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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - October 2, 1973, Lethbridge, Alberta 6- THE LETHBRIDGE Tuesday, October 2, 1973 Ask Andy INSECTS USEFUL? Andy sends a complete 20- volume set of the Merit to Bob Lea. 14, o. vahoe. Califor- nia, for his question: Are insects any use to mankind? They attack us with slabbers, jabbers and stingers They ruin countless tons of our precious food and some of them infect us with' deadly diseases Surely there is nothing good to say about the teeming, swarming, pesky insects and perhaps it would be a good idea to wipe them all out However, when we complain that we can't live with the bugs it is wise to recall that neither could we live without them. More than insects have been named and classified and among them we would expect some that are useful to mankind But actual- ly we car name only a few that are directly beneficial to us. The rest of the teeming hordes behave like our mortal enemies Or so it seems Ac- tually all insects benefit us in- directly because they are necessary to the complex scheme of life on our planet. From our point of view, the most useful insect is the honeybee. She manufactures fine wax for polishing fur- niture, plus stores of sweet nutritious honey As she goes about her busy chores, she also pollinates our orchard blossoms Some 50 seed and fruit crops depend on the honeybee, among them apples, sweet cherries and plums Certain butterflies and beetles, flies and wasps also help to pollinate our food crops. Even in this age of splendid synthetic textiles, silk still is the most luxurious fabric. It is woven from the gossamer thread that the silkworm moth weaves to make her cocoon The silkworm and the honeybee have been useful to mankind for thousands of years Certain scale insects secrete substances that mankind has long used to make dyes and lacquers. Gall insects create injurious swellings on plant stems and twigs For ages mankind used substances from these bumpy galls to make ink. to dye wool and leather Nowadays, we are turning from dangerous chemical insecticides to more natural Your horoscope By Jeane Dixon ways ol controlling the insects that destroy our crops Often we find that friendly insects can be encouraged to destroy harmful insects A modern tanner's insect allies include the praying mantis, the ladybug. certain wasps and lacewings. These carnivorous insects feast on vegetarian insects that devour our crops. These and a few other insect species benefit us directly With all the other insects they also play an enormous role in the ecology Every year, enor- mous numbers of insect eggs and larva are consumed by fishes and frogs, birds and reptiles and small mammals The food chains that support the pyramid of life on earth depend on astronomical numbers of insects. Last but not least, insects make a great contribution to the soil. Countless tons of their eggs, larvae and adults decompose in the ground This helps to provide the organic chemicals that plants absorb through their roots. The plant world, of course, provides our oxygen, our salads and vegetables and also feeds our meat and dairy animals Andy sends a seven volume set of The Chronicles of IVar- nia to Lisa Harris, age 7. of St. Catherines. Ontario, lor her question What are fingernails made of? Your fingernails and a pussycat's claws are made of the same material So are a horses's clomping hoofs and a pig's dainty little trotters So are a cow's horns and the terrible talons of the eagle. Nails, hoof's and claws are hard and stiff You would never guess that they are made of skin. But this is true Actually it is a very special kind of skin made of dead, dned-up cells Actually, a very thin layer of this material covers all of the skin It is called the epidermis and usually we don't notice it But when we get a bad sunburn, it peels off in dry flakes. Just below the base of each nail, there is a lit- tle factory called a matrix The matrix manufactures lots and lots of epidermis material from dry dead cells It packs this material in a hard layer and this is the nail that grows toward the tip of your linger (Copyright Chronicle Publishing Co. 1973) WEDNESDAY, OCT. 3 Your birthday today: Precipitates a long series of events which test and provide exercise o! personal faith and your capacity to organize basic changes in your way of living. Relationships become more important than ever before Undoubtedly there will be a great number of new contacts to sort out into workable links. Today's natives include many social reformers, progressive thinkers willing to share their concerns and ideals with the world ARIES (March 21-April From relative calm the situa- tion escalates into tension, hard questions, demands for tacts and figures You will be glad