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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

- Page 26

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - October 23, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta 26 _ THE LETHBHIDOE HERALD Octobtr 23, 1974 Your horoscope By tarn Dixon Ask Andy I'LL BET 0EETHOVEN NEV6R COMPLAINEP WHEN A CUTE CHICK A GLASS OF LEMON APE ON WS PIANO.'.' THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 Your birthday today: Marks a "starting point." No matter what level you have reached, you suddenly launch into rapid growth. It's wise to keep -yourself in balance by deliberate self discipline and energy as well as money. Today's natives are am- bitious, have aptitudes for ex- ecutive posts, are aware of life's mystical forces. ARIES (March 21 April Impulsive or temperamental behavior among normally stable in- dividuals throws schedules off. Patience! Realize that other people must have their turn, too. TAURUS (April 20 May Have a spare in working order wherever possible Alternative courses prove better than what you'd planned. A new path is about to open before you. GEMINI (May 21 June Longstanding ties suffer up- sets as previously hidden facts are uncovered. Stop scattering your energy Use it in an area that requires hard work CANCER (June 21 July The more you fuss over local situations, the more everyone will realize you're really concerned about something else instead. LEO (July 23 Aug. Almost any minor difference or misunderstanding will set you off. Don't let pride drag into an untenable position. Don't expand just now. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. Just because you've worked long and hard for something doesn't guarantee that you'll get it. Persist without com- plaint through muddled, stressful days like this one. LIBRA (Sept. 23 Oct. You tend to advance just so far and then reverse yourself. You are about to change direc- tion at an inopportune time Wait' SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. Most routines encounter delay or confusion without cause. Proceed as well as you can in today's complex con- ditions. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. Being impetuous or hasty defeats your plans. Give some extra thought to what you're doing and what can be expected to result from it. Make no specific promises today. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. Even desired developments appear awkward in current circum- stances. Make a survey; many small, neglected chores add up to quite an aggregate for you to dispose of. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. You'll do well to stay abreast of current events. Give priority to activities that are your best physical and mental interests. Gather up outstanding or scattered possessions. Retrieve loans. PISCES (Feb. 19 March Do what you can to set up an organized work schedule. Avoid experiments or expan- sive speculation. There's less to much of today's news than appears. Fun with figures By J. A. H. HUNTER "Did you'notice what time I came in this ask- ed Ann. "I forgot to look." John smiled. "As a matter of fact I he told her. The minute hand of our clock was right on a minute mark just 17 minutes ahead of the hour hand." What would you make of it? (Answer tomorrow) Yesterday's answer: MEAT was 7452 (CAT 352, HORNED FROG Andy sends a complete 20 volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Trenny Skropke, age 11, of Enid, Okla., for her question: Does the'horned frog make a good pet? There is a so called horned toad which is really a lizard and a horned frog which is really a frog. One of them makes a quiet, lazy pet, con- tent to bask in a warm sandy terrarium. The other is a bad tempered, belligerent smallish monster, always ready to leap at you and take a fierce bite from your finger. Naturally, this fellow is not on the list of recommended pets. The horned toad, alias the horned lizard, belongs to our southwestern deserts, and his colors merge with his sandy surroundings. He has a fierce looking face with a wide mouth and many of his scales form spikes. He is no beauty, but this lazy lizard makes a pleasant and interesting pet. He is quite happy in a warm terrarium with a few dew drenched leaves and a diet of insects. The horned frog is something else again. Several species of these whopping amphibians menace small and even large animals in swampy regions of South and Central America. In Argentina, one is said to be a horse