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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - October 29, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta 11-THI LETHBHIPQB HERALD TlMMlay, October Ask Andy TICKS AND LEECHES Andy sends a complete 20- volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Alice Beltran, age 12, of Casmalio, Calif., for her question: Are leeches and ticks related to each other? We ordinary folk tend to regard ticks and leeches as repulsive creatures. Usually one such repulsive story is enough to last us at least a week and here we are with two on the same day. It helps to know that biologists can observe such animals without horror. So let's take a deep breath and face the fact that even the ticks arid leeches have a rightful role in the scheme of nature. Whether we like it or not, we share our world with about 250 different leeches and 000 tick-type creatures. All of the leeches and most of the ticks are bloodsuckers but the two groups are not related to each other. Scientists classify the million or more members of the animal kingdom in a few major groups called 'phyla, which is the plural form of phylum. It so happens that the leeches belong in one phylum and the ticks belong in a very different phylum. The leeches are annelids of the phylum Annelida. All members of this group are true worms with segmented bodies. The leech's cousins include the earthworms, who do so much to enrich the soil. However, leech has simplified eyes and a sucker at each end of his wormy body. Assorted leeches lurk in most soggy swamps and muddy streams. TheYe they attach themselves to fishes, turtles and people who happen to be in the water. The tail sucker is used to hold on to the victim while the sucker at the head end draws out the blood. A 2-inch leech can gorge enough at one meal to swell to a bloated 4 inches. The itchy ticks have bodies like oval bags, eight legs with claws to grip their victims and sharp, sucking beaks. They are classed in the huge phylum Arthropoda, which means the animals with jointed feet. Their distant cousins are the teeming insects, and their closer relatives are the spiders. Every continent has an assortment of ticks except An- tarctica. Most of the ticks are barely big enough to be seen, though the largest species is an inch-long. Many feed on li- quid blood, some on plant juices and a few dine on decaying materials. The arthropods, with their complicated heads and legs are rated as far more advanc- ed than the simple wormy annelids, which means that the bloodsucking ticks and the bloodsucking leeches are not even distantly related. In bygone days, it was thought that a sick person needed to lose some blood And, of all things, doctors used leeches to treat their patients Nowadays, we know that a patient needs plenty of healthy blood. What's more, we know that both leeches and ticks carry germs and sometimes deadly diseases. QiMWtleiw by chil- dren of readers should be mailed to Ask Andy, P.O. Bex. 795, Huntlngton Beach, California (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 1873) Flashback By THE CANADIAN PRESS Oct. 29, 1974 A federal election resulted in a virtual stalemate 49 years ago in 1925 with the Conservatives winning 116 seats and Liberals 101 in the 245-seat Commons But the Liberals formed a govern- ment with support from 24 Progressives 1618 Sir Walter Raleigh was executed. 1835 Morse Code patented. 1918 German Navy mut- ined at Kiel in the First World War. 1923 Turkey was proclaimed a republic. 1936 John G. Diefenbaker was chosen leader of the Saskatchewan Conservative party. Goran on. Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN AND OMAR SHARIF Both vulnerable. South deals. NORTH 4A98 9953 4K7 WEST EAST 463 4742 VQ10 WKJ4 4QJ1042 49863 4Q863 41094 SOUTH 4KQJ105 VA8762 A5 The bidding: South West North Euk 14 Pus 24 Pass Pass 44 4 NT Pus 5V Pus 5NT Pus 6V Pus 6 4 Pus Pus Pus Opening lead: Queen of 4. Don't give up hope if you are in a contract that seems impossible. You never know who's waiting around the corner to give you a helping hand. North is to blame for the poor slam reached by -his side. His jump to four spades at his second turn grossly overstated his spades would have been adequate. On the actual se- quence. South was "sure" his partner had four-card sup- port and, if he also held five clubs, that would have leave him with only four cards in the red suits. In that event, either red king would give South good play for the slam with normal breaks. Declarer was British inter- nationalist Bill Pencharz., and-when dummy came down he saw at once that lie was in an impossible contract. There was only one legiti- mate way to make the con tract if either defender held specifically the 10T9-8 clubs. In that case, declarer could lead the jack for a finesse, either lose a club and discard four hearts on the remaining clubs, or establish four club tricks and lose a heart. Either possibility was remote. However, there was the chance of a error. To give West every chance to go wrong, Pencharz won the opening diamond lead in his hand and immediately led the jack of clubs. West played low, and declarer called for dummy's two. When his jack won the trick, South was half-way home. Three rounds of trumps were drawn, ending in dummy, and a club was ruffed: Now all declarer needed to make his contract was 4-3 club break. He entered dummy with the king of dia- monds and cashed the king of clubs, discarding a heart from his hand. When both defenders followjed, the slam was assured. On the king and seven of clubs, declarer dh carded two more hearts, so his only loser was one heart trick. The spoils of war went to the brave, for Pencharz's team won the match by almost the same margin as he gained on this hand. Your horoscope lyJeweDuon WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 30 Your birthday today: In the next few months, your direc- tion changes. The rest of the year is used in reorganizing to support your new goals and self-assumed obligations. You're on your own resources and quite free to set your own pace. Relationships are un- even. Today's natives have strong executive ability, are sometimes physically superior, but show little, enthusiasm. ARIES' (March El-April 19} Resource's already in use re- main preferable to wishful thinking. Organize what you have: make moderate exten- sions TAURUS (April ZO-May Just when special financial improvements are promised, personal plans encounter un- expected resistance. Compromise is achieved with friendly help. Prayer brings serenity. GEMINI (May 21-June Luck runs your way, but you've got to exert yourself, even on what is ordinarily easy. Promptly attend to minor problems before they become major ones. CANCER (June 21-July Be easygoing a word on a sensitive point can an argument. that come today arise from what you did long ago and perhaps forgot. LEO (July 23-Aug. In your eagerness to pick up material gains, be sure that you aren't taking unfair ad- vantage of someone. Things are not always what they seem to be. Think! VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. Today's influences are un- stable and favor the'tried and true over experiments. Travel and long-distance communica- tion result in little-but lost time. Stay on the job at hand. