical and unconstitutional Laws have been enacted and enforce the right of Ibe people to keep and Bear been infringed test oaths of an extraordinary and entangling nature have been imposed a a co Odilion of exer Euing the right of suffrage and holding office. The right of an acc no cd person to a speedy and Public anal by an impartial jury Hal it eco denied the right of the people to be secure in their persons houses paper and unreasonable a Carche and Aci Zurc Bas been violated they have been deprived of life Liberty and property without due of Law the Freedom f speech Aud of Ibe press has been abridged the right to choose their representatives a been Mado of no robberies and arsons Bare been instigated and encouraged Aud the offenders Biro been allowed to go to pub died a that All these things have been done with the knowledge Sanction and procurement of the present administration and that for Tai High crime against the Constitution the i Moo and humanity we arraign that administration the 1 resident his adv or agents supporters apologists and accessories either i fit or or tfx a the fact before the country and before the world and that it is Nur fixed purpose to bring the actual perpetrator of these atrocious outrages and their accomplice to a sure and consign punishment hereafter. 5. /?-oj.e./, that k Nas be immediately admit ted a a slate of the Union with her prs it free inns urn lion a at once the time to effectual Way of securing in her citizen the enjoyment of the rights and privilege to which they Are entitled and of ending to civil strife now raging in her Terri torn. A a 6 Tenn Lenl. That the highwayman plea that might make right embodied in the of tend circular was in every respect unworthy of Amir Irao diplomacy and would bring a Liante and Dishonour upon any government or people that gave it their a .7. Ave a that a Railroad to the Pacific a he most Central practicable route is imperatively demanded by the interests of the whole country and that the Federal gov eminent ought to Render immediate and efficient Aid in its con a traction. And As an auxiliary thereto to the immediate construction of an Emigrant mid on the line of the Railroad. 8. Era off that appropriations by congrow for the improvement of River and Harbor of a National character required for the accommodation and Security of an existing Commerce Are authorised by the Constitution and justified by the obligation of government to protect the live and propert v of Ita Citison. 0. That or invite to affiliation and co opern lion of the men of All parti.-, however differing from us in other resp Rio in support of the principle herein declared and believing that the spirit Quot four institutions a Well a the Constitution of our country guarantee Liberty of and a Quality of right am my citizens we oppose All legislation impairing Ribeir Security. Or. Fremont views before Hie nomination. Nov Vaa april s9, Sauk May a have to thank Yon for the Honor of an to a Rouen no. . At the Broadway Tabernacle Andric five that other have mar frred to prey enl my being p sent i heartily Eoo Eor in All movements have for the obie i a a a. Repair the Artinr from the Vin Lauon Faith in the repeal of the Compromise. I am .pp.,sed to slavery in the al Marei. Ami opon principles and male habitual by Long settled foam Pelion. Wide i feet indelible in the belief that it oui i u. Be interfered with where it exists under the shield of Kiaie sovereignty i am a indelibly opposed. Ii on let Ennit nent Lynnd a a present . W us he is Ranee of a a Quot a re re i am very respectfully your. J-1 a a a Hon. E. U. Monsua v. Aud other. Committee. s civil sett military Aud scientific service of col. Fremont a which he displayed the very highest executive qualities a Well known to the world. he acted for a Timo a pro Ico. Governor of California and was elected to the u. S. Senate hmm California fur two year. In both station his career a honorable. A his must eminent civil Are View a that by which in connection with cd s Robinson now of kao�., and Otow Kindred spirit California became a free state. A Enogh brought up in the democratic Faith a free Sutler always. We l Dayton of new Jersey is about 60 Yetia of age and of Good Talent and Liberal attain mensa he served with Honor a a judge in the state and a. A a of the u s Senate where to by mall Byr a firm opposition to 31v a a claim lit. Horny a a a True free soil party a a read and then decide. Democratic platform. From la Yllka Harrr in mtg Nolti time the evil of slavery. Masses. Edit Uhse in these Day when every Democrat who denounce the repeal of the Missouri Compromise and the a blushing outrage committed by Mia ourian outlaw against the right of the free people of Kansas is published a an abolitionist it May not be out of place to publish a chapter on the subject of slavery from the nutes of tuomas Jerr Tsoh on the a slate of Virginia us american