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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - October 21, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta 0 THE LETHBRIDQE HERALD Monday, October 21, 1974 Lawrence Lamb M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb My hus- band and I have an argument concerning calories. He claims one can eat even 500 calories in fat, butter, or sweet cream, and not get fat sick maybe, but not fat. I disagree very much. He is five feet six, weighs 210 pounds and is 67. He is try- ing to lose weight and says it doesn't matter what one eats as long as he doesn't overeat his calories a day. I dis- agree again. Some days he doesn't eat at all, drinks coffee all day, to cut his appetite he says. I think this is wrong also. It's bad for your nervous system. He's very irritable when he drinks all that coffee. Who is right? Dear Reader I don't think he is going to lose much weight on calories regardless of what kind of food it is, unless as you say, it makes him sick. He will probably need to cut down well below that level unless he is far more active physically than I would guess him to be. The important thing in los- ing weight is how many calories you eat (whether it is fat, carbohydrate or and how many calories your body uses. A calorie is a calorie whether it comes from protein food or carbohydrate. Think of it like your checking account. The balance, what you weigh, is always the ac- cumulative result of what you have eaten and absorbed into your body against the amount you have used. Those crash days on a diet are not a good approach. The goal of a diet is to lose excess fat safely and keep it off. Your Goren on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN O CMcm Tritow vulnerable, as South you hold: AQ10 AKQJ The bidding has proceeded: South West North East 1 Pass 1 V Pass 39 Pass Pass 7 What do you bid now? no trump. In view of your opening one club bid and subsequent jump raise of his suit, partner might suspect that you have an unbalanced hand. Before the bidding gets out of hand, it might be-wise to cor- rect that impression. If partner's heart suit is shaky, no trump might be your best spot- Q.2-Both vulnerable, as South you hold: 10764 9J10932 The bidding has proceeded: West North East South 1 4 Dble. 3 Pass Pass Dble. Pass What action do you take? four hearts. By repeat- ing his takeout double at this level, partner must have pro- mised a very good hand. After all. he might be forcing you to bid at the three-level with a bust. You actually have some useful values, and a bid of three hearts does not do them justice. An al- ternative choice is a cue-bid of four clubs, requesting partner to choose the suit- vulnerable; as South with a 60 part .score, you hold: VK982 4AK82 The bidding has proceeded: West North East South 34 Pass Pass What action do you take? The opponents may be talking you out of a contract, but there is no sound action you can take. You need a fat wallet to overcall on a four-card suit in this situation, and a takeout double would surely elicit a spade response from partner. Q4.-As South, vulnerable, you hold: VAK83 4Q10965 The bidding has proceeded: South West North East 14 Pass What do you bid now? hearts. The most flexible call at this point. Part- ner might have four hearts, in which case" hearts should be the best spot. Should partner re- turn to spades, you have ade- quate support. And should he have a strong band and be in- terested in slam, you have suffi- cient values to cooperate. in. South, dealer and vulnerable, you hold: VQ8 A1076 4AQ What action do you take? While this hand counts to 13 points and has a five-card spade suit, and is. therefore, an optional opening bid, .there are flaws in the form of an insuffi- ciently guarded heart queen, a doubleton ace-queen of clubs and a spade suit no one could call ro- bust. Also you will have no con- venient rebid should you open one spade and partner responds two hearts. vulnerable, as South you hold: VK2 4KQJ643 4KQJ4 Your partner opens the bid- ding with one no trump. What is your response? clubs. The Gerber Con- vention, asking partner to show his aces in steps- Should partner hold all four aces, you can bid seven no trump with a reason- .able degree of certainty, while if he shows only three, you can take a shot at six diamonds. If partner has fewer aces, sigh off at four no trump. Note that a bid of four no trump would not be ace-asking, but is a quantitive raise in no trump asking partner to bid a small slam if he has a. maximum opening bid. vulnerable, as South you hold: 92 VAK843 AQ1092 4Q The