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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - September 27, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta 24-THE LETHBRIDGE HERALD Friday, September 27, 1974 Ask Andy CHAMELEON Andy sends a complete 20- volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Marcia Whitaker, age 13, of Vancouver. B C Canada, for her question: Can a chameleon really change his color? The word for the chameleon is unbelievable. His skinny tongue is longer than his body, his hands and feet are like two-pronged pincers He carries his lengthy tail in a coil and his eyes are set in bulging turrets that can be turned to look in opposite directions. And yes, his bumpy skin can change color which may happen to match his mood or the scenery Most of the world's 80 or so chameleons live in Africa, in the forested greenery either north or south of the sandy Sahara The midgets of the family are two inches long, the giants measure two feet. Though all of them look somewhat like visitors from alien planets, they are lizards of earth's reptile clan. The average chameleon prefers life among the treetops, where his two- pronged feet take him slowly, very slowly along the boughs After a few moments, he rests from his slow motion progress to survey the scenery He does this by swiveling his bulging, turreted eyes one this way, one that way. When he spots a bug, he concentrates his gaze and takes aim In less than a second, he flicks out his extra long, thin tongue and stuffs the victim into his big mouth. During a pleasant afternoon, his bumpy skin may blend with the greenish- gold of the shadowy, sun- speckled foliage. Then something may alter his color scheme, for his remarkable skin can change through a range of greens, yellows and greys Often the changes are triggered by variations in light and background Sometimes he changes to express his moods. For example, if another male chameleon dares to enter his treetop territory, he is likely to turn almost back with rage. Scientists are not certain how his nervous system controls his color changes. But they do know what happens inside his skin. Under the microscope, a cross section of his skin looks like clear jello set with layers of tiny colored bodies and reflectors. Near the top, just below the clear surface layer, are yellow cells called xanthophores and red cells called erythrophores. At a deeper level are melanophores, cells colored with melanin like the pigment that adds freckles to human skins. Other layers reflect blue or white. The chameleon can change his entire color scheme because these, or those color cells can swell up or shrink. When the brownies shrink, the yellows may blend with the blue reflectors to color the chameleon green. When the brown cells swell, they dim the other colors with grey. The brown cells also can twine spreading fingers up through the skin, masking the other color cells. This happens when the usually peaceable chameleon becomes angry. The true chameleons are not the only animals that can change the color of their skins The leggy octopus changes through a range of pinks and pearly greys, usually to match his moods. In our southwestern deserts lives a pretty little lizard called the anole Some people call him a chameleon because he can change through a range of greens and browns. Usually he wears brown in the shade and green in the sunshine. Questions askttd by chil- dren of Herald readers should be mailed to Ask Andy, P.O. Box. 765, Huntington Beach, California 92648. (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 1973) Flashback By THE CANADIAN PRESS Sept. 27, 1974 The Grand Trunk Railway was completed from London, Ont., to Stratford, Ont, 116 years ago in 1858 to form the last link in the vast rail communications that was to become Canadian National Railways. Canadian National came into being by The Cana- dian National Railways Act of 1919 and maintains services on routes that, if laid end to end, would circle the world. 1854 First Atlantic steamship disaster; S. S. Arc- tic sank with loss of more than 300. 1894 President Cleveland gave amnesty to people con- victed of polygamy. Goren on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN W4, Tkc Cktcnt Both vulnerable- South deals. NORTH J42 97 AQ92 108543 WEST EAST 9AK1086 VJ92 KJ10 4QJ9 SOUTH AKQ3 VQ543 63 4K72 The bidding: South West North East 1 29 2 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: King of V. Establishing a winner is a pleasant way to gain a you can use it. To make his two spade contract on this hand, declarer found that he couldn't afford to dis- card on dummy's high dia- mond. West's distribution weigh- ed against a takeout double at his first turn, so he con- tented himself with a two heart overcall. North barely had enough to freely raise his partner's opening bid. especially since he held just three-card support and there was a possibility that South had only four spades. In the Jong run. however, it is wiser to bid on the North cards to prevent your side from getting preempted out of the auction. West led the king of hearts against two spades and, after taking a look at dummy, shifted to a trump to cut down an initial trump lead might have been more successful. Declarer won with the queen and. since an immediate heart ruff would have left him in dummy with no convenient way to get back to his hand, finessed the diamond queen. The ace of diamonds was cashed and a diamond ruff with the spade three put de- clarer back in his hand. West followed to these three tricks with K-J-10, so dummy's nine was now high. Declarer ruffed a heart in dummy and was tempted to discard a club from his hand on the high diamond. How- ever, he realized that West would ruff and. if he still had a trump to return, could re- move dummy's last trump, leaving declarer dependent on the location of the ace of clubs for his contract. There was a sure way to make eight tricks, and de- clarer took it. He ruffed his diamond winner and ruffed another heart with the jack of irunfps. This gavr him six trump tricks, four on cross- ruffs, aiong with two dia- enough to gl home. Your horoscope lyJeaneDixon SATURDAY, SEPT. 28 Your birthday today: A variety of contacts provides large-scale support for your enterprises this year. You receive all the help you need, in return for your services to others. The spiritual part of your life now requires as much attention as the material. Today's natives work hard, often have difficul- ty formulating objectives. (March 21-April Take a complete change of scene real or symbolic. A search for hidden values turns up unexpected benefits in areas you hadn't considered. Be alert! TAURUS (April 20-May Plan positively for a shared future, but ask gently. An ef- fort at humor can be em- barrassing. Handle electrical equipment properly or not at all. GEMINI (May 21-June Settle down, reconcile the many ways you have for see- ing people and life. Present a simpler picture of yourself and what you want long enough to get it! CANCER (June 21-July People in distant places await your word; meanwhile, you're involved with complexities near at hand. Deliver what you've promised and get on with earning more. LEO (July 23-Aug. Take criticism in stride with the due notice of the caliber of the critic. Then get beyond its scope. Don't bother to react. