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Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Archives

- Page 36

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OCR Text

Lethbridge Herald, The (Newspaper) - May 28, 1974, Lethbridge, Alberta 18 THE LETHBRIUUe HERALD May 1M74' Your horoscope ly Jeane Dixon MAY 29 Your birthday You are now at the final stage of a long search for a practical foundation. Puzzles are resolved quickly and forgotten as you plunge on into fresh adventures in lively daily living. Relationships are confusing for a then they clear up and become very comfortable Today's natives are anxious to get on with usually quite articulate in expressing themselves ARIES 21-April There's great wisdom in making sense out of your studies today you see what you couldn't see before Short journeys produce long journeys are better postponed TAURUS 20-May Being on the job early gives you a passing opportunity for special personal achievement Bring home symbolic celebrate your progress and prosperity GEMINI 21-June There's a mystery to be passively investigated asking questions will close the doors Merely listen while you pursue ongoing routine Competitors in general are headed elsewhere CANCER 21-July Inspiration arrives and provides power for much day-dreaming or incisive planning according to how you discipline yourself Be sure jou make notes of some sort as you go LEO 23-Aug. Finances improve the normal efficiency but still are not helped by haste Whatever you do for yourself unassisted is at least thoroughly within your own competence VIRGO 23-Sept You can definitely get what you want in personal matters Collaboration on the job also works out well brings great strides forward Share the evening with selected company LIBRA 23-Oct. Attend to the more urgent details vou have been putting off Major changes will find a better later date Health care and maintenance should be looked into today SCORPIO 23-Nov. Draw on contacts of friends to further your own projects Settle legal or other formal issues get done with their tensions Evening is excellent for entertainment SAGITTARIUS 22- Dec. What you do now has a lasting impact on your career and welfare. Associates are easier to get along with Make it quiet public relations rather than noisy action CAPRICORN 22-Jan Self-improvement features the even though it comes in the middle of urgent routines Concentrate on special matters which need only a little push for completion AQUARIUS 20-Feb. Continued financial prudence is essential A balance may tip in your favor on a long-wavering contest if you're consistent Personal work has no substitute PISCES 19-March Family rearrangements seem inevitable as individuals come to view themselves and others in a new light Much good can be done The Chicago Tribune Fun with figures The hope of making an easy They fall for it every time And this is easy too Each distinct letter stands for a particular but different digit What must the FOOLS be' LOTS SOLD T 0 OLD FOOLS Yesterday's answer 84 is 3 times the square root of only the root sign was needed FLAG HAD TO WAIT Although the Stars and Stripes originated in it was not until 146 years later that a serious attempt was made to establish a uniform code of etiquette for the U S Hag Goren on Bridge BY CHARLES H. GOREN Trii Chiciio Tritium East-West vulnerable. North deals. NORTH A A9 5 A42 0 K32 A Q J3 WEST EAST A 32 4 K4 O J 9 6 OQ10854 48762 K95 SOUTH A Q J 10 8 7 6 tf J87 0 A7 104 The bidding North East South West 1 NT Pass 4 A Pass Pass Pass Opening lead King of simple finesses are equal each stands a chance of success Mathe- matically that is but practically there could be a reason for preferring one finesse over another. Witness today's hand. The bidding had much to commend was short and to the point. North had a per- fect one no trump opening bid and Snuth made the value bid when he leaped directly to game in for his hand offered excellent pros- pects for game even opposite a minimum no trump open- ing. West led the king of and declarer saw at once that he would make the hand if either black king was in the West hand. But what if both fi- nesses were to Declarer was in danger of losing two heart tricks in addition to the black kings. After consider- ing the declarer realized that he could succeed even then