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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

- Page 22

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - September 26, 1973, Lethbridge, Alberta 22-THE LETHBRIDGE HERALD September 26, 1973 Your horoscope 8y Jeane Dixon Ask Andy THURSDAY, SEPT. 27 Your birthday today Opens an up-and-down year in whatever areas of life are specially sensitive in your in- dividual case It is demonstrated more than ever fhat no two people are any more than superficiallv alike Abundant energv is available for all enterprise the ques- tion is how well will you be able to direct it Relationships are liable to transformation into other modes ot ex- pression Today's natives are hard-working, gifted with the art of making comparisons ARIES (March 21-ApHl For millions of people this is the beginning of another year, according to a traditional lunar calendar Take things easv prav and mediate TAURUS (April 20-May It is the snap decision which precipitates minor crises Getting a clear look at yourself is a possible mciden- Fun with figures BY J H HUNTER If nine times ten were one three two s just the wav it s read- Then what d vou think you d have to sav For nine times five instead7 (Answer tomorrow) Yesterdaj s answer FOOD was 1553 Mr Hunter answers all letters ideas welcomed Flashback Bv THE CANADIAN PRESS Sept 26, 1973 The Queen Marv first British liner to ex- ceed 1 000 feet in length was laaneheil after a royal christening at Glasgow hydrogen- tilled balloons and'dirigibles were destroyed in disastrous fires Nowadays, these lighter-than-air 'craft are lifted by helium gas Helium is twice as heavy as hydrogen but 100 per cent safer Hydrogen has atomic number one because there is only one proton in the nucleus of the hydrogen atom No other chemical element can make this claim One of every 6 000 hydrogen atoms has a nucleus of one proton and one neutron This is an isotope called heavy hydrogen, or deuterium A rarer hydrogen isotope called tritium has a proton and two neutrons Tritium is slightly radioac- tive All these atoms are hydrogen isotopes because they have but one proton and one orbiting electron The weight of a proton is one unit and the atomic weight of hydrogen is 1 00797 This shows that the weight of one little electron is hardly worth mentioning Since every atom must have at least one proton the hydrogen atom must be the smallest and the lightest Hence no substance in the world can be lighter than hydrogen SHE CAN'T sw IN SORE STAYING IN by Charles schulz i KNOU) ALL THAT I HAVE SOMETHING our.. SHORT RIBS by frank o'neal JTS EASY TO TURN A PRINCE INTO A BUT A PRINCE. OP AKC STILL SOME PeTAILS X> WORK OUT. BLONDIE by chic younp In hydrogen gas, pairs of atoms tend to unite and form hydrogen molecules These and single nydrogen atoms are eager to combine with all sorts of other elements For example two hydrogens and one oxygen unit to form par- ticles of water Hydrogen combines with carbon and several other common sub- stances to form thousands of different substances These chemicals include sugars starches and numerous other substances in the cells of plants and animals Hydrocar- bons are combinations of hydrogen and carbon alone found in coal and petroleum, in fossils and fossil fuels In all these chemical com- pounds, the woild's lightest substance is tied up safely beinnu trie scenes DAGWOOD, A TERRIBLE THIM6 HAPPENED TODAY V PAISY GOT HOLD V_, OF YOUR. -5k SLIPPERS BEFORE I COULD STOP HER SHE ATE THE TEU-POLLAft IP V BILL YOU HAD MIDDEW IN THEM WHY CANY YOU JUST EAT BONES, LIKE OTHER DOSS BEETLE BAILEY by mort walker Lawrence Lamb M.D. Goran on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN Chlcno Tribune North- South vulnerable North deals NORTH A AJ2 32 0 K965 QJ93 WEST EAST 4985 V A 10 7 5 0 10 8 7 4 0 Void A102 SOUTH A K Q 10 7 6 3 V Void 0 AQ J32 The bidding North East South West Pass 1 V 24 3V 3 A 4V 44 Pass Pass 50 54 Dble Pass Pass Pass Opening lead Ten of 0 Propagators of an inter national language have nev- er met with overwhelming success Perhaps they should turn their attention to bridge There are some bids that, irrespective of the sys- tem you are playing or the geographical location of the players, mean the same thing the world over This hand, from a recent Mid-At- lantic Regional team cham- pionship played in Rich mond, Va, is a case in point South was a member cf the old school where a jump jovercall shows a strong hand While his point count was not all that high, the LI'L ABNER trick-tak'ig potential of the hand was adequate compen- sation A competitive auction seemed to be ending in four spades when East, Larry Al- len of Greensboro, N. C, m- t e r j e c t e d a bid of five diamonds! South went on to five spades and West dou- bled Before making the opening lead, Ellen Allen reviewed the bidding Altho their side had agreed upon hearts as the trump suit, her partner had bid diamonds at the five level Obviously, that could not be a suit in which he wanted to