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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

- Page 11

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - September 23, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta Monday, 23, 1974 THE LETHBRIDGE HERALD 11 Lawrence Lamb M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb I read about the little girl who refus- ed to have a bowel movement My little grandson had the same problem He would he belly down on the floor with both hands pressing the groin to prevent having a bowel movement or to pass urine We went through all the begging, teas- ing and coaxing routine When he was 4Vz he complained of abdominal pains Well at last the doctors found out he had a very small opening of the urinary tract He had had it since infancy He wasn't able to urinate properly Instead he held it The bladder began to ex- pand, and it was so large it caused him trouble in moving his bowels He also had bladder infections because of all the urine he retained The little opening was simp- ly enlarged, and my grand- son's problems began to be solved Whenever I see a potbellied tot now I wonder if he's having bowel or bladder trouble Perhaps if you wrote a column on the importance of a normal opening at the tip of the penis it would help save a lot of parents from a similar problem Incidentally my grandson is fine now and has no problem at all, thanks to a simple operation Inciden- tally, could this have been caused by his circumcision9 Dear Reader Thank you for a kind and thoughtful letter There are many reasons for bowel problems and failure to eliminate urine The first step in finding out the cause is a good ex- amination Sometimes a serious problem has a simple solution, as you have ex- plained It is possible to have a stric- ture of the outlet of the penis from a reaction to circum- cision, but a very small open- ing can be something that a child is born with Its only real importance is the obstruction to normal urination Any obstruction that does this will often cause bladder distention and infections in either young and old In many ways your little grandson had the same problem men have with obstruction from a large prostate gland The only difference being the obstruc- tion to outflow was at the tip of the penis and not inside at the outlet of the bladder For- tunately the problem was more easily solved Send your questions to Dr. Lamb, in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb's booklet on blood sugar, send 50 cents to the same address and ask for the "Blood Sugar" booklet. Goren on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN I'M, Tin Chiuw vulnerable, as South you hold VK5 The bidding has proceeded South West North East Pass Pass 1 4 Pass 3 Pass 3 NT Pass 9 What dojou bid now trump is unappialint; hi cause hand is so distn hutional but to support part ners spade suit when he did not nbid it is unwise- Your trump suit is almost self sufficient especialh since partner almost certamH has support for he did not rehid another suit so our goes to diamonds Q-2-East vulnerable, as South vou hold. 4Q765 VKQ7 A7 4KQ105 The bidding has proceeded East South West North 1 Dble Pass 1 Pass 1 What do you bid now spades You hate bet ter than a minimum double but not enough to jump raise part ner s response leap to three spades would show a hand worth 19 points South able with 60 on score, as South vou hold The bidding has proceeded South West North East 1 V Pass 1 Pass 3 Pass 4 4 Pass 9 What do ou bid now A spades Once partner makes a slam the hand re around the diamond suit Partner should be able to inter prel xour jump !o >pades as that evert suit iou havr promised partner nothing. so jour two court cards and fifth rhib look most umprcisixr Partner has bid and failure to raise to iJircr no trump could be grounds for impeachment. Q South, vulnerable, >ou hold 4KQ765 A10965 472 The bidding has proceeded North East South West 1 Pass 1 4 Pass 3 Pass 3 9 Pass 4 4 Pass What do you bid now A clubs are in a gam' forcing situation on a mis fit Partner rates to be 6 5 in the minor suits so he can I have three card support for cither major To bid four hearts might lead him to that your suits are better than they are, and he might take a preference to four spades on a singleton vulnerable, as South you hold 4954 4A76 4AKQJ1043 The bidding has proceeded North East South West Pass Pass 1 4 Pass 1 4 Pass 3 4 Pass 3 4 Pass. 1 What do vou bid now diamonds Despite the fact that partner passed prospects for slam are there because %ou have a secon fit for his suit If partner shows the ace of hearts OMT our cue bid sign off in four is duplication of values However if partner by chance bids five diamonds six clubs should have good plav West vulnerable, as South vou hold 47 WAJ 410765 4A87632 The bidding has proceeded East South West North Pass Pass Pass 1 4 Oble. What action do >ou take' In high cards you have a borderline redouble However, if vou take thi.1 action vou wiil be awkwardlv placed when the opponents bid hearts and partner passes that round to vou It is more discreet to pass tcmporanlv and await develop ments. for it s just possible that partner will do MHTH thinu help v ou out of v our dilemma South vulnerable, vou hold. 4J43 VKJ87 4A963 4J10 The bidding ha.s proceeded. East South West North Pass Pass IV 14 Pass Whal action do you take? our no trump If partner has a sound overcali. jour most likeh game is in no trump. At a contract, jour hearts Kould He badi} placed and might not be pulling full weight For the moment, one forward move 15 aii 5011 can afford, and you must await clarification of part ncr's strength Your horoscope I leant Dixon TUESDAY, SEPT. 24 Your birthday today: Selec- tivity is the quality to develop this year, as whatever you have stays with you long after the expected terms Weed out what has lost its purpose The simple approach works best Relationships not based on trust and honesty are apt to be temporary Today's natives offer blunt opinions on any subject which interests them ARIES (March 21-April Yesterday's crosscurrents continue, though somewhat abated You can dig out hidden information, apply some resources to urgent needs, change directions TAURUS (April 20-May Despite an inclination to temperament, this can be