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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - September 24, 1973, Lethbridge, Alberta 6 LETHBRIDGE HERALD Monday, September 24, 1973 Your horoscope By Jeane Dixon TUESDAY, SEPT. 25 Your birthday today: Finds tedetming goals, striving tor simpler, more meaningful daily living This should be vour year of stionger taith Material af- laiib will require quiet con- (entration and conservative approaches throughout the e a r with particular emphasis in the first few monfhs Relationships thrive, despite many distractions fodav s natives generally see both bides of anv issue but will stav with their own con- victions ARIES (March 21-April Inend puts vou next to a good thing if vou let him Financial matters improve Moderate habits are the op- timum and there s a limit on how fat vou follow outside ad- uce TAURUS (April 20-May In romance be venturesome Careerwrse impractical otfe's are interesting with possible ramifications into feasible projects Your efforts should be btnctlv for your own bcnelit GEMINI (May 21-June seems like luck" is metelx latent gifts for dealing with people with a lit tic heip from extended sen- son perception most of us have more than we realize CANCER (June 21-July Lite follows a path roughly parallel but not quite the same as normal routine although may do precisely the same chores vour view of tnem is altered LEO (July 23-Aug. Schedules and appointments become confused with little lasting effects It s better to see the humor of the situation Think twice about changes vou ve planned VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. little extra effort met eases vour earning capabilities It s a great tor trying new tools, new systems In an em- barrassing situation try to perbuade all to keep calm LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. At the moment all things tend to dwindle a bit in your es- timation Be careful not to ac- cidentally discard something vou haven t vet used or figured out how to use SCORPIO (Oct. Your chosen friends and organizations are all on cloud nine today over something that eludes precise evaluation Go along tor the ride but not the illusions SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec. You have no trouble in saving all the right things, except that under the surface a current is running the other wav Recognize this and tell things as really are CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. It something is com- plicated it probably snouldn t be made a mam issue Leave technical matters to specialists but get a second opinion in doing so AQUARIUS (Jan 20 Feb. The bold front the pretenses of todav lool nobody but those who attempt them Be direct playing no games with anybody s schemes Your own are susceptible to mischief PISCES (Feb. 19-March It s a tine dav for general getting acquainted for tall stories and likely estimates but not for firm contracts definite promises large purchases Save money 1973, The Chicago Tribune Lawrence Lamb M.D. Dear Dr Lamb About lour vears ago I had a heart attack Since then I have gradually initiated a swimm- ing program and now swim about one and a half hours, tour davb a week Rarely, I have chest pain and take btnall glycerin pills for this, also I take Serpasil. vitamin C other vitamins and minerals main problem is inter mittent pain in the soles of my leet which is excruciating It is the kind of stinging pain you sustain after distance run- ning In addition to heart specialists I have seen two internists two orthopods, two podiatrists and two neurologists One of the latter said it was in my head It's not it s in my feet I have no abnormal chemistries and my pulsations are good, but I do have a hell of a lot of intermit- tent pain What can I do9 Dear Reader Your piobiem obviously has no easy solution There are some orthopedic problems involving the muscles and bone joints that might a factor but we'll assume on the basis of your examinations you don't have these Vitamin deficiencies should not be a problem This leaves the most likely cause to be involvement of the peripheral nerves that go to the soles of the feet On the list of things to do, vou should be examined carefully for diabetes, and this means more than a tasting blood sugar, which can be normal in a person with mild diabetes You should have a glucose tolerance test done It s possible that diabetes may be affecting vour peripheral nerves and causing this trouble, even though vou might not have an obvious or severe case of diabetes Another disease problem is extremely rare, but should be looked for, is the possibility of amyloidosis A muscle biopsy needs to be done to see if you might have this This is verv rare and not likely If -no underlying disease such as diabetic neuropathy ran be found then I would suspect that the most likely cause is entrapment of the nerves to the feet Although vou. have been seen by a neurologist, not all neurologists regularly employ electrodiagnostrc techniques Li'L ABNER To studv the possibility of entrapment of the nerves to the bottom of your feet you need to have measurements of nerve conduction and distal latencv These are done bv placing electrodes on the feet and lower legs and