play. The only in- terpretation of the bid was that it was lead-directing Accordingly, she led the ten of diamonds, obeying her partner's instructions and at. the same time suggesting an entry in the high ranked suit East ruffed, and realizing that declarer was probably void in hearts, cashed the ace of clubs West signalled with the sev en, and East continued the suit to the king Back came another diamond, and a sec end ruff defeated the con- tract two tricks for a score of 500 than the value of a game for East- West Note that without East's lead-directing diamond bid West's natural lead is the ace of hearts Declarer would ruff and collect 11 top trumps and five make his contract Dear Dr Lamb Are vdncose veins and hardening of the arteries the same thing9 It not could vou tell me what thev are Dear Reader The veins are the vessels vou can see directlv underneath the skin as over the back of the hand and torearm You can also see the veins stand out in the feet and sometimes in the legs Thev usuallv have a bluish c oloration when viewed exter nallv The blood carried in the veins is returning from the (ells and is low in oxygen The low oxygen content contributes to the bluish coloration of the veins as you see them through the skin When the veins in the legs become markedly dilated they are called varicose veins This is particularlv apt to occur in wumen and especially follow- ing pregnancy The condition also occurs in men but less Irequentlv Hardening of the arteries is not a scientific term but is comrnonlv used to refer to atherosclerosis meaning fat tv deposits in the walls of the ai tenes These fatty deposits can later be calcified and the arterv becomes hard The arteries carry the blood away from the left side of the heart All of this blood has been ox- vgenated bv the lungs and hence it is red Its also under higher pressure than blood in the veins You usually can t see the arteries underneath the skin although vou may see the pumping of an artery in the temple in front of the ear and of course you can feel the pulse in the wrist which is caused bv the pumping action ot the heart Atherosclerosis or the fatty deposits seen in the arteries usuallv does not occur in the veins Thre is one notable ex ep11on It a vein is transplanted into the arterial system so it s exposed to the same pressure it will sometimes show fatty deposits and undergo atherosclerosis The pressure lac tor is important in whether a person develops atheiosclerosis or not and this is why high blood pressure is related to the development ot heart attacks and strokes Dear Dr Lamb They have lists ot the number of calories of different foods but what about the calories you lose while exercising Take for example walking How long and at what pace does it take to lose 100 calories9 Dear Reader Your point illustrates that people are more inclined to concern about the calories thev eat than the calories they use The truth is both are im portant and the balance Isetween the two represents the fat deposits If you eat too manv calories and use too little vou develop fat deposits It s justlike a check- ing account There are tables that give the calories for all sorts of different physical activities is perhaps one of the most common activities A person who weighs 150 pounds and walks at a speed of three miles per hour on level ground will use about 60 calories more per mile than he would if sitting or resting quietly An hour of walking (three miles) would use 180 calories smaller individual would lose less 100-pound individual would use about 45 additional calories a mile while a heavier person at 200 pounds would use about 78 extra calories There are 3 500 calories in an ordinary pound of body fat 150 pound individual walk- ing JO minutes a day would use an ddditional 90 calories every In 365 days this would be equivalent to the calories in about nine or 10 pounds of foodv fat Send your questions to Dr Lamb, in care of this new- spaper, P 0 Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N Y 10019 For a copy of Dr Lamb's booklet on losing weight, send 50 cents to the same address and ask for "Losing Weight" booklet ANYWHERE BUT WM0 TOLD YOU THAT you COULD PLAY wMees CAN we I SAID NO BAU PLAYING NEAR MV HAQAR THE HORRIBLE WORRY YOU CAN'T A LITTLE OJLTLJRE WMILE TMERE I--KOM NEEP P6PFUME, AMP SOtAB Of EXCELLENT LACE... ARCHIE HEY, ARCH LOOK. WHAT I FOUND IN THE PARKING UOT.' TWO FOR AND LOOK, FRONT TVfJIBHT' ROW CENTER I CAN AT THE PALACt> TAKE by bob monfana X FOUND THEM: YOU'RE TAKING HI AND LOIS by dik browne THE JACK-O-LANTERNS WON'T EVEN LOOK AT ME. HAVE A CIDER IT'S NOT VERY FRIENDLY TUMBLEWEEDS TESTIMONIAL PANQUei; EH. WHY? TENP MV TIMONIAL SCRIBPLE SCRIBBLE SCRIBBLE by al capp EOT IT WOULD BE DISLEGAL, FO'MtTO KEEP YOUR NOSE OUTATHIS I'M AAAP.R-VIN' HER -NOT -AMD AFTER OUR. hOMEVMOOM -WE LL LIVE COTTAGE FOR TWO- AFTER VOO WIN THE. TITLE, WE'LL. GET MARRIED'' J TWO? BUGS BUNNY NOTICE THE BEAUTIFUL BLEMPINS OF COLOR.-THE METICULOUS ATTENTION TO 926 ...IT'S SOME OF MY BEST WORK! ;