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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - November 13, 1972, Lethbridge, Alberta 22 THE IETHBRIDGE HERALD Monday, November 13, 1972 Your horoscope By JEANE DIXON TUESDAY, NOV. M Your birthday loilay: From early testing through a peri- od of trial and error, you emerge with a set of good friends, interesting things to do. fascinating relationships to consider and work out in detail. Today's natives are impatient. ARIES (March IS: An old grievance is nothing to nurse you need the eo-opera- lion and "energy to go ahead. Great care with technicalities. TAURUS (April 20-May Push if must, but first look lo see who gels the impact and what it (iocs lo your prestige. Haste begets error as usual. GEMINI (May 21 June Unsettled conditions are nor- mal. Resolve to get on with more important responsibilities without starting any personal clash. CANCER (June 21 July in history Bj THE CANADIAN PRESS Nov. 13, President George Wash- ington of the U.S. senl an army into western Pennsyl- vania 178 years ago today in put down the whisky rebellion by fron- tiersmen who were up in arms over federal taxation of liquor they distilled. The rebellion was quickly sup- pressed. Canadian chart- ered airliner crashed in flames on Mount Obiou in the French Alps, killing all 50 aboard, 57 of them Cana- dians. Charles de Gaulle was elected interim president of the French provisional government. Japanese bat- tleship Hiyei was sunk off the Solomon Islands. Austrian repub- lic was proclaimed. Nicholas died. Whatever can be done lo In- crease the value of your home should be planned and budget- ed lo avoid unbalancing your finances. LEO (Jlny 23 Aug. Nearly everybody has illusions who don't have clu'ps on both shoulders. Healthy self-in- terest carries the day for you. VIRGO (Aug. 23 Sept. Get done with your share of the work if you feel like mak- ing critical comments. Expect at least as good as you offer. IJBKA (Sept. 23 Oct. Among current turbulence Uiere are very brief opportun- ities to correct an outstanding discrepancy. Be sure your facts are clear. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. If you can function effectively within limits, do extend into strange new maneuvers tips the balance, creates con- fusion. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. Direct your main thought and energy into keeping things on an even keel. Realize that people are sensitive to all sorts of comment. CAPRICORN (Dee. 22 Jan. A mental inventory is a good beginning. Not just the material posessions you hold but intangibles as well. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. Relative slrangers can be helpful, according lo how you are pursuing your goals and what comes first to genera] at- tention. PISCES (Feb. 13-Jlarch Once you're sure of what you want to do, proceed without further discussion or explana- tion and just go ahead. (1372 By The Chicago Tribune) LAWRENCE E. LAMB, M. D. ''How can I get to SOME MORNINS I'M 60IN6 TO FARMERS CONCERNED EDMONTON (CP) An Al- berta government survey of methods of disposing animal waste recorded only a few in- stances of farmers deliberately pumping wastes into creeks. Brian West of Red Deer, chair- man of the survey team, said a sampling of 600 farms showed "most farmers are quite con- cerned about pollution and many farmers feel there should be more controls on agricultural pollution." Dear Dr. Lanili I am a 31-year-old man, single and live at home with my parents. I work five days a week for a construction company and have a business of my own on Ihe side. For over a year now f have had insomnia. I am un- able lo get a good night's sleep without taking a sleeping pill or aspirin or something to pro- duce sleep. I don't know of any- thing that lias been worrying me. I'm the type that can shake things off easily, but it seems that I am always turned on at bedtime, tired but just not sleepy. I have lost so much sleep that it is beginnning to show in my eyes. I look tired and I really am tired. Is there anything you can suggest for a good natural sleep without taking a pill? Could there be something phys- ically or mentally wrong that I don't know about, such as nerves, smoking or other causes? I have gone to doctors and they give me a check-up and tell me not to worry about it and give me some medicine to relax. One doctor told me about hah" of the world suffers from insomnia, but I know there must be a reason for my sleep- less lughts. Dear Header There are many people who suffer from insomnia. I have received many letters from readers talk- ing about what they have done to help themselves go to sleep. Perhaps the largest number of the methods recommended in- volved some form of relaxa- tion. Many readers who are re- ligiously inclined have written that they get a great deal of benefit out of reading