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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - September 12, 1973, Lethbridge, Alberta 8 THE LETHBRIDGE HERALD Wednesday, September 12, 1973 Your horoscope By Jeane Dixon THURSDAY, SKPT. 13 Your birthdas Tlnough several distinct phases ol changing situations, .service beyond accustomed habit becomes normal tor this strenuous year Relationships encounter just enough stress to spark them into added significance Take nothing for granted in any area ol your lite particularly the spiritual Todav s natives have special cibihts. often foresight, tor promoting novel ideas which ssill eventually come to be commonplace ARIES (March 21-ApriI News Irom far away stirs soui sense ol humor, helps sou cope vsith nearby conflicts ol personal caprice Get basic chores done svuh a minimum ol comment, no complaints. TAL RUS (April 20-May search tor obscure informa- tion and subtle facts brings than expected Material advancement is feasible, im- minent overdoing a ns t hin g. especially criticism GEMINI (May 21-June of I losing ventures, dead-ended projects Balance available resources and energy among a variety of ac- tivities Switch in time to as old fatigue on one ol them CANCER (June 21-JuIy The tendency is to push too haul or rush a tesv issues, pace sourself a bit Any ex- cess noss- brings reper- cussions Be patient and peo- ple svill come to you with the true stors LEO (July 23-Aug. You'll be glad see the day as one ol mixed influences lather than anybody's ill intentions You aren't likely to be overlv tactful, in any case Lawrence Lamb M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb Nine ears ago when I was 55 I had been smoking the well known two packs of cigarettes for 35 years, not that there had been enjoyment ot it during the last 10 or 15 years, just habit and the seeming im- possibility ot quitting. No amount of tapering off. no amount ol trying to cut down, no drug store aids had any real effect No advice by doc- tors or friends enabled me to stop the habit Then one night when I went to bed my leg went numb, and even though I sat up and had a shot ot whiskey. 1 had trouble restor- ing the circulation to my leg While all of this was going on, I thought about an acquain- quaitance who had smoked and drank up a storm and was told bv his doctors to quit smoking or "off comes that leg fie didn't quit and oft came the leg Then the doc- tors told him quit or pretty soon ol! comes the other leg Well, he did quit smoking, along with breathing, eating, and living. My conclusion was simple, damn it man, you are killing yourself And for what, something you don't even en- j o y or want Then I transferred mv outrage to a mythical someone else who was Irving to kee me. What Flashback Christopher Columbus sail- ed from Hispaniola in the West Indies for Spam to end his fourth and last voyage in the New World 469 years ago 1504. The great adventurer died after a long il- lness two years later. His bones were eventually buried in the Cathedral of San Domingo in Hispaniola than 200 Lan- caster bombers of the RAF destroyed Stuttgart. 1908 American flying pioneer Orville Wright set an endurance record by flying a plane for one hour and 14 minutes. 1819-Field Marshall Blucher died. colonist John AlHen died in Massachusetts. Innocent VI died. HAGAR THE HORRIBLE do you mean 1 can't quit9 The hell I can't. I just did. Sure it was rough for a cou- ple ol weeks, but there was an exhuberant fun along with it. It was a feeling of victory I did have a mind, I did have the power to simply laugh at the very thought of giving :n. It was cumulative. Food tasted better than I had remembered for years The throat irritation steadily diminished, the sputum I coughed up paled from a dirty brown to pearly white and gradually decreased If you really want to stop, lust get good and stinking mad at the person who is' laterally killing you Take it as a personal challenge and see what happens. Dear for sharing your experience I agree with you that if. psy- chologically, you are able to direct your hostility toward cigarettes and consider them as an outside enemy, that it could help you kick the habit. Individuals devise different ways ol helping them to quit and your history is one way which works for some people. I might add that it certainly is true that individuals with cir- culatory problems to the legs, who continue to smoke, can. and do, lose their legs as a result ot their cigarette habit. Dear Dr. ex- plain what these two words mean Hyperglycemia and hyper! ipidemia Dear Reader "Hyper" means increased the hvperactive child is an overactive child The ending einia" refers to blood (anemia means without blood which isn't strictly correct, even lor people with this The syllable "gly" comes from glucose or glycogen meaning a type of sugar Thus, the word hyperglycemia means an increased amount ot sugar in the blood means fat or fat- like, thus hyperlipidemia means increased amounts of fattv substances in the blood Par! ot the problem of under- standing medicine is the vocabularly. The language barrier sometimes makes it difficult for patients to un- derstand their doctors. