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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - September 16, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta Monday, 16, 1974 THE LETHBRIOGE HERALD 5 Lawrence Lamb M.P. Dear Dr. Lamb Would you tell me what causes boils? What could I put on them so they would come to a head sooner to relieve the pain? Dear Reader Boils are a large pimple. They are caused by the staphylococcal bacteria. We all have these bacteria on our skin. Ordinarily our skin protects us from these bacteria causing an infection. When these bacteria find a break in the skin, as may occur around a hair follicle or an accumulation of excess skin oils and wax, they start an infection. Our defense mechanisms wall off the infection so it can't spread to the rest of the body. As the infection is limited it destroys only a spot of tissue. The germs can't migrate, so they are in the destroyed tissue or die. This infected and destroyed tissue is the "pus" that comes out of the boil. You shouldn't apply pressure to such a localized infection, in part because you can break down the wall of tissue and cells constructed to limit the infection to that area. But you can apply a warm or hot towel and soak it. This speeds up the process, and it softens the hard skin over the infected area. If it is large you should let your doctor drain it. He won't drain it, though, until the infection has been walled off by your body's defenses. Anyone who has recurrent boils should have a good medical examination. It may mean-you have a lowered resistance to infection as can occur with diabetes. Dear Dr. Lamb Recently I had a gall bladder operation, and my doctor discovered I had a badly damaged liver. This wasn't caused by the gall bladder. He said from the condition of the liver I had had this a long time. I was flabbergasted. I always thought only drinkers got this. I'm no drinker, all I ever did drink was plain soda at social gatherings. I dislike any'kind of liquor. I did have a very difficult childbirth years ago. Could I have damaged my liver then? I know a liver could never be replaced or repaired, but what can be done to keep it from giving me 'any problems in the future? My doctor says vitamins with iron each day' and plenty of proteins, a well balanced meal. Anything else? Dear Reader There is a widespread misconception that all cases of cirrhosis of the liver are caused by drinking too much. Cirrhosis is a scarring process that destroys a certain amount of liver cells. These are replaced by non functioning fiberous tissue. No one knows why or when you developed cirrhosis. Some cases are the result of old viral hepatitis. Others are caused from inflammation of the bile tract or obstruction of the bile tract. You can even develop cirrhosis of the liver from longstanding heart failure. Fluid collects in the liver and causes this. Treatme-t is general, as your doctor has said, particularly as long as you have no symptoms. If you have evidence of poor absorption from your digestive tract then you have a greater need for the increased intake of vitamins. In your case it isn't important, but for those who do use alcohol, they should stop this entirely if there is any liver damage. Send your questions to Dr. Lamb, in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb's booklet on balanced diet, send 50 cents to the same address and ask for the "Balanced Diet" booklet. Goren on Brldgo BY CHARLES H. GOREN CriiCJIO Dear Mr. Goren: you wrote that an opening bid of two in a suit is forcing to game except where opener rebids his suit over partner's negative two no trump response. I can't reconcile that with your answer to the following quiz: AQ10762 9843 2 9 5 4. The auction has gone: North South 2V 2 NT 3V You say South should bid four hearts. Magi- Beach, Fla. (This question has been awarded the weekly prize.) have suggested that South should pass in this sequence if he has a hand that is completely useless to opener. The type of hand I had in mind Vxx Jxxx 4k xx.TJt- This hand is cvimplclcly tricktess, so unless opener has 10 tricks in own hand, in which case he should have bid the jianic himself, there is little likelihood that four hearts will be made. The hand I used in the quii is considerably different. Here South has a queen, three trumps and a ruffing, value in diamonds. His hand could easily produce two tricks at a heart contract. To pass would be a betrayal of trust, and do permanent damage to partnership confidence. opens three dubs. What should you bid with the following hand? 4AK J 10 xx VA Kxx OAK A. Should you bid Blackwood and contract for seven dubs if partner