edition 1701, l age Gilt i a a there must be an unhappy influence on the Iti Autt of our people prude Cal by the Coli Coce of slavery among a. The whole Commerce Between Maxier and slave is a perpetual exercise of the most bolster of pjs Siou the most Unrein Nusug despotism of the Oue part and degrading Aube is Sions in the Liber. Our Euil Dren ave this and learn to tui Date it for Man is an imitative animal. Tin Quality i the germ of Ati education in him. From i Cradle to i grave be i learning to do what to Etc other do. If a Parent Coul l find no motive either in i philanthropy or Hie self lore fur Csira Iutuk to intemperance of passion toward Bis slave it a Boule always be a sufficient one that hit child a present. But Geu rally it to not Auffie Lieut. The Parent muru.-, the a bold looks to cat Krs the lines meets of Wrath put on the same airs in the Circle of smaller slave give a Loose to by worst of passion and thus nursed educated and to or Grimy Roa not out it Stam no of it kith of Audi Yusu our a lies. The Man must be a Prodigy who pm retain his manners and vioral by Inch circumstance. And with what execration should the statesman be loaded who permitting Oue half the citizens thus to trample on the Nghia of Ibe other transform Tho a into these into the Motalo of the one part Aud toe Nebr a Hitri it Rol the other t fur if a slave can have a country to this world it Mutt he any other in preference to that to which to is Horn to live and labor for another in which be must lock up the faculties of i Ehnle As far a depend on Mem of the human race or entail his own miserable condition on the to dec a generations proceeding from him. With the mural of the people Shtir in nary also a destroyed. For to a warm climate no Mao will labor for himself who can make another labor for him. Thi is so True that of the proprietors of slave a very Small promo Riidu i Decd Are Ever Yeeu to labor. An-1 can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their Only film basis a Convis Eiloo in the mind of the people that these liberties Are of Tbs Gilt of god f that they Are not to be violated but with Bis Wrath ? i Decd / Irente fur my Tuu try Rirs i Raj text that b d to jew that hit Tutti it ran Nat Dorp fur Rorr that considering numbers Maiure and natural Means Only a revolution of the wheel of Fortune a Exchange of silk Matiun is among a Orailla Ereni that it May become probable by supernatural the almighty a of attribute we Tab can Lake sue with a in Soch a it is impossible to be temperate and to pursue Tai aul Jet though the various considerations of pol by of morals of history natural and civil we must be contended to Hope they will Force their Way into every one a mind i Biuk a change already perceptible sine the origin of the present revolution. To spirit of to Ina ter is abating that of the aware rising from the dust Bis Way i Hope preparing under the auspice of heaven for a total emancipation and that Thi is disposed in Tho order of events to be with the consent of the masters rather than by their Thomas Jefferaon waa the great apostle of american democracy Tho father of the demo ratio party the writer of the declaration of the immortal Champion of human Liberty Boac memory will live for Ages Afier the dark spirit of progressive slave democracy would Bare Bur de the declaration to Constitution Aud the Temple of Liberty to the dust. A a a in not fur my country when 1 Raj Cert that Glt it it. Iut i that a Juttie can not Terr pour Rorr. Read it Frank Ltd Pierce read it Jaa. Lluc Baxuan a read it Stephen Arnouil dog a so read it u b Wrights read it democrats a read it freemen of America Aud then answer ibo quest too Bow Cau 1 expert to Aaric my cuu utry from despotism Aud the curse of a god of Justice if i advocate the Extension of slavery Iulo free territory Agama Justice knowledge reason god Liberty Aud True ? a Democrat. Is similar to that of i Rekso l was the language of w As of Moton Makison , and the Ether leading Peroe and 8lateemcn who fought our revolution and who formed on Constitution. Or Buchanan on Tai in reply to the congratulations of la key alone club at Ancaster or. Buchanan avowed i adherence to la platform and said Quot gentlemen two week Linee i should have made you a longer speech but now that 1 hate been placed upon a plan jury of Wana i Mont heartily oct Ami being the reprise Stative d the great democratic party and not limply Jama Buchanan i Mutt quart my conduct a cording to that platform and Uarl to Mcm Plank Nur Lake on Frum if. That platform is sufficiently Broad and National for the whole democratic party. This glorious party now More than aver Baa demonstrated that it a the True conservative party of lha Constitution and the unit a in National convention Cincinnati Jane 4, 150, or. , of mas.,from the committee reported the platform adopted at Baltimore in 1852, with additions As follow and whereas since the forr