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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives May 31 1986, Page 1

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Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - May 31, 1986, Lethbridge, Alberta Summer recreation brochure inside today Gold mine in tourism please see c4 wildflowers for the curious please see c6 count yourself in please see c1 she s renovated her lifestyle please see 02 Index agriculture.a7 business.b4.5 c2.c6 comment.a6 lifestyle.b8-10 Public notices.d12 real Region to listings.c7 weather.a4 off to Europe Rosemarie Leong left Lor Europe his week where Shell be combining Ier University studies of Romance languages with her professional modelling career. Leong is a graduate of the Lethbridge Silhouette Academy of modelling. Please see b8 Herald photo by David Rossiter seen end Ernest Schmidtke aussie Exchange teacher at Coaldale s . Baker combining traditional teaching attire from both worlds shirt and tie and Bermuda shorts. And later Schmidtke spied doing sit with son Adrian Schmidtke on a Park Bench Fleetwood Bawden school to Ball teams naming themselves the expos dodgers cubs padres jays and carrots county of Lethbridge school superintendent Jim Phelps saying did t look Forward to his. 47th birthday this week because tradition at the county office dictates the celebrant not the staff supplies the treats Tim Lea Vitt Sci s new students Council president telling participants at thai . Event at Indian Battle Park we d like you to put your pop cans in the garbage can and if you Don t Well rip your is off George Gallant from fac having he Sci Grade 11 water line pass Lis camera and tripod up the Hill for Lim while they were passing water jackets at the same time during the . A. Water run in Indian Battle Park and social teacher Craig Breck being asked to count Stu Dens in the Grade 12 line and then Laving some Anonymous student yell out he teaches social he can t count that weather Low tonight near 111 High sunday near .12 Herald xxviii 143 saturday May 31, 1986 40 cents reopening fight on economic development committee seeks Council approval by Ric Swihart of the Herald City Council could Start fighting for the reopening of the North Lethbridge Canada packers inc. Slaughter Plant after monday s Council meeting. City of Lethbridge economic development advisory committee is seeking Council approval to establish meetings with senior Canada packers officials to try to get the Plant re opened. About 100 Lethbridge jobs both salaried and hourly were lost when Canada s largest meat Packer announced this month it is closing permanently the former gainers inc. Packing Plant that had been temporarily closed twice in the past six months. Aid. Bob Tarlecky who will present a Resolution to Council monday at the request of the advisory committee said Fri Day the rationale behind the Resolution is that As Well As Pur suing new business and Industry the City should be fighting to maintain existing businesses and Industry. The Resolution says that since the City is deeply distressed by the closure of the Plant and the loss of jobs a meeting should be set up immediately Between the mayor and City manager and senior company officials. Topics would be to determine the conditions which necessitated the closure of the modern packing Plant possible re opening of the Plant and Steps which the City might take to help the company re open the Plant. Tarlecky said he does t see getting into the meat packing business just facilitating operation of the Industry in Lethbridge. He said the City May find it has to take a More aggressive stand if it is proved that provincial or Federal policies Are detrimental to the meat packing Industry. But there will be Little to do if it proves that there is simply. An oversupply of beef. Then nothing can be when Canada packers Laid off the staff at the North Plant last december it said there weren t enough cattle to keep the Plant Busy. When it closed in March the company said there was a slump in beef consumption right across Canada and that it would accommodate All demand from the South Leth Bridge Plant. Regina project official says City made by Peter Scott of the Herald the City of Leui Bridge made a Funda mental mistake in allowing up rail to leave a track running through its rail Way relocation area says an official of a similar project in Regina. De Zsombor acting general manager of Regina s railway relocation office said Friday by leaving the track in place Lethbridge Likely doubled the length of time required to develop any property in the area. If you leave in a track like that you automatically reduce the land value and increase the length of time needed to develop Zsombor told the Herald in a Telephone interview in connection with Regina s request before City Council monday that Lethbridge give moral support to the Regina rail relocation project. Lethbridge May have been Overly optimistic. I think they got some bad advice on the Zsombor said an Impact study done on the Regina project indicated the development time would be doubled if a single track was left in place. Regina will remove All tracks from its downtown Core. Developers Don t want to build near a railway he said. Especially a development like a yet to sell any of the land it gained through railway relocation which moved the up rail marshal Ling Yard to Kipp. Zsombor said the1 Way gained a great advantage by not Only being Able to move but by having the province and City pay for it. They got a Brand new rail Yard in a Good location without having to take their trains through said Zsombor who worked for up rail for 11 years. And the railway just walked away with those things. I know the sys tem very however Zsombor said such considerations Are irrelevant if both sides believed they were getting what they wanted in negotiations. Regina