if he could get rid of one of his heart losers early. To manage trumps would have to wait. It was essential to set up an extra club trick as swiftly as possible As the first step in his cam- declarer allowed the king of hearts to hold the first trick. That forced West to switch his for if he led another it would present declarer with a gift trick in the suit. West found the best continuation he shifted to a low diamond. Declarer won in hand with the ace of diamonds and im- mediately led the ten of running it to East's king A heart was but de- clarer was in command. He took the ace of cashed the ace of clubs and discarded a heart on the queen of clubs. After cashing the ace of dia- declarer ruffed a dia- mond and took a spade fi- nesse for the but East produced the king and declarer had to be satisfied with four-odd. Note had declarer first taken the spade East would have won and returned a heart. Declarer would then have had no way of escaping the loss of two heart tricks m addition to the black kings Lamb M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb At times you have mentioned spastic esophagus of the when dealing with such subjects as ulcers and spastic colons. Could you discuss this problem more directly' I can't find anything about it in my medical dictionary and I believe I have this problem. Explain something about symptoms and cause. Is it diagnosed by the usual upper G.I. series or is some type of special barium swallow required' Are the drugs atropine and Probanthine effective in the treatment' In what percentage of these cases is it necessary to sever the vagus nerve to obtain Dear Reader just for the esophagus is that long tube that connects the back of your mouth with your stomach. It has a heavy muscular layer in its wall. It can and does contract in a rhythmic fashion when need be to help propel food to ihe stomach. The muscles in the wall of the esophagus can go into a spasm or muscle cramp. Like any muscle this can be quite painful. Since the esophagus is in the center of the just behind the the cramp-like pain is usually in the center of the chest A cramp-like pam in the center of the chest is also often a characteristic of heart pain I think anyone who has such a pain must see a doctor immediately just in case the problem is from the heart and not the esophagus. The pain can be mild or and it can last as long as the cramp lasts I have seen young men with esophageal pain of such severity that it brought tears to their eyes It is hard to say what causes the just as it is difficult to explain a muscle cramp any place We do know that cigarettes aggravate the problem A hiatal hernia with part of the stomach herniated through the diaphragm can cause regurgitation of acid pepsin juice from the stomach into the lower esophagus and cause such a reaction Coffee and beverages containing caffeine also aggravate the and nervous tension can be a factor. Relief of the characteristic pain by atropine given in the vein during a severe or by Probanthine and similar drugs is good evidence of the problem. The absence of findings that would implicate the heart is also helpful. A persistent pain of reasonable seventy caused by the heart in most cause blood test changes or changes in the electrocardiogram. If you happen to have a spasm while an x-ray of the esophagus is being made with you can see it. But if the spasm does not occur during the there is no way the doctor can see it. It is like a cramp in the calf of the m between cramps there may not be much to see Most radiologists prefer to use a thinner liquid to study the esophagus than is often used for the stomach. Once the diagnosis is the best treatment is to avoid all tobacco and all caffeinated drinks and Don't use alcohol. If there is an underlying hiatal treatment for that is indicated. For additional information on hiatal hernia you may want to get the booklet I have prepared for readers on that subject Send 50 cents to me in care of this P 0 Box Radio City New N. Y and ask lor the booklet If there is no Probanthine or atropine like medicines can be used to help prevent attacks. Most doctors don't use these medicines for hiatal hernia for different reasons. Surgery is not needed for uncomplicated esophageal spasm Send your questions to Dr. in care of this P.O. Box Radio City New N.Y. 