Guing declaration was uniformly adopted by our predecessors in National Cuoq Catious an River a political and religious Teal Bas been secretly organised by a party claiming to be exclusively american it is proper that the american democracy should clearly do file it relations thereto Aud do rare it determined opposition to All secret political Loci. Tie by whatever a Auric they May be called a Rumul Rirl thai the foundation of Ibi Union of states having been Laid in. And its Prosperity expansion and preeminent example in free government built upon entire in matters of religious and no respect of person in regard to rank or place of birth no party can justly be deemed National constitutional or 10 accordance with american priuciplr., which bases a exclusive organisation upon religion opinion and accidental Birthplace and hence a political crusade in the nineteenth Century and in the Cuita Kiaie of ans Rici against Catholic Aud foreign born is neither justified by Ibe past Guiory or the future Prospect of the country nor in unison Wun the spirit of toleration and enlarged Freedom which peculiarly distinguishes the american system of popular government. / a wired that we reiterate with renewed Energy of purpose the Well considered declarations of former our Ventina upon the sectional Issue of Domestic slavery and Cooke rom the reserved rights of the states 1. That Couyres Bas no Power under the Constitution to interfere Wilh or control the Domestic institutions of the several slates and that Auch slates Are the sole and proper judge of Cheryl hog Appertain us to their own affair not prohibited by Ibe Constitution that All Effort of the a to i Tiou Iata or others made to induce Congress to interfere with questions of slavery or to take incipient Steps in relation thereto arc calculated to Lead to tit must alarm log and dangerous con quench Aud that All Auch have an inevitable tendency to the happiness of the people and endanger the stability and Pertina Orosey of the to too and ought not to be countenanced by any triad of on political institution. 2. That the for. Going proposition covers and waa intended to embrace the whole subject of slavery agitation in Congress and therefore the democratic party of the Union standing on Thi National platform will abide by and Inere to it i at Fui i cac Trutomu in us a Uta a uru Nastav a a a Iyo we a measure willed by late Congress of 1850, a a the set for reclaiming fugitives from service or labor Quot include a which Art being designed to carry out an express provision of Tea Constitution ran not with Fidelity thereto to repealed or so Zehv nerd As to impair or destroy its efficiency 3. That the democratic party will resist All attempts at question on str Terf Koput of it the agitation of the slavery made. A a a a 4 that the Democrat. will faithfully abide by an 1 uphold the Priori Ples Laid Down in Ibe ivuu.->., and Virginia resolutions of 17p, and in the report of or. Madison to the Virginia legislature in 1719 that it adopt to it principle a constituting a a of the main foundation of it political Creed Aud is resolved to carry them oat in their obvious meaning and import. And that to May More distinctly meet the in of which a wet Ion party subsisting exclusively in slavery agitation now relic to Tco i the Fidelity of lha people North and South to the Couch Itunina and the Union Jit my red t. That claiming Fellowship with and desing the co Peratin of All who regard the preservation of the Union under the Conati tuntion a the Paramount Issue and repudiating All Sre Rioual parties and concerning Domestic slavery which a Eck to embroil the fates and incite to treason and Oruie l resistance to Law in the , and whose avowed purpose if must end in civil War and disunion the american democracy Reeo Goite and adopt the principle contained in the organic Laws establishing the territories of Kansu and Nebraska u embodying Tbs ouly sound and Safe solution of the Quot slavery que a tion of in which the great National idea of a be people of tie whole country can or Pool in Ila determined conservatism of the interference by Congress with slavery in state and Terri my or in the of Columbia. 