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Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - September 10, 1973, Lethbridge, Alberta 4 THE LETHBRIDGE HERALD Monday, September 10, 1973 Haste makes waste even in Ottawa By Anthony Westell, Toronto Star commentator A test of greatness The gi eat histoi lan Arnold Toynbee in what likely be the last of his con- ti ibutions to his monumental Study of Histoiv in a new one volume edition of that work wains ol the giave possibility ot Mankind committing genocide unless the willingness to live as a single family is soon demonstrated Some hope of the nations eventually living in accord has flickered m recent times the lessening of hostile at- titudes between the great powers But there ire other distressing indications that the rich and the poweiful are still determined to go the vvav of unconcern for the less fortunate A source of pessimism is the fact that the preliminary talks just concluded in Geneva in preparation for the law-of-the- sea confeience next got nowhere Those talks simply showed that narrow, sell seivmg nationalism is still very much in the ascendancy In 1970 the I nited Nations General proclaimed the resources of seabeds to be the common heritage of mankind It was the hope of the sponsors of that declaration that the wealth in the 70 per cent of the earth covered bj water could be set aside to help bridge the gap between the rich and poot nations But in the intervening three vears there has been a pionounced trend tor coastal states to stake out ever vuder claims to the resources off their shores the re- cent talks national representatives have defended their states territorial claims to the point that Ambassador Arvid Pardo ot Malta father of the common- heiitage concept was moved to com plain The title ot our committee is a misnomet Its real title should be The United Nations Committee for the First Partition of Ocean Space in the Interest ot Coastal States The seas have tiaditionally belonged to everyone and so a unique opportunity is present to advance to principle ot international co-operation without encroaching on national sovereignty It rules to utilize the wealth of the seas tor the benefit of everyone be developed and accepted there is little hope ot Mankind becoming the single lamily that Dr Toynbee considers is essential to avert disaster It would be a salutary thing for Canada to give d lead in this matter Although the Canadian government has already moved to declare territorial rights over incieasing areas it is not impossible to take a new tack m this development among the nations The groundwork for a major shift in emphasis has already been laid in fact Protection of coastal waters horn pollution and pillage was a justi lication tor unilateral action and it could easilv and honorably become the way out of what appears to be the grabbing of the greedv The wealth of the seas could still be vested in the United Nations with coastal states being delegated the responsibility of policing the waters off their shores Willingness of Canadians to have their govei nment give a lead in this direction is a test of their greatness and far- sightedness as a people OTTAWA 'Hie complaint against the Tiudeau govern inent when it had a smug ma jontv was that it was too slow to make decisions too mvolv eel in the lengthv piocesses ot par tic i pa to i v clemocracv too anogant to lesponcl to utgent needs But not now INow the government lives from ciav to d iv just like anv other minor i- tv administration It makes pohcv on the spin of the moment rushes decisions before the Commons to meet everv opposition ultimatum I ook for example at the curious business ol the new national energv polio Onlv a couple ol months ago at the md ol June the government produced with considerable fanfare a hettv two volume studv of the enugv situation The debt is mounting France s nuclear test series in the South Pacific max be finished or it may not So far there have been five ex- plosions and no one knows it there are to be more secunh measures enforced by the French navv have been as etfective as thev are blatanth illegal Though it has lost some of its newbworthmess of late the international chorus ol protest continues from all round the Pacific rim French goods and ships are French embassies picketed and one country peiu has gone so far as to break off diplomatic relations with France On the eastern side of the Pacific there is something more than ritual protest To the Asian this is one more intolei able instance ol the white man loosing his radioactive tilth into the air that others must breath and it is once again stirring the well of