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) Ask Andy by charles schulz Home lilr improves (Aug. 23-Sept. Kt'guKii routines may laek but produce the resulls needed Personal cconoim includes factors oilier than money Keep thing in moderation, but skimp nothing UBKA (Sept. 23-Ocl. present, the method to use is (he most direct approach available Never mind the tine details and trills, the prin- ciples ,ire the important lac- tots SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. Your work develops special circumstances which require extra time and attention, later excellent results I'citience' Anv adjustment made now is temporary SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- A lively day. full of opportunity Possessions seldom used m ay be conveited into cash or traded Business and propertv negotiations are favored. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19i: Sou are an inspiring ex- ample lor others, including those who differ in their view- points and are impelled to do things in some other Ab- stinence has special merits now AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. Optimism is general v the b e s a 1111 u d e, but somewhat unrealistic today Follow your own rules, with cin extra saletv where the ludgment ol others is in- volved PISCES (Feb. 19-Mareh There's a streak ot last- minute ''luck" in your negotiations and speculations, but don't take it for granted Work diligently to make good use of all opportunities (1973, The Chicago Tribune) sends ,i complete 20- volume set ol (he Merit Students Kncvclopedia to Steve Y.irner. age 10. ol for his 'IIK'slloll How does an electric eel generate electricity? The electric eel has a thick bods about nine feet long He is a South cousin ol the catlishes and the goldfishes and not at all tel.ited to (he true eels He lises in streams where the muddy water tends to be clouds this remarkable fish has his own built-in balterv. which is almost six I eel long It generates electricity and when he turns on its lull posver. its electric shocks are strong enough to stun a horse i i i Kleclncits lemmds us of the power lines I hat currv cunent to light, warm and cool our homes, run the TVs and the toasters, electricity created ma n- m ade generators and tamed to do useful chores But much more electriciu is created in the ssui Id ol nature Nature cieates huge flashes ot electricity in every streak ol lightning On a much sm.iller scale, nature provides living cell with a tmv chemical battery to generate liny doses ol electricity. Your nerves use electric energy to send signals to and from your The electric eel has a super- sizod chemical battery that can shoot electric shocks through the water This remarkable electric organ begins about three leet behind his head and stretches nearly six leet along his snaky body, almost to the lip ol his tail It is made ol rather squat little cells crosvded together in layers of fatty tissue. Scientists suspect that ages ago the ancestors of the electric eel had ordinary liv- ing cells thai used electric signals (o make the long muscles in their tails contract and iclax For some reason, thes changed mlo special cells called electroplaxes These electroplaxcs work somewhat like a multitude ol mini- fl.ishlight batteries They can send signals from cell to cell and also send electric shocks outside his body His built-in chemical b.itleis is m three parts The strongest electric organ is composed of two long layers ol tissue that reach almost to the end ol his tail Underneath .lie two pairs ol shorter lasers These smaller electric organs give oil last, sveak shocks all the time. Their electrical impulses go through the ss.itei and bounce back liom stones, lish. ,ind other objects These echos are deli i ted bs sensitive pits in ihc oirctiic eel's head They sliou him objects in the murks water around him a human being or a ge enters the water. he leels threatened Then he switches