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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - November 1, 1973, Lethbridge, Alberta Ask Andy ENERGY FORMULA Andy sends a complete 30- volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Gurleen age of for his What the formula for energy Suppose you wished to write a dictionary definition for the word energy. The project sounds simple. After we talk about energy almost every day. Surely We should know what it means. when we get right down to defining we are not so certain. There are many kinds of energy such as fuel muscle energy and nuclear energy. What's one form changes to another. For the fuel energy in coal can turn a generator to create electrical energy. One of the best brain- stretching exercises is to think about the various aspects of energy. It of silent and invisible. Basically it can be defined as the ability to do work. We can measure the amount of work energy in units called foot- pounds One foot-pound is the energy used to lift one pound a distance of one foot above the ground. Let's explore this further with a pound of sugar. You use a foot-pound's worth of mus- cle energy to hoist it onto a ledge that is one foot above the floor. In some strange your muscular effort now belongs to the bag of sugar. It can be used if the sugar falls off the shelf and lands on the floor This expen- diture of activity is called kinetic which is energy in motion. NoVr let's go back to where you got the original muscle power. Naturally it came from your directly or in- directly from the plant world which depends on energy radiated from the sun. The sun as we an enormous nuclear powerhouse that fuses atoms of hydrogen to create atoms of helium. In this some of the sun's material is converted into energy the solar radiation that sustains all life on our planet In all forms of nuclear atomic particles are converted into energy. Now we know that mass and energy are two sides of the same coin Under certain con- mass can be converted into energy or energy into mass. This is stated in the brain straining formula E equals me squared. The E stands for energy and the m means which is the amount of matter in a. given volume. C squared means the velocity of light multiplied by itself. The for- mula boldly states that mass and energy are related and defines this relationship in terms of how much mass equals how much energy. In the it was assumed that the total energy in the un- iverse cannot be changed. This was stated as the conser- vation of energy. We now know though the energy in the universe cannot be it can be convert- ed from matter can be converted into energy. In terms of the this is stated as the conservation cf mass-energy. Andy sends a seven volume set of The Chronicles of Nar- nia to Ralph age of for his What causes Rains and melting snows seep through the soil and stream over the surface. All this moving water dissolves the earth's rocky minerals and carries countless tons of dirt from here to there. It wears away the high spots and dumps the debris in the low spots It washes away crumbly soil and gouges gullies in the ground. Erosion of this kind is caused by mov- ing water seeping down or running over the surface of the earth. Winds also cause especially in dry desert regions. There they blow around clouds of sandy dust. They hurl the gritty grains at cliffs and hillsides and the hard solid rocks are scarred and gradually worn away. Frost and ice also cause erosion Frost cracks rocks and makes it easier for water to wash away the broken fragments. Moving glaciers shift huge boulders and masses of loose gravel. They also claw scratches in the hardest rocks. The mam forces of ero- sion are moving winds and ice. asked by child- ren of Herald readers should be mailed to Ask P.O. Box. Huntington California 92648. Chronicle Publishing Co. Lawrence Lamb M.D. DEAR DR. LAMB Why should you recommend to peo- ple to eat cottage skim milk and use the egg whites instead of the This item in the paper tells about how the ancient Egyp- tians learned that eating liver prevented night and it was because of the vitaim A in the liver. As the dairy coun- cil spokesman pointed egg whole cheese and all contain vitamin A. Aren't you giving people the wrong DEAR READER Thank you for sending along your clipping reporting the state- ment of a member