s project is being negotiated under the railway relocation and Crossings act the first major test under the Federal legislation. Leth Bridge meanwhile negotiated with the province As its 60-per-cent partner with the railway. Whether a City would do better or worse negotiating under the act i m not sure but it would probably Cost said Zsombor. The Lethbridge project was Worth about million. Both sides in the bar tour bus crashes Walker Calif. A a tour bus packed with senior citizens returning from a trip to Reno nev., plunged off a twisting Mountain Road into an icy Swift running River Friday killing 16 people and injuring at least a dozen authorities in California said. John Gleason of the California Highway patrol confirmed that 16 people had died and said five others were missing in the River. Authorities sent All available emergency manpower and equipment including divers to the crash site 13 Kilometres South of Walker a town near the California Nevada Border. The los Angeles bound bus was about 145 Kilometres Southeast of Reno when it ran off . 395 into the West Fork of the Walker River. Gaining said up rail was left in a no gain no loss position at the end a pro vision of the orca. Regina is seeking moral support from Lethbridge in its scuffle with both up rail and in who said Zsombor have been dragging out the Legal procedure and delaying the project. The problem is this is a very Prece Dent setting he said. The act gives municipalities rights they be never had thus he said the railways want to ensure they Don t give up too much to Regina which would set a precedent for further projects elsewhere. The act gives the City the right to control its own said Zsombor. You Don t need the railway s agree ment to plan. You used to have to get Down on your hands and Knees to negotiate with them and then the railway went to the Canadian transport commission now you go As equal part Council will consider monday a letter from Regina mayor Larry Schneider asking the City to lend its signature to a Resolution which declares a municipal Ity has the right to apply for railway relocation without the agreement of the railway. Plan for a railway infrastructure compatible with its development plans not one forced on it by the railway receive from the railway All lands released from railway use. A Public hearing on the application will he heard in Regina sept. 29. Prior to the orca railway relocation could Only be implemented through negotiations with the says Schneider in his letter to Council. Usually these negotiations were very one sided in favor of the railway As they would not agree to relocate unless their objectives in the negotiations were satisfied. It appears the railways Are reluctant to proceed into a Etc hearing which will Deal with the merits of Regina s the Resolution asks Lethbridge to urge the Etc to proceed As expeditiously As possible to a hearing on the merits of the Regina project. Flying High Bax rider Darren Williams flies Over one of the jumps at the bicycle Moto Cross track in North Lethbridge. A grand opening of the facility is scheduled for noon today at the track near Dave Elton Ballpark. Fun races for parents elks club members and the Media will be held first then double Points racing will begin at 2 . With local and out of town riders competing for Points and trophies. Herald photo by David Rossiter suspended stewardess impressed by opposition . Champions Sci councillor Cliff Walters with in hand is surrounded by jubilant Grade 10 students after they earned Sci bragging rights upon winning the first Ever . Event Friday at Indian Battle Park. Walters organized the event. Please see a3 Herald photo by Kevin Kooy Ottawa up Toni Corrado the air Canada Steward Ess suspended without pay for telling tory passengers what she thought about their government brought her tiny Dis Pute to parliament Hill Friday. She did t get what she wanted but left impressed by the readiness of opposition maps to Champion her cause. I m ashamed to say this is the first time i be actually been in the House of a nervous Corrado said moments after Deputy prime minister Erik Nielsen refused to order air Canada to rescind the punishment. It s really terrific that there is a place you can come and at least have disputes aired out whether it s a Small tiny dispute like mine or big disputes of Trade where millions of jobs May be new Democrat Leader de Broadbent called the 30-Day sus pension a terrible injustice in the commons and urged Nielsen to do the Correct thing for a Good employee and let her return to work with but Nielsen rejected Broadbent s plea saying the dispute been appealed by Corrado s Union and maps should have the decency to allow the Appeal process to come to a Conlu if. Nielsen s stance fell on deaf ears As Liberal Andre Ouellet ridiculed the government for letting air Canada punish the 38-year-old stewardess for saying what thousands of canadians think. That the government is incompetent and Cor and nip transport critic Les Benjamin accused the tories of being hypocrites reminding them of their futile fight to Force the former Liberal government to rehire Neil Fraser the former Revenue Canada employee fired for criticizing metrication and bilingualism. Mike Forrestall transport minister Don Mazankowski s parliamentary Secretary insisted there was no resemblance Between the two cases and urged the opposition to let the Issue die until the Appeal process is Over. The two cases Are similar the conservatives in opposition pressed for Fraser s reinstatement even though his Case was under Appeal before the Public service staff relations Board and later in the courts. Corrado was suspended after a British columbian Delegate on a flight to Montreal for a tory convention last Marai wrote to Mazankowski to complain about her criticism of the gov

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