bitterness that has simmered and seethed ever since Europeans first swaggered into the Far East Oriental resentment has had plentv, to teed upon Gun boat diplomacv ex- traterritorial rights and foreign enclaves entoiced trade concessions immigration restrictions the history is a long and to them degrading one And at eveiy turn the white intruder has shown his willingness indeed an eagerness to unhmber the guns land the marines and show the heathen whos boss The most damning ev.dence of this at- titude in Oriental is tne use made of atomrc bombs in the Second World War were dropped on the Japanese cities ol Hiroshima and Nagasaki but nowhere else and though every authority insists these deadl> devices had not been developed bv the end of the war m Europe most Asiatics simply don t believe it No one will ever convince them this ultimately horrible weapon vvasn t reserved tor the yellow race as too awful to use against whites And the Oriental also notes that while the Americans had no trouble finding a place to test those first crude atomic weapons at home, when wartime ccn ditions made it necessary at the earliest possible moment they switched their atomic and nuclear testing to the Marshall Islands m the Pacific It is not just the Orient that feels this way, the sub continent of India and Pakistan does too It was Indira Gandhi who so affronted President Nixon by asking with reference to Indochina, "Would this sort of war, or the savage bombing that has taken place in Viet- nam have been tolerated had the people been European9 These points and others are made in a scalding editorial entitled 'French filth published m a recent edition of The Far Eastern Economic Review, a respected English language journal printed in Hong Kong It castigates China too tor continued atmospheric testing of nuclear devices but points out that at least China explodes her bombs over her own country, rather than carting them half way around the world to contaminate other peoples air, as the French have done This article concludes on an ominous note by raising the possibility that one dav Asia may demand an accounting for this kind of action The western world might well take note that if ever Asia is in a position to exact such a reckoning, it may not be France alone that pays for centuries of white arrogance ERIC NICOL V Ot'V I R This veai s winner of the All Soap Box Derbv was dis qualified when it was Ic irned that Ins vehicle was allegedh rigged with an electromagnet (News item i Fact noi is sti anger thin fictiem it is often more poetic Whit ligment tor in- stance can match the exquisite nbohsm in the midst of Watergate ot a rigged vie toiv in the Ml Soap Box Derbv Is not politic s the- gre ite si So ip Box Derbv of them .ill The so ip box h is been amphf-ed into a vehic Ic part bandw igon part jugger- naut toe mv the candidate teivictorv Illegal modification of the soap box is justified so long as the person in the driver s seat is the vvimie i When MlAmencan Soap Box Derbv wmnei lames Giorcn 14 of Boiildci Colo drove a soap box with i batten, hidden in the i eat and an c lectiomagnc t in the nose ae tivated when his helmet messed back against a switch he was showing the stuff of which a tut in e president of the United States is made That he has been disqualified as the winner is just one ol the handicaps of being only 14 vou don t get te> plav footsie with a Senate investigating committee I ike voung James Richard Nixon was sup posed to coast to vie tot v But his pit men had i better idea 'Ihev l-gurod out a way of pulling an elec tiomagnet in Nixon s nose was more nituial foi a youngster building his own machine than to adopt the mot il tone set bv the White House9 Fvcryone love s i winnot II vou w ml to be p ut of i fan race become a Swede That M" tr "per of the c onte st in our time What matters is not whether we win or lose but how we plav the game Remember that one9 Football coaches use it to get a laugh from the team Helps to relreve the ten si on ation of sporting conduct has become restricted to i small pnvateboys school m T ism The school cricket team hasn t even Ic irned about steroids llse where and espec'ally in North the worst thing that can happen to i contestant is to lose Cheat liar ciook none of these appelatrons has the d mining impact of He s a loser In our time to be a loser is to have fecal m ittor f ill on one s head from a great height Be a losei and at social gatherings you will not be introduc eel to other people even though the hostess is your mother I nto the winner it is given His exemplar ol honestv is nol George Washington but I rank Sinatra The wheels of chance (James dioncn s happened