the Bible and thinking of spiritual things GOREN ON BRIDGE BY CHARLES H. GOREN BRIDGE QUIZ ANSWERS 1771 flt Tht Chitm Trlbuni Q, 1-WiLh both sides vul- nerable, your right hand opponent opens with one tiia- mond and you hold: 4AJ10532 S7G32 07 4AKZ What action do you take? spade. While thla hand Is sllgfiliy better than a normal opening bid, we nevertheless pre- fer a simple overcall to the lakeout double. Tt Is our belief on this hand that, unless partner able to lake voluntary action, there Will be no game. Q. vulnerable, and as South you hold: 4Q5Z The bidding has proceeded: North Cast South West 1 Pass 1 vj) Pass r 4 Pass What do you bid now? no trump. A mere bid of two no trump by you at this point would be regarded as a hid made under some pressure. The Jump Is therefore recom- mended to describe that you have an above average hand. Q. are South, vul- nerable, and hold: The bidding has proceeded: East Sonth West North I 4 Dble. Pass 3 NT T ass What do you bid now? Is quite clear that East nai thrown a red herrlns across :our trail. Your partner's hand is equal lo a very good opening bid. Remember that he could have shown a stron? hand by Jumping ID two no tnimp. His Jump lo three, therefore, shows B hand of great value. We would be Inclined to lake our chances on a direct slam bid, but surely we would bid at least five no V-ump. Q. vulnerable, and as South you hold: 4AID5S7QJB OJ73 4QJ95 The bidding has proceeded: West North East South 1 0 Dble. 1 NT What do you bid? A. Double, by proceeding alone the lines of simple arllh- mcllc we reach the conclusion ihal East will be unible to ful> nil a contract of one no trump. Your hand 11 points In high, and partner's hand l.i presumably worlh least 13. Your side, therefore, has at least 24 points to IS for the adver- isrlcs. Q. J-As South, you hold: AAK93 OAQMZ The bidding has proceeded: South West North East 1 0 Pais INT Pass What do you bid now? A.-Two spades. This Is a close choice between a Jump shirt to Ihree clubs and Ihe reverse bid of two spldes wllh our preference leaning loward the latter call. Altho partner's no trump response over a dia- mond would make It appear likely lhal he fib one of thv minors, lie could conceivably holding not worth showing. We can always bid clubs subse- quenlly should It prove expe- dient. 6. 6 Neither vulnerable, as South you hold: OKQJ9 The bidding has proceeded: North East South 1 10 What do you bid? Your hand figures to produce about five tricks and your trumps are good enough to draw some of East's. If you miss a game by the double, the compensation should prove mort than adequate. Q. 7 Neither vulnerable, as South you hold: 4J10 5 OK1012 4Qlfl I The bidding has proceeded: North East South West Pass Pass 1 0 Pars 2 Pass What do you bid now? no Irump. Even Iho partner has passed originally, his Jump shlfl Is forcing for one round. Wllh Ihe Jack of spades promoled your hand Is Ihe equivalent of a sound opening bid. However, Ihree no trump appears to be the most promis- ing contract, as you want your hand led uo to. Q. Neither vulnerable, as South you hold: AJ106 V872 OJ1D932 The bidding has proceeded: North East South 1 A Piss What do you bid now? no Irump. This hand does nol quite measure up to the requirements but II have a partial spade fit plus Iwo. lens. An effort should' be extended to keep tho bidding npen and Ihe allernatlve of an immediate spade raise would be loo drastic. before going lo sleep. Other people are able lo go lo sleep by reading until they are re- laxed and go lo sleep. Some have a snack before bed, which has its problems as far as cal- orie intake is concerned. I suppose each person has to find his own best sleeping hab- its and they are just that habils. A person who gets in the habit of having difficulty going to sleep will continue to have trouble. My guess is that someone who is regularly employed and has a business on the side is probably an active individual has enough things to think about that lie just can't dis- pense with the day's business and relax enough to eet a good night's sleep. I would suggest a good exercise program some- time earlier in the evening, well before the anticipated bed- lime. Then establish a routine for going to sleep, such as a i relaxing bath or shower. Then go to bed and read sometlung to heln you relax for a short lirr.e. lay the book aside put out ihc lights and let nature take iis course. Make iL a point not to have a habit of rehashing the day's events or tomorrow's problems before you go to sleep. Eliminating stimulating drinks will help solve this prob- lem for a lot of people. This includes elimination of coffee, tea and cola drinks. In your case, I wonder if your social life is getting prop- er attention. With a fulltime job and a business on the side, that may not leave enough time for healthy recreation and developing meaningful