killer which may or may not be true. Some are 8 to 10 inches wide, others are smaller and most of them wear very gaudy colors The average horned frog has a fearsome face with a very wide mouth and a bulldog type jaws. The turreted eyes on the top of his head are topped with what looks like a pair of bullish horns. Actually, the horns are extensions of his eyelids. Though they look like belligerent weapons, they are neither hard nor sharp. The fierce looking horned lizard is a fairly gentle character. Not so the fierce looking horned frog. If anything, he is fiercer than he looks. In his native home he lurks in the grass or partly buried in the dirt. When any animal, large or small, passes by, he leaps aloft and grabs and his mighty jaws have a bulldog grip. If the victim is an insect or a snake, a bird or any other creature small enough to be eaten, down it goes. Sometimes he grabs onto the lip of a grazing horse and hangs on like a bulldog. He in- jects no poison, but later the wound may become ifected and prove fatal. This is why the horned frog of Argentina is called a horse killer. Even the small species and the partly grown larger species act like bad tempered bulldogs, always ready to grab even the finger of a possible friend. What's more, they have no friendly feelings even for their own relatives. Horned frogs are merciless cannibals, which helps to keep down their numbers.' A horned frog does not lose his fierce character in cap- tivity. Far from it. When someone goes near him, he leaps at his cage. Feeding time is a risky problem because he does his best to grab a finger for dessert. So the horned toad, alias the horned lizard, is rated as a suitable pet. But the horned frog is not. If he is a genuine horned frog, he is most definitely on the list of un- suitable pets. He belongs in the wilds, and even there he is definitely not to be trusted. Questions asked by chil- dren of Herald readers should be mailed to Ask Andy, P.O. Box. 765, Huntlngton Beach, California 92648. (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 1973) AREN'T WE PLEASE PON'T SET AW PIAMO...TWE LEAVE SHORT MBS HHWWA UK 1M US Iw 6UESS I'LL HAVE -TO START 'EM MORE OFTEN. COME BACK HERE WITH MV DURNI HI AND LOIS YOU MAD I USED TO WALK TCM MILES TO SCHOOL. VOU'RE LUCkV WAMT ID WALK WfTH US TO THE SCHOOL BUS, ORAM'POP? BUGS BUNNY THERE HE GOES, TO BE SLEEPWALKING SO HE CAN WAID MY WEFWIGEWATOK' ______________- HE'S COMING I FIGURED WE WOULDN'T BE (SONS LONG ...IT'S HERE. UNDER MY IF YOU WERE LOOKING FOR THAT POT- WOAST THAT WAS LEFT OVER FWOM DINNER.. BLOfflHE Goren on Bridge Lawrence Lamb M.D. BY CHARLES H. GOREN TIM TntMt East-West vulnerable. South deals. NORTH J742 4-AK104 WEST EAST 1097654 AJ 9J8 VQ105 93 4AKQ865 4976 452 SOUTH VAK763 10 4QJ83 The bidding: South West North East 1 9 Puw 24 2 3 4 Pass 3 9 Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: Nine of Most books on play in- struct declarer on the mechanics of playing a hand, hut rarely do they delve into the logic behind the play. In my new book, "Goren on Play and I have tried to explain the reason- ing process used in selecting a particular line. Consider this hand. Aggressive action by South, especially at his second lurn. propelled North South into what turned out to he a reason able four heart contract. It might been WJMT. how ever, if South passed after East's overcall. and allowed partner to make Ihe nrxl move. !ed the nine of dia East won queen and continued with the king South ruffed. Since he had a certain spade r. de clarer must assume Unt Irumps wiH break 3 2- if Ihey divide 4-1. it will be im- possible to losing two trump tricks in addition to the ace of spades. Thus. South's problem is to avoid a second spade loser. It would seem that South can ruff a spade in dummy, but that course of action is strewn with a number of pit- falls. For his vulnerable overcall. East should have the ace of spades and prob- ably a six-card diamond suit If declarer leads a spade be- fore drawing trumps. East will win and return another diamond, forcing declarer to ruff high, which promotes a second trump trick for the defenders. Alternatively, if declarer draws two rounds of trumps and then leads a spade to the king. East can take the ace and. since he has the third trump, draw dummy's last trump to strand South with the losing spade. The solution is to combine a type of dummy reversal with an avoidance play. De- clarer cashes the ace king of hearts, enters dummy by leading the eight 