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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - October 31, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta 30 THE LETHBRIOOE HERALD Thursday, October Your horoscope lykamDixon Ask Andy FRIDAY, NOV. I Your birthday today: The first half of the year promises to be somewhat heavy-going. Your investments of time and effort don't yield immediate rewards. Everything eases up in the later months as you master essential skills and make better connections. Today's natives have complex natures and are rarely seen in their true light. Relationships include many seemingly contradictory tendencies. ARIES (March 21-April Wind up the week smoothly so that it meshes with a big push next month. Travel comes about easily but lacks significance. TAURUS (April 20-May Finish what you've taken on. You don't have to make critical decisions- you set your own pace today. Evening hours are great for social games, fun. GEMINI (May 21-June There's no point in seeking fresh responsibilities just go on with those you have. Your energy rises this weekend and touches off lively activity CANCER (June 21-July Survey your home and work place and clear out everything that has lost its purpose. Resolve now to abandon a bad habit. Meditation is of special importance today. LEO (July 23-Aug. Travel within a short radius brings results. Start your weekend early, but don't neglect essentials in your work Keen listening tonight reveals interesting news. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. Never mind that much of what you do lacks glamour or fascination. Get your quota done and quit at the earliest you can. Change scene and mood in later hours LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. Opportunity for personal ad- vance and help from unex- pected sources arise. It's time for serious thought about your future and what you want to achieve. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. Concentrate on putting your work and personal ventures in order. Confirm facts and figures. Know where you stand so you can plan specifically. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec. Don't try to take all the profit. Assure any skep- tics. Teamwork succe-ds now; most people want to con- tinue current progress and can be persuaded to help. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. Catch up with old work, but be on the lookout for bright new ideas and question existing ones. Benefits from today's efforts come in later installments. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. Just because you're not heavily burdened today doesn't mesi you're free to change everybody's schedules and plans. Let well enough alone: take it easy! PISCES (Feb. 19-March Enjoy the pleasantries of the day. give everybody a chance to show his better nature. Self-improvement and healthy self-interest haven't gone out of style. Fun with figures By J.A.H. Hunter There's no great problem here! Each letter stands for a different digit, so what must APPLES be' SALLY SELLS DAD'S APPLES Yesterday's answer: nine oranges at three for 19 cents. 12 at four for 31 cents. Flashback Martin Luther, reformer and Bible translator, nailed his 95 theses on the church door at Wittenberg 457 years ago today in 1517. His original thesis, directed against the sale of indulgences by the Dominican monk Johann Tetzel, were burned as heretical, but translations spread throughout Germany. Luther, known as the "Founder of Protestant Civilization" died in 1546. GRAPHITE Andy sends a complete 20 volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Todd Linton, age 10, of Oromocto, N.B., Canada, for his question: How do they make graphite? Graphite may seem rather humdrum and ordinary. As we all know, it is the soft sooty material inside our pencils. It also is used in electrical gadgets and to line certain furnaces, to oil locks and per- form other everyday chores behind the scenes. All these workaday duties are the final end of its long life. The crea- tion of graphite is a fascinating story, for the soft sooty material is related to the earth's most precious gem stone Some graphite is found in the ground, and some is man made. However, the man made graphite is copied from nature's recipe Actually, it only speeds up the last stage of the earth's long patient process Most deposits were started more than 200 million years ago. This was before the arrival