2. That i we the bad a of the Mises of 1850, confirmed by both the democratic Aud whig panic in National route Ninoo ratified by the people to the elect i of 1852, and rightly applied to the organisation of territories in 185 a. I s. That by the uniform application of lot demo ratio principle to the organization of territories and to the of new stale with or without Domestic slavery As they May elect the equal right of All the Talee will be preserved intact the original compact of the Constitution maintained inviolate and the perpetuity end Extension of this Union insured to it utmost capacity of embracing in peace and Harmony every future american state that May be constituted or annexed with m Republican form of government. Rew Rry of thai we recognise the right of the people of All the territories including Kansas Sod no Bruise acting through the legally Sod fairly expressed will of s majority of actual residents and whenever the number of their inhabitant justifies it to form a Constitution with or without Doc ii slavery and be admitted into the Union upon terms of perfect Equality with the tuber state a we tel finally to bad. In Riew of the Eon Ditrow of popular institution in the old world Sod Tbs dangerous tendencies of sectional agitation combined with the attempt to enforce civil and religion disabilities against the rights of acquiring Ami enjoying Eliis Oship in Nur own Laud s High Sod sacred duty i devolved with increased responsibility up m the democratic party of this country a the party of the Union to uphold end maintain the rights of every palate and thereby the us too of the tales and to sustain and Advance among is constitutional Liberty by con lining to re it All monopolies and exclusive legislation for Ibe Benefit of the few at Ibe expense of the Many sad by s vigilant and constant adherence to tinae principles and Compromise of the Constitution which Are Breed enough end enough to embrace and uphold the l Nina As it was the Union a it in and the Union As it Abs i be to the full exp usion of the energies and capacities of Ibi great and Prog. So Ive people. The foregoing Wero adopted Nna Nim juy. The following were and pled by very urge majorities to Peno Jivanian voting in the affirmative of each 1. R to Ltd that there Are questions connected with the foreign policy of Thia Connery which Are inferior to no Domestic questions whatever. The time a come for the people of the United state to declare themselves in favor of Tryc Seta and pro Tea Iva free Trad throughout the world and by solemn manifestation to piece their moral influence at the Side of their successful example. 211 to 49 2. Rewired that our geographical and political position with reference to other states of this ennui sent to Lee than the interest of on Commerce end the development of eur growing Power requires that we should hold As sacred the principles involved in the Monroe doctrine their bearing Sod import admit of a a Ibey should be applied with unbending rigidity. 289 to 22 re Rhi. Of Conree refers Only to tinae secret societies do not affiliate Wilh the demoed any red Dee no include the Sag Niche tammany Muni and other similar that uphold the democratic platform j 3. Rewired that the great Highway which mature As Well As the assent of the states in i immediately it related in Ita maintenance has marked out for a ire Between the Atlantic and the 1�?~acifl. Ocean one of the most achievement realised by la spirit of modern time and Tho unconquerable Energy of oar people. That re ill Shim be eecur.11 he a timely and exertion of tiie control which a it have the right to claim Over it and no p wer of Earth should be Suff crr a to impede or clog Ila Progress by any jul erect. Us. the re Annos it May suit our policy to eat Atni a Between on gov nuni it and this govt rms a. It of the Stales within a hmm Dominion it in. We can Oid a no circunntaue.1.-, eur Coder our Prepend Era Aura in the adjustment of All que stir amp a arising out of it. 199 to 57. 4 rewind thai in View of a interest the people of the United Fiat s Cau not but a amp to Jive with the Iff Irta which Are being male by the people of Central amends to regenerate that Porto of the continent which cover the Aasve across the later Tea Pic in int us. 222 to 43. 5. Rend red that the party will expect of lha next that every or per Effort will a made of insure on in the g if of Meiier and to maintain a permanent proc Cut n to the real outlet through which Are emptied Teto it Waters tin pm Neil raised out of the soil i and the cum mod a ties created by the to Deatry of the people of our Western Valley and of the Union al Large 229 to 3tl b f. erf chairman. June 5, 1853.�?b. F Nallet from the commute on ran lotions reported the full Wing Rew red that the i it a of Fraaklin Ivree has been True to the great in rests of the country. In lha fact of the in it Juter Miuca it has maintained the Laws enforced Economy fostered Progress and mfr j it log Rily and Vig in in to every department of the at Burnt. It Bas signally improved our treaty relations extended the Field of commercial Cut re a and vindicated ten right of american citizen. Abroad. It has asserted with element impartiality Tea just claims of Drury Vee too and Baa at All time been Lui Hiu to that Constitution. We therefore pro claim oar uoquali6od approbation of its it Savaree sad a policy. / a wired. That the resolutions to regard to the for if police of the Are Cue expression of the opium a of to nov convention and Aro not to be exacted As article at party Faith Tocse resolutions were adopted unanimously. The following re a of Union was proposed by a member and