you have followed the moderate course. TAURUS (April 20-May Resolve that nothing is going to upset you or disrupt your tactful pursuit of original ob- jectives. By evening quite a number of uncertainties will be settled Rest early tonight GEMINI (May Any recent indiscretion or error comes to light and may precipitate several rounds of discussion Do not assume that anybody has heard the whole story about anything. CANCER (June 21-JuIy Get the story straight from the source instead of believing reports. You will all be much turther ahead Nothing less than a full effort will do now LEO (July 23-Aug. Pressure tor production mounts and you must stay Pace your efforts to avoid both haste and fatigue. Plan on longer hours all around, your own ventures, plus what you do for others. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. Even consistent investigation may not disclose the flaws in a financial scheme today. Cross-checking your tacts can bring you a reassuring deter- mination. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. Firm action in confronting an old rival works well You have a chance to affirm an essen- tial personal policy, and thus resolve some long-wavering dilemma of plans SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. Today and tomorrow are like a miniature education if you will but watch what you do ob- jectively, and follow what comes ol each move as you make it. A lively time will be had by all SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec. The urge to risky procedures and speculation opens strongly The reasons lor conservative moves are not so clear until late in the da> Use your imagination early. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. Present your ideas, and push !oi progress in business and career matters. In some areas you will be stopped cold, but will at least know why Plan tor a quiet evening AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. Try to take it easy as delays and interruptions promise to characterize the entire day and evening. Stick close to your home base and cultivate nearby opportunity PISCES (Feb. 19-March Leave your friends out of business deals and vice versa Impulse spending or overbuy- ing could upset your budget lor long time to come. Leave tomorrow's dealings for tomorrow. (1973, The Chicago Tribune) L.KE TC TRANrFER TEA1PORAKIL4' TO SCHOOL ,1 _____ by Charles schulz IM PAP OF AMP I'M STAVIN6 IN COTTA6E 50 I'LL 0E 60IN6 10 SCHOOL KK. AWHILE IF WLL HAVE I'M NO 6REAT 5CHOLAR, IWEKSTANP, WT IN THERE TRAINS... IF "MW.TIPL6 I'LL 0E IN THERE WITH THE BEST OF 'EM SHORT RIBS by frank o'neal AAANY PSPLE BcLlEVE VODKA 15 MADS POTATOES. THAT ISNt SO. IT CAN MADE ROM SOME OP THE WE SOUSHT FffOM AMERICA WILL MADE INTO VODKA. I SO DOWN TDTWS HARBOR AMP WATCM THEM UNLOAD THE" BLONDIE by chic younp THESE NEW PILLOWS VOU GOT ARE TERRIBLE' 1 I LL NEVER SET- TO SLEEP" ALL PULL OP LUMPS BEETLE BAILEY by mort walker Lawrence Lamb M.D. Goren on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN re 1W3, The Chicaso Tribune East-West vulnerable. East deals. NORTH A A Q J 8 V1 1052 0 A K Q J 103 WEST A K9642 V Void 0 753 A Q 9 fi 4 EAST A 73 f? A Q J 8 4 3 0 92 8 7 5 SOUTH 4 105 V K 9 7 6 0 J 10 8 6 4 The bidding: East South West North 2 Pass Pass Dblc. Pass 2 XT Pass 3 NT Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: Six of A This hand is from the Spingold Team Champion- ship, premier event of the recently concluded American Contract Bridge League's Summer National Champion- West was Leonard Harmon, a New York insur- ance broker and one of America's leading players, who found he had to pay a slight premium to assure the contract's defeat. East's opening two-bid was of the weak variety, showing good six-card suit and a hand of less than opening hid strength After two passes, North balanced with a double South showed mod- erate values and a stopper in the opponents' suit, and North went on to game. Since he could not have 111 ABNER led a heart even if he want- ed to, Harmon elected to open a club rather than a takeout dou- ble almost certainly guaran- teed a good holding in the unhid major. Dummy's ten was played and it held the trick. The ace, king and queen of diamonds were cashed, and declarer got off play with a club. He realized that West was almost cer- tainly void of hearts, and would have to play a spade after taking his club tricks. West took his four club tricks, declarer discarding two hearts from dummy and three from his hand. Had West routinely led back a low spade, declarer would have had plain sailing. He would have run it round to his ten, cashed his two dia- mond tricks and then taken the marked space finesse for his ninth trick Unfortunate- ly for South, West returned the king of spades' This apparent sacrifice of the monarch