a good day for personal pro- jects Introductions, business and social, promise mutual advantages GEMINI (May 21 June Revision of budgets, balan- cing of accounts are favored today Expect difference of opinion Prepare your ex- planations of group fund dis- bursements CANCER (June 21-July Opposition springs up in proportion to your quick temper Ask quietly for the help you need early enough to get it Avoid recriminations over past incidents LEO (July 23-Aug. Any work now seems tedious, bottlenecks are likely Have an alternative course ready, waste no time complaining Later hours are increasingly productive VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. Stick to your routine purchases, so-called better quality doesn't justify the higher prices Disagreements are probably inevitable, call for calm discussion LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) Home and family benefit from today's events Older people, parents, in-laws take up more of your attention, need advice skillfully offered SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Pursuing technicality doesn't bring success Social and political approaches are more likely to yield results Errands to distant points take extra care SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec. Put your efforts into those ventures where you've already paid the investment costs Get something to the payoff state quickly where you can CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Your individual plans get sidetracked as marital or partnership activities expand You can fill out a convincing picture for far-off cor- respondents, and perhaps should AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. Delays now are inescapable, may add to future workloads if not reasonably accepted Stay out of the center of public atten- tion today PISCES (Feb. 19-March 29) Yesterday's decisions or impasses still rankle Con- tinue to be sympathetic, but don't try to change anything or rewrite the story Ask Andy Andy sends a complete 20- volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Dan Gausman, age 13, of St Paul, Minnesota for his question How do horns differ from antlers'' People who believe in devils insist that the wretches have hooved feet and wear horns on their heads It s odd that they should be scared because all the animals of this sort are strict vegetarians Most, though not all animals who wear horns or antlers are gen- tle creatures and certainly none of them ever devoured a human being Cattle and sheep, goats and most antelopes wear perma- nent horns on their heads The deer wear branching antlers and most of them shed their handsome crowns ever year Both the horned and antlered animals are herbivores who graze or browse on vegetable food Most of them are shy and more gentle than the meat-eating carnivores Most of them use their spiky weapons only against rivals, though the one-horned rhino and the two horned domestic bull can definitely be hostile to humans The rhinos horn is made from outer skin fused with parallel fibers of ma'snal called keratin The horns of cattle grow from the epider- mis the outer skin layer, and contain an assortment of different keratins The durable protein cells are related to human hair and nails Various keratins also are used to build the beaks and claws of birds tortoise shells and lizard scales, hoofs and whalebone A horned animal sprouts two bonv growths from his skull early in life The sheaths of horn material have bony bases They are permanent at- tachments and may continue to grow throughout life The antlers of a deer are made entirelv of calcarous bonv material and usually thev are shed every vear In laic fall, the pronged antlers of a handsome elk may be five feel long and weigh as much as 70 pounds In mid-winter, he sheds his branching crown and for a few weeks the proud stag has no anlJers Pun with figures By J-A.H. Hunter Fine said Bill checking the handkerchiefs his wife had bought "Twelve for Sam and thirteen for Eve Why the odd number'' What they had left of those at 17 cents each more than Sam's but still a bargain replied Ann "It's funnv how the prices came out The cents for Eve's lot were the dollars for Sam's and the dollars for hers were Jhe cents for his But what were Jlie respective 'Answer tomorrowi Friday's answer: Net loss of on the two tables. TO HEAR 0ASE8ALL STATISTICS CHARLIE 5ROWN7_ ACCORPN6TO "M FIGURES AS OUR PITCHER I STATISTICS PONT LIE VCHARLIE THEH' SHOOT OFF TMHIR VjMOUTH A LOT' SHORT MBS TME KING- MAS BEEN A 10TOF PRESSURE. HI AND LOIS WELL, HOW MAMV? AS MAMV AS Vou Mir YOU CAM STAV UP THERE TILL LOfJG AS KEEP MAMV FOULS ARE you ALLOWED WITH TWO STRIKES ON you? BUGSBMIY ALL I WANNA TAKE A YER A REAL PAL, ELMER US ART STUDENTS CAN'T AFFORD r BftY PER A THIS IS VEWV I'VE ONLY HAD THREE BLONME Early in the new year, two bonv bumps appear on his forehead These are his new antlers As they grow they are covered with velvety hair and nourished by the blood vessels in fleshy layers of skin During this period, the stag is said to be in velvet, for his growing antlers are sheathed in soft flesh and short furry hair The fleshy coverings also contain nerves and the grow ing antlers are sensitive until they reach their full size Then their velvety gloves dry up and peel away The stag is ready to battle rivals who try to steal females from his familv The new bony antlers are used as weapons The winner gets to keep and protect the herd Among the cattle, both cows and bulls wear permanent horns made of durable protein materials Both the male and female reindeer wear bony antlers but this is unusual Among the other deer, antlers are worn only bv the male and he grows a new set each vear Questions Mkcd by chil- dren of should mailed to Ask Andy, P.O. Box. 765, Huntington Beach, California 92648. (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 1973) WSLL LOOK AT "T-tA" MOUMTAISJ THE WMV DON T -LUJJI "HEY CALL THEM THS ARCHIE YES, THAT'S THE FELLOW DURING WHO FIXED IT LAST TIME WAS COLOR BLIND' IS THIS THE2L WHAT 'A SERIES WE GOT A POOR PITCHER1 TV THAT AIN'T LOOK MAYBE YOU) CAN VOU SHOULD REPLACE. REPLACE A SOME OF THE BOO6 THE SOAP TUBE. A OPERAS2 THE HORRIBLE A VIKING ISNl'T STUPID, EITHER.- BEETLE BAILEY THEN REP, JUMP UP AND DOWN, grre Mi6 POUND UlAWBl IUMBUEWEEDS ;