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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - September 19, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta LETHBRIDOE Your horoscope ByJeimDixon FRIDAY, SEPT. 20 Your birthday today: After practice and gaining skills, you move into a sustained level of excellence around mid-year if you are willing to work. Relationships thrive regardless of your material success. Today's natives are either rugged, persistent and reasonable individualists or given to rash actions. Both, types always make long-range plans. ARIES (March 21-ApriI You needn't assume that any transaction is for general public knowledge. What seems obvious to you may not be to others. Seek good will, introductions, new oppor- tunity. TAURUS (April 20-May Teamwork does it today. Do what you can to enhance your public image. Show your work where it counts but make sure you take credit for only your own work. GEMINI Exert yourself, make the best use of your time and resources, but expect no im- mediate results or response. Home and possessions rise in value: enjoy what you have1 CANCER (June 21-July Run neglected errands and return social calls and small favors. You have pleasant changes and adjustments to make in your habits and daily living arrangements. LEO (July 23-Aug. Postponed deals can be brought to conclusions if you proceed industriously and promptly. Bring some of the success story home with you, share the news. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. Wind up your work week with emphasis on career and per- sonal development. Skip casual social activities in favor of completing your job. You can bolster your security by study. LIBRA (Sept. Z3-Oct. You have influential people close by remember that they may wish privacy and discretion. It's a great day for trouble-shooting, under- standing the causes of dif- ficulty. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. Do what you must to fulfill today's routines cheerfully and quickly, but concentrate mainly on personal projects and enterprises. Don't be lazy! SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec. For once, don't advertise. Let the finished work speak for itself. Deal with established institutions, old friends and confidential advisors. Overtime is beneficial; use it! CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. Get in touch with friends and colleagues. Compare notes and enlist their co- operation in business enterprises and long-range goals. Accept a favor gracefully you've earned it. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. Be alert and conscien- tious to advance your work and its promotion. Get details on record. You receive sup- port and encouragement by making an honest effort. PISCES (Feb. 19-March Relatives, neighbors and associates are likely to be in a helpful mood and may be coaxed into group activity and co-operation. Ask favors selectively. Fun with figures By J. A. H. HUNTER Each letter stands for a different digit. It's great to get away from it all. but what do you make of GEORGE? TRY T 0 GO AWAY TODAY GEORGE Thanks to R. W. Madden, Agmcourt, Ontario. (Answer tomorrow) Yesterday's answer: 18 musicians in all. Qoren on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN 6 Tkt North-South vulnerable. South deals. NORTH 982 10753 4 AK9764 WEST EAST 4J1094 4Q7652 9K1094 VJ6 Q982 45 4J1083 SOUTH A83 9 AQ753 AK6 4Q2 The bidding: South West North East IV Pass 24 Pass 3 NT Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: Jack _ It is a natural tendency in the play of no trump con- tracts for declarer to want to develop his longest suit as quickly as possible. How- ever, on some hands it is necessary to consider other lines as a means of assuring the contract. South became declarer at three no trump after a nor- mal auction. North's good six-card suit and distribu tional values cave him a a sound two over one re sponse. especially since he could rebid his suit al hjs next turn to warn partner that his hand was primarily oriented lo playing in a Hub contract. When -South his power a jump rehid in no trump. North judged his hand would produce more than enough tricks lo make thai game a sound proposition. When dummy appeared, it seemed to South that the contract would be a pianola. He