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. Let your money rest saletly at interest, cut down on outlays. Inquiry into family matters clears up some mysteries, leads to new understandings. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. Be careful of all things mechanical, particularly where other people control them. Impatience is the troublesome factor. Show your deeper feelings in sym- bolic terms. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. Push individual ventures, make agreements where you can. Review your progress. Romance beckons quietly and subtly tonight. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec. You can have almost anything reasonable for the asking. The catch is to be in the right place at the right time to see the right people. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. Friends wish to be helpful have you given them clear channels in which to move on your behalf? Important people are obstinate, nothing is gain- ed by pushing them. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. Finesse is essential if you want to maintain the level you've achieved so far. Local events pose a puzzle which you can't share with others. PISCES (Feb. 19-March Test your opinions against better information, new ways of estimating probabilities. It's all too easy to disagree with familiars on anything. Lawrence Lamb M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb I read your column about the woman who was worried about her children growing up to be too short. My problem is just the opposite. I'm almost five feet nine and in the eighth grade. Whenever I meet someone I always dread it because the first impression they must have is, "Gosh, she's tall." Or, "Is she really in the eighth It has caused me to be very self- conscious and have an in- feriority complex. To keep from standing out in a crowd I stoop, crouch and whatever else to make myself shorter. Can you help me to get over this problem? Is there anything that can be done' Dear Reader Yes, something can be done to stop growth. First you should have a careful medical ex- amination by an en- docrinologist (gland specialist) to be sure you have no medical disorder that needs treatment. If everything is normal and it is just a matter of coming into this world with a blueprint for a tall body, then you can be given hormones that will stop the process. The length of the legs are a major factor in how tall a person is. Within the shaft of the thigh bone, for example, there is a zone of cartilage just like a round circular cross section of the bone. It keeps growing and the outer layer of the car- tilage disk calcifies and becomes part of the main shaft of the thigh bone. Car- tilage grows, but calcified bone does not. When you begin to mature sexually the sex hormones cause the cartilage disk to calcify. The long bones then quit growing. This, inciden- tally, is why doctors don't like to give sex hormones to either boys or girls before they have completed the growth of the long bones. It can stunt their growth. So. you can take female hor- mones and stop the growth of your long bones and markedly slow or stop your continued growth. You would still be a fairly tall girl The next question that com- es up is. do birth control pills stop growth in young girls? By the time the ovaries are ac- tive enough to produce ovum and cause the possibility of pregnancy they are already producing a lot of estrogen. This effect will already have occurred, and the small amount of female hormones in the birth control pill won't be important then from a growth standpoint. It follows that a girl who is reasonably mature and having regular cycles should be at the stage where the long bones will have stopped growing. Now, about that stooping and crouching. That can be a very unhealthy habit. The bad posture that develops can deform your chest cage. The round shoulders and slouched posture are not going to make you very attractive. Part of a woman's good figure is depen- dent upon posture. Besides that, it can affect the full capacity of your lungs to ex- pand. This will compromise your exercise capacity. It will become more and more im- portant as life goes on. This is a common reaction in tall people, but it is a real mis- take. Boys mature later and con- tinue to grow longer than girls, because they develop slower sexually than girls, as a group. A girl may be mature endocrine wise in her early teens, but a boy may not be until his early 20s. There is quite an individual variation in time span, however. Fun with figures By J.A.H. Hunter Sally yawned, leaning back at her desk "It's hot and I'm half asleep." she said. "What's the time Ken looked at his watch "Seven minutes ago it was half as much before five o'clock as it will DC after twc o'clock five minutes from now." he told her. What was the time tnat afternoon'' (Answer Monday) Yesterday's answer: REBATE nas 503620. Ul V. new FAT I LOT IfJ LOWER REMT-j WE DlSTKICr o' i- J OUR CWE LURKIW THAR THEY LEPT SiMCE TH' PITCHERS. _ MV HCW C1VIZ.JZATJOW V CMAWSED ORIGINAL- Joe Sportscar spent ten thousand dollars on a new twelve cylinder Eloquent. You think more of that car than you do of complained his wife. "All you ever dotJiese days said, "is wax HOUPOI SHORT MBS IVE NEVER JUST BIT SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT. y LINEBACKER HAS MAD HIS RABIES HI AND LOIS VOU MEANl WE CANl WALK OUT? GOLLY, IN MV HOUSE I ALWAYS HAVE To DKV THE FOR A euy WMO GETS ALL A'S ON HIS (REPORT CARD, you SURE ARE BUGSBUKMY THAT'S m v- RIDICULOUS.' J SISMTV CENTS A POUND FOR BUTTER I'M GOING TO START CMURNING MV OWN BUTTER' GOOD IDEA- MII IT'LL GIVE VOU SOMETHING TO DO IN THE EVENINGS BLOMNE ARCHIE I AS LONG AS THE AUDIENCE 'ENCOURA6ES HOW MUCH ijONGER DOES SHE SINS OH, HERE'S THE WAITRESS 'LIKE A LEMONADE.' ORDER WHATEVER YOU'D LIKE, HAVE YOU GOT V A TOMATO HAGAR THE HORWBU WELL, FIND "R4E IT MUST BE i SPIGOT AT A SICKIC DiD SOMEONE PUSHED OVER YOUR MAILBOX, IT HAD TO BE VWto CANT HANDLE IN A MATURE WAY TUMBLEWEEOS HOWS YOUR CAMPAIGN TO AONT H5LPE6ARP? f CAME VW7 VERY, VERY CLOSE 10 I COJLP ALMOST HEAR THE THUMPER OFTrfc .J'il ;