measuring the time electrical impulses move along the nerves If nerve entrapment can be diagnosed then it can be approached surgically 1 know how difficult it is to tmd someone for these types ot problems so I 11 make a rare exception and suggest to you that if it becomes necessary to look for someone to study the possibility of nerve entrapment that vou write to Dr Ian McLean at Ohio State Medical Center, Columbus, Ohio and ask for a recommendation for someone who can do these kinds of measurements in your area I know I ve put more technical terms in this letter than I usually do but you will need them to go about unraveling the problem that you are tac- ed with Finally in a lighter vein 111 have to say that if vou have an excess amount of body weight vou should get rid of it I m alwavs reminded of one of my old friends who was overweight and we used to re- mind him of this problem by asking him if his feet still hurt Send your questions to Dr. Lamb, in care of this new- spaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb's booklet on losing weight, send 50 cents to the same address and ask for "Losing Weight" booklet. Fun with figures By J. A. H HUNTER Loan me four said Sally "I'll pay you back tomorrow Steve checked his cash I don't have that he told her But here's somethrng funny If I had four dollars more and four cents less I'd have just three times what I ve got How much did he have9 Thanks for an idea to Ann Bates Toledo, Ohio (Answer tomorrow) Friday s answer The number was 379 Ask Andy by Charles schulz LIKE A MIRACLE Andy sends a complete 20- volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Diane Campanelh, age 12, of Staten Island New York, for her question What process changes a cater- pillar into a butterfly? When you don't know what goes on. the change from caterpillar to butterfly-seems like a miracle In the past few decades biologists have learned quite a lot about this remarkable happening But what they tell us does nothing to shake our faith in miracles Far from it When we know something about this amazing pioccss we tend to regard u as even more of a miracle It is hard to believe that a grubby green caterpillar and a gorgeous swallowtail butterf- lv are one and the same in- sect But this is true It is hard to believe that a stodgy stiff chrysalis is busier than a beehive when it seems to be fast asleep This also is true Inside that peaceful looking pupa the miracle ot metamorphosis completely remodels the caterpillar to build a butterfly During its lifetime the in- sect inhabits two entirelv ditferent bodies Each body is built and governed bv a ditferent set of biological blueprints The dramatic changing process that occurs inside the pupa is triggered bv endocrmal secretions from glands in or near the head the caterpillar com- pletes its destiny, the blueprint that governed its bodv becomes inactive The second blueprint takes over and issues a very different set of instructions The previous Iv famished caterpillar loses its appetite its body becomes shorter and fatter It spins silken ropes to suspend its shoulders trom a twig and a tacky wad to attach its tail In a few nouis its soil skin becomes a crisp waterproof shell What we see is a chrysalis pupa hanging horn a twig and apparently in a deep sleep However great changes are happening The process is governed bv endocrmal secretions and organized aiound tmv units called histo- blasts Fust the caterpillar s bodv is disassembled com- pletelv and for a time the pupa shell is filled with a soupy mishmabh ot biochemicals The mixture contains the iich nutrients that the feasting caterpillar stored in its cells The busy biological blueprint organizes the building ot entirely new cells from these materials The new cells are organized around the histoblast centers to build organs and muscles lor an entirelv different body During the remodeling process the wormy old body is discarded for one that has a distinct head thorax and ab- domen The stubby caterpillar feet are traded for six long legs The old chewing mouth parts are traded for sucking mouth parts Four large wings are added to the shoulders and the remodeled insect now is a butterfly The adult butterfly may spend the winter inside her protective pupa When spring returns her glands are stimulated perhaps bv warmth or extra hours of davlight Endocrmal secretions set in motion the final phase of metamorphosis The pupa shell cracks apart and the butterfly struggles forth to complete the last phase of her life first, her wings are small and shriveled As blood flows into them they expand and become stiff Now the adult insect is ready to fly off mate and lav eggs for the next generation of small miracles SAV.HOUlWOULP W LIKE TO HAVE You COULD 5TAtf AT TOUN'FOf? AWHILE, AW HERE ALONE... NO, I HAVE MO PLACE TO OF APfmtATe ifROOM AT THI5, CHUCK v -XT X-.A o I'LL BE OVER A5 SOON AS 10UKINPOF LIKE CHfCK, PON'T SHORT RIBS by frank o'neal IN THE OVALTDwae OUT HIS.AIPJS. RDUNP OUT TWEY WERE LVINK3. CHEATING AND "STEALING WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE, FROM NOW ON IF THESES ANY STEALING, HE WANTS IN ON BLONDIE by chic youncr 3; DASWOOP, I WANT VOU I TO TAKE OVER. THE OFFICE WHILE I'M GONlE THAT DOESWT GIVE MUCH