to have an axle) are rigg- ed to ravor the guv who owns the place Both racing downhill with the momentum ol a decadent society young James and middle aged Richard an America that measures everything against the c titeiion of success To ei i is human To get caught a bore I1 is the All American Soap Box Dream 10 H he'd the bottom of the descent9 Have we leu nod tint the important part of the soap box was the soap a means of keeping c lean0 Honest castile so ip Our grandparents used it Don I vou wish everybody did9 met the alteinative policies nail ible to Canada Now let us have a great na tionjl debate it sard and then we 11 announce the final poln v dec ision Now the Cabinet has su'ldenlv c hanged the rules Stop the debate it cries W e ve made up out mrnds lei the surpnse ol almost eveivbodv Prune Mrnrsier Pie tie I'lideau tagged on to the end ot his genet al state- ment about inflation a page or two about eneigv which msweicxl most ot the most impoitant polio questions Oh bv the vvav Trudeau told the Commons m effect We ie abolishing the National KnergV Pohcv which has served the country since and substituting some now ideas which we haven t ejiiite worked out in detail Wo will have two pi ice oil so that we can sell at the top ol the international market in the United States while keep ing down the price in Canada but the gove r nment is not sur e vot how best to do it we will have a pipeline to car tv oil into Monti oal That s the line we ve all been arguing about for years The government strll does not know what route it will follow how much oil it will carry what it will cost, or in fa'ct whether the oil companies really want to build it Whit happened behind the scenes to produce this ex traoidmarv performance9 The first thing was that the govei nment was not able or w illmg to settle the rail strike Perhaps because it wis anx ious to pi event an inflationary wage settlement perha s because it did nol offer the lailwav companies an ade- ejuate subsrdv mediation bv the labor minister failed uiidm the end Parliament had to be recalled to impiove the wage otfet Having summoned Parha inent it was stuck with it The Opposition parties demanded action on milation but no ac- tion plans were readv ft udeau had intended to spend a week or so in the Arctic Other ministers were on vacation The civil service was working at summer speed which is dead slow For most of last week the government was preoccupied with the rail strike A tew mimstets and bureaucrats weie beginning to think about the need to sav something new md impressive about 'We can't go on meeting like this people are beginning to talk." Bidding goodbye to sensationalism In the arcane lingo of the newsmagazine business a violin is a mood setting ar tide in the front of the national affairs section a tic k lock is a detailed chronologv of events leading up to a dec ision and a MEGO is a big problem MI ..GO is an acronym a word formed with the first letters ol a phrase which when spoken bv an editor benumbs the heart of a researcher reporter or writer It is the unanswerable news organizations and by the con surnei s of new s Depending on the flow of news the New S oik Times for example has been allocating 20 and 50 per cent ot its news columns on national iffairs to Watergate related events and the same pc. centage range ot its Ion ign coverage to Southeast i The absence of these stones will leave a deep hole in the news hole a vacuum that will then affect our perceptions of all other c vents Here is a eorollarv to the doctrine known as Parkin- son s Law news expands to fill the time of all other events I'nder this doctrine we will neve i see the shrinkage of the hall hour television news to 15 minutes op iiLusless nights nor the thinning of the news paper to Monday sire on dull chvs nor the unemplovmcnt of wai conespondcnts in time ol peac e Instead we can first a transitional floundering around with com- mentators droning on in front of a frayed rear projection pic tin e of the Watergate buiM'p" complex and cor respondents in rice paddies making sure each shot is heard round 'he world they explain for the umpteenth time why Phnoitt Penh cannot hold out one more dav This coverage lag will not be caused bv a political bias i it her veteran newsmen trained to react to fast breaking events are not train ed to react eiuieklv to tun clamental changes in the structure of news and will tend to cling to the inverted pviarniels ol To increase production of news so is to meet demand alter Vietnam and journalism must emulate the example ol sovbean growers increase the acreage planted tor next there s a MhdO-fn developing in terpietive coverage