personal relationships in which you feel secure. Queen wasp? Andy sends a complete 20- volume set of the Merit Stu- dents Encyclopedia to Mich- elle Crighton, age 12, of Leth- bridge, Alberta, for her ques- tion: Is there such a Iliing as a queen wasp? There are hundreds of differ- ent wasps and each species has its own special life style. Some prefer to share a nest with a huge family and a queen moth- er who lays all the eggs. Others prefer 'more ordinary mothers who tend the eggs for very small families. Most wasp spec- ies get along without a queen and so do many of the bee species. The queen wasps and bees are needed when colonies o[ insects live together in very large family groups. The nest building wasps are called "social" insects because they live in societies. About 50 species of social wasps are na- tive to North America and all of Iheir nests are organized by queen mothers. Most of the wasps in the nest ETC workers, or unfertile females. The spec- ies that do not go in for enor- mous families are called soli- tary wasps. Each female builds an clalwrate incubator to take care of perhaps a dozen of her eggs. In North America, we have about kinds of sol- itary wasps. The social boes build hives that last for many years and their colonies survive the win- ter. Come fall, the drones are shoved outside in the cold and many or the weary workers perish. The queen bee and sev- eral hundred workers seal Ihemselves inside and ration Iho honey supplies unlil spring j brings back the flowers. A colony of social wasps does not survive the winter-. The workers and the males perish in the fall and a few fertilized queens go into hibernation. When spring returns, each young queen comes forth and selects a site for a new nest. She builds enough cells for a few eggs and devours insects to feed the larvae on partly digested food. For the first few days she is kept very busy. But her small brood soon develops through the larva and pupa stage. Then there is a team of worker wasps to take care of the every- day chores and the queen wasp floes nothing but lay eggs and more eggs. By the middle of summer, there are hundreds of wasps in the colony, all of them workers, or undeveloped fe- males. Later in the season, the queen lays eggs that develop into males and properly devel- oped females. The young males and females mate and the males die before the frost comes. The fertilized females find cozy places to hibernate. Next spring they come forth to establish themselves as the queens of new wasp nests. Most social wasps build pap- er nests. The workers chew crumbs of wood, mix it with sal- iva and pat the paste into lay. ers. When it dries, it forms cells for the growing wasps and a sturdy, waterproof shell around the whole nest. The pap- cry nest may hang from a bough or the edge of a shed. As a rule, the doorway Is at the bottom. Please remember that these social wasps are bad- tempered stingers, especially when they think their nest is threatened. Questions ashed by children ol Herald readers should be mailed lo Ask Andy, P.O. Box 7C5. Ilnntington Roach, California 32Mb. (Copyright Clirnnielf, I'uhlishinf; Co. 191Z) PEBBLES USED Jacks, short for Jackstones, once was played with pebbles instead of today's sbt-legged jacks. LIFE ON THE J-LAZY-S-By T. H. Edward! CCANPAT) BtAB POBE HAS COME TO VISIT FORA WHILE AND THE BOYS APE EA6EK FOR TALES OF THE OLD DAYS. ORANDAD IS NOTtD HIS S10BY TEU.IN6. THIS HAPPENED LONCACO--BEFORE THE MOUSE; OP THE CAME TOOS-- II S1AR1EP IN THE VILIACEOF MAP WOir IN THE 1IME OF HICH -IN THE IOPCE OF THE WAKHIEF, HORSE) 'Uim WOW co Hour me A ACTVAU.V, AS tfw PROPAPLY KNOB, THE SUN THE EARTH TURNS... SOME MORNINS I'M 60INS TOeeTUPREALEflRUrVANP LJATCH THE EARTH TURN. TUMBLEWEEDS-By Tom K. Ryan YOUR SERVANT, EFFENPIL.UH... BLONDIE-By Chic Young DAGWOOD, IP YOU HAP JU5T OWE WISH, WHAT V, WOULD IT BE? oi-f, BOO-HOO-- THOUGHT FOR SURE YOU'D HAVE ME IN WISH BEETLE BAIlEY-By Marl Walker e THAT'S TrlE ONLY f TROUBLE WITH SUNSETS.--NO PIOT ANP THERE VOll SIT TV U'L ABNER-By Ay Capp CHUCKLE.'-vo'NoncEDTHAT; X FUST TIME. 1 DOSl'T HAN'SOMESTFACE-JO'EVEK SEEN-OMLV VO'CAIM'T SEE IT HOWMBOUNCE.V-BEL.LE.1' MEETUPWIFOUR.CUZZIM HAN'SOMEHARKVVOKLM- SE1EME. THEY 15 SURPRISED -BUTTHEV GITS USED TO ARCHIE-By Bab Montana ALL THE) BJQ IS SHE. DO MX! THAT KNOW FRENCH BABEAT0 THE END? ARCHIE...BUY ME SOME CHIPS.' OADWfeCLUt I WHEELS 13 HAVING A V AT THE VEGAS WHEEL OF NKSHT" FDR FORTUNE CHARITY.' FOR THE UNFORTUNATE HI AND LOIS-BI Dik Browne ANVONE FOR TENNIS? SHORT RIBS-By Frank O'Neol 2. NEWS THATS RTTO 7EU-.- BU6S BUNNY WELL, SYLVESTER, WHAT EXCUSE ARE YA GONNA USE FER MOOCHIN' A MEAL OFF ME -TIME? LE'S LOST VER WALLET...YER EXPECTIN'AN IN- HERITANCE FROM YER AUSTRALIAN UNCLE... I HAVE MONEY... 1 INTEND TO PAY M FULL. FOR MY REPAST! THE FUN OUT OF IT FOR BOTH OF Vi I US, EH, GUVNOR? f OF TAKES ;