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. Be cautious in managing finances. Whatever needs do- ing stirs up discussion-and ob- jections. Take an easy, even- tempered approach.1' SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. Resolve to accept opposition or personal resistance as natural, but do something sen- sible about it. Later, you'll be proud of taking everything in stride. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec. Collect what's due you, but don't try for an unfair advance. There'll be another chance. Tact and patience are rare virtues today. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. It's better to pursue plans quietly than to announce them. Everybody feels invited to get in on the action. Make deals with relatives late in day. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. For the moment, let pet projects rest while you catch up -on routine, repair and maintenance. Listen to other people sound off, but think before you react. PISCES (Feb. 19-March Once you realize you're better off not trading criticisms and complaints, you can get much needed work turned in and collect for it. Lawrence Lamb M.D. Dear Dr.. Lamb I am a middle-aged woman and have bilateral polycystic renal dis- ease I am being treated by a very competent nephrologist. I have had several' side effects, such as anemia, gout, diabetic symptoms, swelling of the feet, itchy skin, leg cramps and nausea with vomiting I might say this is an inherited condition as several in my family have had the same complaint. At the present time I am on a salt-free diet and taking, among 'other things, four sodium bicarbonate tablets daily, Zylopnm to control the gout, plus iron and liver for my blood. Over a period of time I have lost over 80 pounds (from over 200 pounds down to about 120 I am getting along quite Well at the moment, but can you explain to me why the salt-free diet and limited potassium and protein and the sodium bicarbonate? Dear Reader For the benefit of our other readers, polycystic kidney disease is a defect that a person is born with. There are many (poly) cysts formed in the kidney causing it to be enlarged, and sometimes affecting its func- tion How much of the normal kidney tissue is replaced with- cysts determines how well the kidneys function. Three main complications of polycystic kidney disease are bleeding, high blood pressure and kidney failure. Most of your treatment is directed toward the latter. Since your kidneys are not working in an optimal fashion your doctor is wisely helping them When -the kidneys are damaged they may not be able to eliminate salt normally. In that case salt has to be eliminated from the diet to prevent the accumulation of salt in the body which would cause accumulation of water and lead to many severe problems. The same applies to potassium The kidneys nor- mally eliminate any potassium yourjtody doesn't need When they are unable to do this, the excess accumula- tion of potassium can upset the body chemistry and even affect the heart. So. I am not surprised that your potassium and the foods rich in potassium are limited. In- dividuals taking water pills have the 'opposite problems. The flushing out of water often washes out too much potassium which can be bad also One of the main functions of the kidneys is to eliminate urea, hence the name urine. Urea is formed from the am- monia or nitrogen-containing part of amino acids. Protein consists of combinations of ammo acids. If you eat a lot of excess protein, your kidneys have to eliminate more urea. When your kidneys are not "up-to-snuff" you need to eliminate this problem to pre- vent the accumulation of urea in the blood. In large amounts it can lead to "uremic poisoning." The kidneys also play a role in balancing the chemistry of your body, between being too acid or too alkaline This is very important for normal function. I presume that the sodium bicarbonate is part of this general picture in your particular case. So, all tfiat is being done for you is quite logical and necessary. Keep hi mind that if you reach a point where kidney function is completely unsatisfactory you can get help from artificial kidney devices, and finally, in proper circumstances, kidney transplants have proved to be rather successful. Fun with figures By J. A. H. HUNTER Each distinct letter in this very easy addition alphametic stands for a particular but different digit Of course you know the difference between odd and even? Well, YOU must be tru- ly odd! So what do you make of it? OUR FUN FOR YOU Yesterday's answer: Jill. IS years older. OVftTHE I'VE LEARNEP A FEW 1MEVWE SO OLRN HEAVY HATE TO DELIVER THESe THINGS NEW THE STOVE I'M GOWSTD ORDER AND IMS WHO LEFT REFRIGERATOR DOOR OPEN? BUGS BUNNY SOME "LITTLE WOODSMEN' CANDT, BUSS.-? IO-3Q HMMM.' IS THIS STUFF AS BAD AS TH' LAST, BATCH YA SOLD? WE ARE TKUE TO THE WOODSMEN HONESTM ALL BLONDIE I'M HOME TONK3HT- I'M GOING TO SLEEP RIGHTrlEREONMY DESK tp. I KEEP A BLANKET AMP A PILLOW IN MY DESK DISAWEf? FOR T JUST THIS PURPOSE 16-11 DID YOU AMD CORA T HAVE ARGHT? NO BUT THIS IS ASUREWAYTO AVOIP ONE ARCHIE I MIGHT DOIN6THE1- LAYOUTS FOR THE YEARBOOK? CARTOONS CANDID COLOR SHOTS...- WHAT ARE YOU TRYING J BUILD AND IN THE CLASS PHOTOS...YOU LEFT OUT VERONICA HAGAR THE HORRIBLE p-o We STORM OF 1 12 TO 1 FOB OFF." BEETLE BAILEY WELL, THIS TO SAVE ME A LOT OP WORK MY NEW INVENTION- A one- piece PINNER THE TOP LAYER FRUIT COCKTAIL, Tf4E MIDDLE PIZZA AND THE BOTTOM CHOCOLATE in. TUMBIWEEDS 9 GUNFIRE AT -me J-OISALOCK, WHATSWrTHTHE WHITE HE ;