therefore paused to con- sider possible lies of cards that might prove trouble some- The spade lead had re- moved dummy's only outside entry to the clubs, and de- clarer saw that a 4-1 club break could cause diffi- culties. If clubs didn't split, declarer would have only eight top tricks, and would have to rely on a heart finesse for his ninth. A glance at the complete hands shows that, had South adopted this line, he would have been defeated. Declarer dug deeper into the position, and came up with an alternative that offered him yet another chance to make the contract, and at virtually no cost. After winning the king of spades, he continued with ace. king and another dia mond. This plaj was guaran teed to produce a third trick in diamonds if the suit divided 3-3 or if it .split 4 '2 and East held either Q x or J-x. as was the actual c.isr. Even though the clubs broke badly, declarer easily scored his vulnerable garm- with two spade tricks, one heart, three diamonds and three clubs. Even if declarer set up two diamond tricks for the defenders, he could still fall back on his other options. Had She diamond suit failrd lo produce a third track, declarer thvn tried lo spin thr dubN with the heart fim-ssr as 3asi resort in Ask Andy HAMSTERS Andy sends a complete 20- volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Beth Meadofws, age 10, of Franklin, North Carolina for her question: How long do hamsters live? Hamsters are short-term pets. We cannot expect them to live much longer than two and a half years, for this is their average life span. However, they usually leave us plenty of replacements. A mother hamster may produce as many as 50 furry babies during her first year. And the youngsters are weaned and ready to go at the age of two weeks. Various hamsters live wild in parts of Europe and Asia. But the ones we know best are the beautiful little golden hamsters. Millions of them live as laboratory animals and millions more are pampered pets. And all of them are descended from one little mother. She was found in 1930 near Aleppo in Syria. With her brood of 12 golden babies she was dug from a burrow, eight feet deep. Her assorted wild cousins come in various shades of brown and grey, with patches of black and white. They range in size from large mice to large guinea pigs. This rare Syrian hamster was six inches long. Her loose, fluffy coat was reddish gold with white patches under her chin and on her chubby tummy. Her tiny legs and feet were white. Aside from being so pretty, she turned out to be tamable, neat and clean. And so were her babies. In true hamster style, they were grown up in a few weeks and started to mul- tiply at a great rate. The females had litters of 12 to 15 or more. In 1931, some were sent to England as lab animals. In 1938, some were sent to America. Soon the sur- plus hamster lab population was sold as pets. Lab scientists claim that some of their golden hamsters have lived as long as eight years. But this is very un- usual. As a rule, the charming animals are old at the age of two years. Most of them live for two and a half to three years. But while they live, the busy little mothers are busy producing babies and more babies. A mother hamster may have a litter of 15 when she is about two months old. Six weeks later she may have another litter of 15 or so and six weeks later another litter. This multiplication goes on and on. The baby hamsters are born naked and helpless. But their golden and white fur coats start to sprout in a couple of days. For two weeks they are fed on mother's milk. Then the little charmers are wean- ed and ready to leave home to live separate lives of their own. A pet hamster needs a well- caged box with two to four square feet of living room space. The floor should be packed with dirt and in one corner the dirt should be several inches deep. A hamster is a born hoarder. In the wild, he may store a whole bushel of surplus food in his underground burrows. Your pet hamster feeds on cereals, bits of lettuce and potato and almost any kind of plant food. His cheeks are pockets, where he stuffs his leftovers. The little hoarder digs a pantry in the deep end of his box to store his surplus food. What's more, he stores grains of cereal in one pantry and bits of potato in a separate pantry. by chil- dren