a Lei we slur much opposition 1 , tut Limo p�., a a we. A Arntz Imp Nance to a political Sod Eomme Raisl Point of Rie tots Cafa and speedy communal Catuira through our own territory Between Tho at Sutic and Dae fio coasts of the to too and test it a the Daty of the Federal government Tomski Arcisa All Ita proper constitutional Power for the attainment that abject the Raby binding the Union of these states in India so Lyhle bind and opening to lha Rich Commerce of Asia a Auu a a a a a a pm a Lefiu to the Miaamia Wirpi River All a All a a a Rwy cd dec meeting was held in \5 Baum tou the my Rilay evening after the domination a Blu Steuben a doulas sail he Este before the meeting with a Hearty a a a a will to Indore and ratify the action of the National convention at Cincinnati he came no As a matter of form no in to compliance with n custom but with heart and soul in the Cut a. Lie came to con granular them upon Tho to Azimou adoption of n Pui Furm which commands the rubato l of every democratic heart 10 congratulate them upon Tho norms icon of a candidate lot presidency and vice Percsi duty worthy to stand of i that Pis form and to receive the unanimous support of every Democrat. The platform end Standard bearer were worthy of each other each acceptable to the whole democracy of the entire country. He Felt Quot Tore heart in this contest than any be bad Ever before been engaged in one of the greed principles of their Faith was the Equality of the states and the right of self Guern mint in the territories subject to the limitations of the Constitution or. In other word ten Grout principle of the Nebraska Bill there wars of my anti Nebraska Democrat new than there were White Black Birds to be found. The platform endorsed the Nebraska Bill an 1 what More to to red was to be found in the residue of the platform and be a Quot i by responded w every clans therein embraced tuc pm was equal a explicit in reference to the a lib or binges in relation to ten territory of Kansas it a elated that treas was to be punished Aud resistance to to Laws was to be Pul Down the proudest Bunar which Bis a Voce a or could desire to have paid to him w. To it i Boti say that a had been As faithful to the n ail Tho Luxom As had been Franklin fierce. Or. Douglas i l to it fell to duty Sod a privilege to have the Opportunity of saying under Eirc Jiust Mees when there we no danger of min Pic Hension we i every had in his h Ort to Eay. That the country owed an immense Zuj Yiuzi Obi latino to Tuci administration for Tho Fidelity with which the e Osl nution has been upheld and guarded if 1 have a Friend in this intone in love my opine Haa any my memory let him put big should or to the wheel and do Terry Lhing in Bia Power to win a great and go Grioua Percsi jct Purri r said a it is Bee ring to know that Tea action of the late conv Cetin ply a the a a ate Man and path ots who Ere to Lead is Low upon a platform identical tee be and spirit with that which 1 accepted Wilh full conviction Quot of my Jung Cut and with of my bean and that if us Are to occupy it with lha Standard lowered never an Ucb of far is to strict construction of to Constitution and a the a indication of the Cost a a a goal Ngata of every portion of the Union Are the foregoing we copy from the Washington Taum of the 12tb inst. The same Piper of the 1�?~jita inst. Stales Ibalio it Ninfi Citico speech fat sew Vark or Iki Orilas it tia in re ear i to this present election our enemies Are in the has it asking the que m h w can James Buchanan staud Pou the platform which has been made for us at Lio a Junatti ? i so and a it with mph Iris Bow est James he. Huan Wilh his Santee Loal find on any other platform than Ibe Ono at Cirei Onati ? our opponent sva been to the habit of saying Tbs they Hare Mido a a a Usta platform and then by Hanao on it. I ask Yiu to examine Thi matter for a Mot it and Yon will find that Dante Burhanan Ami myself of envy idea the ally toe a Jasa a tit inn and have Don to for years in this slavery question in All its phase. Or. Burhanan endorses and approves it Alt. The following is an extract from i formal 1-Cttex acc a ting his nominal inn dated , neat Lancaster june 10,185$. in accept is the nomination i need pcs rely say that i acc it in a he same i solutions constituting the platform of i Nelt plus Ere eved by the Couve Nylon to Thi platform i intend to c0wvinii Niv if to Roushon the Canna a. Believing test 1 Hay no , As the candidate of the pern Crane a. By a Ion Init of to Tori Eft to pro cot Mani Jiff Creot mum Kef a re uni it Oppedan than that rime Doug let Buche an the Cincinnati . Art a unit one and j and in Der their in my he Sutche hidden boo that they Ril carry every Southern slate and r he a la slavery in Kansu. ,�� Esrov built the above Flat fms and say which is most truly demo Narits whish my it of a nil i Liberty a

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