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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - September 19, 1973, Lethbridge, Alberta 28 LETHBRIDGE HERALD Wednesday. 19. 1B73 Your horoscope By Jeane Dixon THURSDAY, SEPT. 20 Your birthday today- Providence, both divine and own characterizes your life through this coming year With pra.yerful meditation, you can remain calmly busy gathering in your rewards despite generally adverse cir- cumstances and noisy times of dramatic events Today's .natives are gifted with per- sonal industry strong ap- titudes for anticipating the future Rare individuals use this vision for extremes of folly most follow construc- tive courses ARIES (March Zl-Apnl Whatever your working base of operations get on with a general housecleaning, the repairs and maintenance you ve been putting off Bring negotiations to conclusions TAURUS (April 20 May 20) Be positive, and be sure to keep the story simple Give no mo're information on your plans than necessary Even your critics are helpful, if only to see what you're up to1 GEMINI (May 21 June Business should be done early, laid aside as soon as possible Accent is on social and roman- tic pursuits Waste no time on people who mean little to you CANCER (June 21 July 22) Your prospects improve w ith the passage of the hours Reminders of past are numerous The social scene is full of crosscurrents everybody in pursuit of his own schemes LEO (Julj 23 Aug Seek obscure or hidden business information In farm ly life strive to have everything in the open for better understanding, co- operation Later hours are for. sharing good entertainment VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. Be warv of stirring up legal affairs official formalities Invitations of rare sorts are possible accept anything reasonable as learning oppor- tunity Social activities favored LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. Settle foi what you can get today close out any losing operations, collect what is due you Add something to your reserves or savings Later hours offer intellectual stimulus SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. Be businesslike, thorough Take on the most difficult chores first tidy up in the later hours Overtime is justi- fied by the scope of oppor- tunity "to get things done SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec 21) Exploit old advan- tages long-term contacts Sell off possessions which have lost their place in your daily living Dipping into savings should be a last resort CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan Your opinions are not necessarily welcome, par- ticularly where you have not been asked Sports travel for pleasure are heartily recommended Business ac- tivities slow down AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. Ordinary day-to-day dealings drag, remain good natured and patient Sign nothing without full under- standing of details Social, romantic urges run stronger PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) Temptation is to take things too easy today and let preparations lag Be up and out early clear off hanging routines Get sound technical advice before signing agreements 1973, The Chicago Tribune Ask Andy A CUMULONIMBUS Andv sends a complete 20 volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Bruce Vandewater age 11, of Marcy New York for his question What is a cumulonimbus cloud1' No two clouds are alike and what s more they change from moment to moment You would think that naming and classifying them is downright impossible Nevertheless, the job has been done An English school teacher made a start by sorting cloud types into three classes Later extras were added to his original terms and one cloud type was named the cumulonimbus A cumulonimbus is a stupendous cloud that comes with spectacular lighting effects and resounding orchestration It tends to build up on sultry summer days and when it reaches its full fury, sensible people scurry for shelter It is, of course a thunderhead cloud that becomes a thunderstorm ac- companied by lightning and roaring thunder Way back in 1803 Luke Howard sorted the various clouds into three main types In those days meteorologists did not know a great deal about the nature and forma- tion of clouds so ne gave them names that seemed to suit what they looked like Howard was a school master and he used names derived from Latin words that could be un- derstood by scholars of deferent countries The term stratus means a flat layer Stratus clouds are those that hang in flat curtains across the sky Often the) are glowering grey ramclouds, though this fact was not noted at the time The term cirrus meana curl Cirrus clouds are those thin wispy White curls that drift high in he sky Often they catch the long slating rays of the rising or setting sun and reflect them in splendid colors The term cumulus" means a heap Surely it is a suitable name to describe those fluffy white cauliflower clouds that drift across a blue summer sky Ah but these in- nocent looking cumulus clouds can pile up in a heap and become a rowdy cumulonim- bus 111 ABNER I he three basic terms describe more or less what the three major cloud types look like Later, meteorologists wanted names that describe more about how various cloud types are likely to behave themselves Two extras were added "Alto" means that the cloud is fairly high above the ground "Nim- bus means that a cloud is likely to shed rain For example altostratus clouds are flat layers high in the sky They may look like thin gauzy veils of pale blue or grey and sometimes their fine particles reflect halos around the sun Nimbostratus clouds are flat grey layers heavy with rain Altocumulus clouds are high flying heaps of bulg- ing white mist On sultry summer days they pile up in a huge flat-topped thunderhead alias a cumulonimbus The 'cumulo part of this weatherman's term means that the cloud was formed from a heap of summery cumulus clouds The "nim- bus means that the turbulent monster is likely to ram which it surely does No men- tion is made of its dramatic sound and lighting effects But a cloud of this type is a mighty little storm, teeming with tur- bulent energy Its wild winds, contrasting pockets of warm and cool, light and heavy air are sure to generate flashes of lightning and claps of rolling thunder Fun with figures By J A H HUNTER V ou know those crazy mod belts we bought9 said Dan Last night I noticed we'd sold only 26 of them, so I cut the price from 95 to 99 Carol nodded A good idea but that s a heck of a dis- count Sure but it s paid off already today her husband declared We sold 55 at the new price and actually made 75 more on them