10019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb's booklet on losing send 50 cents to the same address and ask for booklet. Ask Andy CLAMS Andy sends a complete 20- volume set of the Merit Students Encyclopedia to Joe age of New for his question- How and where do clams The average clam is a soft- bodied living inside a pair of clam tight half shells. Other species are not much bigger than while the clam is a quarter ton monster with shells four feet wide big enough to make a couple of fancy bathtubs. We find the various clams in mild and even coldish usually buried or partly buried in muddy mire or soggy sand We share our watery world with different clams and no two species are exactly alike Most of them belong to the usually along the tidal shores But species are fresh water clams And of 500 can be found in and by the streams and lakes of North America. We can dig for them in the soft mud and silty sand beside the water Most of them are tasty and good to eat and the shiny linings of their shells are used to make glossy buttons The secretive clam has a tongue shaped foot which he uses to travel from here to there In some he has a tubular neck with syphons to draw in water and expel it The incoming current brings food and oxygen to be sifted by his gills. The outgoing current expels his wastes. He has a heart and a simple nervous a mouth but no head. The life story of the clam vanes somewhat from species to species But in all cases the adult retires from strenuous activity early in life and leads a very sedentary existence if he had a he might be tempted to day- dream about the frisky risky days of his youth The details may but almost all young clams spend their kindergarten days swimming freely in the hazardous water Where you find one adult there are bound to be others nearby males and females Usually the young must travel to find less crowded retirement homes A new life cycle begins when cells from male and female parents merge to form fertilized eggs The eggs hatch in about 12 hours The mini larvas look like two halves of a hinged together. It takes about 300 of them to measure an inch. In freshwater species and also in some saltwater both parents release their egg-making cells into the water. A male and female may release enough cells to form a million eggs But only a few hundred survivors meet and merge to form fertilized eggs As a the larvas give up their freedom in the water and settle down when they get to be about a quarter of an inch wide. In some freshwater the newly hatched larvas must attach themselves to the fins and gills of a passing fish. There they live as parasites until they are ready to settle down and retire. In some saltwater only the male releases his cells. Some of them enter the gills of a where they fertilize her eggs When larvas she launches them into the sea. After two years of life on the the shells of the average clam are three or four inches wide. Questions eeked by chil- dren of Herald readers should be milled to Ask P.O. Box. Huntlngton CilHornli 92648. Chronicle Publishing Co. KNOW WHAT I'M THINKW6 OF I'M THINKING OF HAVIN6 EARS VO THINK I SHODLP MINE A TIME SHORT MBS AREMOU CMAPS ASAlMST THE CROWN WHATS THE DIFFERENCE IF 1HE WITH MIS HANP IN SOUR POCKET IS... ..BRITISH OR V SOI HAVE AFDIrJT THERE. HI AND LOIS IT'S THEIR THAT'S WHY THEY'RE WHY DO LIKE TO US SO WHY PONT THESE BUGS GO BUGS BUNNY IF I GIVE YA A TIE WILL YA QUIT PLAYIN' YEK. PR1VIN1 MY CUST- OMERS ON MV MUSI- BUT I PICK ONE WOULD YOU CARE TO PURCHASE THIS ATTRACTIVE CRAVAT FOR ONE DOLLAR BLONDIE WHAT'S ON BACK THERE WE'RE MODERNIZING INSTALLING THOSE INFRA RED ELECTRONIC EH NJO- RUMN1MG WATcR ARCHIE I SPENT A LOT OF J MONEY ON THAT OLYMPIC DIVING BOARD.. THERE'S A. DIVER. IN YOUR POOL.' AND ALL YOU AND ARCHIE DO IS PADDLE YOUR FEET AND FLOAT ON RUBBER PAFTS I'M RATHER PLEASED IT ATTRACTED A REAL DIVER.' HAGAR THE HORRIBLE BEFORE DISHONOR BEETLE BAILEY you KNOW HOW TMAT LI'L AIMER TUMBLEWEEDS WANT TO SEE THIS CROUE ASAlUff WM TASTE. RUNS MORE. TO RIGGV- MOTHIN' TM' POACH- CAN VOU TAKE US TO A GOOD CHEAP WE'RE CHEAP. VOUR MAC VOU WAMT IT GOOD OK CHEAPO SPEAKi 0 WHAT PEEP EXOTIC MYSTERY SEETHES PEHINP THOSE SOULFUL. 6ESS PUZ I SOTS GRATE SOLEFUL- PERHAPS I EXAGGERATE.... LET'S SAY THEY'RE MORE LIKE TWO HOCKEY PUCKS LYING IN THE MIPPLE OP A LARGE ICE PDNP. ;