TIME TD MAKE AMY BIG DECISIONS r- WHERE ARE VOU GOING, MR DITHERS' BEETLE BAILEY by mort walker GOREN ON BRIDGE BY CHARLES H. GOREN 1973, The Chicago Tribune BRIDGE QUIZ ANSWERS Q. l Neither vulnerable, you are third hand after two passes, and hold AAK104 OS 6 3 What action do you take9 A spade, trying for a part score You intend passing any re sponse by partner It is not neces- sarv to open with a convenient club in third position, since you need not prepare for a rebid with a minimum hand Q. vulnerable, as South you hold AQ82 0K98542 The bidding has, proceeded North East South West 1 V Pass 2 0 Pass 2 V Pass 3 Pass 3 Q? Pass What do you bid now7 A hand is obviously a misfit, so you should discount some of the point count values Make an exception to the gen eral rule that an opening bid opposite an opening bid should produce game, and pass You might miss a game, but on most holdings that North is likely to have game will be hopeless or the play for it negligible Q. South, vulnerable, you hold: OK10986 The bidding has proceeded- South West North East Pass 1 A Dble. 2 A 9 What action do you take9 hand has enormous of- fensive possibilities With the addition of distributional values, it is worth 16 treat your hand as responder's with a fit for partner, and add 5 points for your void There should be no doubt in vour mind about reach ing game and slam is not out of the question The best way to announce this is by a cue bid of the opponents' suit The recom- mended call, therefore, is three spades, asking partner to select the suit and announcing that you are prepared for any suit he chooses Q. vulnerable with 60 part scores As South, you hold 4KJ865 JM093 The bidding has proceeded East South 1 0 What do you bid' Since you may anticipate a battle for the part score, you should endeavor to mention both suits if it is possible to do so Therefore, an overcail of one spade is preferred to a takeout double Something is bound to happen around the table on the first round, and you should get a chance to show the heart suit at a reasonably low level Q. S Neither vulnerable, as South you hold V AQ 7 4 3 0 A10 8 5 KJ 9 4 The bidding has proceeded North East South 3 A Pass What do you bid' A rn this day and age, a three btd does not denote strength Do rot even consider three no trump, for partner has nothing but a long spade suit that could be worthless to you Any action you may take will surely prod partner to four spades, where he would be exposed to a double On the other hand, If you keep quiet, the opponents may think vou are trying to steal the hand from them, and they mav enter the bidding Nothing would delight you more Q. vulnerable, as South you hold: A6 OAKQ64 The bidding has proceeded South West North East 1 0 Pass i V Pass 9 What do you bid now' Our preference is for two clubs, tho we would not fault anyone who chooses three clubs This is a powerful hand, and if our suits were spades and hearts we would surely make a jump shift However, since it appears that we may have to pla> in a minor suit, where 11 tricks are needed for game, partner has to have enough for another bid if we are going anywhere Thus, we prefer to take it slowly Q. South, vulnerable, you hold: AK9 The bidding has proceeded East South West North 10 1C Dble. 3 A Pass 4 A 50 Pass Pass What do you bid now' A is true that partner's bid of three spades denotes a hand that is not robust in high cards, but merely contains a long suit of good texture Nevertheless, it is also obvious from the bidding that partner is very short in both red suits, which makes your club holding doubly attractive Surely, the penalty inflicted on the op- ponents cannot be very great Bid five spades and, with a little bit of luck, you might make It Q. South, vulnerable, you hold AQJ 7 6 3 9? A OQ10 7 6 8 5 The bidding has proceeded North East South West 1 0 Pass 1 A Pass 2 NT Pass What do you bid now? A hand has all the ear marks of a slam You have virtu ally the equivalent of an opening bid and partner has opened and jumped The proper call Is a tern porizmg bid of three diamonds, awaiting partner's next move Common sense tells us this bid is forcing If you were interested in bigger things, you would merelv proceed to three no trump, while, if you had a bad hand, you would pass two no trump THAT'S TME V. .TAB ARE TROUBLE AROUND MORE THAN TME MEN HAGAR THE HORRIBLE by dik browne TRIP ALWAYS FASTER TUAN TRIP V ARCHIE by bob montana DO YOU KNOW WHY JUGHEAD WAS ABSENT YESTERDAY HIS N CLOCK. WAS WRONG, AND '.T WAS HE RAN OUT AT THE WRONG TIME, IN THE WRONG PLACE....AND GOT ON THE WRONG HE ENDED UP ACROSS TOWN IN THE THIP.D GRADE OF AN ELEMENTARY WHAT DID HE DO HE SAID HE GOT THE BEST MARKS 9 at IN HIS HI AND LOIS by dik browne tt WITH ALL MY LOVE AND THE CREDIT COMPANY'S FAITH." IT'S MY ANNIVERSARY BUT IT COULDNT BE FROM HI. HE COULDN'T AFFORD IT. WHAT DOES THE CARD TUMBLEWEEDS WHATAKBENOIPEAJ FOR, WHOM MORE WORTHY, MORE MORE by al capp DO VOU SERVE. HERE? I'M K SEEING TWO WP.ESTL.ERS, CAN'T BE. SO MOW THEV CALL THE WHOLE MESS 'THE OCTOPUS'- SORR.V WE CAW'T DANCE, BABE. I GOTTA USE OMEO' HIS FEET, AN HE DOM'T KMOW NUTTlM' ABOUT TH ATS ALL RIGHT. IT'S SUCH A THRILL. JUST BEING ALONE WITH DUPE BUGS BUNNY OKAX T'LL VA F6R A WALK1 ;