than our proht had been on the others The belts were all the same but. what had Dan paid for them' (Answer tomorrow) Yesterday s answer WINE was 1293 VEGOT OWE LOOSE TH'CHAMPIOM OF THASS A MAH MAMMV IS STILLCHAMP.'f by charlts schulz Lawrence Lamb M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb Would you please tell me what potassium is' My doctoi tells me I am low in it and tells me to eat lots of bananas and drink orange juice What othei food is helpful9 What does it do to your body' Dear Reader Potassium is one of the basic chemical elements Everything we know is made up of chemical elements Such as hydrogen carbon sodium potassium chlorine zinc lead gold and so on There are a little over 100 elements Our entire body is made of combinations of these chemical elements "so are our household furniture buildings automobiles etc It is this fact that amuseb me when someone tells me that something is harmful because it is a chemical for exam- ple a given ingredient in a lood Everv thing we know is a chemical This is true whether its part of a plant pait of an animal distilled water spring water purified water medicine poison organic food a food additive or thing else you might want to mention In the tluid part of the the water in the bloodstream and outside of the cells con- tains a small amount of sodium which is an element and is the same sodium ele- ment that we have in ordinary table salt called sodium chloride We have about the same amount of sodium salt in our watei as exists in sea water Inside the cell membrane we have relatively little sodium and instead, we have potassium which can oc- cur as a salt called potassium chloride Both sodium and potassium bJong to the same group of chemicals and have a number of similar t haractenstics When the body retains too much sodium we tend to re- tain excess fluid and this can cause edema swelling and 0 t h c i problems Many medicines are used to eliminate sodium through the and v.ith it eliminate the ac umulation ot water Some ot these medicines also eliminate potassium and then lose potassium trom the (ells In older to maintain good health one needs a normal amount ot potassium inside the cells These chemicals are netessan lot normal function ot the cells The heart muscle wont contract normally or act noimalh it have a deficients in potassium If have too much potassium the electrical activiU ol the heait mav even be stopped There is a proper balance of almost thing in the body and this includes sodium and potassium Potassium as a salt is commonly used as a salt substitute lor people who need to avoid sodium deticiencv ot either sodium or potassium can cause a lot of vague symp- toms including excessive fatigue A. large glass of 01 angc ]uicc three times a day will usually provide about the same amount ot potassium as ptcbcubcd in most medical conditions Orange juice is piobabh the best natural soui c c of potassium and con tains considerably more potassium per weight than do bananas and most other hints In general howevei the linits are an excellent source ol potassium I usually tavor instructing people to dunk three large glasses of oiange juice a if they need idditional potassium in their inlame unless of course there is some medical reason why they can t use orange juice GOREN ON BRIDGE BY CHARLES H. GOREN 1973, The Chlcastt Tribune Both vulnerable South deals NORTH A Q J63 9 8 6 2 743 01076 OQ94 10 854 4976 SOUTH A A872 AKQ5 0 AS The bidding South West North East 2 Pass 2 NT Pass 3 Pass 4 NT Pass 5 Pass 7 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: Ten of A To play good bridge it is not necessary to employ a complicated system How- ever it is vital that you and your partner have a thoro understanding of the conventions you do use K you don't, you may not be as lucky as the two interna- tionalists who held the North and South cards in today's hand, played in a pair tour- nament in Israel North-South were using two clubs as their only forc- ing bid. After South had shown a big hand, North's technically correct response was three diamonds, to show a positive response with a diamond suit. However, he elected to respond two no trump, showing at least 8 points and, in theory, a bal- anced hand This set the stage for the misunderstand- ing that was to follow South intended his three club rebid as an inquiry for a four -card major suit' North read the bid as natu- ral, showing a long club suit. Accordingly, he checked on aces and, when his partner claimed possession of all four he leaped to seven clubs. Mystified by the pro- ceedings, South decided to turned out to be a very fortunate decision West led the ten of spades, covered by the jack and king and won by the ace Tho rather unhappy at the fact that he was playing in a 3-3 fit, declarer realized that, if the cards were favor- ably distributed, he might get home For his plan to succeed, it was vital that both the hearts and dia- m o n d s divided evenly Therefore, declarer led a heart to the jack, cashed the jack of spades and returned to his hand with the ace of diamonds On the ace, king and queen of hearts, declarer discarded two spades and a diamond from dummy Next came the king of diamonds and a diamond ruff with the three of clubs When this stood up, declarer had nine tricks m the bank The ace of clubs was the tenth trick The last three tricks consist- ed of a high crossruff of de- clarer's two spades and dummy's remaining dia- mond, and the grand slam was home Note that 13 tricks can be made only in the 3-3 club fit As the cards he, no opening lead or defense can set sev- en clubs' IF I WENTAUAK', PO THINK by torn If. ryan LEAPIN' LINOTYPES! (THIS CALLS FOR A QUICK SWITCH TO E -THAT'S 00 Y WE'RE WEEKLY A6AIN1 POSSiWE (50TNO NEWS TO PRINT] by chic young YOU 6OIK1S TO RETURM WELL, I CALLEP TO AGNES' CALL CALLED TO J by mort walker BEETLE BAILEY WMAT ARE THEY SERVING THERE W0W.' TMAT 1 REALLY AN IN THESE NEW POOR'S. WHEN YOU SWAV TO ONE SIDE by dik browns HAGAR THE HORRIBLE roo EMPTY. IT IMPORTANT OP FURNITURE. Flashback By THE CANADIAN PRESS Sept 19, 1973 The first baHle of Saratoga was fought without decision 196 years ago today in 1777 The British army planned to encircle American rebels in New England by sending Gen John Burgoyne and men down the Hudson River to meet another army at Albany Burgoyne took a detour and was encircled by Benedict Ar- nold s torces Arnold made a second attack and the British surrendered 1959 Typhoon Sarah killed 2 000 people on Ryukyu Island Japan 1934 Bruno Hauptmann, kidnapper of Charles Lindbergh s baby son was arrested in New York by al capp 'THEVRE so FAMTASTICALLV IFANV ATTEMPT MADE. TO SEPARATE j THEM IT Wl LL CAUSE THE DEATH OF