bidding has proceeded: South West North East 1 V Pass 1 Pass 2 Pass 3 Pass I What do you bid now? raise to three dia- monds is constructive, since your rebid was not forcing and partner could have passed with a weak hand. Thus, prospects for game are there, so we suggest a bid of four diamonds. This gives partner the opportunity to support hearts should he hold three low cards in the suit. vulnerable, as South you hold: VJ54 4Q98 The bidding has proceeded: North East South West Pass INT Pass Pass DMe. Pass What action do you lake'-' We have not lost sight of partner's original pass, hut in view of his willingness to reopen the bidding in the face of an op- posing no trump hid. he must have close to an opening bid- Thus. East will have to operate with a dummy that is virtually tricHess, and it will be to your advantage to have declarer lead- ing away from his hand all the time. I Your horoscope lyJNmOixM husband would do much better to be on a well-planned, balanced diet, low enough in calories to cause a slow but steady loss of fat. Then he should stick to that diet or add a few calories for maintenance once he has gotten down to the desired level. Too much coffee can be harmful. For more information you can write to me at P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019 and ask for the booklet on Losing Weight, Send SO cents to cover costs. Flashback By The Canadian Press Oct. 21, 1974 A British fleet under Lord Nelson annihilated a Franco Spanish fleet 169 years ago in 1805 at the battle of Trafalgar. It climaxed a year long chase from France to Egypt to the West Indies and back. The British lost 450 kill- ed and wounded in a fleet of 37 ships but captured 19 and sank one of the enemy's 40 ships, taking prisoners. Nelson was killed by a sniper during the battle but victory assured British command of the seas for decades. 1879 American inventor Thomas A. Edison tested the first practical incandescent electric light bulb. 1900 The business district of Sydney, N.S., was swept by a fire which caused worth of damage. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22 Your birthday today: You undergo three distinct phases of personal growth, each of which encounters competition and, at times, proves limiting. Late in the year, your ac- cumulated experience and skill yields successful situation, at .which time you leave behind most problems. Today's natives seek truth and favor aesthetic over practical benefits. ARIES (March 21-April Business upsets continue, while partners and com- petitors try to clear themselves. Protect your future by holding your temper. TAURUS (April 20-May Yesterday's influences have further repercussions. Work conditions run into dif- ficulties, require precautions in normally trouble free areas. GEMINI (May 21-June Listen before butting into heated discussions. The' argu- ment is emotional, so don't look for logic. CANCER (June 21-July Whether, you'.re right or wrong, you won't find a sym- pathetic ear to your com- plaints. Correct or avoid hazzards, and count your blessings twice today! LEO (July 23-Aug. Ex- treme changes require the slightest stimulant. Relatives are ornery; equipment is mis- placed, faulty or awkward to use. Keep a composed appearance. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. Money poses problems that hopefully can be headed off before they become serious. .Old losses in general should been written off already. No teasing or unorthodox behavior now! LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. You stimulate a surge of energy', and what you began yesterday is put into action. Ride out problems, avoid needless conflicts. Prayer helps. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. Let trivial details pass. Concentrate on important matters that appear to be off base. Handle mechanical things and inanimate objects with extreme care. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec. Friends and finances are temporarily sub- ject to curious influences. Try to keep the show directly on the road as planned. CAPRICORN (Dec, 22-Jan Concentrate on personal matters that are at hand and desperately require your attention. There are too many upheavals going on to provoke any more. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. Leave theories for the time being and effect prac- tical solutions. News includes odd stories, none of which are complete or accurate. PISCES (Feb. 19-March Friendly advice doesn't always work out. There are factors even those closest to you don't know or consider. Don't expect anything from important people today. Ask Andy FIREFLIES Andy sends a complete 20 volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Carl Haefner III, age 10, of Williamsport, Pa., for his question: Where do fireflies spend the winter? Fireflies belong to warm summer evenings, or so it seems. It would be nice if they were around in the winter to add their twinkling sparks to the falling snowflakes. But they are not and this is quite mysterious. For if they all died out in the fall there would be no fireflies next summer. Obviously they must have safe and secret hiding places to spend the winter. But where in the world are they? Dozens of different fireflies flash their fairy lights in different parts of the world. But they're not really flies. Actually they are beetles and it so happens that the bee- tle insects outnumber all the other creatures in the world. All of them live their lives in four separate stages, and in most cases their life stages are timed to match the summer and winter seasons. The life cycle begins on a warm summer evening when those soft golden sparks wink on and wink off. The male fireflies are winking and blinking signals to the females. Soon the females reply with winks of their own, and the couples find each other. After the mating, a female firefly lays at least 75 little round eggs and maybe as many as 150. Chances are she lays them on the ground in fallen leaves or rotting wood. After a week or 10 days, the .eggs hatch and the baby lar- vae are close to their favorite food. This is very important because, during a beetle's lifetime, most of his eating is done during the larval stage. Many kinds of firefly larvae are meat eaters. They have special digestive juices to dis- solve the bodies of snails and slugs. Other types prefer plant food and feed on roots or rotting wood. In any case, the female lays her eggs where the wormy grubs will find plenty of their favorite foods. Since many fireflies live in tropical and semitropical climates, they do not have to worry too much about the winter. Some types spend the entire winter in the larval stage. Others live as larvae through several years summers and winters. But sooner or later each grubby worm must progress to the next stage of his life. When he has eaten all he possibly can, which may be enough to last through the rest of his life, the firefly larva burrows down into the ground and becomes a pupa. If the winter season is chilly, he may remain in this stage until spring. When the warm weather returns, the pupa cracks open and an adult winged firefly struggles forth to add his winking sparkles to the evening air. by chil- dren of Herald roadort ahould mailed to Ask, Andy, P.O. Box. 765, Huntlngton Baach, California 92949. (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 1973) Pun with figures By J.A.H. Hunter "That's said Mike. Clem looked. "Quite a dish, or d'you mean her car? It's got some European license number." "Sure it has, and that's what I replied his friend. "If you put a 1 in front, you get just one more than eight times the number." What was it? Thanks for an idea to M. R. Buckley. Toronto, Ontario. (Answer tomorrow) Friday's answer: Pam 17 years, Liz 13, Harry IS. LIVED IN APARTMENTS Primitive Coast Salish In- dians of British Columbia had large plank houses, each shel- tering many families in sepa- rate compartments. INCREDIBLE r.'-A W3RLDWARI CANNON OUST MASSACRES WAT PARADE L KNEW WAS MY RELAT1VES- 'OKUM I SEE VOU 60T YOUR NEW PI AMO- ANP IF WU SCRATCH IT WITH TOUR STUPID I'LL POUND VOU! CUTE WHEN WOU'RE SHORT MBS 'WMATS THIS? HI AND LOIS ID 8KTHER US1EN TO HER SNEEZE TWAN DO VOU THINK VOU SHOULD SPCMP THE I'P LIKE TO TAKE FOLKS OUT TD DiMMER TOMI0HT. TREAT. 'OH', T HAVE A LITTLE AWAV. I WAS HOPlMG THAT WAS JUST A OF BUGS BUNNY HIVA, MEET MV BOSS, lUK. M SCHNOOGLE, PRESIDENT OF "SCHNOOSLE PAPER CLIPS; PLEASED t TO MAKE "tOUR VACQUAINTANCE t AS ONE BUSINESS EXECUTIVE TO ANOTHER, DO YOU FIND THE EXCESSIVE INTEREST KATES A DETERRENT IN YOUR MONETARY REQUIRE- MENTS 1974 by Bins lie. mses US Pal 0" I- BLOHWE I'LL LOAN YOU THE TEN BUCKS IF YOU'LL BUT WHEN I DSAS YOU IMTD COURT I WANT SOMETHING -i IM WRITING.' VERY THAT'S THESE ARE THE NEW SILHOUETTE S16NS WE. MADE FDR SCHOOL- THE AND HOME ECONOMICS! A WHAT, ROOM HAS A SNAIL T HOLDING ITWRONGJ THE PRINCIPAL' OFFICE HAGAR THE HORRIBLE I HE HE TRIES. BEETLE BAILEY i BAKE MY ON TMAT STUPID FOOT SEE WORK GO HARP TO eer OUT OF TUMBLEWEEDS EXTRA! REAP AU. AIKMJT IT IN THE PESERT PENOUNCEK.': MIRAGE PKY1N6- UP.' TOWN S OH... APOUT1HAT PERCY... IT WAS WRfTTFN PYGRCWER MY EPIIOR, WHO WAS STUCK W AM JRATK ARPKEOT1CE PRESSMAN, THEREBY SOrtfOF HIS TYPE... (XK.? THIS ISMTIVINGA ULCER ;