of mammals, birds and even dinosaurs. But there were already swampy forests of giant ferns and weird straggly plants. Through the ages, this an- cient vegetation was buried in the ground. And the earth's crust was remodeled again and again. Plants, as we know, are made of a vast assortment of different sub- stances. Gradually most of the materials were -removed. The buried old forests were crushed into spongy peat. After millions of years it lost all but plant materials such as gums, woody cellulose and carbon. At last the old debris became buried layers of precious coal. In some regions, the ancient coal deposits went on changing. This usually happened where the earth's crust was heaved by growing mountains and volcanos erupted layers of seething lava. Heat and pressure con- sumed the last of the burnable substances, leaving only the ancient carbon The atoms of sooty black carbon were crushed into flat sooty fragments and finally the old coal forests became deposits of graphite. Nature's patient graphite reope takes countless ages and many dramatic upheavals in the earth's crust Man made graphite uses the same recipe with a shortcut. The mam ingredient may be coal, which is heated in a slow, air- less furnace to create a hot, smokeless fuel called coke. Coke also may be made from the leftovers from petroleum, after gasoline and numerous other valuable substances have been extracted. To make graphite, the hard crusty coke is heated to C. degrees in an electric fur- nace. This terrific heat drives off everything but the carbon atoms and arranges them in slippery flat fragments In nature, this final process takes millions of years and usually involves mountainous upheavals in the earth's crust. Man made graphite com- pletes this final stage in a few hours. Sooty graphite is soft and slippery because its atoms of carbon are arranged in flat fragments. But the earth also can arrange these self same carbon atoms in crystal for- mations. When this happens, they become sparkling diamonds The glittering clear diamond is by far the hardest of all the earth's natural minerals. Soft sooty graphite is one of the softest yet both are forms of pure carbon. Questions asked by chil- dren of Herald readers should be mailed to Ask Andy, P.O. Box. 765, Huntington Beach, California 92648. (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 1973) TONIGHT is HALLOWEEN ALL THE PUMPKINS YOU TONI6MT ARE RLLEP UJITH 6HOST5! SHORT MBS ...BUT FKST.AWORDFRCM 1 BRIN0 M30 UF6ENT NEWS.' I THE BRITISH ARMY MV ADVANCING ON THE CITY HI AMD LOIS I DOM'T KNOW WHAT IT MEANS, A BAD TVllS MORNlNS HEAR ONE. BUGS BUNNY Lawrence Lamb M.D. Goren on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN AND OMAR SHARIF Both vulnerable. North deals. NORTH V1065 KQJ42 AK4 WEST EAST 752 974 VAKJ832 1086 41053 SOUTH 4K109643 VQ9 A75 498 The bidding: North East Sooth West 1 29 2 Pass Pass Pass 4 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: Seven of Swiss internationalist Tony Trad is the organizer of several of Europe's lead- ing bridge congresses. Bui his fame is mainly as a play- er, and in Europe, he is rated among the best defenders in the game, as this hand from a recent tournament demonstrates. Trad's two hearl over call on the East cards is the intermediate jump ovcrcail. popular with many European players. It shows a one- suited hand of opening hid strength. That action did not deter South from entering the auction, and when he re- bid his spades North judged well to go on to game with his douWeton honor. in t West led his top heart, and against routine defense South would have romped home with his contract. He was unlucky that, in Trad, he had to contend with a player of great ability. Even though the king and ace of hearts both stood up, prospects for the defense were not bright. The ace of spades would complete the defensive book, but the setting trick did not appear in sight. Since South almost surely held the ace of diamonds for his bidding, there were no tricks to be had in the minor suits. Thus, the only chance lay in pro- moting a second trump trick. In pursuit of this plan. Trad continued with a third round of hearts. Declarer ruffed with the nine, entered dummy with the jack of dia- monds and led a spade. Trad was tempted to rise with the ace of spades and lead a fourth heart, but he saw that this would not clarer would discard a club from hand while ruffing in dummy, return to his hand with a