has the king of Mason, Grosse Pointe, Farms. Mich. it's only a question of uhcthcr you play MX or chibv No other contract comes into conwStrawn. just finding out about king of ciuhs isn't grand slam would nol be a good proposition unless partner has both the king and queen of ciubv Therefore, will not yield the information you need. The correct convention to employ is the grand slam force. You jump to five no trump, which asks partner to bid seven of the agreed trump suit if he has two of the top three trump honors. How would you play the following hand? 10 8 4 3 VJ42 10 9 8 6 3 VQ10983 4AKJ72 4Q54 410632 97 The bidding: South West North East 2 NT Pass 64k Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: King of 4t R. Klein, Philadelphia, Pa. A. You have received the one lead that lets you make the contract You cannot afford to draw trumps, since you will need four of dummy's trumps for ruffing purposes. Also. you must take care to prevent one of your high hearts from being trumped. Therefore, ruff the opening lead in dummy, come to hand with a diamond ruff and lead the queen of clubs. Assume West coicrs. Ruff in dummy and ruff another diamond. On the jack of clubs discard one of dummy's hearts, then ruff your last club. Now lead a heart to your kingand continue with a low heart; No matter what the defenders do. you will be able to ruff your low heart in dummy, draw trumps and score the ace of hearts. If you plaj the ace of hearts instead of a low heart. West ruffs and returns a trump, and yon will end up a trick short. Try H if you don't believe me. Send any questions Ms column to: Charles Goren, this newspaper. Each week a prise of a. copy of the new Goren's Bridge Complete, a value, will be awarded for the question judged the best received. Charles Goren personally tan.' not undertake to answer tU questions submitted. Your horoscope lyJeamDixon TUESDAY, SEPT. 17 Your birthday today: Finds you well on your way to a new life and learning in the process. Physical and intellec- tual adjustments are easily made this year, while relationships and emotional growth are labored, at best, difficult. Today's natives blend fact and fantasy and keep everybody happy if they themselves are treated well. ARIES (March 21-Aprll For many, this is a day of great religious significance. Normal schedules and ap- pointments are not likely to be feasible. Conserve your time and energy. Be ready for sudden incident. TAURUS (April 20-May You easily divert from regular routes and routines. Be prepared to revise your tactics with close friends and family as they change their minds. GEMINI (May 21-Jnne This is a day of decision. You make subtle new discovery and turning points in relationships. Hold in check any extravagance what- soever. CANCER (June 21-July One word leads to another; in a short while you arrive at a whole different perspective. It's up to you to follow a constructive, dignified path. LEO (July 23-Aug. What looks like a chance to conclude a deal is something else. Think it over: Is it really in your best interests? Let others rush into needless travel if they wish. You don't have to join them. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. You have second thoughts and mind your own affairs. Business of any sort is subject to momentary confusion, tem- porary changes. It's time to learn new angles. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. Be reluctant to force issues or to have them forced upon you. Check your facts and figures as you proceed, even though you may have little or no com- mercial activity. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. Problems arise slowly from distant or past causes. No on- the-spot answers are promised. Secret schemes are best avoided. Attention to health and its preservation is advisable. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec. All agreements should be kept tentative and confidential until it is time for action. Well-meaning friends complicate your plans at the last minute. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. Minimize dealings to complete routines, trouble- shooting. Defer decisions or major projects. Listen carefully to anything loved ones say; think before reac- ting AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. Money continues to concern you, and no im- mediate solution is indicated. You eventually resolve matters through hard work. Get started now. PISCES (Feb. 19-March You can stay free to act through discretion and avoiding large groups or mass attractions. Steer clear of final settlements, signing contracts. Ask Andy GRAVITY Andy sends a complete 20 volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Michael Volk, age 10, of Gary, Indiana for'his question: Why does Earth have more gravity than other planets? How much you weigh depends upon the weight of the planet Earth. This is called surface gravity, which 'is the weight of an object on the sur- face of a planet. It works because gravity is a two way pulling force between your planet and your body. It so happens that, for its size, our Earth is the weightiest of the nine planets. So you might ex- pect its surface gravity to be the strongest. But because of some very complicated reasons, this is not so. On the surface of the earth, a pound of sugar weighs one pound and a 100 pound boy weighs one hundred pounds. Naturally. On the surface of faraway Neptune, that same boy would weigh 112 pounds and on dazzling Saturn he would weigh 117 pounds. On giant Jupiter, a 100 pound earthling would weigh a thumping 264 pounds. Since weight is related to surface gravity, obviously some of the other planets have more gravity than the earth has. Actually, this is a very complicated story and we need three special words to understand it. These words are volume, mass and density. Together, they explain why surface gravity is different on different planets. When scientists talk about the size of a planet, they use the word volume. Volume is the amount of space an object fills. The volume of the earth fills a sphere about miles wide. Neptune's volume is 60 times bigger, Saturn's volume is 734 times greater than the earth's. If giant Jupiter were a hollow ball it would have enough space to swallow 1.312 earth sized planets. Scientists refer to a planet's weight as mass, which is almost though not quite the same. Mass is the amount of matter packed into a volume. As we know, a sack of coal weighs more than a sack of feathers, this is so because the coal is denser. Its molecules of matter are more densely crowded together. So for its size, it weighs more than feathers. A certain quota of gravity is a built in part of every speck of matter. A planet's gravity depends upon its mass, its density and its volume. And in mass, volume and density, no two planets are alike. Hence, on each one of them the sur- face gravity must be different. For its size, the earth is the densest and the most massive. But because its volume rates as one of the smallish planets, its surface gravity is not the greatest. It helps to compare a planet's density to the weight of an equal amount of water. For example, the earth weighs 5 times more than an earth sized ball of water. Its density is 5.5. Giant Jupiter's density is only 1.3 But, though made of such light weight materials, there is so much of it that its total mass is more than 318 times greater than the earth's. Jupiter's surface gravity is more than 2Vz times stronger than the earth's because its volume and total mass are so much greater. QuMttons by chil- dren of Herald readers should be mailed to Ask Andy, P.O. Box. 76S, Huntington Beach, CaMemla Co. 1t73) Fun with figures By J.A.H. Hnter "We've got said John. "I closed the deal today." Betty smiled. "The one with the funny shape? Well, now you'll have to decide what to build on it." "No problem." John told her. "And the shape's okay, a regular right-angled triangle with perimeter of 374 feet. As a matter of interest, the area is just IS times that number of square feel." What were the dimensions? (Answer tomorrow) Friday's answer: Ann 185 stamps, Joe 259. [00V, PIP EVER6ETME (IN TROUBLE i -y- 1111 SOMEONE SAW ME TALKIM5 TO THE SCHOOL 5UILPIN6, AMP KEPOftTEP ME TO THE PRINCIPAL.' HE THINK5 I'M CKAZV...ME WANT? ME It) 5EE OUR FAMILY POCTOR... I MOPE KW REALIZE I'VE BEEN COVERING FOR HOPE W REALIZE I'VE SUFFERING IN SILENCE FOR SIXTY SHORT RIBS (ILL WAVE S 9RE, THE FOOTMEN MAVE GONE OUT ON I'M AFRAID V "THE HEADSMAN IS OUT ON HAND LOIS ARE Vou THERE IN VOUR PAJAMAS AT THIS HOUR IM PUTTiMS THIS OLD JUNK A TRASH CAN WHERE CHIP WONl'T SEE BUGSBUfflY IT'S GOOD T' LONGTIME NO THE LEAST TOU CAN DO IS ALREADY ATE II WHAT ABOUT MY BREAKFAST? YOUR BREAKFAST KEEP YOUR HUSBAMOAVAKE DAGWOOD, WAKE UP ITS TIME TO SO TO WHILE HE'S ARCHIE MY SOCIOLOGY TEACHER SAYS MEN ARE TAKIN6 OVER 30% OF THE WOMEN'S ROLES AT HOME MILK-) OH...LEAVE MAN ORANGE _ JUICE AND A, COTTAGE ANOTHER T WHAT'S ONE JOINED! HE _ THE CLUB. V MEAN? HUH, ARCH SOCIOLOGY WE'LL CLEAN UP THIS YOUR rMOTHER HAS HER HKfiR THE HORRIBLE WINE To YOU f To, IT ...VERY MILD. CIVILIZED... TO jiAEjTao...! WHAT I DIP I'LL MAKE UP A tfETLEBAUY BEETLE, 66T OUT OF TMAT DITCd. I'At in. MO THOR 6URP1N6 DEAFENING MEJT- UKB UVM6 IN LOW- REMTAPWTMeWT IN MOSCOW? UST9 PHILADELPHIA HOWP n HAPPEN, J-1MFTP TUMMVAKE, POCK ;