of the Dairy Council I have never said that peo- ple should not have foods that contain vitamin A. In Fortified skim also marketed by dairy is an excellent source of ritamin and it is just as good as any ether vitamin A for prevention of night blindness. As the news story joints dark green and yellow vegetables are also sources which include margarine is ilso enriched with vitamin A and contains the same amount ound in retail sources of jutter. And you don't need a ot of fat to absorb vitamin A. Mthough it is a fat soluble ritamm it has been learned hat it is not as dependent ipon fat for absorption hrough the intestinal wall as was thought. In certain water soluble preparations ire more likely to be absorbed nan vitamin A given in oil. I am all for getting ade- luate amounts of vitamin Hit I would prefer that people vould get their vitamin A LTL from foods low in fat and par- ticularly low in saturated fat. That also is the opinion of most reputable investigators of the problem of coronary artery disease and its causes. DEAR DR. LAMB I have heard from many different people that too much milk is not good for me I have ac- quired a taste for milk this past and I drink at least a half gallon a day. They also tell me it is but I am 26 years old and I have never weighed more than 110 even though I drink so much milk. Could you tell me if milk can be harmful in this DEAR READER Some people cannot tolerate milk well and will have digestive problems with it. Since you seem not to have any com- this doesn't apply to you. Young men in particular should guard against too much fat in the diet and particularly too much saturated the principal fat found in whole milk and butter. It is also abundant in beef and most mammal meat. there is no reason they can't drink fortified skim and I recommend that they do. Young women are protected from heart and vascular dis- and limiting fat is usual- ly less important in their case. Of milk is and so are all foods if you eat enough. I doubt it is going to harm you at but perhaps you would be smart to acquire a taste for fortified skim milk' instead of whole than you can continue to enjoy it the rest of your life without worrying about the fat in it. Enterprise Your horoscope by cbtfltt NOV. I Your birthday a year of for what it may be much of what is called progress isn't really. You learn now to see the make finer dis- tinctions. Your range of work routines broadens and new skills come to you as you need them. Earnings promise im- provement. Relationships cool then are renwed. Today's natives have natural talents for may use them to project some particular or reversed image of themselves. ARIES 21-April Business and personal con- tacts over extended distances add up immeasurably. This is a turning point in some not apt to be reversed. Talking shop will not suffice. TAURUS 20-May Get on the ball bright and early. Thus you see the starting can later realize what has been achiev- ed .by your own efforts. Interest in others' welfare leads to generous moves. GEMINI 21-June Cut through the tangle of old habits and attitudes Seek ex- pert at least a second or a third if the first two are at odds. A good day- for pressing difficult negotiations. CANCER 21-July Pace your early efforts to save energy a late spurt. If you work it just you can close out the week in such a way that you are free to enjoy the weekend. LEO 23-Aug. Ask for whatever you need. If you do not get it at you will know about that and be able to begin another approach Your imagination offers a workable hypothesis. VIRGO 23-Sept. Stay busy early and there's much to do and only once around to do it. Skip all the details you can let wherever others will attend to them. Evenings hours should be for fun LIBRA 23-Oct. As the work week winds down you tend to wind up. if your path is clear and you have something to say and do which lets off tension. Invest time in a favorite hobby. SCORPIO Find the flaws In the expan- sive plans of those you trust like it or do something drastic to get the show on the road. Call your do no more nor less than you must. SAGITTARIUS 22- Dec. Take initiative. you are ahead of the and very much alone. Expect extra work as others don't adjust to the pace well enough. Friends act rashly. CAPRICORN Having accomplished what you could with what you had to-work tidy up and make an exit. Stay