club ruff and draw trumps when the queen fell under the king. The winning defense, therefore, was to play the queen of trumps. Declarer won the king and led a trump to the jack and ace. But now a fourth heart completed the trump de- clarer ruffed low. West would over ruff with the seven. Alternatively, if de- clarer ruffed with the ten. West's seven would be pro- moted to the selling trick! Dear Dr. Lamb I have had a nervous stomach since World War II which resulted in a duodenal ulcer. The ulcer perforated and I had a sub- total gastrectomy in 1964. I still have a dumping syn- drome. Two years ago I had a pulmonary attack and was hospitalized for 30 days. The diagnosis was emphysema and chronic bronchitis. This December I developed a swollen stomach and hemorrhoids. The swelling was diagnosed as "aerophagia." It continues, at times more pronounced than usual I think my lack of breathing, due to emphysema and chronic bronchitis, is made worse by the aerophagia, and I feel close to suffocation, which is terrifying. I believe my ner- vous condition is increased to the point of extreme hysteria and I am fearful, not only for myself but also for anyone I am in contact with. Will you please advise me as to my suspicions and what course to follow? Dear Reader Starting from the beginning for our other readers, the dumping syndrome is a complication of surgically removing much of the stomach. Since the normal storage action of the stomach is impossible, large amounts of completely undigested foods are dumped immediate- ly into the small intestine Foods are normally predigested in the stomach into a liquid or at least semi- solid state. The stomach, by controlling how much food passes into the intestine for absorption, even affects such functions as blood sugar level. It's important in your case because it may make the ac- cumulation of gas in the ab- domei more likely and more severe. Aerophagia means swallow- ing air. Most of us do it to some extent. When yoa are I AM HARD AT WORK, NO PIECE OF PAPER SHALL REMAIN UNPUJCKED WITHIN THE PRISTINE CONFINES OF THEN WHAT DO, YA SAY ABOUT TH1 FACT YEK IN TH' SAME STOT TA WERE WHEN I CHECKED At. sprret. MY. HOW TIME BLONME nervous it happens more often, and can become a habit. I'm not as impressed with this as I was in my younger days in medicine Then we didn't know about the gas- producing effects of lactose in milk I suspect that many people, but certainly not all, diagnosed as really have gas problems the doctor has not solved. You are -right about the breathing problem. When the lungs are already com- promised, anything that dis- tends the abdomen will make matters worse. Why? Because you enlarge the chest cage to draw air in by moving the diaphragm downward. If your abdomen is distended with fluid, gas or fat, your diaphragm cannot move down much and you can't breathe as much as you should. In ex- treme conditions this results in a feeling of suffocation. And. it is a terrifying feeling For the best lung function a person should avoid ab- dominal obesity and maintain good posture so the chest cage is able to move normally. In emphysema the chest cage or ribs sometimes can't move much. Now what should you do? You should do everything possible to avoid accumula- tion of gas. You might try eliminating all milk and milk products, just in case you have the lactose problem. You should eliminate coffee, tea. colas to eliminate caffeine. Avoid all soda drinks and any foods you know to be gas formers In many people that means limiting starchy vegetables, too. I presume you are not smoking. If you are you must quit at once. Incidentally, stopping the caffeine drinks may help your nervousness Make a conscious effort not to swallow air and try to eliminate causes for ner- vousness if you can The rest will need help from your doc- tor. BEFORE YOU BUV 7 AND THINK THESE GROCERY BILLS ARE OUT OF SIGHT.' "HUH. THAT CJOESN'T WORK MOWADAVS-, IF YOU STOP AMD THIHK, TWE PRICE GOES UP BEFORE YOU CAN BUY ARCHIE AfO 2----- A SWAM THE. 2O METER EDGE OF THE WEU------ IN A SWAN DIVE YOU MIGHT LOSE SOME POINTS... WHEN YOU HOLD YOUR NOSE AND SCREAM ALL THE WAY HAGAR THE HORRIBLE LEIF... To LOCK UP MAM I MAPRV. MUST To BEETLE BAILEY DOESNT THEY ourr LOOK SC- AT EAS6... THEM? TUMBLEWEEDS s> MAKE A COMEBACK- owi v m k HAS-BEEN, CATWEATT- I'VE <5OT A NEW WORLD-BEATER- (MWE YEARS OLD. HES GOT AT V-j, LEAST TWO f-THERE'S I MOTHINS TO .MORE m. A M tMIS IS PDOHAWK PCPSI? ;