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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - September 10, 1973, Lethbridge, Alberta Your horoscope By Jeane Dixon Ask Andy PEANUTS PEANUTS Monday, September 10, 1973 THE LETHBRIDGE HERALD 5 by Charles schulz TUESDAY, SEPT. 11 Your birthday today: Should find you con- solidating your position for the long pull, weathering temporary complex situations, plus some hard going this fall. You develop skills and energy of sorts which you lacked earlier. The goal is to keep actions in your daily living in balance, being careful not to neglect anything impor- tant Today's natives are realists, often possess precision skills ARIES (March 21-April 19: Don't let yourself be provoked into telling all you know Questions come in from all sides, but needn't be answered Stay busy with current business, routines. TAURUS (April 20 May Yesterday's attitudes and moods are for discard today Get something new done on the job. Make sure you're not being selfish. There's something rather nice in home life GEMINI (May 21-June Technical details can be tricky 'verilv your facts and figures as you 'go, assum- ing nothing on past records. Social vacation planning is strongly favored CANCER (June 21 July Well-tried relationships prove themselves again; you get back what you've put in Repair and maintenance work under fine aspects Don't fall for a hard-luck story. LEO (July 23 Aug. Mild speculation favored Take your gains and quit wlnie vou're ahead Proceed vigorously with career im- provement efforts' Add something to vour reserves VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. Yesterday's experience and today's ideas can be swiftly applied, with generally good results, if you will just act now. accepting -easonable rates and conditions LIBRA (Sept. 23 Oct. Despite all efforts to stay out of other people's bickerings, you're in the middle and may as well state your opinion bluntly Late evening conferences promise practical returns. SCORPIO 23 Nov. You can sell anything to- day including ideas, moods, attitudes even where you have no intention of doing so Allow others to express their own opinions SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. Everybody has an opinion on what should be done next and what your share of the burden should be. Speak up strongly where you have in- tuition or experience CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. Catching errors in com- munications is interesting and rewarding There's a wealth of new information to- integrate with what you had many changes to make. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. Extras that come in should be promptly put to use to generate more of same Your positive approach to routines makes this a day of sound although subtle, achievement PISCES (Feb. 19 March 20i: Be wide-awake and on the job early Use your imagina- tion and your power to Bv the end of the da> the way is clear for further accomplishment (1973; The Chicago Tribune) COLORS Andy sends a complete 20- volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Janice Stamper, age 13. of Mexico. Missouri, for her question How do we see colors? When the light is bright enough, our eyes see the scenery as a moving picture in lull color They can focus themselves to show the small letters on a printed page. Out- doors they can extend our vi- sion to show us distant moun- tains or the moon and the stars in the sky They can do any of these things in a split they perform their work automatically, without waiting for orders from our conscious minds Light and electricity are two forms of energy. The secret of vision lies in translating the energy of light into the energy of electricity. The energy ot light pulses along in an assortment of longer and shorter' wavelengths. When its wavelengths are separated, they become visible as the spectrum colors of the rain- bow The wavelengths are separated when light falls on different objects. Some sur- faces bounce back short wavelengths that show the blue rays, other objects reflect the longer red rays. The scenery around us reflects the energy of light in a multitude of different colors These different wavelengths enter the round black pupil, which is the win- dow of the human eye They fall on the retina, which is a sensitive screen covering the back and side walls in the eveball This is where the iniiaculous job of translating lightwaves into electrical im- pulses is done. The retina screen is crowd- ed with sensitive nerves with libers leading to larger and still larger nerve cables that run through the skull to the brain Behind each of the nerve fibers on the retina is a sensitive light detecting cell The cell and its nerve work together to translate a wavelength ol light into an electric impulse and trans mit it to the brain. The human eve has two types ol these light sensitive cells The cones are rather squat cells and millions of them are crowded toward the center of the retina The rods are taller cells and millions of them are crowded around the sides and edges of the retina. Only the cone cells are able to detect the colors of the different wavelengths ol light They are stimulated' when millions of pinpoints of light come through the pupil and fall upon the central part of the retina Then millions of cones respond in a split second Kach translates a color wavelength into an electrical its at- tached nerve fiber relays the coded signal to the brain. In a split second, the brain sorts multitudes of these signals from the cones and assembles them into a color picture of the scenery. The color detecting cones work continuously when the light is bright or fairly bright They shut down when the light grows dim Then the rod cells take over the job of relaying signals te the brain TheV can- not work in total darkness and they do not perceive colors. But they manufacture a biochemical called visual purple This strengthens shadowy outlines and helps us to side-step the furniture in a dimly lighted room Goren on Bridge Lawrence Lamb M.D. BY CHARLES H. GOREN c 1973, The Chicago Tribune BRIDGE QUIZ ANSWERS Q. vulnerable, as South you hold: AK10854 The bidding has proceeded: South West North East 1 0 Pass I A 3 r 4 4V? 4 Dble. What action do you take7 A partner knows from the auction that probably have at least 11 cards in