out of it un- til scheduled to return. Weekend has holiday quality. AQUARIUS 20-Feb. Waste no time in petty- arguments. See what has been put together make it right and go on. There is much yet to be and some things will likely never be finished. PISCES 19-March You can't bring everybody into the act. Get off the main track with the special tools and materials you need for essential ac- tivity. Use the day's energies as constructively as possible. The Chicago Fun with figures By J. A. Take it easy This only needs really good knowledge of elementary arithmetic and some sound logical reasoning. Each letter stands for a different digit. What is all this Yesterday's answer- Ann 21 Don 17. Actor held SAN Tex Actor-singer William Chad was held in lieu of bond yesterday on a charge of possessing mari- juana with intent to dis- tribute Police said they seiz- ed 400 pounds of marijuana Sunday nifeut when they arrested Mitchell outside a San Antonio hotel Goren on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GORKN It71. Tkt Ciilugo Trlkww Neither vulnerable. North deais. NORTH 87632 Q543 O 3 A J6 WEST EAST 4 A 9 5 4 A J 10 V K 10 8 6 A 9 7 2 0 10 9 7 052 10 4 Q 9 8 7 5 SOUTH KQ J O AKQ J8S4 K 3 2 The North East South Weit Pass 3 NT Past Pass Pass Opening Ace of A there is nothing in bridge that disturbs me more than a partner who lays down an ace on opening lead against a contract and to .take a look at As a its costs one or two a heavy price to pay for satisfying one's curi- osity. But there are times when it can be as the great Italian star Pktro Forquet demonstrated when he held the West hand at the recent First Monte Carlo In- ternational Bridge Festival. opening bid of three no trump was the old- fashioned version of the three no convention. It showed hand containing a solid minor with two of the three outside suits stopped. The theory is that it is easi- er to make nine tricks at no trump than eleven hi a mi- nor suit. Correct defensive techni- que is to try to take your tricks quickly. If you lead a normal the odds are that declarer or dummy will win and you will have to face a barrage of cards in declarer's long often' resulting in discarding prob- lems. the. lead of an ace is sound this is really a case where you want to study dummy to see-if you can find declar- er's weak spot. Forquet led the ace of spades on which East played the ten and the king. Forquet was not taken in by the false- for he knew his part- ner would have played the queen from a holding of queen -jack-ten. the spade suit offered no hope of quick tricks. From looking at it was obvious that declarer was going to take at least seven diamond the queen of and the ace of as soon as he gained the lead. the heart suit offered the only prospect on defense. if declarer held the ace of the. game was impregnable. Forquet also worked out that if South had a guarded jack of the defense was equally helpless. If South had the the only hope was that it was singleton. To ca- ter for this slight Forquet made the brilliant shift to the king of This collected South's and the ten of hearts contin- uation let the defense collect four heart tricks in addition to the ace of spades. Small wonder that his fans consider Forquet to be the world's greatest bridge play- HONEST DREW A WONWFUL PITCHER. tfJOHN WAVIME BACK- MATCHERLV AH 14WES AN' RESPECKS JOHN SAME AS WNV ON ACCOUNT HE SAVED TH'COUNTPCY IT'S AMUT LAST NI6HT.. DID THE 6R6AT EVER 5UQW SHORT MBS A SOOO MlffASSA BUTNOTAdNMT V J CHATfiftUNRJP DU WE 1929. WHAT PART DOES HE LIKE CERTAIN FARTS YOUR OP IT HUSBAND I I LIKE MIS I'M TAKING A SURVEY by mort wilkir BEETLE BAILEY TO KEEP TPACK OF ALL TMAT TRIVIA TME DEDICATION Of- THE INFANTBV AND TME OF FAME HAGAR THE HORRIBLE dik browne I'LL FOP COMES EMPTY-MAMPED. ARCHIE by bob montini SHE COULD J WIN A If DIDN'T YCXA FRECKLE LIKE THE. CONTEST AT DATE I A NUDIST YOU WITH J COLONY IN f A UP TO HER UNLESS YOU'VE GOT BUCKTEETH AND CROSSED EYES TO GO WITH IT.' BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN WHEN SHE WAS A SOMEBODY SCARED HER OUT OF HER WHAT'S WRONG WITH DID YOU EVER LOOK J ALL THE IN A TIME A..' TO MAKE SURE SHE'S NOT HI AND LOIS by dik browni REAU.V CAUGHT f THE FIRST PART OF IT WAS LUCKY TUMBLEWEEDS I LIBRARY CARP CICERO HOW CAN VA yOUM-l- HAVB TO SPCAK LOUPKR...I CANT H6AK STUOV WITH ALL THAT VDU OVER TUB AtlSCJ ;