01 clubs to the ten. and returns a low spade from dummy! If East goes up with tin- ace, declarer's spade losers are automatically limited to one. If East follows low. de- clarer's queen wins, and now he changes tactics. Using clubs as entries, declarer sets about ruffing dummy's two remaining diamonds with his last two trumps. East can ruff the third club with the master trump if ho wishes, hut then dtimmv still has a trump to Wkc rare- of declarer's losing spadr. And if East refuses lo rulf all declarer emerge with ten tracks in Ihe form of two hearts, one spade, three dia rmvnd raffs and four dubs. before conceding thr last 1 wo tracks. Dear Dr. Lamb Please tell me something about gall stones and their symptoms. Can they be flushed out like kidney stones? They surely re- quire surgery. I hear they can be treated with a medicine. Dear is a pretty common problem. There must be at least 15-million Americans with gall stones and three-fourths of them are women. An old medical aphorism states that you should think of gall stones when your patient is fair, fat, forty and four, meaning simp- ly a heavy middle-aged mother of four children. But, men also have them. What about the symptoms? About half of them cause no symptoms at all at least to begin with. They are called silent stones. We even found a few examples of this in the highly selected young men tested for the astronaut program. They were neither fair nor 40 and seldom even heavy. Gall stones cause symptoms when they are associated with inflammation of the gall bladder. When that occurs you can have a lot of pain, usually in the upper right abdomen under the rib. sometimes radiating to the upper back, and even into the right side of the neck. The stone can also lodge in the duct that drains bile from the liver. When this occurs, the bile builds up and the absorbed bile pigment causes jaundice. Of course, if the liver is affected you will have nausea, and this can progress to a fairly complex pattern of symptoms. One danger of gall stones, if untreated, is that silent at- tacks can lead to further damage of the entire network of bile ducts in the liver. The resulting inflammation leads lo scarring and damage known as cirrhosis of tire liver. Part of the damage may be permanent. Incidentally, as you see, cirrhosis does oc- cur from many other things besides alcohol. The stones are generally of two types. The pigment in the bile can settle together and form a very hard black green stone. These are usually small and are often the ones that get stuck in the bile duct and cause obstruction. These can usually bee seen directly on an ordinary X ray of the ab- domen. The other type is a lump of cholesterol. These stones are clear and you have to fill the gall bladder with dye to see them. Then you can have a mixture of the two. The cholesterol stones are often quite large. Do you have to have sur- gery? Believe me, you can have some hot arguments about that between doctors. It depends a lot on the nature of the stones and the health and age of the patient. Until this year for the vast number of gall bladder patients, the only way to remove stones was sur- gery except for few small ones that passed spon- taneously. However, the Mayo Ginic did develop and test a bile substance that can be used to dissolve the cholesterol stones. It doesn't happen overnight. This form of treatment is undergoing a national study this year to find out how successful it really is and to be sure it is not harmful in any way to the patients. If it is as successful as early tests in- dicate then those patients with stones mostly of cholesterol may be able to have them removed without surgery. And, that is medical progress. Hopefully an equally promis- ing way to treat the pigment stones will be found also. Send your questions to Dr. Lamb, in care of this new- spaper. P.O. Box 1551, Radio Oty Station, New York, N.Y. THIS CAKE IS TERRIBLE HA2DL.Y CUT IT' WELL ANYWAY OUR DISHWASHER IS HEV DILLARC? r FOUND YOUR SPOMSE w ARCHIE DON T YOU WANT TO OPEN THE WINDOWS AND SUN BATHE ARCH, MY SITS OUT HERE IN A SHAWL '...NOT A BIKINI I'LL CALL IT MY SHADE, PORCH.' JUGHEAD, YOU DUANAY.' YOU 6UILT YOUR SON- PORCH ON THE SHADY SIDE OF THE HAGAR THE HORRIBLE SHORTCUTS? KNOW AMY MOPE BEETLE MILEY BEANS OK. LIMA BEANS, 6AK6G U1UNER A CHEAP COOK, uset> UP fiu. TUPttLEWHDS STOP THE PRESSES, P5RCVI AtRAfrlC GAP, VDimp A CAOOUS ONE.l..rTHlNK OF WHATtHAT I v POOR PIRP MUST PE STOLE ONE OF j -njArc CLWECLOI75 J_[ CH1CKENSJ !IWWL- ;