of stories that are cursorily reported todav In overseas news the new dot a11 will centre on the e juses ot terrorism which is the unmoral equivalent of wai and on economic com petition between nations In national news jour nalism can turn to the health issue which is super ceding the environment as the in" concern It will suiclv under take long take outs on con ditions of lite stories that have previously been iclegatcd to page 13 or to harles Kuralt On the Road In local news (ournahsts will have to leain how to break the habit of lingering on the stories of violence and accidents and open up inquiries into what happens to a small businessman in a zon- ing hearing or a suspect in a polu e station Newsweck which diopped the magazine of news significance yeais ago for a more other-directed slogan the world s most quoted newsweekly -might find the old flame ol signihcance it spurned foi heavilv longed quotabilitv winding up as the most pop- ulai gul in journalism War scandal and disaster can no lonror he relied upon crime escaped boa constric- tors i n d i n s h a 11 o w coverage will not do as a substitute1 I he news business has to isk ilsc It how do von cover a peace' How do you swarm all o v e i the normal n o n scandalous operations of government' And most profoundly without any eyes glazing over how do you move Irom a tune now going bv when people are divided into newsmakers and spectators to a time coming in when the 'onsumers of news are also the main makers of news9 inflation but the onlv new bills available to be placed on the Oidei Paper ol the Com- mons on Fridav night were routine measures to hitch pen- sions more closely to the cost ol living Parliament finally passed the emergency strike legrsla tion close to dawn on Satur- d'av Bv Sunday when most Canadians were still enoymg the last holiday weekend of the summer ministers and then kev advisers were drilling back to their offices to prepare tor the eomrng Commons debate on in Hation On Monday evening Trudeau called an informal Cabinet It was expanded c ommittee of Cabinet open to officials and to any ministers in town lather than a regular meeting The mrmsters must then have realized how thin their program was bound to look There were the measures an- nounced by Trudeau on Aug 13 to raise pensions and so on, but they were old hat The plan to increase family allowances could be speeded a little Subsidies could prevent milk and bread prices going higher But that was needed for something new and drfferent9 Knter Energv Minister Don Macdonald He has always been a little to the left of the Cabinet majorrtv an energetic fellow and a nationalist Back when the government was approving the energv studv he had wanted to lean toward the idea ol a Crown owned oil cor poration to compete with loreignowned companies in Canada but the Cabinet rein ed him in Now with the Cabamet searching lor new policy in itiatives came Macdonald s opportunitv As he frankly ad- mits it was only last week in the context ol rising concern in the Cabinet about inflation that he decided to end the debate on energv and make decisions Bv Mondav night the draft plan was before the informal Cabinet Trudeau and his minister'; met again Tuesdav morning to work on the final statement of policy When the Commons met at 2 p m it was still not readv and the House adjourned until 4pm W hen Trudeau fmallv got up to speak his test was still on plain white paper instead of the normal Prune Minister s letter head and parts oif it were not translated from French not English There were no explanatory notes foi newsmen no technical briefings arranged In response to demand Mac elonald met reporters in his of- lice in shirtsleeves around a ease ot co'd beer to answer questions about the energv statement And that s how we got a new national energv poire v It mav be good politics if it helps to keep the Liberals in power but it mav not in the end bv a good way to run a government (Copyright 1973 Toronto Star Svndicate) t 1973 by NEA "It's time to get ready for the end-of-the-summer bargain hunters Mark all of the prices down to what they could buy this stuff for in the city'" The LctHhridge Herald 504 7th St S Lethbndge Alberta I ETHBRIDGE HFRALD CO LTD Proprietors and Publishers Publ shed 1905 I9S4 by Hon W A BUCHANAN Second Cliss Mill Registration No 0012 Member of The Omdnn Press and the Canadian Daily Niwspnpor Publishers Association and the Audit Bureau of Circulations CLEO W MOWERS Editor and Publisher THOMAS H ADAMS General Manager DON PILLING WILLIAM HAY Mimqn o Editor Avociilo Editor ROY Mil ES DOUGLAS K WAI KER Advorli nqMimqer Rl lornl Editor THE HERALD SERVES THE SOUTH ;