of Herald should mailed to Ask Andy, P.O. Box. 765, Huntington Boach, California (Copyright Cturoniow Publishing Co. 1973) Lawrence Lamb Dear Dr. Lamb I have just heard something that has upset me. I take iron medicine in liquid form called Feosol Elixir On the bottle it says take a teaspoon three times a day. I took it that way at first, but I became so red I cut down to a teaspoon once a day. and I feel so good and people say I look robust and healthy. I have just heard that if one takes too much iron one can get cirrhosis of the liver. Is that so? I have always thought drinking caused that. I'm so upset I feel like cancelling all the iron medicine, but I don't want to sink back into anemia. I had a stomach operation and have been told what's left doesn't take enough iron from the food I eat. Please let me know what I should do. Dear Reader It is true that you can take too much iron. Ordinarily the small intestine will regulate the amount of iron absorbed, and it will also eliminate some iron. The balance stays in the body. Ordinarily there is no problem of taking too much iron, but you can overwhelm your digestive system with iron medicine. This is why you should not take iron except on the advice of your physician. It is usually all right for women to take the amount they get in standard daily vitamin tablets, particularly during the childbearing years. In these cases they need the iron to make up for blood loss. A few other people need increased amounts of iron, such as those with trouble ab- sorbing food from the digestive tract. You may have less acid digestive juice since your stomach operation, and you may need additional iron to prevent anemia. And, depending upon your problem, you may also need vitamin B- 12 shots. The stomach normal- ly manufactures a substance called intrinsic factr.- that you need to be able 10 absorb vitamin B-12. Without it you must take shots or you will develop a form of pernicious anemia. I doubt that one teaspoon a day of Feosol Elixer will affect you in any way, but you need a blood test, and it is im- portant to know the status of your stomach function. It is true that if you already have liver damage, or in certain forms of anemia, that excess iron can cause liver damage. It is not true that you have to be a heavy drinker to develop cirrhosis of the liver. Many non-ch inkers develop this problem from old hepatitis and for other reasons. Dear Dr. Lamb Is it true that eating too many eggs can make you blind? I know that too much cholesterol is not good, but coming from Ger- many naturally I use a lot of eggs in everything I can. Dear Readers I don't think there is a word of truth in that statement. To the ex- tent that a high cholesterol diet is related to fatty- cholesterol deposits in the arteries, it could contribute to changes in the arteries in the back of the eye. Otherwise you can forget about that scare statement. Flashback By THE CANADIAN PRESS 1870 Germany began the siege of Paris in the Franco- Prussian war. 1881 President James Garfield died of wounds inflicted 11 weeks earlier by an assassin's gun. 1889 A landslide from Citadel Rock in Quebec City killed 45 persons, 1850 The Turkish frigate Krlogrul foundered off Ja- pan. 540 died. SMAU- WONDER? WE CAN'T AFFORD 8URPSI SOOMA! RUSSIA IS THE ONW PLACE THERE ANY BURPING A RSXHOrAOVERTJSlNS CAMPAIGN ANPTMEyu_ EVEN IF THEY HAVE TOGWE UP THIS (5 SOING TO BE A SOOP PAV... I 60T THE NEW CAN OF 0ALL5 OPEN WITHOUT CUTTIN6 MYSELF! SHORT MBS (T. "WINK I'LL SlG-N UP THE DUMMY. 1374 by KA IM T US W ITS <5O UNFAIR. DiTTO MAS A SPACE HELMET, MEUV1ET AND FOOTBALL AND ALL I'VE GOT A COOKING BUGS BUNNY THEY DIDNT TREAT i ME LIKE THIS WHEN GAS WAS HARD T' BLOMNE WE'RE RECOMMENDING ITS GUARANTEEP TO RID TOU OF i UK I DON'T HAVE DANDRUFF T WELLTHEVVE ATTACHEO A UTT1-E PACKAGE OF OfcNDRUFF SOMDU CAN TRY1 IT OUT ARCHIE AT THIS GUY. GOT AAAD 'CAUSE HIS WIFE HAD HER HAH IN Cl THAT'S PERSEUS AND THE HEAD OF MEDUSA! MEDUSA I THAT'S HAD I WORSE THAN DANDRUFF ARCH.... SEND BETTY IN TO Mttfifi THE HOWBBU I WILL ALWAYS A PRoViPER. BEETLE MIEY TO ON UP TO PRESIDENT, PAV SMART ENOU6M NOT TO TO GET-ffiE OLP APHEMALW TOMORROWS RATHE, FEUOWSy A WAR PAHCE AT EIGHT OtLOCK ONCE AGAIN J SHALL ONCE AGAIN 8 WISH ID POINT OUT. THAT IF I EVER CATCH7HE GUY WHO SENPS ME THE CORSAGES.... ;