left declarer with a Hobson's choice. He could either win the spade in dummy and take the queen and jack of spades, but then would have to surrender the last two tricks for down two. Or, he could win the king of spades in dummy, cross to his hand with the ten of spades and take two dia- mond tricks, but he would still have to surrender the last trick to the ace of hearts. Either way, eight tricks were the maximum declarer could come to as the result of a magnificent defensive effort. Dear Dr. Lamb My doc- tor tells me I have a gall bladder that is not working, so I have to watch what I eat. He said he would not give me a regular gall bladder diet so I don't need that, but I have broiled meat and poultry and I wondered about other things, if I should eat them or not. Should I eat fresh fruit or canned fruit, what vegetables? I freeze soup and then take the hardened fat out before I eat it. Would you please give me a general idea of what I should eat? Dear Reader Your doctor seems to think you are getting along all right with your pre- sent program or he would have given you a more specific list of foods. Many people with nonfunctioning gall bladders get along fine on a regular diet but others do not. If a person has a bad gall bladder and for one reason or another an operation is not performed, the usual approach to the diet is to limit fat as much as possible. When the bilary system is blocked or obstructed in some degree there is a tendency for a marked rise in the blood cholesterol and fats which may increase heart and cir- culatory problems. The fat, however, is usually restricted to prevent or eliminate symp- toms of gas and bloating and painful attacks that some patients have To follow a low fat diet you Fun with figures By J. A. H. HUNTER Kadi distinct letter in this addition stands tor a par- ticular but different digit. There seems to be somo special connection between the letters T and S here Indeed that s the vital clue So what do make of the SPIN'S" (Answer tomorrow) Yesterday's answer House number was 14 need to use only the very lean meats like round steak with all the fat removed, fortified skim milk instead of whole milk, fryer chicken (remove the skin before eating) and young turkey (also remove the The chicken should be baked, stewed, or broiled and all frying should be avoided Fish are line and you should select the low fat fish such as the white fish group which includes sole or flounder Egg chocolate, nuts, oils, latty dressings, margarine, butter, cheese (except un- creamed or low fat cottage fat meats such as fat pork and desserts containing fat should be avoided. Many people do not realize that cakes, cookies and sweet rolls all contain lots of fat. There is usually more fat in commercial cakes (except angel food cake) and those made from ordinary home recipes than there is in many cuts of beef. The same applies to many pies. So. you can eat lean meats, poultry, fish, fortified skim milk, egg whites, sweets that do not include lats. such as jellies, jams, apple butter, but not candies, ice cream or most cakes and pies. You can eat fresh or canned fruit, and almost all fresh vegetables unless you have learned that a particular one gives you gas or creates problems for you. Everyone reacts differently to these Some people tolerate cabbage, radishes, onions, and others do not. You should avoid gas formers. This may include mature bean seeds for you You can eat cereals, home cooked oatmeal or prepared commercial varieties. Bread is fine if not taken in excess. You might have to limit some of these foods if you also have a weight problem. Cook with as little fat as possible, and you should avoid la rge meals. These, regardless of the type of food, may precipitate a gall bladder atttack Smaller more fre- quent meals are better. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) Send your questions to Dr. Lamb, in care of this new- spaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb's booklet on balanced diet, send 50 cents to the same address and ask for "Balanc- ed Diet" booklet. by al capp OR ASH MISS TO LEAVE Tf-lE LIKE A HLJNPREP MEM IN PERFECT STEP. ARCHIE by bob montana DADDY WOULD RATHER YOU DIDN'T SWIM IN THE POOL SO AAUCH BUT DOES HE HAVE IT'S NICE OF 1 TO LIVE ACTUALLY, I WASN'T SWIAAMING I WAS JUST WASHING MY YOU TO LET JUGHEAD STAY HERE WHILE HIS PARENTS ARE AWAY IN THE POOL? HI AND LOIS by dik browns SHHH! NOT so LOUD BOY.' THERE'S NOTHING TO DO YOU WANT MY MOM TO COME STORMING OUT HERE WITH A HUNDRED DUMB YOUANIMAU HOW PARE YOU WINK AT ME I PJPNOT US, WITHOUT TARA LEGOFF; THERE'S NOTTIN TO LIVE NO SECH THING AS A M-MEBBE YO'STIUO THAT'LL GOTSUMPTHiKJ' TO ME. LIVE FO'- LIKE: VJHAT STOLE. HER.FLM YO'. SOME- KILL BUGS BUNNY NOW THAT i JILTED DUDE CAM I ASK, LI'L TO CONAE OVER, VOU HENICEj ;