to Ins main battery and sends a less- mighty pusvcrlul electric shocks through the water These jolts are strong enough lo stun or even kill a man The electric eel's remarkable built-in battery has one serious drawback. t'su.illv lie shares his muddy backwater with a group of othei electric eels and all of (Mem send out continuous streams of then weak elect i ic shocks Bridge results Wednesday, D.B.C. August 29, 1973 N.S. 1 R Spackman and C. Le Rouge, 2. J. P. Lodermeier and R J. Thielen; 3. J. Anderson and R. Miron. E.W. 1. A. Kireef and D. Jurisich, 2. Mrs. H. E. Balfour and Wilma Winter; 3. E. Lynagh and P. Monaghan. Ladies Wednesday D.B.C. September 5, 1973 1. Mrs. H. E. Balfour and Mrs. E. Manders; 2. Mrs. H. Foss and Mrs. P. McLean; 3. Mrs. I. Wright and Mrs. D. Cranston. Wednesday D.B.C. September 5, 1973 N.S. 1. B. Nilsson and L. Prandsen; 2. M. J. Grant and J C. Landeryou; 3. D Miron and R. Spackman. E.W. 1. B. Jurkovich and G. Hummel; 2. M. Barrow and Mrs. W. C Broadfoot; 3. P. Premachuk and K Bentsen. Thursday D.B.C. September 6, 1973 N S 1 J. Anderson and R. Mrron, tie M J. Grant and J. C. Landeryou; B.C. Evans and K. Foster. Friday, D.B.C. September 7, 1973 N.S. 1. R. J. Thielen and W. J. Ellert; 2. J. Lebeau and M. Yoshihara; 3. J. Landeryou and B Dodd E W 1. M Barrow and H. Foss; 2. M. Wobick and B. Domier; tie Ruby and Norman Nelson, Dr. and Mrs. W C. Broadfoot Sunday Unit D.B.C. September 9, 1973 1. J. Lebeau and M. Yoshihara, 2. E. Turner and E. Manders; tie W. Waters and H. Foss, D. Miron and R. Miron. Oddities in the news TEL AVIV (Reuter) Four pornographic films were con- fiscated Monday from the luggage of a 70-year-old woman returning from Copenhagen, authorities said. The woman said she had not declared the films because they were for her own privateamusement and she believed itr was time to stop calling the facts of life por- nographic, officials said. LONDON (Reuter) A Jamaican-born woman was so upset by her husband's con- tinual demands for sex that she fed him broken glass, a court here was told Monday. Monica Lurline Watson said she hoped the broken glass she put in her husband's breakfast would make him ill enough to be sent to hospital so that should get a rest. "He's always wanting sex- noon and night. And even when he is on nights he sometimes comes home in the middle of the night demanding Mrs. Watson told police She was placed on probation for three years after pleading guilty to attempting to cause her husband grievious bodily harm from a crane and plunged through the roof of a nearby muffler shop, police said. Everett Smith, owner of the muffler shop, said the only casualties were a "whole lot of mufflers." He could not give an immediate damage es- timate. ALPENA. Mich. (AP) The Earl J. Dubie construc- tion company was tearing down a building Monday when a wrecking ball broke loose Fun with figures By J. A. H. HUNTER We have 1399 for the game today Two 9's. one 3. and one 1 Using all lour each time, but no other digits at all, you form expressions for the consecutive numbers from one up Anv arithmetical signs may be used, but no summation or factorial symbols. Don't torget both types ot decimals, powers and roots (no extra digital For example. 91 plus three minus nine is a solution lor 85 The limit without a break in continuiU seems to be 104 I sluill be glad to check volutions and will send hints to help in future games it re- Yes-ierday's answer M1KK tt.i.s 12HO by browne f- 'Z TRUE TRUE (TRUE! TRUE AMP ONE GOOD OLD TUMBLEWEEDS by torn k. ryan THE ONLY THIN' HE' KIN SAY IS YOU WERE EXPECTING VPE-W'OPET GRECIAN THINK SORTER LIKES YA1 STILL, MY PEATIN6 HEART BLONDIE by chic young WHAT'S YOUR -v JWAISTLINER SPECIAL. 1 P 7 ('-aS1 W FRANKFURTERS, I BEAKIS, FREKJCH FRIES I AMD f I APPLE 4 DON'T LIKE 54R6E ANYMORE. HE STILL OLD PATRIOTIC THAT FIERCE LI'L ABNER by al capp HERE.'S TODAV'S CHRYSANTHEMUM DRTWEI PARTV M THE 3Oth AH WERE- HAVE MERE.LV TRVIN' J! GIVE: IT OUT A CAN O' "VS. TO MF_ ESU AIR.K PARTY" SPRAV EXPECTS IT ARCHIE by bob montana HI AND LOIS by dik browne WHO 6ETS THE LAST OF CAKE, MOM ME? OR THE ONE WHO'S BEEN THE SOODEST? THE FIRST ONE WHO DOESN'T PESTER ME FOR IT TM GOING TO HAVE TO THINK ABOUT THAT FOR A MINUTE. SHORT RIBS by frank o'naal TWENTY-SIX THOUSAND OKPEI3S OF SOUTHERN P2IED CHICKEN TO ffO HOLD THE ON FIFTEEN BUGS BUNNY IT'S A THAT FPOM You THIS 6O AHEAP... START SATINS! I'LL BRING'IN THE 5ALAP! AMP TO TAKS A HEY, PETUNIA... 7J WHAT THIS STUFF? HAMBURGER MIXEP WITH SOYBEAN MEAL...IT'S CAU.EP 'MEAT HOW PO YOU... JL LIKE IT? ;