the minor suits, and could be void in spades Nevertheless, he has chosen to bid four spades, so he hold a powerful suit East is counting on some heart tricks, jnd >ou know he will be disap- pointed The pioper procedure is to redouble, tho a pass is ac ceptablc A rescue to fne of a minor suit would be a blatant insult to >our partner Q. 2 Both vulnerable, as South you hold: All) 2 strong holding. With three trumps and ruffing values in spades, >our holding has increased greatlv m value and a raise over game is recom- mended With the unhid suits conti oiled, partner can bid six Q. vulnerable, as South you hold: AAK632 04 The bidding has proceeded South West North East 1 A 2 C Pass Pass What do you do? A Vou should feel bullish about this hand because favorable distribution The double allows for every pos- sihilitv Paitner mav show hearts ,f he has four, he bid clubs with length in that suit, he may ictuin to two spades, if he pre- fi rs, he might be m a position to pass for penal- ties if bis strength is in diamonds Q. South, vulnerable, you hold: A AQ 943 C5 Qlfl 7 5 9 5 The bidding has proceeded North East South West 1 Pass 1 A Pass 3 A Pass What do you bid? vou promote the king of clubs to a full trick in view of partner's opening hid, vou have the equivalent of a full opening bid Since partner has opened and jumped, prospects for a slam look good The recommended call is four clubs This is really a cue-bid rather than an attempt to place the contract in clubs, for presumablv spades is the agreed- upon suit Subsequent slam tries will depend on partner's next move Q. vulnerable, as South you hold: A A 5 .1 3 0 KQJ 954 9 The bidding has proceeded: South West North East 1 0 Pass IV 1 A Pass Pass 3 3 A 3 NT Pass 4 0 Pass What do you bid now? spades This mav seem somewhat strong for a minimum hand, but partner has forced vou to a game in diamonds so there cr.n he little harm in stopping off to show the ace of spades en route Partner will not expect too much from v on since you limited vour strength bv passing at vour second turn As you could not support either of part- ner's suits, the cue-bid also im- plies a good diamond suit Dear Dr. Lamb In one of your columns will you talk about the problem of tapeworms I know an older person who has tapeworms What will the tapeworm final- ly do to her I thought in re- cent years something might htive been found for tapeworms Dear Reader Before writing a syndicated column I had no idea how many people had worms: or at least thought they had worms. There are three types of t.ipeworms that commonly ,11 feet man; the fish tapeworm: the beef tapeworm and the pork tapeworm Inlet-lion with the fish tapeworm is not uncommon in I lu> New York Jewish housewife As she makes her own gelilte fish Ihere is a tendency to sample it during preparation, and the in- completely eooked fish is the source The fish tapeworm can be prevented by freezing lish for 48 hours or more at a temperature of minus 10 degrees centigrade or by be- ing sure the fish is thoroughly cooked before it is eaten. The fish tapeworm is uni- que It absorbs the B-12 in a person's food in the inlesline and mav cause pernicious anemia Neither the beef tapeworm nor pork tapeworm does this Beef and pork tapeworms may cause some mild; non- specific abdominal pain and digestive disturbances which may go unnoticed or be attributed to a variety of digestive disorders. Most tapeworms don't cause significant symptoms This is surprising since a beef tapeworm may be from five to 10 yards long Rarely the worm mav block the duct lhal drains the pancreas or even block the opening to the appendix and cause appen- dicitis The proper method of prevention is eating meat free ol infestation and properly conked One should avoid eating raw or rare meal in areas where the beef is m- lected with tapeworm larvae: or the areas where the beef t.ipeworm is prominent This includes Mexico. South and Russia The head of the tapeworm is attached to the wall of the in- testine with hooks or suckers The segments ol the long ribbon-like tapeworm literally use the lood material within the inteslmal tract tyh that's already been processed by our own enzymes to feed itself The pork tapeworm can also invade the muscles, brain and other organs of the body and cause other problems This characteristic is not shared with eilher the fish or beef tapeworm While the fish and beel tapeworm segments that are expelled by man are not con- tagious (you get the infeclion bv eating the lish muscle or beef muscle that contains the it is true that the pork tapeworm is contagious and a person who has the pork tapeworm can pass on the in- leeted material to another person by failing to observe strict rules oi cleanliness As you see. Ihere are cer- tain praclical points about tapeworms you should be careful to eat only uninlected fish, beel and pork, second, lish beef and pork should be properly cooked before il is eaten (this includes in Ihc and third, in reference to pork tapeworm, proper sanitation is an ab- solute must lor anyone who is infected, il the problem isn't to he passed on to others The diagnosis has to be establish- ed bv examinations; and: finally, if such a problem ex- ists it can, and should be treated Fun with figures By J. A. H. HUNTER Susan opened the carton. "A frilly shirty and a fancy she exclaimed. "I bet they cost plenty." "Not really, and I needed a tie anyway." replied Don. "But if you want to know you can figure out the prices yourself If the shirt had been 75 more it would have two thirds of the total cost, but if the tie had cost me less it would have been just a quarter of the total." Well? (Answer tomorrow) Friday's answer: Pamela 20 years old. father 50 by dik browne I DON'T NcEC; THAT A (KIND OF TUMBLEWEEDS by torn k. ryan WHEREVE V PUFF'LO YOU YES--TWINSS MUCH BETTER YOU SEEMVj AROUND OUR IN THE LAST POUR WEEKS CORA AMP I HAD A SINGLE QUARREL. j> if .A'I. by chic young YOU TsVO FINALLY SOT ALL BEETLE BAILEY by mod walker --SNEAK BACK JO BED FOR FIVE MINUTES-, DU M5XN A SCRIBE WRITES EVERYTHING DOWNS' NO, HE HAS A PARROT WITH A VERVSOOD AMP -ro TMINK J THAT PRINKING ALL- OV6R EUROPE 50Mb i n: BUGS BUNNY OKAY, SYLVESTER...VOU WIN! STOP RLAYIN' AN' YER MEAL'S ON TH' HOUSE! AffVSe TO ACCEPT CHARITVI HOWEVER, YOU MAY CONTRIBUTE CASH IF YOU WlSHi IF ONE LOSES ONE'S PRIPE... LOSES ;